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Slave To Sexy South Indian Actress
08-30-2012, 09:24 AM
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Slave To Sexy South Indian Actress
I had a great lust on this woman. It’s for the only reason I had a damn crush on her I joined her as a servant whom I was dying to see close.

Before I joined her as a servant I have been fantasizing her since when I saw her in a movie and since than I have been the greatest fan of hers. Whenever her movie is screened even if it’s an old one I would see it as many times as possible.

My utmost fantasy is to see her close, touch her at least once if I have luck, and anyhow steal her dress and masturbate with them are my ‘all time fantasies’. I never have thought anything more because I am a poor guy working very hard even for food and clothes.

But in my teen age when my father is alive my family is a middle class one. Those days I spent much of my time seeing her movies. I spent my evenings in cinema theatres, which showed her movie. Some time I saw all the shows in one day just because of her. I collected all the magazines that published her photos.

After my fathers death I have to earn for the family. By now she also has stopped acting in movies and her pictures can’t be seen in magazines too. When she separated from her husband and started acting in Television serials I became the happiest man in the world to see her again and that too with very beautiful features and curves than ever before. In that instant I had a deliberate urge to join her as a servant in her house.

For joining her I had have to bribe her manager, and treat him with liquor even though that old manager is a long relative of mine. My family is also not in a good condition anyhow. So they are all very happy to hear that I have joined as a servant in a famous actress house. I am just a welding mechanic and didn’t earn much from it. The only thing I gained in doing mechanic works is the muscular body and a perfect manly structure. As from my birth I am blessed with a fantastic height, I looked more handsome for the girls around my home. As you all know Nalini is the DAMN sexiest heroine, not just for those times but even I can say till date. I have never seen a women with sharp features and such abnormal curves... She has the sexiest hips, because it’s so flat and utmost sexy with her very beautiful buxom football like boobs and sexiest butts curved like a statue. She has a very sexy face with sharp eyes and a sexy carved nose. Her lips are like two Halva pieces. Her breasts always stood like two piercing erect coconuts.

If she wears her nightdress at night it would be treat for anyone’s eyes. She always wears a very costly silk maxi. It would be very shiny at the same time if you look it deep you could see her superb body through her see through dress. I would ogle her those times and would drool at her sexy expensive body. She uses a world-class perfume that could seduce anyone who go nears her.

My job at her house includes nearly everything except cooking at home. I have to clean and wash the floors, wash her clothes and Iron them clean her car and even her footwear. Apart from this I did small plumber works or electrical ones and a little gardening too as I was well used to them. But the jobs that exited me like hell were washing her clothes cleaning her room floors and her foot wears. While washing her clothes, I felt like touching her and caressing her body.

While cleaning her shoes and foot wear I felt like touching her feet and massaging them. As I did most of the household work from electrical repairs to washing clothes, Nalini began to consider me as the most loyal and important servant in the house. She began to show special interest in me and would give extra money whenever she went outdoor shootings.

There are other servants like a 50-year-old car driver; a lady cook and a lady make up women apart from an old manager (PRO). So I enjoyed being a sole youngster in the whole house. I stayed with the old car driver in the outhouse. Other servants came from home and would leave after work. The driver would go straight to the backyard out house after work. So I am the one who stayed all day and most of the night doing household work at that big bungalow.

There is a big Bathroom cum toilet in the Back of the house where I used to wash all the clothes. As I shared the small outhouse with the old driver I rarely had time to masturbate. But seeing Nalini often so close and smelling her seductive scent I became mad with lust and searched a place to jack off and release myself. After a long thought I found that the bathroom is a very nice place to jack off. Because Nalini never comes there as she uses only the upstairs attached toilet. The other servants would always be busy in their one job and would hardly come backside. At some of my maddest moments I would grab one of her dress, which would be there to be washed, and would Imagine that I am fucking her wild and would masturbate like hell. My dick would be hanging like a gun of a horse and I would envelope it with her silky Panties or her satiny Bras.

One beautiful morning I woke up with full sexual aroused state because of my last night dreams about sexy Nalini. So in the bathroom I thought of masturbating. I ran to the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at the basket where her clothes, which should be washed, would be there. To my glory it is full and on the top of it I saw her black silky panty. I took it slowly in my hand and smelt it. It smelt heavenly. In the spot of her vagina a sweet smell of lust arose. Yeah. May be it’s from the pre cum of her last night. I dipped my tongue on that spot and licked it. My dick extended to its length and slowly rose to its maximum. My hands slipped to its root and held it tight. I licked my lips in lust. I imagined that the beautiful aunt actress is sitting before me cross-legged with full make up. I imagined that she have put on her blood red lipstick and a big saffron on her forehead. I imagined she is wearing her black sari. I thought of touching her feet which I had big fetish. I always loved her foot. Her feet were always clean and looked great. He legs were hairless and shiny. Oh! How can I ever describe. I imagined touching them and kissing them. I covered my prick with her panty and slowly moved it along through its length. It felt great. I started moving it with a comfortable pace. I closed my eyes and imagined getting close to Nalini’s lips.

Suddenly someone stormed the door open and before I got into the sense Nalini came inside the toilet. Then I realized that I have only closed the door but didn’t lock it at all. She came in side and turned red. My dick is covered with her panties. And my tanned body is naked below waist. The shirt I was wearing didn’t hide anything that’s below my waist except my panty covered prick. I was shivering after seeing her. My legs were virtually dancing. She didn’t get exited as I have read in sex books before seeing my state. She slapped me hard on my face and spat on it. Her beautiful face showed her point of anger.

“ You dog! How could you dare to do such a thing, I treated you above my servant and you have behaved in such an ugly manner that I couldn’t believe you anymore and keep you beside me anymore. Collect your salary from the manager and get the hell out of the house. I don’t want to see you anymore.”

I got scared and immediately fell at her feet.

“Madam, I am sorry! Punish me any way but please don’t sack me. I have no other way out. I did this because of my madness and I swear I wont do it any more. I will do what ever you order this slave; I would be loyal to you and do it. You are like a goddess to me and I will never be dishonest to you ever again. Please give me one more chance.”

Tears flowed from my eyes and touched her legs. I know there is only a little chance for me to get this opportunity to work under (!) her hereafter.

She kicked my head with her foot aside. I didn’t dare to look up. So I kept my head down and just heard her saying,

“Ok. Let this be the last time. I would give you a week’s time for you at first. One more time I find you disloyal and if you repeat such nuisance you wont be just sacked. You would be handed over to the police. I would report to the police that you have stolen some valuables from me. If only you stick to me and do all the sort of work I tell you properly and truthfully to me I would assure you a job here. If you are ok with all this you can continue here or else you can move out from here immediately.”

I had no other option other than agreeing. After she left for quiet some time I didn’t dare to come out of that bathroom. I wondered what made her to come into that bathroom.

‘After all it’s her house. She can roam anywhere she wants to. I should have been careful and locked the door. Past is past. I should do whatever she tells and stick to the job here after’ -I thought.

For the next two days I avoided coming before her and as she was busy with her TV serial shooting schedules I too didn’t have much trouble. But as I deliberately avoided her presence I felt the fetishes and fantasies I had on her growing every passing minute. I felt that I would do any thing to satisfy her and stay beside her.

A day later she is back home and I was so nervous this time. But when she called my name, I started shivering as I shivered when I am caught red handed. I tried to control myself but couldn’t. I went before her with my head down. She was sitting in the chair beside her showcase. She ordered in her voice loud.

“Clean my foot wear”

I was so nervous that I couldn’t find the cleaning brush or cloth to clean it. I thought of cleaning it with my shirt but I know it’s a tight one and wont stretch until the shoe. I am sweating like hell not knowing what to do. I am afraid whether she would shout if I tell her the shoe polish and brush both are missing. I wanted like hell to let her know my loyalty towards her. As my head was down I saw her legs crossed and she was swaying her feet. Her foot as always is clean and looked glorious. The little area of her legs that are displayed to my view is shining and sexy. I got an instant erection.

“What are you looking at? I said clean my foot wear.”

She ordered in a commanding as well as in an angry voice this time.

I was so aroused that I couldn’t think of anything else and immediately knelt before her and took her feet with her foot wear and began to lick it clean. I licked inch by inch with a hurry to clean it at the same time to do it thorough. At the time I almost finished her right feet I suddenly came to my senses what I was doing. I was stunned for a minute thinking of what I have done. I have no guts to look up and see her face. But when I slowly looked up to see her face I saw her eyes half closed and her head thrown towards the ceiling. So I got bit courage and continued the act. Suddenly she pulled her leg and uncrossed her leg. That was the moment I am about to collapse. She took her feet and pushed my head aside with his heeled chap pals. My breath almost stopped. I recalled her saying ‘One more time I find you disloyal and if you repeat such nuisance you wont be just sacked. You would be handed over to the police.’

But when she changed her legs and crossed it, this time with her left feet and showed it towards my face I understood what she meant. I looked at her face still showing some cruelty and a mischievous look. She looked straight into my eyes. I understood her perfectly. She likes me as her slave. I always loved to be her slave and I never had any problem or doesn’t have any ego at all in doing slavery to such a heavenly sexiest female having a nice body with all my fetish desires craved along her lines. She wants to boss around me and I don’t care. I instantly jumped and started licking her left feet shoes. This time I did it a bit slower and with care. I did the work with perfection as if I am a born shoe-licker.

After the work is done she again kicked my face aside with her high-heeled footwear. I didn’t care at all. I stayed kneeling before her until she stood up and said:

“Ok I forgive you for once. If you stay loyal to me like this you can stay here until I wish to keep you as a servant. But this doesn’t mean that you have access to play with my panties. If I find you are sense that you do so I would kick you out of here as a thief. Be careful.”

After this she left the hall and went for her shooting.

Even after she is gone I am so exited. The words ‘play with my panties’ she uttered was repeating in my ears for a long time, even she scolded not to do. The act I was been doing ‘Licking’ my fantasy woman’s footwear exited me more. I was so much aroused this time. But something inside me said that I was heading towards a beautiful life, even if her speech and acting are in a different tone. I decided to wait and continue her for a slave until it turns into a boon for me. I decide ‘not to search the lost Footwear polish and brush.’

From that day onwards she developed the practice of calling me to clean her footwear whenever she left for outing. But as days went on I developed my courage factor too. While licking her shoes at first I held her shoe as a balance so that it doesn’t move while my tongue played on it. At the same time I had a close look on her sexy feet that showed out of her shoes. They were extremely sexier for me to hold. So as the days passed on I forget her initial scolding words and gently began to touch her feet while holding her shoes. When my strong hands first touched her feet, I sensed a bit of jerk from her side too. But as I myself was so much exited I can’t be so sure whether it’s her feeling or mine.

The next day I got some more guts to hold her footwear and while I am licking and cleaning her I looked a little above her reaction. I could see her head tossed up and eyes closed. So in the process of cleaning her feet I slowly, but very carefully lead my tongue out of its boundary and placed my lips very slightly on her bare feet. My body shredded with pleasure and I could say she might also have sensed it because of the little jerk I sensed from her body. But I decided I would rather be slower in the progress of doing any such thing, knowing what kind of woman she is. So I continued just my foot licking work and finished it for the day.

The next day I was a bit more daring and I licked her feet just once. I thought she expected me to continue but I didn’t. In a way I needed her approval or a hint of approval from her to proceed or to continue. But the following day something improved. When she shouted for me as always I ran towards her with my heads down. As I am very much used to the process I am no more nervous at all. I knew well I have a place here and its safe. So I knelt down and as I know that there is no shooting for her today and that she is only going out for shopping I took her sexy footwear clad feet slowly and took a close look at it. I kissed her footwear when she stretched it towards me. Then I moved my lips in a kissing position instead of a licking style. I didn’t care seriously when my lips accidentally and afterwards incidentally touched her bare feet. I was in a real heaven. When I am almost finished with both of her foot she did a strange thing. She lowered her shoes down and showed her bare feet towards my face. I didn’t believe it. Or Am I misunderstanding anything?

“Clean it too”

She didn’t finish her command. I jumped and licked it too. This is my wildest fantasy. As this was becoming a reality, my dick lost its temper and began to ooze its pre-cum. It became abnormally long that it began to hurt inside my under wear. I licked it slowly and passionately. I even sensed her legs stretching out and she is letting out hot breath. My breath also became hotter and I kissed her feet while licking. That’s the time she kicked my face aside and stood up.

“You are getting braver. Are you?”

I kneeled down at the same position, with my head down.

“No madam. Not even in my dreams. I am a slave to you and I am just serving you as you direct. I wont dare a thing apart from it. You are like a goddess to me and I wont dare to misbehave.”

I said acting like sobbing a little. But I managed to show some tears in my eyes. Believing my acting entirely she left the place. She didn’t even care to look at me or say it’s ok. She just left. Knowing her character I too didn’t care about all that. I went and continued my daily routines.

At the night she called me to her room. I ran to show her my loyalty (?). I stood at her doorsteps with my hands crossed and my face down.

“Yes madam”

I said in a very low voice.

Clean my room immediately.

I looked a bit over to see her. She is sitting at the edge of her bed her legs crossed as usual but abnormally in an utterly sexy dress that nobody would have seen her in such a short revealing dress. I wondered whether I am going to get something tonight. But I decided not to get exited by anything I see or anything that happens because I know to whom I am dealing. I swallowed my saliva and entered the room with the vacuum cleaner. While I am cleaning the room I saw her in the corner of my eyes. She was dressed in a nightgown, which is very transparent and loose. The nightdress ended up in her knees. As she have crossed her legs it is still dragged up and a bit of her thighs are also revealed. Her thighs were huge and her legs were shinier. Her transparent dress showed her outlines of her black panty and the bra. I thought of the good old days in which I am luckier to jack off with those fucking sexy under garments. I sighed for a brief second and looked above to see her. I am shocked to see her looking straight at me. ‘My God!’ I thought. So I looked down and began to do my work.

She rose from her lace and poured a cup of some foreign liquor, which is kept, on her dressing table in a glass. Then she came again to her bed and sat at the same leg crossed position increasing my temperature and mood. Her room is clean and having a pleasant smell of a room freshener. The Air condition is on with a mild chillness. I wondered why she ordered to clean an already clean room. But I am very glad that she asked me to clean in such a sexy night and having her revealing.

In a while I sensed she poured some liquor on her dress and feet. She didn’t seem to bother but she called me.

“Hey clean this mess.”

I immediately got the clue. I thought tonight is going to be my glory. So I ran towards her place and knelt down. Damn it. She smelt heavenly. At first I am confused where to start. But then I gathered courage and started at her feet. I licked every inch of the liquor poured area first. Then I began to slowly spread my tongue all over her feet and stared licking her toes, and moved very slowly towards her ankles. I almost sucked her ankles when I reached that area. I felt her feet twisted and stretching more. Then I held her legs and sucked more and more. I licked then with her liquor and drained them. Then at last when I started kissing it she threw her feet and kicked me off. Then she crossed her legs and stretched her left feet and legs as usual. As I am well aware of her deeds by this time I didn’t really care or fear for any thing. I am in heaven. I continued my tonguing and licked them passionately. My hot breath is burning and my saliva also became so hot. I definitely knew she too is hot by now. Then she kicked me off another time. I fell off aside and she stood up. Before I realize and look up she removed her panties in a stride and threw it in my face. I thought she is going to call me to fuck her. After all, she is drunk. But, she didn’t. No. Not so soon it seemed.

“Ok I understand your loyalty. You can keep this for you and can masturbate as you wish. But, if you want any more panties you shouldn’t steel. You must come and service me and can take a panty from me as a gift. Do you understand?”

“Yes Madam”

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08-30-2012, 09:24 AM
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RE: Slave To Sexy South Indian Actress
“Now get out of here and close the door while you go off”

All my dreams are shattered one more time. But I know I have reached a great step forward. My fantasy women who threatened me to jail me have given her panty herself for me to jack off. The costliest panties that any youngster fantasize and any rich man in the town will get for few thousand rupees If sold out.

I ran towards the bathroom and didn’t care to lock the door since I have got the permission from the goddess itself. I know the Old man in my room would be my interruption and the only safe place is this bathroom. This time I am in a real heaven. I am relaxed a lot. So I took away my shirts and pant. I sat down placing my back on the toilet wall and spread my legs wide. I took my dick in one hand and took her panty on the other hand. I smelt the panty and observed it closer. There are stains of a very recent pre-cum in it. I understood she is in a heavy mood too. Even is she is rich and famous, the crotch of the panties has also got some kind of pussy odor with urinal smell added to it. But it’s really heavenly to me. I licked the pre-cum stains and I felt like licking her sweet pussy.

Again the door smashed open. And she rushed in like a storm. She gave no time for me to think or stand up.

“Oh you are still here. I came down thinking every one would be asleep. I felt like pissing so I cam here.”

She then noticed I am naked and have a look from my top to bottom. I tried to get up but she held my head and bumped me to sit again.

“Oh what a nice prick you have got, the first time it’s all covered with my panties so I didn’t notice properly. And your body is great. Really I haven’t seen this type of body fro a long while. Oh! I am so urgent to piss off.”

Saying this she just raised her nightdress and started pissing off in the toilet bowl very near to me. Some drops of her pussy piss fell in my face too and I felt them very near to my mouth. So I let my tongue out and tasted one drop of her urine. It tasted great. Delicious I thought. But she saw this in her corner eyes and turned towards my face. Now she is pissing directly in my face. Vow. I smelt, tasted and felt DAMN good. She urinated for a long time and I am tasted and enjoyed it for all the while showing a great sense of enjoyment, satisfaction and passion in my face and eyes. My eyes are just transfixed to her Pussy. Her urine is glistening in the light, and her parted pussy is pink inside and the flesh around it stretched very sexily and invitingly. After she pissed some drops of urine is still dripping out of her pussy. I knelt down and I collected them in my mouth drop to drop. I could sense that she is too much carried away by all these fucking deeds. For the first time without her order I did that. Again when she is done with pissing I noticed all her legs and thighs were dripping her urine drops. She looked up for her order. She gripped my hair and forced my face towards her thighs. Who was I to oppose? I just took the hint and followed her ways. I cleanly licked her leg to knees with great pleasure and pace. Then I licked slowly her thighs and started kissing her hard as I licked. I passionately and hardly licked her thighs as I neared her sexy fucking cunt. I licked and sucked all around her cunt. But when I neared her cunt she gripped my hair and pushed me off again.

For one moment I am confused. But I would have raped her if she had told anything else. To my surprise she said come to my bedroom and walked fast from there. I ran behind her and followed to her bed. As soon as she reached her bed she took off her nightdress hurriedly and spread her legs wide and waited for me. I am fully naked already so I jumped into the bed and kissed her cunt.

“Ash.” She moaned loudly.

“Lick it my slave, lick it”

I licked it increasing the pace bit by bit. Then I began sucking it and I drove my tongue to find her clitoris.

“Boohoo, suck me. Suck me dry.”

While licking I inserted a finger and finger fucked her.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my cunt with your lengthy fingers.”

She is stretching her body like a fish that is thrown to the shore. Her huge body shivered. I understood that she was gaining an orgasm.

“Hash.” She shouted like a tigress. Then I finger fucked and sucked her and bite her clitoris hard and hard till I sucked all her cum and drained her.

Then I raised my head to see her sexy body and face. I ogled inch by inch her huge marvelous curvaceous body. Her huge coconut boobs are fully exposed and on top of it are very sexy big nipples stretched as a large sized black grape mounted on it. Her areoles are also very big matching her size of her breasts. I noticed her face with lot of sex oozing on it. I couldn’t find a trace of cruelty in it. I thought her anger is all because of her life anxiousness. No wrong in being a slave to her and soothing her. I decided to give her a fuck of her lifetime. I bent and kissed her slowly on her lips. We exchanged saliva and kissed for a long time. As time passed our kissing became passionate and forceful. I kissed her hard on her lips and then her eyes nose buxom cheeks and beautiful chin then on her neck and moved towards her ears. When I kissed her ears I understood her emotions doubled and her sensations took off. She shouted like a wild animal. Then I took hold of her breasts and pressed and played with them. I pinched and rotated them for long. I took one in my mouth and sucked it. I kissed them and licked all over. I bite them one by one changing hands and moving my lips to one after another. When she spread her hands I licked her armpits, which tasted great. I moved all over her body from shoulder to her back and then to her waist and stomach. I spent a lot of time licking her navel and large hips.

I rotated her back and front for quiet a while licking both sides. I then licked her ass moved her ass apart and licked deep into it. He ass is huge and abnormally big, as many of her fans knew. When I licked her ass holes she shouted as a female elephant.

Then I rotated her again to her front and licked her cunt for some time. By this time she reached my penis in her hand and shake it well. Then as her shouting became wilder I knew she couldn’t bear anymore.

“Fuck me.” She cried.

I then took my prick and played with it for a few seconds. It’s already fully erect and oozing pre-cum.

So I slowly brushed it on her upper cunt.

She was shouting and saying vulgar words.

“Oath a. Oazhu ennui”

“Fuck me fuck me”

Then I took the prick and inserted it a bit. I think she couldn’t bear any more. She stretched her hips so that it went deep inside her hole. I pressed it for my turn and inserted it deep.

She was a great lay and all the effort I am putting on this gave a fruit full result. I know how valuable this fuck was. So I was in no hurry. I was so relaxed and slowly move in and out of it. But I realized she was is hurry with all the fondling, licking and sucking. I inserted a few more time and she was again ready and Cumming. She shouted for me to cum but I really didn’t care. I slowly and steadily fucked her. I kept the rhythm and didn’t care to raise the tempo.

I help both of her great boobs and massaged them one by one. I licked them bending while fucking. I played with the nipples and when I realized she is Cumming fully I hammered her hard but steadily keeping my stability. I didn’t want to cum now. Not so soon. So I hardly fucked her without increasing pace. She shouted again like an elephant but I didn’t care.

This time she reached a heavy orgasm. She was breathing heavily and felt tired.

But I now knew the trick to raise her again. I kept my pace and fucked her as much as I wished. After a while I hit her in a grinding way. This time she have regained her momentum and she fucked me back. She gave me directions of pressing her boobs and called me for French kisses. But after a long while, I felt like coming. So I slowly licked her neck and moved towards her ears. I knew for sure that would make her ready to cum. That is her sensational area. So I continued licking and sucking her ears as I continued fucking her with increased tempo. I told very vulgar words repeatedly in her ears while sucking. This immediately made her hot and made an urge to cum fast. So in a few seconds I realized she is ready for a climax again. A very sensational orgasm as we both shared the moment of it. The semen of my manhood showered into her pussy for a long time, non-stop. It was so hot and semi solid that I haven’t had for a long time. As I have stopped my masturbation too it was thicker than ever and flowing like a waterfall.

‘What a sensational, passionate Orgasm.’ I thought. I sensed the same thought from her.

“I haven’t had such an orgasm from any rich man or actor like what you just showed me.”

I saw sincerity in her eyes. I kissed her forehead. I thought that I should continue being loyal to her as a slave. So when she offered me a manager job, I refused and told her I would ever be her slave. She was too carried away with this and continued to fuck a few more times that night.

From that day I became a shadow husband to her and she showered me with love and money. We are enjoying till today without any complexities.
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