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South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
02-20-2013, 04:17 PM
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Wank South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
My name is arjun, i used to work as actress assistant for many south indian stars. i'm only 22, and due to my hard work (obtaining my diploma). I got the chance to be a real confidant for desperate heroines who got ripped, fucked and treated like bitches from producers to heroes, all well as some politicians using there influence to enjoy them.

I got this work by some luck also, my uncle works also in cine field for more than 20 years, he knows everyone in fingertips, i urged him to make me join this industry as i'm fond of acting and fame. I wanted to live the life and wanted to fulfill my dreams. even though, i'm froma poor family, i wanted to use this job to rise my social status.

I have seen some shooting which took in some places, but never been toe to toe with actresses..
I gonna confess you friends some hot encounters, shocking moments about south indian actresses, mainly those hot young ladies who can do anything to be fame..

My uncle came to my place where i spending time. i've finished my course and waiting for a job. i really wanted to work in cine industries and specially for heroines. Each time my uncle come to visit us, he brings some pictures taken with artists, stars while working, i'm attracted to this and really wanted to share a small space with heorines. i remember some top notch heroines with whom he took some photos, kushboo, kasthuri, meena, and even tamannah recently...
what a job man? being with super hot figures for day along, helping them in their make-up works, taking care of their pets etc..

My uncle name is Vinoth, he showed this time some pictures with heroes as well, Surya, Kamal, and event though with the one & only "Superstar"!

this time he came with a surprise too..he got me a job for an upcmoing star..he didnt mention the name but i eargely expect that she is a woman and not a actor...and too my luck he doesnt disclose

the name. It doesnt matter to me, for now, my only dream is to have ajob, and i can surpass and have a chance on day to screw an actress..the time is not too long!!

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02-20-2013, 04:17 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
I enjoyed my life till then by spending times with friends etc..and finally the day has arrived, i need to go to chennai and join my new job in next few days.. idreamnt about the lady (actress) which i gonna assist for the first time. i thought abt sneha, tamannah, genelia..

Finally, i arrived to chennai and took rest in my uncles place..he is in living in a hostel

allocated for "cine field" workers", i had a few chats with others co workers and about the experience they had with the actresses and actors;

They told that actors behaviours is diffrent from what we see on tv or films, this things is also

worth for actresses..they told to be careful and to respect heroine schoices. If you want to succeed in this industry, make up your mind and do whatever your "actor" or "actress" are telling oyu to do. you can only survive..

they scared me abotu all thier personal story but i wanted to face it..its a huge chance for me to enter here..

And finally the day has arrived, i was so eager that got up early and bit my nails to go to work, or moreover to have some fun around!

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02-20-2013, 04:17 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
I took the bus to arrive to the shooting spot...i can so excited and the same time feared abt the job..its the first time i gonna work for an actress and i don't know who it is?

My uncle vinoth gave me advice abt howto behave with stars and specially actresses, i take into his advices to settle down..We were at the spot, already there are too many people around the location.. camera man, ligh boy, production unit as well as security guards..

i have spotted some famous faces around there; director, as also some screen artists as well as some notable actors, but no heroine at sight..

Arjun: maama, yaaru indhaa padathuku heroine (Whos the heroine)
Raj: Pudhu heroine neenaikuren (a new face i think)
arjun: yerrkaanaavee verra padathulla nadichirukaangaalaa (does she acted in any other films)
raj: hmm..
As arjun waited for the answer ans speldid exported car arrived to the spot!
damn, who is gonna a be, too many people gather around and security throws around the crowd and clear the wya for the heroine..

Woww...Arjun cant believe it..its..its Trisha!

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02-20-2013, 04:17 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
The meeting

Trisha get out of the car, and i was tottaly out of the beautiful she was...she is so modern and hot!
I'm from a village, but i admire her hot jeans and sexy top. ii will make every man leak sperms only seeing the divine dusky trisha.

We weared a huge cooler and make her path to the spot..i was standing near by uncle and was struck her her awesomeness look..everyone around watch trisha approaching the scene and all r overwehmled by this diva..

she just passed near by and doesnt notice poor guys like us. she was busy to attend the scene and concentrate on her role. my uncle vinoth asked me to stand and urged me not to move for a while as he is going to take part in the scene..

Vinoth: dey maapulaa..inngaa irrudaa, naa poii madameaa paakiren (stand here, i gonna see our lady)
arjun: saari (ok)

My uncle get closer to trisha who is stting and reading the script for today scene..he kneeled down to her and whispered to her for a few seconds..
then suddenly trisha turned back and gave me a warm smile to me..damn i was dead at that moment, cant believe what i have seen..

Trisha, the hearthrobe of down south, giving me a smile. i was stunned but at the same time gave her a welcome back smile by being humble. she get back to script and tols something about me to my uncle..i wanted to know about that and was waiitng for my uncle answer.

My uncle wished her againg and left the place. he came near to me.

Arjun: Maamaa, enna sonnagaa (what she told)
Vinoth: hmm..paakaalaam (hmm..lets see)
arjun: hein?
vinoth: madame koncham busyaa irrukaangaalla, shootingku appouram pessallamu sollurangaa (she is busy rite now, and will discuss about it later)

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02-20-2013, 04:18 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
The shooting was took three long hours to finish. its a song sequence where trisha has to wear some revealing clothes, and mainly her navel.
befor the sequence, she went to her cabine (nowaydays, actors use a well furnised and hype bus where everything is accommodated, from a/C to western bathroom as well as bed and a dressing room.

Trisha spent at least 30 mins inside to get ready)

i waited outside and i didnt found this moment boring. As i'm new there, my uncle introduced to units...everyone greeted and welcomed me. finally, the cabine door was unlocked as trisha was ravishing hot, she is so hot and gorgeous on with her dress, i've got an instant hard on. but controlled my self, coz i doesnt want to get fired

ont the first day. the outfits reveals her beautiful navel. its was so deep that wanted to lick it!!

Trisha was very professional and begun to trial herself before the scene. she trained and get to the spot to shooot.;as i told the song sequence took 3 to 4 hours to complete..she was totally

exhausted. its lunch time for everyone.
i had a tea inbeteween and awating the call from trisha. She left to her cabine and wanted to rest herself befor the second session. ten minutes later, she asked me to come inside the cabine..

toc toc toc..

trisha: yes..come in
i slowly put my hand on the door and opened it slowly..

Arjun: madame..madames
Trisha: ..

i entered the room as trisha is already checking up with her make ups in her dressing room. she is sitting in front of a mirror and wiping her eyebrows and facials..
i stand behind her as she doesnt pay attetion to me and she concentrates on her looks.

Arjun: madame..
Trisha: unnn..unn perru yenna (What your name?)
arjun: arjun madame
trisha: ohh..ok right..english theriyumaa ? (do you know english)
arjun: koncham theriyum (a little bit)
trisha: its ok, nee yennaku Personal assistantaa workpaannaporaa (you gonna work as my pa for me)
arjun: ok madame
trisha: enna vella theriyumaa? (do you know your mission)
arjun: ennodaa maamaa sonnaru (my uncle told me)
trisha: okay, but i'll will once again say tell the rules
arjun: ok
trisha: all time and anytime you must be here to help me while shooting, in house as well as driving, cleaning etc..yous should to everything i ask you to do
arjun: ok madame
trisha: ok, nee poii coca cola vaanggikittu vaa (ok, get me some coke)

arjun get out and rushed away to buy a coke within a minute, he was so determined and wanted to serve trisha..he made some good points towards trisha as he resumed his job

Nothing special happend during few months as trisha is careful abt her personal things not to let it out, arjun enjoyed his life as he accompained trisha elsewhere in southindia, but when she left to foreign countries, she left him in india and enjoy overseas..

Arjun wanted to get more from trisha and got off his holidays before getting and hoping a chance from trisha..

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02-20-2013, 04:18 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Trisha Fantasy Story

Arjun spent few days in home and get back a day before to trisha house before she is back from US.
Arjun went to her home and asked her mom about her arrivals.

Trisha's mum name is Uma..
Uma: yenna arjun, leavaa enjoy panniyaa (how dy arjun, did you enjoy your holidays)
Arjun: yes madam.
uma: seeripaa, trisha innuku eveing vaaruvaa, avvalla poi nee airporttulla pick pannikoo (trisha arrives this evening, go and pick her up)
arjun: seeri madam (ok madam)
uma: arjun, naa veillyee poren, innuku vellakaari vaarulla, nee poi first flooraa clean pannu, appuram, trisha roomaaayum clean pannidupaa (arjun, i'm going outside, today the servant had'nt came, can you clean and sweep the first floor as well as trisha's room)

arjun; ok, madam, naa paathukuren (ok madam, i'll take care of it)
uma: seeripaa, paarpom (ok see you later)

Arjun was delighted by this, during all those months of work, he hasn't got any chance to enter trisha's room. and today, he is geeting a chance for his faithful work..

Imagine, it guys, what would you do when you get a chance to peek an actress room and specially Trisha. arjun is bumped abt it and began to go upstairs. he quickly finished off the cleaning stuffs, and

was eager to enter trisha's room. he hurried and entered the room. it was huge. her room was bigger than his living room. huge, trendy, cosy..he is astonished to see all those designs, patterns..he had only seen this kind of room in movies, but never expected to be like this.

He doesnt forget his job as he cleaned fastly to spend more time in this spacious room.after cleaning, he just try to open her wardrobe!!wow, what a huge package of dresses, trisha got almost modern dress and she wears almost of the
time jeans and t-shirts..those dresses smells extremly good, as arjun smells the odour for a while
. he passed his hands over her tops, caressing it, as if it was trisha.
He wanted to get her intimate dress, such as bra, panty or somekind of that. he searched for it for a while but could'nt get it on the wardrobe. he finnaly rearranged the wardrobe as he found before; he closed and shifted his attention to the bathroom.

Her bathroom is the best place, a high and causy one. it was so nice that arjun wished he can live here forever.
he opened the makeup kits and saw only foreign brands and cosmetics. he thought, that this is worth enough for him today but one major thing hinted his mind..a dust bin, or may be a basket where you but dirty clothes..he rushed quickly to find out if any trisha's dirty clothes are inside. a huge of dress is inside, he picked all those clothes, and he finnaly found what he is looking for: Bra & panties !

He got an instant hard-on, while holding her bra and her dirty "jatti" (panties)
he is so aroused about it as he began to unzip his pant..yes, arjun wanted to masturbate while holding her dirty inner wear. He strokes hard his dick as he smells the dirty ordour from her panty, he put her bra on his face and he simulates licking her bra and sucking out her firm and sharp boobs..

splash..splash and splash..he leaked out a huge amout of sperms, and he is totally satisfied by his action and envy..he cleaned also the bathroom quickly.
meanwhile, trisha called him from the airport..


arjun panicked : hal..halloo
trisha: yengee irrukaa..(where are you)
arjun: vazhilla than irruken madam (i'm on the way)
trisha: okay, innum customs verifypanna 30 mins, aagum, seekiramm vaa, ennalla velliyaa wait panna mudiyaadu..(ok, it will take 30 min to finish off with customs..make it fast, i cant wait outside for a long time)
arjun; ok, madam
trisha: call me when you come.
arjun: seeeri madam (ok, madam)

Arjun hanged on the phone and rushed back to airport..he get there and quickly called trisha..he drove her to the place, she doesnt talk too much during the way as she seemed to be very exhausted by the travel..

once arrived at home, no one there as only arjun and trisha are there..
trisha: amma, illayya (mom isn't there)
arjun: amma, oru functionkku poii irrukangaa (mom is attending a party)
ttrisha: ok..

trisha; romba tiredaa irruku, naa poi restyedukuren, nee luggage thukittu vaa (i go and take rest, bring all my luggages)
arjun let trisha go to her room as he carried out all her stuffs..he knocked the door

toc.;toc ..toc..
trisha locked her room..he can hear the bathroom flush as she get her to piss and refresh herself..

trisha opened the door and let arjun in.. arjun put her baggage on the floor and get out quickly..

trisha: arjun, tiredaairrku, oru tea plz? (arjun, i'm tired, can i get a tea)
arjun: ok madam

he get to the kitchen but he couldn't find milk there..he went upstairs that he gonna buy milk..

arjun: madame, madame..
trisha: hmmm
arjun: paal illa, neegaa tharigaalla ? (there is no milk, will you give some)
trisha: what ????
arjun: paal illa, paal vaangaa kaasu (there is no milk, can you give me an amount)
trisha, picked her hand bag and tend 100 bucks..

Arjun closed the door, locked the house and went to buy some milk..he bought 2 packets which costs him 60 Rs. he got an malicious idea.he get to a pharmacy and bought some sleeping pills..he wanted to use this opportunity in his favor..
as no one is at home, he wanted to blend the pills in trisha tea, so he can atleast see her navel.

trisha's navel is her very hot party, trisha is thin and elegant but her cute tummy and specially her dark deep navel make everyone hard..arjun thinks about her navel as he also wanted to taste it.

He got to the house and get to the kitchen..tirsha heard the noice

Trisha: yaaru? (who isthis)
arjun: naa than madame, dho tea konnduvaren (its me, i'll bring your tea)
arjun made a tea and mixed the pills on it (he put 1 pill, thinking that i should be enough for trisha as she is already dead tired)
he put the hot tea, in a pot and get to her room..

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02-20-2013, 04:20 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Arjun get to her room and knocked the door..

trisha: come in
arjun entered, and saw already laid in bed, she put her nighty and waiting for the tea. arjun get closer and put the pot on the table. he poured tea in a cup and brought it to trisha..

Trisha: nee vechittu poo..(leave it and go)
arjun put the cup and begun to leave..

arjun: serri madame, naa killaburen, nallaiku eppo vaaarranum (i take leave madam, when should i come tommorw)
trisha: naa phone pannuren (i'll call you)
arjun: ok madam

arjun knew that no one is at home, trisha meanwhile remembered that as called arjun..

arjun was on the way but he knew taht trisha will call him..he was happy to hear that from trisha
arjun: yes madam
trisha: mom yeppo varruvaangaa (when mom will be back)
arjun: theriyulla madam (dont know madam)
trisha: ok, watchman yeppo vaaruvaar (when will the watchman arrives)
arjun: in 2 hours
trisha: ok, appo nee watchman vanthavunai nee poo..nee kizhaa waitpannu, ennaku romba tiredaa

irruku.. (ok, stay until the watchman arrives, then you can leave, i'm exhausted, let me rest now)
arjun: ok madam
arjun looking at trishaa structure and said: suddaa saapittadhan naalla irrukum (need to taste it hot)
trisha buzzed: what?
arjun: teaa sonnen madame (i'm talking abt the tea)
trisha smiled: oh yeah..she took the cup and sipped ..

arjun stand there and watched trisha sipping..what a beautiful tongue (reddish and cute), hot enough to suck her tongue and kiss her smoothly..
trisha finished her cup and put the cup on the tray..arjun took the cup, closed the room and left


he waited for several minutes to notice if trisha off the light.. after 10 mins she unlit the room..arjun knew that the pills is doing its effects..he waited for 1à more minutes and get upstairs..
he knocked the door, but no reponse from trisha..he want to make sure that she is asleep..he knoked hard..but no answer..
he checked if trisha has locked the room but she hasnt done it..he was so happy about that, he went downstairs and locked the main door so even if anyone come he will have enough time to clear his stuffs..

he went briskly upstairs and opened trisha's room..he is shivering, b'coz its the first time he gonna tease and see a naked woman, and specially an actress..

he closed the door behind, checked if the windows are closed as well as for the curtains..he saw trisha laid on the bed and felt asleep. she is so tired that he is sure that she can't hear or remember what happend to her on this very occasion;

arjun made his mind, and get on the bed, trisha is wearing a pyjama. a smooth ans silky white top and and a loose pant. she is like an angle, like the sleeping beauty!

Arjun just switched the night lamp, which is litting very well. this hot moment must be the very best moment of his life; he get closer and sat on the bed..he can feel trisha's respiration. she is in deep sleep, arjun stay closer to her and touched her hands.

He isn't sure enough that trisha is passed out. he want to ensure that she is asleep and that his behaviour wont get her up.

he touched her hands and holded them. he is already sweating hard, event hough the a/c is on, he is on fire. he held her hands and caressed them neatly and cutely. he then kissed her palm. he doesnt want her hands only, he know that his times are counted so he shifts his attention to her voluptuos body. he removed his shirt to be more at ease. he is nos to nose, face to face with trisha. he slowly passed his hands over her loose hair and began to lick her ear. then give some sweet kisses on her forehead, cheeks. he is already fully erected to lay her down.

he then slowly get to neck and kissed her and lick that beautiful neck.arjun, then touched her sliky shirt and begun to unbuton, one by one, one by one..

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02-20-2013, 04:20 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
arjun unbottons by one.. he unbutton the sceond as he can see slighly trisha's boobs. even trisha's boobies are not as big as samantha's or jyothikas, her cleavage is highly erecting thing. As no one got the chance to see her boobs in cinema. arjun will be probably the first one to see trishas naked from head to toe!

arjun can clearly view her "nemo tatoo" on top of her left boobs..he continued to unbutton her shirt.. he let it open and was in front of trisha. she is close to trisha as he is enjoying trisha's topless position. her boobs are firms & so juicy.. he thought that not too many had enjoyed her boobs till now as they seem to be solid and not shaggy as kushboos one..

Trisha is only 28, so he thinks that its quite normal to have firm boobs at this age! trishas nipples are reddish brown as trisha isn't as pale as we see in cinema? she is from south and she is little bit fair dusky..her boobs are erected like mountains ans her boobs are little bit cone shaped.

Arjun, touched her boobs in a slight movement and caressed her boobs put pinching her nipples with his fingers.he is enjoying trisha's boobs who is out for a while..he pressed those perky boobs and played with her nipples, finally her decided to suck them..he placed his mouth on her right boob and begun to suck slowly and play with his tongue..he continued on her left boob as well..he jinggled with those mangoes and shifted his attention to her hot property ..trisha's navel!!

he get down and begun to make circles around her deep navel.. he plays around and put a finger in her navel..her belly is little bit fleshy and he tap on her tummy and play with ner navel.. he then inserted his tongue in her navel and licked for a gud moment. tasting her navel was far more better than sucking her boobs!

he then get below her waist and begun to pull of her pant.. to his pleaseant surprise, trisha doesnt wear a panty, she also shaved her pussy. She is like a pure young and clean babe with out pubic hair...
he went crazy after sseing her pussy..its not too thick, her lips are cute and her pussy is little darker than her whole body.. arjun is mouthwatering about her pussy, he wanted to taste her pussy, her aroma makes him wild, he just wanted to check if trisha is a virgin!he spread her legs and begun to spread also her pusys lips..he wanted to see her pussy indepth and notcie if trisha pussy is explored or not..he watched closely and noted that she is not a virgin and thought that many producers, distributors, actors or even the black negro (the fashion designer) screwed the bitch in all positions.

he put in tongue and bean to lick all over her pussy, he licked, inserted his finger and played for minutes & minutes..trisha is still stunned by the pills and doesnt even give a reaction on her face as she is in deep sleep.arjun wanted to see her ass hole also, he turned her and laid on her belly. trisha is a thin girl but her ass is fleshy and asked to be banged daily. he gave some slaps on her butt and made it swaying and jinggling..he spreads her ass and saw her asshole..its very dark and seems nasty.

he spread her ass cheeks, and put his nose on her asshole, he wanted to smell her ass..yuck its smell like hell and its stinky! even thought she is an actress, she is also an human being..but he like that smell and also licked her ass for

sometimes. he cant hold anymore, he wanted to screw trisha..he begun to unzip his pant and released his dark hungry cock outside..he inserted his average dick in trishas pussy and begun to hump her, up and down, up and down..
as this is first experience ever, he doesnt stand for too long and he splashed within few mins..
he is happy with what he had done.consiously, he cleaned all the stuff around. he went to the bathroom, took a wet hot hotel with some fragrance..he

passed the hot towel and cleaned trisha from toe to head..before dressing her again, he saw her naked for the last time, dressed her..

while finishing dressing, he heard a car appraoaching the area.;he quickly get off the room and went be not suspicious, he opened the door, locked behind him and sat on the veranda, reading newspaper..
the car entered the home and trisha mom get off the car.

uma: ennapaa, ingaa irrkukka (why you are still here)
he explained that watchman hasnt arrived and trisha is sleeping, he woshed her gud night and told her that he will be back tomorrow!!

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02-20-2013, 04:20 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
The Talent Hunter: (*) (*)

My name is aravind, i'm a talent hunter for tamil and malayalam industry. As i work in cine industry, my job is to identify potential talent and future for the field. I own a small company where i work as GM but also as a photograph, intervierwer and all in all..

The incident occured in 2008 with bhavana. As you all know, bhavana entered the cinema field around that period and i had a chance to get closer with bhavana as she was ready to do everthing to be fame.

Well actually, she wasn't ready for all thing, but really got excited when i faced her for the very first time...
One day, i recieved a call from a famous production house who asked me to hunt for new talent.


Aravind: hello
Secretary: Hello mr.aravind?
aravind: speaking..
Secretary: we are calling from Famous world corporation, and we want you to hunt some talent for us..
Aravind: well, what the purpose?
Secretary: well, its for a new film produced by our company and we need a beautiful young lady for the film..
aravind: what should i do?
Secretary: well, conduct some auditions..
aravid: well, i've got a better idea..
secretary: what is it?
aravind: as you might know, i'm a photographer too..instead of making people come to our places..i would like to explore the beauty of the young ladies onroad..which means i can go offroad and captures some pictures from daily life girls without too much make up, natural and divine beauties

Secretary: well the project is based on a family and homely ok lets make a try

Aravind: ok, sure i'll pass by to your office tomorrow to begin to roll..
secretary: sure aravind, my name is Pooja, when you arrive at the office, request for me, i'll be there
aravind; ya, sure we can discuss more about it later..thanks for calling me pooja
secretary: itz my pleasure, bye

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02-20-2013, 04:20 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Finally aravind went to office next day and collected all the valuable and project information from Pooja.

Aravind is a young guy around his 30's, he wanted to entre the cinefield as an actor but doesnt got luck to act as hero. he is still young but no he want to make money and be famous with his new job.

During the meet with pooja, he was attracted to her big boobs. pooja is in her 20ties, little bit dusky but her assets are her big boobs and her chubby face. Aravind requested her at the office, after 15 mins pooja arrived and welcomed him, she was so mezmerising and hot...

he followed her quietly and had a look on her structure..after taking the lift, pooja invited him to seat in her office.
Pooja came around and made a formal interview about his experience and stuffs..aravind replied well to her remarks and questions..she then took some photographs and lend him to check them...he picked put and saw

some famous models and actresses photos.from simran to meena..alllmajor heroines are clicked in that photos...

aravind: wow..nice captures..all r well known
pooja: yes, those stars auditioned here before gaining fame in cinema
aravind: yes.
pooja: well, you know what to do know?
aravind: yes madam, i'll bring you the best pictures who will get attention in cine field
pooja: okay
aravind: can i suggest you on thing?
pooja: ya sure
aravind: you should stick to wear this kind of dress..its really looking ravashing on you!
pooja: thank you!
aravind:ok, will submit my captures, in few days
pooja: ok, thanks for coming

aravind left the office and begun his hunt for gorgeous untamed hotties in the city..he roamed every single corne to the city..from night clubs to colleges..he clicked too many photos, from hot rich girls to lower class angels..but no one correclty fit for the style..

Aravind roamed again and got a call from his another customer..


arvind: hello
customer: is it mr.aravind?
arvind: yes
customer: sir, i need to photograghy a function which will be held in our campus tonight
aravind: well, i'm quite busy today.;i dont know if i'm..
customer: sir,plz, we called and checked with everyone one suits friend request and asked me to call u..
aravind: oh, really, whats his name
customer: raghav, sir
aravind; oh ok then, he is my buddy..i'll shoot the function for you..please tell me the adress and tell me the place to shoot..customer gave his an adress and asked to be there around 6pm, as the function begins around 7pm..

Aravind took some rest and set up his camera for the function!

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