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South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
02-20-2013, 04:25 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
The next scene was that very moment where Shriya had to play with herself in front of 15 men. The director ordered to begin, and the action started. Shriya laid on the king size bed, she was wearing black panty hose, belt and high-heeled shoes. Lots of vibrators of different sizes and shape, and other toys were lying around her. 15 horny men were standing near the bed with their cocks erected. Shriya has started caressing her pussy - she took out a vibrator, lubed it and started to put it into her cunt slowly. With the other hand she took a larger vibrator and started to suck on it with her mouth. At all this men started to softly masturbate their stiff shafts. This sight has made Shriya moan.

After about 15 minutes of such fondling, director commanded to get to the main act. Each of the guys had his cock as hard as hell and they all lined up in front of Shriya, standing on her knees in the middle of the room. That moment studio was filled with moaning and keen smell of sperm, when all of 15 men started cumming. Shriya felt that and also joined them starting to come, she was shuddering with the waves of orgasm for about 3 minutes, and later watched everything going on being calm and relaxed.

Now each man, in his turn, approached Shriya and shot out his huge load all over Shriya’s face contorted with lust. She also had to lick off the sperm left on their cocks. After first seven guys Shriya’s face was like a single stream of cum. After 10 guys her face was fully covered with sperm. And it was something when the last 5 men did their job.

Now she couldn’t open her eyes because her face was all over messed up with sticky clammy mass of cum. It was running down her chin to her breast and then leaked down to her belly. Clots of cum were in her ears and on her hair locks just above Shriya’s forehead. She never stopped jerking off 2 cocks on each side of her body and it seemed to everyone that Shriya wanted more cocks and more sperm to be shot.

The camera man made another close up of her, and the movie was finished.

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02-20-2013, 04:25 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Asin: a sinful truth !

Asin is well known in cine industry. She ruled over kollywood for years, and now she is getting more attention it hindi movies,but you didn't know the real story of asin when she wasn't an actress. Before entering the cine field, asin wanted to be a business women. Her role model was his father and also “raju”, the best buddy ofhis father. Raju own a big export company in kerala, he exports coconut oil to foreign countries.

His company’s signature event, coco event, had been an enormous success just a few months earlier. But no matter how much money was rolling in, it never felt like enough. More than on his employer had stopped earning their keep, and it was time for raju to look over his list of talent and cut the dead weight. Why continue paying them when he could put that money in his own pocket?

Asin wanted to work in his company as his PA, as she is his best friend’s daughter,.. but affairs are difficult at this moment and he wanted to cut some employees from the office. He wanted reduce the mass salary, so he fired some people.

Once he decided who was getting let go, Raju would take them aside before that evening's show to tell them. He always enjoyed the look on a employee's face when he, or she, realized that their career was over. Sitting on Raju's desk were printed-out bios of his talents, complete with an analysis of how much products they were selling and how their marketing manoeuvres did in the market ratings.

Five firings sounded like a nice round number this time, and he began scanning through the pages with a close eye.

Just then, his intercom broke the silence in the room.

"Mr. Raju?"

Raju leaned forward to hit the button on his phone.


"Ungalla parka appointmentoodaa vanthuirrukaangaa."

Just 'a visitor'? Someone not even important enough to be named? Raju gave it a split second's thought and conveyed his response.

"Busya irruken."

He only needed to utter that one word to end the conversation. A man of Raju's stature was not to be bothered while he was working. But this time, the crackle of his secretary's voice answered back.

"Um, Mr. Raju... it's Asin, sir."

Raju's ears perked up. A grin started to spread across his face.

"Oh, appadiyaa?"

Once the apple of his eye, Asin now found herself on the outs with his “uncle”. During the previous year, as Raju's critics remarked that his grip on sanity was becoming more and more tenuous, his attitude towards to asin had grown increasingly sour.

It had all started back at the beginning of 2002. Asin has won his “teen kerala” during her school days, but his father blamed her for several upsetting incidents. First was a small incident that occurred in school; Even when she was 16, her boobs are much more bigger than the average women. She hs been teased by everyone from school to neighbours. Every one, in th area wanted to bite and suck those melons at that time. Raju was also in that crew, as he kept himself low and humble not to misuse asin.

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02-20-2013, 04:25 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Raju was extremely unhappy to see asin in his office. He needed a relief after what is company is going through. After a dinner in aisn’s house, Raju came up with a way to get asin once and for all. Unable to break the friendship with his buddy, asin’s dad had approved, he decided that he simply wouldn't send asin to college, as she needs to leanr more partial lessons. asin would to sit at home and enjoy modelling or acting but to learn quickly some business tips to help out his father in his business.

Next came the first true sign of Raju's failing mental health. Before her departure from college, Asin had introduced to raju her college mate, a boyfriend Karthik, a courageous young man who'd lost a leg after a tough fight with cancer. Even despite his handicap, Karthik followed through on his dreams and trained to become a professional designer.

All he wanted was a work and getting a contract in raju’s company, but Raju was disgusted. He didn't want a "crippled freak" for his corporation. When Karthik persisted, Raju lost all self control and physically attacked him. Asin stuck up for Karthik, which only upset her father more. Raju signed Karthik to a contract,. karthik battled for all he was worth, but he didn't have enough to overcome Raju's dirty tactics.

With those hurdles out of the way, Raju began to focus on asin and the problems she had caused him. Raju decided that he would embarrass her, humiliate her, and force her. Asin was beaten physically and emotionally..

Finally, with his sanity at an all-time low point, Raju decided to take matters into his own hands. With his position as friend at stake, he forced asin to leave the college and to jon his so called coconut export company.

That had been late in 2003, but Raju could still feel the high of having defeated his rebellious friend’s daughter. The notion that he'd driven her out of the family business, leaving her with nothing, never ceased to bring a smile to his face when he thought about it.

But, out of the blue, here she was paying a visit to his office. She could only be here for one thing, Raju knew. She'd had enough of trying to live an ordinary life. She wanted to get a job back.
Asin’s father wanted her to join raju’s company, asin is the one who begged karthik to join the company, now she find herself in a situation, where she needs this job to continue her dream. Either, being a successful business women!

"ulla annupuuumaa."

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02-20-2013, 04:25 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Raju watched as the 25-year old cute lady stepped slowly into his office. He couldn't help smirking as he noticed her outfit. Asin was dressed in a freshly pressed saree, the kind of clothing she wore when she wanted to look grown up.

She may have been an adult now, but Raju wasn't fooled. He'd watched her during her time as a college teen,the way she dressed so professionally and projected such confidence. Deep down, though, Raju knew that Asin was the same scared little girl she'd always been.

The usually proud young woman now seemed timid and nervous as she stepped inside and closed the office door behind her. Barely able to look raju in the eye, Asin pushed a strand of her long dark long hair from her face as Raju rose up from his desk.

"Well,well, well! Yaaru nambaa officekuu yaar vanthuirruka paar?"

He made no attempt to hide his jovial mood. He was going to enjoy this.

"Asin, yaaru, enna parka vanthuirrukiyaa? yenmaa, karthikthaa vella vittu avaanee ninutaaney! Athuirruthu nee enn kdaa pessakudaa illa theriyumaa

Asin shifted her feet and glanced at the floor, saying nothing in response.

"Please, ookaarumaa, hmmm..sollumaa ethkuuu enna parkaanumu sonna?"

He sat back down at his desk with a big, shit-eating grin on his face. Asin took a seat on one of the chairs in front of him.

"Uncle, I... I want to talk to you. I know I've made some mistakes, and..."

Her words trailed off as Raju began to chuckle. Rising out of his chair again, he walked to the other side of his desk and leaned against the edge, standing just a few feet from her.

"hmmm, Asin, theriyumaa..nee eppovathudhu ingaa varruvaa enna nalla theriyum.. theriyum, nee kenchi kuuthadi..en nee kartika refer pannathu, plus schoollaa, collegaa modelling pannarathu.;ellamey unnaku thappa poochi..ippo nee ennodaa officella ivvallo seekaaraamaa..naa idha ethiraakaavee illamaa..

Asin hung her head low with shame as Raju continued his lecture.

asin: "Neega,karthikaa thappa pessunaathu, enna engaa ppakitta complaint pannathu..ellamey enna disturb pannichi.. “
Raju: “naa parthu vallathan ponnu, neenaa thaniya decision etukaatarhu..athum indha vayasulla..rombaa thappuma..ippo karthikalla ennakku evvallo nashtam theriyumaaa..

Glancing up with pleading eyes, Asin looked at raju.

"Uncle, I'm sorry! Please, uncle, ithaalaam maranthudhugaa please

Raju looked down at her. She looked so weak, so pitiful. It made him feel physically ill.

"asin, naa rombaa free type, and easy person, yaaru thappu senchallum seekiram maaranthuduven..aanaa unnapartha, rommbaa paavaamaa irrukuumaaa..neeya ippadi aayuaa..

Surely feeling the sting of her uncle's cruel words, Asin's head sunk as she began to sob in her chair. Disgusted by the display, Raju had half a mind to pull her up and heave her out of the office like a worthless sack of garbage.

But before he could act on the thought, something pulled his gaze lower. His eyes moved away from her face and traveled down to the ample amount of cleavage that was visible just above the buttons on asin’s transparent saree. He hadn't even noticed it before, but he stared openly, watching the way the swell of her large breasts lightly jiggled while she wept.

Like a lightbulb going off in his head, Raju suddenly had an idea. Possibly the most sick, depraved idea that his warped mind had ever come up with.

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02-20-2013, 04:26 PM
Post: #35
RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
"Asin, on second thought; “oruvalla, naa karthikaa recommend pannathu thappa," asin told raju, he placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "paravaaillmaa, adjust pannithaa poonum, ennapannarathu"

She looked up and wiped her eyes.

"Oh, thank you, uncle. Naa, ethuvenaalum seivaan uncle, promise; namakulla irunthaa intha gap ozhugaa aavaanum, ennaku intha job vennum uncle,please"

Raju grinned smugly.
"rombaa santoshamaa irrukumaa, ippadi nee iraangivanntu vella ketkaarathu."

Resting back on the edge of his desk, he began to masterfully weave his evil plan.

"Naa, naaraiyaa perraa companyilaa parthuirruken, asin, silaa perra thirruppi vellakuu vechika maten, ishtam kudda kidaayaathu..unnaku purriyudaamaa”
She nodded.

" velli allaugaa, niinaachikittu irrukaagaa, na rumba perriyaa business man, naa seyaarudhellam correctunu, anaa, silla vishayam ennoda sandoshathukum edhuvennalum seiyven.. ithaallam ennodo management process, edhuvaaraaikum enndo co-worker enndo villayaathaai thanguraangaa parka than“
Raju watched her closely. Was that a nervous swallow he detected?

"Rombba nalla naa oru vichayaataa yosichaan, naariyaa pr kashtathulla irrukaagaa, anna, naa recruit paanaaruthu veruum yaaraa theriyumaa..”
"N... no, uncle."

"Women edhukuu theriyumaa?"

Asin's eyes widened slightly.

"yenna ladies," he said as he lightly stroked asin's face, "edhu vennallu seiiyaangaa", “ponnballai virubuvanthu, aandaavaanee virubuvaan”

Taking a step forward, Raju stood directly in front of Asin's chair. Without offering any further explanation, he took the sari and slowly pulled it down. Asin is sitting in front of raju in jacket..she wore a tight black blouse, its too tight that her milky boobs are going to explode, if he releases her melons!!

As she realized what he was suggesting, Asin recoiled from the shock she undoubtably felt. She began to stammer, trying to find the words that could make him change his mind.

"Uncle, please ennalla mudiyyathu please, understand me!"

"yenna? Asin, nee ennavennalum seiyaanuu kojaa nrathuku munnadi sonniye.. ellathayum adjust pannanum sonniyee, ippo enna maa aachi
He peered into Asin's brown eyes, which looked full of shock and disbelief. Maybe even a little bit of fear.

“ illa, aanna, naa vanthu, naaa unngaa ponnu madhiri uncl!"

Raju chuckled softly.

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02-20-2013, 04:26 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
"sollumaa asin, nee sonnathu correcta? [/font][font=&quot]Tell me, Asin, wasn't it you who said to your friends that you never wanted to see me again?"

Knowing that she had indeed said it, Asin had no response for him.

"In fact, naa karthikka vennunutha vellayaa vittu annoupinen..unnoda appa kitta solli, oru veetu functionkkudaa vaaraavidhulla...unnodda kalliyaanuthu kuddo enna invite panna maataa sonniyaamaa.. correcta..

Not bothering to wait for her to jump in, Raju kept on going, feeling his rage build.

"ippo enna nalla nyaabaagam vaarudhu, ippo maa unn mella kaiyaa vechaa, naa undooo uncleelleey illa sonnakudda solluvaama.. "

"uncle, naa..."

"vaayaa mudhudi!"

Rajuwatched Asin flinch back in her chair, clearly frightened by his outburst. He knew she had witnessed his temper over the years, though it had rarely ever been directed at her. Before she could think of something to say, Raju grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the chair.

"yezhudirii, ingaa vaadi."

Raju dragged her towards the leather couch in his office and roughly shoved her down on the cushions.

"Naa unooda uncle illaanaa," he began as he removed his suit jacket, "apponaa nee ennaddo friendodaa ponnu illa di! So, friendoodaa ponnu illanaa, unnaku endtha mannipum illa di"

Asin stared up at him, her jaw hanging open. Raju casually undid the button on his slacks.

"Don't feel bad, asin. Itha punishment unnaku matthu illadi, yerrkaanaa jobvennum ponnugallum enndo special treatement kudupendi"

"I... [/font][font=&quot]no, uncle plz...ennalla mudiyaadhu un..!"

[/font][font=&quot]"Enna wait panna veikaatha. Evvallu seekiram nee othukurioo.;avvaloo seekiram mudichi poiydum."

"No, uncle. vennam!"

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02-20-2013, 04:26 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Defiantly, Asin attempted to stand. But with one strong shove, Raju simply pushed her right back down onto the couch. He grabbed a tight handful of her hair with one hand and used the other to undo his belt. With nothing left to hold them up, his pants slid down his legs.

" ennodda mannipuu vnnumaa, thevudiyaa munda Huh? Ithadi, ippo irrukudi unnaku!"

Feeling a powerful rush run through him, Raju jerked down his briefs. His big cock flopped out just inches from his asin's face.

"Oh! Oh... my God!"

Almost instantly, Raju saw tears welling up in Asin's eyes. He could see the total disbelief she felt as she pleaded with him to re-think his twisted plan.

"uncle... please, no!"

He simply stroked his cock, which was rapidly beginning to grow. Exposing himself to asinthis way had gotten him incredibly excited.

"nalla paarumaa, Asin. Ivvalo periyaa kunchiiyaa paathu irrukiya ?"

He could tell by her face that she hadn't. Asin tried not to look at the pulsing cock in front of her, but there was no way she could avoid it. Raju's dick was immense, long and thick, like some sort of freakish salami. He bet that it was easily the largest one she'd ever seen.

Gripping her hair, Raju pulled his asin's head closer to his body. With his other hand, he started to shake his throbbing column of meat.

"ah, nalla sappunom polla irrukadi? Unnada vaauylla enndoo polla sppunoo, naakku uuruthadi!"

"N... no!" she whimpered pitifully, tears flowing. Itha kaariyaatha seyya vaikaathkaa uncle!"

Raju's lips curled with an arrogant smirk. Watching Asin beg and plead was even more fun than he thought it would be. Ignoring her, he aimed his cock at her mouth.

"hmmm.. asin..sappudi."

Asin pressed her lips shut and tried to shake free of his grasp. Raju tightened his grip on her hair, pulling it sharply.

"enna easyyya mudiyaamaa, ennodda kannu illa, unnaku vella tharramaa, endhu vennaalum tharen, chellamlla, unnodda vaayaathoramma, uncle odda poola saapumaa"

He pushed the head of his cock right up against asin's lips. Asin twisted her head away and firmly planted her hands on the fronts of his legs, pushing and struggling, trying desperately to avoid her fate. Raju yanked on her hair to roughly twist her face back around to the front.

"Take it, Asin," he told her sternly. "Take it..."

Tears streamed down Asin's cheeks as she stared up at her father. They locked eyes and Raju felt another powerful, almost electric rush run through him. She had no way out, he knew. Christ, look how helpless and pathetic she was without him.

Raju knew perfectly well that he could force her to do it. Simply pinching her nose shut would cut off her air, meaning she'd have to open her mouth to breathe. But where was the fun in that? He wanted Asin to do it on her own, to make her own choice. Gripping his cock tightly, he smeared the head back and forth across her soft lips.

"hmm..sekkiraam di..ennaku rombaa time illadi..."

As she shook with sobs, Raju saw asin's fighting spirit slip away. He could see the defeat in her eyes. He knew he had her beaten.

Asin clamped her eyes shut and took a deep breath. A moment later, she parted her lips and let the mammoth cock slide past them.

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02-20-2013, 04:26 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
"Ohhhh, appadithamaaa!enooda chellammathannee nee!!"

Holding Asin's hair in one hand and his dick in the other, Raju fed his thick cock into his friend's little girl mouth. A shiver ran up his spine as it passed over her warm tongue on the way to the back of her throat.

He could barely believe the sight in front of him. He'd actually gotten Asin's lips around his cock! This was easily one of the most brilliant ideas he'd ever come up with. Raju grabbed a second handful of her hair, keeping her head firmly in place as he began to fuck her face.

"hmmm, nalla irrukudi, naakaa vechi nakkudi"


A wet gurgling sound rose up as Raju's long dick kept threatening to slide down her gullet. It was all Asin could do to keep from gagging on it. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks as her uncle’s cock pistoned in and out of her mouth.

"nakku sollurenlla, hmmm!"

Raju picked up his pace and fucked her mouth faster, causing his heavy balls to bounce off her chin. Slowly but surely, he started to feel her wet tongue running along the bottom side of his dick.

Peering down at asin, Raju couldn't help grinning again. He couldn't get over the sight of her pretty red lips stretched so tightly around the girth of his meat. Her eyes, though, were closed as she no doubt tried to block out the fact his uncle cock was in her mouth. Hoping to ignore that she'd become the kind of girl who has to suck dick to get somewhere in life.

Well, he wasn't going to let her ignore it. Raju pulled her head backwards and stared into Asin's tear-stained face as his cock fell out of her mouth.

" hmm, sollumma, nee oru thevudiyaa unnoda vaayaalla sollu, Asin. Yeppadi nee ennoda sunniyaa sappuran solludi"

With quivering lips, Asin answered her uncle. He had given her no choice.

"I'm... naa na vanthu oru pacha thevudiyaa mundaa."


"And I... I'm...".

She couldn't finish. Raju knew that whatever was left of her pride was holding her back.



"Solludi pundaa"

Asin looked up at him as another tear ran down her cheek.

"naaa enndoo uncle oodha periyaa sunniyaa ollavuren."

Raju beamed proudly. His gaze fell from her face and traveled back down towards the cleavage that had sparked his incredible idea in the first place.

"hmmm..okmaa, naa ippo onndda atha moolaiyaa paaranummaa"

Asin's big boobs were well known around in college. Raju pawed at her blouse, pulling at the buttons. Instinctively, Asin brought up her arms to try keeping her chest covered.

"hmmm...ennadi summa nadikurra..kaiyaa edhudi, naa muzhusaa parkanum!"

With a violent tug, he popped off the buttons and Asin's blouse flew open. The force caused her two big jugs to bounce as they strained against the confining black cups of her bra. Raju's eyes widened and he groaned wolfishly.

"Ooooh, nalla thalla thallanu iruukumaa."

He dropped to a knee and grabbed her breasts with greedy hands, his eyes gleaming as he firmly took a squeeze of the spongy globes of flesh. Although her body was tense, Asin sat there passively, putting up no fight. She allowed her uncle to grope her.

After a few moments of struggling, Raju managed to yank her bra cups down. A shiver of lust ran through him as he got his first bare glimpse of Asin's enormous rack. Her pink areolas were wider than silver dollars, and her puffy nipples seemed to be begging for some attention.

He squeezed her tits together and shoved his face against them, furiously licking and sucking the tips.

"Mmmmm, aahhhhh!"

Asin shut her eyes tightly as her own uncle nursed on her breasts. Raju darted his tongue over her nipples, then showered them with delicate kisses. He considered sticking his cock between the big jugs for a solid session of tit-fucking, but he had other things in mind at the moment.

After a few more big slurps, he lifted his head.


As Asin rose unsteadily to her feet, Raju pushed his pants to his ankles and sat down on the couch. His stiff fuckmeat pointed straight up towards the ceiling.


He saw the look of protest sweep over her face. Still feeling some modesty, Asin's arms hovered over her chest to cover her exposed flesh.

"Wait, kaiyaalla mollai irhuthu edhu. Hmm...illa..unnoddaa blousaayum, bravayyum kazhutii poddudi."

She hesitated, but a stern glance got her moving again. Raju watched closely as asin slowly removed the blouse.

"hmm, bravaayum kazhutudii," he coached as Asin unhooked it, letting it fall off to the floor. She stood in front of him completely topless, her large, round breasts quivering lightly. "hmmm..muthiipoodhu" he said again.

Raju had done this enough times to know that even when the women feel ashamed at first, it always fades away. Eventually, their pride is replaced by their desire to simply get the whole thing over with. As uneasy as she appeared, he was confident that Asin would be no different than the others.

Sure enough, she sank to her knees, coming to rest between raju's open legs.

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02-20-2013, 04:26 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
[font=&quot]"naa unnoddaa naakaa paakaanum," he told her. " lollypopu ninachu nakkumaa"

Raju stared intently as she slowly reached out her hand and grabbed hold of his cock at the root. It was so thick that her delicate fingers barely seemed to come together as she wrapped her fist around it.

"hmmm..ennaa paarudi, naakapodhu enna parru, I want to see your eyes."

Asin swallowed nervously as she looked up at her uncle. Tentatively, she stuck out her tongue and flicked it around the head of his dick.

"hmm..illa illa. Kizheirruthu mella vaa"

Understanding what he wanted, Asin began to lick her uncle's cock. With slow, deliberate strokes, she repeatedly ran her tongue up the long shaft, making sure to keep constant eye contact with him while she did.

"Ohhhhhh," he groaned. "nalla iruku."

If Raju's sanity wasn't already gone, the unimaginable sight of his buddy’s daughter lapping at his enormous dick might have chased it away for good. Of all the faces he'd seen between his legs, all the tongues he'd pressed his cock against, her's was the last he ever expected to see. It filled him with a feeling of incredible power. If he could actually get his own friend’s daughter to do this, what couldn't he do?

"All right, asin, sappurathu nerram achi."

Raju knew she was no stranger to giving blowjobs, but surely none of them had ever been under these kind of bizarre circumstances. Asin's eyes pleaded with him, but they both knew Raju wouldn't change his mind. After a brief hesitation, she lowered her mouth over his cock and tightly closed her lips.

"Yeaaaahhh!apppadihi thandi en chellam!"

Asin began sliding her lips up and down her uncle's cock, taking as much of the shaft into her mouth as she could. Unable to suck the entire length, she slurped on the upper half while her fist rapidly jerked it at the bottom. She was improvising, Raju noticed, the sign of a skilled performer.

He put his hands into her hair and guided her head while she sucked him. Already knowing that he enjoyed it, Asin used plenty of tongue, rolling it around in her mouth as her raju's dick slid in and out.

"Ohhhh! Enn chella kutti, nalla kunchiyaa sappuriyedi?"

Asin couldn't answer him, not with such a big mouthful of cock. Instead, she used her free hand to start massaging his balls. They weren't the size of grapefruits, as Raju often liked to brag, but they were certainly larger than average.

"hmm, appadihthanmma! Correctta seiyaaraa!"

Raju leaned back against the couch, enjoying the terrific blowjob immensely. Asin sucked him hard, holding nothing back, surely hoping to end her ordeal by making him finish as quickly as possible.

But as good as her technique was, it was only a small part of the pleasure for Raju. His eyes were focused directly on her mouth as he watched his cock slide between asin's lips. His filthy enjoyment of the act was only matched by the incredible feeling of power and control it gave him to watch her do it. He truly felt unstoppable.

As he basked in the glory of Asin's desperation, Raju felt his balls begin to churn. His large cock spewed cum like a fire hose, probably enough to impregnate an entire country. While Raju wasn't ready to father a nation just yet, he was more than ready to empty his balls into asin's mouth. He wanted Asin to swallow every last drop.

"appaditha,"e ...encouraged. "niruthaatha continue pannudi."

Feeling his orgasm start to build, Raju took another tight grasp of her hair. He wanted to make sure she couldn't get away.

"Ohhhh... ohhhhh, ahhhh!!"

Raju stroked the shaft of his cock while he held Asin's head in place, refusing to let her take her mouth off the tip. Finally, he jerked himself past the finish line and his cock began to erupt.


The powerful blasts shot free, hitting the back of Asin's throat and rapidly filling her mouth. The massive load forced her cheeks to expand and, after only a few big spurts, streams of cum began to leak past her lips.


“muzhugdi, Asin. muzhugudii!"

With no other choice, Asin gulped down a mouthful of the warm cream. Cum continued to spray from the swollen cockhead, forcing her to swallow a second time. Then a third. The sound of his cum sloshing it's way down to asin's throat was like music to Raju's ears.

As the onslaught finally came to end, Asin took down another large gulp. Four big mouthfuls she'd taken. She wouldn't be hungry for the rest of the day, Raju thought proudly. Not after the belly-full of cum he'd just given her.

Even by his own impressive standards, he knew he'd shot a lot of spunk. As he felt stream after stream leaving him, he regretted doing it inside her mouth and not on her face or her tits. That way, when he was done, he could have enjoyed the perverted pleasure of seeing Asin covered in cum.

Of course, there was still plenty of time for that.[/font]

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02-20-2013, 04:26 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
[font=&quot]As Raju let go of asin's hair, Asin fell backwards onto her butt. Her lips and chin glistened with the cum that had gotten away from her, and her chest heaved with her panting breaths as she tried to get some air. Raju watched as her big tits rose and fell.

"ingaa vaadi," he said. "ezhundiriii."

Ever so slowly, Asin rose up off the floor and stood in front of her father. Without saying a word, Raju grabbed the inside of her thigh and shot his hand up her skirt. He cupped the front of her silky panties, rubbing back and forth while flashing her a sickening grin.


"uncle..." she protested weakly.

"Kazhuthunu solluralla"

With no other choice, Asin reached up her skirt and pulled down her panties. While she carefully stepped out of them, Raju lifted the skirt with one hand and licked the other before exploring her smooth mound.

"Oooh. Shave panniyaa, huh?"

Asin bit her lip as her uncle's wet middle finger slid inside her. He finger-fucked her for a few seconds, and then began pushing his finger in every direction to feel the tightness of her hole. Satisfied at his findings, Raju withdrew and popped the finger into his mouth.

"Mmmm. Yarrunaaachoom unnaku nalla pundda azhagaa irruku solli irukaagaalaa?"

Asin didn't reply. Raju noticed that she was staring at his cock, her eyes raised in disbelief. His dick was still as big and stiff as ever. Even after that massive load he'd spent, it hadn't gone soft. She probably thought it was over, Raju knew, but she had no idea what he was capable of. He was ready for more. Much more.

He rose up from the couch, his cock hanging obscenely. It was time to seal the deal, and he wanted to show Asin his favorite spot for a good session of fucking in the office.

"deskuu mella paddhumaa," he told her. Raju's desk was the perfect height for sex, which wasn't by accident. He had it built to his own personal specifications.

Asin complied with the request and walked to her uncle's desk, stopping beside his pricy executive chair. With a swipe of his arm, Raju knocked several papers and a stack of pens off his otherwise uncluttered desk.

"muttipootuu enna thirubbi paaru"

Raju saw another uneasy look come over her as it dawned on Asin that she was in for more. But she did as her uncle instructed and mounted his desk, resting on all fours with her ass pointed towards him.

Raju sat down in his chair and rolled it right up behind her, his upper body lined up perfectly with Asin's extended backside. He pushed up her skirt, taking in the unbelievable sight of his asin's naked flesh.

A chill rushed through him. Raju had been watching Asin wiggle her round ass for years, the little cocktease. And now, here it was, practically being served to him on a platter. He softly spread her ass cheeks open, marveling at the tender, girlish pink of her most private areas.


Unable to help himself, Raju leaned in and lapped his tongue across her pussy. Asin gasped, but the licks stopped almost as quickly as they'd started. Raju had simply wanted to moisten her up a little, and maybe get a taste of his asin's juices while he was at it. But this session wasn't about giving her any pleasure.

Raju stood up from the chair and positioned himself behind her. Gripping his cock at the base, he methodically rubbed the head against Asin's wet slit.

"sunni ulla poonaa, eppadiirrukum theriyumaa?"

Asin peered over her shoulder at her uncle, but didn't answer.

" bathill solludi, Asin."

"edh..edhuvella seyuugaa uncle."

Raju grinned. Those were words he liked to hear.

"Really? edhuvennalumma?"

He put a finger into his mouth, getting it nice and slick. Then, without warning, he plunged it into the forbidden tightness of his only asin's stinky asshole.


Raju pushed his finger back and forth, listening to Asin groan with discomfort. He was surprised at how easily it had slid inside her. Fucking her pussy would be nice, but this was definitely what he wanted.

"yaaravuthu unnoodaa soothullayaa kuthi irrukaagaallamaa?"

He watched her brown eyes widen as she looked back at him. She tried to turn around, struggling to get off the desk.

"uncle..uncle, no! Ungaalluthu rombaa perriuu, venna plz!"

"Oh, bayyapaadhathaa maa.. naalaa ulla pooghu, neeyum nalla enjoya pannuvaa."

Raju felt her resistance fade quickly, and he knew that the gravity of the situation must have hit home with her. Like it or not, she was about to get her ass fucked.

"Uncle, please! Vallikum vendaam plz..."

"Well, unnodda ichtammaaa," he said calmly. "ippo, ne dress illamma velliyaa pollam, illanna enoodaa sunniyaaa unnodaa soothulaaa vanghikoo. Unnodd soothaa naa pilakaanum"

Fresh tears began streaming down Asin's face, but Raju knew she'd go through with it. They all did. Once they came this far, they couldn't possibly quit.

"Good choice," he said, not waiting for an answer.

Reaching into his top desk drawer, he pulled out a small tube of lubrication. He had done this enough times, right in this very spot, to be prepared for it. Raju squeezed some lube into his hand and smeared it over his cock.


"No... noooo... Uncle, don't!"

"soothha viiiruchi kaamimma, nalla ponnu illa."

Asin's body shuddered as she continued to cry. Undaunted, Raju firmly pushed her upper body against the desk, forcing her ass to raise in the air. He quickly lined up the head of his cock with her asshole.

"Uncle, wait. Please... ... UNNHHHHHHHH!!!"[/font]

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