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Naukri Ke Liye Biwi ko Chudwaya - SexStories - 01-28-2012 08:07 AM

This is the story of a man who was suspended from his job on chrages that he had defrauded company's money{approximately 25000 rupees}.he had actually done the crime and was paying for the it very dearly.nearly since last six months he was w/o a job and waiting for the result of the enquiry that was imposed to check his misdoings.his name is harish.rest me HARISH will tell himself.

so i was waiting for the final order of the enquiry-commission whch was headed by my boss,and he was the only person to conduct the enquiry since he was the owner of the company as well.just one day before the order was due, i got a call from my office saying that i was to report to my boss and make my stand clear.{Although there was nothing left to be cleared as i had confessed to my crime and i could not repay the money that i had siphoned-off from my company.actually i was given this six-months period to repay the money to the company.but i could not arrange so much money, and since i was accused of cheating nobody else was giving me any job so i could not arrange any money .and in fact my wife had been selling her ornaments to run the house and probably she also had very little left with her.and this was the last date of my payment}.

i went to my office and was asked to wait for some time as my boss was busy in some meetinng.after around 15 minutes my boss's peon BABURAO came to me and started talikng with me in a very casual manner,like what i plan to do to save myself since the enquiry and the wait period was over i was surely going to be convicted and resticated from my job and he told me that i might be handed over to the police for legal proceedings.i got very scared listening all these from baburao,and i even pleaded with him to recommend my case to the boss .i knew that babu was very close to our boss and boss never treated him like aservent.so i requested him to save me atleast from the police.i knew that if i will be prosecuted then i will have to atleast spend 5-6 yrs in jail and in the meantime what wil happen with my wife BINDU.{ mywife BINDU is a 26 yr old very conservative orthodox type lady.but she is really very sexy.although her ht.is less, around 5'1" but her boobs are big and her bust line is 37. her waist is 29 and her ass is 42,huge naaaaaa} i reassured babu that i am ready to do anything for my boss if he doesn't give to the police.i told him that i am ready to work in his office as a bonded labour {the one with the minimum wages}for my entire life.then babu took me to a seculded corner and started showing his sympathy with me .i got a bit more hopefull now.so i tried all type of sob stories that i could think of at that time telling him again and again that i amready to do anything for the boss if only if he spares me from the police case.listening this bau told me that there was a possible way for me to evade the case but said that i wont do it.i asked him what was the way and again told him that i am ready to do everything that is possible.then babu told me that i can save myself only on one condition.i asked him what was the condition and that i will fullfill each and every demand of the boss.he then w/o telling me about the demand of the boss further told me that if i agreed to the boss's demand i will not only be spared from the police but also that the boss might reinstate me on the job on the previous salary only and that i won't have to pay the money that i had defrauded.

Now this was too-much.i just could not belive what babu was saying .i told him that if the boss will forgive me then i will definitely work for him my entire life and will wash his feets every morning and treat him like a god.in short i told him that i will do whatever my boss will ask me to do.so babu told told me the demand of my boss.he said that the boss wants to fuck my gorgeous wife bindu.he further said that if i allowed him to fuck my wife then he will drop all the case against me and not just this but will re-appoint me on my old job.although i was prepared for any weird condition but this came as true shock to me and i could not believe what i was listening.i had good respect for my boss and i could never think that he had eyes on her.for amoment i felt like hitting this basterd babu for saying such things about my wife.but then i controoled myself.i was fully aware that if i misbehaved with this guy then whatever slim chances were there will also diminish .seeing me lost in my thoughts babu said" look i had old you na that you will not be able to do this,now you go home and sleep for one last night and tommorrow you will be handed over to the police for further action."

I again pleaded with babu to tell me some other way but he said that this is the only way you can save yourself.i then told him that i can't belive that our boss can do this to me then he told me that the boss only had sent him to convey his message and that if i didn;t trust him then i can go and ask my boss about it.i again became silent .i was thinking about the situation and i knew my wife too well.she was a typical 19th century old-fashioned pativrata bhartiya nari. I knew that she will never agree to such a proposal.in fact, i thought that if i wil ask my wife to sleep with my boss then instead of sleeping with him she will dessert me as well.so this was big fix.i could not understand what to do.Babu then asked me whether i was ready to this proposal. on seeing me silent he further said "look if you dont agree to this then you will surely go to jail and think then what will happen with your wife.everybody will be after her.now atleast theres only one other person but if you will go to jail then how will she live alone.you know this world.what will happen to your wife if you will be in jail.so dont hesitate and agree to the boss's proposal.this is only a matter of one night and you will be happy again after that night.I { very hesitantly} told him as a matter of factly that i am not so against of this idea as i dont have any option left with me but i know that my wife will never agree to all this. i told him that my wife is a true pativrata type and that if the boss will come to my house and try to fuck her then she might leave me as well.so i can not comply with this condition.then babu told me"you just tell me whether you agree to it or not?dont worry about your wife we will tackle her. we know how to handle these wives.and beliveve me that we will NOT RAPE her but she will herself allow us to fuck her".

i got another shock of life when babu said WE instead of the boss.so i asked him whether he will also be there with the boss then he said "ofcourse the boss will come to your house to fuck your wife only if i will come along with him,if you dont agree to it he wont come".i knew that i didnt have any option so i had to agree to it.Babu again reassured me not worry about my wife's consent.he said that they will seduce her and make agree to the proposal.only that i should not tell her about our intentions.he instructed me to tell my wife that the boss had finally let him go scot-free and just to thank my boss i had invited him for the dinner and that she should be nicely dressed and and be nice to my boss.i agreed to do all these but i told Babu that want to listen from my boss himself that he will forgive me after this and he will also appoint me on my job.then babu took me to my boss's cabin.as we entered the cabin my boss said,"oh so you have come,it shows that you have agreed to do as i have demanded.isn't ti so?"the boss looked at me questioningly.i said "yes sir, i do agree to your condition but i had told Babu about my wife's unwillingness.she might not agree to it.the boss said"you dont worry about that,only thing that i can say we won't rape your wife but she will give us ajuicy fuck herself". i then very slowly and a bit hestitantly asked my boss whether i will be again appointed on my job .to this my boss said" why not, surely you will be reappointed but only if your wife entertains us and give us a nice fuck,then you will definitely be re-appointed.i felt so humiliated this time by his mention of my wife in such a crude manner,but could not do anything .my boss further said"now you will have to answer some of my questions so that we will know you really want to do this and wont backout from it at a lateral stage.so you must answer all our questions very hhonestly.remeber you are not under ny pressure you can quit it anytime but in thhat case you wil have to face the consequences of your backing out.you migt have to go to jail.so do you agree?"he looked questioningly towards me .i had nothhing much to say, so i just nodded and said "I am ready to answer all your questions boss"boss then signalled to babu, as a result babu picked up his diary and pen and sat on a nearby chair to record all what i was to say.

Boss:do u agree to hand over your sexy wife to us for one night to be fucked by me and babu.

ME:yes boss.

Boss:would u mind if fuck her in any way and in any pose as long as your wife does nt oppose?

ME:no boss.

Boss: what is your wife's name?


Boss:tell me very frankly,what is the size of your wife's boobs.

ME : 36 D

RE: Naukri Ke Liye Biwi ko Chudwaya - SexStories - 01-28-2012 08:08 AM

RE: Naukri Ke Liye Biwi ko Chudwaya - SexStories - 01-28-2012 08:08 AM

i reached home that day and told bindu that my boss has finally aquitted me of the charges,although officially he will declare it tommorrow.so just to show my gratitude towards his generosity i have invited my boss for a dinner.so you better prepare very tasty food for him and also he might drink some booze at our place so you cook something to go along with the drinks{like pakoras or so}.when i told allthese to bindu she was not ready to belive it and she asked me "how come your boss let you go scot-free in such a case i don't belive you,it's not possible, you must be joking."then i told her that" my boss is very generous by nature and he had just warned me this time and said that i should not repeat such thing ever again."but bindu,my sexy wife had her doubts so she again said" but if your boss leaves you doing nothing then he will have to bear the loss of the money that you have siphoned-off from the company how are you going to compensate for that.how will you repay that money?and why have you invited him to our house for drinks and dinner?does he plan to recover his debts from me?.I saw that as she finished saying all these,her face had flushed red in excitement and she was breathing heavily.may be she was mad at me .now it was necessary to calm her down.

I had to agree to myself that bindu was very clever woman and she got the things very correctly,but i could not afford to tell her then that she was right in her guessing so i fooled her by saying" oh my darling bindu how can you even think such things about me,will i ever ask you to sleep with some other person to pay-off my debts.and secondly that my boss is quite an old person and is very respectable man.how can you think such things,our boss has been generous enough to just give me a warning and as far as money is concered,he will be deducting a certain amount from my salary so i will repay him from my salary.so now are you happy and satisfied?" {i had to lie to my wifebecause i could not afford to tell her that my boss had aquitted me on the condition that he will fuck bindu's choot}I looked at my wife.she was it seems a bit confused but nonetheless she had no other way than to belive me.so she just shrugged -off her shoulders and said"o.k. if you say so, now what do i have to cook for dinner tonight" i told her to cook some spicy non-veg food and fry pakoras.

I went from there to market to buy whisky and soft-drinks for my boss and baburao.although i also used to drink but on very few occassion.so i bought a full bottle of whisky.during my time in the market i was just thinking about the things that will happen in few hours time and the more i thought about it the more i got aroused.i was imagining of bindu being sandwiched between my boss and baburao and they both fucking her cunt and ass as simultaneously.i got huge erection.when i reached home from market it was already 7'p.m. i saw that bindu was busy in kitchen.she was wearing a plain nylon saree which had clung to her body like a second skin and her buttocks were looking very sexy.so i went to her and hugging her from behind and rubbing my hard cock between her ass-cheeks i cupped both of her boobs in my hands.bindu was taken aback for a moment by this sudden attack{as she was not aware that i have come back] but on seeing me she asked me smilingly " kyon janab aaj tau bahut romantic mood mein lag rahe hain,kya baat hai ajj tau sham ko hi aapka khada ho gaya hai,lagata hai aaj ki raat meri khair nahi hai,bahut baaza bajaoge mera"i also answered very truthfully" haan meri jaan aaj khushi ka tau din hai,aaj mujhe mere boss ne na sirf jail jaane se bachaya hai balki meri naukri bhi wapas de di hai.aaj ki raat tau tumhari choot ki khair nahi hai aaj tau iska bhosda ban hi jaayega,aaj tau dil bhar ker tumhari choot chodi jaayegi aur gand ka bhi number lagega,meri jaan" { how true she was actually going to be fucked both ways in the night although not by me but by some strangers whom she hadn't ever met before} saying so i unhooked her blouse in the kitchen itself {and both her boobs sprang free in the open air as my wife doesnt wear bra when she is at home}and started caressing her nipples.bindu said "arre yeh kya kar rahe ho koi dekh lega kitchen ki window khuli hai chhodo na aap ko bhi yeh kya sujhi hai is waqt" i said "koi dekhta hai tau dekhe meri bala se,apni biwi ke hi tau ball daba rah hoon na kisi padosan ke tau nahi,hi meri jaan kya mammae hai tumhare aa chal bed room mein chalte hai wahin per chal ker kaam poora karte hain haiiiii ab tau raha nahi jaa rah hai." bindu also said with a mischevious smile " haan woh tau mein dekh hi rahi hoon ki raha nahi jaa raha hai{indicating towards my erect lund} tau chalo bed-room mein hi kaam poora kiya jaaye".listenig this i switched off the gas knob and lifted my sexy wife bindu in my arms and took her to our bed-room which was also the hall{as we were living in a one room kitchen flat}.i dropped her on the bed and undressed her fully.bindu was laughing all the while and staring at my lund very lustfully.she said" aj tau jaroor koi baat hai jo saheb, I.e. me, itne garam mood mein hai." I dint say anything but took my pants off in a jiffy and pounced upon her.i kissed her red lips and took her lower lip between my teeths and bit it very sharply as i knew it will arouse her immensely.she shreiked loudly and said "hahahaaaa meri jaan please aise mat tadpao aaj tumhe kya hua hai,jo itni jaldibaazi dikha rahe ho,chalo jara pyar se karo.saying so she took her hands below and gripped my lund in her hand and caressed it very lovingly.although i was having sex with my wife but in my pervert imagination i was seeing her being fucked by my boss and baburao and this imagination was arousing me more and more.i presssed ( yurprava.ru ) both her boobs with all my might and pinched her nipples and again started smooching her.i said" dekh sali bindu aaj raat ko tera kya haal hone wala hai yeh tau kuchh bhi nahi hai yeh tau bas sirf ek trailor hai poori film tau raat ko chalegi, tab tum thak jaaogi aur chillaogi ki bas aur nahi per tumhari chudai hoti hi rahegi meri jaan"bindu said naghtily" tum tau aise bol rahe ho jaise ki raat ko tumhare sath aur bhi koi mere pe chadhega.huuuuuh tum se kya darna tumhe tau mein kitne saal se jhel rahi hoon,haan agar aur bhi koi chadhne wala hai tau bolo". I got scared by sudden turn of talks and to divert towards sex her again,i said "arre nahi meri jaan aur koi nahi bas mein akela hi kafi hoon tumhare liye,aur kisi ka kya kaam,mein tau bas yeh kah raha tha ki aaj mein bahut danger mood mein hoon aur raat bhar tumhari choot chod-chod ke uski saari pyas bujha doonga." Bindu said "tau phir codte kyo nahi ho jaldi se dekho tumhare boss ke bhi aane ka waqt ho gaya hai chalo jaldi se meri choot mein apna lvda dalo aur kaam poora karo phir mujhe nahana bhi hai aur khana bhi pakana hai" saying so she herself held my throbbing cock in her hand and placed it near her pussy-lips.i gave a jerk to my cock and it entered with some difficulty in her cunt.i said" hahahahii meri jaan shadi ke itne saalon bad bhi tumhari choot itni tight hai jaise ki koi nai naveli dulhan ki,hahaiii maza aajata hai tumhari choot ko chod ke.her bar aisa lagta jaise ki koi virgin ladki ko chod raha hoon haaaaaaaaii meri jaan,le mere aur phatke kha meri jaan leee...." Bindu said "oh mere jaanu tum chodte bhi tau ina pyar se ho ki meri choot ko,haaaiii mere raja tumhara lund itne pyar se meri choot mein jaata hai ki choot ke dheele hone ka sawal hi nahi hota,, haaaaaaaiiii bas isi tarh se pyar se chodte jaao mere jaanu hanananaaaa bada maza aa raha hai haiiiii kitna pyara lund hai tumhara. haaiiii mere sanam........." Due to the state of my mind i felt that my cock was extra stiff today even my wife also felt it and said" hahahah kya bbat hai aaj tau tumhara lund kuchh jyada hi akad raha hai,lagta hai jaise meri choot phad hi daalega mere raja hahah uuummmmm jara dheere se ...."i kept on fucking her for ten minutes in this way and then i reached my orgasm and felt that i will not be able to hold any more so i started shouting " oh meri rani lee mere lund ka paani pi le hahahhahaaaa maza aa raha hai hhhhhhuummmmmahahahah aur le meri randi ahahahaha saying so i spat my cum in her pussy.my wife had also attained her orgasm by then so she clung to my body.

After a few moments rest i told her to get ready as the boss was expected anytime. I asked her to have bath and wear her black-colour saree and blouse.i had deliberately chosen her this saree because it was a chiffone sari and the fabric was very transparent.I then asked her to put some make-up and wear her mangalsuta [the one that was long and its pendent would rest exactly between her boobs just above wher the neck of the blouse ends.}i very plainly told her that she should be dressed very nicely and should be pleasant to my boss.i told her that although my boss has aquitted me, but i have yet to receive the formal order from him so he should not get annoyed at any cost.he should leave our house with a happy mood.and that happiness will be guarantee of my job and aquittal.Bindu asked me" oh if you are so much after pleasing your boss then suppose if he asks me to entetain him or if tries to take undue advantage of the situation then what will you do".I then told her { a bit angrily} oh nothing that sort of will happen, i am just asking you to be nice to him and he is a very respectable person so he will not try such dirty tricks.at the most he might try some harmless flirting or ogling at your body,so let him do that.if things get any worse then i will kick him out myself,you dont worry about it" Bindu said "o.k. as you wish, i will get dressed as you want me to".and she went in the bathroom.she appeared from the bathroom after having her bath and she had worn the black sari which i had told her to.i saw that she had worn her saree below the navel as a result her navel was very seductively visible.she had worn the black blouse,and the fabric of the blouse was so thin that i could see her black bra very clearly.so i told her to and change her bra and wear the white bra{ which was fully lacy, even the cups of the were of lacy fabric }.when my wife came after wearing that bra i saw to my utter satisfaction that her white bra was clearly visible along with netted designs of the bra-cup.i knew that in this bra if her nipples are pinched a little bit then they could be seen even if the blouse is not taken-off.now my sexy wife was fully ready to meet my boss.{and baburao as well}let me describe her again for you.

Bindu was dresed in black-shiffone sari {tied very tightly around her hips and well below her navel},black semi transparent {2*2 rubia-voil} blouse,and the blouse was a size too short for her so it looked like that her boobs were spilling out of it,and thereby a very nice and deep cleavage had been formed,white netted bra{through which her nipples could be made out},a log mangalsutra, pendal of which was resting very sexily in her cleavage,and her hairs,which are long enough to reach upto her ass were kept loose.she had put on avery sexy perfume and it fragrance was maddening.just then the bell rang and i looked at the watch it was 8-15p.m.i looked throug the eye-hole and saw that my boss was standing out along with baburao.i signalled Bindu to go go and open the door.

RE: Naukri Ke Liye Biwi ko Chudwaya - SexStories - 01-28-2012 08:09 AM

I signalled BINDU to go and open the door.she opened the door and welcomed my boss saying "aaiye sir most welcome".but when she saw that baburao was also there with the boss she got a little bit confused, because she was expecting only one person.my boss also understood her predicament and said smilingly"oh mrs harish,he is my friend baburao,he has come with me, if you have any objection i will send him back.my wife immediately said"oh no sir not at all,he is certainly most welcome,pls do come in mr baburao."saying so bindu got aside to give them the way to enter.I could see the sign of admiration in my boss"s eyes.he was looking all over bindu's sexy body as if,if he get chance he will fuck her then and there itself.i signalled my wife to touch my boss's feet as a mark of respect and she immediately went near him and bent to touch his feet saying"oh sir you have come for the first time to our house please bless us".my boss also first blessed her by putting his one hand over her head and then as if he is trying to support her to get up, put his other hand on her arms and pretending to help her he touched her boobs from sides.i could clearly see that his fingers remained touching her sexy boobs and he did not try to leave her arms.baburao was also looking very intently towards my boss's activities.bindu must have felt him touching her boobs, because i could see some signs of discomfiture on her face.but she did not react to it.and very politely and still smilingly told my boss to have a seat.Ours is a small one room kitchen flat having only one hall cum bedroom and a kitchen.we have one three sitter sofa and one sofa chair with one centre table.and on the other end of the room we had our bed and dressing table.so it was a nice drawing cum bedroom for us.my boss sat on one corner of the sofa and baburao sat on the other end so i was left to sit on the sofa-chair,facing both of them.the centre table was lying in between the sofa and the sofa-chair.when we were seated,bindu went to kitchen to fetch us water.as she she was going i saw that the boss was looking at her moving buttocks very lustily and said slowly "MALL tau bahut zordar hai,isko chodne ke baad saare paise wasool ho jayenge, haiii kya mamme hai, aur kya gaand hai sali ki,sach mein Baburao tumne jitna bataya tha yeh tau usse bhi jyada sexy hai,kya boltaa hai".but before baburao could say anything,my wife entered again with three glasses of water and placed it on the table.as she bent to put the trey,i saw that my boss was trying to peek at her cleavage but he could not see anything as the paloo did not fall.i could see disappointment over their faces.i thought of correcting this mistake myself at a lateral time.then bindu thanked my boss saying"oh sir thankyou very much you have saved us from being ruined and we will be always greatful for that and .......so on.the boss accepted all these very respecfully{ of course she never knew that the boss had come to collect his reward for the good deed[?]}after sometime the boss asked me "well mr harish now we shall start with our program, have you brought the drinks?" i said yes sir, why not your drinks are coming up right away"saying so i told bindu to go to kitchen and fry pakoras and other eatables and i brought the bottle of whisky and soft-drinks.i poured the drinks and each of us picked our glasses and started drinking. Bindu came with two plates full of pakoras and placed that on table.this time also the palloo was intact at its place.after placing the plate she went to kitchen.my boss again started his lewd talks about bindu and said looking at me "yaar harish tumhari biwi tau poori dhaki hui hai{she is fully coverd} yaar kuchh karo, itna zabardast maal aur itne saare kapde mein rahe, yeh acchhi baat nahi hai,do something about it." i said "sir mein sab theek kar doonga,per thoda wait kijiye". baburao spoke for the first time"man we will wait as long as you will tell us to but our cocks are nort ready to wait,see their condition{saying so he indicated towards his bulge} and one thing is for sure that we wont go without fucking this sexy lady,man i must compliment you that she is a hell of a sexy woman.you are a very lucky chap". i assured them that everything will be alright very soon.

My boss had started feeling the kick of the drinks he further said "yaar harish, tumhari biwi ko chod ke tau mere saare paise wasool ho jaayenge,haiiii kya maal hai,tum chaho tau,ise ek baar chodne ke baad mein tumhe phir se fraud karne ki permission de doonga, hahahahahhhaaaaaaaaaa and boss laughed lewdly,and added that haiiiiiiiiiii kya gaand hai saali ki,chalti ha tau chootar{buttocks} dahalte se lagte hai." Baburao also said "haan sir aaj tau aap iski biwi ki gaand bhi jaroor marna sali kaise phoodak-phoodak ke chalti hai,ooohohohouuuuumm.aapke baad mein bhi iski gaand per apna number lagaoonga," saying so he openly started caressing his hard cock over his pants. Boss replied "nahi baburao woh tumhara field hai, mujhe tau bas iski choot hi chodni hai gand tau tumhe hi mubarak ho."i saw that both of them were getting a bit drunk and louder,so i cautioned them by saying, plz dont talk so loudly if bindu will hear it, she will kick us out of the house.plz be slow.and let us start the show now.i will go and tell bindu to do as we had decided,baburao you please prepare the peg for bindu.as soon as i finished saying baburao said" haan sir ab program shuru kar dena chahiye,jyada waqt kharab nahi karna chahiye,mein peg banata hoon,aur harish tum jaaker apni biwiw ko lekar aao" saying so he opened one bottle of thums-up and poured it one glass and then he had one big gulp of drink from that glass,and then filled the glass with the whisky.i saw that he had really taken a big sip of thumsup and now after mixing whisky in that glass it had become a patiyala peg{double-large peg}.

I went inside and hugged bindu from behind and put my one hand on her boobs and other on her shoulder and said,"oh darling i love you.you are so sexy and ..........."but she cut me short and told me angrily "you were saying that your boss is old and a respectable person,did you see how that basterd was dying to touch my boobs,he is a real creep,ohhh agar woh tumahara boss nahi hota tau saale ko mein thappad marti,sala budhau,abhi bhi uska lund khada hota hai,kaise uska lund uski pant mein khada ho raha tha aur dekha tumne kaise woh dono mere blouse mein jhank-jhank ke dekh rahe the jaise poori ki poori kha jaayenge mere ko." i said haiiiiiiii meri jaan tum kyon uske lund ki tarf dekh rahi thi? aur phir tum tau ho hi itni mast ki woh bechare kya kare aakhir woh bhi tau mard hai,aur phir tumne tau aaj sabit kar diya ki tumhe dekh kar tau boodhon ka bhi lund khada ho jaata hai.aur maine pehle hi tumhe kaha tha na ki aaj mere boss ne mujhe maaf kiya hai tau phir issi khushi mein use thoda sa apna husn dikha bhi dogi tau kya hua.after all this is nothing but a little harmless teasing game.let the old basterd have his fill.{oh my darling you are so sexy that they could not help themselves from having erection.and that you have proven today that you are so sexy that even old man also has erection just looking at your sexy body,and this old basterd has forgiven me today,so you should also show him your lovely body a little bit} whilst i was talking with bindu i had very cleverly and stealthily removed the pin tied on her palloo.now i knew that if she will bend,her pallo was sure to fall down and expose her lovely boobs.since the neck of the blouse was very deep,they would surely have a QUALITY DARSHAN of her cleavage.unaware of my doings bindu said "now what do you want me to do".i said"just that if they try to flirt a little bit with you then do not take ill of it and be co-operative, always keep on smiling even if they say something eeerrr ....not so nice,do you understand?" bindu said " yeah i do understand what you wanna say,but i must say i will co-operate only untill it is verbal,the moment they will try to get physical i will back-out.is it clear?" i said yes very much and one more thing is that dont disobey them if they ask you to do some harmless thing and remember that he has although aquitted me but he has not formally given me the order, so just make sure that he does not get angry unnecessarily otherwise we will land in hot soup,saying so i went out.

When my boss saw me he said" kyon fit kar ke aa gaye apni biwi ko?" I said "yes boss now get ready to see the scene,just call her and tell her to have the THUMS-UP.i saw that baburao and my boss were suddenly very excited.their eyes were already red.my boss called my wife.when she came my boss said"do u know mrs harish why did i forgive your husband,because i thought of you,i thought that you will be left alone in this city and then people will jump at you like hungry wolves.everybody will be after your beautiful body,and you will be completely helpless in this not so good world.so you should be thankful to me." Bindu said "oh sir i am really so thankful to you that i am ready to do anything for you,oh you are a god for us."my boss said if you are really so thankful then you must come and sit with us and have drink and give us your lovely company".Bindu said "but sir i dont drink whisky or any other hard-drinks, plz dont mind" then boss said "oh nooooooo i am not asking you to drink whisky,but thums up,this is your glass of thums up come-on,have it".when he saw that bindu was hesitant in having it then he pretending to be angry said"if you dont trust me then ask your husband,there is thums-up only in glass and nothing else."I also said "bindu dont hesitate and have it".boss encouraged bindu sying"if you will finsh this glass in one sip/gulp then i will buy you a very nice gift".now that seemed to be working perfect and bindu just lifted that glass and gulped down the entire drink in one gulp.since it was mixed with whisky,she coughed a little bit after gulping it down and complained of bad taste of the drink.i assured her saying that the taste was same but since she had gulped it one sip,she might be feeling it to be a bit pungent and offerd her the pakora from the plate to change the taste.she ate the pakora and sat there for a while.i stealthily glanced at my boss and winked at him,grinning.after a few minutes {bindu was still sitting in between me and boss on the sofa} bindu complained that she was feeling very hot and and some uneasiness in her chest and started caressing her boobs,this showed that the drink had now started showing its effects.

I showing sympathy towards her said"oh lagata hai tumne poora Thums-up ek hi baar mein pi liya isliye jalan ho rahi hai lao mein tumhare seene ko sahala deta hoon.{oh since you have gulped it in one sip so u must be feeling uneasy in your chest, i will caress youer chest}"and i started rubbing her big-big boobs in front of boss and baburao.now both baburao and my boss were getting more and more impatient to press bindu's balls and baburao was signalling me to shift a little bit on the sofa to accomodate him,but i signalled him to wait and kept on rubbing bindu's boobs.now boss had shifted more towrds bindu and had put his one hand on her thighs very slightly and caressed her thunder thighs.bindu did not show any visible sign of protest and had closed her eyes and rested her head on the back of sofa.

I very slowly but steadily slided her pallooo down from the shoulders and her magnificient boobs came into view with all their glory.the black blouse in which her boobs were enclosed was really very thin and since bindu had her head resting on the sofa{in the backward direction} her boobs had become more prominent and and the fabric of the blouse had stretched so much that both baburao and boss could clearly see her white bra beneath the blouse.this was too much for my boss and he could not restrain himself anymore and put his one hand on her boobs and pressed it with all his force.my darling wife bindu's boobs were so big that he could not cup the entire boob in his hand. my boss said "ahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa kya ball hai teri biwi ke, hi aaj daba-daba ke inka bhurta bana doonga hi meri rani bindu haiiiiiiiiiiiii maza aa gaya.'listening my boss's voice bindu opened her eyes and seeing the boss openly mauling her boobs tried to shy away his hand saying " arrarareeeeeeeeeee yeh kya karte ho chalo chhodo haaaaaaaaaiii aisae kya daba rahe ho mere balll plzzzzzzzzzzz mujhe chhodo, hai,yeh mujhe kya ho gaya hai meri aankhe kyon band ho rahi hai, lagta hai akhirkar aap logon ne mujhe daaru pila di hai,,,,,,,, hai plz chhodo mere balls ahhhhhhhhhhaa bahut dard ho raha hai."and then looking at me she said "aapne tau kaha tha ki yeh log kuchh nahi karnge, per yeh tau aap ke hi saamne meri breasts daba rahe hain aur aap kuchh nahi bol rahe hain,plz mujhe bachao in logon se".i said " oh my darling, my boss had forgiven me on one condition only that i will show them your sexy body at least once and give them some chance to do harmless flirting with you and beleive me they will only look at your body and do some pressing and kissing and nothing else.yeh log tumhe chodenge nahi but if you wont co-operate with him then he will send me to jail.so plz darling co-operate with them." sayin so i got up from the sofa and told baburao"le bhai baburao,ab tum bhi apne man ki kar lo,jee bhar ke iske ball daba lo aur chumma-chati karo,per iski choot mat chodne ki koshish karna nahi tau yeh naraz ho jaayegi." and winked looking at him.baburao got up and sat next to bindu on the sofa and immediately took the possession of her another boob and pressing it hardly said "bhabhi ji aap dariye mat hum log tau bas thodi der aapke ball aur appki gand ka maza leke chale jaayenge ".my boss also affirmed saying "hum aapko chodenge nahi,aapko chod ke humein aapki ijjat nahi lootni hai,bus thodi si aish karange hum tau." and they both got busy pressing her boobs and thighs.

I was sitting in front of them and looking at them playing with my wife's body.the scene was highly erotic.my wife was sitting in between them and both of them had clung to her sexy body and there was so much of space on the sofa that two more persons could sit on it.my wife was fully sandwitched in between them.my boss was pressing her one boob and his other hand was busy exploring her thighs .whilst baburao had inserted his hand in her blouse and trying to tweak her nipples from above her filmsy bra.my wife was pleading them to leave her.but seeing them paying no heed to her pleas she looked at me and said"lookkkkk at your boss and his friend, ohhhhh...how they are trying to maul your wife's body in your preessssence eehhhhh and you are enjoying seeing all these ahhhhhhhhhh oh plz come and help meeeeeee and save me from these two loafers,see how they are pressing me all over,ahhahahahhhhhhhaa why are you sitting quitely plz............ "but then my boss sealed her lips with his and started smooching her.he kept on smooching her for a long time.baburao said"haiii boss sali ke lips kitne rasiley haiiiiiiiiiiii choos-choos ke inka sara ras nikal lo haaaiiiiiiiii .my boss did not say anything, he kept on doing what he was doing.after sucking her lips for around 5 miutes as soon as he realease her,baburao grabbed my wife's head and turned it towards him and started sucking the necter of her lips.my boss said "choos aur choos iske lips ko, haaii kya tasty lips hai,shahd{honey} se bhi jayada meethe,per jyada mat choosna,nahi tau diebities ho jaayegi hahahaha ". baburao also sucked her lips for some time.in the meantime they both kept on pressing bindu's boobs and thighs all the time.i was also getting more and more excited seeing all this action going in front of me but i could not join them w/o boss's approval/invitation.{alas the tragedy was that the husband could not touch his wife's body without some strangers consent}i noted that both, my boss and baburao were sporting high rise erections in their pants.this went on for some time and then boss released my wife from his grip and baburao also followed the suit.now both of them had again picked-up their glasses and started drinking.bindu took a deep breath and started correcting her clothes.whilst she was trying to put her palloo, my boss stopped her from doing that and said"arrree bhabhiji yeh kya kar rahi hai,abhi tau aapko kapde utarne hai,abhi se aap pehan kyon rahi hai,abhi tau bahut raat baaki hai."baburao added" haan bhabhiji,abhi tau palloo kya, aapko poori sari hi kholni hai phir yeh takleef kyon kar rahi hain,chaliye jaldi se apni sari kholiye aur apne is ufante hue joban ka deedar karaiye"{oh bhabhiji,why are trying to put paloo,noe you will hve to take -off the sari,so why are you taking pains to put the palloo,you better take your sari off and show us your joban/boobs} my wife looked at me questioningly as if asking what she should do now.she was looking like a terrified bird.i tried to console her by sari" oh bindu plz do as they say,beause that is the only way to save my job and avoiding jail.and as it is they have promised you that they will not molest your body,only that they will ogle and play with your body for some time,so you dont have to worry."so bindu finally got up from he sofa and took her saree off,and looked at baburao and my boss.

My wife was looking so sexy standing in the middle of the room only in her petticoat and blouse.two buttons of her blouse were undone and a part of her white bra was visible.her mangalsutra was dangling dangerously between her boobs{in her cleavage}and her boobs were rising and falling with her breathing.she had clasped her both hands on her chest to cover her boobs.seeig this my boss said oh bhabhiji please raise your hands above yor head and turn around fully,so that we can look at your full body.my wife complied with his order cum request.and turned around.when both these lechers saw her ass,which was quite clear through the tight petticoat,their eyes literally popped out of their socket.baburao got so excited that he jumped up from his seat and tried to reach my wife,but just then my boss signalled him to sit down again and asked my wife to bring them a bottle of water .my wife turned to go to kitchen and when she was going,they both were looking at her undulating ass.the scene was so erotic that i also felt the need of immediate relief.although i had seen my wife naked at least a thousand times before,but never felt the way i was feeling today.it was so erotic and so arousing.soon my wife came with the bottle.my boss said "now please pour some water in the glasses.my wife bent to fill the glasses and as she bent,her mammae {now free from the confines of saree and with two buttons undone}literally dying to come out of her blouse and bra.the cleavage had become so prominent that it looked like some narrow lane.when she had filled both the glasses my boss ordered her to bring ice cubes and this way they made her to make 3-4 rounds of kitchen and everytime they would order her to open one more button after every round and feast their eyes with her front/nether charms.as my wife had drank a real stiff drink,earlier she was faltering a bit in her stride and was taking support of the wall or some other object to keep her from falling.finally after gulping their peg baburao told my wife" bhabhiji ab aap apna blouse bhi utar dijiye,aapke kabutaron ko bhi thodi azadi dijiye,aur hamare pyase man aur lu.....ko shanti mile.boss also grinned lewdly and supporting his sub-ordinate said,arre aapke ball kab se taras rahe hai thandi hawa ke liye jara inhe bhi tau khul ker apna jalwa dikhane dijiye" my wife had,it seems, surrendeered fully to her fate and finally took off her blouse and white bra.this time she didnt look at me, as she knew that will ask her to do as told.i saw the look on baburao and my boss's face was something really worth being recorded live on a cam.their mouth were open and hands on their crotch openly and shamelessly caressing their hardness.bindu's big boobs were staring them in the eyes{i was very proud of bindu's boobs because despite thier size they never sagged}.bindu was standing in front of them baring her top and looking them in eyes {not a hint of shame }after a few moments baburao came to his senses and got up from his seat and grabbed bindu's boobs from front and said"hi meri jaan, tumhare itne shandar mamme hai jin per aaj tak kewal tumhare pati ka hi haque tha aaj hame bhi inka maza loone do haaaaaaa meri jaan{oh yor boobs are so big and untill today only your hubby used to have them, today its our chance so let us have some fun }.boss also got up and he took off his pant and underwear and went behind bindu and clung to her from behind rubbing his erect lund on her buttocks and cupped her boobs.now both, baburao and my boss,were literrally fighting to grab her boobs.i saw that my boss's lund was around 7"long and 2.5"thick.he was rubbing his hard cock on her ass-cheeks kissing her from behind.my wife yelled at my boss "oh nnnnooooooo you cheat, yoooou alll had promised not to fuck me butttt youuuu.... are bre..aking your promisssss, hey plz spare me, i ammmmmma PATIVRATAAA naari,plz dont spoil me. i got angry at this interruption by my wife and shouted on her saying "oh just shut up darling, keep your fucking mouth shut and let them enjoy,,hey darling such a nice show is going on, dont spoil it come on let them fuck you, *chodo saaali ko,iski gaand phad do aaj tau,haiiiiiiii meri jaan* then i said to baburao *dekh saali yeh nakhara kar rahi, iske baki ke kapde bhi utar do aur ise poori nangi kar do*.baburao got the cue and immediately pulled the string of her petticoat and as my wife bent to catch her falling petticoat,he pulled down her panties as well.now my wife was standing there fully nude and both lechers were having their fill.bindu yelled at me saying * you creep of a husband,look at your boss and his lund, oh mmmmmyyy god how will i take such a big lund inside meeeeee, oh plzzzz help me* baburao said "oh darling bhabhiji you are saying so because you haven't seen my lund,beleive me its bigger than our boss"he said in a gawkish manner.it seems he wanted to terrify my wife more,and enjoyed fucking in a beastial manner.he also took his trousers down along with underwear.when my wife {and me too}looked at his throbbing lund,her eyes widened in terror.and it was natural because his lund was no less than 8.5" and at least 3" inches thick.it was jet-black and the supada{cockhead} was red like a beatroot bulb.i think his supada must be of the size of a medium potato.his lund was fully erect and baburao shook it dangerously in front of my wife and said "look my doll, now you will have all the fun on the face of this earth with my mighty lund,and i promise that you will have the best fuck of your life" bindu, in a terrified voice said"all the fun ....heheh bullshit.... this thing will tear my pussy into two,plz dont even try to put it, i will surely die......plzzzzzzzzzz dont do it........

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My boss who was feasting himself on bindu's boobs untill now suddenly lifted his head and said" saali ko ek peg aur pila do, phir dekho kaise masti se choodwayegi" baburao liked his idea and picking up a glass he made her to drink all the content of the glass..my wife tried to resist but all in vain.as she had gulp the entire content of the glass,she coughed a little bit and caressed her breasts in order to calm herself.baburao said "oh bhabhiji plz give me the chance to soothe you and caress your boobs "he replaced bindu's hands with his hands and pressed her boobs.baburao took her hands to his throbbing lund and said*hi bhabhiji mere lund ko chhoo kar dekho,kaise yeh bechara tadap raha hai tumhari choot ke liye,hai jara ise pyar se sahlao tau ise tassali mile ki ise jaldi hi tumhari choot bhi milnewali hai haiiiii plz*{oh bhabhiji,see how my cock is eager to enter your pussy,oh plz just caress it with your hands so it will have the consolation,that it will soon get your pussy} saying so he placed bindu's hands on his lund.i saw that bindu did not protest and instead of protesting she started caressing his lund.

After a few minutes of foreplay, they decided to take her to the bed where the final match was to be played.i saw that bindu's eyes were getting red due to the intoxication.baburao pushed his one finger in bindu's pussy and said *look boss this chhinal was doing NAKHRAS and saying plz dont fuck me and all that crap and see how her pussy is dripping with cum,it clearly shows that she is also enjoying all this as much as we are .so now lets start fucking her.bindu also must have felt that she can not restarin herself anymore.she now started moaning and saying in a very low voice *oh plz chhodo mujhe, mein tau mar jaoongi haaaaaaai kitne bade-bade hai tumhare hathiyar plzz chhod do mujhe,hi agar tum logo ko mujhe chodna hi hai aur mujhe chode bina manenge nahi tau plz apne hathiyar per cream tau laga hi lo nahi tau main tau mar jaoongi hi plz have mercy on my pussy*my boss said * hurrrreeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh dekha harish i had already told you that your wife will herself tell us to fuck her pussy,and see for yourself now how she is begging to be fucked.* I said*boss now that she has agreed,so fuck her to your hearts fill,,dont show any mercy and recover all your money from my wife's sexy body.afterwards you may not get such a chance so do whatever you want with her.*Baburao said "boss see i had told you that this bitch is hot like an oven now we should not delay and immediately start fucking her.since you are the boss it is your prerogative to have the first go.come on now push your erect lund in this bitch's hot cunt.*

I had openly taken out my cock out of the trousers and was caressing it.the scene going on in front of me was so erotic that i started thanking myself for defrauding the companies money.Bindu was lying on the bed with her legs spread high in the air and boss had pushed his mighty lund inside her pussy and baburao was standing near bindu's face from side and bindu was sucking his lund.but his dick-head was so big that bindu was finding it difficult to accomodate it fully.seeing bindu struggling to take the entire lund in her mouth, boss said*baburao dekh kya rahe ho ghused do apna poora lund saali ke muh mein,agar lund muh mein nahi ghusa sake tau phir choot main kaise dalonge* baburao said*yes sir, in a minute,i was waitng for you to start your fucking only after that i will put my pressure*

Bindu said{withdrawing baburao's cock from her mouth}* haaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii kitna mota lund hai baburao ka yeh tau mere muh mein hi nahi jaa raha hai tau phir meri choot ka tau baza hi baz jaayega, please ise meri choot mein nahi dalna, if you want i will give you blow-jobs as many time as you want,but please dont try to fuck my pussy with your mighty lund.*baburao said "dont worry bindu darling since you are co-operating with us i will consider your request and wont fuck your pussy.he had a wicked smile on his face while he was saying this and winked at me and boss.Bindu took a long breath of relief thanking her stars and saying *oh baburao you are such a nice person,i will give you extra pleasures for this special consideration.thank you very much*

Poor bindu, i thought to myself.what she did not know that baburao may not fuck her pussy but he would surely fuck her ass .he was a thourough GANDU{ass-lover}.the boss had now inserted his cock fully in bindu's pussy.he was pushing his cock slowly but rhythematically.bindu was also gyrating her hips in the same motion and the entire length of my boss's cock had disappeared inside her pussy.i was just wondering that how could bindu take such a long and thick cock in her pussy w/o much pain {since my cock was relatively smaller than my boss's}.baburao had also pushed his lund with a jerk in her mouth and bindu was being fucked in two of her holes simultaneously.both baburao and boss were stroking their cocks in slow speed.bindu was playing with baburao's balls{testicles} and boss was mouling her huge mammae,and baburao despite fucking her orally,now pressing her one boob with one hand and with other hand took hold of her ass-cheek.i smiled to myself that the basterd{baburao] was reaching his ultimate fantasy spot.to facilitate baburao's hands entry, bindu had raised her hips a little bit.taking advantage of this baburao pushed his one finger in her ass-hole.I asked my boss{showing him my erect cock" boss please give me some chance to have my fun as well, look at my cock,how much it is dying to be attended,please have some mercy on me" my boss said *dont worry mr harish TuMHARA NUMBER BHI AAYEGA,but let her first gain the full momentum*and he increased his speed.now bindu was also reciprocating him in the same manner.after a few thrusts my boss said *bindu rani, lets change the pose now and you become my bitch for the night and be like a bitch so be on all fours and let me fuck you like a dog* bindu {getting up from the bed and posing like a bitch}said *boss kutiya tau main ban jaaoongi per meri gand mein mat pel dena aapka hallabi lund*{boss i am ready to become a bitch but please dont push your HALLABI LUND in my ass} boss said *oh you dont worry on that, i dont like to fuck the ass and i am contend with having pussy only.and as it is i wont get on top of you, but i will lie beneath you and will fuck you sucking your dangling boobs and nipples.* so bindu got on all fours, like a bitch and boss lied beneath her and sucking her nipples pushed his hard cock in bindu's pussy.meanwhile, baburao withdrew his cock from bindu's mouth and went behind her and stood facing her ass.as he was looking at her moving ass {due to the jerk that bindu was receiving from boss }his lund was getting stiffer and stiffer.he very slowly but steadily pushed his index finger in bindu's gaand{after properly wetting it with his saliva}.bindu immediately turned back to see what baburao was doing and told him *oh baburao you had promised me that you wont fuck me so why are you inserting your finger in my ass* Baburao said * oh bhabhiji i had promised you that i wont fuck you, but it doesnt mean that i can't push my finger also in your ass.0oh darling bhabhiji,your ass is so lovely that i could not refrain myself from putting my finger in it,and beleive me, i wont put my cock in your pussy.so dont worry and enjoy with boss.*

Bindu, after feeling safe again turned towards boss and boss took her lips in his mouth and started sucking them. i was sitting there, and masturbating my cock.i was waiting for the signal from my boss.i knew that after some time he will ask me to join them .both, my boss and baburao kept on doing their job.boss was now fucking her with more speed and bindu was also moving her body in a to-and-fro motion.her heavy boos were hanging like two big pendulams.baburao was now pushing his two fingers in bindu's ass-hole.since bindu was busy enjoying boss's lund she must have not realised it.she now started moaning in low tones.* oh myyyyyyyyyy god plzzzzzzzzzz fuck me aur zor se aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa plz thoda aurrrrrrrrrr ahnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaannnnnnnseeing that bindu had become fully hot and reached a point of no-return,baburao immediately picked up the cream that was lying there,and applied a big dab of it on his cock.after massaging his cock for some time he withdrew his fingers and in one swift jerk pushed his cock in bindu's raised ass-hole and gripped her waist with force.as soon as he pushed his 8.5"lund in bindu's gand,she shouted loudly and tried to disengage herself from the boss,but since everyone was prepared, she could not succeed in her attempt.bindu shouted loudly"arre baburao yeh kya kiya tumne meri gand mein apna lund pel diya,haaaaaaiiiiiiiii main tau mari aaj,haiii yeh tumhara lund jise main choot me lene ko ready nahi thi tumne meri gaand mein pel diya, haaaaaaaaaaa aaj tau meri gaand phategi ohhhhhhhh meri maaa bachao mujhe,haaaaaaaa plzzzzzzzz .my boss immeditely took her lips in his mouth so that she do not shout anymore and signalled me to join them and console my wife.I very happily and excitedly got up and joined them.I went near bindu and holding her hanging boob in my one hand told her"meri jaan, you just dont worry, this pain will not last for more than a couple of minutes, but after this our life will be happy like before, oh my sweet darling,just bear for sometime oh enjoy these two heavenly cocks,try to feel their hugeness,oh my darling you must be enjoying immensely,i could never ever give you so much pleasure.you are so lucky to have two cocks at the same time.*saying so i bent down and kissed her lips and started sucking them.Bindu's eyes were closed and she was trying to wriggle out of their grip.{naturally so }but baburao had held her firmly and kept on pushing his lund inside her gaand.

Baburao said*haiiiiiiiii meri zaan, teri gaand kaise chhod de, teri gaand maarne ke liye hi tau itne natak kiye the hum logo ne,haaaaaaaaaaaai jab bhi mein tumhare chootar dekhta tau sochta tha ki agar mauka mila tau tumhari gaand jaroor maroonga,haaaaiiiiiii aaj meri takdeer ne mujhe woh mauka diya hai,aaj kaise tumhari gaand chhodunga,aaj tau jee bhar ke tumhari gaand maarni hai meri zaaaaaaaannnnn*{ oh my zaan,how can i spare your ass,whenever i used to look at your ass, i used to thinmk that if i will get a chance i will fuck your ass,today my luck has provided me to fullfill my long cherished desire,so i will definitely enjopy your ass today}.Bindu said{amid moans}*aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh bbbbbbbbbut you had promised meeeee that you will not fuckkkkkkkkk me and nwo you are pushinggggggggg your lund in myyyyyyy assssssssss* Baburao said * yes i had promised that i will not fuck your pussy,but regarding your ass i had promised nothing,and see for yourself,i am not fucking your pussy but your ass.*and now he had fully inserted his cock in bindu's ass.he was pumping his cock in and out of her gand very speedily.my boss said,"arre harish tum kya dekh rahe ho chalo tum bhi apna lund apni biwi ke muh mein dal do tau ise ek saath teen-teen lundo ka maza milega".listening my boss,bindu herself took my lund in her mouth saying"arre tum tau mere pati-parmeshwar ho tumhe main kaise chhod sakti hoon, chalo tum bhi apne maze loot lo"and she took my lund in her mouth.

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