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Sasurji Bade Natkhat
11-09-2012, 09:51 PM
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Sasurji Bade Natkhat
Since I was an young boy, an incident involving my mother Savitri and the consequent repercussions on our lives, has got etched in my mind. I was shocked at my mother's scandalous and almost whorish behaviour at that time. Could not understand it. But when I grew up, I understood her circumstances and her need,In the year 1992, my father got killed in a fishing-boat accident and my mother got widowed. She was 28 years at that time. Since she and I, had nowhere else to go, my grand-father suggested that she and I, should continue staying in his house.
My grand-father Latchaiah was a very manly individual. He was a widower. Though he was almost 61 years old at that time, yet he was extremely healthy. He was almost 6’ 1” in height, extremely hairy and well-built - with rippling muscles, very agile, very hot-tempered and excessively aggressive by nature. He was also a very heavy drinker. On the contrary, my mother Savitri, was the typical Andhra village woman. She was short - just 4’ 2”, with very long and thick hair, which she braided. She was dark complexioned, but quite pretty to look at. Though she was short, she had a well-developed body, which all the men in our village, found exciting - as I used to notice them staring at her, whenever I went with her to the village market. My mother was shy and extremely timid, by nature. As her father-in-law ( my grand-father ) was a very hot-tempered man, after my father’s death, my mother used to be very scared of him and hardly used to talk to him - except when serving his food. My grand-father always used to come home, late at nights, after drinking. So, my mother and I used to eat first and later she would serve him his dinner, when he came. After dinner, he used to go and sleep in his room and my mother would come and sleep beside me, in our room.
Around two months after my father’s death, one night, as usual my mother had served me and herself our dinner. As I had slept in the afternoon, I was absolutely not sleepy at night - so I sat with my mother in the kitchen, waiting for my grand-father. He came very late - dead drunk. My mother served him his food. I was observing my grand-father. When my mother was serving his food, he kept staring at her body. When she noticed him staring at her body, she covered herself tightly, with the palloo of her saree. He quickly finished his dinner and went to his room. My mother finished her kitchen work, put off the light, came and laid down beside me on our bed. She quickly fell asleep. I was lying down beside her unable to sleep. In about half an hour, I heard the door of our room open and the light switched on. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, as I knew that my grand-father was very drunk and was afraid that he may shout at me, if he found me awake. Slowly pretending to be asleep, I opened my eyes a bit and looked ………
My grand-father Latchaiah was standing close to my mother, on her side of the bed and was staring at her sleeping. He was bare-chested and had worn only his white cotton dhoti. His very broad and hairy chest was rippling with muscles. He could simply not keep his eyes off my mother’s body. I could see his Langoti ( Loin cloth ) and further could make out the form of his penis standing erect, in his dhoti. It appeared huge ! Gradually he looked at me. I quickly shut my eyes more tightly and pretended to be asleep. He came to my side of the bed and called out to me. I still pretended to be asleep. He slowly lifted and carried me back to his room and put me on the bed. He then went back to my mother’s room. I knew that he was going to do something to my mother - though, at that tender age, I did not know exactly what he wanted to do to her ! ( Now of-course, as I have thought about and analyzed that incident so many hundreds of times, I know exactly what happened that night ). So anyway to carry on ……. as I did not want to see my mother hurt, I silently crawled back to the door of my mother’s room. As my grand-father was drunk and as he thought that I was asleep, he had left it open. Crouching outside, I started peeping ……..
My grand-father stood for a while close to my mother, on her side of the bed and stared at her asleep. He then laid down beside her and hugged her tightly. My mother awoke with a shock, to see my grand-father Latchaiah, hugging her ! She was terrified.

She asked him, “ Mama, what are you doing ? “

My grand-father replied, “ I am only going to do, what any father-in-law like me, needs to do, to keep a healthy young widowed daughter-in-law like you, happy and satisfied ! “

My mother said, “ Mama, No. Please ……. Please don’t do this. I am your daughter-in-law. I am like your own daughter to you ! How can you think such things about me “

My grand-father replied, “ Savitri, shut up. Don’t irritate me. I am a man and I need a woman’s body every night. You are a widow now. Even you need a man’s penis to keep you happy. Since my son has died, you have not taken any penis to give pleasure to your cunt. You are a young woman. You cant live like this. I have what you need and you have what I need. So, simply shut up and let us take care of each other’s needs from tonight onwards ! “

My mother started crying and said, “ No Mama, No. Please don’t do this. I am a widow. I am like your own daughter. This is a sin. God will not forgive us. How can I face my son in the morning, if you do this to me ? Please leave me alone. In the morning, I will take my son and go away, if that is what you want ! “

My grand-father got angry and slapped her hard. He replied, “ Savitri, Keep your mouth absolutely shut, you little cunt. Ever since my son died, I have watched your lovely body and got excited. Whenever you come in front of me, my cock stands up. Ever since my son died, I have wanted to own your cunt. Don’t make me angry, or I shall rape you violently. My cock needs your little cunt and there is nothing that you say, or do, which will stop me from filling your womb, with my seed tonight ! “

My mother started sobbing and said, “ Mama ……. Please……. Please……. Please don’t do this ! “
My grand-father got more angry and kept on slapping her hard, until she started whimpering. My mother understood that there was nothing she could do to stop my grand-father from using her body. So, she gradually stopped crying and kept silent. My grand-father released her from his grip. He asked her to first remove her saree and lie down on our bed with her blouse and petticoat. He applied some cream on his palms and started massaging her arms. He was very slow and sensuous and kept staring at my mother’s beautiful breasts and navel with lust in his eyes. Gradually, my mother started easing up on her tensions, she now started becoming a bit uneasy, as she was obviously begining to get a bit excited. He then told her to remove her blouse. She did so and stared at his hairy chest and muscles with nervousness. My grand-father kept staring at her bra, thru' which her large black nipples could be distinctly seen. He started fondling my mother’s tender breasts
My grand-father stood for a moment and gazed at my mother’s body, appreciating her firm, round breasts, nearly perfect tummy and shapely legs. He reached forward and cupped her breasts, lowering his face to their softness. With expertise and gentleness, he removed her bra, allowing it to join the rest of the clothing on the floor. I don't know how long he spent kissing, nibbling, sucking and caressing my mother’s breasts, as time seemed to stand still in the room ! My grand-father then pulled up my mother’s petticoat to massage her thighs. My grand-father now removed his dhoti. He had a loin cloth called the Langoti, under his dhoti. My mother and me were almost shocked to see a very huge bulge under his langoti. Obviously his massive organ was completely erect and was straining against the langoti. My mother stared at his organ with fear. My grand-father started massaging her calves and then her thighs. He gave a very slow and sensuous massage on my mother’s thighs and kept sliding his hand more and more upwards into her petticoat, towards my mother’s hot and hairy vagina. Her petticoat kept slipping more and more upwards. Her milky white thighs were getting more and more visible and my grand-father kept staring at them. Finally he pulled her petticoat completely upwards. My mother’s white cotton under-garment was visible now. It was drenched with moisture. It was obvious that she was very excited and was secreting her juices through her lovely moist vagina ………..
My grand-father pulled off my mother’s under-pant. His hands and fingers were rubbing my mother’s pubic area, forcing her to moan louder and twitch, as with skilled fingers he parted my mother’s vagina lips and forced her engorged clitoris out of its hiding. My grand-father rubbed my mother’s ever-swelling clitoris. Now, with his fingers slipping inside, searching out the wettest area, he rubbed my mother’s clitoris into near climax. His mouth never left her breasts and neck. I could almost see the blood racing to my mother’s entire pubic area, making it hotter and even more sensitive. My grand-father’s fingers slid in and out of my mother’s vagina, reaching farther than I thought possible, just to be pulled back out and then plunged back in, creating an exquisite rhythm ! With every plunge, lick, suck, nibble, rub, push, and dart of my grand-father’s fingers on my mother’s vagina, I saw her body quiver, jolt and respond to him, without her own control. My mother’s body was his, as he brought her to a shuddering, explosive, convulsive and nearly mind -blowing orgasm. My mother wrapped her fingers around his curls and dug her nails into his scalp, throwing her hips into his face only to jerk them back, pushing them into the cushion of the bed and then upward again. Her groans had long since been replaced by animalistic screams of disbelieving ecstasy ……….

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11-09-2012, 09:51 PM
Post: #2
RE: Sasurji Bade Natkhat
As my mother’s orgasm slowly subsided and her breathing reached a fairly normal rate, she could sense both of her father-in-law’s eyes on her gorgeous body. He noticed her belly, moving with each breath, as did her breasts, still taut and rigid from the attention they received. Her chest was flushed and splotchy with excitement. Her face was red. Her lips were pouting and nearly plum red, from biting and sucking on them, in the thrust of her orgasm. I could see that my mother’s eyes were bright and alive with a fire. that only satisfying sex provides. Her hair was now soaked to her temples and forehead. My grand-father looked wickedly at my mother, with no words, telling her that he was not even close to being finished. My mother could tell that her father-in-law had treated her to the orgasm, so that upon finishing, he could truly apply his attention and talents to his own orgasm and pleasure. Her breath caught in her throat. She knew somewhere in the back of her mind, that her own incredible satisfaction was just cherry on the cake, and that having my grand-father cum inside her stretched and swollen vagina, was the main objective. Still, I suppose that she knew that if her father-in-law, was that good at giving her pleasure, he would be a phenomenal beast, when it came to his own ……….

Before my mother was able to give it a moment's more thought, my grand-father was standing before her. He was a tall man with a massive physique. He then slipped off his Langoti. My mother and me could not believe our eyes ! Here was the biggest and most massive penis that both of us, had ever seen in our lives. It was Gigantic ! It looked like an angry tiger ! It was around nine inches long, three inches in diameter, hairy, black and had a gigantic head. It was completely erect ! My mother almost fainted looking at his massive organ, with fear. My grand-father’s hand was holding his gigantic penis and rubbing it very slowly, as he drank in the sight of my mother’s lovely body. His eyes were filled with a cloudy and yet stabbing lust. He was getting harder by the second, and I watched in naked silence, as his cock grew to a size, which again, caused my mother to catch her breath. My mother glanced up and saw his grin. My mother let her head relax on pillow, unable to stop her eyes from traveling downward to her father-in-law’s penis. When her eyes once again made their way to his crude and rugged face, she could tell he was finished allowing her to get over the shock of his size ……….. Now she was really afraid .........
My mother said, " No Mama ........ your organ is simply too big for my body. My body is too small for it. Let me satisfy you by my hand "

My grand-father said, " Dont be silly Savitri. You have already taken my son's cock so many times and have even delivered his child. I am sure your hot and hairy cunt will be able to easily accomodate my large cock and even get many orgasms from it ! "
My mother said, " Mama ........ No. Actually ......... I dont know how to say this, but your son was very small .......... so I can never take you completely into me "
My grand-father said, " Dont worry. I will thrust my full cock into you very slowly, inch-by-inch. After all, I dont want to tear my daughter-in-law's tight cunt completely ! "
My mother begged, " Mama ........ please .......... let me satisfy you with my hand, or maybe even with my mouth. Please dont hurt me. I know you will tear me up ! "
My grand-father said, " Look ......... dont put my mood off now. I am going to thrust my entire cock into your cunt now and make you get orgasm after orgasm now and then I am going to shoot my seed directly into your womb ! Understand ? So, dont argue now. Just do what I ask and separate your thighs and open up your cunt to receive my cock ! "
So saying, my grand-father stretched and pulled up both my mother’s thighs upwards, giving him a very close up view of her tiny, hairy and moist vagina. We could smell the pungent sexy smell, which was emanating from my mother’s intimate places ! He kneeled between my mother’s thighs and brought her hips upward, under the guide of his hands. He lowered her buttocks onto his knees so that, it was at an angle and at his mercy. I watched, as he grabbed his penis, thick and hard as it already was. I watched, as hand and penis, together, gave my mother’s already beaten, pounded and stretched pubic area a good spanking. My grand-father’s bulbous penis head was being slapped against my mother’s pubic bone, with what seemed a great deal of force. With each slap, I swear I saw his cock swell, being led by the growth of his mushroom tip. I was watching this, while fully aware of how wet, the slight thump-sting to my mother’s already sensitive area, was causing her to become more hot and turned on, by her father-in-law ………….
By the time my mother’s hips began tilting even higher, begging for a better beating, my grand-father’s cock was to his full erection and ready to drive my mother home ! He pushed my mother’s knees upward, freeing his legs from bracing her buttocks and inched forward until he was positioned, as he wanted. I recall seeing his thighs against the backs of my mother and how the seconds before the first thrust into her vagina, seemed to last a lifetime. Suddenly and finally, I saw his marble-hard penis force its way into my mother’s tender vagina, guarded by two delicate but strong lips. I saw the head, slightly pointed, large ridged and hot, push its way into my mother’s tiny aperture. His organ was intensely hard and had a strong brute force, as it lent its strength to the head. The head hit the back of my mother’s vagina, with an intense fury and passion. My mother screamed. I suppose that she felt a strong and sharp pain, filling her vagina for a moment, leaving her aching for more ………..

As my grand-father pulled his penis out of her, my mother prepared for the return of the violent thrust. She held her breath and just then, I saw my grand-father re-enter and attack my mother’s inner back walls, as if almost attempting to break them down. She felt the pain again, too, but this time it did not seem to startle, or hurt her as much. My mother probably enjoyed knowing that the sharpness was from her father-in-law’s huge organ, hitting deep inside her. My mother’s thighs thrust hard against his, forcing their bodies to collide in a sexual fusion. I found that my mother’s previous animalistic screams, were just the seeds to what was coming out of her mouth now. I could not recognize my mother’s own sounds. They sounded alien and nearly horrific and oddly, purely sexual. Just as I was sure that my mother was on her way, to an intense orgasm once again, my grand-father suddenly pulled out and in one graceful move, turned her around, so that her back faced him ………..

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11-09-2012, 09:52 PM
Post: #3
RE: Sasurji Bade Natkhat
I saw his hands, large and strong, grab my mother’s hips and pull her roughly against his raging penis. He thrust his member into my mother’s vagina and with the thrust, I saw her entire being, weaken. He pushed so far inside that she felt that pain again, but it was different. This time, his head probably rubbed against her G-spot as he barged his way into her. My mother’s arms shook with weakness, as they stressed to hold herself in position. Her head jerked back to the point where it touched her shoulders, and with it, a groan that was deep and throaty. My mother’s buttocks and vagina clinched, locking a hold around her father-in-law’s huge penis, which I could tell immediately, that he enjoyed. With a swift pull, he was at her opening again, and preparing for entry. Over and over again, my grand-father thrust himself deep within his daughter-in-law’s inner vaginal walls, causing her to orgasm around her father-in-law’s powerfully strong cock, countless times. My mother’s entire body was shaky and sweaty, by the time he gave her the hardest thrust of all. I could almost see my grand-father’s semen shooting deep into my mother’s womb, with an un-matched force. I could see the thump-squirt-thump-squirt, for what felt like an hour. I could see that my own mother, loved her own father-in-law’s semen being sprayed into her womb. She thrust her buttocks backwards, farther onto her father-in-law’s penis, feeling that now familiar pierce of pain. She nearly sat upright, trying with all her will, to swallow her own father-in-law’s cock with her vagina

I saw my grand-father’s semen quickly begin to ooze from my mother’s vagina onto his satisfied penis. He completely pulled his gigantic cock out, after giving her a gentle nudge forward. I watched as he wrapped his fingers around his organ, collecting as much of the spilled semen as possible. Then, with fingers and thumb covered, he allowed his juice to drip and slide onto his daughter-in-law’s anus and further down to her vagina, which was so full already, it was beginning to drip on its own. My grand-father then tiredly collapsed onto his daughter-in-law and hugged her. She too turned around and lovingly hugged him back tightly. They rested into each other’s bodies for a long time. Later, he got cleaned up and wore his dhoti. My mother collapsed into a more relaxed position on her side. My grand-father went over and smiled down at her. He brushed her hair gently from her face, peeling the strands still glued onto her skin, by sweat. My mother felt weak and completely used. She seemed to have loved it and was looking radiant. She smiled back at him, not bothering to rise up and be the polite daughter-in-law. The times of polite hosting were definitely in the past now. My grand-father bent and kissed her.
My mother said, “ Mama, now what else do you wish from me ? You have now made me – your own son’s wife, your mistress ! You know that the amount of your seed that you have shot into my womb, may even have made me pregnant by now. Mama ….. I am worried now. What will people say, if a widow like me gets pregnant ? “
He replied, “ Savitri, don’t worry. In-fact, from tomorrow night I want you to put Akhilanandam to sleep in this room and then come and spend the night with me in my room. I am going to pump a gallon of my fertile seed, through that tight vagina of yours, straight into your womb every single night, until you carry my baby ! “
My mother worriedly said, “ Mama, you can have me for your pleasure. But, how can I carry your child ? What will people say, if a widow like me gets pregnant ? “
My grand-father told her, “ My dear daughter-in-law, once you get pregnant, we shall leave this village and settle down in Cudappah. No one knows us there. We will tell everyone that you are my second wife and I am your second husband. No one needs to know that you are my daughter-in-law. So, you can bear more of our children. OK ? “

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