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Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:44 AM

Shreya's The Master Slut

Twice more that night in the forest I fucked Trisha. That was 5 days ago, Now she knows me as Edward, a viscom student and her master. We were racing along the ECR Highway towards the famous Mahabalipuram tourist town. The roads were empty but I was driving Trisha's car at just 40kmph. Beside me Trisha was bent over to her right side her face in my crotch. For the 30 minutes she had blowing and stroking my cock as we drove. "Someone will see us this risky and anyway once we get there you're going to have more sex than your cock can handle... ", "relax baby, I specially asked you to get this car with automatic transmission so that there would be no gear lever separating us. No don’t stop sucking. Only when you have to talk can you stop sucking. Anyway tell me more about our new friend.“

Since the time I first met her Trisha had changed so much. She had learnt obedience; she could smile like an angel and talk like a slut and she had mastered the fellatio. She could now sense when I was about to cum the squeeze my balls and stroke my penis to keep me on the edge but not letting me cum. Half an hour of that was the best possible torture. "Back in 2004, Shreya and I were working on Ennaku 20 Unakku 18. Back Then Shreya was only a second heroine, a side role. But since we are both from Kerala we started to talk to each other and got along quite well. After a few months I told her about my problem of not finding a safe sex partner. She showed me her world. To be honest she's a real slut. Any kind of perverted sex you can think of she has already tried. I didn't like that extreme stuff and it was way too risky. Only 3 months ago after years of persuasion I let her fuck me. She's good, it felt amazing. You will have trouble controlling her...". So that was Shreya's true face. Well for each girl there was a different approach but right then Trisha was still biting my balls and teasing me. I grabbed her long sexy hair pulled her head and forced my cock into her mouth past those teasing lips. For a few crazy moments I forgot about the road, the traffic and the car. I just fucked her mouth by dropping and raising my hips in that cramped space. My cock plunged again and again into the depths of her mouth. She was trying scream probably something about risks and accidents but fuck that. I came in her mouth.

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:45 AM

It was a five star hotel just before the tourist spot, not the kind of place for a middle class guy like me but Shreya and Trisha this was normal. It was 1pm so we headed for the restaurant. And that was when I saw her for the first time in person. Shreya had told Trisha that she would be wearing a saree and has asked Trisha to do the same. I thought that was just some girl thing. But she obviously had some super perverted plans. It wasn’t some normal saree, more like a saree designed to show more, like an item song. Her cleavage was deeper than the average movie star. And where Trisha had only exposed her navel, i could see the toned muscles and perfect hourglass shape of the South India's best slut. She was seated in one of the far side tables.
Probably a special place that the hotel reserved for celebrities. But soon as she saw us she got up and rushed to us catching Trisha's hands and asking all the usual questions of how are you, blab blah. Given what Trisha had said about their last encounter I was expecting an intimate hug. Boobs pressed against each other, kisses on the cheek, hands around each others hips, and surely a naughty smile. But so far normal.

We sat down they started talking like mindless fools just like every other pair of girls. I was introduced and ignored. Just when i got bored and started to mess with my phone, when my balls were being pushed into me. Something was poking at my cock. It was Shreya's bare foot. She had slipped out of her slippers and now her left foot was poking at my crotch. Fuck she was crazy to do it public. I looked up to see her smiling but she was talking seriously with Trisha, saying something about a new handbag. Opportunity only cums once so I looked around the room casually. There weren't many people and those present were focused on the 5 star cooking. The only risk was some Japanese lady two tables away, who was focused on her soup.

Slowly I unzipped my pants and slid out my cock with was still only semi hard. The cool a/c breeze was hitting my cock making it to tingle. I waited patiently knowing that waiters here don't bother the rich customers unless called for. The next time she pushed foot at me I caught it, held the big toe and the one beside it apart and slid my cock in between. It wasn't a big enough of gap but it was still fitting. Two could play this naughty game now it was my turn to look seriously at my phone, while I watched Shreya's reaction from the corner of my eye. For a second I thought she hasn't noticed as she kept speaking normally. Then she smiled very slightly, as her foot started stroking my cock. She caught my dick between hard between her toes and squeezed, making me jump just a little, and she was back to stroking. Damn I wanted to get back at her but just I planned to play her cunt with my foot she started looking at the floor."... Yeah I dropped it just over here somewhere... Wait I think I see it" she reached down to pickup what she had dropped. She kept bending further and further till I couldn't see her anymore. So my revenge would have to wait I was thinking when I felt something w arm. My head snapped down to see Shreya's face smiling between my legs, her face just below my cock. Before I could say anything she raised a finger to her lips for silence. This sudden appearance had made me quite hard. She had something in her hand which she pulled apart, and slipped onto my cock. It was as if she had put a rubber band around my cock but it had a buckle like a belt. She slid it to the base of my cock and started tightening it as if it was a belt. My cock felt as if someone crushing it at the base. It was much tighter than Trisha's ass. After giving it a good tug, she flicked my erect member and smiled as it seated to touch her left cheek before swinging back, quivering.

After she got back to her chair she said, "Don't worry, I got you the 'gift' you asked for Trisha, but it's only fair that you get a taste of your medicine before giving it to someone else. Trisha told me about your little adventure. I like your style but what I like in my guys is guts. That band won’t let you cum, and it’ll fall off if your kunna shrinks to normal size. What… kunna means penis in Kerala. Anyway you shouldn’t let it fall off. Now go do what you can to that chinki, I’ll decide whether you are worth it or not.” Trisha had warned me that Shreya had too much experience she said that there was no way I could turn Shreya also into my bitch. Well you’ll see what happens in the cumming chapters

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:46 AM

This is JULIA

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:48 AM

So I zipped my pants and walked awkwardly over to the Chinese/ Japanese lady, trying to avoid people noticing the huge bulge in my pants. I just sat down on the sofa beside her. “Hi, my name is Edward, call me Ed”, I said. Whatever she said in reply I couldn’t understand so I shook my head. She pointed at herself and said Julia. So her name was Julia, but by then her eyes had seen my pants, but I was too focused on her breasts to worry. Damn they were huge. Huge, not just loose blobs of shapeless fat, proper, perky shaped tits. After Shreya’s teasing I wanted to rip off her T shirt and fondle, suck and bite those kinky chinki nipples till she orgasmed. Naturally I couldn’t do that there in the hotel so I settled for a hand on her thigh. By now, Shreya was sitting beside Trisha, they were giggling as they casually pressed their bodies together. Trisha’s hand slipped under the Shreya’s saree where she teased Shreya’s nipples, exactly as I had told her to. Shreya would lick and nuzzle Trisha’s ear and neck while pretending to whisper in her ear. They were busy pleasuring each as they stared at me to see how I would handle those monster tits. It became obvious from the way the waiters were far away and trying to act like nothing was happening that this kinda of casual sex was common there.
Personally I was thanking Shreya in my mind. I started moving my hand up her leg into her short skirt. She was saying something very quickly but I couldn’t understand a word. She didn’t look too surprised about my bursting member, so I took a risk began to play her pussy like a musical instrument. Pressing, stroking, petting, as sounds came as low moans from the large lips beside me. Even now I wasn’t satisfied, I could still see Shreya’s face between my legs, my cock just touching her cheek. So I popped out my fully erect cock and pulled Julia’s hand onto it. Shreya was pointing and giggling, as Julia started stroking it hard. Shreya’s band was gripping hard at my cock and that was the only thing stopping me from cumming.

It was a simply contest of who could tease their partners better. Shreya was winning, by now Trisha’s blouse was dangerously close to showing her erect nipple as squeezed her tits. She was already close to an orgasm. I pointed at Julia and then at my lap. Then I grabbed her waist(she was pretty light weight), and lifted her onto my lap. As her legs came down around my cock I her black panties forward and slid the cock right in between her pussy and the underwear. As the throbbing cock teased her pussy lips my hands slipped under her shirt to start groping those fucking melons. She was sopping wet by now and almost instantly there was milk dripping from her left nipple. Across the table Trisha yelped then gasped as she came to shreya’s finger fucking. Her face blushing bright red Trisha got up and stumbled away towards to the hotel’s rooms.

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:48 AM

In a few seconds my cock would have been in Julia but then Trisha had left and shreya called me to follow her as she also left the restaurant. “Later”, I said as I slid her off my lap and walked after shreya as my cock struggled against the band. We were soon inside Shreya’s room in the hotel. Shreya was already pouring out some drinks. I think it was Vodka. Trisha didn’t even say a word she just started downing glasses of it. Already she was out of her mind after cumming in the restaurant now she was properly nympho crazy. Her saree was literally falling off as laid back on the huge bed. Shreya turned to me and grabbed me by the balls, as she squeezed them hard, “Normally Tris will faint after 7 glasses today she’s had 11. If you can play her hard enough and make her cum, she won’t faint. I’m not talking about just fucking that any paati(dog) can do, I want to something more…” I had also drunk more than usual, but my balls being painfully squeezed was enough to get my full attention. “Slut, you go spit in her navel, as much as you can bitch. Spread your saliva and clean her navel, wait for me there.” I slapped away her hand from my balls. It must have been the alcohol but I was a lot braver with Shreya even those Trisha had warned me not to.

I stripped of my clothes and went to stand beside Trisha, her eyes were barely open as she mumbled something. I already knew her sensitive areas so I started just below her right nipple. Even with the blouse on I bit into her breast as if it was something from KFC. AARRGH she screamed as her body shook with pain and pleasure. I began to suck her nipple like a machine. In seconds I could taste her milk flowing through her blouse and bra as it mixed with her sweat. Suddenly I felt something slide along my penis. I was Shreya's foot. She was undressing slowly, step by step smiling that slutty smile of hers. Her saree fell to the ground and then she turned around as she slowly slid her skirt down letting me admire her shapely ass. She was wearing a green 2 piece bikini underneath. Her body was on a totally different level. It was obvious she was taking special exercises to tone her thighs and stomach. She was a sex vixen, fuck I almost got up to touch her. Her bikini barely concealed her tits and ass crack. I stopped moving as I watched her strip tease. When Trisha moaned softly i realised Shreya's plan. She was seducing me so that in the meantime Trisha would faint and i would lose. Damn bitch.

I reached out caught her hair and pulled her onto to the bed and forced her faced straight into Trisha innocent nipple. "Lick it". I moved back to Trisha, removed her blouse completely and admired her milky breasts then pinched those erect pink nipples. Each pinch gave one moan of Aaah, Oooh, and occasionally fuuccck. Shreya caught my cock between her legs and began to stroke it fast. I turned to face her as she spat into that hot navel. We began to an awesome French kiss over Trisha's navel. Our tongues did battle as she stroked me and I pinched trisha’s nipples. Then we dipped our tongues into her navel and began to grind hard. This was too much for Trisha her chest began to rise and fall rapidly as she moaned loudly from sheer pleasure.

Enough was enough I couldn't stand this any more. I grabbed Shreya's ass and pushed her onto Trisha. There they lay navel on navel, tits pressing against each other. By now Shreya was also very horny she started kissing Trisha straight lip to lip. I watched as her ass danced just centimeters above trishas pussy. Full force ahead i stick my face on tongue in Trisha's cunt and nose in Shreya's cunt. The smell and taste i cannot describe simply the best experience. Shreya was moaning loudly, and shouting " yeah, like that that, kunna.."

The time was right i hit Trisha's clitoris like a carrom coin, phaaat. Then the fountain was on she squirted and squirted and squirted her cum straight at my face, completely out of control yelling like a wounded beast. "I won the bet now can you handle my challenge", I asked a horny Shreya. By now she was just after cock. "Sure Annaa kunna(big cock), you want to fuck me?" I went to big glass door on one side of the room through which you could see the beach and sea. I opened it and picked up Trisha (now awake but still a bit drunk), " Bring the 'gift' and follow me" to Shreya and walked onto the beach. In a few minutes we were near the water, be completely baked, Shreya in her bikini and Trisha with her tits popping out of her bra and her soaked panties.

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:48 AM

Fucking Tits in a Bikini Top

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:49 AM

It was a private beach only for people staying at that hotel. I set Trisha down on the beach sand under the shadow of a palm tree. From the plastic bag Shreya had brought, I drew out a ladies underwear. Not any ordinary panty. Made out of leather with a zip right over the asshole and another in front of the pussy, with a buckle like a belt. The icing on the cake was a little lock. This is what the Americans call a chastity belt. I had asked Trisha who didn't know what it was to ask Shreya to bring one today. As split still oozed out her navel I pulled her panties off and slipped the belt onto Trisha. Now officially a sex slave.

THE Chastity Belt

"Did you know you can even fit a dildo on that for lesbian sex. See I got one here..." Shreya was pressing a dildo against crotch slowly grinding. She was very wet now and in need of a real cock. "I'll let you and Trisha to suck my cock together. Whoever manages to get the first drop if cum even though you put this band on my cock, gets to fuck me, how’s my contest?" By now Trisha was awake and moved in immediately. She had my entire ballsac in her mouth. Slightly biting it and, licking it. I wasn't expecting her to be so fast I could feel my cock struggling to explode. Shreya dropped down on her knees and took the penis head and started swallowing all 7 inches step by step.


This way 2 of south India's hottest sluts fought hard over a cock. And sometimes they clawed each other’s breasts too. I could feel the limit, soon even with that band I would have to cum. "Lie down on trisha and put your pussy to hers I'm gonna fuck both of you at once. Since neither could make me cum. She didn't need any more instructions as she knelt into a hot doggy pose, with her butt sticking out and back arcing. She pushed her pussy hard into Trisha's leg, particularly her knee and started sliding up and down the leg, masturbating using trisha like a sex toy. Her hand reached for Trisha cute breast and began to pinch and pull and tease. OOoh, Aaah, ugggh, AHHH…. Forget musical symphony these two bitches were making the best sounds I had heard. I ripped off the bikini and pushed her push down onto Trisha. They hugged passionately as their lips locked and tongues met, I unzipped the belt to reveal Trisha’s dripping cunt just below Shreya’s pooru (vagina), their clitoris were pressed hard against each other. I was about to enter that wonderland when someone grabbed my shoulder.

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:50 AM

[font=Trebuchet MS]It was Julia, it was probably easy for us to find there since we were the only people on the beach at that time. More importantly she was almost naked wearing only a small towel. She let the towel fall, and went straight for the erect penis grabbing it both hands and stroking furiously. Just when I thought she was trying it rip it off she held it between those in human melons. SOFT so fucking awesome to feel them. With her nipples as hard as pebbles she serviced my member. Cum was starting to leak despite the band. I grabbed her head and started fucking her face like a madman. Suddenly she fell to the ground and then I was falling backwards. I looked up to see Shreya standing between us. She had snapped, her dripping cunt was driving her mad, as streams poured down her thighs.

After pushing Julia out of the way and pushing me to the floor, she straddled me like a horse in perfect cowgirl position. Her nails drove into my back drawing blood as she grabbed my back. “Kunna thayoli (Motherfucking Dick), Fuck me” Her pussy made loud sucking/sloping noises as she pounded into me like someone hammering a nail with a hammer. All the while she screamed and moaned “Urrgh, UNNH, UHHH, ” as her perky tits flew and bounced before my face. A few feet away I could see an amazing ass bouncing up and slamming down. It was Trisha she had fitted the dildo like a strapon penis and was fucking Julia missionary style. She was holding Julia’s ample breasts like handles and squeezing them their pussies slammed together. Milk was squirted out of Julia nipples each time Trisha plunged into her depths. As Julia reached ever closer to climax, Trisha starting to scream, I knew she was orgasming, she always lost it then. I wanted to cum too but if I did it inside Shreya it would me she had used me as a sex toy and I would have no control over her. I caught her back and forced her into a kiss. The bitch was biting my lips but had to slow down the fucking. Using the chance I pushed her aside, and walked to Trisha was by now had cum and was quiet. I took her place inside Julia and this time I fucked her like she was my first girl ever. For the next 3 minutes all I heard was Shreya cursing me for not letting her cum and Julia’s “AAH, KIMOCHI, uuuugh…”. Then I came, all together and all inside my first Japanese pussy.

Thanks to the band my cock was still engorged and rock hard, so I turned to Shreya saying “ When you want something you beg for it. Now beg you slut.”, If looks could kill her look then would have, but sitting there naked on the beach sand, she was SEXY. “Please….”, “I can’t hear you”, “Please make me cum. Please use you Aanna kunna, I cannot bear this torture”. “Tris go take her pussy and leave that ass for me” I said.

There started my first proper threesome. Before my eyes the two sluts kissed and sucked each other’s tits as I drove my member into the depths of Shreya’s second hole. “Deeper, Aah, slap me… yeah, yeah” without hesitating I slapped her ass cheeks as we fucked Shreya. Time lost meaning and reappeared only when starting with Shreya all three of us came and came for an eternity. That was a good day.

Shreya after the Threesome.

Shreya was also a contact now and someone I could use to get to other actresses. I still had to dominate her but That’s another story for another time. After that session I spent sometime talking to Julia. It turns out that she is a porn star in Japan here on Vacation. No wonder her technique and tits were soo good, she's a pro.

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:51 AM

Chapter 3: An Evening of Debauchery

After the day at the resort I was appointed as one of Trisha’s part time assistants/ secretaries, mostly as an excuse to allow me to stay near her and for some quick fucks during breaks. The following week we were at a location when I asked her, “What can you tell me about Kajal?”. “Kajal Agrwal? I’ve met her a few times, but I don’t know much about her. No major scandals and I heard she’s even turned down to avoid sleeping with some directors. I’ll ask some people and get back to you.” A fortnight or so later “Ed, this is Trisha… Yeah I enquired, she’s currently preparing for a new role… Uh-Huh, it seems she’s at a circus…. Of course I knew you’d want to go so I got you a pass as a part time employee there. Now stop teasing me… Whaat do you mean by later? Master, you can’t do this to your loyal slave, 4 days without cock,pleaseeee….. Fuck me.” The best way to keep a girl is to make her wait a while. So I let Trisha plead and headed to the Circus.

After meeting the show master and getting permission to work with the magician’s crew, I went to watch them practice. There were all the usual tricks like cutting someone in three pieces, making birds and rabbits appear out a hat, etc. The main event was drowning a tied girl in a tank of water and leaving her there for a while before seeing if she was still alive. As interesting as the show was I was looking for Kajal. Normally when an actress goes somewhere a makeup man, a caravan and a horde of fans will follow but there was no one here. After a long time searching I was about to give up when it struck me - the only girls here are the magician’s assistants and they’re wearing masks so maybe one of them is Kajal. So I started watching them very closely.


The Costumes

If you’ve watched magic shows at a circus you’ll know the girls wear very little, allowing for an intimate study of their beauty. Two of them had tits almost as Kajal’s awesome melons, but their hips and ass were quite small, and the third was too short to be her. At that moment the girl who had been drowned earlier at the start of the event was carried onto the stage still blindfolded and tied to a metal prop. I didn’t need to see her pretty eyes to know at once that this was Kajal. How many time had I drooled and cum looking at those shapely perky tits and that ass that swayed so sexily, not mention her smile. Especially in that skimpy outfit she was hotter than any movie scene.

Now I knew what she was doing and it was time to look for an opportunity. My phone started ringing, it was Trisha. I walked out of the circus into the open grounds nearby and called her back. “Hel..”, “This is too much. You have to make me cum NOW.”, “What? But I’m at the circu…”, “I don’t care, if you cannot do it forget me. I’m gonna go and fuck my neighbour’s kid…”, this was very troublesome for me, because I was trying to monopolize her completely. “You’ll get caught if you do tha…”, “He’s only a sixth standard boy, he wont say anything. Anyway, I don’t care anymore, I need to cum real good. I don’t care how.” This was a crucial make or break time, I had to experiment and hope it works. “Ok, Tris baby, cool down. Star Calm and think of all the good times I gave you, eh? Ok now go to some window or balcony from where you can see that boy’s house and room. Just trust me and go……” She didn’t talk for almost a minute.“ I’m on the terrace/ roof of this house and from here it’s a clear view of Joel’s house, what should I do?” To be honest I had no experience in phone sex. I had heard of it but this was a very risky time to try.

“Ok, Trish what’re you wearing right now?” I asked, “Shorts and a sleeveless T Shirt, why does that…”, “I bet you’re showing off to all your neighbours, eh. In shorts that show your sexy legs just short of your whore cunt, with no underwear. Slut you must be enjoying the thought that some one’s jerking off seeing your nipples struggle against that T Shirt as sweat and stink fills your armpits, on display. I’ve already unzipped my pants and my cock’s throbbing hard for you. Don’t you feel the hardness. Don’t you remember a hard, hard thing raping your cunt and ass. Put your fingers up your cunt and tell me…”, “I, uuuh, it’s wet, don’t stop, uuuh…” It was obvious just how horny she was she just a guy to tell her to cum and she would have done it. “You’re taking you T shirt off, slowly, slowly. Stopping shortly just of your tits. Raise it like a curtain to show your goods to your neighbours and people on the road.”, “Its so hot today, I’ll get a tan like this.. but it feels good”, “Yeah baby feel the breeze on your naked skin. Now off with those shorts…… Time for some yoga its good for you. Do some stretching, something that makes you bend backwards.” I could see it in my mind. Whenever she bends back (like during anal cowgirl or doggy poses) something triggers her nipples and they stand out and get so hard, almost like little erect penises on her tits. And in that pose she was offering her cunt to anyone watching. “Get on a wall around you, be careful and put one leg on either side of the wall… Straddle it biatch…”. “The wall’s warm and rough, It’s cutting me and my pubes are getting caught…”, she was moaning slightly but still complaining. Right then that famous actress was in common public sight completely naked anyone who looked up would have seen but sadly most people don’t. “You are my slut so shut up and hump that wall. Curve your back bitch and slam it like a gangbanger, I need to hear your ass slapping that concrete”, “Uggh, its hurts, Aah, Ah, phat, AAH…” yep she was getting there and having imagined it I was close to cumming. “Shit, he’s here…” and I heard her gasp.

“What happened? You alright?” I asked, I was worried she might have fallen off the wall. “He saw me…… Joel, Joel saw me from his room, he’s still looking this way.” The problem with all men is they lose control when they’re close to cumming, like me right then. “So what? Who’ll believe him if he says you were naked on a terrace slamming a wall. He’s a nobody, a school kid. Now listen to me and we can all have fun. Get up and wave to him just like normal…”, “He’s waving back like normal, you’re right he’s harmless…”, “Dumb girl don’t look at his face look at his pants, is his cock standing or not…” no reply “What?”, “Its up, but he’s just a kid…”. “Perfect, talk to him or use sign language or whatever to teach him to start jerking off, I don’t care if it takes time.” I had a plan here but it was a longshot. “He’s not too sure but I think he understood what I told him” she said. “Turn to face him and keep slamming that wall. Make him cum without touching him.” On my side I was jerking off to this whole scene thinking of the possibilities. “I can’t hear you bitch, start your usual screaming”, I guess she was shy to do it so openly but slowly it started and soon it was her trademark “URGHH, AAH, Yeah, yeah… I’m can feel it now yeah.. Cumming oh god, ARGH.” “Happy now? Now better go back inside before that kid gets any funny ideas.” I was about to end the call, “Wait I have a bonus for you Eddy, Kajal isn’t the only one there. I was just talking to the event manager to ask about you, guess what. You’ve got more company, not just Kajal, but Ileana is coming to. She’ll be there with her whole family, as a family get together to watch the circus tonight. Enjoy baby…”, “Aw fuck that’s lucky thanks Tris, I’ll plan something soon for you and me.”

RE: Introducing Shreya Saran's Asshole - Ass Fucker - 12-08-2012 07:51 AM

After an entire day of planning and preparing, it was 530pm and things were starting to happen. Ileana had just arrived. My boss the event manager had gone and met her. I went along with him and offered her father and brother some soft drinks bottles. Soon they were left alone to walk around the circus grounds and visit each tent and stall. I waited for a few minutes after the manager had left. Then went up to them as said, “Madam, manager sir wanted to talk to you”, she puzzled “but I was just speaking with him now.” “Yes mam I’m not sure of the details but I think he has some plans for an advertisement featuring you. He doesn’t like to speak business in public so he asked me to invite you to his office. Don’t worry mam it won’t take too long you will be able to see most of the shows tonight.” She didn’t seem completely convinced, but her dad encouraged her, “It maybe a good chance at least listen to the offer no?”. So we walked, but not towards the office but to the open area beside the magic show tent. My plan involved an old item no longer used by the magic show see the diagram below to understand the layout. “Mam, have you seen this kind of magic box before? It’s a very special part of our performances.” “Hmm, looks like a large wooden box, what’s so great about it.” As she said that so carelessly I couldn’t help admiring her long hair as it flew freely in the breeze. “Step inside and you shall never forget it.” " Are you sure this is used in the magic show? Its just an ordinary wooden room with 3 doors. Shouldn't it be more special?" "It is special mam, look at both the sides can you see the other doors right? But anyone standing there cannot see us. Its one way glass. Where we are standing is the magician's place from here we can see people at both doors and trick them because they will its a regular mirror." "Amazing yaar I didn't expect that..." she looked around a little and asked, "What about these holes? What do they do?..." time to play....

30 minutes later I was walking back to where Ileana's family was waiting. To her father I said "Sir it seems Ileana mam will take a little more time, she wanted me to guide you to the first show of the evening the magic show.", "Come on Farrah(sister) and Rhys(her brother) you heard him lets go. By the way, thanks for the soft drinks, good service." Again I led them towards the old wooden room, when we were near I stopped and said, "Can I bother you for a small favor?". Her brother replied, " what's the problem?", " The single biggest health hazard at a large event like this circus is urinary infection from unclean toilets. So the manager has bought this prototype of a new cleaner kind of toilet. He wants to open it for public use but before that he wanted few people to try it. Can you try it out sir?", "oh come on what's so special man? Can't you try it yourself?". "No sir, I just joined today so I have no idea about this new system. I only heard about it from other employees. Plus if some one as respectable as you says it's good that has more value than someone like me."

That seemed to satisfy them so after asking Ileana's sister to wait they went up to the box, only one person could enter through the side door so the father went first. He was gone for quite a while. After almost 10 minutes he came out all sweating and smiling awkwardly." Was it good sir?", "Huh, good, good... It was very... comfortable.", "That's great now please go to the door on the other side sir. This second step helps clean out any bacteria..." Rhys interrupted," This is crazy so much trouble for pissing its stupid." but that didn't stop the father who walked eagerly to the other side, with a bulge clearly visible in his pants. "I think you're dad really enjoyed it so please at least try the first stage." Grumbling he went off and I had to wait nearly 15 minutes before they returned and another 10 minutes for Ronaldo to relish door 2. After that I took them to the magic shop tent where I said, " I just remembered that the lion tamer had asked me to arrange for some fresh meat before his performance. I'm sorry I have to go now." I left them and hurried back to the box.

I entered from the side door and stopped to admire Ileana's erotic pose.

The first time when we had entered the box I had used a cloth with some diluted tranquilizers stolen from the lion trainer to put her to sleep. Then I stripped her down to her bra(I left that on because it made her petite boobs stick out raunchily) and tied her tightly and with many ropes with no space to move. The arrangement was such that her face was towards door 1 and her ass towards door 2. I had already cut out holes in the walls so that the hole in door 1 matched her mouth and the hole in door 2 led to her pussy. I made sure to align and match them properly. On the other side of door 1 I stuck a printout saying " Insert and piss in hole". Beside door 2 "Insert and move back and forth to clean". So there she was like a naked bitch who’s reaching down pick up something and gets frozen in that pose. Her sexy back was curving at a crazy angle as her ass rose to meet the hole in door 2.

Soon she was awake, and it was time to get the party rolling. " Good evening, and welcome to a world record attempt. Please don't shout for help immediately i have something to discuss with you." She was tied so tightly she couldn't even turn her head an inch so i couldn't see her expression but at least she didn't scream. "Good right now you're virtually naked in a wooden box in a public place and i have photos to prove it. If you call for help whoever finds you will be tomorrow mornings headline news and your life will as an actor will end in shame. The alternative is a little game, a very enjoyable game. Receive what comes into your mouth happily and completely. Without making a sound, you should then lick and suck what's put in your mouth as if was fast melting lollypop or ice cream. I'll be putting your expensive phone here to record all that happens if even once you don't suck properly, you're finished. Dont worry about your pussy, I'm sure people will get the idea."
I put the phone in place, set it to record. Only after preparing all this I had gone to get her father and brother.

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