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Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
02-25-2013, 03:31 PM
Post: #21
RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 20

sue heard the door open again and thought those men were back. she couldn't say
anything since the gag was in her mouth. And she couldn't move because of the
way she was secured. Thinking of how she looked, bound, gagged, collared,
blindfolded and spread wide open for anyone to see, she moaned quietly to
herself. she was hating all of this, but knew she had to withstand a few more
months so her little sister wouldn't forced into this position. she would never
be able to live with herself if that should happen.

A female voice spoke softly to her and she felt tender hands on her shoulders
pushing her down. The voice said, "Now little slut, you are going to make me
happy. you are going to eat my pussy until I cum in your little slutty mouth. So
just let yourself down on your knees so you can get to me. I won't let you

The voice sounded so very familiar to sue, but she couldn't quite place it. But
she knew that she had to eat this cunt in order to get through the night. After
all, she had just been raped by two guys.

This girl helped sue to her knees and the she felt a dress being put over her
head. Not only was she blindfolded, but now she was totally hidden beneath the
princess dress that this person was wearing. sue felt hands on her head,
tilting it backwards and as soon as it was back, the girl stepped forward and
placed her cunt right on sue's gagged mouth. sue tried to lick. It was hard
with the gag in her mouth, but she did her best.

"This won't do," said the girl, "I'm going to take that gag out, susie, but it
will have to go back in when you finish."

The dress was pulled up and over sue, uncovering her, and then the gag was
released. sue was finally able to close her mouth. It was so stiff, but she did
manage to flex her jaws a couple of times she could feel and hear the dress
being lifted over her once again. her head was tilted back once again and the
cunt placed back onto her mouth.

Once she started licking, she knew it was Stephanie. The last time she was made
to lick her cunt, sue thought about how sweet it tasted. Nothing like Judy's. So
sweet and quite tasty. sue was going to give Stephanie a great orgasm. she
licked and sucked, sucked and licked. she knew it wouldn't be long before
Stephanie came in her mouth, giving her that sweet nectar.

Stephanie felt her orgasm building. Her cunt was spasming and she was pushing it
more and more into sue's mouth. God, this little asian slut was such a good
pussy licker.


sue was pleased with herself for pleasuring Stephanie. she liked her, even
though she was the one who pierced her pussy lips so the Captain could lock it
up. Stephanie tasted soooooooo good.

Once Stephanie calmed down, sue tried to crawl back out from under the dress,
but was held in place. "OK baby, time for a little more before I put you back
in place. Now, put your lips on my pussy and make a seal. Don't fight it, just
do it."

sue had no idea what was coming, so she did as she was told. sealing her lips
around Stephanie's hot cunt and sucking. Then it happened. Stephanie started
pissing, directly into the little asian's mouth. she choked as the hot liquid
entered her mouth and started down her throat. she tried to pull away, but her
head was held tight against the pussy and she couldn't escape.

"Drink it all, my little pet," said Stephanie, "Then you'll be done for awhile.
Don't spill any either."

sue couldn't do anything except swallow the golden liquid entering her mouth.
"GULP,GULP,GULP," as she drank the piss. she hated this so much and couldn't
figure out why people wanted to do this to her. But her little cunt was so hot
and wet now. she hated it when her pussy did the thinking for her. she just
couldn't control the feelings she had there. It was like someone had turned a
faucet on inside her and it was gushing out of her hot little snatch.

Finally it was all over and Stephanie moved away from her mouth. She pulled the
dress from over the naked form and helped her stand up. Then Stephanie
reattached the ring gag in her mouth and left her standing there. Once again,
she was all alone. Alone with her hot thoughts and wet pussy. sue didn't know
why, but she wanted more. she needed the humiliation. she wanted to be used. she
was a slut needing everything she could get.

While she was deep in thought, she didn't hear the door open again. But she did
hear the voice that suddenly snapped her away from her thoughts.

"Time to get you back to the party, slut," said Judy, as she started to undo the
chains from the chair. "you, my pet, are going to entertain the ones that are
left. Now, let's get you dressed."

Judy wrapped the skirt around her waist, making sure the slit was right in the
front, but she didn't put the blouse back on her. "Too much trouble to unhook
everything to get that flimsy little blouse on, so I hope you don't mind going
topless for awhile." she spoke, mainly to herself since sue couldn't respond.

"Now, just follow me, slut. I won't take the blindfold off, since I don't want
you to know how many are left out there," Judy told her.

With that, she pulled on the leash attached to sue's pussy and she couldn't do
anything but follow.

Once they entered the main room, sue heard the talking. "OH, wow," came a voice.
Another said, "Holly shit, she is showing her tits." And yet another said,
"sarge really knows how to make a party."

sue felt herself being guided along the floor, her tears running down her face
from underneath the blindfold. But she also felt her cunt juice running down her
legs. she hated it when her pussy did this, but she was very excited.

Judy led her to the middle of the room and pushed her into a chair. The cold
wood felt strange on her ass, since her skirt had ridden up when she bent to
sit. she knew she was totally exposed to whoever was left at the party.

Then she heard the Captain speak. "Tonight, by sue's request, she is going to
get her tongue pierced. she told me she had always wanted this and we are going
to do it."

The moment sue heard these words, she tried to rise from the chair in some form
of protest, but Judy immediately pushed her down. she tried to make some
protesting sound from the gag, but a hard slap silenced her immediately.

"Now, sergeant lee, we know you are excited, but you just have to control
yourself," said Judy. "Will someone help me strap the sergeant to this chair so
she doesn't hurt herself?"

sue was strapped to the arms and legs of the chair. There was no way she was
going to get loose.

The Captain continued, "I asked Stephanie to help with it, since she is a
professional piercer. Are you ready, Steph?"

"Yes," Stephanie answered, "but I'll need a table to put the tools on."

"Hec, can you get that table over there," asked the Captain.

"Sure enough," was his reply as he went to the other side of the room and got
the table, placing it right next to sue.

sue heard him set the table down and then she heard Stephanie laying out her
tools. The next step surprised her when Stephanie said, "I need someone to hold
her head tightly and someone to hold her tongue in place. Hec and Judy, can you
help me?"

The next thing she felt were strong hands at the side of her head, and two
fingers in her mouth. A clamp was attached to the tip of her tongue. she
couldn't say anything since the ring gag prevented it. Then her tongue was being
pulled. she tried to fight it, but it hurt from the clamp and it came out of her
mouth. sue sat there, not being able to move or talk, with her tongue as far out
as Judy could pull it.

she then heard Stephanie say, "Judy, what can we attach this to in order to keep
it out? Can't have her jumping when I put the holes in."

Judy thought for a moment and said, "Why don't we hook it to her cunt rings.
Then she won't be able to move it all, unless she pulls her lips off." She
started laughing at the sight it would make of the little cunt.

sue felt them fumbling with something and then felt hands near her pussy. The
next thing she knew, her cunt and tongue were attached together by a chain. she
cried even harder now, finding it difficult to breather, but she couldn't do
anything else. And she felt her pussy begin to leak more juice and she knew she
was sitting in a big puddle on the chair.

Stephanie said, "That's going to work just fine. Now, I'll just get all my
things on the table and get to work."

sue heard her moving the tools and Stephanie whispered in her ear, "It won't be
too bad, sue. Just a little prick and it'll be done."

sue tried one more time to groan out a protest, but she knew it was hopeless.

Stephanie picked up the piercing tools and put the stud that would be in her
tongue into the gun. She asked the Captain, "OK, where do we put it?"

He said, "I think she needs two of them. One on each side, toward the back."

So she went to work. Putting the tool on sue's tongue, she found the right spot
and squeezed. sue tried to scream when she felt the hole going through her
tongue, but nothing came out.

sue was horrified to feel an orgasm building within her. "Not here," she
screamed to herself. "Please not here," she begged her inner feelings. she
tried to think of other things, to take her mind off this awful night.

Stephanie stopped and showed everyone the shiny new stud in sue's tongue.

Then she went to the other side and did the same, squeezing her piercing tool.
sue could no longer control herself. As the stud was inserted into the hole,
her body arched with a powerful orgasm. she screamed into her gag and her body
shook with sensual pleasure.

Suddenly, the room was quiet. Time stopped. sue couldn't tell what was going on.
No one seemed to be around her. Was she all alone? Did they just leave her? What
was going to happen next?

Then there was noise again, applauding and cheering the humiliated slut. she
heard others talking, but couldn't make out what everyone was saying. All the
words seemed to run together because everyone was talking at the same time. she
wondered what was going on, but was not able to see anything.

she was untied from the chair before her tongue and cunt were disconnected. But
she was soon able to get her tongue back into her mouth. she ran it around
inside her mouth and could feel the new studs. she wondered what they looked
like and what others would say if they saw them. she wondered how she could ever
go to see her parents, knowing they hated anyone that pierced themselves. she
could never face them again.

Someone had taken her leash and was now leading her away from the crowd. The
voices faded away and soon she found herself in silence again. Then Judy spoke
to her. "susie, my little slut, you are beginning to be a pain in the ass and we
have decided that we need some time alone without you. We are going away next
weekend, but we can't trust you to be on your own. So, slut, we are going to
give you to someone else for a weekend. Of course, we will have to make a little
money from you, so we are setting up an auction. And everything we make from you
tonight is going to be given to the police charity for the homeless people. Just
think cunt, you will be feeding a lot of people for Thanksgiving this year. All
because you are a little, slutty whore."

sue shook her head no and try to scream. But the gag was still there. "NNNNNNNN,
PPPPPHHHHHH," was all she could say.

"Oh, don't worry. Whoever gets you will have rules to follow and you won't be
hurt. Well, at least not much. But this has to be done, so Ron and I can get
away for awhile. Now, I'm going to take you back out and we will begin the
auction. And whoever wins you will be able to fuck you tonight, right here in
front of everyone."

Leading her back into the main room, cheers arose and everyone started clapping.
Ron spoke above the loud noise to quiet them down.

"OK everyone, as I said earlier, this little slut is now up for auction. The
highest bidder will get her next weekend starting Friday night and she'll be
picked up on Sunday," stated the Captain. "And please be generous in the
bidding, because what we bring in here tonight is going to a good cause. Every
cent we get from this cunt will be given to feed the homeless for Thanksgiving.
So let's start the bidding!"

"One hundred dollars," came a shout from the crowd. Another said, "Two hundred!"
Then came three hundred and four hundred. she was going to bring in some good
money for sure!

The bidding continued while sue listened. she had no idea who was bidding on her
and feared she would never be able to face anyone at work again. she would have
to quit, if the Captain would let her.

Then a voice from the group said, "Hey, can we inspect her before we go any

The Captain said "Sure, come on up."

He reached over and pulled her skirt off leaving her totally naked now. she was
in front of all the other officers, naked and about to be checked out like
livestock. she couldn't do anything but stand there. Unfortunately for her, her
cunt was so wet with the anticipation of all those hands on her and the need to
cum. Maybe she would be able to get off when the hands were checking her out.

It wasn't long and she had hands all over her body. They rubbed her smooth skin,
touched her breasts, felt her naked ass, pinched her nipples, looked at the new
jewelry in her mouth, spread her legs and probed her dripping pussy.

she heard the comments, but couldn't make out the voices. "MMMM, nice little

"Smooth skin, nice ass!"

"Lovely mouth. Would be great for sucking cock."

"Wow, she's hot!"

"Her cunt is dripping wet!"

Then, the Captain said, "OK, let's continue."

The bidding continued and got up to nine hundred dollars. Then there was silence
for awhile. she waited to see if anyone else would say anything.

Then, came the final bid. "One thousand dollars!"

she recognized that voice. It was from one of the men who had taken her earlier.
she had no idea who it was and hoped someone else would put up another bid. she
remembered what they had said before about her making them money and giving her
some tattoos and more piercing. she didn't want this. she was horrified at what
was happening!

Next came the final call for bidding on the little asian cop. "One thousand
going once!" said the Captain.

He hesitated for a moment and then said, "One thousand going twice!"

Another hesitation and then, "Sold, for one thousand dollars! This slut is
yours, sir, for one thousand dollars. We ask that you come up and finalize your
bid. she is to be fucked by you in front of everyone, if that is your desire"

She heard the movement and the man said, "I won't mind fucking her, but my
friend has put up half the money and we both need to have her."

"That's OK," said the Captain. "One can fuck her while she sucks the other. Is
that OK?"

"Fair enough," said the man.

sue felt the hands on her. she was bent over at the waist and without any kind
of foreplay, she had a cock in her cunt and then one in her mouth, held open by
the ring gag.

Once again, she was being double-fucked, but this time she had an audience
watching. she had no idea who was seeing her being used like this nor did she
know who was using her. All she knew was that she was going to spend an entire
weekend as a slave slut to the two men who used her in that room. And she hoped
she wouldn't have to endure the thoughts that they expressed earlier, such as
getting more piercings and tattoos.

As they fucked her two holes, she heard others cheering them on. This made the
two guys so hot, they both came together. One in her mouth and one in her cunt.
But they didn't give her enough time to cum. she was once again left frustrated.
she needed to cum so badly. she would have fucked everyone at the station for
the chance to cum.

Once they finished with her, Judy pulled her up and said, "OK, little whore,
time to go home. We have some things to do before our vacation. And you need to
get rested up before next weekend. I don't think you'll get much sleep with
these guys."

she was led to the car and she felt it start to move. Glad to be away from the
party, but so hot and horny. she needed to cum.

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02-25-2013, 03:31 PM
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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 21

sue was allowed to rest once they got home and bound her to the bed. They didn't
want her to have access to her pussy. she needed to be really horny for the next
weekend and she would not be allowed to cum until then.

Ron and Judy fucked a lot and sue heard every bit of it as she lay in her tiny
bed in the guestroom. she also heard the plans they were making for their trip
and how she should be treated while they were gone. The Captain had arranged for
the three of them to be off work for the long weekend and also had sue off on
Thursday and Friday to get her ready to submit.

They all worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The days passed without major
incident. sue kept to herself and spoke very little. The studs in her tongue,
the lock on her pussy lips, the metal choker, and the lock that hung from her
ear were a constant reminder of her slavery to the Captain. As she rubbed the
studs over her teeth, she was surprised how her pussy lips began to swell.

But what happened on Wednesday night shocked sue. It was quitting time at the
station and sue was ordered into the Captains office. As soon as she entered the
Captain said, "Show Me!"

Without hesitation, she stripped out of her uniform, spread her legs and bent
over placing her hands on the desk. The other two were laughing at her as she
did as ordered, but she didn't know why.

Judy picked up her uniform and pulled her badge, nametag, and sergeant insignias
off, and threw the uniform into the trashcan. sue was shocked, knowing they
weren't going to allow her to get it back, but couldn't understand what she was
going to wear out of the station.

Judy said, "OK, cunt, put these on!" She threw some clothes at her and sue
looked at them. It didn't look like much, but she stood up and began to get
dressed in what Judy had given her.

sue cried as she realized what she had to wear. It was a sheer blouse with only
a couple of buttons on it. It was so sheer she might as well not have anything
on. Then she put the tiny skirt on, which only came to about an inch below her
pussy and her naked ass was visible. Next was the pair of 6" heels, which made
her taller and showed more of her ass and cunt.

Once she was dressed the Captain said, "OK, sgt. lee, go out to the car and wait
beside it. you know how to wait, don't you? Just like you show me here. Legs
spread and hands on the hood, with your ass facing the station house."

"BBBBBuuuuuuuttttttt, sir," begged sue. Of course, she was shut up with a hard
slap to her face by Judy who said, "Just do it whore!"

sue left his office and tried to hurry out of the building so no one saw her,
but it was shift change and many had a good look at the sergeant as she made her
way out of the station to the parking lot. And they got a better look as she
took the position her Captain had ordered.

sue knew she was making quite a scene and everyone was now viewing her naked ass
and open cunt. she cried as she waited for one of them to show up to get her out
of this mess. It seemed like hours before Judy came up behind her and ran her
finger up sue's open pussy. She said, "Well little slut, it looks like you enjoy
showing off for every one. Maybe when we come back to work next week, you'll
come in naked."

"PPPPlllleeeaasseee, not that," cried sue. "Anything, but making me work naked."

Judy just laughed and said, "I'll think about it. It will all depend on tonight
and the weekend while Ron and I are away. Good reports let you wear clothes. Bad
reports keep you naked. Now get your whore ass into the car."

As soon as they got into the car, Judy drove off toward the house. She made sue
spread her legs and play with her pussy, but threatened her with severe
punishment if she came. And,she couldn't stop playing with herself until they
were home.

sue began playing with her already hot cunt and needed to cum so bad. she held
off as long as she could, but it wasn't good enough. Suddenly she tensed up and
had one big orgasm after another as she stroked her pussy. Judy reached over and
pulled sharply on a handful of hair, bringing sue back to reality.

"I told you not to cum, didn't I slut?" yelled Judy, pulling sue's head closer
to the driver's side of the car.

"iiiiiii, couldn't help it, please don't hurt me," cried sue. "i'll be good, i
promise, please"

Judy stopped the car and told sue to get out. Once she was out of the car, Judy
said, "STRIP, bitch!"

sue was so shaken by now, she just stripped right there beside the car. she
didn't know what to do with the skimpy clothes, so she just hung onto them until
Judy said, "Give me the clothes and walk home!"

They were at least three blocks from the house now and sue didn't want this. But
she was scared to disobey and she didn't want to be hurt anymore. So she handed
Judy her clothes and started walking quickly to get there faster. Judy drove
behind her with the headlights on full beam, showing her little naked slut off
to everyone who was around.

It was difficult for sue to walk in those heels and it made her little asian ass
wiggle even more. she hated doing this, but she had no other choice If she
didn't behave and do as she was told, she would have to go to work naked and the
threat of kidnapping her little sister was still playing on her mind.

Lucky for her, there weren't too many people around and she wasn't stopped by
anyone. Finally she made it home and inside the safety of the house, but that
wasn't the end of her ordeal. she didn't know it, but she had a long night ahead
of her. And the temperature was starting to drop.

Once they were home, Judy told her to get all the bags of her clothes she had
put away and load them into the trunk. Judy said, "We are going to get those
nasty things out of my house tonight. I can't wear any of them and you won't
wear them. So, say good bye to them. Now move it, we have lots of things to do

"Ppplleaase, Ma'am, can't i just keep them in storage for when I'm free again?"
begged sue.

"No you can't, stupid cunt," said Judy, "and who said you'd ever be free."

"The contract i signed for the Captain said six months," sue cried.

"I know what it said cunt, but the six months are not up yet and for right now
you are mine, so you'll just do as I say." laughed Judy.

"bbbuuttt, i will need clothes when i am free from you, please," cried the
little naked cop.

"Then you'll buy some more slut. Now move it!" Judy yelled at her.

sue started crying. she knew she wasn't free and they could do whatever they
wanted with her. she had no other choice. she was there slave and slut and knew
she had to obey. So she began her task of taking all her clothes to the car and
placing them in the trunk. she remained naked, since she knew better than to ask
for clothes to put on. she was in shock, knowing it was going to be a long six
months for her. Maybe she would escape and get away somehow, but she had no
place to go, especially without clothes.

Once she was finished putting the clothes in the car, she went back into he
house. The warmth felt good since it was getting quite chilly outside. she was
just getting warm when Judy stepped out of the bedroom, dressed in jeans, a
flannel shirt and a heavy coat.

Judy said, "All done, my pet?"

"Yes," sue said in a whisper.

"Good, now get your ass out to the car and wait for me. Don't get in it, just
stand beside it until I get there," ordered Judy.

"Cccaannn i put a coat on, please," begged sue.

"No, you can't!" shouted Judy. "you have to earn clothes and so far you haven't
shown me you deserve them. Now get your naked ass out there. I'll be along

As sue was starting to walk out the door, Judy stopped her and said, "Wait a
minute, slut, I forgot something."

sue stopped, hoping she had changed her mind about a coat, but when Judy
approached her she saw something that made her eyes widen in surprise. In her
hand was the ring gag and she forced it into sue's mouth. Judy was quite rough
doing it and it hurt sue. she couldn't scream from the pain, because the gag was
already in place and she was tightening it on to her head.

"Now get your slutty little body out there and wait. This way you can't scream
or talk to anyone. Move it, whore," shouted Judy, as she slapped sue sharply on
the naked ass.

sue turned and once again passed the full-length mirror as she headed out the
door. What a sight she saw. Naked except for the metal choker, the ring gag
transformed her face into an ugly expression. she could see the lock hanging
from her right ear and one hanging from her pussy lips. she quickly moved out
the door, into the cold air and made her way to the car. she tried to hide
behind it, but knew if Judy saw her hiding her naked body from view she would be
in big trouble, so she stood beside the car where anyone and everyone who passed
by could see her.

It seemed like hours again, standing naked out in public, but it was only a few
minutes before Judy came out of the house and let sue into the car. sue was
shivering from the cold and hoped Judy would turn the heat on. But as they left
the driveway, Judy turned the air conditioner on instead. She was nice and warm,
dressed in winter clothes, but poor little sue was freezing.

They drove for awhile and then suddenly turned into the park where sue had
fucked the rookie cop not too long ago. It brought memories back to her as she
thought of his cock sliding into her hot cunt and wanted it to happen again. But
she knew it couldn't if she wanted her pussy free from the locks that the
Captain had put on her. He had promised her that if she ever fucked anyone
without his permission again, she would have her cunt locked up forever.

They drove through the park until they came to an area where sue saw some other
cars. Judy made her get out and walk ahead of her toward the group of people
standing there waiting. She heard the Captain's voice say, "OK guys, the guest
of honor has arrived and now the fun begins."

sue didn't like this one bit, but she knew she had to do whatever she was told.
As she approached, she noticed they were standing around a small outdoor
fireplace and it had a small fire in it. The Captain brought her close to the
fire and said, "Victor, would you help Judy get the things from the car?"

"Sure," he said as he walked with Judy back to the parking area.

While they were getting the bags out of the car, sue's mind was busy thinking
what would happen next. Who was Victor? God how she wanted to just die. she
was so embarrassed to have others see her naked and gagged like this and then to
watch everything else that the Captain had planned tonight.

The Captain said, "sue, I'm sure you'll remember Hec and Victor from the
Halloween party?" Then he laughed and continued, "I'm sorry slut. I forgot you
can't talk with that thing in your mouth. But I'll bet you can suck cock and eat
cunt with it in there, can't you?"

she just stood still and cried. she hated everything that had been done to her
and this seemed to be the worst so far. she remembered the auction and assumed
these were the two guys that made the highest bid for her. she also remembered
their ideas of what they would do to her if they had her for a weekend. What
else could these evil people think of?

she was about to find out when Judy and Victor got back with the bags of
clothes. The Captain tore the bags open and dumped all her good clothes on the
ground in front of her. she gave him a blank stare and if looks could kill, he
would have been dead. "How dare he treat her good clothes like that?" she
thought to herself. But the worst was yet to come.

The Captain said, "OK, slut susie, I want you to pick these clothes up and put
them into the fire, one piece at a time until they are all gone."

she shook her head no and tried to say no, but all that came out of her gagged
mouth was, "MMMMPPPPHHHHHH!"

"Now don't make me punish you in front of our friends, slut. Just do as I say!"
he ordered.

Knowing she had to do it, she reached down with her eyes closed and picked up
the first article. she held it in her hands for a moment and then tossed it into
the fire. It immediately caught on fire and it burned quickly. But she was slow
to pick up anymore, so the Captain reached behind her and slapped her very hard
on her cold naked ass. she jumped when he did this, and almost went into the
fire herself.

He yelled, "I told you to put them all in there. Now, cunt, get busy. I have
other things to do before the night is over and these guys might want a good
blowjob, too. Move it whore!"

she quickly grabbed another piece of her clothing, threw it on the fire and
reached for another. Soon there was a nice hot fire from all her burning
clothes. And even though she was crying from throwing her clothes away like
this, she was getting warm. However, she didn't see the branding iron placed in
the hot coals, so she had no idea what was coming next.

she just continued placing her clothes in the fire as the others watched her and
drank beer. They were getting a little drunk, just the way the Captain wanted
them. His little whore was going to be really used tonight, softened up for the
weekend ahead, as soon as he finished marking her as his property.

After all but a couple of pieces of clothing had been burned to ashes, the
Captain said, "Hec, time to get the slut ready, don't you think?"

"Yes, Captain," replied Hec as he walked over to sue with several ropes and a
leash that he had collected from a bag at his feet.

"Let's go, slut," he said, as he finished clipping a leash to her pussy rings,
and tugged her in the direction of the playground equipment a few yards away.

As soon as they left the warmth of the fire, sue realized how cold it had
become, but she had no choice except to follow like a domesticated pet. her
heels sunk into the soft ground with every step, so she moved very slowly as Hec
tugged firmly on her lips.

As they arrived at the playground area, Victor had joined his friend. They
marched her over to the teeter-totter. "Ok, slut, lay on your back, head near
the center of the teeter-totter, legs spread on each side of the board, arms
drooping over the side."

sue did as instructed, having no idea what was going to happen. "Look at her
tits, Hec. she is either very excited or the cold is causing them to stick out
like hard little nubs. And if I know her, her pussy is dripping like a water

The men separated the ropes, and each began to tie her body tightly to the
board. A rope was wound several times around the choker on her neck and
tightened under the teeter-totter, and one was tied across her forehead. There
was no way to raise her head. her arms were tied tightly over the sides of the
board, the rope winding around her arms from elbow to wrist. It was so
uncomfortable! she tried to beg for mercy, but they just laughed at her muffled

And then they began tying her legs to the board. Strands of rope were wound
wickedly over her thighs, then just below her knees, and finally her ankles were
connected tightly below the board. Except for her fingers and toes, there was
little that sue could move. Why were they doing this to her? If they planned
to keep her out all night, she would surely die from exposure to the cold, night

"Let's see if my idea will work, Victor. Go to the other end and sit down when
I say.

Victor went to the other end of the teetor-totter, while Hec straddled sue's
head. Hec nodded, and as Victor began to sit on his end, sue began to rise,
until her mouth was right at the level of Hec's crotch.

"Perfect. Let's go get the Captain and Judy."

Victor got off the teeter-totter, and the two walked away towards the fire and
her evil captors. she could hear their voices, and laughter, but could not make
out any details of what they were talking about.

It wasn't long before she heard their voices approaching her. she couldn't raise
her head to see them, but knew they were getting close and she didn't see the
branding iron in the captains hand. But, she just knew something bad was about
to happen as they approached her on the teeter-totter, she just didn't know

sue lay there, bound and gagged, unable to move as the captain stepped up close
to her and said, "Now, my slutty little sergeant, it is time to make you my

He brought the white hot branding iron up and showed it to sue. her eyes went
blank as she saw the thing glowing in the dark and wondered what he was going to
do with it. she knew he was going to touch her with it, but where. she tried to
beg and she cried, but no noise came out. her throat was dry and she couldn't
even get a muffled sound to come out.

Then the captain moved down toward her pussy and asked, "You sure she is tied
tight? I don't want her to move when I put my mark on her."

Hec and Victor both said, "Oh, yea, she is tight and can't move, so let's do it
and then get on with the fun."

sue could see the captain raise the branding iron up and begin to lower it
toward her body. she froze in fear as it got closer and closer to her skin.

"Oh God, please help me," she said to herself, "please don't let this happen!"

The captain lowered the iron with the glowing letters "RS" on it down toward her
right thigh. The closer it came, the more she could feel the heat. she was
trying to beg, but nothing would come out. she was gagged and her fear made it
impossible to say anything.

Then, it happened! "SSSSSSSSSSSSZZZZZZZZZZZZ" was the sound it made as the white
hot metal touched her soft flesh, just below her cunt on her thigh.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH" came out of the little slut's mouth just before she
passed out from the pain in her leg. she didn't feel the rest of it as the
captain pushed it deeper into her skin to make sure it would be a perfect mark
on his slut forever.

sue was now his to do with as he pleased. He had her marked as "Ron's Slut!"

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 22

"Wake up, slut."

sue began to regain consciousness. she remembered the pain of the branding
iron, the cold night air and the humiliation of being tied to a teeter-totter.
she opened her eyes and looked directly into the naked crotch of Hec, his
engorged cock poised at the opening to her ring gag, ready to plunge it into her

her forehead and neck had been freed from the binding rope, and she could move
her head just enough to raise up to take the cock that was beginning to enter
her opened mouth. Just as she opened her eyes, he plunged his hard cock into her
mouth, and she tried her best to suck, but her mouth was so dry. she flicked
her tongue, rubbing the studs over his cock, doing her best to please. she
didn't want to be punished anymore. she just wanted to please the man who forced
his way into her waiting mouth, to suck him dry. she was really getting turned
on by the thought of being forced to suck a cock, but she was also embarrassed
by the position she was in. Naked, tied and raped!

Hec plunged his hard cock into her mouth and fucked her without regard to her
feelings. He pumped back and forth and in a few moments, he filled her mouth
with his cum. she did her best to swallow all of his sperm and to lick his cock
clean as he withdrew it from her gagged mouth.

Climbing off the teeter totter and moving from sue, he laughed and said, "Wow,
what a great little cocksucker. I'm going to have lots of fun this weekend with
this little whore."

"I'm next," said Judy, removing her pants and panties, she took Hec's place,
straddling sue's head. "Raise the teeter-totter a little higher, Victor."

"Ok, slut, warm up my pussy with your tongue." she ordered. "I want you to make
me cum like you never have before. Lick my cunt bitch!"

sue did her best to flick her tongue in and out of Judy's pussy. "Oh, yes.
Yes," moaned Judy as sue's pierced tongue licked the folds of her pussy. "Yes,
lick it good slut, make Mistress cum!" In a few moments, she came and sue felt
the liquid from Judy's cunt enter her open mouth and mix with the flavors of
Hec's cum. Judy lowered herself, nearly suffocated sue with her wet cunt, as
she road sue's face to yet another orgasm. "OH, yes, fuck my cunt with your
tongue! Make me cum again whore!"

sue continued licking Judy's pussy until she couldn't take anymore and climbed
down from sue's face and off the teeter totter. "Who's next?" she asked.

"That will be Victor," said the Captain. "Go ahead my friend, climb aboard and
fuck this whore's face. she loves it!"

sue felt the teeter-totter lowered to the ground, and then begin to rise again.
her open mouth approached Victor's throbbing cock, and it was soon in her mouth
all the way to his balls. she licked and sucked the best she could, but wished
she didn't have the gag in. she would really show him what a blowjob was if she
could only close her mouth over his cock. But she must have been doing a great
job, because it wasn't long before he stiffened and shoved his cock all the way
down her throat and started shooting his load into her. she almost gagged from
the shock of having her throat taken that way, but managed to swallow every
drop. As Victor slid his cock out of her mouth, sue licked him, making sure she
got every last drop of his hot sperm.

"And now, my turn," said the Captain.

Once again, sue was lowered and then quickly raised, as Hec took the Captain's
place a the other end of the teeter-totter. The Captain shoved his cock deep
into sue's mouth, and when he came, sue nearly drowned in his semen. she choked
it down, lapping desperately for air and for his cock which filled her mouth and

sue's mind was occupied with survival, but in the background, she could hear
Judy laughing and Hec and Victor cheering on the Captain. sue was beyond
humiliation. Images of her sister, of her parents, of stars in the night sky
filled her thoughts. her tongue moved automatically, flicking and curling and
caressing the Captain's cock.

"Oh, slut, you really are good!" praised the Captain. As he dismounted sue and
began to redress he continued, "You and Victor have a good time this weekend,
Hec. You can get her after 5 on Friday. Tell us how you want her dressed, or
undressed," he laughed lightly. "her pussy will be unlocked for your use. she
is yours to do with as you please. Just remember, she is my slut," he added, as
he traced the brand on her thigh.

The Captain's soft touch triggered a reaction within sue. she made mewing
noises through the gag, twisting her unbound neck to try to express her desire
to be fucked. she needed a hard cock in her hot pussy, and right now, would do
anything to have one.

"You are making her hot, Ron," laughed Judy. Ron smiled at Judy and moved his
fingers towards sue's pleading cunt.

"Sorry, cunt, but not tonight. you will just have to wait until the weekend.
By then you will be boiling over with desire, and the boys will get their
money's worth."

sue groaned with desire and disappointment.

The Captain started to untie the ropes from sue's body. "Let's get her off this
teeter-totter and back to the fire. I'm getting cold."

When the last strand of rope was pulled away, the Captain and Hec helped an
unsteady sue to her feet. Almost immediately she began to shiver from the cold
and shock. The two men held her arms and walked her back to the fire. In a
short time, she was feeling much better.

"Hec, tie her hands behind her back, will you? Don't want her scratching the
brand until it has healed." As Hec pulled her hands roughly behind her, the
Captain continued, "slut, I will remove the gag, but don't way a word.

sue nodded and the Captain freed her trapped mouth. her jaws were sore,
undoubtedly from straining so much when she was branded. she opened and closed
her mouth several times, the taste of sex still quite strong.

Judy had gone to the trunk of the car and brought back a blanket to throw over
sue's shoulders. This act of kindness surprised sue.

Then the Captain gave her some additional orders. "your hands will be cuffed or
roped for the next few days, unless one of us is present. We don't want you to
scratch my brand and get it infected. I've arranged your schedule at work, so
you won't be going in tomorrow or Friday."

The fire was nearly out. All her clothes were ashes or mostly burned scraps of
fabric. she stared into the embers and nodded her understanding to the
Captain's comments. she was happy not to be going to work; the last few days
had been humiliating and she could not face her fellow officers. On the other
hand, that meant uninterrupted hours in the hands of Judy and the Captain. she
was trapped, and six months was becoming an eternity. Every time she tried to
assert herself and rebel against her slavery, they would make things worse or
threaten her sister, Lynn. There was nothing she could do except hold on to
fragments of the past. They could torture her body, but they could not destroy
her mind and soul.

Victor and Hec escorted her back to the car. she was weak and tired. They put
sue in the back seat of the car, where she curled up like a child, and almost
immediately fell asleep. Judy got in the driver's seat and drove home.

The next thing sue felt was a tug on her pussy rings. When they arrived at
sue's home, which now belonged to Judy, she had clipped the leash on the rings
of the sleeping slut. With a sharp tug, sue was awakened from her much-needed

"Don't think I'm going to carry you in, slut. Get moving. It's cold out here."

With exhausted determination, sue scrambled out of the back seat. Without the
use of her arms and hands, she slid out onto the cold pavement and unsteadily
followed Judy towards the house.

"Leave those filthy shoes outside, slut. Don't want to get my rug dirty," Judy
sneered with a wicked laugh.

sue had begun to shiver again, so even Judy felt some pangs of compassion.
"Turn around," Judy ordered sue.

When sue turned, Judy untied the knots of her bound hands. "Put your hands in
front." sue's hands were handcuffed and the pussy leash was unhooked. Grasping
the links between the cuffs, Judy pulled sue towards the bathroom. She hooked
the chain over the faucet head and turned on the water. The first moments were
frigid and sue gasped, but within moments it began to get warm. "If you need to
piss, do it now," ordered Judy, who promptly stepped away to undress.

sue knew better than to argue. Within moments, the warm piss began to flow down
sue's legs. Judy looked in at her soaking slut and asked, "Finished?" sue
nodded yes, and Judy joined her in the shower.

She washed sue's hair and used a wash rag to scrub her slut clean. There was
nothing sue could do but accept the warm, pulsing water straight into her face.
Judy avoided the freshly branded area, but scrubbed harshly around sue's breasts
and cunt.

Then Judy washed herself. "Get down on your knees and show how thankful you
are," she ordered her slut, as she released her bound hands from the faucet
head. sue dropped quickly to her knees and worked her tongue in and out of
Judy's dripping cunt. Considering all sue had been through, this was almost
paradise. The warm water cascaded down from above, and in a short time, Judy
orgasmed, grabbing sue by the sides of her head, and forcing her mouth into
Judy's pussy.

When Judy was satisfied, she pulled sue to her feet by grasping the lock in her
right ear, and turned off the shower. When they stepped out, she tossed sue a
towel and said, "Dry yourself, and make it quick." With her cuffed hands, sue
moved the towel quickly over her wet body. As she neared the thigh which had
been branded, she slowed and stared. The red "RS" was about 2 inches in height,
and raised like a welt above her flawless skin. she stared for several seconds
before Judy scolded her and ordered her to hurry up.

sue finished drying herself, and then Judy recuffed her hands behind her back.
she stood to the side while Judy dried herself. sue had to admit to herself
that Judy had a beautiful body, without an ounce of fat.

When she finished, Judy used a blow dryer on sue's hair and cunt. "We should
have shaved you again down here while we were in the shower. Oh well, we'll do
it tomorrow. Let's go."

sue followed Judy towards the guest bedroom, where she was tied spreadeagled,
face up. She turned off the lights, shut the door and returned to the bathroom
to finish drying her hair and prepare for Ron's arrival.

Having gone back to the station to check on the night's activities, Ron arrived
at the house about 15 minutes later. He showered and joined Judy in sue's bed,
where they made love and talked about their plans for the days ahead.

Of course sue didn't hear anything that was said. she was sound asleep as son
as her head hit the bed.

The next morning, she was awakened by Judy who said, "GET UP, cunt! We've got
some company and you need to get cleaned up again!"

sue stumbled out of the bed and onto the floor. she still didn't have use of her
hands and it was awkward for her to get into the bathroom. Judy allowed her to
sit on the toilet to relieve herself, but stayed with her and watched as sue
pissed. Judy told her to get up and then she wiped sue's pussy for her. How
embarrassing this was, having someone else wipe the piss from her.

"Just stay right there a moment, susie slut," said Judy, "I'll be right back.
Just want to make sure our guest is ready for you."

sue stood still in front of the floor length mirror and looked at her naked
body. her eyes came to rest on the brand the Captain had placed on her thigh the
night before. she opened her legs slightly, twisting her thigh slightly. she
saw the letters, "RS", wondering what they meant. she didn't know anyone with
those initials and could not figure out why he had put them on her.

As she was looking, the Captain entered the bathroom. He noticed her looking at
the brand and said, "Oh, I see you are trying to figure it out!"

she nodded her head, afraid to ask what it was for. But the Captain continued,
"you see, susie slut, you are now mine. I own you and that on your thigh proves
it. Those letters stand for "RON'S SLUT" and that's what you are."

sue started crying. she would never be able to be free from the thought of being
his slut. And she would always be reminded of it whenever she looked at her leg.

The Captain continued, "And from now on, you will tell any one who asks about it
what it means. You'll tell everyone that it stands for "Ron's slut" and I better
never hear you say anything else. Is that clear, bitch!"

"YYYYYeeeessssss, sir," cried sue.

"Now tell me, what does it stand for?" he ordered her.

"Rrron's ssslut" she stammered.

"Very good, now let's go meet our guest!" he said.

They entered the living room and in the middle stood Judy, talking to the mayor.
sue gasped at the sight of him. "How could they do this to her?" she questioned
herself. It was just six months ago that she stood before the mayor, dressed in
her neatly pressed uniform, receiving an award for being the most outstanding
police officer of the year. The mayor had told her she was the best the town
ever had and that he was so proud to have her in his town.

But now she stood before him totally naked, hands cuffed and branded. her pussy
was locked up, a metal collar on her throat, and she had a lock in her ear. What
would he think of her now?

The Captain said, "Mr. Mayor, I'm sure you remember sgt. lee. she was the best
officer last year."

"Yes, I do," said the mayor, "but why isn't she dressed today and why is she
bound like that?"

"Well, sir," said the Captain, "sgt. lee has asked me if she could be my slave
and slut for awhile. she agreed to do anything I wanted as long as she could be
treated this way. So, how could I refuse her? After all, she is the best
officer we have."

Then Judy said, "That's right sir. sue, tell him that's what you want!"

sue looked at all three of them and saw the look in Judy's and the Captain's
eyes. she knew better than to argue, so she said, "Yes sir, Mr. Mayor, it is
what I asked for."

The Captain said, "And you'll do anything for me, won't you sgt. lee?"

"Yes, sir," she said, not wanting to, but knowing she had no choice. "i'll do
anything for you.'

"Mr. Mayor, would you like a good blowjob?" asked Judy. "And then maybe you can
use her in your office later on."

"Sure, why not, since this is what she wants. I'd be happy to accept such an
offer," said the mayor.

The Captain then said, "Well, susie my slut, what are you waiting for? The mayor
wants his cock sucked. Get to it!"

sue, not wanting to disobey again, but not wanting to suck off this older man,
slowly sank to her knees in front of the mayor and unzipped his pants.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 23

sue sucked on the Mayor's cock until he shot his heavy load into her mouth. He
pulled out after he shot the first couple of squirts and blew the rest of his
load all over her upturned face. Then he laughed and said, "I've always wanted
to do that to a girl but never had the chance."

Judy laughed also and said, "Well, sir, you can do it more often if you wish.
You can take her for your use anytime you want after this weekend. And she'll
wear your cum for the rest of the day to remind her of your cock."

"Well, thank you," the Mayor said. "I do have a council meeting on Tuesday and
they are boring. Maybe she can help liven it up for me."

"she'll be happy to," said the Captain. "Just tell us when and where and she'll
be ready for you."

After that the Mayor left. sue was still on her knees with cum running down her
face. It was starting to dry on her cheeks and eyelids, but she could taste some
of it as it dripped down onto lips. she hung her head in shame, thinking, "i
just sucked off the mayor. He saw me naked. Now he wants me to be at a council
meeting. What am i doing this for?"

But she didn't get the chance to think too long. she was snapped out of her
thoughts when Judy said, "OK, cunt, time to get to work. Ron, have a good day at
the station. she'll be different when you get home."

sue raised her head up and pleadingly looked at Judy. "What next?" she thought.

Ron walked out of the door and was on his way to work. Judy said, "Now, cunt
face, I want my morning lick. Get busy."

She straddled sue's face and pushed her bushy cunt into her mouth. sue started
licking her right away, knowing if she pleased Judy the rest of the day would be
a lot easier on her. But this time she was wrong.

sue licked and sucked Judy's cunt until she was pushed away and Judy shouted,

Now sue had the mayor's cum and Judy's cunt juice all over her face, mixing
together. And it was drying on her fast. she stayed down on her knees, waiting
to hear what Judy had for her. she didn't have long to wait as Judy had things
all worked out in her mind.

She said, "OK, my slut, time to learn some new tricks and commands. You already
know one command and that is SHOW ME, but I want more from you."

sue just looked at her with unknowing eyes, wondering what she should do now.

Judy said, "The next command you are to learn is HEEL! Whenever you hear this,
you will follow whoever says it. If you are kneeling like you are now, you'll
get on all fours and follow." Then she unhooked sue's hands so she could do what
she was told.

sue stared at her blankly. she was being treated like a dog, being given
commands you would give an animal.

"Now, let's try it slut. HEEL," she ordered.

sue didn't move. she was in a state of shock at what she was just told and now
she couldn't move. But a quick slap across her face made her jump back into

"HEEL," Judy ordered again and this time sue got on all fours and crawled behind
Judy into the kitchen.

"Very good, slut. Now let's try it again. HEEL!" she ordered again and left the
kitchen going back into the living room.

sue followed just like she was a dog and tried her best to keep up. It was
difficult walking or crawling like this, trying to keep pace with the fast
walking Judy.

"Much better, susie. Now again, HEEL!" she said and walked back to the kitchen.

Once there, Judy said she would make some breakfast, but had to teach her new
pet some other things first. "your next command is to learn how to sit. Now when
I say sit, you will sit like a dog, back on your heels, and you will reach down
and open your hot little pussy. Keep your eyes lowered in submission. Now let's
try it. SIT!" she said.

Sue, knowing she couldn't get away, decided to play her games. So she got up on
her knees, leaned back to rest her naked ass on her heels and put her hands to
her cunt and opened it as far as the locks would allow her. She lowered her
eyes, and stayed that way until Judy said something else.

"Very good. My little pet is learning, but we aren't done yet. I'm going to fix
us some breakfast, and I want to read the paper while I eat, so you will fetch
it for me. Your next command is FETCH."

sue didn't really know what Judy expected of her so she just stayed in place.
Judy saw sue was confused, so explained. "When I say FETCH, you will get down on
all fours, go get the paper from the driveway and bring it to me. Don't use your
hands to carry it either. You are my pet today and I expect you to act like one.

sue decided once again to get this over with. This weekend couldn't be any worse
than playing poodle to this bitch and she was hoping it would come soon. she got
to the door and found that Judy had left it open a little. so she nudged it open
the rest of the way and crawled outside. It was cold out, especially since she
was naked, but she did what she had to do. she crawled down the steps and
driveway to where the paper lay. Luckily it wasn't a thick paper. she managed to
get it in her mouth and carry it back up the stairs and into the house. Then she
went to where Judy was and dropped it at her feet.

"Very good, puppy dog, now SIT!" she ordered sue.

sue still continued playing her game and sat back on her heels with her hands at
her pussy, once again prying it open as far as she could get it. Judy patted her
on the head and then sat down to eat breakfast and read the paper. She fed sue
scraps from her plate once in awhile and then sat the plate on the floor in
front of her. "Now eat your breakfast, slut, and NO Hands!"

Being hungry, sue bent and began to slurp up the cold runny eggs Judy had fixed
for her. she gobbled them down quickly and then lapped up the water from the
bowl next to her plate. she had eggs smeared on her face, along with the Mayor's
cum and Judy's pussy juice. she was a mess, but Judy wouldn't allow her to clean
it off. Judy thought it looked quite cute and she knew it humiliated sue. So, it
was all left on her face.

As soon as Judy saw that the slut had finished, she ordered, "HEEL!"

Not wanting anymore punishment, sue crawled behind Judy into the living room.
she hated doing these things, but what else could she do? They threatened to
send her back to China, force her sister to be their slut, and to even let her
parents see her. she had to obey for the six months and then she would be free.

Once they got to the living room and sue was in the middle, Judy said, "SIT!"

sue took the position she had learned earlier and sat like a little puppy dog,
her naked ass resting on her heels and her hands opening her pussy lips.. her
face was turning red from embarrassment. Not only did she have to be subjected
to this humiliation, she was placed naked before the Mayor and forced to suck
him off. What was she becoming? But even through all of this ordeal, her pussy
was beginning to drip like a leaky faucet and there was no plumber around to
stop it. So, she just obeyed.

"Now, my little one, we have a few more commands to learn today and we will
practice them for two days. Then this weekend, Hec and Victor can use them to
see how well you have learned. Are you ready?" Judy said with a big smile.

sue didn't know why, but she automatically said, "Yes, Ma'am, your slut is

As soon as she said those words, her cunt started flowing like a river. she
didn't know why, but it turned her on to say she was a slut. she hung her head
in embarrassment, but was really excited. she was really a slut.

"OK, next command!" said Judy. "When I say BRAND, you will show off your new
marking. Here is what you'll do. Listen closely and see if you can get it

sue's mind went back to the other night when the Captain had put his marking on
her thigh, right close to her cunt. And then she found out what it meant that
morning. she played those words through her mind, "RON'S SLUT!"

she had not heard Judy talking until she said, "OK, slut, let's practice.

sue didn't move, but just stared at Judy. she didn't know what to do. her mind
had been occupied with the thoughts of what had happened and wasn't paying
attention. she stuttered, "i'm ssssoooorrrry, Ma'am, but i don't understand."

"you didn't listen, did you cunt?" and she slapped her face, leaving her hand

"i i i i i'mmmm sorry, Ma'am, no i didn't," cried sue. "Pppllleeeaaase explain
again. i'll do better."

Judy went back through it all over again, explaining just what she expected of
sue. "When I say BRAND, you will get into a pose that allows others to see your
new brand. you will put your right leg out in front of you and turn it so your
brand is visible. Then you will put your right hand on your hip and your left
hand on your thigh, right near the brand and put your index finger out like you
are pointing to it. Turn your head to the left, showing the lock on your ear.
And thrust those little titties out and smile."

sue was taking it all in, but quickly got confused. she used to think so
clearly. So when Judy said, "Now let's try it. BRAND!" sue did her best, but did
not do it right.

Judy knew this would take some time, so she positioned sue just the way she
wanted her, then said, "Now, just stay like that for awhile. I'll let you know
when to move. I think if you remain that way long enough, you'll learn it."

Judy left sue standing there in the position to show off her new brand. She went
to the other room, taking her time doing little things to get ready for her long
weekend with Ron. They would have time alone, but the best part was, they would
bring sue's little sister lynn home with them. Oh, sue wouldn't know for awhile
that lynn was near by, since she was going to be put up in a motel as a whore.
Judy's little whore. Her mind drifted to the pictures she had seen of lynn. Such
a sexy little creature who will be such a good little whore, bringing in lots of
money for her. Especially since lynn had just turned 18 and as far as they knew,
was still a virgin.

Finally, she shook the thoughts of lynn from her mind and went back into the
living room where she had left sue. She found her in the same position she had
left her in and decided to get a few pictures of her like this. So bringing out
the camera, she went around and snapped several pictures. She said, "Just want
to add to your scrap book, my pet. After all, someday you might want to look
back to when you were a slut."

sue was starting to hurt all over, being made to stand in one position for so
long. she hoped that Judy would allow her to move soon.

It seemed as though Judy read her mind and said, "OK, susie slut, you may move
now. Loosen up and we'll practice some more."

sue moved and stretched her legs and arms. They were sore, but once she moved
around some, she felt better. she was hoping that Judy would give her a break
from this, but her thoughts were soon diminished.

"OK, slut, let's practice again. BRAND!" she shouted.

sue jumped at the shrill voice, but automatically got into position to show her
brand. she stayed like that for awhile, waiting to see what Judy would do next.

"Very good pet, now let's review. SIT!" she said.

sue got down on her knees and leaned back on her heels with her hands spreading
her locked pussy.

"Good girl. HEEL!" she ordered. sue got down on all fours and followed Judy
around the room.

"SIT!" she yelled, and sue got back into the position of a sitting puppy.

"you are doing so good slut. BRAND!" Judy laughed. sue jumped up and showed off
her brand, just the way Judy said to. she hated it, but she had to do it. Maybe
the bitch would be good to her and allow her some rest and maybe a good orgasm,
which she really needed. This stuff was actually turning her on.

"SIT!' was the next order. sue got back down on her knees with her naked ass
resting once again on her heals.

"OK, my little cunt, one more command and then it's practice for two days. your
next one is KNEEL!" Judy said.

sue looked at her, puzzled, panting from both the exercise and the excitement,
but actually interested as to what this would make her do.

Judy started explaining the new position. "When you hear this, you drop
immediately to your knees. If your hands are free, you lock them behind your
neck and again thrust out those pitiful little titties like headlights. Direct
your eyes at the crotch of whoever is giving the order, and the most important
thing is, spread your knees as wide as you can, invitingly, completely revealing
your sorry cunt and rings. Understand, whore?"

"yyyyeeessss, Ma'am," sue cried. she had never been so degraded in her life.
Showing everything wasn't too bad, but those words she used to describe her body
hurt. sue always was proud of her body and now this bitch just cut her to pieces
with words. How hateful was this woman.

"OK, KNEEL!" shouted Judy.

sue got up on her knees and spread them out. Then she placed her hands behind
her head and thrust out her tits. she would show her that she had something
there. Judy just laughed at them and at her, and said, "Open those legs up more,

sue worked her legs open even more, until she thought she would split. she
couldn't go any farther apart. Judy watched and noticed her head was down,
looking at the floor. "This won't do cunt," she said. "When you are in this
position I want you looking into my crotch or the crotch of anyone else who is
standing in front of you. Now do it!"

sue raised her head up and looked straight into Judy's bare cunt. she could see
the juices forming at her lips and for some reason wanted to lick her. she
didn't know why, because before she was forced to be a slave/slut, she never
even thought about eating pussy. But now she wanted her Mistress' cunt on her

Judy left her like this for a short time, then said, "OK, fuck slut, let's

sue knew she was in for a long couple of days, doing all of these things all the
time, but she also knew if she didn't do them and do them right, she would get
punished. So she did everything Judy ordered.

"HEEL, KNEEL, SIT, BRAND, FETCH!" were the orders. Judy changed them at times
and when she had to fetch, it was always something different. Of course,
pictures and videos were being taken all the time.. This continued until the
doorbell rang.

"Well, slut, go answer the door," said Judy.

sue was shocked that she had to go answer the door naked, not knowing who was
there. But Judy insisted that she do it. And when she started to stand up, Judy
said, "No, crawl like a good little pet. We wouldn't want our guest to think I
didn't train you right, now would we."

So sue crawled to the door and carefully reached up to the doorknob and opened
it. As she looked up to see who was there, she gasped at the sight of Hec
standing there, looking down at her. Her eyes were right into his crotch and she
could tell he had a huge hard on already.

"Well, Judy, it looks like your little pet is learning well. What other little
tricks can she do," he laughed as he walked past the little slut.

"OH, she has learned all kinds of things today, Hec. I'll show you later. What
can I do for you?" asked Judy.

"Oh, I just stopped by to give you a list of things she has to have for the
weekend and let you know how we want her when we pick her up tomorrow night. But
now that I'm here, how about a little preview," asked Hec.

"Of course you can have some fun with her. How about a nice blowjob?" asked

"Wow, that would be great," said Hec, "I'm always ready for a good blowjob and
she is a good cocksucker. Let's do it!"

"And, while she sucks, we can discuss what you need," said Judy, "but let's get
comfortable. HEEL!"

Judy walked into toward the couch and motioned for Hec to join her. sue crawling
behind them. They sat down and Judy ordered, "KNEEL!"

sue did as she was told, kneeling as she had been taught, right in front of Hec.
Judy helped him get unzipped and pulled his cock out, pointing it right at sue's
upturned face.

"Now, slut, suck it. But, do it slow. I don't want him cumming until we have
finished discussing thing," Judy told the submissive little slut.

sue leaned forward and took his big hard cock into her mouth and slowly sucked
it. she listened as they discussed her clothing, and other items that she would
need to have ready when Hec and Victor picked her up on Friday.

Tears were dripping from her eyes, running down her cheeks as she sucked his
cock. But her hot little cunt was flowing like a river. "Why did her pussy do
this to her?" she questioned herself. "It is so humiliating, but i'm so fucking
wet," sue thought.

As she sucked him slowly, trying very hard not to make him cum, she heard the
plans and even heard Hec say, "And, I'll also need to get in touch with
Stephanie to see if she can help us Friday night. And can you ask Ron to contact
his doctor friend. We have a little surprise for her when we get her."

"No problem," said Judy. "You can do anything you want with her. After all, you
spent good money for the cunt, and she will have to pay you back somehow. It
will be a big surprise when we get back to see what you have done with our
little whore slut," Judy said.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 24

Finally the two finished their talks and Judy said, "OK, susie slut, make Hec
cum and don't swallow, yet."

sue's mouth was getting tired from having to suck his cock so slowly and she was
ready to finish him off. But why couldn't she swallow? she started sucking the
hard cock in her mouth harder and soon he was cumming into her mouth.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH, YYYYEEEESSSSSS!" he yelled as he shot his load into her. she
had such a hard time holding it in her mouth and not swallowing, but she did
manage to hold most of it.

While she was finishing Hec off, Judy was thinking of something else and as soon
as Hec left, she would call Ron to see if he could stop on the way home to get
what she needed.

Once Hec stopped cumming, he pulled out, leaving poor little susie kneeling with
her mouth full of cum. Judy said, "OK, let's get you out of here, Hec, so I can
continue with the whore's training. susie slut, go with him to the door. Hec,
just say HEEL and she'll follow."

Hec laughed and said, "HEEL, slut!"

He turned to walk toward the door and sue was right behind him on her hands and
knees, following him all the way to the door. she had her mouth full of cum,
wanting to swallow, but knew she couldn't. If Mistress wanted to see inside, she
knew she had better have the cum in it.

Once Hec left, Judy said, "Ok, pet, show me what you have in your mouth."

sue opened her mouth, glad that she hadn't swallowed, and Judy just laughed.
Then she said, "Swallow it, bitch!"

With one gulp, sue swallowed the big load. she could still taste him, but at
least she didn't have it in her mouth any more and she could breathe better.

"OK, now let's continue, slut. Stand up!" ordered Judy.

sue stood up, thankful to be off her knees, but worried about what was next. she
would soon find out when Judy said, "One more new command and then we'll
practice some more until the Captain gets home."

sue lowered her head in shame, knowing Judy was going to humiliate her some more
and then again when the Captain got home.

"ASS, will be the last command for today," said Judy, "and when you hear it, you
will bend at the waist with your tiny little butt on full display. Now, let's
try it. ASS!"

sue bent over, keeping her legs together trying not to show very much. she
figured Judy would change this, but she had to try.

And she was right. she heard Judy say, "No pet, not like that. Bend over and
spread those legs. Give me a good clear view of your tiny little hole and

sue knew what she had to do and spread her legs apart, but it wasn't enough for
Judy. She said, "Open up more, slut. I want to be able to see all of you down
there. Now do it right or I'll whip your naked little ass."

sue was worried that she would get hurt, so she spread her legs as far as she
could get them, knowing she was showing Judy everything she had. Then Judy said,
"That's better, now put your hands on your cheeks and spread them open."

sue was crying again, being made to get into this humiliating position for Judy.
she also knew she might have to do it in front of others as well. she hated Judy
so much and some day she would get her revenge. Just as soon as this six months
were up, she would find a way to get even.

"That's a good little cunt, now just stay like that while I make a phone call.
It'll get you used to being like this," said Judy.

sue remained bent over, spreading her naked ass cheeks, showing everything. "How
humiliating," she thought, "and what a nasty position to be in."

Judy left her alone and went to the phone in the bedroom. She called Ron to see
if he would stop by the sex shop on the way home. She asked him to pick up a
special toy and some lubrication. She had made up her mind that sue was going to
be a real pet for her and this new toy would make it just right.

After talking to Ron, she came back into the living room and just stood still
for a moment watching her little toy. she could see sue's bald cunt shinning as
the juices dripped from it. She thought to herself, "The little whore loves
this. she is so wet from being treated like a slut. Bet she would love to cum. I
know I would like to right now."

She walked over to sue and ran her fingers along the puffy cunt lips and then up
to her asshole. she inserted a finger in her ass and wiggled it around some
before she went back to her cunt. she ran her fingers up and down the slit and
then rubbed her little clit. sue was squirming with the need to cum, but Judy
wasn't going to allow it. she stopped just before sue was getting ready to get

She said, "OK, slut, let's practice. KNEEL!"

sue left her ASS position and got into the KNEELING one. she did it perfectly.

Then, Judy said, "HEEL"

sue got own on her hands and knees and followed Judy into the bedroom. Judy took
her clothes all the way off and lay back on the bed, leaving her feet dangling
over the side. She spread them wide open and said "Eat me, cunt!"

sue crawled between her legs and started licking the juicy cunt before her. she
had learned to lick Mistress quite well and knew just how to make her cum. And,
it wasn't long before Judy did just that.


sue swallowed all the pussy juice she could get into her mouth and her face was
once again covered in sex juice. Judy wouldn't allow her to wipe it off since
she wanted sue to be able to smell her pussy all the time.

Once Judy had calmed down, she took sue back into the living room to practice
the commands once again.

"SIT, KNEEL, BRAND, ASS," she ordered. Judy went through all the new commands
one right after the other, wanting to be sure susie knew them well.

As she was doing this, Ron walked in and just stood back to watch. Judy was
turning into quite a Domme. He laughed at the positions she made sue get into
and finally said, "Very good, Judy. she learns well. Here is the thing you

He handed her the bag and Judy gave one last command to sue. "ASS!"

sue bent over like Judy had trained her, and her ass was in the perfect position
to insert the new toy. Judy got the lubrication and smeared it around sue's
puckered little hole, slipping a finger inside, then two fingers. she worked
them around, opening sue's tight little hole. Then, she removed her fingers and
said, "Now little slut, don't move. you move and I'll whip your ass."

Judy pulled the butt plug from the bag and played with it for a little while.
She loved it! The butt plug had a tail on it and Judy ran her fingers through
the life-like hair. "This is going to be really cute," she thought, as she lubed
it up and positioned it at the dark little hole of the girl bending over in
front of her.

Then, she pushed it into the opening.


"Hold still, cunt!" ordered Judy. "I'll have it in soon, and then we can look."

Pushing harder and getting more in, sue's tight little ass began to open. It
hurt, but at the same time felt good. her pussy was really dripping now. "Why am
i like this," sue questioned herself. "i am not like this, but every time they
do something to me, my cunt drips like a leaky faucet."

Finally, the butt plug slid all the way in and sue's ass clamped around the
shaft. It was there to stay.

"OK, slut, KNEEL!" ordered Judy.

Without even thinking, sue got into her kneeling position. It was almost
automatic now and sue didn't understand why she did these things. she just did

"HEEL!" was the next command and sue got on all fours and followed Judy down the
hall to the full length mirror in the hallway.

Once they arrived, sue looked in the mirror and saw the thing sticking out of
her ass. "NNNOOOO," she yelled, "don't do this to me!"

she stared at the mirror that showed her reflection. she looked more like a
puppy dog now with a tail sticking out of her little ass, and a collar on her
throat. It was the same color as her hair and it appeared to actually be a part
of her. It looked like she actually had a tail growing from her ass.

"OK, now that you have admired your new tail, let's see if you can wag it for
me," said Judy.

Embarrassed, sue moved her ass, making the tail move back and forth, just like
she was wagging it.

Ron said, "Looks like your little pet is happy. she wags her tail so cute. I
think it should stay there for awhile. At least until we finish fucking. You
ready, honey?"

"I'm always ready for that hard cock, Ron," said Judy, "let's go do it."

They started for the bedroom and Judy turned toward sue and said, "HEEL!"

sue, embarrassed once again, crawled behind the other two. They went into the
bedroom and Ron said, "I think she should watch as we fuck, don't you."

Judy replied, "OH, yes, SIT slut!"

sue got on her knees, rested her ass on her heels and pulled her cunt apart as
far as she could with the lock on it. Ron noticed she couldn't open up very far,
so he said, "I think we need to take her cunt lock off so she can get that
little hole wide open."

"That's a good idea Ron," said Judy, "and maybe we should leave it off as long
as one of us are with her."

The Captain reached down and unlocked the thing that had held her cunt together.
Now her pussy could be open. Then, she was made to take the rings in her hands
and pull her puffy pussy lips apart. she didn't pull too far since it hurt when
she did.

But Judy noticed this and said, "Open that disgusting hole up, susie slut. Make
it nice and wide for us."

sue pulled her pussy lips open a little more, hoping she didn't have to go much
farther. But Judy kept telling her, "More, More, More."

sue pulled and pulled her pussy lips in opposite directions until finally she
had her cunt wide open and the pinkness on the inside was in total view.

"That's better, bitch, now just stay like that and watch us," ordered Judy.

sue was so humiliated, being made to have her fuck hole open so wide, but it was
so wet, they could see the juice flowing out of it and onto the floor. Her
little clit was also sticking straight out like a little penis. The other two
just laughed at her as they removed their clothes. she watched it all, wanting
to get fucked too, but knew that wasn't going to happen.

Judy and Ron got into the bed, made out for a little while. Judy sucked his
cock, while he ate her pussy. sue was so embarrassed watching the two lovers
doing these things, but it made her so hot. It wasn't long and Ron got between
Judy's spread legs and shoved his hard cock into her waiting cunt. He went all
the way in, up to his balls and then slowly pulled back out, leaving just the
head inside Judy. She was already moaning, wanting to be fucked hard. But Ron
just slowly pushed back into her and picked up a slow steady pace. sue watched
them fuck, while holding her pussy wide apart. she was so hot and wet, she was
wanting to cum. But knew that she couldn't allow her pussy to close up and could
not play with her hard little clit. she just had to sit, watch and suffer.

They really started fucking hard now, moaning and groaning. Ron was picking up
speed and Judy matched his thrust, pushing her cunt onto his hard cock. sue was
amazed at how these two people fucked. But she also wanted some of the action.
Hopefully this weekend she would get her cunt full of hard cock and be able to
get the satisfaction she craved.

Finally, after what seemed like hours for sue, both Ron and Judy stiffened up
and she knew Ron was shooting his cum deep into her cunt. sue wondered if Judy
was on birth control like she was. If not, then she would be pregnant after this


sue didn't ever remember being that loud, but then again, they probably didn't
realize it either. sue hoped that they would let her up to stretch now that they
finished. But her hopes were diminished when Ron finally pulled his softening
dick out of Judy's wet cunt. It even POPPED as it came out.

He stood up and walked to her saying, "OK, cunt, now I need to get clean. Don't
move from that position and lick me clean!"

He stuck his cock right up to her lips and for some reason, she just opened up
and took him in her mouth. she licked and sucked all the mixed juices from his
cock and she could tell he was getting hard again. But he pulled out before he
became fully erect and walked away, leaving her with her mouth wide open. But
she wouldn't be left alone for long.

Judy got up and repositioned sue's head, making her lean back even more. Then
she said, "Now, slut, suck my cunt clean and you better get it all. And don't
you dare let go of your whore hole!"

Judy climbed onto her face and almost suffocated her. she had no other option
available except to suck and lick the well fucked hole of her Mistress. she
lickrd and sucked her, tasting Ron's cum sliding into her mouth and down her
throat. But it was different now, since it was mixed with Judy's cunt juice.
"Not really a bad taste," she thought as she tried to get it all out of the
pussy on her face.

When Judy thought she was cleaned enough, she pulled back off sue's face and
walked away. As she was leaving the bedroom she said, "HEEL!"

sue was actually grateful for this since she could move a little and stretch her
tired limbs. But, it wouldn't be for long. Judy walked into the living room and
ordered, "Fix us a drink and dinner, slut"

"May i get up to do it, please," sue begged.

"Yes, get your ass up and hurry. But make sure you keep your little tail moving
all the time," said Judy.

The two of them sat down on the couch and watched as sue rose to her feet and
walked into the kitchen. They laughed at the tail she now had and sue heard Judy
say, "I think she needs to wear that all the time. How about you?"

Ron laughed a little louder and said, "Yea, it might be kind of fun to watch her
at work, trying to hide it from the others. But if she is naked, she won't be
able to hide anything."

sue turned bright red with the thought of being at work in the station, naked
and sporting a tail. They wouldn't make her do that! Or would they?

sue returned with the drinks and then went back to fix dinner. she hurried as
fast as she could, with the hopes they would allow her to go to bed. she had had
quite a day and she needed to rest.

Once dinner was served to the two of them Judy said, "KNEEL!"

sue got down on her knees in the position she had been trained to be in and
waited. They fed her scraps from their plates and then when done, she had to
clean everything up.

Finally, Judy said it was bedtime and took sue into the little guestroom. She
bound her to the bed, put a dildo in her cunt and turned out the lights.
Shutting the door, she said, "Get some sleep whore. Tomorrow we practice some
more and then Hec will be by to get you for the weekend."

Even with her ass and cunt full, sue fell asleep quickly.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 25

The next day wasn't too hard on sue. Once she was allowed to get up, she took a
shower and had breakfast. she was allowed to eat with Ron and Judy at the table.
she was still naked, except for her choker and lock on her ear and pussy rings,
but it felt good to eat like a human again.

Ron left to go to the station to finish up the weekly reports before going on
vacation. Judy and sue stayed home to finish packing and getting ready for the

Judy packed a small bag for sue, only putting the things Hec wanted her to have.
He had said he would have a surprise when he came and picked up his weekend
slut. But he wouldn't say what it was.

sue had to pack for Judy and Ron. she hated doing this, especially since some of
the clothes she packed for Judy were once hers. Judy had kept all the clothes
that fit her before making sue burn the rest. But she knew she had to do as she
was told or Judy would make her go to the station naked and it was hard to tell
what else the evil woman would force on her. So in silence she packed the big
suitcases. she also saw her little bag, but didn't know what Judy had put in it.

sue also cleaned up the house and changed the beds. she washed the dishes and
did the laundry while Judy sat around watching her. Of course, since Judy was
horny most of the time, sue had to pleasure her in between her chores. she had
to eat Judy's cunt numerous times during the day, but sue was never allowed any

Ron got home around four p.m. and started packing the car. Judy made sue get
into her SITTING position in the middle of the living room and watch as Ron took
the bags out. Beside sue was her leash and butt plug with the tail. she was in
her position, spreading her cunt apart when Ron came in after taking the last
bag out. With him was Hec.

They just ignored the little slut in the middle of the floor and went to get a
beer. sue could here them talking, but wasn't sure about everything they said.
she only caught bits and pieces of what they said.

Once they had the beer, they came back to where sue was SITTING and walked
around her. Hec said, "Well, looks like she is ready to go."

Ron replied, "Yes, Judy made sure her little bag was packed and things are all
ready for you. I'm sure you'll all have a great weekend. Just remember, if she
disobeys, let us know and she'll get punished."

"Great!" said Hec, "I'm sure she'll behave, knowing that Judy said she would
have to go to work naked if she doesn't."

They all laughed at this. Everyone except sue. Tears were beginning to form in
her eyes, but she could also feel her cunt getting wet. Just the thought of
being naked made her hot.

"STAND UP cunt," ordered Hec.

sue stood up, but still held her cunt lips apart. she didn't know if she should
let them go or not, so she stood there, legs spread, holding on to her cunt

But just then, Hec gave another order, "ASS!" was all he said.

sue quickly changed positions, bending over and grabbing her naked ass cheeks,
spreading them apart.

Hec walked behind her after he bent over and picked up the butt plug with the
tail. Then, he placed it against her asshole and pushed. He didn't use
lubrication, but surprisingly, it went right in. By having it in her ass all
night, her little brown hole stretched enough to take it again without the lube.

Once he got it all the way in, he told her to stand up straight and he picked up
her leash, passed it through her collar ring and hooked it to the rings in her
pussy and said, "OK, slut, let's go. We have so much to do this weekend and it
is time to get started."

He tugged on her leash and she couldn't do anything but follow. As they walked
out of the door, Judy said, "Have fun little slut, and be sure to behave. You
know what will happen if you don't."

The door was closed and sue felt the chilly night air on her naked skin. she
thought it would be better once they got into Hec's truck, but was soon to find
out differently. she followed him to the truck feeling kind of ashamed that she
was naked like this, but also was excited about her weekend with Hec. she was
starting to have feelings for him, and when her six months were up, she might
pursue him more.

When they arrived at the truck, Hec opened the door and threw her little bag
inside. But before she could get in, he closed the door and led her to the back
of the truck. He said, "OK slut, climb in."

she looked at him with disbelief since it was getting colder and she was naked.
Inside the bed of the truck, she saw a cage with the door open. she just stood
there, not moving until he slapped her on the ass.

He said, "I told you to get in cunt. Now move it."

she jumped from the hard slap to her ass and it really stung because it was
cold. she was afraid he might do more, so she climbed up onto the bed of the

Then he said, "Into the cage, slut."

she slowly got to her knees on the cold metal and crawled into the cage. As soon
as she was inside, he shut the door and she heard it lock. Knowing there was no
tailgate on his truck, she felt so open. Anyone driving behind them would see
her naked ass with that awful tail sticking out. she started crying again.

Hec got in the front and closed his door. she heard the truck start and then
felt the motion as he drove away from her house. It was cold and she shivered
and she hoped she wouldn't get sick from being exposed so much.

she had no idea where she was or where he was taking her. she cried even more
now, but her cunt was on fire from her need to be used. she couldn't understand
why she felt like this, but she didn't like it. At least that's what her mind
said to her, but her hot pussy told her she needed and wanted everything that
would happen.

Suddenly, she heard a horn blow and opened her eyes. she could see the lights
shining behind her and knew that someone saw her naked ass. The tail in her ass
had been blown to the side, so her hot cunt was also visible. Hec slowed the
truck and turned off the road. she felt him going slower and then suddenly, he
stopped in a well-lit area.

He shut the truck off and got out, not paying any attention to her sobs. He
walked away from the truck, but soon he returned. she heard him say, "I told you
I had a slut for the weekend. What do you think?"

Another voice said, "Wow, that is one hot looking ass. I sure could use some of

Then it was Hec's voice again, "Well, if you come to the club tomorrow night,
you can have some. But, it will cost you. I put out alot of money on this cunt
and I plan on getting it back."

sue didn't like the way he talked and dreaded what she was going to have to do.
But, she also thought in her mind, that she was going to finally get fucked. she
needed to have a hard cock inside her so she could cum. It had been so long
since she was allowed to be fucked and to cum.

Some other voices could be heard by sue, but she couldn't make out what they
said. Then Hec said, "OK, you've all seen enough for now. Be at the club
tomorrow night and you will get some of this slut's ass. I might even give it
away free to you guys. All depends on how much everyone else will pay to fuck

"Oh, my God," thought sue. "i am now going to be a whore for real. He is going
to charge to get me fucked." her mind wandered to her little sister. They had
threatened to get her and make her a whore. And then to her parents. They would
die if they knew what she was doing, even if it was against her will. Why didn't
she just go back to China instead of picking this option?

Hec got back into the truck, started it up and drove off again. she knew there
were cars behind them, but didn't know how many or who it was. All she could see
was the front of the cab and the reflection of the lights behind her. she knew
she was showing everything.

They drove a little more and then she felt the truck turn onto another road. It
felt like a dirt road. But it wasn't very long before the truck stopped and Hec
came around to the back and unlocked the cage she was in.

"OK, cunt, get your skinny little ass out. We have lots to do tonight," he said.

sue was glad to get out of that cage with the hopes of getting inside where it
was warm. she was so cold now. Everything but her cunt was cold and for some
reason, that was hotter than a fire.

He took the leash on her cunt rings and walked her into the house. He took her
into the kitchen and there she saw Victor. He said, "It's about time you got
back with the cunt. The doctor and Stephanie are on the way."

"Great," said Hec, "It won't take long to get the little slut ready for her

sue didn't understand what he meant by treatments, but since it was a doctor,
she thought of all kinds of things. She knew that having Stephanie here, she
would probably get pierced again or tattooed.

Hec led her to the kitchen table and picked her up. He layed her on her back on
the table and then began to tie her down. He took each arm and pulled it to the
side, tying a rope around her wrists and then to the table legs. He also did the
same to her legs. she was now spreadeagled on the large kitchen table. she tried
to move her limbs, but he had her tied down nice and tight. Then he raised her
head up by pulling on her hair and shoved a couple of pillows under her head.
she now had to look straight down her body. her little tits were pushed up and
she could see between them to her bald mound.

The guys sat back to drink some beer while they waited for the others to arrive.
They also admired the naked girl on the table and talked about her like she
wasn't even there. They said things like, "Pretty little cunt she has. Bet it
will take a big cock." Tits are kind of small, but we'll fix that." Wonder if
the guys at the club will enjoy her."

Then there was a knock on the door. Hec said, "That's got to be them. Victor,
how about letting them in."

Victor got up and made his way to the door. sue heard some talk and knew one of
them was Stephanie. But she had never heard the other voice before. Victor led
them into the kitchen and Stephanie said, "Well, it is good to see you again,
susie. We are going to have such a good time tonight and I'm going to get my
pussy licked again. you do it so well."

"I would like to watch that," said the doctor, "but I think we need to do the
procedures first before we play."

"Yes," said Hec, "let's get the work over with and then we can play. Like I told
you doc, you get to have her for yourself for awhile once you are done making
those tits bigger."

When sue heard this, she gasped. "They couldn't do this to her," she thought to
herself, "i can't have my tits bigger. i'll look like a bimbo!"

sue watched as Stephanie and the doctor got all the equipment out. It looked so
evil to her. Needles, clamps, vials of liquid. she didn't want this to happen to
her and she tried to say something. But was slapped across the face by Stephanie
who said, "Just shut up slut, or it'll be worse on you."

sue cried, but did try to beg for them not to do this to her. Stephanie said,
"I'll fix her crying little mouth." She reached under her skirt and pulled her
panties down. Once she had them off, she went to sue and pried her mouth open.
Then she stuffed the panties in her mouth, making sure the wet crotch went in
first so she got a good taste of pussy.

"OK," said the doctor, "I'm ready. Should I go first or do you want to, Steph?"

Stephanie said, "I think you need to get them bigger first. Can you also make
her nipples bigger?"

"Oh sure," said the Doctor, But I'll have to fix some more of the solution."

"OK," said Stephanie, "Go ahead and mix it up. I want to do something with her."

Stephanie reached down between sue's legs and ran her finge nail up her slit.
she then found her clit and scratched it with her long nails. sue started
squirming and moaning through the panties she had in her mouth.

"Wow, this cunt is wet," said Stephanie, "Bet she is loving all of this and just
begs to make us think she doesn't"

Stephanie played with the little cunt while the doctor was getting the rest of
the things he needed. When he came back, he said, "OK, now how big do we need
these little titties and nipples."

Stephanie said, "Well, the nipples should be at least a quarter inch long, if
not a half inch. It's up to the guys as far as how big they want her tits. But,
just remember, the bigger they are the worse she looks. Her frame can't handle
big ugly tits. I would suggest going up one or two sizes."

Hec said, I think she is about a 32 right now, so let's try for a 34. Can you go
bigger if they aren't big enough."

"I sure can," said the doctor. "All I need is a little more fluid and I can make
them into 38"s."

"Well," said Victor, "I think a nice 34 would look good on her, especially when
she wears tight clothes."

"OK, then 34 it is," said the doctor. "And about a quarter inch nipples should
look good, too."

Then the doctor grabbed her left tit and squeezed it. sue jumped as best she
could, but couldn't move very far, since they had tied her down really good. And
all she could do was moan into the panties.

The doctor played with her tit and finally said, "OK, she is ready. Here we go."

He took the needle and placed it into the fleshy part of her tit and wiggled it
around. Then, he began to push the plunger on the syringe. sue screamed into the
panties, and her tit felt as though is was on fire. He squirted the fluid into
her tit and then moved it to another spot. He continued doing this until the
syringe was empty.

He stood back and the others looked at sue's bigger tit. "Perfect," they all
said together. "Looks like she actually has a tit now. Let's get the other

The doctor left that tit alone and moved to the other side. He played with it
for awhile, just as he had the first one. Then the needle went in. sue was
feeling weak now from the pain of the needle and the humiliation of having it
done against her will. But she was able to stay awake for the whole procedure.

Once the doctor had finished, he stood back and said, "Well, is it OK?"

"That's great," Hec shouted. Now let's do the nipples so Stephanie can get her
job done. It is going to be great tomorrow night having a true cop fucking

This scared sue. she wanted to fuck, but how many would be there and what else
would they do.

The doctor was now pinching her left nipple and she suddenly became aware of
the needle puncturing it. He had centered it right at the tip and pushed it into
her. Then, he squeezed the plunger and she could actually see her cute little
nipple grow. How gross she thought she would look, having her nipple erect all
the time.

The doctor squeezed just enough into her to make her nipple stick straight out
and it looked to be about a quarter of an inch long. Then he did the other
nipple and tried to get them to match. He got them as close as he could and then
stepped back.

"Wow," said Stephanie, "they look delicious. If I was Bi, I wouldn't mind
sucking those titties."

Every one laughed and Hec said, "OK Steph, now it's your turn. Once you're done,
we'll have some play time. The doc says he wants some of that asian cunt."

"OK," said Stephanie, "I'm ready. Now are you sure you want her badge on her
left tit and a one-inch ring on the other one. How about a name tag instead of a

sue could not believe what she was hearing. First the lock in her ear, for all
to see, a choker that never came off, pussy rings that could be used to lock her
cunt, studs in her tongue, a brand that boldly announced her slavery, and now

"We thought about the name tag, but the ring can be used for so many other
things," Hec replied. "And besides, her name tag is already branded on her
thigh. The badge and ring will look so good at the club and we'll get all our
money back from this little slut."

Stephanie went to sue and played with her nipple some more, loving the feel of
it. Sometimes she wished she could be like sue. It really turned her on to think
of herself in this position.

Then she got the piercing tool and placed it on sue's left nipple. Then she
squeezed and everyone could hear it pass through the tender skin.

sue held her breath and tried to cry out from the pain. But she couldn't get
anything out since her mouth was full of Stephanie's panties. Once the tool had
made its hole, she quickly got the badge and put it in sue's nipple.

Then she stood back to admire her work. "Looks good to me," she said. "Do you
want it permanent. I can solder the clasp closed and she'll never get it out."

"Great idea," exclaimed both Victor and Hec.

So before she started on the right nipple, she got the soldering gun out and
plugged it in. It had to warm up before she could do it. Poor sue would be in
pain again, since she would feel the heat and it might even burn her if
Stephanie slipped.

Then she went to the other nipple and proceeded to pierce it. She placed the
tool on the nipple and squeezed, making the hole. Once again sue felt the pain
and this time she did pass out. Stephanie threaded the one-inch gold ring in
place and then went to work fixing both the badge and ring so they would be

She held the soldering gun up to the metal and heated it up. She was glad sue
passed out, since the burning of her tit was noticeable. At least to her. When
she finished soldering them in place, she stepped back and said, "OK, guys, you
now have a naked cop with badge. She'll never get them out, unless they are

Now it was play time for the doctor and he held something under sue's nose. He
wanted her awake when he fucked her. sue came to, just in time to see the doctor
strip off the last of his clothes. she stared right into his hard cock. She
thought, "My God, he is huge. The doctor had a 10" cock and it was quite thick.
He went to the end of the table and started sliding it into her wide open cunt.
It stretched her tiny pussy and sue cried from the pain it was causing her. But,
the doctor kept pushing and finally he was up to his balls in her tight little

While he was fucking sue, the guys walked Stephanie into the living room to
thank her, but they had other things on their minds. They were going to fuck
Stephanie tonight while the doctor had his fun with the little whore on the
table. Stephanie didn't know this, so she was caught off guard when the men
grabbed her and tied her hands behind her back.

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RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop
part 26

Once the doctor was all the way inside sue's tight little cunt, he stayed still
just for a moment feeling the pleasure. But it wasn't long and he began to
withdraw his huge cock. He pulled all the way out so only the head was inside.
Then, with a strong push, he was once again buried all the way in. He was really
enjoying this hot little slut, especially the rings in her pussy lips. They
seemed to add to his pleasure as they rubbed against his hard 10" cock as he
went in and out of her.

sue lay on the table, unable to move, but the feeling she had in her pussy was
so overpowering. she tried her best to meet his thrust as he pulled out and then
slammed back into her hard. He was moving slow inside her, wanting it to last.
sue wanted him to fuck her fast so she could at least have one orgasm. It had
been so long since she was allowed to cum!

The doctor continued his assault on her hot little cunt, fucking her slow, but
deep and hard. she knew that soon he would cum and hoped that she too would get

In the living room, Hec and Victor were having a great time with stephanie. she
knew she was in trouble as soon as her hands were tied behind her. she hadn't
expected this at all. The only thing she wanted was to have her pussy licked by
the little whore on the table, but it looked as if she would get more than she
bargained for.

The two guys had opened her blouse and pushed her bra out of the way and now
each of them had a tit in their hands, getting ready to suck on her nipples.
stephanie tried hard to get away from the attack, but they held her too tight.
she knew her nipples were getting hard and unfortunately for her, her little
cunt was getting so wet. The juices began to flow out of her pussy and down her
legs. she hoped they wouldn't notice how hot it made her to be used this way.
she often thought about what it would be like to be a slut like sue had become,
but never thought it would happen to her. And she also thought, "What will Derek
think of her or what would he say?"

Derek had been her boyfriend for over a year. He was conservative and earned
good money in the computer world. They saw each other several times a week, and
often spent weekends together. He was a good lover, and she was sure he never
cheated on her. she had been faithful to him, also. The recent activities with
Captain Ron and his slut had awakened some new feelings within her, but her
heart still belonged to Derek.

Now Victor and Hec each had a nipple in their mouth, sucking on them. stephanie
was getting hot and the guys knew it. They would definitely get a good fuck from
her tonight. And maybe even make her their slut once they took sue back to Ron
and Judy.

sue was grinding her hips to meet the thrust of the doctor. He was going faster
now, fucking the little asian whore on the table. He figured he could cum in her
cunt, then get a good blow job before he fucked her again. This was going to be
a great night. And he might even get to watch the two girls fuck each other. He
had never seen that before, and wanted to make sure this one was full of his
cum. That way stephanie would get a good taste of him while she was made to suck
sue's well-fucked cunt.

The doctor picked up the pace as he thought of all that could happen and knew
that if he fucked her now, he could fuck her again later and maybe even get some
of the other little bitch. So he started going faster, which made sue want more.
she bucked her hips up to meet his thrusts, and even though the ropes held her
back, she was able to push her pussy onto his hard cock.

she felt the doctor's cock begin to grow and knew she had to cum soon or he
would shoot his load in her and once again be denied. she forced her mind to
think of cumming more and more. Then it happened. The doctor pulled out one
final time and then drove into her so hard, the table moved. That's when it hit

as she had the first orgasm in many days.

The Doctor also was cumming, shooting his load into her hot cunt.

Once they both calmed down just a little, the doctor pulled out and moved up to
her head and forced his cock into her mouth. sue was so hot right now, she
quickly pulled his cock into her mouth and down her throat. she could taste her
juices along with his cum on it, and savored the taste. God, she was such a
fucking slut now; she couldn't get enough cock. But she figured that was because
she had been denied for so long without being fucked.

Hec and Victor finally finished fucking stephanie in the living room and raised
her up from the arm of the couch. They didn't want any cum leaking out of her
cunt, so they carried her, almost upside down into the kitchen. They stood
watching the doctor getting his cock sucked, but wanted to get things moving, so
they interrupted him and asked if he wanted to watch a show.

"Oh yes, I have never seen two girls getting it on before, so let's do it!" he
told them. They carried stephanie over to the table and placed her right over
sue's mouth. Then they pushed her down so her freshly fucked pussy was right on
her mouth.

Hec said, "OK, little susie slut, suck our cum from this whore's hole!"

stephanie started to tell them, "I am not a whore," but was slapped hard across
the face to shut her up.

Victor said, "You are whatever we say you are. Now shut up!"

sue started licking stephanie, since she loved the taste of her pussy. Ever
since the first time, she couldn't get enough of her. she hoped stephanie
enjoyed being eaten as much as she loved eating her hot pussy. sue licked at the
pussy she had come to love, even more than Judy's cunt, but found out that it
was quite different this time. she had gotten a mixed flavor of juices. Some of
stephanie's, mixed with Hec's and Victor's cum. But she licked it all into her
mouth and swallowed. she knew she had to, or she would end up naked at work next
week and she didn't want that to happen.

As sue was licking stephanie, Hec pushed stephanie's face toward sue's pussy. He
said, "OK, cunt, do the same for her!"

stephanie, not used to being treated this way argued. "No, i have never eaten a
pussy before, and i don't want to start!"

A hard slap on her naked ass shut her up, but she still tried to push away from
the pussy that was now just inches from her face. But that wasn't going to be
for long, since the guys pushed even harder and forced her into sue's
well-fucked cunt.

stephanie held her mouth closed so she wouldn't have to do it, but this was
noticed by the doctor He reached down and grabbed her nose, pinching it so she
had to open her mouth to breathe. When she did, the other two pushed her mouth
right into the pussy they wanted her to eat. stephanie got the first taste of
pussy just then.

Hec said, "You either lick that cunt, or I'll have to call your boyfriend and
show him how you fucked me and Victor."

Of course, she didn't want Derek to find out, so she slowly stuck her tongue out
and tasted sue. It wasn't so bad, as she licked up and down the slit and even
touched sue's hard little clit. she thought about how she had put the rings in
sue's pussy, but never thought she would be licking it.

Now that the girls were eating each other, the guys just stood back to watch and
play with their cocks so they would be ready for more when they finished. And
they also set the video camera on a tripod to get all the action for use later
on. Ron and Judy would love this when they got back.

Stroking their cocks and watching the two sluts eat pussy was getting all three
of them so horny again. They all knew they would have to fuck the whores at
least one more time tonight before going to bed and allowing stephanie to leave.
They had some good plans for her and she would end up getting quite humiliated.

As they watched, the girls kept licking and sucking each other, getting each
others juices in their mouths, along with the guys cum. Then, suddenly, both
girls shook as they had an orgasm. "MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH" was all that could be
heard as they never pulled their lips from the pussy they were eating.

Once the girls had calmed down and just rested between each others' legs, the
guys clapped and cheered! "Great performance!" they yelled.

Both girls just looked at them and gave an embarrassed pout. they were so worn
out, they didn't want to move. Of course, sue couldn't since she was still
strapped to the table. The guys picked stephanie up and got her back on the
floor. Then they untied sue to allow her to move and get the kinks from her

But the guys hadn't finished yet. They were going to use these two sluts as much
as they could, but still didn't want it to go all night. sue needed some rest
since she would be used in a different way tomorrow. And they might even take
stephanie with her, but hadn't thought too much about it yet.

Once the girls had regained what little composure two naked sluts could get,
they got ready for the next part. They took stephanie into the living room and
layed her down on the coffee table. They quickly tied ropes to her ankles and
spread her legs wide apart. The other ends were tied to the heavy furniture in
the room, so she had to stay spread. Her arms were hurting form laying on them,
so Hec took them and retied them to the legs of the table.

Victor had left to get some supplies from the bathroom and when he returned, he
placed them all on the floor next to the table. He had some towels, a bowl of
nice warm water a razor and some shaving gel.

Hec and the doctor laughed at what he had brought out, and Hec said, "OK susie
slut, since your cunt stays bald most of the time, we want steph's cunt the same
way. Shave it off!"

stephanie heard this and began to protest. "Oh, please don't do that. Derek
likes it this way. He doesn't like it shaved. Please, don't!"

Hec laughed again and said, "Too bad slut, I don't like a hairy pussy. So what
you have goes!"

stephanie tried to argue again, but found she couldn't speak when the doctor put
his huge cock into her mouth and forced it into her throat. All she could do was
gurgle around it. He said, "There, this will keep her quiet while the other one
shaves her."

sue didn't want to do this to steph. But once again the threats about work and
her little sister made her do as she was told.

she picked up the bowl of water and using her hands, got stephanie's crotch wet.
Then she shook the can of gel and squirted it onto stephanie's pubic mound.
Next, she rubbed it all in, causing it to turn to foam and then she started
shaving her pussy.

stephanie squirmed at the touch of the razor, but was warned that if she moved,
sue might cut her down there. So stephanie tried to stay still. It was
difficult, but she did manage. her pussy was so hot and dripped like a faucet
from the touch of sue's hands on her.

sue couldn't resist and stuck a finger inside stephanie. Then she intentionally
rubbed her finger across her clit. This made stephanie squirm some more, but
lucky for her sue didn't have the razor on her.

After a while, stephanie's pussy was totally bald, even around her puffy little
lips. sue wiped it all off and then bent over and kissed her there. stephanie
groaned around the cock in her mouth and began to suck it even more. she wanted
it over with so she could get out of there.

But the guys had other plans for her. They pushed sue out of the way and rubbed
stephanie's pussy, making sure all the hair was gone. Once satisfied, Victor
brought out a permanent magic marker and wrote just above the top of her pussy
the word "SLUT", as he said, "Maybe we'll tattoo it on her later to make it

They loved that and then each of them once again took turns fucking her. This
was going to be the greatest ending to a great night. At least for all the guys.
Hec fucked the little asian and made sure he filed her with a good load. Then
Victor took his turn at her. He too gave her a good size load. Then the doctor,
being a little bigger than the other two, drove his big 10" cock deep inside
her. she had it in her mouth and now he was fucking her pussy. stephanie thought
she was going to be slit apart from the size of that thing.

It surprised her when he just slid right in and her tight little hole expanded
to take it. he fucked her hard and then shot another load into her.

The guys left her alone on the table while they got sue ready for bed. They took
the leash and connected it through her collar, and down to her cunt rings. Then
Hec tugged on it and she followed. But he stooped suddenly and looked at her.

He said, "Wait, you have a new ring to play with, so let me adjust this leash
for you."

He reached over and disconnected the clip from her pussy rings and brought it up
to her nipple ring. Then feeding it through the hole, he brought it back to her
pussy and reconnected it.

"There, that should work better," he said as he gave it a tug. sue felt it pull
on her pussy rings first and then on her nipple ring. This made her cunt lips
raise up toward her belly and her nipple seemed to grow even more. Then it
pulled her collar around her neck. Hec just turned and walked away, forcing her
to follow. It was painful to her nipple since it was a fresh piercing, and her
pussy was getting so hot and wet from it. "Why does my pussy do this to me," she
thought to herself.

Leading her through the house and into a dark room, she was forced to her knees
and then a boot on her ass shoved her forwards. she ended up on her hands and
knees and since her eyes had gotten accustomed to the dark, she saw the cage in
front of her.

she didn't want to be in it again, but a sharp sting on her naked ass from the
whip in Hec's hand made her crawl into it. As soon as her ass cleared the
doorway, the door closed and she could hear the padlock close.

"Now, that should hold you all night," said Hec. " We'll see you in the morning,
slut. Sleep tight!" Victor added.

They walked back into the living room and saw the doctor examining stephanie's
tits. He said, "You know, I could make these a lot bigger and even make her
nipples look like the other slut's."

Hec laughed and said, "Well, maybe some other time, once we have some more fun
with her. But it is time to get some sleep and we need to send her home."

"But maybe we can pierce those puffy cunt lips and put some rings in it, just
like the other whore," said Victor.

"Great idea," agreed Hec, "It'll give her something to remember this night.
Let's see if she has the stuff in her bag!"

Getting her bag out, they rummaged through it and found just what they needed,
the piercing tool and some rings. "Oh, yes," cried Hec, "These will do just
fine. Then we can lead her around, too."

None of them had ever done this before, so they told stephanie to tell them how
to do it. But she said, "i won't do that. How can you expect me to tell you how
to pierce me there, when i don't want it done."

"Well, then we'll just have to figure it out on our own," said Victor.

stephanie thought about that and then decided if it was going to be done, she
had better explain how to do it right.

So step by step, she explained how to put holes in her cunt and add the rings.
she hated telling them, but if she didn't, they might fuck up and ruin her.

The guys followed her directions and soon she had two nice little rings in her
cunt lips. And they even made them permanent by welding them shut.

Hec and Victor started to untie her, but the doctor asked if he could fuck her
one more time before she left. It had been so long since he had fucked, he just
couldn't get enough.

They agreed and as Hec and Victor walked from the room, the doctor shoved his
big cock into her one more time. Hec and Victor went to get a beer and when they
got back, the doctor was fucking her quite hard. she was moaning and groaning
with each thrust and soon she had an orgasm.

MMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!" she screamed just as he shot another load deep inside her.

Laughing, the guys released her from her bonds and told her to go home, but to
expect a phone call later with instructions.

stephanie started to look for her clothes, but Hec said, "Oh, forgot to tell
you. Your clothes are now ours. Go home like you are and don't even stop to
clean up."

"You can't do this to me," she yelled. "i'll call the cops on you!."

Hec said, "Go right ahead, slut. But who do you think you'll have to talk to.
Captain Ron will just laugh at you. So get your horny little ass out of here.
You'll hear from me soon."

Crying, stephanie ran from the house to her car. How would she ever get into her
house without Derek or anyone else seeing her like this? He would probably be
waiting for her. How could she explain? What would he say? she could never have
him again, especially once he saw the cum leaking from her cunt. He would know
she was fucked. And what would he do when he saw her pierced pussy lips. she
cried even harder now.

she drove home in silence, praying that he wouldn't be there.

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