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South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
09-14-2011, 09:24 AM
Post: #31
RE: South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
Look at her scintillating eyes and her newly implanted boobs.It is as if it was carved.Her white skin with a contrasting pink lips beautifies her more.Her small fingers look as elegant as it is possible taming her thighs with a soft press.Her cheeks dressed in pink is so cute.But also it is more hot.She makes her beg for her looks.She is over hot and hyper sexy driving our cock crazy.Her unique looks along with the most perfect slutty out fits never fails to keep our cock throbbing.

I am sure all of us are throbbing and begging for her more sex appeals.Sure we,shriya maniacs are mad about her.We are her slaves.

Look at the costume she is wearing.She always tempts us by wearing her transparent dresses which shows her white skin tempting us more and more.

Shag well guys.

We are tormented by this slut.Her neck penetrates down smoothly to her breasts.Her breasts now grown bigger and white.Sure her nipples are pink and erect always.Her thighs and her legs look slender and make her structure more erotic.

Here,she wears a tight pant so tight that it shows her thighs.She sits in cross legs showing her dominant attitude.Her legs like golden tools show way to her pussy.Her boobs are getting bigger and bigger day by day.







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09-14-2011, 09:25 AM
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RE: South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
Shriya woke up with her boy friend hugging him tightly and sleeping with him nude.The boy was Ram who won the competition.It was his last day with her.So she was sure that he would be ready to fuck her all time that day.She licked her lips seeing him sleeping.She loved his cute expression.She wanted to make this day a really special one for him.So she thought how she can make a man even more satisfied.Suddenly she got down from the bed.She wore her night dress which was a shorts and a shirt.She wore the shirt without her bra.She then got out of the room and went to the veranda of the block in her room.She saw her servant in the garden watering the garden.

She called him inside.Sure she was upto something.She checked her breasts by spanking it herself.He then came up and asked what he can do.She raised her eyebrows and made him feel awkward.Her sight was so sexy and inviting.But he did not do anything.He was also a mad,mad,lunatic fan of shriya.He wanted to be with her just to see her itself.He was actually a well rich person.When he asked shriya when he met her,she told that to be with her simply,he had to give away his assets to her and come and join as a servant to her.He accepted it just to be with her simply.He was always waiting for a chance to be with her.He was ready to do anything.It has been 5 years since he had come to her house.His cock was always straight and big always longing for shriya's sweet pussy.Shriya sat on the couch and stared at him even more seductively.She bit her lips and seduced him just like she seduced him 5 years back.She sat and crossed her legs showing to him that she is the master of her and that she is dominant to him.

His lips were oozing with saliva seeing this scintillating hottest beauty ever created by god.Her shorts just covered her thighs to a little extent and showed the remaining part of her leg.He looked her jewel heels which was the costliest heels a women had ever worn.Her legs were so smooth as if it were coated with milk.He wanted to lick her legs and be her slave.She knew his cock would have already got harder,but he teased her even more by crossing her legs again and again,and making sounds with her heels and locking her eyes into him.He gathered some courage with his overflowing mouth and asked "Shriya,....."."Stop that fucking nonsense,u servant.Show respect to your mistress or otherwise u would be kicked at the butt and thrown out of the house" she shouted teasing him even more.He liked it even more that she is dominant over him.He stood still.

She then said with a even more firmer and sexier voice "Now massage my feet,u fucker".He then sat in kneels and took her feet in her hands.He looked at those foot as it had stored a precious relic inside it.His fingers glided the skin of the feet as if it was a goddess feet.Just as he leaned down to kiss it losing his control,shriya hit him back by kicking his face with her heels.His face was just hit by a 4 feat heels but he did not care as he wanted it again and again and also that he loved even her heels.Shriya smiled seeing him coming again and again and getting kicked by her heels."Just massage it u fool" she shouted again.He followed his daily routine of massaging her legs with a beating with her heels couple of times a minute.He carefully glided his hands over her feet and felt the skin of her feet on his hand.His palm felt her white skin so soft and clean.He then pressed her foot alternately.She was curling her already curled hairs with her fingers and saw him with a ridiculous smile.He kept on looking at her as a child and experience his cock getting bigger and bigger each passing second.

Just then,Ram,the one who was the winner of the show "Anything for shriya" who got a special prize of dating with her five days came.Shriya turned back and welcomed him with a cute smile and kicked the servant back.He then came with a shorts and sat near her."Who is he" he asked pointing to the servant while leaning down and placing his hands on her chin and kissing her romantically.He took her in his thighs by her ass.He pushed her lips and kissed her edge of the lips and invited her for the lead.She then hugged him tightly and started a smooch.Her lips were pulled inside by Ram's hungry lips.Her tongue pushed his tongue back letting her lips touch his tongue and roll into his mouth.Their hands were romantic as if they were lovers.His hands glided her hair back behind her ears while her hands caressed his hairs.She smiled at him cutely and romantically after finishing the smooch after 5 minutes."He is my servant just a fellow who i have for silly purposes" she told Ram.

Shriya then sat normally besides him.She then looked into ram's eyes and said to him "You know Ram,you are a nice guy,I don't want to miss you.You are a great guy to date with and hang out with.Sad that this is your last day with me.But today you are not going to forget what has happened.I thought that a man would get so satisfied when he knows that he is luckier than others to fuck a celebrity like me.So just do what i say, u will know what i am doing in the mean time".Ram understood partly but still bewildered asked her what to do.She then asked him to tie the servant with a rope such that he is able to touch his crotch with his hands.Ram did what she told by wrapping him with a rope against the chair in the bedroom.Shriya then followed him to the bedroom.Just as Ram tied him and turned,shriya pushed him down on the bed and rolled on him on the bed.Shriya's breasts were pressed against his chest while she rolled over him.After the end of their roll,both of them were lying besides each other on the bed.Already,ram's cock had become so harder than before.It was ready to pop out from his boxers.He came closer towards shriya and kissed her.But shriya stopped him and told him with a slyly smile "Wait a min u handsome,just wait.I said that it is going to be ur unforgettable day,so wait.Go and fresh up and come with a traditional dress.I wanted to show my servant how unlucky he is and also that he is always my slave.So,let us freshen up and come.Wait untill i come dont do any mischief."His face became sad but he knew that shriya would never fail him.So he went to the bathroom.Shriya then came closer to the servant who was tied and slapped his face and smiled and said "You are going to be tortured my fucker."

Shriya went to the neighboring room and entered the bathroom there.Meanwhile Ram opened the shower and received the cool water drops on his chest.He removed his boxers and freed his humongous cock which had grown even more due to the hypes given by shriya.His hands automatically jerked his cock as he visualized shriya bathing in the other room.He visualized shriya's naval which he wanted to taste badly but was afraid to ask for,then her scintillating legs and her foot.He imagined her fingers which he wanted to suck.He jerked his cock faster and faster as his imagination went more and more deep.He imagined her grown big boobs and her back structure.He thought of her lips which his lips had always wanted to explore and also her thighs which he wanted to bite.His imaginations went beyond boundaries and finally he reached a point where he cummed all over the bathroom.But the thought of being with her aroused his cock again by a huge extent.He then realized he had almost a hell of a time masturbating and quickly finished his bath.He then wore the dhoti and shirt which he had brought from shriya and came out of the bathroom.

He was taken aback as he saw the chair in which the servant is sitting was brought closer to the bed.He was jerking his cock and also he was tied.But WOOOOOWWWWWO, he saw shriya standing on the other side of the bed.She was wearing a white pattu special saree and stood with both her hands on her hips.She was wearing gold ornaments which can suit only to her.Her looks were so tempting.She smiled looking at Ram.Meanwhile the bed was filled with roses and other fragnance flowers.WOOW,he then understood that it was set as a first night.Shriya was so amazing.The white saree showed her plumpy naval even more plump.His jaw dropped with saliva.His eyes were filled with lust.New nerves burst-ed through his cock.She saw her gold heels which was the most costliest and which only she had got.He then followed her legs and experienced her look in saree.He stood still admiring her inch by inch.She had also dressed in the way that her bra showed her cleavage and her naval was visible with her belly.What ram liked more was the ring which shriya had worn in her belly.She was totally amazing.Meanwhile,the servant was moaning like anything trying to cum.
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09-14-2011, 09:25 AM
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RE: South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
Ram was standing in front of the most seductive goddess he had ever witnessed.He wanted to be her slave from the moment he saw her.Her captivating eyes,small nose,sexiest naval,beautiful smile,scintillating dress codes captured his heart's fragnance.Now he completely wanted to enjoy her.He approached her so slowly enjoying the structure of her luscious body.His jaw dropped on seeing this magnificant beauty.She posed like a statue and looked really gorgeous with those jewels which made her look even more beautiful.(may be she made the jewel more beautiful).He came closer hearing the moaning of the servant who was tied.He felt something better that he is more qualified than the servant as she accepted him.His nerves were new rather than the last two days.The feeling that he gets to be able to fuck a gorgeous woman like shriya with an another man longing for her boosted himself.

He came closer and closer and stood with his mouth inches away from hers.She pushed him towards her and kissed him on his lips.He then caressed her head as both started a never ending smooch.His hands pressed her big and lean naval.She moaned inside his mouth and kissed him passionately.He pushed her towards him and both were sticking together so hard.His cock got tripled due to her sensuality.Meanwhile,the servant was so madly jerking his cock seeing the both make out.He cursed himself and god and started to utter bad words on shriya.Shriya smiled on hearing the servant.She moaned again as she was now lying on the bed with Ram over him.He was staring at her naval like a beast.Their hearts were pumping harder than before.Shriya teased him by looking at him slyly and biting her lips.Looking at her sexy expressions,he was not able to control himself.He looked at her naval again.He looked at the ring in her belly.The servant uttering great and bad words about her increased the hormone secretion in ram as he felt more pride and loved to see a man getting tormented by shriya.
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09-14-2011, 09:25 AM
Post: #34
RE: South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
He enjoyed the sweats on shriya's naval.Her naval was so soft and had many curves.Her looks on him increased the hottness between them.He liked the way she used the jewellery which suited her perfectly.Her tempting eyes and her classic expressions bounded him closer to her.He rubbed the sweat over her naval and started to caress her naval inch by inch.He brought his head closer to her hip.He smelt the aroma of her naval and belly and blew her breath on it.Shriya moaned in ecstasy.He liked that very much.Meanwhile,the servant had cummed already but he is still jerking his cock hard as his cock became hard again.It increased ram's hotness.

Shriya pushed his head into her naval.He deposited his face into her naval.It was as if he was eating a cake vigorously.Shriya shook her naval against his face making him possible to lick each and every part of her naval.Ram was licking her belly and the naval while caressing them.She wore a naval chain.Ram removed it with his mouth.He kissed the ring she wore on her belly.He took it in his mouth and then kept kissing her belly with the ring inside his mouth.He then took it out and spit it on the air.He now kissed the bare naval of her madly.He again looked at her long slender naval.He caressed it each second and took his own time.His cock was growing each passing second.He licked the sweat that came on her naval.

Ram then looked at shriya and removed the jewelery from her body.He kissed her neck while pressing her naval tightly.Shriya moaned in his ears.He bit her neck while she caressed his hair and bit his ears.Slowly,they became romantic a midst some sounds of moaning by the servant who was desperate to get out of the rope hold.But they were not able to hear him as they were busy kissing each other.They kissed each other passionately and romantically.They became romantic.His grip over her naval loosened and glided along her naval feeling her sensual naval.She rubbed her nose with his and smiled cutely bringing love from both.The sounds of her jewels and the moans of their kisses were impetus to them.She liked his passion and slow building up which increased her hotness.They both hugged tightly and continued their smooch.Ram then leaned up.Shriya smiled at him seeing his heart beating hardly.Both were breathing heavily.He again caressed her attractive naval with his jaw dropping once again seeing the most seductive naval ever.

He then kissed the naval and followed her saree to the toes.He kissed her toes and feet along with her golden heels.She smiled at him.He showed her that he was her slave.Shriya then leaned up.He understood her and kissed her again.She kicked her heels from her legs at the servant.It hit him on his face.She smiled wickedly at him in a way that she is assaulting him.He grabbed that heels in his mouth.His eyes glittered on seeing the golden heels.He licked it like anything while moaning loudly.Meanwhile,shriya and ram were more passionate.Shriya's white saree was stripped by ram as he did not want to waste time.Shriya's hair with flowers were crushed as both started to be rough and passionate.They caressed each other's hairs and kissed hap hazardly.His hands always were on her naval.Shriya was now in bracket and petticoat.WOOW! both of the boys moaned.She sighed at him in a teasing fashion.He removed his shirt and threw it away.
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09-14-2011, 09:26 AM
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RE: South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
Shriya loved his body and started to move her hands over his body.He leaned down and bit her naval.He was so bad at her naval..He licked it and pinched it.Sweats were dripping down from both of their bodies.He then slowly removed her petticoat and bra.WOOOOOW,she was in panties only.He quickly grabbed those growing boobs and started to lick them while pinching and playing with her.Shriya now felt high mood.His licking was so sensuous that she began to moan loudly.She then looked at the servant crying and shouting asking her to let him fuck her.So she smiled at him and asked ram to untie the rope.Just as he undid the rope,the servant jumped on to her and kissed her hair.She felt it unique.Meanwhile,Ram returned and started to lick her tits.

Now both the boys were passionate making their sex goddess happy by worshipping her.Shriya moaned even more as ram neared her naval.Meanwhile the servant was licking her hair and jasmine flowers.Both of them were uttering bad words on her.She enjoyed her own sluttiness.Her breasts were made wet and her naval now was pinched.But the servant was unable to wait.He removed her panties.Now everyone became nude.Soon ram kissed her passionately and started to bite her boobs.She began to moan.Meanwhile the servant inserted his monster 5 years starving cock into her wide ass hole.

AHHHH.YES ram bite me.Oh yesah ahhh fuck it in my ass hole.AAHHH



Oh yeah,oh my goodness,my dream is coming true.u have such a great ass hole.AAHHH.It is taking my cock inside completley.I can feel the inner muscles of your ass hole.Oh my goddess,you are so sexy and sluty.AHHH YEAH YEAH, shouted the servant unleashing his beast on shriya.

Shriya was lying such that her back is visible.Ram was licking the structure of her back body like a dog.His cock rubbed on her back.He loved it.The muscles of his cock gripped tightly over her naval and back body and gave him extra pleasure.

OH mam,your back is so seductive.I am leaking on your back,You are great.AHHHH. i want to be your slave mam.I want to fuck you 24/7.AHHHH.your naval is so sweet and seductive.You are an absolute slut.Oh u fucking girl, i am gonna enter into your pussy,shouted Ram.

Shriya smiled and asked him to do it quickly.He then went near her pussy and entered his rocking dick into it.AHJHHHHHH, all the three moaned and began to move their bodies.Shriya was shouting loudly looking at the two of them fuck her passionately.The flowers in her hair had deflowered.She was looking the hottest as they explored her pussy.

Their thighs clapped one and another.Their erotic mind gave them the impetus to screw her pussy and ass hole even more bearing the pain to get extensive pleasure.Shriya's voice became feeble as they continued beating her pussy.She loved the way they manipulated their manhood into her pussy.AAHHHHH,we are cumming,both shouted as they shooted their cum into her pussy and asshole.She received their cum into her pussy.The cum cooled her ass hole and pussy muscles.They both collapsed on her.They hugged her tightly and went to sleep while she kissed ram softly once again.
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09-14-2011, 09:26 AM
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RE: South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
Shriya has been busy in her shooting and finds no time to be get screwed.She was sad that she did not get enough time to hang out with men.So her heart was begging for sex from male.She was so desperate to hang out with a boy to unleash her accumulating sex desires.Her mouth was secreting more saliva wanting a strong hard cock inside it.Her boobs were so stiff in which her tits were becoming sharp.Hormones secreted in huge numbers as she did not have sex for the past 2 or 3 weeks.Her pussy was itching.She restricted herself to masturbation as there was no time.She forgot about her lover Baskar after having sex with Ram,the winner of the contest.She almost forgot everybody whom she had had sex with.Her relationship with baskar was broken as her servant told the truth that she had sex with Ram even after loving baskar.So baskar was deprived.He told her that she would pay for it and said good bye to her.But that was long ago.Now her aim was to finish the shoot quickly and have sex with someone.

She finished the shoot quickly and got into her car and drove the car herself asking the driver to go to his house.She then parked it under a tree besides a road and started to masturbate.Now she was remembering all her past dates and fucks she had.She was so horny.Her mind and body was raging to unleash the cum into a man's cock.She started to think so hard to get a man into her.She then took her phone.She called baskar.She knew that baskar is not going to love her anymore.But she knew that he had the desire to fuck and have sex with her.She also knew that he wanted to have revenge on her.So she called baskar through her phone.

Hey baby,it is me,shriya.

what the fuck,you again.

Ya baby,it is me again.I know u would be terribly angry on me.I am sure u want a revenge.What did u tell the last time we met?Did you say that i am gonna pay for what i have done?I dont think so.If u think you can,,then go ahead.Do something now.I am waiting in the main street four streets away from your home.Let us see who is gonna win.Dont be afraid.It is night time.No one would see u.My fans wont harm you.Are u ready,u chicken.

what the hell did u say?You think a woman can win a man.let us see that u bitch.

It seemed that shriya's speech had worked and that she is going to get what she wanted.She knew that baskar is going to come to beat her.But she know what to do.She was wearing a halter top.Boy oh boy,wasn;t she sexy.She was damn hot with exposing slim sexy thighs and cat like eyes.Her hair being wet and her boobs being shown amply through the halter.She was so proud of herself.She adjusted her halter top such that her panty is visible.
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09-14-2011, 09:27 AM
Post: #37
RE: South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
She adjusted her halter top such that her panty is visible.Her plan was to seduce Baskar when he arrives.So she knew what to do.The time run quickly.The darkness spread quickly over the streets.There was no lights.She knew that anytime Baskar would be coming.

A car adjacent 2 bikes were coming towards her.The lights flashed on her head making her difficult to see.Just after a fraction of second,she woke up to see being tied up.Baskar and 2 other men were sitting and chatting.As they noticed her waking up,all came closer towards her with baskar's eyes showing the rage in which he was in.

Shriya was acting as if she was afraid.But actually,she now was terribly happy as she thought of seducing all the three with her sexiness.She began to think of how to seduce these three men.

Baskar was really not in the mood of getting seduced.He came closer to her.He raised his hands to slap her but the phone call prevented it.He attended the phone call and hold it down and then said "Guys take care of this bitch and torture her.I will come back soon".He banged the door and hurried out of the room.

Both of them were muscular men as if they were gym masters.They both approached shriya.Now the job is too simple,thought shriya.As they came closer,she told them "So who are u guys,are u guys his friend?Are u sure that i am a girl to be beaten." Both of them did not know what to say.They looked at her structure.Their manhood became strong and hornier.They said "We are his friends".

"So,u do not want to touch the sexy skin of mine.Dont u want to squeeze my boobs and taste my nipples.I am sure that your cock would be burning harder to get a chance to fuck me like anything.Just look at my new boobs." shriya said by showing innumerable expressions melting both their hearts.Sure their manhood was sky rocketed.

They both stood still scratching their crotch and looking at each other.

"Feel how it would be when your cocks get licked by my lips.How it would be when your cocks feel my boobs.Don't you want to screw me?"

Both the guys removed her quickly as soon as they heard this from her.She then pushed both on the couch and said "Now u are going to experience what is going to happen when sex and glamour mixes."

She removed her sexy halter top by pushing it from her shoulders.Meanwhile both the guys had already began to masturbate and undressed themselves.

WOW,both shouted in unison.

Shriya had just removed her halter top.Her sexy legs traced to her thighs which was slim and sexy.Her neck traced down to her bra was a pink one.Her looks were classy,glamorous and sexy.Her white panty attracted both the men.Her mighty naval was too sexy with a small belly ring.She posed as if she was doing a porn movie.She then came closer to both of them.

She kneeled down and took their cocks in her hand.
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01-22-2012, 08:40 AM
Post: #38
RE: South Indian Actress Shriya Saran's Sexpedition
Shriya took their cocks in her hand and began jerking them slowly making long strokes.Both moaned as they felt shriya's small fingers touched their manhood.The way moved their cock was incredible to them as they began leaking even then.Shriya looked up at them,her dark eyes staring theirs.WOW,that was it that steaming look made them cum right on her face.She took in with immense pleasure.Their cock was drooping off.But once again she took both in her cock and started to bob her head to and fro."AH" both moaned in unison.She began licking their cock heads and play with her tongue.Both started pushing their cocks inside her mouth.Shriya enjoyed a lot when both the cocks jealous of each other were poking into her mouth.

Suddenly,baskar arrived from no where.He shouted "Whaaat the fuck is happening here?".Both the men were unable to speak but they continued to thrust their cock in her lovely mouth.Shriya threw a bossy look over them and then a winning look to baskar.Baskar stood there embarassed that his plan was totally broken.Shriya then taking their erected cocks out said "Dont act Baskar,i can see your manhood aching for something.Just accept it that i am the sexiest girl and that i beat you always and come and fuck me.".Baskar then approached forward.Her elusive body looked tremendously horny and her naval with sexy cuts proved worth to lose his dignity.He came closer to her and removed his pant.Meanwhile shriya loved to see baskar in a defeated mood and looks.She kept jerking the other two cocks.She then said "Come and fuck me u slave".Baskar sat on knees and got behind her.He hugged her naval from back and his cock kept rubbing behind it.He leaned down and kissed her bare back.Sure he was not going to see any dignity here after.Shriya simply loved being surrounded by three cocks.

Baskar had no time to wait.He removed her panty and pushed his into her ass hole.Meanwhile one of the two guys came and screwed her pussy.Shryiya moaned louder and started sucking other guy cock deep and intensely.She shouted with his cock inside.They pushed into her parts with all their might.And shriya loved it so much with her cumming.Within few minutes, she came terribly followed by each man;s cum.Everybody collapsed over her and they slept over her.

the end..
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