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Sex with Bollywood Actresses
07-28-2012, 01:01 PM
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Sex with Bollywood Actresses

How come i ended up being a loser?No one cares about me.Even if i'll die today will anyone shed any tears for me?Even worse do anyone know or care that i'm still alive?It was not suppose to be like this.I was suppose to be a super star by now with lots of blockbusters on my credit, mansions, sexy sirens willing to do anything for me in order to get casted in my movies.There would have ben a sea of fans ripping each other apart just to get my autograph and young girls creaming their panties just at my mere sight.With my talent, physique, looks and confiedene, i was bound to become the next superstar.

Who would have thought that the son of small time prostitute will rule the industry that rule the hearts of so many around the worls?Yes my mother was a prostitue but what how is this her fault?She ran away from her village with the man who promised her to love her forever and treat her as a princess.Insted he used her as a cheap whore for a few months and then ran away while she was carrying me in her womb.If it wasn't for Champa bai then both of us would have died like dogs on streets.What other chice did she had other then to become one of many prostitutes of that were selling their bodies in order to survive?Am i ashamed of being the son of a prostitue?No i'm not.If anything i wanted to gave her all the comforts of this world yet how was that possible?Was i destined to become another pimp?No way!One day i'll become so successful that those who laughed at us will be acting like our servents.Then one day i knew how my dreams will become reality when i saw a hindi picture for the first time in a cinema.All the characters were larger then life.Ever since that day i got obsessed with bollywood movies and becoming a star one day.There's a huge differance between day dreaming and making your dreams reality though as i was about to find out.As soon as i turned 18 i started visiting differant studios in hopes of getting a break but in a star but in a industry over filled with star sons, what are the chances for a nobody like me?Still i didn't gave up and kept on going there everyday.I started making some conections there with film crew thanks to my connections with lots of prostitutes and withing no time i started getting a few roles as an extra.I was over the moon with even that untill one day lady luck smiled at me and i hit the jackpot when i ended up providing prostitutes for a famous film director on his birth day party.

I played my cards right and send him the best "maal" iun the market and then refused to achrge any money from him.He was surprised and asked me what i wanted.I told him about my dreams of becoming a star.He started laughing at my face and my face went red with humliation yet i stayed tight lipped their and somehow managed to hide my hurt feelings.When finally he stopped laughing like a mad man he started looking at me curiosly.After a few minutes he finally said that i got the looks but looks alone are not enough.He ended up giving me a trial for a small role and to his surprise i nailed the part.Was i surprised?No not at all.I was practising for years now and all i wanted was a chance to prove myself.Now i was getting it.It wasn't the main lead but a big step forward from the extra roles that i was doing before that.Everything was going according to plans but then something happened which i was never expecting.I ended up falling in love with the film's heroine.I have seen her before many times on screen but to met her and talk with her left dumbstruck.I was falling for her at a rapid pace and my obsession for her was reaching new heights.The name of that sexy slut was Celina Jaitley.We ended up becoming good friends and i was sure she loved me as well but when one day i tried making love with her she started shouting like i was raping her.Within minutes i was grabbed by lots of men who started beating me senseless till i blacked out.When i was bought back to my senses by cold water on my face i found out that i was in lock up.

Can you belive it?That bitch ended up not only destroying my carear but also my life.The scandal was all over news pappers and tv.She got the sympathy of people and i ended up becoming the worst person to grace this world since Hitler.My mother died due to heart attack when she knew about me.My world was really and trully shatered.I end up getting 6 years sentence in prison on accounts of attemted rape.Prison life change you in more ways then you could ever imagine.What happened to me inside should never happen to anyone.Everything changed including me for worse.Now i have only one reason to live.One of these days i'll be a free man and i'll destroy that bitch just like she destroyed my life.

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07-28-2012, 01:01 PM
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RE: Sex with Bollywood Actresses
Celina was born in a middel class family.Her father V.K. Jaitley was in the army.On the other hand her mother Meeta was a former Afghani beauty queen who later when moved to India became a nurse in the Indian army.There she met V.K and they fell in love.The rest as they say is history.Looks wise Celina was just like her mom, a stuner right from an early age.At the same time she had the same ancifence as her father and anever say die attitude as well.When she told her parents that she wanted to become a model, her father opposed strongly.It was a clash of egos between the 2 of them.Her mother tried her best to convince her father to let her try her luck in modeling but to no avail.Yet Celina was not prepared to give up her dreams either and decided to leave her house in order to fulfill her dreams.A verbal fight broke between the the 2 and her father told her to never show him her face again and stormed out of the house in anger.Her mother tried one last tme to convince her to give up her dream.

Meeta:"Plese try to under stand what your father is saying.It's not easy in the modeling industry and there are all sort of people there waiting to take advantage of naive girls like yourself".

Celina:"Those kind of people are in every part of our socity.What next?You'll lock me up in the house to save me from them?"

Meeta:"Don't be so childish.Celina you know i have always supported you but what your asking now is against your fathers wish and i can't support you by going against himWhy can't you see that's he's trying to safe you from getting hurt?"

Celina:"Just because you fear that a kid might fall and hurt himself doesn't mean you'll never let him walk.Plese mom have confidence in the way you guys teach me about how to live my life.Even you were a beauty queen all these years ago.Then why object if i wants to fulfill my dreams?Belive me i'll never let you guys down and one day you'll be proud of me".

Meet:"How come i ended up with egomaniacs like you two?I know you'll not understand what we are trying to tell you now but pry to God that you didn't learn it the hard way.Wait here i have something for you".She said that and went in her room.When she come back she had an envelope.She handed it to her and said"Here take this with you.It's not much but will help you in order to survive there.Plese just return back home if you still are strugling when they run up.I'll try to make your father forgive you".Celina hugged her mom and said

Celina:"Don't worry mom now i'll only return when i'm a succesful Model".She was confident of her success and mybe just a little over confident.Little did she knew that the world of show bizz was filled with perverts and sexual predaters of all type who eat up girls like her within no time.....
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07-28-2012, 01:01 PM
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RE: Sex with Bollywood Actresses
Mumbai is a city of dreams.Many came here with their dreams of stardom and success but only few are able to achive them.Yet that doesn't stop millions of people coming to the this city of dreams.Those whose dreams got crushed here end up devasted themselves as well.Behind all the lights and glamour lies a cold ruthless city that doesn't even think twice before demolishing those who came here with high hopes and lots of dreams.In reality it takes much much more then just talent and luck that will decide if your going to be part of a select few who'll rule not only this city but the hearts of whole nation as well.Compromising at each and every step is a must and even after that their are no guaranties of success.The sad part is that most end up giving their all to achive their dreams and yet end up miserable wreaks.Countless people lose their innocence, dignity and go to such lows that they never even dreamed of going in their nightmares for just a break.

Celina arrived in the city with just one bag, enough money to survive for a few months and big dreams in her eyes.Lots of surprises were waiting for her and not all of them were pleasent.Before going there she contacted a friend there and she arranged a few places for her to see in order to rent.With the kind of money she had luxurious apartments were out of the question.Insted she was looking at small 1 room flats that had seen better days.After seeing a few and rejecting them outright she went to see a 2 room apartment and found out someone else was already there looking at the apartment.She was a stuningly beautiful girl who came their just like Celina to become a model her self.She was taller then Celina with long hair, almond shaped eyes, small but perky breats and a busty ass that will turn even the most fithfull men into sinners.Her name was Neha Dhupia.The owner left them their for a little while and while checking the aprtment they struck a conversation.Soon they both knew that they came to Mumbai with the same dreams.Sometimes it takes no time for people to become friends and that's what happened with them.It was Neha who suggested to her about renting the apartment together?She was feeling a little nervous already in this new city and gladly accepted her offer.This was the start of a friendship that will see them share alot more things then just an apartment.Both of them were so happy after finding a place to stay and went to shop together afterwards.They were giggeling like small girls and looking ravishing together.Their were no shortage of men looking at them with their lustfull eyes.Heads turned everywhere they go and quite a few jaws dropped at the sight of these 2 sexy sirens.When they were finished with shoping they went to a small restaurant for refreashments.

Neha:"You must be kiiding me?How come you came all the way here without having any conections?Do you even have any idea about what to do next?"Celina's face started blushing upon hearing that and she remained silent.Seeing that Neha tried to cheer her up and holded her hand gently.

Neha:"Don't worry i'll try my best to help you in any why i can.With your beauty i'm sure you'll achive every success that you dreamed of."Tears started rolling from the big beautifull eyes of Celina upon hearing that.Neha was the first person who showed confidence in her and was even willing to help her out.Neha stood up from her seat and went towards Celina and embraced her gently.Seeing those sexy prick teasers clad in their tight clothes embraced like this made many men in the restaurant rub their dicks with lust.

Neha:"Come on now stop crying.Everything will work out for the best."She removed the tears from her eyes.

Celina:"Thanks alot Neha.I don't know what i would have done if i haven't found a friend like you?How will i be able to repay you?"

Neha:"Don't be silly now.I'm glad to found a friend in you as well.Now cheer up.Tomorrow we'll go to a fotographer i was recomended by some frinds and he'll help us get the portofolios we need to present to advertizing agencies."Both of them were glad and it was looking as if soon they rule not only this city but the whole world.Little did they knew that even to survive in this city reguires you to pay a price.Question is are they willing to pay that price?
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07-28-2012, 01:03 PM
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RE: Sex with Bollywood Actresses
Neha father was Commander Pradip Dhupia.He was a broad minded person.He gave her lots of freedom and spolied her from an early age.She was always popular among boys and even in her school days she was every young teenager's hot fantasy.She always enjoyed the attention they gave her and flirted with them all the time.Yet she never got seriously involved with any of them.It was not like she was shy but just never found her man of dreams.That along with the fact that right from an early age she dreamed of becoming a top model one day thanks to the magzines she used to collect, never made her noticed the boys who were ready to do anything for her.Her dreams were to big for a small city like Cochin.She belived in destiny and big things were waiting for her but not all of them will turn out to be pleasant.When she told her father of her dreams then even the broad minded Commanded Pradip opposed her at start but in the end gave in to her persistance once he realized how much she wanted it.

He wanted to use his connections to help her out but she refussed and told him that she want to achive this on her own.He was proud of her daughter and agreed to this as well but gave her enough money for a few months and told her to jst ring her when she wants more and he'll send her immedietly.In her mind she already decided that she'll never do that.She belived in herself and knew that she can achive all she want in life on her own with sheer determination and hard work.One of her childhood friends were already a model in mumbai and living with her hot shot fashion pothographer boyfriend.She arranged a photo session for Neha with her boyfriend.Later on Neha's request he agreed to take Celina's pictures as well.It was strange in a way that so far they only talked on phone and never actually met.Both Neha and Celina were really excited about their photo session.They reached his studio 2 hours before the time but since he was bussy taking pictures of some models for a calender they had to wait there.Both of them were impressed after seeing some top models including a famous film heroine there.They were shooting for his famous calender which was the leading one in industry after Kingfisher calender.He was so busy in his work that he didn't even noticed them there untill he was finished with the photo session.When the shooting was wrapped he finally met them.Upon seeing them his eyes lit up.As a famous fashion photographer he met lots of beautiful celebrities everyday but rough diamonds like these 2 standing in front of him were rare.All of a sudden he was feeling horny upon seeing fresh maal after a long time.He knew that if he played his cards right then he had 2 potential top models in front of him who will be willing to do anything for him.He went towards them and offered them his hand while introducing himself as Dabboo Ratnani.
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07-28-2012, 01:03 PM
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RE: Sex with Bollywood Actresses
He knew that if he played his cards right then he had 2 potential top models in front of him who will be willing to do anything for him.He went towards them and offered them his hand while introducing himself as Dabboo Ratnani.Both of them were star struck by him.It was not every day that you get to meet a star photographer like Dabboo and in their case he was about to take their pictures as well.While they were dying to to start their photo session he took them to lunch insted on a popular restaurant.Both of them were suitably impressed by his smooth talking and incredible tales about super models and even some top bollywood celebrities.

Dabboo:"Enough about this circus.Tell me about yourself girls?Where do you 2 come from and why have you decided to chose this field?"Like dumb teenagers they started telling all their history to him about how they wanted to be models from childhood and are willing to do anything to fulfill their dreams and how they left their homes in order to come to Mumbai.Hmm...willing to do anything and living alone in the city, how did i get so lucky he thought and smilled cunningly at his plans.

Dabboo:"Ok let me tell you about fashion world.Thouasands of girls come here every day to become the next super model but only a few got so lucky to even walk on the ramp.Without connections, the right attitude and guidance even getting a break is close to impossible.After their dreams are shattered most go back to their small cities and marry some overweight loser with low income and bad breath.I know it looks so glamourous from the outside but in reality it's all about the survival of the fittest here."He said that and started drinking his juice slowly while looking at their changing face colors closely.How many times the same lines and same tactics have worked ?Even he lost count long ago.They stayed silent for a few minutes which felt like decades to both the girls.Finally Neha broke the silence...

Neha:"We don't have any conections here and there's no way i'm going back.I would rather die then to go back and let my father tell me that he was right."

Dabboo:"Come on now.Why so serious all of a sudden?I wasn't talking about you 2 just generally how this industry works.Let me tell you something.I have never been wrong when it comes to predicting about the future of new comers and i see potentialy future super models in front of me."Their faces lit up once again upon hearing that.

Dabboo:"Ofcourse what is potential without hardwork and determination?So the question is how serious are you 2 about this?Even small kids run away from their homes sometimes but that is no prove of your willingness to go to any degree to achive your dreams.Working 16 hours day under high stress is while looking the best you can at the same time is not childs play.So tell me, what can you do to become the next indian top models?"

Celina/Neha:"Anything".Both of them said the same thing and at the same time.

Dabboo:"Anything?"He said smilling mischievously and winking towards them.None of them were idiots and both get what he was talking about.While Celina excused herself convinently to go to the ladies room in order to escape that slimy bastard in front of him.Neha sat there confidently.

Neha:"Yes like i said, anything."She said looking straight in his eyes.

Dabboo:"Cool.Then how about coming with me tonight and i'll show you the night life of Mumbai and you'll meet some important players of this field as well."

Neha:"Why not?"She said while flirting with him with her seductive smile.The reason why she was so confidence and was not feeling afraid of him was because of her friend and Dabboo's girlfriend Riya Sen.They were living together for the past few months now and were on the lips of everyone.Neha too had a plan of her own to achive what she wanted while net giving anything to that asshole Dabboo.Only time will tell who's plan will succed?
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07-28-2012, 01:04 PM
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RE: Sex with Bollywood Actresses
Neha:"Why not?"She said while flirting with him with her seductive smile.The reason why she was so confidence and was not feeling afraid of him was because of her friend and Dabboo's girlfriend Riya Sen.They were living together for the past few months now and were on the lips of everyone.Neha too had a plan of her own to achive what she wanted while net giving anything to that asshole Dabboo.Only time will tell who's plan will succed?

Daboo left the table before Celina came back from the ladies room.She was still a little angry with Dabboo's advances but when Neha told her that she was going with him later tonight she lost it.

Celina:"Have you gone mad or something?He's having an affair with your friend and even if that wasn't the case he's a pig looking to take advantage of you."

Neha:"I know that Celina but to get something you'll have to lose something and besides i'm only going out with him.Riya is in town so i'll just make sure she join us later tonight and once Dabboo will see how close we are, he won't dare come near us."

Celina:"Are you sure Neha?I mean why take a risk like this?What if something will went wrong?"

Neha:"Thanks for caring about me so much but i'm a big girl and can take care of my self."This make Celina to back off but she was still not convinced.Neha on the other hand knew that she needed Dabboo more then he needed her and as long as Riya was with her what could go wrong?

Dabboo came to pick Neha up at around 21:00.Celina pretended to be fast asleep by then.She didn't even wanted to see that asshole again let alone give him excuses.He was a little disapointed but was more then happy after seeing Neha sizzeling in a low cut black dress.She was dressed to kill.As soon as they left Celina got up from her bed.She was having a bad feeling about this but hoped all go as Neha wanted it to be.Celina was now begining to see the harsh realities of life and how everything that glitters is not gold.Dabboo took Neha to many differant night clubs that night.There were back rooms for all the vip guests like him and Neha saw many top models and fashion desighners there.While she was star struck by them most of them didn't even noticed her.Lets just say that most of the men were gay there and the women were not interested in another prety face.

Still she listened to their inside rumours about the industry.One famous make up artist there was especially found of bitching about everyone behind there backs.His comments were witty and dipped in acid.She was enjoying herself there and felt as if she belonged there.Dabbo in the meanwhile keep offering her drinks and dancing close to her bosy throughout the night.Since everyone was drinking there and she wanted to look out of place, she drank as well.Around midnight she was feeling half drunk and told Dabboo to drop her off.

Dabboo:"Come on babes the night is still young.Let me take you to my studio and have a photo session for you."She was feeling a little drunk but had enough control over her senses to decline that offer.

Neha:"I would really like to have a photo session with you but it's just too late now and i'm tired as well.How about tomorrow?"

Dabboo:"Why don't you come with me to a place where we can relax?"

Neha:"Yeah lets go to your apartment.I'm sure Riya will be happy to see me as well."She knew this will back him off but she was in for a surprise.

Dabboo:"Yeah why not?Come on lets go."She was speachless.Even if he was brave or dumb enough to take her with him, what will Riya thought of her half drunk and this late at night with her man?It was as if her mind stopped working and she couldn't come up with any good excuse to not go with him.When she reached their apartment he opened the door with his key and let her in.When they reaced the drawing room her jaw dropped by what she saw.Riya was half naked clad in a thong and a bra and was bussy snorting something from the table with her back towards them.

Dabboo:"Riya look who's here?"Slowly she turned her head towards them and neha saw the stoned look on her face and the white powder laying on the table.She was horrified to saw her snorting drugs like this.

Riya:"Neha!How are you?Come here."Neha didn't know how to respond but like a zombie her feet moved towards Riya.By now she was just way to dumstruck by the alcahol she consumed and what she was seeing.Riya embraced her tightly.Neha was feeling strange hugging with her almost naked friend but she was just to dizzy by now.She never realized how or when Riys started undressing her or that Dabboo was sitting on a sofa observing them with a sly smile on his face.Riya offered her the rolled note to snort the cocaine.She'll never know why she snorted the white powder but as soon as she did, it hit her senses like she never imagined.their lips met and now they were kissing eachother slowly.By now Riya striped her out of her dress and she too was just clad in her undergarments.slowly Riys's finger found their way inside Nehs's panties and she started rubbing her clit.The pleasures neha was feeling were too much for her to resist.The sensation of hot tongue exploring in her mouth, a hand pressing her boobs and another fingering her slowly was making her body shiver with lust and pleasure.Within no time both of them had their clothes fully removed and Neha was laying on the floor her legs wide apart.Riya was licking her clit while finger fucking her at the same time.Juices were flowing freely from Neha's cunt now and she lost sense of what's right or wrong.

Before Neha could reach her orgasam Riya stepped back and now she was laying on the floor and with 1 finger called Neha towards her and opened her slim and sexy thigs wide apart to give her full view of her snatch.Neha was overpowered with lust now and she started sucking the juices from riya's pussy eagerly.While she was giving Riya head her ass was high up in the air.She never noticed when Dabboo positioned himself behind her but as soon as his rock hard prick touched her love hole she turned her face and said plese nooooooo.Dabboo silenced her with a hard slap on her face and her face fell down almost unconscious on Riya's pussy.With a strong thurst Dabboo entered half of his dick inside Neha.Ahhhhhhhhhhh cries of pain filled the room but no one listened or cared.He grabbed her from the ass cheeks and started pumping her wildly now.Riya was unconsious by now thanks to all the drugs she took.Dabboo's rod was going deeper and deeper in Neha's cunt and even his balls were slapping loudly against her body.After fucking her for 15 minutes he shooted his cum inside her grunting loudly.Ahh ahh ahhhhhhhhhhh the room was echoing with his moans of satisfaction as he reached his orgasam.Neha was almost half dead by now with the pain and her hot thick blood was dripping down her thigs.

At around 5 in the morning Celina waked up by the loud noise of the door.Slowly she went out of her room hald asleeped but her eyes went poped out of their souckets as soon as she saw Neha.She was looking like a mess and one of her cheeks was blue because of the slap she recived from Dabboo.Celina realized what happened with her friend and tears came to her eyes.She went towards the phone.

Celina:"I'm calling the cops.Don't worry we wont let that son of a bitch get away with this."

Neha:"Plese don't."Celina was stunned to hear that.

Celina:"But why?"

Neha:"Because he's shooting me for a magzine and his calender next week."Tears were rolling from her eyes when she said that.
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07-28-2012, 01:05 PM
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RE: Sex with Bollywood Actresses
As soon the shooting was wraped Kareena Kapoor left the set in the backseat of her car.A small army of journalists were there to greet her outside the studio main gate.Her eyes were startled by the flasing lights of the countless cameras that were taking her snaps.Even now after a few months of her first relese Refugee, she was still not comfortable with this sea of journalists.The endless light of the flashing cameras and the gossip about her on daily basis were too much for her at times.Now they were linking her with her co-star and the son of Jeetendra, Tusshar Kapoor.Like i'll ever date a homo she thought and a smile spread on her face.It was ironic in a way that her first movie was the launch of her sister's boyfriend and the son of the biggest superstar of bollywood Abhishek Bachchan and now even her secong movie was the launch of a star son.Still she was confident that just like in her first movie when all eyes were on Abhishek and she end up taking all the credit of that movie, the same thing will happen again.Life was good in other words.After seeing her elder sister Karisma rule the industry, now it was her turn.

Yet despite all the new found fame, at times she felt the absence of someone special in her life.It wasn't her fault that most of the guys were losers in her college and some of her close friends like Tusshar were homo.One day she saw her sister lip locked with her boyfriend Abhishek and later that night her hand went in panties thinking about that.Ohh the tender feel of her fingers messaging on her clean shaved pussy was just so good.At that time she realized that she needed someone to fulfill her needs but the question was who?

Ayesha Takia was born in a mixed family.Her father Nishet was a gujarati and her mother Faridah was half british and half maharastharian.She started her career at the tender age of 15 when she was selected for an advertizing campaign and a few weeks later featured in the video of Falguni Pathak's Meri chunarii udd udd jaye.Lady luck was smilling on her and she landed the lead role in a movie named Tarzen: The wonder car.To the surprise of many the low budget movie turned out to ba a hit as well.Now that she just turned 18, the big brested beauty's second movie Soucha na tha was about to be released.She was getting as much attension because of her talent and beauty as her natuarlly huge bosoms.So many in and outside the industry were lusting after her tight body but who will be the lucky one to bust her cherry?
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07-28-2012, 01:05 PM
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RE: Sex with Bollywood Actresses
In the space of a few days things changed alot.While Neha was shooting for a cover of a mag and was going to feature in Dabboo's much awaited calender, Celina was still looking for her first break.Neha moved out of the partment after a few days on Dabboo's persistence who gifted her a cool 2 bed room apartment.Neha wanted Celina to live with her but Dabboo was not keen on the idea.In his mind he wanted to get to Celina one way or another.On Neha's request Dabboo shot her pictures for her portfolio but what good is a portfolio without any conections?In reality Dabboo did tried to advance towards her while shooting her and when she told him she's not interested in him at all, he even gave her the example of Neha...

Dabboo:"Come on now Celina your acting as if your still virgen."

Celina:"It's none of your business if i'm a virgen or not."

Dabboo:"All i want is to be friends with you.Come on now i'm not going to rape you or something.You know i already have a girlfriend in Riya and you have no reason to be affraid of me.We can be good friends.You know spoecial friends and i always take care of my friends."He said with his shit eating grin on his face.

Celina:"Just like you took care of Neha?"She replied sharply with venom in her voice.

Dabboo:"What about her?She's going to be on the cover of one of the biggest magzines in the industry and i'm shooting her for my calender as well.Do you have any idea that even people in the film industry beg me to be featured in my calender?Next month Neha will take part in the Lakme Miss India contest and with my conections i'll make sure she'll be the next Miss India as well.Now look at yourself.You have the looks that can take you all the way to the top.The camera loves you let me tell you that.Still right now your nothing more then a prety face and one of many in this city if i may add.Who will give you your first break?How long will you even going to survive on the little money you have left with you?All your trubles will be gone as long as...

Celina:"I'm prepared to become your keep?Fuck off Dabboo and shove your offer inside your ass."She shouted with anger and stormed off his studio angry at herself to even go there in the first place.

Once she reached her apartment she fell heads down on her bed and tears of frustration and humliation came out of her big beautiful eyes.How dare he talked with her like she was some cheap whore?The thing that was eating her indside was the fact that he was right.Time was running out for her with the little money she had with her and who was going to give her a break now?She was not angry with Neha.Neha made her choice and while Celina was not happy with that she could understand her point of view.Yet she had too much pride to go down the same path as her friend.

The next day Neha came with her portfolio and gave it to her.When Celina saw the pictures she was stunned.He might be a pervert and an oppertunistic asshole but he was talented as well.

Neha:"Celina nothing in this life is for free and in order to gain something you'æll have to pay a price.I know that you think of Dabboo as a pervert but just wait till you meet some of the other characters in this industry.For me it's better him then many others."

Celina:"Plese Neha you already know i am not willing to make these sacificies.Anyway thanks alot for this portofolio.I owe you one."

Neha:"Actually you owe me more then that."

Celina:"Sorry i didn't get it?"Neha remained serious while staring at her and that was making her nervous.Finally Neha broke the silance laughing hysterically.That calmed her down and she asked

Celina:"What is it?"

Neha:"Get your ass in shape already.Your going to walk the ramp tomorrow for Manish Malhotra's collection."

Celina:"Are you kidding me?Ohh my God i can't belive it."Both of them were giggeling like 8 year olds and for a moment all their worries were behind them.
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