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Shraddha and Kareena Kapoor Sex
08-12-2016, 04:13 AM
Post: #1
Wank Shraddha and Kareena Kapoor Sex
it was raining heavily that night …….shraddha kapoor’s car was stuck under the peepal tree ……shraddha asked her driver -aur kitna time lagega……
driver-mam,it will take atleast one hour…becoz of fog n heavy rain i couldnt see the road n…the car crash i m extremly sorry…
shraddha-its ok……never mind contiu..
driver noticed sudden change in her behaviour……he was kinda puzzeld…
usally she use talk very rude to him n other servents………..then he contiued….with his work
shraddha sat silently going to past ……..
two day before …………
shraddha came to meet a new directer …rahul mehta…. she was told by kareena when she met her in park at california…..(she was on tour ofcourse she was damn rich)
kareena told her to meet rahul mehta a new director who is plaing to make a big movie bassed on greek mythology……
back to scene.
shraddha enterd into rahul’s house …
rahul- welcome….have a seet lets not waste time let come to story…
shraddha sat on the sofa…
rahul i was telling here i am making a big movie….bluh bluh bluh,….
,………shraddha was quite bored….and i will pay u 50 crores rupee….
shraddha was stunned she couldnt believe it…
rahul said ok lets se if u r really perfect for the role….u are going to act as hera(zeus wife) or athena …..and one more thing it will include some hollywood scene i hope u understand….
shraddha was ready she thought she wouldnt get another opporunity like this…
rahul-i choose u and deepika or bipasha or anushka sharma or madhurima ooh ya she actully selected for athena role u are first to audition on hera ok!
shraddha had to get this role n the compition was too much…..
rahul told her to go n chagne her cloths into greek goddess hera cloths…and dont wear undergarments..
shraddha was quized but she thought olden time they were not there…
she goes to changing room changes her cloths…. she look in mirror oops her one side boob was clearly visible…she tried to cover it..
then she thought to clean her armpits as it been a long time she done so…
she goes in front of rahul he was amazed by beauty…..
wow by lady u actully suit for this role so…u will be selected if…..u do as other actress have done ok…grinning..
shraddha didnt understood anything she thought he said that she was first to interview n he is tell other……..
she was confused…
rahul points toward her dick…comme on dont act silly….suck it as other done as u suit for this role i will take if only u slepp..with me
shraddha said no way….i can do that ok i will never ever do that….k
ok said rahul then anushka will get the role ….
shraddha thought then she said ok..but only one blowjob …
rahul-wow u know quit things prob but u will have answer my 3 question while sucking my dick…ok
ok said so shraddha
then removed his pants become totaly naked…
shraddha kept her head down… n moved slowly toward him…
ok shraddha did u suck any cock before…
ye..s i sucked when i was small one of my cousin forced my to suck his..then for m 1st movie role thats it
hmmmmm… comme my dear he took her hand and made her sit on his dick as shraddha wasnt wearing any panty his dick touched her virgina….
she immidetly got up n said wht the hell r u doing….deal is a deal…..
ok ok comme sit down n suck my dick u..hmm shraddha
she sat down n took his dick in mouth….
she didnt alow his dick touch his dick….just with lips she made his dick in and out in and out…
rahul was enjoying this took hold of shraddha head n got up n starteed pounding it in and out ..
rahul- ahhhh u bitch u dont even know how to suck a dick shame on u ….
shraddha was gagging she was cursing herself why she agreed
he slepd shraddha and said u bicth suck it with tougue its tasty suck it…
shraddha start sobiing again he started his deep throut at last he came whole in her …..
he told her drink it instead she vormited it all…….
rahul was angry now u bich he torn shraddha;s dress she became complty naked…
she tried to cover her breast n pussy and said wht r u doing u said only blowjob..
nah i said blowjob first thn fucking…
shraddha tried to run but rahul cought her slaped her made her sit on sofe then kissed shraddha’s jusicy lips…they were red ….she was sweting heavily swet ran throw her breast n fell on her pussy….while rahul now started smocching with her moved to her neck….
yumm u r tasty beb ..he her hand and placed it over his dick n said to rub it….
she had no way so did so….
she was cring too..
rahul took her whole left breast in his mouth n sucked it…. then starded sucking her nipple …n fless he sucked her both boobs cleen then moved to her nevel….he sucked it.then he started licking shraddha pussy shraddha started moaning….
then rahul enterd one of his finger into pussy …wow bitch u have a really really tight pussy…..his dick got bigger then before it was now 11 inch.. shraddha was scared how ill she take that….!!!
now rahul slowly enter his cock he was half in n asked are u a vrigin..?
ya…yaa plzz dont do it..plzzz
wow my luck is great today…..
he stood up n forced her down to sleep on cold tiles….
then he inserted his dick n start sucking her blood came out…..
wow beb u r awsome….ahhhhahhhhhhh
then he slept over her n start licking her arpits….boobs
he fucked her for 30 mins then he finally removed his dick n enterd shraddha mouth in sleeping position then while in sleeping position he stard pounding on her…..shraddha was drained out of energy ..
now rahul stoop up inserted his dick in her mouth n started her cunt….she came in no time and rahul too came in her mouth….she gaged but drank it this time…
wow said rahul u r selected for role meet me after 3 days at calfornia us..ok bye take ur cloth ok bye bye dear….
shraddha stood up n wore her cloths rushed to her home n slept for next 12 hour naked on bed…..

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08-12-2016, 04:13 AM
Post: #2
RE: Shraddha and Kareena Kapoor Sex
sharddha woke up from her past n driver said mam its reeady car is working lets go…
shraddha was wondering somthing was not right ….
n next day she woke up erly in morning rushed to airport,,,,,,,,,,,…….
sharddha lands in california n vists kareena…
kareena invited sharddha to her private boat house …
she reached kareenas boat house ….
kareena-ohh my dear it must be tireing so come ..
she showd sharddha her room …sharddha decided to first havee a bath then talk to kareena ….
she got naked soon ..
she had blue bra n red penty……she was look her self in mirror …
she had quite good pair of breast she had flat nipple around nipple little brown ….
she started pressing them she pressed her nipples harder n harder she started moaning slowly…..
soon she came back to her senses n she rushed to take bath…
she started thinking of that fucking act with rahul …she got wet just by picture of cock….
suddenly kareena knocked the door shardda warpd towel around her n opend the door…..
kareena had 2 body builders on left n right side….
sharddha-who are they? (covering her boobs)
kareena- dont worry thy aare my bodygaurds…ok then i have to telll u somthing…
i think u know if u want to get a lead role in movie u have please mr.watson who is making ths movie….rahul was just there to choose,,,……inshort u have suck fuck n do every possibe thing to get this role n once u get it u will become world famous in no time… lets get going ill teach u how to suck n fuck n please ….n few secrets….meet james (pointing a black body builder) and jack( a white body builder too strong ) they have a big cock……
sharddha-no way!!!
kareena-this is the only way….ill tell u somthing….a secret..u know all the roles i have gotten is only becoause i slept with directors n producer sometimes even who crew i fucked so many u cant count…and u know aishwarya biggest slut of bollywood she can handle 100 man she take 10 cocks at a time got it ….fucking is only way up now ….u have already fucked rahul to get this role now fuck him ill teach u how to..
sharddha-but….ok fine but dont tell anyone this thing ok….
kareena- ya
kareena kissed sharddha on her lipss she made her sleep on bed n both startd kissing each other….kareena startd smooching sharddha….
now kareena removed he T no bra no panty.while sharddha just unwarped her towel….both body geurds too got naked jack had 12inch big white cock….while james had 10 inch cock…..brown colour full of viens….
come on sharddha kareena started kissing….kareenas red lips on juicy pink lips of sharddha……
now kareena told sharddha to see hwo she sucks james dick n suck jacks cock the same way….
kareen started licking cock head n soon placed her lips on big white cock….
she started sucking it like a baby sucking lollypop… soon she took half cock in mouth…
james placed his hands on kareenas head hold it then he started fucking her mouth with full seed soon james inserted his 10 inch cock in her mouth n came loads….
kareena drank it all..
sharddha-cheeee wht aare u doing its creepy….
kareena-just do as i say or u will be raped by this 2
james n jack were very strong big biceps chest legs …n cock was rock hard….
sharddha placed her lips on gaint white cock …. kareena pushed her head in ….,….
soon sharddha started sucking his head…sharddha was holding jacks cock with two hands n moving it body…
jack removed his dick frm mouth n kissed sharddha….. then he place his hands over sharddha ceeks rolled back her hair n hold the head inserted his dick in her mouth n slowy start fucking her….
sharddha was loving its taste now…infact she was dripping….
sooon jack increased his speed he was forcing sharddha to take 12 inch full cock in mouth while sharddha simply coudnt soon jacks whole cock was inside sharddha mouth n came in then removed his cock….
sharddha faced turned red n she started brething havely…..
kareen kissed her n drank half cum inside her mouth …they slept on side kissing eact other ……….
soon kareen turned over sharddha now her breast were touching sharddhas and lips over lips n pussy over pussy…..
jack n james started sucking assshole of sharddha n kareena….
after 5 mins they broke kiss /……
jack started kissing sharddha sson he started suking her breast …..
he moved to her pussy sharddha had a perfect pussy with little tried hair on her pussy …..
kareena had shaved pussy….
soon the black guy start pounding on kareena he was so strong he lifted her with hand n placed her pussy on his cock n soon he caght her n start fucking kareena with full speed…..
jack started sucking armpits of sharddha…..soon she dick became erect….
jack inserted his dick inside sharddhas pussy …only his head could enter…..
he then kised sharddha n with one shot his half cock went in….sharddha started screeming loudly….
as they were in middle on sea no one could hear….
he start fucking her in missinary position….. still only 3/4 cock was in….
after 5 mins jack stod up pulled sharddhas legs out sied bed n started fucking her insanely with 10 fucks per second….before sharddha could come he removed his dick n lifted sharddha made her sit in his pennis while he was in sleping position …
sharddha on top shsat on the 12inch cock n start moaning….
here kareena came n the black cock was still not satisfied he slaped kareena- u bitch u cum so quickly ha/..1!!! he placed his cock in her mouth n inserted whole cock in her mouth after 30 sec he removed his cock he was leeking thick sticky cum….. kareena fainted …on bed….
now the balck guy made shardda sit on jacks cock by facing him …he started kissing her but sharddha did nt like that so she refused… .

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08-12-2016, 04:13 AM
Post: #3
RE: Shraddha and Kareena Kapoor Sex
black guy james got upset n inserted his whole cock into her mouth n started banging her outh…..
she sliped her leg by which the whole 12inch cock was in her pussy she wanted to scream but she couldnt……
soon james came inside sharddhas mouth…..
now sharddha was restless but she still didnot cum ….
now jack slept on bed n made kareen sleep on his steel body n inserted his cock in her pussy….kareena boobs were crushed by james chest….
jack-sharddha i love baby u r the best…..i wish i could have u forever…
sharddha thought somthing n wisperd jack – jack ill let u fuck me in my ass but u have insert ur whole 12inch cock into kareenas ass ..
ok said jack ……
jack inserted his cockhead into sharddhas ass only his head coud go in,,,,
jack fuck me deeper fuck me plzz….
kareena-u are a bitch a born whore u could take 12uinch cock in ur pussy thats increddible….. u are a born slut just like aishwarya…..
jack slaped her ….
soon jacks half cock was into sharddhas ass she screamed loudly it was pain her much like hot oil droped into ur pussy….
soon jack came into her asshole….
sharddha kissed jack….n said o love u jack u r good fucker n sweat ….
now kareena was sleeping over james n fucking his cock soon jake inserted his cock in kareenas ass….
his half cock went in soon….
jack-ur ass is pretty very much toght aahhhhh its paining me u r tighter then sharddha…….
kareena-ahhhhhhhhhhhahhahahhahhaha stop it i cant take it anymore .its painign aahhhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
now jack was on top of kareena banging her ass whith his whole cock inside her ass which was painful for both….and kareena on top of james fucking his 10inch cock…..
jack removed his cock from her ass n told sharddha to suck to lubricate it…
sharddhaa- cheee its smells kinky awww yeakk
but she started suckign it soon she liked the taste…
james-brother i m gonna cum i want u to insert ur cock in this bitch pussy we both cum inside her at same time ok….
now jakes insereted his cock into kareeanas pussy slowly his head was in kareena pussy begane to tear….
at last his half a cock was in n three of them came in/……..
james now with his half erect cock lift shardha on his chest….his swet was touching her boobs n he instert his cock inside her pussy ….n jack on bed inserted his cock inside sharddha ass….she started screeming nooooooo
soon both started fucking her with full speed….but james wasnt satified he regaind his 10inch cock….but jack came in her ass which was dripping ….
james made sharddha sit like doggy he inserted his cockinside her pussy n started fucking her with fullest speed…with every thrust his whole cock in n out…..
sharddhaaa——–ahhhhhhhahahahahhaah stoopdd pzlzzz
kareena kissed her n gone down her n started sucking her boobs…..
soon he came n sharddha faints….unconcius…..
Sharddha woke up n found herself on chair infront deck with kareena ….
Sharddha-wht have i done oh my god! I cant belive it.
Kareena-hahahahahahahhah u fucked great u a born bitch hahahaha
Sahrddha-where r we going next..
Kareena-we are going to the island….
Sharddha-wht island…
Kareena- we r going their for ur dont worry dear enjoy..ill explain everything latter looks like our destination has arived..
Sharddha and kareena with 2 bodygaurd jack and james…reached the hotel on island…
Sharddha whts the name of this island?
Kareena-people call it the x island…no more question plzz…
Soon they took their room keys n went…
Kareena was below sharddha room …
Kareena went to her room n sharddha was on her way to her room she heard wierd noise…
She peed through the key hole…
She saw one fat man with monstar dick was forcfully fucking a young lady.. Her she was shouting-sultan u bastard ill not leave u ill kill u ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…
The man lifted her uphe sat on chair n made her her ass sit on his dick..
Sharddha saw her face n body she thought she might be a actress for sure she looked like she knew her but name wasnt coming to mind..
Sharddha purse fell down..
Fatman shouted madhurima ahhhhhha hahh ahhhh i wanted to fuck u from the day i saw u on tv..whose their get lost
Sharddha rushed to her room
She became naked n went to bath….
Bathtub was quit big she just hoped in like a baby …
Their were many soaps n sampoo but one thing was wierd.. Their was a soap in shape of a dick….
She took that n began rubbing it on her pussy and asshole..she slowly i serted that soap dick in her asshole ..
Sharddha-this ahhhh ahhh nice way of cleaning inner parts hahhahahahahaha
Then she started moveing in and out in and out soon whole soap got in..
She removed it and cleaned it with water …
Then again inserted it in her pussy…
She took a small pipe like thing and pressed a button and water brust out..
She put that thing in her asshole… Then pussy…
Sahrddha-ahhha hhhahhhhhhh i i i will also make it in my bathroom..
She came twice during bath…she finished her bathing she shaved her armpits and her trimmed her pussy hair.. She wore a small hmm may be it will be better to say extra small denium pant it was just little bigger then her panty…her ass cheek were too vissble.. And a red bra with blue sleevless small t shirt..
a room service boy knocked door..
Room service..
She opend the door..
A fatman without shirt on just his underwear..with overgrown dick tearig that apart..creating a huge bulge…
Sharddha-who who the hell r u .! Security security…
He introduced himslef as i m dave
Dave- hey bitch shut up… Fuck me n get ur money ok.. How about 10k american dollors? Ok 12k
Sharddha tried to shit the door but dave chought her lifted her on his shoulders and knocked the door shut..
She took her to bed and trowed her ..
Dave looked like bodybuilder but fat with big biceps he removed his underwear and showed his dick.. It was 8inch fat dick full of veins….
Sharddha tried to run but he cought her kissed her with teeth and ripped her shirt …he made his dick position in between her bra n begun fucking her soft boobs…
Then he removed her bra n rubbed it ahainst her dick..
Shardha started screaming …dave pushed his dick inside her mouth pressing her hesd into her dick…he took hold of hair n began troth fucking her…..
Dave-ah ah ah ha hhhhhhhhh wat a plesure i can sleep with u whole night ahhhh…
Sardha-gag gag ag ggagagggagggagagag ..
Dave suddenly dhot huge load of cum inside her troat n sharddha unwanted drank it all..
He cought her hair made her lay on bed on on back side..
He start sucking her breats with hunger …. Useling jis teeth on nipples… Bitting her nipples..
He took her whole breast inside his mouth……. .
He slapped her left breast and pinched her right breast leaving sharddha screeam out of pain…
Her breat becam blood red…
Dave shoved his dick inside her extra small pant slapd her milky tighs..
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhh dave .he took hold of her pant and tared it in two pieces….
shoved it inside her pussy and begun fucking sharddha with full force…. Before cuming he removed his dick and inserted his dick inside her asss …and came there and slapped her ass chicks till they were pink…
He made sharrdha sit and took her head n started fucking her mouth with lighting fast speed…
Ahhha hha hhhhhhhh with agaagaggagagagagag sounds filled room
He again came inside her mouth but this time he spit it out…
Dave lift her on his toghs n began fucking her assshole this time with tv remote in her pussy….. Dave kissed her lips very tight bited he lips …sucked her neck…
He moved down moved her arm up and began sucking her sweet shaved armpits…while banging her asss….
He slapped her asschick n slept on bed on back and began fucking her while slapping her ass cheeks..
He removed his dick from ass stood up and made sharddha stick to to wall and fucked her pussy his dick was sucking her pink pussy lips …..tightly..dave inserted whole dick inside his pussy and came inside her……….
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dave
Sharddha-u motherfucking bastard …crying….
Dave-dont worry baby u will not get prgt because this island water u drink has somthing which actes as pills.. This island is fucking paradize hahahahahah u r traped here, …..for more info…..fuck diffrent man here….hahahahahahahah
Dave made her to batheoom…
And fucked n cummed deep iside her pussy l.,sharddha could feel it in her womb filling..
…he went out fir 5’mins while sharddha quickly got dressed ti run away ..
He gave shardsha 14k american dollors check n went away kissing her lipps n pinching her navel inserted his finger under her armpits n sucked it n went…he also left a gift …

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08-12-2016, 04:14 AM
Post: #4
RE: Shraddha and Kareena Kapoor Sex
Kareena opened door and enter while sharddha was busy trying all phone numbers she ever knew….but to her fate whatever contacts she knew were OUT OF REACH
Kareena-hey their BITCH so….u already got started?
Sharddha in an angry voice replies back where d hell is she ?! And what d fuck is she talkin abt
Kareena in a sweet sexy sound u ………THE PARADISE..and their is no escape from this until u r no longer needed
Sharddha not knowing what she was speaking…
K continues..we r at location unknown no one ever know where we r its not evn on map! Well d motive is…..
What u fuckin whore!!! Shouted aloud sharddha
Kareena little bitterly….exactly we make u whore!! U sleep we earn money….and ofcourse u too get if…u satisfied ours and u r not alone der r many actressess sexy model whom we enslave n make den sleep wid millionares…..!! So this is how it works now talk over ….
Kareena signelled her hand up and two muscular body builder came inside..
On another signal one came forward n caught leg of sliding aharddha from bed n lift her like baby n Kareena kisses her n sprayed somthing and soon she started feeling her eyes heavy heavy n finally shut!!!
Kareena-ooh my dear bitch long way to go!
Whn she opens her eyes she finds herself in a tight white bra n transparent panty ..while hands are tide ….she looks forward n sees 100s of hungry faces
She slowly came back to normal state ….she heard angali sold 10k usd
Kareena was the auctioner…wearing a tight t shirt without any bra n very short pant while her nipples were erect n visble frm far..
She was brought front nearly naked in front of 100 millionaire dogs…all unknown
She tried screaming but her mouth was tied …tears rolled down her white cheeks.
And the ppl got crazy watching her as she was new n quite famous ..
Kareena- sharddha goes for bid min.100k!!!! N shee is virrrgin…cherry waiting to be broken…
By now everyonse dick was fully erect …
Starting minutes were silent …
Sharddha thought she was nor a virgin nor a whore to be sold like this n struggled through her rope…
Now…one fat black man stud up…120k!!!!
N their starts d auction…
Suddenly a big man with two girls in her arms….shouted 20!!!
Kareena-200k…1………2…………..3 and SOLD to mr.jim
Jim ran forward gave check n took sharddha in her arms n sat on his place..
Next came…..kajal…..kareena annouced…
Kareena- kajal agarwall for….120k!! She is one of most wanted figure over all world n she is just available now so cheap …..let the auction began!!
Kajal didn’t resist she sat camly she was in tight t with a panty on…
Tied ofcourse…
Again jim stood up…250k and she is mine!!!!
Ooooooh ohhh ohhh noises went around d house..
But she was not dat cheap… One hunky guy stood up..26!!
Jim 300k n she is mine…widout looking anywhere he went start n kisses kajal slaped her boobs…kareena tried interupting but jim slapped her then kissed her unzeeped d t n …..d mountains peekky peeky were open for all…he took kareena n threw at ppl
While he took kajal in arms wid her n sharddha by one her peraonal bitch..
Kareena screamed …sold!!!!!!! She got up everyone staring at her …one tried to touch her she just kicked him on his dick he fell down n gaurds rushed in…kareena was rescued but she was horny she took a women tied down at house by hair n went into her car to staight home …..todays auction closed …
Sharddha was little less scared as der one another actress..
Both were in back of jims car..he was talking in phone 📱
” hey hey hey alright sorry for dat ill send checks straight awat donn worry dear…”
Sharddha understood nothing…
Soon they reached a big mansion with pool outside and gym too well thats little uncommen..
The 2 women gaurds took kajal n sharddha to bathroom bathed them washed everypart clean…then both thrown naked on bed..
Sharddha sobbed …kajal atlast spoke will u stop crying ….bitch..
Sharddha-whats goin on do u even know!! Hiw d hell will i ever get out!!!
Kajal- hey calmed down now…i m here as secret spy ……..she told sharddha in ears..
Sharddha wht!!so…how will i get out?
Kajal-not I but all actress innocent women frm this island ..

Hey der bitches !! Here i come …whats r u talking must be abt me heh hahahahaha
Jim was tall very big man with 8inch dick very fat ….
He hooped naked on bed…
Jim- hey u bitched get ur selvs WET!! Come on!! Kiss each other thats why i bought u both .. And u r cherry is mine shada..(cell beeps ) ill be right back..
Sharddha- hey kajal i m not a virgin!!
Kajal- yes u are they did an operation u got ur hymen fixed with a tighter cunt ..
Jim voice became audible more by second to swcond…
Kajal plants a kiss on sharddha n forcess her to kiss.. ….DEEP INTENSE…
Jim comes in widout noise tears sharddhas little t and plants his cock inbetween both of their mouths .
Kajal kisses d dick n sharddha follows her…
Jim was a big man he slept on bed lifted kajal on his mouth n turnes lega around sharddha necks forced her swollw dick which was not going inside her by even 3inch max ..
She gags ….sharddha started licking penis tip with speed…
Kajal mouning ahhhhhhhhhHhHHHHh ……oooooooh yeah ooh yeahhh FUCK!!!!!
SHARDDHA u bitch suck my asshole..
Jim lifts his legs around shardha …she undersrod ..
She then starts licking kajals asshole…she didnt like it but was bettter den rode which couldnt fit in mouth..
Jim started rubbing dick against sharddhas pussy …soon she started licking her necter n starts mouning aloud kajal n sharddha goes on deep intese kissing…
This view surly will make any human cum…as he did cum on sharddhas pussy..
Jim pushed both of them on bed …kajal went crazy with sharddha her lips 👄 made her so wet by just one touch of jim made her cum .
Kajal-wow shar..u r so beutifull this lips(carsinf her pink lips) to ur firm white tits…n shaved puss…
Sharddha started kissing her very intensly …jim by all this got so exited he insrtd his cock inside kajal which slid in…..
Tears rolles down kajals ….sharddha licked her years followed by neck cheeks ….white milky tits …they were erect to her body ..n semi shaves brown pussy …
Jim removes his dick n kajal takes sharddhas face near stinking cock she resisted but kajal forced she soon licked evey corner of dick balled …..jim now in intense pleasure liften sharddha made her stable on his dick kajal sat on jims face…
He atartes licking ass of kajal while aharddha moaning… Kajal forced sharddha kiss n made her sit in huge cock….
Sharddhas whole pussy went deeep n she left out a scream painful…
Blood dripping made bedsheet red….
To stop sharddha from screamkng …
Kajal kisses her n presses her nipples ….ahhhjhh ahhhhha ghh uuuuuuuhhhhhh oh yeah fuuck fuuuuuc meeee!!! Ya i ma whore!!!!
They played with each other for awhile jim comea deep inside sharddha n kajal went to sleep …..sharddha too felt heaving of eyes n they drop…two beauties lie on each other..
Jim fire a cigare n says well this bitches were awesome!! But…hahahah i need my investment back……BACK ..
Sharddha felt a cold sensation ……she slowly opened her eyes….
She finds herself naked infront along with kajal….she was still in deep sleep..
But she observed she was not in bed!! She was chained to a wooden board and nor it was bedroom …it was ….a huge bar cum whore house she was rolled to middle of stage with mouth bandaged body fully strachted exposing her tits to pussy and arms to white tighssss…..
Along with her kajal still in sleep mouth bandaged was being rolled to middle of stage both locked..starechd by chaines on wooden big board …
Soon she saw 1000s of hungry faces craving for a look of their angelas body..
Most already shagging der dicks…and few similer looking actress maybe soup program actress whom she used to watch on t.v …she recognized few faces frm star plus serials…and der savdhaan indias anchor too forced to swollow a big dick vissible to sharddha from so far…she was tring to breath but dat cock filles her mouth ..semen followinf through her nose…..
Watching this horrable site sharddha began crying despratly..tears rolles down frm cheeks to breast climbing nipple(however erect) n flew through pussy…mixed with pussy wetness …
She was feeling exited …abnormaly higher…she understood she has been drugged..
This horrible scene of 1000 dicks unknown faces made her cry bitterly pleading …through eyes..
Their their… Jim come to stage..
I m annoucing u all this whore for sell!!! Lets began…so any body wanna fuck dat milkytited sleeping beuty? ..
A roar came across the bar…one stood up 10k i wanma fuck fuckkk her!!!!
He was same blackman in house who was tring to buy kajal but lost sharddha recalled…
Sold!!! U have 10mins she is all urs for then..
Black man- thats more then enough!!! Ill show her hell!!!
He goes near kajal adjust dick over her pussy lips..
Sharddha mouth bandage falls down due to wettness n she screamsss…
Kajal wake up!!!!!!
She woke up with a jolt as soon as she open her eyes …he crushes his fat dick inside her dry pussy!! Kajal screamed with a high pitch as her dry pussy become drenched with blood…her scrwams were audible still through her bandage…
Cumming cumming..ahh ahh ahhh oooh yeah baby he filles her womb up..
He spank her ass cheeks n slams her breast began sucking milk out of it!!..
Where milk heh?? Bitch i want milk wheres it!!
Jim innterputs oooh my times up times up!!
He gives annother slapp on her ass n leaves..
Jim- per pussy fucking 10mins 10k!!! And well anal hey hey u gotto know sharda is a virgin by ass…any body wants her annality?! 20k!!
Many hands along with dicks raised up …
2 were selected by jim..
Both hunky white man ..
One removes kajals bandage over mouth n kajal let outs scream…
Another plants dick inside sharddha mouth until then the whores adjest her ass towards n unchained both but chained again this time chains came frm up …such dat both der hand were chained n streched they could expand however xontract by themselves..
Sharddha unable to take even a inch of his dick..he gives a push n forces cock along her throat…
Kajal staring at sharddha throat which was contractinf n ezpanding as he shoved his dick..while kajal was getting banged by cock ..
Sharddha could feel him feeling up his throat… As he cumms again and again..
He removes his lubricated cock…which with great force went into her mouth..
5mins left jim said…
Sharddha lets a sigh as she was breating heavily…
He places dick on sharddhas asshole..n gives a little push it doesnt even go a inch in..
He inserts finger by forces inside her ass as she screams on top of her voice…
He removes dick and spits inside her ass n then he entera his fat cock inside which sled one inch inside her ass …soon he started comming loads as her assshole was damn tight!!! Sharddha by this pain felt unconscious..
A nearby whore comes to her assist sprays watter n places her pussy over her mouth..
Now jim and all other by this sight were totally crazyly horny…
Everybody took nearby naked whore serving things and started shoving dicks in every possible holes.. In one pussy 2dick n one by ass ..
Scream jou pleasure mixed sounds spread in d bar…
Sharddha woke up n smelles a stinking pussy… No asshole!!
She was forced to suck it …
Jim now sold both pussy for 10k while anal 20k n blowjob 5k-10k..
Their was a huge huge line one cock behind other …
Everybody in bar nearly….fucked her.. N jim welled earned 10times more then he spent on this bitchess….
Very little ppl were on floor while whores crying on floor with swelled up pussy ..
Sharddha kajal both continously getting fucked….blowed ..
Jim too got horny by this time and goes near kajal …she was sobbing crying begging not to use her asshole.. But it slide inside with great froce by a man..
Jim now kisses kajal n inserts dick in pussy it wasnt moving by a inch…
But he penitrated through her pussy n by some time both the holes were drilled…
Sharddha was fuckked by pussy now…as her anus was quit alot red in colour n her screams made this ppls day…
Sharddha was getting drilled in mouth n pussy..
She starts sucking cock on her own will as she found it easier n less painfull den forced inside throat…
The day ended with huge pleasure all pussy swelled up…all cock became silent for some time n this made …well turnout jim a huge profit probbly biggest profit he were earned… Kajal sharddha both given sleeping drug….n were taken to jims mansion….
Aishwarya-ahh ahhj ahhhhh hhhhhhhhh ….slow slow slow ….ooh yeah i m a bitch!!!
Fuck me!!!!•
He removes his cock out n comes over aishwarya breast…
And falls next to her…
Aish-that was great asif ummmm….semens tastes good….did u sleep?
Asif-no my dear just fucking u for last 3hrs cummjng over n over again….ooh ur beauty melts my testis…
Aish-hahahahhahHahahhhHhaha…that was funny …
Asif calls on tele phone- send 4women aish becams dirty. Bring them fast!
Aish-hey why do i need them! And well looks likw u r tired how will well drill em?
Asif-no dear thats a surprise for u.
Doors open and to her surprise illiana comes in..
Ill-hey boss…well billionaire boss whats up…
She was totally naked roming eveeywhere .. ..
She had smal breast flat belly trimmed pussy… N hot lips 👄 waiting to be handled..
Illiana comes near aish n starts kissing her moving slowing down sucking all the cream on her body …she sucks her wet fucking pussy…
Aish- ahhhhhhHhhhhhhhhh….
Illiana enters bed places her pussy over aish mouth…
Both start sucking each others….private parts..
Asif starts smooching with aish armpits……sucking arms legz then he kisses illiana both place togue over aish pussy n start sucking her pussy..
Aish screams with pleasure ahhhhHhhhhh oooooh my goooodddddsd!!! Iiii……MmMm
Asif had semi erect 7inch cock …he plces it on illianas lips and she sucks like a good girl…..

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08-12-2016, 04:14 AM
Post: #5
RE: Shraddha and Kareena Kapoor Sex
Muuuuu mmmmhmmhmm gaggaggggg
He moves his cock into wet aishs pussy…
With each stroke mixed cum semen saliva liquid was sucked by illiana…
Aish was in heaven….she jut places her mouth inside illiana pussy ..rolles tongue deep inside her pussy…
Aish again cumsssss….
Breathing heavily aish- wait wait…. I m out!! Fuck this bitch..
Illiana gets up asif lifts Ileana upside down place her mouth near his cock n shoves her throat down the rout..while he sucks her pussy…
After some time he places ileanas body over bed n face upside down to bed …
He starts fucking her mouth cums deep inside her throat ….
He again lift ileana n fucks her but his dick become weak so he lifts her and places her pussy over beds rod like corners …
Ileana lets out a scream!!!!
Soon she too cums and all lie next to each other….
Breathing heavyly… u both are awesome.. He signs a check amount 100k to both…happy birthday my whores
Ileana sucking milk out of aishwaryas nipples…ahhh ahhh lets ahhh stop it baby!!!
Asif- hey aish can i ask u omething?
Aish-anything•••ahh illi ahh u like my milk heh?
Asif-whom did u fuck fiest? I bet not hub hahahahah he is a gay lady!
Aish- i did alot of blowjobs during my clg days i got money by it alot..i use spend them partibg enjoying.. There was washroom in clg in der a cock used to pop up frm wall n i used suck it till he cum den i took money but i never fucked anyone ..
I wanted to become an actor so i used vist studios many times .one day a masked man sees me he atares me for somwtime then he slowly walks near me n sits besides me… He didnt say anyhing frm somtime then he forcfully kissed me ahhh then tears my pant n makes me nude even before i knew he was a master in it i thought.. I didnt wear any bra dat day…he removes his 10inch cock i was socked seeing it i wanted to run away but he caught me placed hand on mouth he forcfully fucked me blood started dripping my pussy..ooh it was damn painfull..
He raped me for abt 1hr came on face n goes… I asked him name but no reply he runa away…after some timw i woke up n abt 10ppl were staring at me hungryly all fucked me one by one then eveyone went i was left crying der…my pussy was torn paining awefully….i went home in this torn cloths outfit ir was night tough i secretly went in but my cousin cought me …i fucked him too …it was awefull day of my life.
Asif-ahh .. Intresting lady…
Aish confinous now that bastard fucks me whenever we r alone with hia tinny little dick hahahahaha i m tierd of acring for him but u know i found that masked man.!!
He was my father-in-law hahahhaahah i came to know this when i was masterbatibg he saw me n lost control forced his cock deep in my throat i rememberd this taste and length!! Frm then he on he fucked me when ever we were alone …still i had sex with my bodygaurds everytime i used car… I fucked diver too somtime had gangbang with wholw crew!! And now i m in PARADISE!! SLEEPING WITH king!
Ileana-yes thats why u got pregt hahahahhhaa… Whenever i had sex i used condom..
Asif-shut up bitch! Well that was good..
Aish-what r ur plans now?
Asif-i got kajal sonam alia and sharddha booked..amisha well u both bring her here..
Currently i need sharddha …i want to taste dat bitch fuck her …i heard she was banged by 1000men …hhahahahahahah (lighting cigrate) all these actrrss are brought here for a special reson… Here take ur cheks n bring amisha another 200will be ur…
Ileana-woh what plan? And ok leave it… Aish i love ur milk its so tasty hahahhaahha
.Sharddha wakes up with a jolt looks around and found herself in a hotel room in cloths a tight T and a night pant…
She finds kajal on other bed and wakes up…
Kajal woke up-ah… head hurts…and where r we?
Sharddha-I don’t know we are somewhere in a hotel I guess lets get a bath …today its 2nd that means we R sleeping frm 2days!!
Ok said kajal….
Their was only one bath tub….so sharddha said she would bath first while kajal said she would …soon they began argueing ..
Ok ok ok.!!!!! Lets both so bath tub I big enough! Said. Sharddha
Kajal agreed ….
They became naked soon n kajal entered tub….
Sharddha placed a foot on tub she sliped n fel on kajal…
Hey !!! U ok? Asked kajal
Sarddha- ill rub ur back com on…
Kajal-no its ok.. Ok ok thnq
Sharddha however. Starts rubbing her back then she leans towards her n starts kissing kajals neck….while pressing her nipples with one hand n fingering with other..
Ahhhh…..sto…p ahhhhhh pl…..ahhhhh oooh no no not so deep..
By now sharddha whole four fingers went inside….lubricating it more..
Kajal turn towards sharddha and plants a kiss on her pink lips…
Shradha take a move and catches her hair head b gets intense with kajal …
It was like both lips playing dandiya while their pink lips downward played with each other …
Hey let me clean u said kajal…
She take water pipe presses it n cool water ejects out..
Sharddha-no way ok and starts laughing..
Kajal places on sharddha pussy lips and presses it…
Ahhhhhhh oooh damn its soo cold.!!!!!
Kajal insterts in deeper inside pussy..
Sharddha with extremly pleasures expressions on her face Bends front n starts kissing kajal ..
Kajal sit on that pump so pump whole goes in with water also ejecting with full speed as d pussy lips pressed d button…
Uhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh get up kajal!!! Kaju plzzz ahhhhh its awesome oooh yeah!!!!! Hmmmmmmmm……shatddha stoumch fills up..
Kajal gets up as sharddha expression become calm indicating she came..
Now kajal takes up a small soup when sharddha closed her eyes…she sprayed water on sharddha ass n inserted opening near asss….
No way kaju no way u cant ….too late….noo ahhhhhjhhjhhhh stoop!!!!
Ok said kajal n pauses it insertes d soup inside the ass …
Wwahs that ahhhhh remove it …
Kajal insterts in ass deeply n starts the watter…
Ahhhhh………. ……screams fill the rooms!!
Sharddha jumps up and…
U bitch whore sew now what I do!!!
Kajal-calm down baby!! Just chill
Sharddha takes toilet cleaning broom frm back n inserts in her pussy ..
Kajal not expecting nor ready lets out huge screams ….
Sharddha removes dat n starts sucking dat pussy!!!
Ahhhh ahhh yesssssssss••• suck my!! Ahhh oooh yeah!!!!
Sharddha take shampoo bottle it small one opens it and insertes in her ass …
It doesn’t go so she pour shampoo n inserts it…
The bottle goes in….n shampoo well spreads inside her asshole..
Kajal was in heaven…
Sharddha now sprays the water inside her ass…
The watter bubbly comes out of her ass…
Kajal piches sharddha pussy hair so she fallls over kajal n she sucks her whole mouth inside out ….ahhhh I m coming shardha!! Little more!!! Succking throught her breast armppits belly while sharddha fingers her….
Yeah!!! I m cumming!!!
Door blasts!!! A hunky men satnd on side and asif enters….

Ileana-wow this plane is so nice!! I never travelled in a private jet I always wanted to….ahhh hey aish I m hungry can get some milk!..
Aish-fuck u!! Just enjoy this plane …reson I sleep with him I get alot of money…and ads too..
Ileana-yeah me too…money money money hahaha now lets play…
Aish remove her dress which hardly covered her breast except nipples..n pant without panty revealing hair which was wet…
Ileana too get naked n sits on aishs lap…
Aish plants a kiss on ileanas small breasted niplles n passes her hand through her pussy n other fingering ass..
Ileana moans n begans kissing which get intensified by every moment after 10mins they were kissing each other vigouresly.. Eating each other lipps…sucking hell out of mouth..
Ileana scream I m cummmming!!!!!!..
Pilot could hear that….
Aish now its my time…
Ileana smoching through aish necks goes to milk fountains n places her lips over breast tring to take all her breast in mouth which wasn’t possible simply..
Aish lets out a small moan …ileana now places hand over other breast nipples…
And teath over sucking breast .. While rubbing her clitoris..
Ileana bites Aishs nipple while piching other breast nipple
Milk pure white ….started coming out through her nipples.
Aish now near to cumming …
Ileana drinks milk like baby over her lap….while pinching clitoris fingering tight ass..
Aish comes out….
Moaning loadly…
A lady steward come to see what’s happening n couldn’t belive over her eyes…
On plane thery were 2pilots 1lady steward n one steward…
Ileana looks at her evilly…
She runs near her and slaps her tearing her uniform …
She had indeed bigger breast then aish…obviously she was frm Australia…
Seeing those erect nipples Ileana kisses those hard….
Steward in shock couldn’t do anything..
Ileana tears her panty n bra fully n throws it here n there…
She places her hand inside pussy which was drenched with juices..
Sleep down bitch…
She does so…
Aish goes n falls on her whole body …starts smoching with her…
Breast over breast nipple over nipple lip over lip pussy over pussy..
Lady over lady…watching these scene itself that man penis erupts he get naked in seconds .he was hiding near door watching all these..
Ileana too couldn’t resist it she gals over aish pressing her pointy nipples over Aishs back n sucking her neck ….rubbing pussy .
The man comes silently n inserts dick inside Ileana pussy..
She looks back n screams…
Aish busy in smoching relized her chest was drechned with sweat and milk ..
Steward shouts…plz get off me my milk is leaking…
Aish gets off Ileana falls down but the man didn’t stop he fucked her in side possition till he cummed. .
Aish-wow hey handsome mind little sucking..
Ileana was too tired by this he fucked her pussy so hard it begane swelling…
Aish-omg!! That’s so big and thick…
Aish widout any wait take the dick in mouth she tried to take whole but wouldn’t go..
Ileana see that lady big boobs…and jump to her …Ileana sucks her breast clean sucking her whole face body pussy however she comes…
Ileana sucked and sucked but milk still poured ..
Atlast her stomach became full..
She exchanged cock for her breast with aish ..
Ileana sucked cock liek pro ….
While aish sucked milk of huge milk tanks…
Ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh filled whole plane…birds were mating over plane while pilot land on cock …
Pilot could handle the pressure anymore made plan in auto pilot mode n rushed to fuck..
Aish get one pilot naked n starts sucking cock while other…
Drags the lady steward to cockpit …lol while lady pleaded for mercy..
He lift that lady n sit on pilot sit…
He began sucking her lips….face flabby arms armpit everything..
Stil lady resisted alot…
Pilot-I always wanted to fuck u frm so long here!!! Jeez ur so fucking sexy so big melons make my bringal elif tower ….ahhhhh yes see this…
He again lift steward she was heavy ….her breast herself were too heavy..with blonde hair n wid no hair on pussy….truely great creation..
Pilot places her pusy on handle which was infront ant 7inch big …her pussy betrayed her… It slipped clean through whole rode… She let out a whole big scream ..
Birds mating over plan flew away…and whore mating became more itense…
U fuckin whore… Shut up …pilot said n stood on his sit n pushed he erect cock through her mouth…banged her mouth so much cum was ozing out through her lips..
Stomuch was filling whit seamen..and milk was leaking again…
Ileana n aish and pilot n steward rushs to cockpit…
Aish-wow!! This so romantic…i want to be fucked like that ..
Ileana.-hey see that milk wow ….she has bigger breast then u aish hahaha..
Ileana rushes towards lady..pilot removes cock from her mouth n steps down both breathing heavily…
Ileana gets on work sucking her milk again ..
She is a milk lover …indeed
Now all 3men looked at aish hungrily..
U wanted to be fucked yeah baby come!!
Aish was little scared by that.
The steward lift aish n placed his cock ovr her ass but doesn’t go in …
He place aish down …
Aish looking 1000000000 degree hot wet with swet made her body glow like sun…
Her gravity made cock erect n fall on her…
All cum was ozing towards her…
All men with ozing cocks erect more then their limits. ..moreing unstablely demanding aish flesh saliva juices…
Aish spread her legs revealing garden n golden pussy..
Steward just by forced insterted whole cock inside her mouth forcfully …n filled her throat…by seaman …aish eyes became red teary…cum coming frm nose…
Pilots-hey lets take the plane down for!! Handle it well we r gonna tear it ..
Aish was now scared to hell…no one flying plan while plane was flyed by a pussy ..
Lady cummed again n again ….
The pilot takes Ileana lift her as lady gets up frm rode well handle or steering wheel u can say…
N places illis pussy over thdat rode….the rode was lubricated by ladyies cumm enough so illiean didn’t much felt. Pain ….
Now the lady screwed with Ileana…it was her free time…
The pilot lift one leg n inserts his cock inside drenched pussy…
Whole cock went inside …he forced it surely …
Aish was in seventh heaven….. But well pilots wanted to show hell…
Another pilot sleeps next to aish and inserts his dick inside her pussy…
Wtf!! He was tring to do kill her??
He kissed aish deeply absorbed screams..
With full force he entered her pussy…
Even thought aish did this before she lost practise after her marrage…
It pained alot…but pleasure too..
Both the cocks moved in out inout…
Stewards cock was just too much under pressure watching this started cumming ..
His cum felt on the lady face …she jerked but didn’t react…n got busy in torchering Ileana …
Steward lift busty lady n fucks her pussy inside out…
Aish due to too much pain went unconscious…
Thepilot however both came inside her pussy. .their cock was still erect..
One pilot sucked aish breast vilently..
Pinching nipples breast …
While other join lady n kissed n fuckked her mouth n inserts his cock inside her pussy…which full with cumm and stewards cock..
Pussy walls tears blood roles out…
Steward-man she so heavy I will place on ur keyboard like their n ill fuck her ass from down while u both pilot fuck her pussy ok?
Both agreed instaly…while lady cried biterly..
As planned steward with some trouble took her anal verginity…it was damn tight..
While both pilot fucked under one hole…tearing to add too…
All were near to cum..
And the steward too inserts in cock in pussy however only his head went inside..
Lady scream on top of her voice…..
All came loads after loads after loads ….
Stil placed their cock inside till turned back small..
After they removed their cocks.. A thick white creamy cum flowed through her pussy .
The flight landed in rajesthan Jaipur….
The lady was pregent not knowing whose child it was …pilot or other pilot or steward..
She was already with 2children …and her husband allways fucked her condom on..he wonderd how she can become prgt by that! They had alot of sex sometime naked whole day…she will remeber this for lifetime eventully she got promoted …
While our whore aish had trouble speaking …..and bitch Ileana wanted more fucks ..
This was never ending lust.. ….
Now these actress kidnap anisha Sonam and few other get them to island…

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