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10-20-2012, 07:54 AM
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RE: Sexoville
The Domination of the Master!

The hands of Preity and Deepika started aching due to their own weights.
One could clearly see drops of sweats accumulating on all of their body, making the scene still more hotter.
Both clearly knew the fact that they were to oblige whatever the Master said to them else things would start getting worse.
The Master in the meanwhile announced the games to be played with the captured beauties and the Kings Eleven Boys.

Master-"As you see that both these beautiful actresses are now my slaves. They are here for your entertainment.
You can do anything with their bodies but before that they have a game to be played first.
Both have to compete against each other"
This was followed by loud claps and cheers from the boys.
The Master continued "And the one who loses, will have to undergo a brutal punishment!!"
Preity and Deepika looked at each other with a drastic change in apparent in their glances.
It was true that both pitied the other to be in this situation but both had no guts to undergo the Master's punishment.
They were now ready to do anything to save themselves from the punishment.

"Lets move to the arena of the game", Master told the boys. The guards brought down the two babes to the ground.
Their chains and handcuffs were opened and they were made to wait on all 4 limbs.
The guards now brought something that looked like a carriage drawn by animals.
It had a small wooden platform supported by wheels,for two people to stand which was attached to a horizontal iron bar that had two belts hanging on it.
The guards made Preity and Deepika kneel and two black leashes were brought in.

The leashes had long iron chains attached to them.
The black leashes were put around Preity's and Deepika's neck.
Then the guards attached their necks to the belts suspended from the iron bar of the carriage.
The Master climbed the platform and the guards handed him the chains attached to Preity's and Deepika's necks.

The master took a whip made of leather in his hand.
He was completely dominating the two celebrities, treating them as animals to draw his carriage.
The Kings Boys were completely enjoying the humiliation of these cock teasers.
One was their boss and now she was being humiliated and another was the ex-girlfriend of the son of the owner of another team.
Both had teased their cocks for long time and now was the time for the ultimate payback.

The Master cracked thw whip on the ass cheeks of both the babes and ordered them to move.
The guards and the players moved alongside them to watch their humiliation.
With great effort Preity and Deepika started moving the carriage.
They moved through the room then a long corridor and finally to a small open space in middle of which was something that looked like

a cricket pitch.

Deepika was faring better in pulling the carriage due to her young and athletic body.
Preity had taken six shots on her ass cheeks while Deepika had just three but their ass was on fire.
After about 8 mins or so they arrived near the pitch.
But this time was like eternity for the two babes.
Sweat flowing all over their toned bodies.

The Master still standing over the carriage announced -
"This game is called suck on the pitch!!"

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10-20-2012, 07:55 AM
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RE: Sexoville
Suck on the pitch.....!!!!!!!

The pitch was 22 yards long and Preity and Deepika were tied to two poles at each end of the pitch. The Master explained the rules, Preity and Deepika would have to suck the dicks of four players each and drink their cum. The winner is one who finishes the job early. They would start sucking players at opposite ends. Once they finish with one player they would run to the other end and so on. Their hands would be tied behind their backs so they would had to fully utilize their mouth skills. The lucky 8 players were chosen by a lucky draw.

Preity zinta had to suck dry:

Piyush Chawla,

Ramesh Powar,
Paul Valthaty,
Azhar Mahmood

And Deepika would suck:
Stuart Broad,
Abhishek Nayar,

S Srivastava,
Praveen Kumar

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10-20-2012, 07:55 AM
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RE: Sexoville
To make it more tough for the babes.... their necks were tied to long chains that were attached to a pole in between the pitch...

Preity and Deepika were now made to stand with their backs touching and ready to run position.

Piyush Chawla, Ramesh Powar, Paul Valthaty and Azhar Mahmood were standing with their pants down now on one side of the pitch while Stuart Broad, Abhishek Nayar, S Srivastava, Praveen Kumar were standing on the other side. With all other players enjoying the sight. The whole game was being recorded by high hd cameras.

Emotions were running high... the players waiting for the game to begin were stroking there cocks lightly as they had never witnesses such an event. The players whose cocks were to be sucked were much too excited, the Master was praising himself for being the reason behind this arrangement.

The two actresses felt bad for each other but they were determined to win this and escape from the Master's brutality.

The master signalled the start of the game and Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone started running in the opposite directions with full force.
Their naked boobs bouncing and distress on face, was pleasing for the players around. Deepika being a athlete herself was quick enough to reach Stuart Broad before Preity could reach Piyush Chawla.

Just as Deepika was about to reach Broad, she felt a sharp pain in her neck, as if it had snapped and was suddenly pulled back and fell over becuase of the chain. She heard loud noises of cheering from the players as they could see her struggling to stand. Deepika turned back only to see Preity just reaching Piyush. She hurried towards Broad now being careful not to extend the chain to its max limit.

Piyush Chawla was wondering how quickly life takes a turn and its is surely good enough to be on the luckier side of things... Preity Zinta, his owner had now become his slave. She came running straight to him and kneeled in front of him. With her mouth waiting to be pounded by Piyush's matured manhood.

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10-20-2012, 07:56 AM
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RE: Sexoville
Piyush Chawla had always had fucking fantasies about Preity Zinta. Preity was no stranger to giving blowjobs. She knew where men liked it to start. She licked Chawla's dickhead with her tongue, sending a shock through Piyush Chawla's body.

He was the luckiest man in the world for a moment. Preity then started sucking his dick slowly, the increase in intensity of sucking also added to Chawla's pleasure. Chawla already enjoying, now wanted to dominate his owner.

He caught her hair and plunged his dick deep inside Preity Zinta's famous mouth. His envious team mates had already started shaking their cocks, watching this spectacle. Piyush started fucking Preity's mouth vigorously and Preity Zinta started gagging. She was in no control now as Piyush had taken over.

While Preity was sucking Piyush Chawla, Deepika somehow managed to drag herself upto Stuart Broad. The Englishman had always liked Indian woman and he had heard tales of the beautiful body of Deepika Padukone(perhaps from Kevin Pietersen). But in the last hour or so his eyes were feasting on her glorious assets. Deepika now started licking Stuart Broad's dick and slowly took his whole dick inside her mouth. Deepika was an expert in blowjobs. At times she had comforted Mallya father-son duo just with her skills with the tongue. Broad had hardly had any better blowjob in his life. He started fucking Deepika's mouth catching her hair tight.

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10-20-2012, 07:56 AM
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RE: Sexoville
Deepika rolled over her tongue on Broad's not so 'broad' dick. Broad who had never experienced such a blowjob gave in and cummed in Deepika's mouth. Deepika not new to English sperms drank all like an English wine. She finished Broad within 4 mins and turned back.

Deepika now saw Piyush Chawla still banging Preity's mouth. Chawla was not ready to give up Preity Zinta so soon while Preity was struggling to finish off Chawla early. The Maaster now announced that Deepika has already started running to other side of pitch towards the naked and hard Abhishek Nayar.

Preity had to do something fast, Piyush Chawla was having the blowjob of his life and he would not stop. Mustering all her experience Preity uses her teeth and softly bits Chawla's dick. Chawla in the excitement loses his control over Preity and that's all she needs. Preity rolls her tongue on his dick and dickhead and chawla comes flooding in her mouth. Preity quickly turns over and starts running to other end. Deepika is halfway through the pitch by now.

They both exchange desperate stares as they cross each other.

Deepika now reaches Abhishek Nayar and even before Abhishek could gather the fact that he is actually going to get his dick sucked by Deepika Padukone herself, she latches hersefl towards his hanging balls and slightly pulls them and starts sucking the balls. She is in complete control and the pleasure is too much for the young Naayar. He loses all control and he unloads his sperms in no time. Deepika gathers herself and takes his dick in her mouth drinking all the semen.

Preity just about reaches her second desperate dick Ramesh Powar and Deepika has finished her second.

Preity Zinta kneels in front of Ramesh Powar and looks at his ugly hanging stomach and face. Next she sees his long dick waiting to enjoy her mouth. She opens her mouth as wide as she can takes half his dick right inside her mouth. Powar lets a gasp, for he knows that he has to make it count now. Preity starts sucking Powar and she hears the Master announce that Deepika is done with her second man and is now running towards her third.

Preity Zinta panics and starts sucking Powar hard only making him enjoy more. But Powar has exceptional control on himself. He watches Deepika running towards their side. He knows how desperate Preity is to make him cum. He decides to enjoy Preity to the full.

But Powar slaps Preity hard and she collapses on the floor. Powar now sits on her chest and lifts her head inserts his dick in her mouth. Preity Zinta is very uncomfortable now. Raamesh powar is literally raping her mouth. Powar starts fucking Preity's mouth in and out like no tomorrow.

Half of other players standing around cum in their pants seeing the show.

Deepika is happy at the plight of her opponent and is already imagining Preity Zinta being punished by Master. Perhaps they might torture her for weeks she thought. Not knowing how rough and tough the next two players she has to face are supposed to be.

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10-20-2012, 07:56 AM
Post: #16
RE: Sexoville
Deepika knelt near Shalab's legs, she parted her lips and took his dick inside. First slowly then rapidly she increased her tempo and took him almost all inside. Deepika thought he will finish Shalab too soon. His hands slowly tightened around her hair. Deepika moaned.

What she was not aware of was that Shalab Srivastav was far too much a rowdy to be so gentle to her. He tightened his hands and pushed all his dick inside her mouth. Deepika almost choked. She felt his rod touching inside her neck. It was like a knife trying to tear her mouth now. Shalab had total domination over this bitch.

Meanwhile Preity Zinta was still thinking of a way to save herself from the punishment. Powar was fucking her mouth for 12 minutes now. Preity started teasing his cock with slight movements inside with her tongue. Powar had almost satisfied himself now. He wanted to unload all his semen inside her mouth. He held her hair tight and burst in her mouth load after load. Preity could not take all in. Much spilled on the floor and Powar extremely tired fell at her side.

Preity was now breathing hard. her jaws aching with the blowjob. She has look sideways and sees Deepika is in trouble now. Thinking she still can make it, Preity runs towards the other side. The Master announces this and is now enjoying the competition getting tougher.

Deepika is finding hard to cope up with Shalab now. He is battering her mouth like a nail being hammered in a hole. Deepika is gasping for air now. She is choking and tears roll down her eyes. Deepika curses herself in having imagined herself as being a great sucker. All her tricks made no sense now.

Preity Zinta tired and naked reaches Paul Valthaty on other side of the pitch and collapses on her knees. She immediately starts sucking Valthaty. But Paul has different plans. He pulls her head from his dick and turns her around on her knees. Paul bends Preity's head backwards while keeping her on her knees. He catches her hair and rams his dick right inside her lips.

Preity Zinta is sucking Paul Valthaty with her head upside down and her back starting to ache. Valthaty has complete control on her boobs now. He bends and starts pressing those famous boobs of Preity Zinta. Preity has no much control on his dick because of the position.

Deepika's mouth rape continues. Her tears now reach her lips and she could taste their saltness. What seemed after ages Shalab cums in Deepika's throat. All the load
goes inside her and he lets her go. Deepika collapses gasping for air. She has no strength to get up now.

Meanwhile Valthaty continues to enjoy Preity's mouth fuck. Valthaty then cums in her mouth. Preity drinks all and is just happy to be freed of the submitting position.

Without delay Preity starts running towards Azhar Mahmood. The Master announces that Preity has started moving. Deepika gathers all her strength and somehow starts running towards the other end. They meet again halfway and pity each other
once again, but knowing well that one has to lose now.

Preity reaches Azhar Mahmood and Deepika reaches Praveen Kumar, who has the reputation of being a beast.

Preity Zinta takes Azhar Mahmood's circumcised cock in her mouth. It tasted quite different from the other three. but it hardly mattered now. Azhar Mahmood known for his exceptional stamina had to take the control. He catches the nape of her neck and starts fucking her mouth.

Meanwhile Deepika is about to take in Praveen's giant dick when he catches her hair . Praveen bends Deepika with her face right in front of his dick. Deepika feels he is about to put it in her mouth.But She feels warm piss splashed against her face.

Deepika is absolutely humiliated now with being pissed on her face. Praveen Kumar pisses all over Deepika's beautiful face and lets go of her hair. Deepika with no support collapses on the ground flat.Praveen again catches her hair and puts his manhood in her lips. She can feel the acrid smell and taste of his piss now.

Meanwhile Azhar Mahmood effortlessly is fucking Preity's face. His dick growing bigger and bigger inside her mouth.

All the players watching the spectacle have already jerked of twice now.

Praveen and Azhar are fucking the two beautiful faces like bulls. After 15 minutes of brutal deep throating Praveen Kumar cums inside Deepika's mouth. Deepika collapses. Moments later Azhar Maahmood cums in Preity's throat. Preity also collapses.

The Master watching the contest keenly announces:

"Deepika Padukone is the winner of the contest. And Preity Zinta will be subjected to brutal punishment. Deepika is now relieved and Preity Zinta devastated breaks into tears.

The Master's men pull both the girls towards the Master. The Master makes both kneel before them with their chains in his hands like his bitches.

He pronounces - "Preity Zinta the loser will be gangbanged for 12 hours by the Punjab Team"

Deepika now knew that the reward of wining was she was spared of being tore apart by those dicks. She stares at Preity in care, as Preity is sobbing hard at the fate befallen on her.

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10-20-2012, 07:56 AM
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RE: Sexoville
Preity Zinta's Gangbang by Kings 11 Team Players - Part 1

After a day's rest the time had come for Preity Zinta to pay the price of losing Suck on the pitch game.
The Master's guards, dragged a reluctant Preity Zinta pulling her chain tied to the collar in her neck.
Preity Zinta had a dreaded night, thinking of being raped by players she once owned.
The guards took her to the wash room, where she was cleaned and prepared for her punishment.

Finally she was taken to a huge room, and she could see all 25 players already waiting for her.
Preity glanced through the room, it was filled with spreader bar, ropes, menacles, handcuffs, sticks etc.
At the top she could see a glass window as if it was a balcony for people to watch ths show in the room.
The room had numerous cameras to shoot the proceedings.
Just then Preity saw the Master arriving in the balcony and taking his seat to watch her perils.
She could also see a girl walking on her four limbs behind Master.
She settled in front of the Master. It was infact Deepika Padukone.
The Master was using her as his footrest, keeping his legs on Deepika's head.
Preity would have done anything to exchange places with Deepika now.

Preity could see all players getting nude now. Their dicks had grown hard watching her nude lying there.
Preity could feel that all were high on alcohol and viagra.

She knew it was going to be hard.

The players had decided to fuck Preity in a group of 5 for 2 hours each, and the last 4 hours the all 25 would together enjoy her ordeal.
5 players- Adam Gilchrist,S Srivastava, Vikramjeet Malik, Amit Yadav, Bipul Sharma remained in the room while other players moved to a room just below
the room where the Master was sitting. They could watch Preity raped through glasses from here.

First 2 hours of Preity Zinta's Gangbang by Kings 11 Team Players (Adam Gilchrist,S Srivastava, Vikramjeet Malik, Amit Yadav, Bipul Sharma)

Adam Gilchrist the Australian old warhorse and captian of Kings 11 team kneels besides Preity and makes her lie down on the floor on her back.
Preity Zinta hardly resists, thinking that cooperating might help reduce the pain. She is as cold as the floor because of fear.
Gilly catches Preity's head and lifts it up a bit and turns it towards him. He pulls her head directly towards his erect 40 year old dick.
Preity has a glimpse of some pbic hair turning white but she knows Gilly is still fit enough to batter her body hard and long.
Preity opens her mouth and Gilly slowly inserts his dick in her parted lips. Gilly enjoying the moment, inserts his dick all inside her mouth.
Gilly feels as his dick expanding in the hot hole. He is loving the saliva lubricating his manhood and the tongue of Preity Zinta tickling his dick.
Preity surprisingly finds him gentle. Just then Preity feels her both hands pulled and she could feel holding on to two dicks in both her hands.

Shalab Srivastava and Vikramjeet Malik have pushed their dicks apart and Preity knowing their desires starts stroking their dicks slowly.
Amit Yadav now starts pressing her boobs, those famous boobs which make atleast a 1000 young men shag everyday. Amit slowly licks the nipples
and start sucking those boobs. Bipul Sharma watching this now could see Preity moaning and squirming.

Unable to control himself now he spreads apart Preity's legs and rams his cock straight down her pussy in a second.
Taken by surprise Preity bites Gilchrist's dick sending waves of pleasure through his body.

Preity is in complete control of the 5 men now. Adam Gilchrist fucking her mouth, Amit Yadav enjoying her boobs, Bipul Sharma fucking her pussy
while she is shagging Shalab Srivastav and Vikramjeet Malik. Bipul is now fucking her pussy hard, and Preity starts to feel the pain of her pussy being torn.
She is in utter pain now and wants to scream but Gilly tightens his grip on her hair and starts fucking her mouth vigorously. Shalab and Malik are holding her hand
and stroking their dicks with it her body being stretched. Amit biting and pinching he boobs and nipples.

The nightmare has began for Preity Zinta.

Preity tries to fight and get rid of the cocks pounding her holes but five men are just too much for her.
The Master sitting and enjoying the show is also aroused now. He wants to see her body ravaged by other men.
The reason why he has got Deepika with him is to satisfy himself when he is aroused.
He orders Deepika to sit on her knees facing him.
Removes his trousers and asks Deepika to suck his dick.
Deepika without hesitating a moment, starts sucking the Master's dick.
He is still enjoying the Preity Zinta gangbang show.

Preity has started to sob now but no person in the room cares about it. Amit Yadav now inserts his dick in between her big boobs and starts fucking her boobs.
After a good 45 minutes of banging Preity in this manner, she feels wet cum all over her both hands with Srivastav and Malik cumming.
Both of them point their dick on Preity's navel and all their cum is on her stomach.

Just then Bipul Sharma starts cumming inside her pussy, he rams her hard again and her pussy is filled with his cum.
Gilly too now starts cumming in Preity's mouth holding her head tight. As the cum enters her throat she gasps for air but Gilly keeps on unloading.
Gilly moves away from Preity Zinta and just then Bipul Sharma shots his cums all over boobs, neck and face.

Preity Zinta now lies with cum all over her pussy,navel,boobs,clevage,neck and face and also inside her mouth,stomach and pussy.

The Master is now controlling Deepika Padukone sucking his cock slowly.

While all players are now tired after a good cumming session, Shalab Srivastav gets up and starts rubbing his dick on Preity's cum soaked boobs.
He lifts her catching her hair and kisses her hard on lips tasting Gilly's cum. His tongue now exploring Preity's tongue.
He enjoys kissing her hard and regains his hardness. He then lets her go and pushes her to ground once again
and rams his big thick manhood right up her pussy in a single thud. Preity screams in agony.

Shalab literally fucks Preity like a bull in and out of her pussy. He is enjoying watching her body feeling the writhing pain in pussy and abdomen due to his fucking.
Vikramjeet Malik is already hard again, he sleeps facing the roof with his dick pointing now standing tall. He points Shalab to his dick.
Shalab gets the signal, he lifts Preity Zinta up with his dick still insdie her pussy and before she understands anything makes her sit on Malik's standing dick.
Malik's dick enters Preity Zinta's asshole and she feels sharp pain like a knife entering her asshole.

Preity Zinta is double penetrated now and two bulls are raging her holes hard. Amit Yadav and Bipul Sharma now stand on either side of Preity Zinta
and making her suck their cocks. Gilly now takes control over her boobs, enjoying pounding it hard and rough.

Preity Zinta is now being fucked in ass by Malik, in pussy by Shalab, in mouth by Amit Yadav and Bipul Sharma and Gilly enjoying her boobs.

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10-20-2012, 07:57 AM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2012 07:57 AM by Dexter.)
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RE: Sexoville
Preity Zinta's Gangbang by Kings 11 Team Players - Part 2

The Master grew up shagging at these bitches flaunting there bodies on screens for millions of men to devour them with their eyes.
He had used their greatest assets, their looks, face and bodies to make money for himself.

But this was not enough for him, he would love to see all film bitches as his slave.
His first slave was sucking his dick with her hands tied and she completely naked.

He enjoyed the hot mouth of Deepika Padukone. She had his dick in her mouth for about one and half hours now.

Deepika was rolling her tongue under his dick sending pleasure waves through his body.
Her eyes spoke of defeat, of submission, of survival.

As Deepika continued to suck his dick, the Master watched Preity Zinta living her worst dreams.

Preity Zinta the busty IPL owner is now owned by her own players.
Her ego shattered she is just being used as a fuck toy now.

Shalab now comes hard unloading all his cum in Preity's pussy, while Malik cums in her ass.
Gilly, Amit Yadav and Bipul Sharma are cumming in Preity's fuckable mouth.

Preity Zinta serving like a cumbag for the players now takes all the cum inside her.

Only 30 minutes remaining now for these players to enjoy Preity. They don't want to lose a minute of it.
All five now stand circling Preity Zinta making her sit on her knees and ask her to suck their limp cocks.

Deepika Padukone still sucking Master's dick like an obidient slut feels the taste of his hot cum inside her mouth.
Deepika's efforts with her mouth has finally resulted in the Master cumming inside her.
He holds her head tight with catching her hair and allows bursts of cum to go down her throat.

Finally he lets Deepika go who now collapses on floor breathing heavily.
Thinking she has done enough to satisfy the Master.

But before she can garner her strength back the Master pulls her up and kisses her hard.
The Master enjoying Deepika's lips and tongue as if he is the owner of those assets.

Master slowly pushes Deepika back still kissing her. He makes Deepika stand against a cold iron pole.
The Master living his fantasies with his first slave.

He ties Deepika's slender neck with a leash attached to a chain that is fitted with the pole.
The Master sits back and orders Deepika to start dancing.

He is now enjoying the Preity Zinta gangbang show and Deepika Padukone bondage nude pole dance.

Gilly, Amit Yadav, Shalab, Bipul and Malik all now cum again little on Preity's face. As their time is over. They kiss Preity hard and leave the room.

Preity Zinta is now lying like a lifeless log with the events that had unfolded and knowing well that the worst is still to come.

The Master's men lift Preity Zinta and take her to a swimming pool besides the room.

The Master still has a view of this. The guards wash Preity Zinta and all cum over her body.
The guards then carry her and toss her right into the pool with force.

Preity Zinta crashes hard against the water as she is nude and her body aching.
She is told to remain in the pool which she does without questioning.

The Master smiles knowing what is in store for Preity Zinta. Meanwhile he is enjoying Deepika Padukone flaunting her body making him hard again.

Preity Zinta still sobbing and trying to help herself after her ordeal watches as 5 of her players walk in near the pool.
James Faulkner, Nitin Saini, Mandeep Singh, Ryan Harris and Stuart Broad all Kings 11 players stand near the pool and remove all their clothes now.

While Faulkner, Saini and Mandeep have just about matured dicks, Harris and Broad have pretty experienced.

Nevertheless all are excited about fucking this hot bitch.

Before Preity can understand anything all five dive into the pool and surround Preity.
Preity was now to be gangbanged in the swimming pool.

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06-16-2013, 08:24 PM
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RE: Sexoville
very good story ... introduce sania mirza to the club with the help of malik!!!
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11-17-2015, 11:38 AM
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Wank RE: Sexoville
BHAI Gaand faaad Story! Bhai Kisi Director Ko De Ye Script Saala Tv Screen Per Teri Ye story Dekhne Mein Maza he alag aayega aur Saali ye deepika Raand He hooni Chahiye uss film Saali ko nangi rehna Ka bohot Shook Hai Bhadvi
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