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South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
02-20-2013, 04:27 PM
Post: #41
RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Asin let out a deep bellow as her uncle's cock rudely invaded her. Raju was briefly taken aback by the sound. His office was separated enough from everything else on the floor that he rarely had to worry about any noises that were being made, but Asin's cry had been unusually loud.

"Relax," he told her as pushed his cock in deeper.


Startled again by the noise, Raju knew he had to quiet her down. With his cock far enough inside her, he reached up and took a tight grip of Asin's head. He held her by the hair with one hand and cupped the other hand over her mouth.

"Relax," he said again. Rommbaa soundaa kathhathaadi!"

With that said, he began fucking his daughter's ass with hard, fast thrusts. As her tears flowed, Asin tried objecting to what was being done to her, but her cries were muffled by Raju's hand.


"Ohhhh, nalla tightaa irrukdi!"

"Mmmph, mmpph, mmppphhh!!"

Raju watched with demented glee as his monstrous cock slid in and out of her ass. He was actually fucking his own friend’s daughter. Hell, better yet, he was butt-fucking her!

There was something about invading a girl anally that Raju enjoyed even more than regular sex. It was more personal, more violating. Regular sex would come and go, but they'd never forget having their assholes stretched open by his big dick. He continued to pound her intensely, loving the hot tightness that was squeezing around his cock.

After taking it in her ass for a solid few minutes, Asin's cries began to subside. Her head hung down limply towards the desk and she merely grunted as each thrust seemed to drive farther and farther up her butt. Raju took his hand off her mouth and began squeezing one of her tits as they bounced in rhythm to the fucking.

"nallairuukaa Asin? You like the way it feels up your ass?"

She remained silent with her head hung down. Raju yanked her hair and lifted her head, leaning in to put his lips against her ear.


"aa..aamaaa," she gasped, struggling to speak while the ass-fucking continued.

"ohh? Unnodaa soothulla kuthunna pudikumma, huh?"


She clearly didn't mean the words she was saying, but Raju loved hearing it anyway. He started working harder, going slower and more deliberate, trying to shove his cock as deep inside her as it would go.


"so..nee ippo unnodda uncle oodha thevudiyaa mudhaa?"

"aaamma, uncle," she whimpered.

"Soundaa sollu."

"naa... ohhhhh! Naa oru periyaa thevudiyaa."

"and, periyaa sunniyaa sapaaa, ollvaa pudikum?"


Raju pulled her hair tightly as he continued his methodic pace.

"sunnthulla vaangaa pudikumnu solludi."

"I like... unnnhhhh! Suthulla kuthunna pidikum

"thirupii sollidi."

"sooothulla kuthunna pidikum, Uncle."

Raju grinned. God, it was fantastic. He pulled her face to the side and began to obscenely lick her cheek and mouth as he continued pounding away.

"Ohhhh! 'nalla kuthugaa, Uncle'. Solludi."

Knowing by now what he wanted to hear, Asin didn't stop there. Through her gritted teeth, she began reciting whatever filthy phrases she could think of.

"Fuck... fuck me, Uncle! Suthulliyaa nalla kuthugaa!"

"Yeaaahhhhh, thatta girl!"

Hearing those depraved words from his asin's mouth pushed Raju over the edge. All at once, he popped his cock out and yanked her down to the floor. Asin fell to her knees behind the desk as Raju rapidly stroked his meat.

"Ohhh, fuck! Unnodda mugiliyee naa kanchi oothanum!"

He grabbed Asin's hair and yanked her head back. With his legs firmly planted on both sides of her, he aimed his cock at precisely the right spot.

"Unnnhhh!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!"

Huge ropes of cum started spraying wildly from the massive dick. Asin kept her eyes shut tightly as the hot cream began bombarding her face.

The first blast pelted her right on the bridge of the nose, splattering cum every which way. The second landed in her silky hair. The spunk continued shooting with no delay, hitting her forehead, her cheeks, her lips.

In mere seconds, Asin's face had been completely glazed with a thick coating of cream. Raju had cum just as much as he had the first time, if not more.

When his cock finally stopped shooting, Raju stepped back and surveyed his work. Gobs of cum were streaming down his daughter's face, some hanging from her chin. Most of it splashed down onto her big tits as Asin sat there panting for air, still trying to recover from the assault her freshly-widened asshole had just taken.

Raju was satisfied. He had done it. Asin had been broken and humiliated like never before.

He walked around towards the front of the desk, collected his clothes, and began to get dressed. Asin remained kneeling on the floor in what was starting to turn into a small pool of cum. As he finished pulling on his jacket, Raju took one last look down at her.

"Well, Asin... I guess you're hired”

Without another word, Raju zipped his pants and walked out of the office.
A few moments after he left, Asin began to slowly rise up off her knees. Still dripping with her uncle's cream, she walked on wobbly legs towards his private office bathroom and flipped on the light.

Taking a washcloth off the rack, she ran it under warm water and began to wipe the cum off her face. After a few passes, she looked up at her reflection in the mirror.

All of a sudden, a sneaky little smile spread across her face.

"yennaku nadikka theriyaathu yaar sonna."

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02-20-2013, 04:27 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Lakshmi rai sexy encounter !

"Well I think he's cute," Lakshmi Rai said defensively, "just because he's not the captain of the cricket team doesn't mean he wouldn't be fun to go out with!!!"
Poonam rolled her eyes in exasperation and replied, "Good grief, lakshu, he looks like a wimp, do wanna go out with a guy you could probably beat up with one arm tied behind your back!?!"
"Hrrrumph," Lakshmi Rai shot back, "I don't plan on wrestling with him, after all, we're going to a dance, not a professionally wrestling match!!!"
"Just the same," Poonam said, "don't come running to me when your date turns out to be a disaster!!!"
Lakshmi Rai shook her head a couple of time, picked up the phone, dialed a number, and waited for and answer,
"Hello, is this Anand, good, hi, this is Lakshmi Rai, Lakshmi Rai, the miss college 2008, I'm in your fifth period civics class, I was just wondering if you had a date yet for the Girls Ask dance on Saturday night???"
"Well, would you like to go with me, it should be a lot of fun!?!"
"Good," she replied after he accepted her invitation, "I'll pick you up at six and we can grab a couple of burgers before we go, how does that sound!?!"
"Okay then, I'll see you then, bye!!!" Lakshmi Rai then put the phone down and after turning to face Poonam offered, "Well miss smarty pants, at least I've got a date, and that's more than I can say for you!!!"
"Last song, people," the lead singer of the band said into the microphone as the strains of
"Pookaal pookum tharanam", could be heard in the back ground!!!
Anand took Lakshmi Rai into his arms as the two young olds swayed back and forth to the lilting sounds of the six piece combo that had entertained them for the past three hours!!!
Lakshmi Rai rested her head on Anand's shoulder and whispered softly into his ear, "I had a really nice time tonight, Anand!" Although up to now he hadn't said much, he replied shyly,
"I-I did to, Lakshmi Rai, I really did!!!"
Lakshmi Rai took a deep breath and rested her head back on his shoulder and thought to herself, "I don't care what that idiot Poonam says, Anand is just so sweet and the kind of guy a girl just likes to mother!!!" The song came to and end much too quickly, and forty couples picked up their jackets and headed out the gym doors to their cars!!!
Once behind the wheel Lakshmi Rai said casually, "What do ya say we drive out to the lake and watch the moon over the water, I hear it's really beautiful!?!"
"Uh, sure," he stammered, "that sounds nice, why not!!!" The drove in silence, with only the music on the car radio keeping them company, except when Lakshmi Rai would initiate the conversation!!!
"So, how do you like A.R Rahman songs," she asked,
" "It's fine," he replied,
"I hear ya," Lakshmi Rai replied as she swung the car onto the lane leading down to the lake, "we're almost there!!!"

Lakshmi Rai nosed the car as close to the water as was safe, and after she shut off the motor the two of them sat there in without saying a word, until Lakshmi Rai finally offered, "What do ya say we get out and skip a few rocks!?!" Both of them hopped out of the car and as the moon light bounced off of the shimmering water, the sound of rocks skimming over the surface filled the quiet night air!!!

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02-20-2013, 04:27 PM
Post: #43
RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
[font=&quot]After about ten minutes or so, Lakshmi Rai reached into the back seat of the car and pulled out a blanket which she quickly lay down on the soft grass and said, [/font]
[font=&quot]"Let's lay down and count the stars!!!" Side by side the two of them stared up into the sky pointing out strange star formations while looking for constellations!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]Lakshmi Rai was growing more and more frustrated at Anand's shyness, so throwing caution to the winds, she leaned over and gave him a soft kiss right on the mouth!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]Even though he was a little stunned by her overt show of affection, he quickly pulled her closer, returning a kiss in kind!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]They finally broke apart, and while staring into each other's eyes Lakshmi Rai whispered, "That was really nice, let's try that again," as she lowered her mouth to his, this time gently forcing open his lips and letting her tongue roam free inside of his mouth!!!"[/font]
Even though he was incredibly shy, his teen hormones slowly began to take over, and a few minutes later, he rolled her over onto her back, taking the superior position for himself as their kiss continued!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]"You're very beautiful," he whispered between kisses, "I-I noticed you the first time I saw you in class!!!" She was about to reply, when her heart skipped a beat as his hand slowly slid up her torso until it came to rest on her large breast, causing the air to whistle out of her as he began to gently caress her through her sweater!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]"Mmmmmm, that feels so nice," she said with a contented sigh,[/font]
[font=&quot] "you have very gentle hands!!!" [/font]
[font=&quot]"Thank you," he replied barely above a whisper, [/font]
[font=&quot]"this is the first time I've ever touched a girl like this!!!" [/font]
[font=&quot]"My god," she thought to herself, [/font]
[font=&quot]"this guy doesn't realize it, but he knows how to push just the right buttons!!!" "Would you like to suck them," she asked almost casually!?!" [/font]
[font=&quot]"Y-you're kidding," he stammered, "do you really mean it!?!" "Of course, you silly boy," she replied softly, [/font]
[font=&quot]"pull up my sweater for me!!!" She had to suppress a chuckle as she watched his hands shaking like a leaf while attempting in vain to pull up her sweater!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]Finally, as his frustration grew, she lifted her back off the blanket and in a quick motion pulled it over her head and off, leaving her bra encased breasts inches from his bulging eyes!!![/font]

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02-20-2013, 04:27 PM
Post: #44
RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Anand continued to staring, perhaps not believing what he was seeing, until Lakshmi Rai softly asked, "Are you just gonna look, or do you wanna a taste!?!" [/font]
[font=&quot]"Uh, yeah, of course I do," he mumbled, "how do you get this thing off," as he tugged at her bra strap!?! [/font]
[font=&quot]"Like this, silly boy," she teased while unhooking the catch in between the large cups, "ready or not, here they come!!!" [/font]
[font=&quot]She thought he might actually have a heart attack as they popped into view, so she casually put her hand behind his head drawing his mouth to her already hard nipple!!![/font]
[font=&quot] "Oh, my," she sighed, "you seem to have a talent for satisfying a woman, are you sure you haven't done this before!?!" [/font]
[font=&quot]He must have thought it was a rhetorical question, because instead of answering her, he greedily sucked her nipple like it was the last one he would ever put into his mouth!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]Lakshmi Rai had always been partial to tit sucking, but never had she had a boy who seemed to be so happy just to have one of her nipples in his mouth, so when she let her hand roam down the front of his pants and come to rest on his crotch, she felt her pussy drench as she felt what she perceived to be the biggest cock she had ever felt!!!"[/font]
"W-what are you doing," he panted while she caressed him through his trousers!?! "I'm just feeling your cock, Anand," she replied smoothly,[/font]
[font=&quot] "don't you want me to, after all, I let you feel my breasts, don't you think it's only fair that you let me feel your penis!?!"[/font]
[font=&quot] "I-I guess so," he stammered!!! "That's a good boy," she said softly, "I mean think about it, if you get to suck me, I certainly should get to suck you!!!" [/font]
[font=&quot]When he heard her say that, a long low groan gurgled from his throat as he panted, "Y-you want to suck me, too!?!" "She curled her lip up like a spoiled child and whimpered,[/font]
[font=&quot] "You're not gonna back out are you, that would really hurt my feelings!?!" "Oh, no," he shot back, "I didn't mean that, I was just a little confused, that's all.............." "Good," she replied in her best little girl's voice, "now stand up so I can unzip your pants!!!"[/font]
Now it was her turn to have shaking hands!!! A huge bulge was clearly evident in the front of his pants, and from the size of it, Lakshmi Rai felt her cunt to begin to involuntarily spasm as she started undoing his zipper!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]"Am I the first girl to see it," she breathed huskily while pulled his pants down to his ankles!?! [/font]
[font=&quot]"Yes," he replied softly, "no one has ever seen it let alone touched it!!!" "Mmmmmmm, good," she sighed while turning her attention to his tight white cotton briefs, [/font]
[font=&quot]"you seem to had quite a cock hidden in there, and it looks hard as a rock!!!" [/font]
[font=&quot]"I-it is," he panted, "please hurry, I really need it!!!" "Oh, my," she teased, "after all these years and now you need it right now!!!" [/font]
[font=&quot]He groaned as she made her little joke, but her smile quickly evaporated from her face as his massive penis flopped out of his shorts and into the cool night air!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]She couldn't believe what she was seeing!!! Here attached to this mild mannered young man of eighteen, was a brutally long and thick cock that would have been better suited for a porn star!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]"How long is it," she whispered from her now dry mouth!?! "I'm not sure," he replied softly, "the last time I measured it was over a year ago!!!" Gingerly Lakshmi Rai reached out to feel the awesome organ that bobbed menacingly in front of her, and at her mere touch, it spasmed slightly in her hand, feeling for all the world like the proverbial one eyed snake of legend!!![/font]
The magnetic attraction she felt towards his penis was stronger than anything she had ever experienced before, and as if being drawn by a outside force, she opened her mouth and let the bulbous head slip inside of her!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]"Oh, gawddddd," he moaned, "that feels so goooood, please, don't stop, just keep sucking it!!!" His incantations were totally unnecessary, as it would have taken dynamite to get her to let his thick prick escape her hungry mouth, so while her pussy was drenching itself in her panties, her mouth worked up and down the thick pecker as she tried coaxing a sperm shooter into her hot mouth!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]This was definitely a case of not being able to tell a book by its cover, because from his outward appearance Anand certainly didn't appear to be a super stud, but when he removed his pants, she was sure that she was holding the biggest cock in her whole senior class!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]She could sense he was quickly approaching his orgasm when she felt his nut bag tighten and his pecker stiffen just slightly, and much to her delight, he groaned loud and long as a blast of white hot cock juice slammed into the back of her throat!!![/font]
As the last of his cum was filling her mouth, Lakshmi Rai quickly lay back down on the blanket, and in a hot second she tore off her panties while spreading her legs wide and begging, "All right stud man, I did you, now you do me, fuck me like I'm a whore, come on stud boy, show me what a big fucking stud you are!!!" [/font]
[font=&quot]The light from the moon bounced off her hairy pussy, and for a second he just stared down at the incredible picture that lay before him, but the incessant twitching in his pecker forced him to drop to his knees and slowly bury his manhood deep into Lakshmi Rai's hot little fuck hole!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]"Sweet God in heaven," she moaned as all ten inches of cock flesh disappeared inside of her straining pussy, "I-I'm cumming already, I can't believe it, you're so fucking huge and I'm cumming everywhere!!!" [/font]
[font=&quot]This was before he even had completed a stroke, but hearing the hot little slut cumming like a whore in heat, he slowly pulled his cock almost all of the way out before slamming it home like a jackhammer on the loose!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]He was sure Lakshmi Rai's scream could be heard all the way back in town, but his own orgasm was building like a tidal wave on the ocean, so throwing all caution to the winds, he rammed his hard pecker in and out of her until they both on the edge of massive uncontrollable climaxes!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]Lakshmi Rai wasn't even talking anymore, she was more or less babbling and drooling all at the same time, but now as her orgasm roared towards her, she threw her legs around Anand's back, holding him firmly in place as he pistoned in and out of her with brutal precision!!![/font]
Lakshmi Rai's eyes were glazed over and her mouth hung half open as her pussy was being pounded into complete submission by the gigantic piece of cock flesh that was assaulting her like an invading army!!! Their organs were now moving in unison as they both stepped onto the orgasm express, with no stops until the very end!!![/font]
[font=&quot]Lakshmi Rai was first to feel it coming, and her low moan grew louder as her climax rocketed through her while her helpless pussy continued to be brutalized by Anand's oversized erection!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]Anand had long since lost control of his pecker, and he was much like Lakshmi Rai, just along for the ride!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]"I'm cumming," he gasped as the last moans ebbed out of the slack jawed little cunt beneath him,[/font]
[font=&quot] "I-I can't hold it back, I'm fucking cumingggggg!!!" For the second time in the last ten minutes Anands' cock unleashed a fire hose gusher of cum inside of Lakshmi Rai, the first time in her mouth and this time in her now beaten to a pulp pussy!!! [/font]
[font=&quot]With sweat pouring out of him, he collapsed on top of her, gulping for air as his blood pressure tired to return to normal!!![/font]
They didn't move for several minutes before Lakshmi Rai asked, [/font]
[font=&quot]"I'm not your first, am I!?!" He now had returned to his shy self and replied softly, "No, but you were by far the best!!!" She let her hand slip down between the until it encountered his huge member, and after giving it a little squeeze she whispered, "Well, Anand, from now on this is mine and only mine!!!" He smiled back at her, but again he didn't respond, because the answer was sliding easily back into her slit!!![/font]

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02-20-2013, 04:27 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Bhuvaneswari: a slutty housewife !

[font=&quot]We'll call her Bhuvaneswari, my friend Thiru's wife. We had been friends for about 5 years, and all the time I thought she had a crush on me, and she didn't bother to hide it her husband. Thiru was somewhat nerdy, who like to watch action movies and most of the time ended up falling asleep in his favorite recliner most every night. Bhuvaneswari however had a lot of energy and she was in her 40’s, she was young at heart and had very good looks and was sexy. She had a young body, shapely and often when I was over their house, she flaunted it, right in front of her husband who didn't have a clue. Many times when I was over, (pretty much every time) she paid alot of attention to me, catering to my every need or want, while Thiru just watched and commented somewhat on the fact. We would all watch something on TV together with Thiru in his favorite recliner (as usual) while Bhuvaneswari would sit next to me on the big reclining couch across from Thiru to the left of us.[/font]..

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02-20-2013, 04:28 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
She would sit right up next to me, often touching me and commented on how handsome I was,(kind of I was I guess). Also letting me know how much she appreciated how muscular I was, rubbing my arms up and down, often looking at me with gleaming eyes, while Thiru would say things like, "Bhuvaneswari, ennamaa seiyyraa, kannumu irruumaa", or even, "Ivanna love pannuriyaa enna?". "

I of course would reply, of course she loves me Thiru, isn't it obvious"? I had a strong feeling that Bhuvaneswari was a horny little girl in need, knowing Thiru pretty good, in that he wasn't satisfying her in any way shape or form. Well time came when Bhuvaneswari and I began having more intimate conversations, how it started I really am not sure. Eventually we were engaged in sexually talk, and I learned she had to masturbate a lot, and she finally confessed that more often than not she would fantasize about me while she got herself off.

During our conversation she would tell how she would try to have sex with Thiru, even oral sex, but he would fail to perform so she was left to masturbate in front of him, all the while wishing I was there.

She once got me to confess that I was well hung and thick and when I told her, I could see she got hot, and even had an orgasm right then and there. She once confessed to me in a phone conversation (we talked alot on the phone late at night while Thiru sleeping in the chair) how that she would get all wet and hot even having multiple orgasms thinking about my large thick cock (she had not seen),while masturbating.

Well the time came, when I had formed a plan to test her out, I had been invited over again (by her mostly) and Thiru to watch a movie. I showered shaved, (everything,Bhuvaneswari had confessed she shaved everything also), and purposely worn a pair of jeans Bhuvaneswari said she loved on me.
As usual, Thiru sat in his chair and Bhuvaneswari and I sat on the couch. Bhuvaneswari wanted to show me a new lacey red lingerie garment she bought to were in the hot summer nights, Thiru did not mind her showing it off to me, which I thought was weird but cool.

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02-20-2013, 04:28 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Bhuvaneswari came out of her bedroom with the lingerie on, and it was obvious she wanted me to look her up and down. She didn't have a bra on, and her panties could be seen right through the garment, which was short, to the top of her knees. She also managed to have some milk which she had a couple of glasses of, I also had some. After prancing around the living room with the red see through lingerie, she ask me if I liked it, and of course I gave her what she was looking for, a big thumbs up. As she started to go back to change, I stopped her, convincing her to keep it on and come sit with me. I even ask Thiru if he minded, and to my surprise he (smiling) said "hmmm; okmaa, unnaku pidichi irrundichinaa, ennaku ok "..laughing.

So she sat down next to me, big smile on her face, gleam in her eye, and I knew her panties were soaking wet, the way she was squirming around. I even knew she had had a number of orgasms. I forgot to mention earlier, that for a long time prior to this night, Bhuvaneswari and I had engaged in a lot of kissing and touching, many times in front of Thiru, who didn't seem to care, and in fact jokingly referred to us as the lovers, going at it again.

Well, Thiru fell asleep as usual, and Bhuvaneswari and I started kissing, she loved to kiss and said I was the best kisser she ever knew. Thiru woke up,saw us kissing and just changed positions in his chair even reclining back all the way totally relaxed and fell back asleep.

Bhuvaneswari and I never skipped a beat, literally making out right in front of her husband, she was hot on fire horny, having climax after climax, never meet a girl like her.

As we were kissing I managed to pull my rock hard throbbing cock out, thinking it was time to test my theory about her being a cock gobbling slut. I pulled away from kissing her and took her by the chin and pointed her head down so she could get and eye full of thick hard throbbing cock. When she laid her eyes on it, she immediately started moaning, her eyes wide and just steadfast staring right at it.

I felt her body shaking and I could see her tongue sticking out of her mouth running back and forth along her moistened lips (wet more like it). She looked up at me and said, "nalla perrussa irrukkudu, hmmm..".

I looked her right in the eye and asked her,

"Sapppunoonu aasaiyaa irrukaa bhuvaneswari?", and her response was a gasping

“Aamaangaa”, I have wanted to blow you for the longest time.

No sooner those words spilled out of her mouth, my rock hard throbbing tool was deep in her throat. As soon as my cock hit the back of Bhuvaneswari's throat, she started to have a orgasm, her body convulsing, all while she was moaning with sheer pleasure having my throbbing cock pushing out the inside of her cheek.
She was going ballistic on my throbbing cock, pulling it out to look at it up close, rubbing the mushroom shaped head along her soaking wet lips, and then down again all the way to my pelvis. I positioned her to lay down on her belly, stretching out on the couch so that her head was in my lap.

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02-20-2013, 04:28 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
She started to pull my jeans off me, just past my knees down to my boots. Bhuvaneswari pushed on my thighs to open my legs wide so she could gain full access to my equipment. As she continued to engulf my massive rock hard cock, I ran my hand along her shoulders, pulling the shoulder straps of her lingerie down over her shoulders. She pulled her arms free from the garment eagerly, lifting up a little to free her full beautiful boobs.
They were perfect in every way, it was hard to believe she was 40 years old, and loved sucking cock, that she purposefully made obvious. Bhuvaneswari was definitely a cock sucker, and was very good at it. She worked my hardened shaft like she had been doing it for years.
I had to tell her to slow down and enjoy the feast she was having, she looked up at me with a smile and said," Ithukaagaa, naa rombaa naal, kathirunthagaa". She continued to give me the blow job of my life, all the while her husband was snoring away in the chair.

My hand found its way down to her beautifully shaped ass, lifting up the red lingerie to her waist, pulling her panties down and off her, so that her bottom was exposed, where in I slipped a finger into her waiting wet pussy. Immediately she had another orgasm, her body lurching and shaking, and she would deep throat my cock moaning with pure pleasure.
I positioned myself so that I was stretched out for her to get all of my meat there was to have. I wanted to see if she liked having me force her head down on my cock, so I put my hand on top of her head and forced it down. To my delight, she moaned the more, so with one hand I worked her ass and pussy, a finger in each, and with the other I grabbed a hand full of her hair and forced her head up and down my bulging member. She began to have orgasms left and right, she moaned more and more every time I would plunge a finger deep in her ass at the same time working her pussy, my fingers being soaking wet from her juices.

As I worked her bottom she would lift it up to meet my thrusts into her, she had her legs spread as wide as she could in that position, one leg hanging off the edge of the couch. Bhuvaneswari moved down the shaft of my cock, to my big tight clean shaved balls, taking each one in her mouth while she vigorously stoked my cock up and down. I could tell she wanted, and was waiting, even anticipating a big load of cum.
Thiru had woke up and looked over seeing his wife's head thirubing up and down, said,"Bhuvaneswari, enna seyyuraamaa”
I told him, “ enjoy panna vidhudaa thiru, ippothan bhuvaneswari sandoshamaa irrukaada”. To my surprise he just said, "oh, appadiya, ok ok”" and went back to sleep,
Bhuvaneswari being to much enthralled with her work to even care.
I felt myself building up to a huge explosion, and told her," oothaa poothu bhuvaneswari”" pulling her by the hair off me, to look her in the eyes, just so she'll know I plan on filling her mouth with my load. Then I slammed her head back down on my cock with her eagerly awaiting the reward for her work.

I brought her to another orgasm, this one even more powerful, seeing this 40 year old being totally submissive and horny drove me to a massive explosion.
I came in a massive wave of orgasmic fury, like never in my life before. There was so much cum spilling out of me she gaged at first,with alot spilling out past her lips, which she wrapped tightly around my throbbing cock, the veins of which were bulging.
I drove my thick thumb deep in her bottom and three in her throbbing pulsating pussy, wet with her cum juices. As I was still cumming she pulled off so she could have me squirt some on her face,(I wasn't expecting that), she rubbed my semen all over her face, smiling all the time and moaning with pleasures she probably only dreamed of.
I was still rock hard and figured I might as well make good use of it, so I got up, positioned her on her back, through her legs up over head, she completely co-operative, legs spread wide for me.

She pulled my down to her to kiss me, and we filled each others mouth with our tongues, as I drove my throbbing cock all the way inside her waiting pussy. She climaxed instantly and what seemed endlessly. Like a well oiled machine I drilled her quivering pussy, without mercy, looking to get my fill of her, and spray another big load of cum inside her. I drove my fat boy in her to the hilt, then picked her up and turned her over, pulling her ass up high I plunged in from the rear,
she screamed with pleasure,saying to me," ahhh..enna ookuudaa, nalla pundayallu kuthudaa;..mmmm..inno veggamma, vegaa..mmVegaamaa seiyyugaa".
I couldn't believe she was begging for it. As I was slammer her,I accidentally pulled out, and plunging back in I went right into her ass, and she took it like she was expecting it, my cock went right in like she was already broken in. So I took full advantage which she seemed to agree with, pushing back on my cock as to encourage me to give it to her.

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02-20-2013, 04:28 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
I went from ass to pussy, giving her orgasm after orgasm, until I finally came, it was deep in her bottom with the first blast of cum and then I slammed the rest deep into her slutty pussy, as far in as I could get, my balls slamming up against her thighs. I collapsed on top of her, as she put her hands between her legs and gentle massaged her self, still moaning, looking me the eyes confessing to me she had been waiting 3 years to get fucked by me.

Well as you can imagine, it didn't end there, that night. Every time I was invited over, she took me deep in her mouth eagerly, swallow a whole lot of cum over the past 4 years. Her husband many times, was wide awake, but was so tuned into the TV, he really never had a clue, that his wife was blowing me rigth in front of him. Well we were positioned in way were as my leg being in a positions to, hide from his eyes what she was doing.....I think anyway ?

Maybe he knew, but also knew his wife not only needed to get fucked, but wanted me to fuck her, so he let it be?

"A true account of a horny slutty wife getting fucked by her husbands' friend" and loving it !!

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02-20-2013, 04:28 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Tamannah trapped in shooting!

Tamannah agreed to do a movie down south, in tamil. Her last appearance in tamil was in 2011 (Venghai with dhanush), after that she went on a high in telugu films, her market was skyrocketed, but tamannah carrier raised in tamil industry. She is too attached to kollywood. She rose to fame from there, and wanted to get her throne back. As she left, many princesses took her spot. To mention some, Amala paul, Anjali, and many other hotties get too many offers but tamannah wanted to get back what belongs to her, become once again "the queen of Kollywood"....

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