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10-20-2012, 07:44 AM
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The club was pretty famous as one that fulfilled the fantasies and wildest desires of men. It was a huge club and had a big hall which would accommodate around 100 people. Food and drinks would be available. There was a cellar in the basement where the girls would be kept. Around the hall there were other cellars where girls would be kept tied to various machines which would torture them in different ways.There were rooms on the first floor where girls would be fucked at night.There was a stage in the main hall that had poles and spread bar .Behind the hall was the bathroom. The club was situated in a area outside Mumbai on d way to Pune. Usually there were hired girls used to be tortured and stripped in the club and later auctioned to be fucked by the customers.Sometimes they would be abducted from various cities.They had a reputation of initiating sexy and beautiful girls.The club was doing pretty good for past one year but now the owner who was called the master was planning to expand the popularity of the club. He had hit upon a plan and working on it for sometime.

The plan being of getting celebrity girls and women in the club....this would naturally mean more fame and more money. The Master had become familiar with many famous personalities who used to often visit his club. They included sport stars,politicians,film stars etc. The Master now had a good influence and he devised a plan to initiate celebrities in his club.

He wanted to start it with the new year eve and the customers at the bar had a pleasant announcement at 6pm when it was announced that on that night they will be watching the initiation of a famous bollywood actress in the club.The news spread quickly and the club was full within an hour.

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10-20-2012, 07:44 AM
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RE: Sexoville
From the hot bollywood actresses The Master had chosen Deepika Padukone to be honored as the first celebrity to be screwed at his club.The reason was obvious she was a dick-bursting beauty. A tall and slim figure that men would dream of, a sexy face, small but soft and erect boobs, a popping vagina and a well-shaped ass, made her a cock teaser .Perhaps her tummy is erotic, probably the sexiest tummy in India. all these features made her the first choice.

Deepika finished her shoot for the day. She was happy now that she could celebrate the new year with her friends. She sat in the car and ordered the driver to drive home. Little did she imagine her plight that night. Deepika had come along only with the driver that day cause the shoot was scheduled at a distance of twenty minutes from her home. Hardly fifteen minutes had passed when she had started on her way back that she received a call from Ranbir Kapoor. She started happily chatting with him and suddenly the driver applied the brakes. It was so sudden that Deepika let go off the cell phone and before she could recover the driver sprayed something on her face. "What the hell was that ?" she yelled at him but she was feeling dizzy and then she dozed off immediately .

Deepika woke up, she was feeling very dizzy though . She felt something very cold below her body . When she regained her conscious she was horrified to find herself in a steel cage.
She looked around and saw many girls in tied around there . She was at the center . Now she saw a young man of about 25-28 years of age walking towards her. There were another five strong built guys roaming around the room . Each carried a stick made of steel in their hands. The room had sound of girls writhing in pain.
The young man came near the cage and said-"Welcome Miss Deepika to SexOVille".
Deepika started to shout at him -"Why the hell have you put me in here ? Do you know who I am ? I will get You Arrested if You Dont leave me now"
The young man said-"I know who you are bitch, I am Sam and listen bitch you are going to be our guest on this club tonight,so its better you co-operate or you will land yourself in trouble. And nobody talks to me like this if you shout here again then I will break your bones you bitch". Deepika was still egoistic -" What are you going to do with me tonight? If you touch me I will have you hanged bastard ".
"Thats enough bitch" Sam said and he called two of his men. One of them brought along a long chain.Sam opened the door and grabbed Deepika by her hair.She resisted but he was too strong.He pinned her down and her hands were tied with a pair of handcuff....Before she could say anything her mouth was gagged by a cloth and tied.Sam caught her by hair and another person lifted her hands and tied the handcuffs to the roof using a chain.
Now she was completely helpless...They closed the door and Sam turned back and said - "You are very hot to handle bitch...Today we are going to auction you in front of our customers..they will enjoy your body and rape,torture and fuck you just wait for your turn bitch."
This just sent a shock wave through Deepika's body..she was horrified...tears rolled down her cheeks...for next two hours she was just waiting there imagining why is this happening to her...she could see other girls being pulled out of the room by the guards with the chains tied around their necks...the girls had to walk only on four limbs.

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10-20-2012, 07:44 AM
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RE: Sexoville
At around eight...two hours after Sam had tied Deepika in the cage, he returned with a guard .He opened the door and untied her hands, removed the cuffs and the guard put a leather belt in her neck...he adjusted it so that it fitted her properly...the belt had a hook and the guard tied a chain to it.
Now Sam said "Look bitch you better come with me without any trouble else this steel stick will rip apart ur butt cheeks", Deepika was damn concerned about her butts so she agreed...Sam pulled her with the chain and Deepika followed him on her fours just like other girls.He took her through a long passage and then to the elevator.They finally turned up near another long but posh passage.Deepika could hear sound of men screaming with excitement.
They came near what seemed to be a backdoor entry for a stage.
Deepika then heard a announcement being made on the stage - "Now comes the moment you all are waiting for, SexOVille presents to you the first celebrity for your pleasure in its history, Deepika Padukone!!!!"
Before she could grasp the entire matter she was pulled in by Sam. There was a huge applause and cheering from crowd.
Deepika was shocked to see around hundred men sitting in the room .They were drinking and eating. There was a huge screen behind the stage and it displayed sexy photos of Deepika.
Deepika had no idea of what they wanted from her burt she was utterly helpless.And that was exactly pleased the crowd...a helpless Deepika. Sam then gave the chain in hands of the Master. "She is property of the club from now and you all can enjoy her", the Master announced. There were no girls in the room now. They had taken all other girls out from the hall.
The Master grasped her hair and said -"you better co-operate with us, else we know how to tame wild cats".
Deepika could hear loud cheering from the crowd. She could see the lustful eyes of the audience. They were like hungry dogs.
Sam now pulled Deepika's hands upwards and handcuffed them again.She was at the center of the stage.The next moment the handcuffs were tied with a long chain and the chain pulled over a spreader bar...As the chain was pulled from other side..Deepika was lifted in air and suspended from the bar a feet above the ground.
The sight made many a dicks raise in the crowd.Deepika now started shivering...though she had no idea of what was going to happen she knew that it was going to be bad.
The fear in her eyes made the sight still more sexier....Sam removed the cloth from her mouth but Deepika could hardly speak cause of the fear. Her hands had started to pain now bearing her own weight. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She was wearing a sexy pink top and blue jeans.The Master now asked the audience...regarding how should they start to humiliate this sexy actress....Deepika just did not wanted to hear the comments...there were all sort of comments heard...tear her asshole, use her pussy, fuck her mouth and so on...
Now the Master said "Let us begin by undressing the sexy bitch....we will have the amount begin at 8000. Who is willing to pay the undress her top and jeans can bet...the highest bidder will get the honor, so people start now",
As soon as he had finished, there were voices coming from different parts of the hall...10000, 11000.12000...15000 and so on...Deepika was struggling with her hands which were now paining badly....Finallly the bid was sealed for 25000. A man between 35-40 years of age had won the bid. The Master then called the person towards the stage. "She is yours sir now, until we see her in her bra and panties",the Master said and handed over a knife to him....
The man then groped Deepika's legs and started moving his hands upwards.He enjoyed her butts,tummy and boobs for about 10 minutes...with the audience cheering...Deepika was crying..."Plsss leaaaave meee plsss" .
Then the man opened the buttons of her pants and pulled the pants down in one go....Deepika's black panty was now visible...she screamed in despair, "N....Noooo", Then the person moved the knife-point all over her upper body, finally he ducked it through under her shirt and torn it into pieces.
Deepika was now hanging there in black bra and panty...her white tummy gleamed between the two black clothes .... she was now sweating profusely due to the strain and also fear.

A hapless struggle, a fearful expression, a perfect body smeared in sweat, a white complexioned tummy with abs and the undergarments made it the most extraordinary sight these people had ever witnessed in their life...All the action was captured by the shooting staff...they clicked photos and also videos which would later be sold to make more money.

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10-20-2012, 07:44 AM
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RE: Sexoville

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10-20-2012, 07:45 AM
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RE: Sexoville
Deepika had never been humiliated in her life, but this was just the beginning . Deepika knew what was coming next, she could hear the voice of some people regarding stripping her.
The Master now announced that people can begin to bet for stripping this babe. The bet began at 15000 and settled at 40000. Everytime Deepika heard a voice quoting the price, she would curse her sexy body. She would rather had preferred a ugly face and fat body.
The highest bidder now came near her and groped her legs...he started moving his hands over her and felt her hot body....he touched her butts,tummy,boobs etc and finally pulled down the panty. This exposed a sexy pink hole.Deepika started weeping uncontrollably and her bra was stripped in one go.
There she was in all her glory, hanging in front of 100 men a NAKED DEEPIKA PADUKONE.
Her sexy body was now looking hotter because of the sweat and the tears. People were enjoying the sight of her pink shaved pussy and small but tight boobs.
The Master asked the crowd to start collecting the tokens for the next item . Till now it was horrifying experience for Deepika but now it was going to turn painful.
The rate was fixed this time Rs.10000 for spanking her butts. Deepika muttered "No plssss...ll...leave meeeee". But that had no effect. Soon enough there was a huge line of 30-35 men gathered for the cause.
Deepika was waiting in anticipation with eyes closed...and suddenly there was a loud noise and Deepika's eyes almost popped out...she screamed in pain...the first blow had left her shuddering in tears...
Then there was another shot and so on...Deepika had lost the count but there were almost sixty shots on her beautifully shaped ass...someone spanked her once,some twice and some more times.
Finally the line had finished and Deepika felt relieved but Master wont let that happen...he asked his servant to get seconds the Master had a long leather belt and a leather whip....Deepika could not beleive this...the leather was ready to taste her flesh...
Anyone who desired to spank her butts with the belt had to pay 15000 for the shot...
Again a line of about 25 men gathered....Deepika now started shaking her body violently but it was futile and then there was the blow on the butts with the belt....
She felt as if her butts were on fire had turn completely red....turn by turn she took another 40 shots....
And then the master announced that anyone can whip Deepika's belly for 20000....

Another 20 men ravaged her belly with the whip...she got around 30 red straps on her belly...
It now made her look fucking hot...but Deepika was dying with pain but she had no excuse.

To her relief The Master ordered Sam and the guards to bring her down. Deepika was now slowly let down on the floor. Her tummy and butts still burning.
Deepika was now lying quietly on the floor waiting to know what more she had in store. The Master now made her sit on knees and and made her bend forwards. Her chain was removed but hands were still handcuffed behind. The Master now placed his leg on her head like a hunter does after killing its prey . Deepika could not move under the heavy load.

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10-20-2012, 07:45 AM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2012 07:45 AM by Dexter.)
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RE: Sexoville

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10-20-2012, 07:45 AM
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RE: Sexoville
Deepika Padukone forced to suck cocks

Deepika was now exhausted....In few hours she had lost all her respect...from being a sexy actress now she had become a fuck toy...all the dicks that she once made to dance at her tune were taking their revenge....

The Master now said that its time that the dicks get their reward...He announced that anyone who wants to fuck Deepika's mouth can do so by paying 50000 for 5 minutes.

But the Master himself was hot by the deepika show...He pulled her by hair and again lifting her cuffed hands, tied them to a long chain, that was tied to the roof.
The chain was pulled up so that Deepika would be on her knees and her body stretched.

Deepika just did not wanted to know what was coming. Almost 70 people now gathered with the tokens.

Deepika opened her wet eyes and she could see...the huge dick of the first person, 12 inches long and 5 inches wide coming towards her.
She had never taken such a big dick in her mouth. Its sight took the shit out of her.
The Master grabbed her by hair but Deepika closed her lips tight.

She felt a sharp pain in her stomach now...the master had kicked her right in the tummy and Deepika gave out a loud growl.
But before she could recover she could feel the monster rubbing her beautiful face and lips.
She knew resistance would only cause her trouble and so she started taking the dick inside her.

The pubic hair were entering her nose and she was getting the feeling of puking but she could not bear another blow.
The person now caught her hair and pushed all his cock inside in one go...she choked and it almost killed her...
He started fucking her mouth vigorously...Everyone was enjoying the sight...

After a good fuck he started cumming...he held her tight and cummed inside her mouth...she had to swallow all else she knew what the master could do...
He removed her cock atlast and she felt as if a deer escaped from a tiger's claws.

But there were many cocks still waiting...

Deepika took seventy cocks in her mouth one by one... she had no relief for six hours
It was almost 4:30 am now...Deepika lost her consciousness...
The master now said - "Deepika is club's property from now...she will be available for the customers on occasions, very soon we will auction her ass and pussy also . many other celebrities will also be brought in for your pleasure soon"

Thus ended the first day of Deepika in SexOville...she was carried back to her cage.

As soon as she would be normal, she would have to serve the customers again...but for now she lay there covered with cum and sweat and hardly she could move.

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10-20-2012, 07:46 AM
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RE: Sexoville
Preity Zinta - Dream of million dicks

Preity Zinta had always been the dream of millions of dicks across the country. She always was in the news, thanks to her films and alleged relationship with Ness Wadia. But for the past couple of years she was in news for hugs with the players in her IPL team Kings Eleven Punjab.

The fans across the nation would envy the luck of the players. But what the fans never knew was the real big prize the players were getting actually.

Ness and Preity had devised a reward structure to keep their players happy.
In a match that the team wins, every six scored by her batsman meant a kiss from Preity. She had a pair of suck able lips that every man would like to enjoy.

For a wicket taken by a bowler, he could suck and play with her boobs. Preity had next large and firm boobs in industry to Ayesha Takia. They were round and milky, real cock busters. Every bowler would bowl his heart out just to enjoy those boobs.

And the man of the match had the luck to stick his dick out in her soft and sweet mouth and fuck it, loading his cum shots in her mouth.

The process was working well for two years now…Ness had promised that the players would enjoy her pussy and ass when they win the IPL. But the Punjab team had no luck in third season.

They lost almost every match and missed a chance to enjoy Preity. All the players had lost their patience. They wanted to bang her in all holes. Ness had fucked her many times in her pussy but her ass was still virgin.

The weary and frustrated players approached Ness and told him their desire. Ness also had grown intimation with some other babe and wanted to get rid of Preity from his life.

Ness hit upon a plan, he thought what better place than Sexoville to sell Preity and make some money to make up for the loss in IPL.

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10-20-2012, 07:46 AM
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RE: Sexoville
Preity Zinta In SexOVille

One fine day Ness told all d players to gather at SexOVille. The deal was already made with the club by Ness. He would bring Preity to the club and that night the club would allow all the kings eleven players to fuck Preity and also Deepika and from next day onwards Preity is club's property.The club paid 10 million dollars to Ness for Preity.

As per the deal, Ness took Preity for a ride in his car.He told her that surprise is waiting for her. Preity was very excited and gave him a long kiss. As Ness neared the club he insisted that Preity should be blindfolded and would remove it only when he asked her to. Preity trusted him a lot and expecting a big surprise she did what he told. Ness blindfolded her and drove into the club. He guided her out of the car and took her to the Master's chamber. Preity was still excited and eager to open her eyes.

The next moment Preity felt two strong hands catching her hands and tying them with rope. She yelled " What the fuck? Ness what is this?"
She felt a strong blow right in her stomach and she gave out a cry and fell on her knees. The guard holding her hands now kept his leg on her neck and pushed her to ground.
She was on her knees now with face pinned to ground under his feet, her blindfold was removed and she a tape was put to shut her mouth ...she looked hot and her crying made the environment more arousing.

She heard Ness say " Sorry dear, game over for you!!" and he left.

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10-20-2012, 07:54 AM
Post: #10
RE: Sexoville
Preity's Induction

Preity had no idea what was going to be her fate now onwards.
The ever bubbling smile which was in full bloom until a couple
of minutes before had been replaced by tears flowing down her

dimpled cheeks.
Preity knew that such a betrayal by the man she
loved means her future was bleak.
But not even in her wildest dreams
had she imagined what these men could do with her.
Just as these thoughts were occupying her mind, she felt a sharp
pain in her hair and second later she was dragged by Sam catching

a handful of her hair.
Preity was lead through the long corridor into the a room filled with cages.
She was alloted her cage and Sam threw her inside and locked it after removing
her ropes and tape.
Preity was too scared to protest now so she quitely settled in a corner.
She looked around and found many girls there in smaller cages than her.
She attributed this to her celebrity status that she had a larger cage than others.
In the far right corner she could make out that there was a similar cage, she wondered who
was the other ill-fated celebrity to be in there.

She could not make out due to dim lighting.
But the big question was why was she here and what were they planning to do with her.
With all the confusion in mind Preity dozed off.

It was the a cry of someone that made Preity to wake up.
Preity woke up and was shocked.
Deepika Padukone completely naked was crying to let her go but she could see
Sam forcibly pulling a chain attached to the leash around Deepika's neck.
She was dragging along on all her four limbs and although she retaliated by crying and making
noise,Preity understood that she had long submitted to her abductors.
Preity was wondering what were they doing with Deepika when she saw Sam coming towards her cage now.
Perhaps her question was going to be answered.
Sam opened her cage and he knew that Preity was already scared.
Sam said "Your time for entertaining your boys has come!" and pulled Preity by her hair.

She did not say anything out of fear.
Sam commanded her to get down on her knees.
Preity was in no mood of giving up although she was a little scared.
"Now you bitch" yelled Sam, Preity hesitated.
Sam moved forward and with a flash placed his fist with a lot of power behind it

on her midriff.
Suddenly her world started going round and Preity collapsed but the guard standing near the door helped
he to be on her knees.
Sam collected a pair of handcuffs from another guard.
The first guard pulled Preity's hands behind her back and Sam cuffed them.
Preity now understood what was going on.
Sam caught hold of her beautiful silky hair and started dragging her again through the long corridor.
She could hear some loud cheers from a room nearby.
Within minutes she was taken through the door on something that looked like a dias with few men sitting in front of it.
She was in pain due to the blow to her stomach and failed to notice the audience.
She was dragged to the centre of the stage.
Now she started having a look at the place and the people.
First was Kumar Sangakkara then Jayawardene, Yuvraj Singh...
Preity moaned "Oh God!", it was the whole Kings Eleven Team, all 25 players sitting there.

They were :

Adam Gilchrist,
S Srivastava,
Vikramjeet Malik,

Amit Yadav,
Bipul Sharma,
James Faulkner,
Nitin Saini,
Mandeep Singh,

Ryan Harris,
Stuart Broad,
Abhishek Nayar,
Azhar Mahmood,

David Hussey,
David Miller,
Paras Dogra,
Shaun Marsh,

Sunny Singh,
Love Ablish,
Piyush Chawla,
Ramesh Powar,
Paul Valthaty,
Siddharth Chitnis,

Bhargav Bhatt,
Nathan Rimmington,
Praveen Kumar,

Preity knew that these bastards always desired her beautiful body but she had no idea that they could do it against her wish.

Preity was recovering from the shock and suddenly she saw a naked figure hanging on the stage with her wrists tied to a bar suspended

horizontally to the roof.
Preity could not but admire the sublime body of who ever it was.
Slender stomach, flat athletic tummy, small erect boobies and then she saw the face... Deepika Padukone!!

The Master standing on the stage ordered his guards - "Make this whore naked and tie her like this!!"

Amid loud cheering, Preity saw two well built guards moving towards her.
They had no problem in tearing apart her top within seconds.
They laid her on her back then with one guard pinning her and the other unzipped her jeans and pulled out the jeans.
Preity was now only in her white bras and panties waiting to be humiliated.
She had already resigned to her fate and hardly resisted the strong guards.
Her panty was pulled out to reveal her shaved pussy and her bra torn apart.
The guards helped her to her feet and attached a hanging chain to her cuffs.
Within moments Preity felt she was pulled up and she ws suspended similar to Deepika six inches above the ground.

With defeated Deepika and Preity naked and hanging on the stage..
The Master declared to the Kings Eleven Boys - "Time for some play, Gentlemen!"

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