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Kareena Kapoor - Sexy Pussy gets Raped
05-07-2012, 05:34 PM
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Kareena Kapoor - Sexy Pussy gets Raped
Kareena Kapoor loved the feeling of the warm air caressing her nubile sexy body as she swung through the air on her steel cable. She leaped from one building to the next, oblivious to the danger of falling from such a dizzying height. Her brand new skin-tight black costume clung to her body like a second skin and felt much better than her other one. This new costume looked exactly like her other one but was a lot thinner and she felt a bit shy about wearing it, since it made the outlines of her nipples and pussy mound quite visible. Still, this new material was so sleek and sexy that she just had to wear it every once in a while. She had decided to only wear it at night so that no one would be likely to see her while she’s on the prowl except for her favorite stud-muffin, Super Boy. She constantly hoped she’d run into him during her patrols so he’d see her in this new sexier costume so she could put the moves on him but so far no such luck. The sun had come up several hours ago and she realized she had been on patrol much longer than she wanted to be in the hope of bumping into Super Boy. She looked at a clock on one of the buildings and it was already 9:00 am!
Drenched in sweat from her exertions, Kareena muttered, “It’s just as well that I didn’t find Super Boy. I stink of sweat and he’d probably turn me down. Besides, from the way I’ve been rubbing my crotch thinking about my pussy must smell like a fishmarket. I’m so horny that I could jump Connor and his wife right now!”
Stopping to drink a bottle of water from a secret cache she had hidden on one of the building rooftops on her route, Kareena thought she saw something flash behind her. Suddenly there was a deafening crash from the streets below followed by the sounds of people screaming and car horns blaring. The impact shook the entire building Kareena was standing on.
SEXY PUSSY, surprised by the shockwave, barely managed to grab hold of the ledge she was leaping to. She scrambled to the ledge and looked down. Below her was a huge crater right in the middle of the intersection and in the center of the crater was a large sphere that looked like it was glowing. Dust and smoke billowed upward from the crater and the sphere in the middle appeared to be moving and pulsating.
Kareena now cursed herself for wearing her new sexier SEXY PUSSY costume. Now she would have to go right down into the middle of all those people in broad daylight dressed like this. All she wanted to do was to make an impression on Super Boy and now her plans had gone completely awry! She lost no time in reaching the streets below and found a few policemen and firemen on the scene. Her perky little breasts thirsted out (whatever there was) and swinging her slim sexy ass she walked upto the officer.
“Any idea what that thing is, officer?” SEXY PUSSY asked, slightly out of breath . Her perky breasts were definitely distracting the handsome rookie policeman. Kareena was turned on by the sweaty odor of her sexy body and the strong skanky aroma of her own pussy had just as strong an effect on her as it did on most men…such as this one.
“Uhhh…No.Mam.” The officer replied, never taking his eyes off Kareena’s breasts. The other officers were staring at SEXY PUSSY’s tight fitting costume. Her outfit fully covered her but left virtually nothing to the imagination. Several bystanders were also getting an eyeful and Kareena blushed when she saw a group of 11-year-old boys staring at the very visible outline of her pussy.
“You officers and firemen do what you can to get these people to safety and keep them away from the crater. I’m going to investigate and see what this thing is.” Kareena could plainly tell what effect her skin-tight black outfit was having on these people and was simultaneously embarrassed and turned on! She hadn’t had any sex in a long time, barring masturbation, and this sort of attention was getting her excited again. Her regular SEXY PUSSY costume made her feel practically naked, but this new variation made her feel completely naked! She could feel the eyes of every male bystander staring at her sexy ass and she had to admit that she kind of liked it.
As she approached the crater, though, she put aside all of these distracting thoughts and proceeded cautiously over the rim. The large pulsating object in the middle of the crater appeared to be some sort of living organism. It was hard to tell if it was plant or animal, since it seemed to have aspects of both. As she crept up closer to the giant throbbing sphere, Kareena was suddenly knocked backwards as the sphere opened up to reveal dozens of probing tentacles. The tentacles were of two varieties. One type was strangely phallic, but extremely enlarged. They had the texture of snakeskin and some were studded with hard fleshy nodes. The other type of tentacle was fewer in number and slightly thinner in width. At the ends of these tentacles was a large bulb about the size of a grapefruit. Each of these bulbs opened to reveal a hissing mouth filled with rows of tiny sharp teeth.
SEXY PUSSY dodged two of the creature’s swift attacks as she leaped through the air, legs wide apart, but the third grazed her shoulder. Her tiny tits bounced slightly as she performed a variety of acrobatic flips and maneuvers. There was a growing number of young men in the crowd watching her and she could sense that they were torn between shock at seeing the alien monster in the middle of the city street and sexual arousal at seeing her performing acrobatics in her new revealing black costume.
SEXY PUSSY dodged and weaved through a flurry of the alien monster’s attacks and landed several punches and kicks against the side of its rough spherical shell but the blows had no effect. As she barely avoided another half-dozen rapid attacks, SEXY PUSSY got somehow turned around and suddenly felt the horrible sting of three tentacles smack against her ass. The tentacles felt like bullwhips against the soft exposed flesh of her buttocks.
“AAHHH!!!” SEXY PUSSY instantly cried out in pain from the loud impact of the alien creature’s strong-as-steel tentacles against her soft tender flanks.
The crowd, just a few yards away, stared in shock and astonishment as they watched what was happening. They were almost at the edge of the crater and if the creature was interested in doing them harm it didn’t show it. A few policemen drew their weapons but refrained from firing because of fear of hitting SEXY PUSSY.
Kareena spotted several news crews setting up all around the perimeter of the crater, just out of reach of the creature’s flailing tentacles but close enough to get a perfect close-up video camera view of the superheroine in distress. Occasionally someone in the crowd would try to run in and rescue SEXY PUSSY but they were soon sent flying back by a vicious whip-like tentacle. Soon a transparent force field blocked any further intrusion and no one could approach beyond the rim of the crater, however, everyone could plainly see everything going on.
SEXY PUSSY turned to face the creature and dodged several attacks, her tiny boobs bouncing mildly and her gorgeous ass jiggling in her sleek black costume. As she worked her way closer to the creature’s main body she failed to see two tentacles and they whipped her breasts with an audible “KR-RAAK!!!”
“EEEYYAAAAAH!!!” SEXY PUSSY screamed, tears flowing down her cheeks. She had never experienced anything so painful. She defensively brought her arm up to protect her bruised tits and discovered that the material of her costume covering her breasts had been shredded, leaving her perky little breasts fully exposed. She leaped back and landed with her feet wide apart to avoid falling down but that was a position which left her crotch vulnerable to attack and the alien plant monster took advantage of this split-second opportunity.
A thick tentacle lashed out with lightning quickness and landed with a loud “WHA-POW!!!” upwards against SEXY PUSSY’s vulnerable pussy. The thin black fabric covering her crotch was ripped away by the thick heavy tentacle.
“UUAAAAAHHH!!!” SEXY PUSSY screamed in pure agony as she stumbled backwards, reeling in extreme pain. She tried to avoid the alien monster’s next volley of attacks but failed miserably. Most of the people in the crowd gasped in surprise and horrified astonishment. This was happening only a yard or two away from them!
Suddenly SEXY PUSSY’s wrists and ankles were encircled by the thick powerful phallic tentacles and she could feel them entwining around her arms and legs like obscene pythons. She struggled fiercely to break free but could not match the prodigious strength of the massive tentacles. She grunted and gasped as she struggled and fought against the alien beast but her attempts to escape were of no avail. Her sexy slim body undulated and flexed as she struggled, causing her boobs to jiggle (whatever it could), her perfect ass to bounce, and her pelvis to gyrate. She caught a glimpse of the shocked faces of the onlooking crowd and her horror and shame was suddenly magnified. She was exposed and helpless against her foe…and it was happening in the middle of the street in New York with thousands of people watching!
“Hhuuaanngh!!!” SEXY PUSSY screamed as the tentacles lifted her effortlessly into the air and yanked her arms and legs apart to that she was spreadeagle about four feet above the ground at the edge of the crater. At first she was terrified that the creature was going to kill her by ripping her apart but her terror was greatly increased when she realized that another horrible fate was in store for her instead. The large bulbous heads of the big tentacles began banging into her writhing body and ooze a slimy white substance. The slippery substance was some sort of pre-cum and the heads of the tentacles smeared it all over her body. More and more tentacles slid over her and SEXY PUSSY was completely obscured from view for several moments as the huge tentacles slid all over her body. Some of the tentacles ejaculated large globs of thick alien sperm all over SEXY PUSSY wherever they could and after several long minutes some of the tentacles receded and SEXY PUSSY was exposed to the eyes of the gawking crowds once more. Her arms and legs were still held tightly and she was suspended, spreadeagled, face up, about five feet above the ground. Her tight, sheer, black costume was glistening with jism and her entire body was dripping with the alien plant-monster’s cum.
“Uuhhnngh!!!” SEXY PUSSY groaned loudly as her arms and legs were pulled wide apart. The tentacles wrapped around her arms and legs anchored themselves to some nearby debris (a streetlight, a chunk of pavement, an upended car, and a crooked telephone pole) so that they would not tire. Everyone in the crowd had a full unobstructed view of the superheroine’s dangerous predicament and despite the horror many were also feeling the overwhelming emotion of raw lust.
SEXY PUSSY’s widespread legs fully exposed her smooth hairless pussy mound. Her fleshy outer lips were even puffier than before after being whipped by a savage strike from one of the alien monster’s thick tentacles. Kareena’s pink nipples were hard and sensitive and her pussy was dripping with her own vaginal secretions. She could smell the strong odor of her own pussy and it intermingled with the equally powerful aroma of her sweat. Her entire body was covered in the slippery oily seminal secretions of this alien monstrosity and she could feel the gooey sticky jism dripping down her body.
Still SEXY PUSSY continued to struggle against her alien aggressor, and her thrashing only seemed to make the monster more aggressive and brutal. The thick knobby heads of the tentacles bashed against her body everywhere, especially against her tits, ass, and pussy lips, all the while spurting thick jets of gooey alien seed all over her body. The tentacles kept on bashing themselves against her breasts, sliding on the ooze that issued from their heads. One of the tentacles began to force itself into her mouth but SEXY PUSSY turned her head away. Her head hung down unsupported so that she was looking at the throngs of people only a few feet away, seperated only by the invisible force barrier. As she turned her head from side to side, denying entrance to the tentacle sliding across her cheeks and lips, she looked through half-closed eyes at the staring faces of hundreds of men, women, and even children and felt pure anguish and shame.

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05-07-2012, 05:35 PM
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RE: Kareena Kapoor - Sexy Pussy gets Raped
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05-07-2012, 05:35 PM
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RE: Kareena Kapoor - Sexy Pussy gets Raped
After the probing tentacle tried in vain to insert itself into her mouth a couple of other somewhat smaller tentacles wrapped themselves around her forehead and over her chin holding her head firmly in place as well as forcing her mouth open.
“Uuaahh! Oh God! No! Nnnoooooo!” SEXY PUSSY screamed as she struggled and fought against her alien enemy.
Now that the large slime-dripping tentacle had easy access to the superheroine’s throat it didn’t hesitate to thrust in as deeply as it could and the creature began forcing its tentacle all the way down her gullet. SEXY PUSSY gagged and choked on the monstrous member as it stretched her throat on its way down halfway to her stomach. Her wildly convulsing gagging only gave more pleasure to the alien monster as her tight throat squeezed and contracted wildly on the massive phallus.
SEXY PUSSY’s costume still covered her body except for the strategic rips in the fabric at her crotch and tits. The black material was totally soaked in alien cum and her mask was pasted to her face with sticky jism. The faux white fur around her gloves and boots was matted with gooey cum and her long black mane of hair was being gripped by the jaws of several tentacles with sharp-toothed mouths so that her head was being pulled backwards.
Kareena’s ankles were slowly pulled apart even more and she screamed around the tentacle plunging in and out of her throat. She was extremely acrobatic and limber but she had never been spread this wide before. Her eyes watered uncontrollably and great salty tears rolled down her cheeks as she sobbed and groaned from her oral violation. She managed to make out three more tentacles proceeding towards her with what looked like bulbous tips about twice the size of tennis balls. As her legs were spread as far as possible, one of the large cock-tentacles suddenly punched into her vagina, slamming deeply between the cleft of her wet puffy pussy lips.
“G-G-GGLLAAAUUHHRRGGG!!!!” SEXY PUSSY screamed in a loud gagging cry from around the huge member pumping in and out of her tight throat. Drool hung in thick ropy strands from her lips as SEXY PUSSY’s muscles flexed in one more attempt to break free. Bitter salty tears ran from Kareena’s eyes as the huge tentacle thrust into her vulnerable vagina and began to open her up. Kareena’s heartbeat quickened as she felt this new painful intrusion and her body began to react to the violation of her exposed vagina. Once her smooth wet pussy was fully dilated the tentacle retracted, ejaculating several gooey globs of sperm all over her widely-stretched cunt. A second tentacle, much larger than the first now emerged from it’s leathery sheath and the head of this new phallus was much larger than the first.
SEXY PUSSY struggled and tried with all her might to break free but it was no use. She now realized that she was going to be raped and impregnated by this terrifying alien creature…right in mid-day in the center of New York with hundreds of men, women, and children watching. Kareena felt her spirit sink as her humiliation and degradation increased. She caught sight of a gang of black men nearby, all with their hands down their pants jacking off. She saw a group of boys (who looked barely 12 year old) doing the same thing. Even a few policemen were whacking off.
“My god,” SEXY PUSSY thought, “They are all enjoying this! They actually want to see me get raped!”
The huge penis-tentacle rubbed against the sexy superheroine’s soft hairless pussy mound, sliding all over the wet sticky cum which covered her dripping cunt. The penis was about 3 inches in diameter and very thick. It was not as flexible as the other tentacles and was more hard and rigid, just like a regular penis.
Another group of tentacles examined SEXY PUSSY’s tiny tits. A small bluish tentacle, very long and thin, had a sharp stinger about half an inch long at the tip. Three of these tentacles approached the writhing superheroines’ body…two right in front of each nipple and one directly in line with her clit nub. Suddenly, like a cobra, the stinger tentacles shot out and stabbed directly into her nipples, causing SEXY PUSSY to scream loudly in pain. Her scream, muffled by the alien cock that filled her throat, was loud enough to be heard by most of the people nearby. Tears ran down her cheeks as Kareena felt a burning pain lance through her boobs. Her agony was nothing compared to what was to happen next, however. The huge alien penis that was rubbing her crotch and stimulating her clitoris slowly pulled away and the stinger tentacle moved up into a better position between her legs. SEXY PUSSY looked down between her legs and screamed in fright and panic.
“Nnhhaauu!!! Nhhaauu!!! Aauuhhh Ggaaahhhd!!! Pllluuuhhzzz!!! Nnhhaaauuuhh!!!” SEXY PUSSY screamed from around the massive alien penis that was plunging in and out of her throat. Then suddenly the stinger shot forth and snake deep into the superheroine’s soft erect clitoris, pumping it with venom. SEXY PUSSY spasmed violently in pain and incredible agony. She had never before known such pain and nearly passed out from the intensity of the searing torture. She could no longer control herself and a blast her love juice shot out of her hole and splattered onto the ground. For about a full minute the stingers continued to inject their burning substance into Kareena’s body. The penis in her throat shot it’s massive load of alien seed directly into her stomach and then pulled out only to be replaced by another which was nearly identical. The stinger tentacles withdrew from SEXY PUSSY’s nipples and as they pulled out, a dribble of blood dripped from the end of each swollen nipple. Her vision blurred by salty tears, SEXY PUSSY glanced at her clit and saw the stinger withdraw, leaving her swollen clit enlarged to more than twice it’s normal size and it was extremely more sensitive now.
The large penis tentacle had now returned to it’s previous position and was rubbing up against SEXY PUSSY’s aching cunt. She felt the massive penis push harder and harder against her pussy slit and grimaced in pain. She was powerless to prevent the monster’s invasion of her body but her spirit had not yet been broken and she began to struggle again. The huge penis pressed harder against SEXY PUSSY’s pussy slit and the alien creature became more and more aggressive in it’s mindless instinct to mate.
“Aannngghh!!! SEXY PUSSY screamed as the bulbous head of the penis finally popped into her soft widely-stretched pussy. Kareena screamed liked a stuck pig as the savage creature unmercifully kept shoving more and more of it’s giant phallic organ into the woman’s soft wet pussy. The penis in her mouth shot it’s load of alien sperm down her throat. Six inches…seven inches…eight inches…nine inches…ten inches…
SEXY PUSSY screamed long and loud as the enormous alien penis stretched her pussy wider than it had ever been stretched before. She pissed all over the probing organ and her warm juices dripped down onto the ground below her. Cameras flashed all around her as the mob continued to watch and record her total defeat and degradation. As she wailed and groaned in pain three guys wearing “Dreamcomixxx” t-shirts were recording the whole horrible event on a video camera!
Kareena felt a new wave of pain coursed up ( ) from her well reamed cunt as the huge knob at the head of the penis began to push against the entrance of her womb. “OH MY GOD!!! NOOOO!!! NNNOOO!!!” she screamed. Her body bucked violently with the reaction to this new onslaught, her pelvis twisting trying to pull away from the intrusion, and in response the tentacles tightened their grip on her arms and legs. Her breast wobbled and blood trickled continuously from her tiny hard nipples. Through all this the huge penis continued pounding at her cervix slowly widening it, and with each thrust, SEXY PUSSY’s screams grew louder and more desperate, her writhing more violent. “Aarrgh!!! Uuhhnngh! Uuaahhh!!! No! Uunngh! No! NO!!! Nnhhggg!!! AAHHH!!! No! OH GOD NOOO!!! Uuaargh!!! AH! AAAAAH!!! EEEEEYYYAAAAHHH!!!!” With one final push the penis forced it’s way into Kareena’s womb!
“OOOHHH… GGHHHAAUUDDD… NNOOOOOOO!!!” Kareena screamed at the top of her lungs as agonizing pain shot through her groin. Just as she screamed the three tentacles rubbing themselves all over her face shot their loads unerringly into her wide open mouth.
SPLURG! SPLUTCH! SPLORG! The ejaculations were so thick and copious that they were audible! SEXY PUSSY’s face, was covered with thick mask of pasty cum, was held firmly into position as the blasts of gooey sperm shot into her open mouth. The cum was so thick that it nearly blocked her esophagus and she had a great deal of difficulty breathing.
“AAAH-HUUK! AAAhhhggh!!! Ghhaaa-aaahg! Ggllaahg!!! HUUk! AAAH-HUUKK!” SEXY PUSSY choked and gagged on the thick alien seed. It tasted exactly like human cum but was much thicker and this alien creature had a plentiful supply.
The alien pulled it’s dick out and brutally slammed it all the way back in, causing it’s female prey to scream as loud as before. The loud meaty impact of the thrust made a slapping sound that could be heard by all of the nearby onlookers.
SEXY PUSSY spit out a mouthful of cum to scream but the thick alien spunk was still attached to her lips by ropy strands. The alien pulled out and lunged forward again, and again, and again, and again. SEXY PUSSY’s entire body bounced from the brutal jackhammer thrusts of her monstrous enemy.
“AAAHHH!!! AAUUHH…PPLLEEEASE!!! NO MORE!!! AH GHAAUD!!! IT HURTS!!! OHH GOD IT HUURRRRTS!!! UUAAHGGG!!! OH GOD NNNOOO!!! IT’S KILLING MEEE!!! EEEYYAAAHHH!!!!” The defeated superheroine screamed at the top of her lungs but the bestial alien monster only raped her harder than before. SEXY PUSSY’s womb was being battered so hard by the hard bulbous head of the alien’s massive penis that it felt surely bruised black and blue.
POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! The sound of the brutal impacts and SEXY PUSSY’s agonizing cries were clear even above the noise of the crowd. SEXY PUSSY’s slim athletic body was rocked from the hard punishing rapid-fire jabs of the alien’s sexual attack. Her body bounced and jerked like a rag doll as the alien sadistically hammered her pussy and ass. The incredible pain was so great that Kareena felt as if she were being split in two. She wished she would pass out but as it turned out she was not so fortunate. Her ordeal lasted for a full half hour, and the creature wasn’t letting up one bit. To Kareena it seemed like forever. Despite her continual non-stop orgasms, she felt far more excruciating pain than whatever pleasure she got.
Suddenly, Kareena saw someone in the crowd she recognized. It was the Priyanka Chopra! Kareena tried to call out to her but the alien silenced her by shoving another huge penis straight down her throat.
“AWWLLRGH!!!” SEXY PUSSY gagged as her throat was impaled. She could also feel the creature’s toothed sucker mouths clamp down on her perky nipples and start biting them and sucking.
Priyanka Chopra quickly made her way to the front of the crowd and got as close to SEXY PUSSY as she could. She was about three feet away, but unable to get closer due to the force field.
SEXY PUSSY heard her saying something and tried to shut out her pain and focus on the Priyanka Chopra’s words.
“…can’t penetrate the alien’s force field! Oh, God! You have to get out of there! You have to get away! From what little the Avengers know of this species it is virtually unstoppable! This creature can mate with human women! It’s going to impregnate you! Oh god! If you don’t get free it’s going to IMPREGNATE YOU!!!” Priyanka Chopra screamed to SEXY PUSSY.
In response, the alien just flipped SEXY PUSSY over, face down, and slammed a hard spiked tentacle brutally between her butt cheeks, ramming the monstrous weapon-like penis up her tight ass. The penis in her mouth shot a huge load of cum all over her face, adding to the already thick mix of slimy sperm.
Her voice was raw and hoarse from her continual screams, but her painful cry could still be heard for several blocks away. Her rectum was being roughly penetrated by a huge steel-hard spiked penis while her pussy was being stretched to the limit by a massive penis slightly larger than that of a horse. Her nipples were also being bitten roughly and tugged on by the powerful jaws of the alien’s mouths as her tits were sucked on. Blood squirted copiously from Kareena’s mauled mammaries and dribbled down her body. She could feel another set of tiny sharp teeth clamp down on her sensitive clit and it was about this time when SEXY PUSSY gave up all hope.
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