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Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:25 PM

Synopsis: A female cop is taken in by her Captain and made to do what he desires. she is turned into his slave and has to do everything with everyone, even though she is about to become his Sgt.

The red and blue lights of the police cruiser were flashing as the police
officer pulled the car over. It had been weaving some, and the policewoman
knew she had another drunk driver.

Once both cars had stopped, the policewoman stepped from her car and approached
the other one, being very cautious, even though she knew she could handle
herself. Her mind wasn't just on the stop, but she was also thinking about the
interview she had in the morning with the Captain. She was trying to get
promoted to Sergeant and it had come down to just two people.

But, right now, she had to get this drunk off the streets before he hurt
someone. She yelled from the back of his car, "Get out and keep your hands in
the air where I can see them!"

The man stepped out, stumbled some, but was able to stand on his feet. She
approached him, always watching his hands and glancing into his car to be sure
no one else was in it. She had him move to the front of the car and lean
against the hood, with his hands spread apart.

Then, stepping up behind him, cuffs ready, she put her foot between his and


She forced his feet apart, and then began the search of his body. She ran her
hands over his body, and couldn't resist checking out the package he had in
his pants. As she reached his crotch, she lingered a little longer than normal
and squeezed his cock. "MMMMMMM," she quietly moaned, and then continued on to
the rest of his body. She finished the search, cuffed him, read him his
rights, and informed him he was being arrested for DUI.

She escorted him back to her patrol car and got him in the back seat. She
retrieved his ID and radioed in to let them know she was bringing in another
drunk. She also requested a tow truck for his car. Then she drove to the

Getting him booked was easy and soon she was on her way home to clean up and
change into a fresh uniform so she could meet the Captain for the interview.
Now she could think of nothing else but becoming the first Asian female to
make it that far. And she knew that her record since joining the force, along
with her education, would help her. The other cop didn't have near the things
she had, so she thought it was all wrapped up and she would soon be wearing
Sergeant stripes on her uniform.

She got to her house, took a shower, put the clean uniform on, then headed
back to the station. She had plenty of time, but as always, she wanted to be
early. Pulling into the parking lot, she saw her competition walking toward
the station house. She watched him for awhile and thought he looked pretty
confident, but he was kind of sloppy in his appearance. She had more arrests
than anyone on her shift and almost surpassed everyone else at the station.
She was very confident that she would have the job and she would be a great
Sergeant. At least until she was able to get promoted to Lieutenant.

Sue Lee had been very positive that no one else knew of her past. Especially
the times she wasn't so good. She thought back as to how she got to the U.S.
and what she had to do to help her parents through the tough times when they
first arrived. And how she got all those good grades in school and in college.
But that was all behind her and she would now be in charge, never having to
worry about her past again.

Sue sat in the lobby, waiting to be called in. The other cop was first to go
and as she saw him walk out, she noticed he had a big smile and was looking
right at her. He said, "Good luck in there. The Captains pretty tough. But it
won't be long and you'll have to work for me." He laughed and walked away.

She sat waiting to be called in and it wasn't long before the Captain stepped
to the door and said, "Officer Lee, please come in."

She stood up and walked with confidence toward the door. He held it for her
and once she was inside, he shut the door. However, she hadn't noticed that he
also locked it. She sat down in front of his desk as he went behind it to sit

All was silent while he looked through her folder and then he said, "Officer
Lee, you have quite a record here. You are tops in arrests, tops in public
relations, and tops in a lot of other areas. However, I see there are some
problem areas, too."

Sue couldn't figure out what he meant by that and asked, "Problem areas, Sir?
I don't understand."

The captain laughed as he opened an envelope and pulled the contents out. He
looked at them for a moment before he spoke again. "I see here that you entered
the U.S. illegally. As a matter of fact, both your and your parents'
passports, visas and citizenship papers have been altered. You are an illegal

she started to say something, but he held his hand up and continued. "I also
see that you are quite the little slut. These pictures show it all. You should
be ashamed of yourself. You are quite cute naked, you know."

Now, she knew her whole life had come to an end. she was going to jail or get
deported, or something. "WWWWWhhhhhhheeerreee did you get those?" she

"That doesn't really matter right now, bitch! What does matter is what I am
going to do with them," he stated. "You see, I can take you with these things
to the chief and you will be on your way to jail before going back to China.
Or, maybe…"

"PPPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE," she cried, "don't let anyone else know
about this. i'll step down and won't even try to take the Sergeant's job. i'll
leave and go someplace else. Anything, just don't let those things out.

The Captain laughed and said, "Did you say anything? ANYTHING!"

"Yyyyyeeesssss, anything to keep out of trouble," sue was trying to fight back
the tears, but it didn't work.

"Well, I am going to give you these things to do whatever you wish with them.
But you are going to be mine for awhile before you get them," stated the

"iiii don't understand sir," she said.

"Well, let me explain it to you. First, I haven't decided who will be my new
Sergeant, yet. I really wanted you, but with these documents, I am not sure.
And I really would like you to be the Sergeant. But, sue, it will be hard now,
unless you decide to do what I want for a period of six months."

she had stopped crying and couldn't figure out what it was he really wanted.
Maybe she would just have to be real tough with the others. Maybe have to find
things out about some of them, especially the ones he didn't care for. she
didn't know what, so asked, "Sir, what do you mean by doing whatever you

He said, "What I mean is, if I tell you to do something for me, you'll do it
without question, no matter what it is I want."

"What would I have to do for you?" she questioned.

"I'll tell you once you have agreed to my terms. However, if you don't, I will
have some other officers come in here and arrest you."

"OOOOKKKKK," she stuttered, "i agree to do whatever you say, but please don't
arrest me. i can't go back to China. Please,Sir."

"Very well, sue. Now, all you have to do is sign this paper. It says you
are agreeing to do whatever I want for a period of six months. You are doing
this willingly and there is no pressure from me. And it also says that you
will be promoted to Sergeant. However, if you fail me, the Sergeant disappears
and you're on your way to China." The Captain pushed a paper in front of her.
sue didn't read it all, but she signed it.

"Now that we have the little things taken care of, I want you to strip for
me!" said the captain.

"I will not!" yelled sue

"If you don't do it, cunt, you are gone! Now, strip bitch!" yelled the Captain.
"And don't ever tell me you won't again."

sue thought for a moment, then stood up and started removing her uniform. she
figured that he had seen the pictures of her already, so what could be worse.
Give him a thrill and then get back to work. she shook as she began undoing
her gun belt. Of course, she didn't have her weapon in the holster, since it
was a rule that they didn't carry a gun in the station house.

she continued to remove everything, and soon was standing in front of the
captain with just her panties and bra on. she had hopes that he wouldn't make
her go any farther. But she was wrong as he said, "All the way slut. Take it
all off."

crying, she unhooked her bra, removed it and her little tits showed quite
nicely now. she tried to cover her tits, but knew if she did he would be
pissed, so just laid it down on her uniform and started to pull her panties
down, but he stopped her. "Wait for a minute," he said. "Pick up your bra and
throw it in the trash can. Then, when you get those panties off, put them in
there too."

she hated the captain now, but she did as she was told. Picking up her bra,
she walked over to his desk and threw the bra in it. Then she pulled her
panties down her hips, to her knees and then let them slide down to her feet.
She stepped out of them and bent over to pick them up. She put them in the
trash can with her bra, and then stood before her Captain, naked with her
hands over her cunt.

"Move your hands away from that fuck hole, cunt!" he ordered. "Just put them
on top of your head and turn around so I can see all of you."

sue did what she was told to do. Maybe he would just make her strip for him
once in awhile. Maybe a quick fuck in his office. Probably not much else, and
she didn't mind a good fuck once in awhile. After all, she had learned to fuck
at an early age when she was supposed to be working at a video store. At least,
that's what her parents thought. Instead, she was out selling her young body to
make money to support them. So fucking and sucking cock wasn't something she
hadn't done before.

The Captain got up from his desk to walk around her. He touched her all over
and made little comments about his new Sergeant.'s body. "The cunt hair has to
go. The tits are quite small, but will be OK for now. The ass is quite nice.
Full, firm, and well rounded. Yes, cunt, I'll have a good time with this
little body."

sue still didn't know what else she would have to do for him. she just hoped
he would only fuck her a few times and then she could get the documents back
and go about her normal life. she hadn't read the whole document he had her
sign. But she should have!

"OK, my little asian cunt," he said, "On your knees and suck my cock. Then, we
will get into the other details."

Thinking this wouldn't be too bad, she dropped to her knees, unzipped his
pants and pulled his hard cock out. It was quite big, she thought. Only about
7" long, but it was really thick. sue had some problems getting it in her
little mouth, but finally managed to get most of it in. She sucked him off and
he shot his load into her mouth. she never liked swallowing cum, but she had
no choice now, since he wouldn't allow her to pull her mouth off his cock. So,
she swallowed all of it. Then he pulled out, put his cock away and as he was
zipping up his pants, he said, "Now, slut, I said the cunt hair has to go.
When you go home tonight, be sure to shave it all off. I'll inspect it
tomorrow. If it isn't bald and smooth, you'll get an ass whipping. Understand?"

Wanting to get out of there, she quickly replied, "Yes sir."

The captain said, "Good little slut. Now, just so you won't think about telling
others about this, I have a video of you stripping and sucking my cock. Of
course, it will be edited to say that you wanted this job so much that you
were willing to do anything to get it. That's when you begged me to suck my
cock. You even stripped for me to persuade me. So, you little asian whore, you
won't tell anyone will you?"

Shocked, sue said, "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO, Sir."

"OK, now get dressed, without the bra and panties. From now on, you won't wear
them at all. Then, you are to go home and shave your cunt. Don't go anyplace
else. Tomorrow morning, you'll wear your police skirt instead of those pants.
You will be staying around the station from now on. As a Sergeant. you will be
required to be here to help the others. I will call you back in here in the
morning for your inspection." Then, he went to the door, unlocked it and
walked out, leaving the door open.

sue quickly got to the door and closed it. Then she dressed and left the
station. All the way home, she was crying and wondered what she had gotten
herself into. Maybe she would have been better off getting sent back to China.

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:25 PM

part 2

sue lee arrived home, still in tears for what happened to her at the station.
Where did he get all this information and those pictures of when she was
younger? she only did what she had to in order to help her family survive.

sue walked to her bedroom and removed her uniform. Then she went to the kitchen
and got herself a stiff shot of bourbon. sue never drank, but she needed it now.
she swallowed the burning liquid and then proceeded back into her bedroom.

she lay on the bed for awhile, thinking back to what she was told to do when she
got home. she had to remove the hair from her pussy, and was not looking forward
to it. she remembered when she was younger, she didn't have the hair there. It
took a long time for it to begin to grow and now she had a nice looking bush
between her legs. she didn't want to do it, but she was afraid if she didn't, he
would hurt her or deport her.

sue got up from the bed and walked to her bathroom. Running a tub full of hot
water, she gathered up the tools needed for the task. she layed out the shaving
gel she used for her under arms, a razor and a pair of scissors. The tub had
filled up and she slowly got in the water. It felt so good and she began to

After soaking for a short time, she raised up on her knees to begin the task,
but it was very uncomfortable this way and she couldn't see her pussy hair that
well. So, she moved to the edge of the tub and started her duty. First, she took
the scissors and began trimming her patch of black hair. Making sure she didn't
leave it in the water, she held it in her hand for awhile, before tossing it
into the trash can.

Once she had it all trimmed down to make it look like a day's growth, just like
on a mans face, she lathered her cunt up with the gel, then very carefully began
to run the razor over her pubic mound. Stroke after stroke, she removed the
remaining hair from her pussy.

Finally finishing, she slid back into the water to rinse off and continue with
her bath. she soaped up and when she got to her crotch, she was amazed how it
felt. she thought back again to when she was quite young and there was no hair
there at all. Now, it was that way again, making her feel like a little girl all
over again.

sue lee finished bathing, got out and dried off. she stood before the mirror and
stared at her naked form in the mirror and began to cry. she not only felt like
a child again, she looked like one too. she hated this feeling and walked back
to her bedroom. she layed on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

The alarm went off way to soon the next morning. she was dreading going back to
work, knowing the Captain would want to check her cunt to be sure it was smooth.
But she had no other choice. If she didn't go in, he would probably come looking
for her. And he might even put a warrant out for her arrest for being an illegal
alien in his country.

So, she got up, had breakfast and dressed. she started to put her uniform pants
on, but then remembered he said to wear her skirt. Once she got it on, she still
felt naked, since she didn't put her bra and panties on, just like he had told

Leaving her home, she got into the squad car, furnished by the department, and
headed to work. her mind was racing with all the images of what would happen to
her over the next six months, being owned by her Captain and having to do
anything he said. she pulled into the parking area, slowly got out and walked
to the station. she could already feel the wetness building within her pussy.

she went inside and started toward her desk when he stepped out of his office.

"Sgt. lee, please come in here," he said.

Shaking, she walked toward his office. Entering, he shut the door as soon as
both of them were alone. "Yyyyyyeesssss, sir," she managed to get out.

"Show me, sue!" was all he said. she knew what he wanted to see, so she started
to raise her skirt up. But he stopped her and said. "No, not that way. From now
on, when I want to see, you are to strip naked. Now, show me!"

Hesitating just for a moment, she began to remove her clothes. her fingers were
shaking and she had problems getting the buttons from her blouse undone and then
more so with the zipper to her skirt. Finally, she stood before him naked,
knowing better than to try to cover herself.

"Very good little slut," he said. "Now, put your hands on my desk, bend over and
spread 'em!"

she hated doing this for the man she worked for, but what else could she do. she
didn't want to go to jail and definitely didn't want to go back to China. her
life in the States was too good to have to return to that place where she was

So she put her hands on his desk and spread her legs a little bit. she thought
back to all the people she had in this position, but they all had clothes on
when she didn't.

The Captain stepped up behind her and forced her right leg out more, then moved
to the left leg and did the same. He kept pushing her legs farther apart until
she was totally spread wide open. her legs were about three feet apart and she
knew her ass and cunt were in plain view of her Captain.

Once he stopped spreading her legs, his hand felt her round buttocks, and slowly
crept toward her sex. He said to her, "From now on cunt, when I say spread 'em,
I expect you to get into this position. Legs wide apart for my pleasure. Do you
understand Sergeant?"

"Yyyyyyeeeessssss, sssssiiiiirrrr," she stuttered. she hated this and knew if
she disappointed him that she would suffer.

He played with her ass and cunt for awhile, running his fingers through her slit
and up and down the crack of her ass. Then he went to the mound above her slit.
He ran his hands all around, checking for any stray hair she might have missed
when she shaved.

she heard him mutter some and then he said, "MMMMMMM, not a bad job, but in the
future, it needs to be smoother than that. I won't punish you this time, but if
I ever feel anything but smooth skin from now on, you are in trouble."

Continuing with his assault on her private area, sticking his fingers into her
slit and then running them up her ass crack to her little brown hole. He entered
her ass with his finger and she jumped. she had never had anything in there

He said, "Oh, little touchy there are we? Don't worry slut, you'll have plenty
there in the next six months. And you must really be enjoying this because your
hot little pussy is so wet and juicy. Bet you would like to feel my cock in it
about now, wouldn't you? Do you want me to fuck you sue?"

"Please sir, stick it in me. i need it," she moaned.

"No, not now cunt, but in time you'll feel my hard cock in your cunt, along with
many others. Now, get your ass up and get dressed. We have some troops to brief
before they hit the road." he ordered.

sue got up from his desk and started to look for something to wipe her pussy
with, so it didn't run down her legs. But the Captain noticed she started
reaching for the Kleenex box on his desk and stopped her.

He said, "No, don't wipe it off. I want it to run down your legs to see if
anyone notices it. From now on cunt, you will just let your juices drip and run
down your sexy legs. You'll never wipe any of it up."

sue started to cry a little, but went ahead and put her clothes on. she did wipe
the tears from her eyes, hoping no one noticed she had been crying and that her
cunt was dripping her love juice.

They left his office and headed for the briefing room. Once inside, he
announced, "Gentlemen and ladies, may I have your attention. I have decide that
sue lee will be our new Sergeant. I hope you will show her all the respect you
have shown me and will work with her, following her instructions. Sgt. lee, do
you have anything to say to the troops."

sue wasn't expecting this, and choked some. But, she did say, "i hope we all can
still get along as fellow officers just as we always have. If you ever need
anything, please feel free to come to me. i haven't changed from the way i was.
Now, let's get to work."

The Captain briefed everyone on what was happening in the streets and told them
what to look out for. Then he dismissed everyone to go to work.

As soon as everyone left, he told sue that she had a new desk, which was
directly in front of his door. Of course, her new desk did not have a front to
it, so he could see her naked pussy all day long. He explained this to her and
told her she had to sit with her legs open all day, so he could see her little

He showed her the desk and told her to get to work on the paperwork that had
piled up since the last sergeant had left. sue sat down and started working. she
forgot to open her legs and as soon as the captain got back to his desk, he
noticed this, he buzzed her on the phone and said, "Open those fucking legs,
cunt!" Then he hung up and watched. sue spread her legs, showing her bald pussy.

she continued working, getting through all the paper work pretty fast. Then he
came out to her desk and said he wanted to have lunch with her in his office.
she asked if she could finish this last report first. He agreed and said, "But
as soon as it is done, get your ass in my office, close the door and show me."

sue finished up the report she was working on, but dreaded going into his office
again. However, she thought he might fuck her this time, so she hurried into his
office. she was so horny and wanted to be fucked. she wasn't thinking about
anything else.

sue entered his office and shut the door. Without even hesitating, she stripped
out of her uniform and layed her clothes in a chair next to his desk. she wasn't
sure if she should or not, but she assumed the position she had been in earlier
to wait for him to arrive. There she was, bent over his desk, with her feet wide
apart, waiting and praying he would get his hard cock into her hot pussy.

The door opened and closed. she didn't know for sure who it was, but it had to
be him. she heard him chuckle at the sight before his eyes and walked up to her
and put his hand on her naked ass. He said, "Very good sue, you are learning
quite well. But, now I want you under my desk. You are going to suck my cock
while I eat lunch with someone else. You will be quiet while you suck me, and
you had better not make me cum until this other person leaves. Now move it."
she jumped when he slapped her ass and she immediately crawled under his desk.
she got comfortable while she waited. she hoped who ever it was he was having
lunch with didn't see her.

As soon as she was concealed from view, he opened the door, went behind his desk
and pulled his cock out. Then, he sat down and said, "Start sucking, bitch!"

sue took his penis in her mouth and began to suck him. she was enjoying it some,
but would rather have him in her cunt.

It wasn't long and she heard another voice as Judy, the dispatcher entered the
room. Judy said, "Hello, Captain. Thank you for having me come by for lunch. I
brought you a hamburger and fries, with your favorite drink. A big Pepsi."

The Captain thanked her and asked her to sit. Judy sat down in front of the desk
and they began to eat and talk. They chatted about the weather, the job and
things that were happening around town. There was no indication at all that the
Captain had his cock in the new sergeant's mouth the whole time.

Then he said, "Judy, I want you to do something for me."

The Captain and Judy had been secret lovers ever since she had gotten her job.
They had fucked and sucked each other every chance they had, and the Captain had
told her everything. Judy was kind enough to keep things quiet, since she knew
if the Captain had wanted to, she would have been fired and she needed this job.
Besides, he was a good fuck for her.

She said, "Yes, sir, I'll do whatever you want. You know I take good care of
you. What is it I can do?"

The Captain chuckled and said, "I want you to take someone shopping for me. I
have a list of items I want her to buy and some instructions on how I want them
purchased. I would like you to go tonight after work, if you are free."

Judy said she was free and would be glad to go shopping, especially since she
loved to shop. Without this job, she never would be able to get the nice things
she had.

Then, the Captain added, "This person will meet you here in my office right
after you get off work at 5 p.m. But I want you to run out real quick this
afternoon to pick up a couple little items for me before you go shopping. Sgt.
lee will take your place as dispatcher while you do this for me. I'll have her
there as soon as she finishes her lunch."

"OK," said Judy, "I'll wait for her to relieve me, then I'll go. But, I don't
understand what it is you want me to get."

The Captain said, "Just stop by here before you go and I'll explain."

They finished their lunch and Judy returned to her duties. The Captain then told
sue, "OK, little one, finish me off so you can take over for Judy. She is
getting you some new clothes to wear so you can go shopping with her."

sue sucked really hard and soon had his cum running down her throat. she
swallowed it all and licked his cock clean, wanting more.

As soon as he was finished, he pushed his chair back and left the room, telling
her to get up, get dressed and go relieve Judy.

sue crawled out from under the desk and when she stood up, she realized he had
left the door wide open. she hurried over to close it, hopeing no one saw her.
she quickly dressed and went to relieve Judy, just like the Captain had ordered.

sue got to Judy's work station and said "I am here to relieve you to pick
something up for the Captain. How long will you be gone?"

"I won't be too long," said Judy. "I just have to run to the mall and get a
couple of items. You do know what to do here, don't you?"

"Yes," said sue, "i did get trained in this area as well as on the streets."

With that, Judy left. sue didn't have any idea what Judy was going to get, but
she knew that later on, she was going shopping with Judy. But she had no idea
what the Captain was going to make her get.

Judy returned with the package and took it to the Captain, then came back to
relieve sue from the dispatcher desk. She told sue, "The Captain said to go to
his office at 4:30 PM and he will tell you what to do from there. Oh, he also
said you know what position to be in when he arrives."

sue was shocked, but understood. she just hoped that it was just the two of them
in his office, but she did remember he had told Judy to meet in his office at 5.

sue went back to her desk and finished her work. At 4:30, she got up and walked
into the Captain's office. He was not there, and she knew if she wasn't position
properly, she would suffer. So, she closed the door, stripped and bent over his
desk. Then, she "spread em", just as he had showed her before.

There she was, in the Captain's office, naked, with her ass sticking out, legs
wide apart, waiting for him to enter.

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:25 PM

part 3

she waited like what seemed to be an eternity for him to come in, afraid that
someone else might show up. she would just die if anyone other than the
Captain came in and saw her this way, but she knew if she wasn't ready when he
came in, she would be in big trouble.

At 4:50 PM, the door opened and the Captain came in. He spoke to her, saying,
"Very good slut. I see you are learning your new role very well." He then
reached up and played with her pussy between her wide open legs, feeling how
wet it was. He knew she was enjoying this. He always knew she would get off
on this stuff, but didn't know how he could trap her into doing it until he
received the package.

sue wanted to get dressed quickly, since she knew Judy would be there at any
time, but he told her not to move, and wanted her just like she was for a
little longer. He really did enjoy the view he was getting.

It wasn't long and there was a knock on the door. sue jumped and started to
move, but he told her to stay. It was just like he was talking to a pet dog.
she was horrified that someone was going to see her like this!

He went to the door and opened it and in walked Judy, right on time. She saw
sue spread out over his desk and said, "What is this? Why is sue like that?"

He said, "Because I told her to get like that. I need to tell you Judy, that
sue is now my slave and slut, and will do everything I say. I just wanted you
to be the first to know about her, since you are going to take her shopping for

"OOOOOHHHHHHH, nice!" squealed Judy. "A pet to play with. May I help train her
with you?"

"Of course you can," said the Captain, "That's why I want you to take her
shopping. And, if you wish, you may start now. I know how much you enjoy other
women. Want to play with her cunt?"

sue's stomach began to knot as she heard this conversation. she was further
embarrassed to feel her pussy juices begin to trickle from her cunt. she
simply hung her head and squeezed her eyes tightly to hold back the tears.

Judy reached out and stuck her hand between sue's legs, feeling her bald
mound. She said, "Oh my, a shaved pussy. I love them like that. It's so much
more visible than those covered by ugly hair, don't you think sue slut?"

sue didn't answer her and Judy raised her hand and brought it down on her
naked ass. "SMACK"

"When you are asked a question, cunt, you need to answer it," stated Judy,
"And now that the Captain has agreed to let me help with you, you will call me
Mistress Judy from now on. Is that clear, you little asian cunt!"

"YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS, Mistress Judy, I understand," cried sue.

"Good show, Judy," said the Captain, "I can see the two of you will get along
just fine. But let's get this little bitch dressed so you can go shopping."

sue was given a bag and told to get dressed with what was in it. she opened
the bag up and looked inside. There wasn't a lot in it. Just a very sheer
little top, looking to be too small and a skirt that probably would just
barely cover her ass. Nothing else.

sue looked at the clothes in disbelief and said, "You expect me to wear this
out of the station and out in public?"

"Yes I do, and if you don't get it on right now, you'll leave here naked!"
yelled the Captain.

Frightened that he may make her do that, she quickly put the skimpy clothes
on. He did allow her to put her heels that she had worn to work back on, but
no stockings. Once she had the clothes on, she had to model them for the two
other people in the room. They made her turn around, bend over and even raise
her hands above her head, stretching the skirt up above her ass. sgt. lee was
totally humiliated and knew this was just the beginning of her torment.

The Captain said, "OK you two, get out of here. I've got some work to finish
up. When you finish shopping, Judy, go with slut sue to her house. I'll meet
you there to see what we have bought and also go through some of her other
clothes to see if she can keep them or not. Don't forget the instructions I
gave you."

"Yes sir," said Judy, "I have them and will read them as sue drives to the
mall. We will meet you in a few hours."

With that, the two girls walked out of the Captain's office and into the
hallway leading outside. Judy made her walk slow and told her to wiggle her
ass like a good little whore slut should. sue hated doing it, but decided that
she would play along and make Judy happy. So, she walked very slow and
deliberately made her ass wiggle back and forth. she knew everyone was staring
at her, but right about now, she didn't care.

Once out in the parking lot, and into sue's car, Judy told her to pull her
dress up to her waist so her cunt showed. sue did it and then started the car.
Judy told her to go straight to the mall at the far end of town. That's where
all the best clothes could be found.

As sue drove, Judy looked over the list of items she was to make sue get and
read the instructions on how to try them on and pay for them. she laughed as
she read this, knowing she was going to enjoy a real good show soon.

It wasn't too long before sue pulled into the parking lot and started looking
for a space to park in which was close to the entrance. But Judy had other
ideas and said, "Park away from the entrance, slut. Let's try the very back
row over there by those trees."

Not wanting to be that far away, especially dressed the way she was, she
hesitated in turning toward the direction she was told to go.

Judy noticed this and said, "Look, bitch, I said go over there and park. I'll
tell the Captain everytime you fuck up and I'm sure you'll get a good
punishment for it."

sue cringed at the thought of a punishment, and turned her car in the right
direction. Pulling up into a parking spot near the tree, she stopped and
started to get out. Judy made her wait until she had gotten out and walked to
the side of the car where sue sat.

Judy opened the door and told sue, "OK, now get out, but don't pull that skirt
down until I tell you to."

sue got out, standing there with her skirt around her waist, waiting
impatiently to pull it down to cover her exposed ass and cunt. After a few
minutes, Judy said, "Ok, now you can pull it down, but, don't touch it again
without permission. And, I don't care if it slides up over your little asian
ass, it will stay there until I say you can pull it back down. UNDERSTAND

"Yyyyyyeeeeeesssss MMMMMMiiiissssttttrreessss," sue stuttered.

"Now, let's walk to the mall. Just do everything I say, and don't talk. I'll
pick out your clothes and remember, you will do everything I say, stated Judy.

They started walking to the mall, and Judy noticed sue was still wiggling her
ass like he had been told to do in the station. She would have to let the
Captain know this. Once they reached the mall and entered, Judy started
looking for the different stores she would have to take sue. The first one she
saw was a shoe store. Inside, was a middle aged man, all alone and appeared to
be the clerk. She told sue to stop and wait for her.

Judy walked into the store to make sure it was empty and that this man was the
clerk. He approached her and asked if he could be of assistance to her. She
was really happy to see that no one else was in the store and he was the

She said, "I think you can, but i have to get my friend first. You see, she
can't talk and I have to make sure she gets the right shoes to wear. I'll be
right back with her, if you don't mind waiting."

"No, I don't mind at all. It's not like I am really busy, so just take your
time," he replied.

Judy stepped outside and walked over to sue. She said, "OK, we are going into
this store and get the shoes the Captain wants. You are not to say anything at
all and you'll do everything I say. No one else is in the store right now, so
when we go in, you'll sit where I tell you to and when you do, make sure you
open those little legs and show the nice man your cunt. UNDERSTAND whore?"

"Yyyyyeeeeessssss, Mistress Judy," stuttered sue.

sue followed Judy into the shoe store and when she motioned for her to sit
down, she did. However, she failed to spread her legs. Judy watched for a
while and when the man came over to see what they needed, Judy told him what
shoes were required. One pair of bright red six inch heels and one pair of
black seven inch heels.

The clerk then said, "And, what size do we need for her?"

Judy said, "I am not sure, so why don't you measure her feet and we'll know
for sure."

He left to get the measuring device from another area, and when he was gone,
Judy said to sue, "I told you to open your fucking legs, bitch, so get them
apart now or you'll walk out of here naked!"

sue was shocked, but opened her legs some. Judy was not happy with this, and
moved around to the front of sue and stepped between her legs. Then, she
spread her own legs apart, which forced sue to open up hers even further.

"You will sit just like that until I tell you to change position. Don't piss
me off again cunt,", stated Judy.

sue lee sat there with her legs wide apart, knowing her pussy would be in
plain view of the older clerk when he returned. she was afraid to do anything
but obey this young but sexy blonde. Just as Judy had moved away, the clerk
returned and knelt in front of sue. He picked her foot up and started measuring
her before he looked up. When he did, he was staring right into her bald
pussy. Judy was really enjoying the show herself and wanted to play with her
pussy to get off, but knew she couldn't do that and dominate her sergeant at
the same time.

"Well, do you have what we want in her size?" questioned Judy.

"UUUHHHHHH, I think so," said the clerk as he got up. "I'll go get them." He
left with a very red face, and a big stiff dick.

While he was gone, Judy said, "Pull your skirt up more so he can see your
pussy better. And, while you are at it, unbutton your blouse all the way so he
can see those little pathetic tits of yours."

sue did as she was told and sat there red faced from embarrassment, but knew
if she didn't, she would get in big trouble. This little bitch would surely
tell the Captain and might even make her strip right there.

The clerk returned with the shoes and before he could get down to put them on
her feet, Judy asked him, "Do we get a discount on them? Maybe buy one pair
and get one free?"

He wanted to just give them both pairs of shoes, but he couldn't do it without
getting in trouble with his boss. He just said, "I'm sorry, I can't do that.
Only my boss can give discounts."

"Then, let me talk to your boss while you try those on her feet," replied

"Yes, Ma'am, if you'll just go into that room over there, he'll be there."
Then the clerk got down and started trying to get her shoes on. He couldn't
take his eyes off her pussy, but when he did look up at sue, he saw her tits
in plain view. He didn't know what to do, so just continued putting the shoes
on her feet.

Just as he had finished putting the last shoe on so she could walk in them,
the manager and Judy returned. The manager said, "Joe, is there a problem
here? This lady says you offered her a discount. You know we can't do that."

But just as he finished talking, he noticed sue sitting there fully exposed
and Judy said to him, "If you'll give us a discount, she'll suck both your
cocks. Either right here in the store, or in the back room. Your choice."

The manager and the clerk hesitated for a moment and then the manager said, "I
will give you a discount if she'll strip and then suck us both off."

Judy said, "You got a deal. Where do you want it, right here or in the back

The manager of the store thought for a moment, and wondered if this was for
real. Then he said, "If she'll strip here and walk with us to my office, suck
both of our cocks then you will get one pair of shoes free."

"Well, you heard the man sgt. lee, strip!" Judy said gleefully.

sue just looked at her, then around the store. But she didn't move.

"I SAID STRIP, cunt!" yelled Judy, "Or should I report this to the Captain?"

sue didn't want any more trouble than she already had, so she started removing
her clothes, laying them in the seat beside her. Of course, it didn't take
long, since she had very little to remove.

she stood there naked, in plain view of anyone who walked in. The manager was
shocked, but said, "Good, now follow me."

sue walked behind the two men into the office. Both of them pulled there hard
cocks out at the same time and she got to her knees, wanting to get this over
with real quick.

The manager wanted his first and stepped up to her and shoved his hard cock
into her mouth. she opened up and took all that she could, knowing that the
clerk and Judy were both watching. But then she realized that Judy also had a
cam corder out and was taping everything. sue could have died, but just as she
was about to pull away from the cock in her mouth, he shot his load of cum.
sue had taken her mouth off his cock as he was cumming and most of it landed
on her face, but she quickly put it back into her mouth and swallowed the
remaining drops.

When the manager pulled away, the clerk rammed his cock into her mouth. He
wasn't as long as the other one, but he sure was thicker. she had a hard time
getting it all in. But it didn't take long for him to cum and she quickly
pulled away from him, too.

she just wanted to get dressed and leave, but Judy had other ideas. As sue was
about to wipe the cum from her face, Judy said, "No, don't touch it. Just
leave that male spunk on you. Now, go get your clothes and get dressed while I
take care of the bill. Of course, you know that it is all on your credit card,
don't you?"

sue began to cry. she worked so hard for her money and Judy was now spending
it on something she didn't want. At least she only had to pay for one pair of
shoes. her clothes were still out in the showroom and as she walked out, she
noticed other people in the store looking around.

she stopped to ask if Judy would get her clothes for her, but before she could
say anything, Judy just pushed her out the door and said, "Remember, slut, you
can't talk. Now walk out there and get dressed so we can continue shopping.

sue crept out the door and made a dash for her clothes. she got dressed as
quickly as possible, but knew the other people saw her. Once she was dressed,
she went to join Judy and get out of there. she was quite a sight to see,
especially with the cum still dripping from her face.

Judy finished the purchase and made sue sign the receipt and then led her out
of the shoe store heading for another shop.

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:25 PM

part 4

Judy was laughing as sue followed her from the shoe store. sue, in her new
six-inch heels, carrying the other pair and cum dripping from her face. They
entered the main area and Judy started looking for another shop. sue was
having a hard time walking on those new high heels and she could sense the
stares of others as they watched the slut walk along the hall.

Judy said, "Come on, sue, keep up with me. We have so much to do and the
Captain doesn't like to be kept waiting."

sue did her best to keep up as Judy took long steps to get to the next shop.
Finally, she spotted the store she wanted to go into. It was a ladies shop
that sold mini skirts and dresses. "Just what the Captain wanted," thought

She turned into the doorway and sue followed. Judy started looking at the
clothes and sue just stared at the ridiculous items she was being handed. she
could never wear anything like this. They were all to short and some wouldn't
even cover her at all. "Why me! How did this happen!" sue questioned herself.

Finally, Judy made it to the back of the store near the dressing rooms. sue
had her arms full of clothes, and wondered aloud, "What's next?"

Judy heard her and said, "Well, my little pet, you are going to try all these
clothes on so I can see if they fit you properly. The Captain was very
specific about how he wants you dressed when he takes you out."

"WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTT!" cried sue. "I'm not going out with him, especially
in these clothes. NO!"

"Oh, yes you will, little one, and you'll wear anything we say," stated Judy.
"Now, lay those clothes over there in that chair and get into the dressing room
and strip. I'll give you the ones to try on first."

sue hesitated for a moment, but to avoid any other problems, she went into the
dressing room, which only had a curtain over the doorway. she removed her
clothes and waited. Suddenly, the curtain opened up all the way and Judy
handed her the first outfit.

sue took it and pulled the curtain closed. she quickly got redressed and saw
that it just barely covered her most private areas. she thought about all that
had happened and wondered how she would ever last for the six months. Maybe it
would be better to quit and run.

Finally, she got up the nerve to open the curtain to peer out. Judy was waiting
and said, "Come on out, slut, let's see how you look."

sue stepped out, very carefully, not wanting to expose herself too much. Once
out, she was made to turn around, bend over and even raise her hands up over
her head. she knew that her naked ass was going to show and could feel the
coolness of the air on her bald pussy.

This went on for some time, sue trying on the clothes and then modeling them
for Judy. Once she had them all arranged in different piles, Judy said, "OK,
I'm going to get something to eat, but you have to pay for your clothes."

"BBBBuuuutttt, I don't have any money and you have my credit card," stuttered

"That's OK, sue" said Judy, "you are going to work for them. The Captain is
meeting me across the hall soon, so you need to get busy in order to get the
clothes he wants and be ready to leave when we are finished eating."

Judy took her to the manager and said, "she's ready now. Is this outfit OK to

The manager looked at her skimpy little outfit she came in with and said, "No,
let's try something else," as he handed sue a package.

Judy said, "Open it up slut and put it on, quickly."

sue opened the package and all that was in it was what looked like two small
tube tops. Hesitating before starting to go to the dressing room, she was

"Just change right here sue," stated Judy. "We don't have much time."

sue stared at her, but obeyed and quickly got out of the clothes she had on
and redressed in the new clothes. she was so embarrassed. The clothes were
just what she thought they were. Two tiny tube tops, and she was expected to
wear one on top and one on bottom. Neither one covered much of her.

Once she was dressed, Judy said, "OK, she's all yours for awhile. I'll be
right across the hall in the chick-filet and will be watching. sue, just do as
your told."

Judy left and the manager had sue follow him. He took her into another room,
then through a door that led to the display window in the front of the store.
It was empty except for a small pedestal right next to the window. It was
about three feet high and four foot wide. He made her step up onto it and
positioned her. He took her legs and had her open them up about two feet, and
then placed her hands on her hips.

Then he said, "I told your friend I would give you all the clothes you tried
on if you stood here in the window and modeled these clothes for me. You have
to stand perfectly still like you are a dummy. You move at all, and you have
to pay the price of the clothes. You stay still until she gets back and they
are yours. I'll be watching you."

He left sue standing there all alone. she didn't want to cause a problem, but
this was going to be hard. And she knew that if she moved and had to buy the
clothes, she would be in trouble with the Captain. So, she stood there, not
realizing that from the outside, people had to look up and would see straight
up her legs to her bare pussy.

As sue stood as still as possible, something strange was happening between her
legs. she was getting a tingling, yet erotic feeling there and she could feel
the wetness begin to form. her pussy was leaking from the exposure and she
knew that it wouldn't be long before it dripped down to the floor.

Suddenly, she was blinded by bright lights. The manager had turned some spots
on her. One was directly into her face so she couldn't see anything. The other
one was focused straight up from the floor, shining on her little asian cunt.

And just a fast as the lights had come on, the one on her face went out and
she was feeling extra heat on her pussy. she was afraid to look down, but
could sense there was a light shining straight up her legs.

Once she was able to refocus her eyes, she saw a crowd had gathered outside
the window. The people were pointing at her and she saw their lips move.
However, she couldn't read lips and had no idea what was being said. Her cunt
was now getting really hot, but it was dripping her juices. It felt like it
was running like a faucet. she knew they all could see the wetness, but she
could do nothing, except stand in the open like this, staring out at everyone
who walked by as they stopped, stared and pointed at the new dummy in the
window. sue cried, big tears running down her cheeks.

It seemed like hours had gone by and her legs were getting weak. If she had to
stay like this much longer, she would probably pass out. In her mind, she
thought, "Please hurry up, Captain. Please, Judy. i'll do anything for you,
just help me out of here."

sue watched as Judy and the Captain approached the window after eating their
meal. They stood right before her and talked. she didn't know what they were
saying, but figured it was all about her. Then, they disappeared. The manager
of the store finally came into the window and said, "OK, guess your friend was
right. You can stand still like the dummy you are. The clothes are yours. Now
get out of my window."

sue quickly moved, stiffly, and returned to the store. They were waiting for
her and the Captain said, "Pick up those bags and follow us. We have some
other stops to make before going to your house."

Picking up the bags of clothes, she followed the two out of the store and back
into the main hall. she had no idea where they were going, but was soon to
find out. The Captain and Judy walked hand in hand in front of her. It looked
like they were just two lovers walking in the mall. But sue, carrying the
packages, looked more like a whore in the clothes she had on. They didn't
really hide anything at all.

The Captain turned into a luggage store and looked around. Judy stayed with
him and sue was following. As he stopped by the cashier, sue heard him ask,
"Where are your luggage locks. You know those little padlocks that you can
lock suitcases with. Can't trust anyone these days with your goods, you know."

The clerk told them where he could find them and then he said, "sue, let's get
some locks for you. I'll let you pick them out for me." But, he wouldn't tell
her what he had planned to use them for. They looked at the wide variety of
locks and sue had to tell him which ones she liked. Thinking she would be
putting them on suitcases, she picked out the strongest looking ones. Even
though most were small, some of them were a little larger. He told her she
needed to have six locks.

After picking them out, they checked out, putting the cost on her credit card.
she was even made to sign the slip for them. she thought if this keeps up, she
won't have any money left.

The next stop in the mall was a cellular phone place. As they were looking at
the variety of phones, sue heard Judy ask, "Do you have any that are water
proof. We need something that can get wet and not hurt it. And, I need it to
vibrate, too."

The clerk took them to a special counter and showed them some different types
of phones. All of them were moisture resistant and they did vibrate if set
right. The Captain saw one he liked and told the clerk to set it up using sue's
credit card. It was quite expensive and she knew she was almost maxed out on
that card. How would she ever pay for all of it?

The clerk came back and handed the Captain the phone. He checked it out and
made sure it vibrated. He even called the number from his cell phone to be
sure the vibrations could be felt. Then right there in the store, he handed it
to sue and said, "Put this up your cunt. It will be there all the time unless
you are being fucked. Whenever it vibrates, you better pull it out and answer
it. You never know who will be calling."

sue looked horrified. she started to say, "Bbbbuuuuuttttt!"

she was stopped quickly by the Captain when he said, "I said to put it in your
cunt, bitch, now do it."

This startled her and from the look on his face, she knew she had to. So,
standing in the store with others watching, she reached under what little
skirt she had and pushed the little phone inside her. They all laughed and the
Captain said, "OK, we are going to check it out. When you feel it inside you,
be sure you get it out and answer it. You only have three rings to get to it,
so you had better practice. And, you better not ever let it go unanswered. You
will answer your phone all the time, no matter where you are."

Then, he dialed the number, which she didn't even know what it was. sue jumped
as it started vibrating in her pussy. "bzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz" was what was
felt in her. she knew she had to get it out of her pussy and say hello before
it rang again, or she would probably be in big trouble.

she reached down to her cunt and stuck her fingers inside and retrieved the
phone. Then, she brought it up and said, "Hello"

The Captain and Judy laughed at her and he said, "Very good cunt, now put it
back so we can finish up in here. I need to get home to get some sleep. Got a
busy day ahead of us tomorrow."

sue stuffed the phone back into her pussy and followed them out the door. she
had no idea what was next. Six months of this would be a very long time if all
of this continued.

sue was beginning to learn how to walk better on her new high heels, but her
feet really ached and was hoping she would be able to sit down soon. And,
right about now, she didn't care where it was or who saw her nakedness.

The next stop was a hairdresser. The Captain had made an appointment for her
before he came to the mall and it was now time to fix her hair the way he
wanted it. They entered the shop and he spoke with a girl, then motioned for
her to come up to him.

When she was beside him, he said, "I want this fixed so her ears show all the
time. The hair is too long, so we can cut it or do whatever is needed."

sue stared blankly at him. she had grown her hair long, and right now it was
hanging down to the middle of her shoulder blades. she liked it this way and
had been able to do whatever she wanted with it. Now, he wanted it cut. she
tried to ask him not to, but he just told her to shut up.

The girl took them into a back room and had her sit in a chair. She showed
the Captain and Judy some pictures of different styles of haircuts and they
picked out the one they liked. Then, he said, "sue, just sit there, relax and
don't say anything. you will allow this girl to do your hair and do not

Once again, sue started crying. she didn't want this, but what else could she
do, except obey. The girl started working on her and sue felt the scissors as
it cut away her pretty long hair.

Before Judy and the captain left, he said, "You have my cell phone number. So,
when she is done, get your phone out and call me."

Then, they left her alone with this girl. As she sat in the chair, her legs
opened up involuntarily and her cunt was now on display again. The girl noticed
it and said, "MMMMM, nice little pussy you have. Can I see more?"

sue said, "NO!" and closed her legs up.

Just then, the Captain stepped back into the room, and said, "Did I hear you
say NO!"

sue answered, "Yes, I said no. she wanted to see more of me and I won't let

"Well, that's very rude," stated the captain, "Now, take all your clothes off
and let her see you!"

"NNNNNNNOOOOOO, I won't," yelled sue.

Judy stood behind her and reached around, slapping sue across the face. "He
said to strip. Now, cunt, unless you want to walk out of here naked, do it!"

sue hated her for this, but slowly took all her clothes off and sat there
naked. Judy told the girl. "If she gives you anymore problems, just slap her.
And, if you need to, call this number and we'll come back to take care of

The girls asked, "Can I play with her some when I'm done. I love women and she
is so sexy."

"Do anything you want, but finish her hair first," said Judy.

The girl liked this and quickly got busy with her hair. She cut and styled it,
so it was short now and didn't conceal her ears. sue saw it in the mirror and
cried hard. All her long beautiful hair was gone.

As the girl finished up with the hair, she said, "OK, now we can play some.
You won't call them back until I am finished with you. Now, spread those sexy
legs so I can eat that lovely little cunt."

sue had never had a woman do this before and she didn't want it now, but did
as she was told, because she knew if she didn't, the girl would call them and
then she would be in trouble. So, she opened her legs wide and the girl got
down in front of her and began to lick at sue's bald pussy.

sue was starting to enjoy it and knew it wouldn't be long before this girl got
her off. she needed to cum really bad and her cunt was aching from the need of
pleasure. And, it didn't take long before she let out,

The girl licked a little longer and then stood up and removed her clothes.
"OK, now we change places. You are going to get me off just like I did you!"

sue started to tell her no way. she was not a lesbian and she wasn't about to
eat another cunt. But, then she remembered what Judy had said and got out of
the chair so the other girl could sit down. Then, she got between the girl's
legs and stared at her wide-open hole. It looked nasty and really didn't smell
good at all. But, she wanted to get this over with, so she started eating her
first cunt.

she must have done a good job, because soon, the girl screamed,

sue quickly stopped eating her and got up to get dressed so she could get out
of there. As soon as she had the tiny clothes on, she reached into her cunt
and pulled her phone out and dialed the Captain's number.

The other girl watched her and when sue had replaced the phone back into her
cunt, the girl said, "That's a strange place to keep your phone. Why do you do

sue had to explain that the Captain made her leave it there so it wouldn't
disturb others should it ring. The girl laughed and said, "You are quite a
slut. I do hope they bring you back soon so I can play some more."

Just then, the captain and Judy arrived and noticed the naked girl. They both
laughed and said, "Well, guess you have had a good time with our pet. We will
keep in touch so you can do more later."

Then, they left the shop and headed out of the mall so they could go to sue's
house to finish up. The captain and Judy wanted to get into bed and fuck and
they would do it in sue's bed.

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:26 PM

part 5

Once they were out of the mall and into the parking lot, the captain made her
walk in front of them. He said, "I expect to see that cute little asian ass of
yours wiggling like a whore's ass!"

"Yyyyyeeeessssss, sir," cried sue. she was just glad to be out of the mall and
hoped to reach her car soon without any further humiliation. she walked the
best she could and put on a good show for her two tormentors, wiggling her ass
like the slut she had now become.

About half way through the parking lot, she could see the car and knew she
would soon be inside it and safe. Or at least she hoped so.

But just then, her cunt vibrated with, "bbbbbbzzzzzzz,bbbbbbzzzzzzzzz."

It startled her at first, but then she knew she had to get to her phone before
it rang again. she quickly dropped her packages and reached up under the tiny
little skirt she was made to wear and dug out the phone. As she put it to her
face, she could smell her sex all over it. How she hated this and hoped they
wouldn't call her very much and not in public either.

"Hello," she spoke quietly into the phone.

It was the Captain on the other end and he said in a gruff voice, "I want you
to put your phone back in your cunt, then take off all your clothes, except
your heels and put them in one of the bags you are carrying. Then continue
walking and wiggling the rest of the way to your car. And walk slowly."

The phone went dead as he hung up. sue quickly turned around, with pleading
eyes, begging not to be made to do it. she hung onto the phone hoping it would
ring again so he would tell her she didn't have to. But it didn't ring and the
Captain and Judy were approaching her now. she knew he meant what he said, so
she took the phone and pushed it back inside her hole. Then reluctantly, began
to strip out of her tiny outfit.

Just as they reached her, she was putting her clothes into the bag and stood
naked before them. Judy reached out and slapped her hard across the face,
saying, "you took too long cunt. Next time you are told to do something, you
will do it immediately. And we don't care what it is or where. Understand,

"Yyyyyeeeeessssss, Mistress Judy," cried sue.

"Now, get your ass moving!" yelled the captain.

sue picked up her bags and walked naked to the car, making she was sure to
wiggle her ass for them. Her face was so red with humiliation and
embarrassment. she just hoped no one that knew her saw her walking around in
public like this.

sue got to the car and tried to get in, but she didn't have the keys and the
doors were locked. she stood behind the car as best she could, but know she
was still visible from different areas of the parking lot. Finally, the Captain
and Judy arrived at the car. Judy opened the trunk and made her put the bags
inside, then had her get into the passenger seat and buckle her seat belt.

Judy got in behind the wheel and said, "OK, now we can go to your house. I'm
going to follow the Captain, and I want your legs spread wide open for me. You
are also going to play with your fuck hole all the way home and you had better
not cum. If you do, I'll put you out and you can walk home."

Afraid that this bitch would do it, she opened her legs and started playing
with her hot, wet pussy. It was going to be hard not to cum and she would
really have to concentrate on it. sue went slowly with her fingers in her
pussy, trying to avoid touching her clit, because if she rubbed that little
button, she would definitely cum.

Judy watched her as she drove and noticed she wasn't playing with her clit.
But she didn't say anything until they were about two blocks from sue's house.
Then, she said, "Rub your clit, sue!"

sue looked at her, with glassy eyes, knowing that once she touched her clit,
she would cum. And she didn't want that to happen. she hesitated too long and
Judy reached across to her lap and took sue's finger. She put it right on her
clit and said, "Rub it, bitch!"

sue did what she had to do and it wasn't long and she was cumming, just like
she was told not to. she tried to hold back the moans, but couldn't.

NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!" she screamed as the car came to a stop. they were a block
away from the house and Judy said, "Get out cunt. I told you not to cum. Now,
you can walk the rest of the way. Move it!"

slowly sue opened the door and took off her seat belt. she looked at Judy and
pleaded, "Please Mistress Judy, please don't make me do this. i'll do anything
you want, but please don't make me walk naked the rest of the way."

Judy thought for a moment, and then said, "OK, you don't have to walk naked,
since you begged me so nicely."

sue was relieved and started to close the door back up, but Judy stopped her.
She said, "you don't have to walk naked this time, but I want you outside. Get
on the hood and spread your legs wide apart. You can ride like that the rest
of the way."

"Ppppppllllllleeeeaaasseeee, no," cried sue.

"Move it slut and get up on the hood. you'll make such a pretty hood ornament
for everyone to see," said Judy.

Slowly sue got out of the car, thinking it would be quicker getting home this
way instead of walking. she climbed up on the hood of the car and sat down.
It was hot on her naked ass, but she sat there and opened her legs up as wide
as she could. As soon as she was settled, Judy began to drive. But, she didn't
stop at sue's house. She drove past it down another block, and then turned
around to go back. Once she had her fun, she pulled into sue's driveway where
the Captain was waiting for them. He laughed at the sight and asked, "Why is
the cunt on the hood?"

Judy explained to him what had happened and both of them laughed even more.
Then the Captain spoke to sue, "Get your skinny little ass off the car, get
your things from the trunk, and then get into the house. I'm ready to fuck!
How about you Judy?"

"Yes, sir," squealed Judy, "I'm ready for your hard cock in my cunt. Let's

They all went into the house and straight to sue's bedroom. Once there, the
captain said, "We don't want to be interrupted, so we will have to fix it so
you are out of the way. Now, stand beside the bed, put your hands behind your

sue did as she was told, grateful to be out of the public's eye and into her
own house. she had her hands behind her back and then felt the cold steel of
handcuffs being clicked onto her wrists. she had never had cuffs on her before
and now knew what her prisoners felt like when she cuffed them. Then, the
Captain pushed her to her knees beside the bed and once again, she felt the
cold steel around her ankles, and a chain was run from her hands to her feet
and brought tight, causing her to lean forward so her head was on the bed. she
couldn't move.

her hands were almost touching her feet from behind and it was very
uncomfortable. Then, Judy came over to her and said, "And since we don't want
you to talk, open your mouth!"

sue didn't know what she was going to do, and opened up. Judy put a ring gag
into her open mouth and secured it to her head. "Now, bitch, you get to watch
us fuck and then you can lick us clean," said Judy as she started removing her
clothes. The Captain was doing the same thing and soon both of them were on
sue's bed naked. And right in front of her eyes.

she watched them kiss and fondle each other and heard Judy begging, "Please,
Captain, please fuck me!"

And sue watched as the captain climbed on top of Judy and sunk his hard cock
deep into her cunt. They were fucking like wild animals on sue's bed as she
watched from the side. she watched the Captain's cock going in and out of
Judy's slippery hole and wished he would fuck her. she heard the moans and
groans from them both and wanted so much to join them. she wouldn't care who
fucked her hot and horny cunt, as long as she was fucked. But it didn't seem
like that would be possible. The only thing she had in her cunt was her new
phone, and it seemed to be stretching her open more and more.

It wasn't long and she heard, "IIIIIII'mmmmmmmmm
ccccccccuuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggg, OOOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, sssssssssssoooooooo

And the captain shouted, "Mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooooooo," as he shot his
heavy load into the little dispatcher's convulsing pussy.

They lay still for awhile and then the captain rolled off, bringing his cock
in line with sue's mouth. He said, "Lick me clean, bitch, and then suck me
hard so I can fuck her again."

sue had no other choice but to do as he wished. Really, she enjoyed having his
cock in her mouth. she licked off the juices from his softening cock and then
took him into her mouth. she never realized that she could do this with a gag
in her moth, but found it quite easy. Not as good as being able to get her
lips around it, but at least she could lick him.

Once he was clean and hard, he said, "Judy, are you ready for some more?"

"No, not yet," answered Judy, "I want my cunt licked first, then we can fuck

As she was saying this, she moved over to sue and stuck her cunt right up to
her face. "Lick me, you little asian whore, and make sure you get all that cum
out of me."

sue started licking her cunt, thinking, it wasn't so bad. It tasted a lot
different from the one she ate earlier and she could also taste the Captain's
cum inside her pussy. she licked the pussy like she was a pro at it and it
wasn't long before Judy could have cum again. But,she pulled away before she
did and sat down on the Captain's hard cock. She rode him like she was on a
bucking bronco, taking him deep and then almost pulling off. Then she started
going so fast, sue's head was bouncing up and down on the bed.

Judy started cumming again as the captain pumped his seed into her pussy. They
both just lay there and fell asleep. His cock was still imbedded in her fuck
hole and sue watched his cum running out of it, making a trail down his balls
and dripping onto the bed.

The two of them slept for about an hour and then got up. They got sue up from
the floor and tossed her onto the bed, right in the puddle of mixed cum and
cunt juice. They went to clean up and when they returned, they told her they
were leaving.

she stared at them both, but couldn't say anything. The Captain knew what she
was thinking, and said, "Yes, we are leaving you alone for the night, just
like you are. Judy will be back in the morning to get you up and ready for
work. Sleep tight little one."

They both left, but Judy returned and did something between sue's legs. she
couldn't tell what she was doing, but she knew Judy had her fingers inside her
pussy playing with the phone. Then, Judy left and turned out the lights.

sue didn't sleep too well at all, but she finally got to sleep, smelling the
sex in the room, and wished it had been her being fucked instead of the bitch

she was suddenly awakened by the vibrations in her cunt. her phone was ringing,
but she couldn't get to it to answer. she opened her eyes to see Judy standing
over her, with the house phone in her hand. Judy said, "Time to get up and go
to work, sue. I hope I didn't interrupt anything with your alarm clock in your

Judy began undoing all the restraints from sue and when she was finally free,
she stretched to get the kinks out, and then realized that she had a cord
hanging out of her cunt and wondered what it was.

Judy saw her puzzled look and said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you. That's the
charging cord for your pussy phone and from now on at night you will plug it
in to keep it charged. Wouldn't want to miss any important phone calls, would

sue quickly pulled the phone out and unplugged and set it on the bed. she
wasn't going to put it back in, until Judy said, 'The Captain said to keep
your pussy phone inside you at all times unless he allowed you to get fucked.
Do I have to call him and report your lack of obedience?"

"Nnnnnooooooo, Ma'am," cried sue as she picked up the phone and put it back
inside her cunt.

"Now, let's get you dressed for work," said Judy, "We are running late, so no
time to shower. Here, put this on."

Judy handed her a small uniform skirt and blouse. It had been altered and the
hem only came to three inches below her shaved cunt. Slowly, sue got dressed
and followed Judy out of the house to her car. Judy drove as sue sat in the
passenger seat, staring out the window. "This is only the second day of my six
months and already I hate it. Maybe I'll just get deported like the Captain
was going to do. China couldn't be any worse than this."

she was going to tell the Captain she was quitting the force and would go back
to China and never come to the states again. But the Captain had other plans
and would give her a good taste of what prison would be like for her. He knew
after spending a full day in jail with the inmates she helped put there, she
would change her mind and do anything he wanted.

But, she didn't know about that yet, as the two girls rode in silence to the
police station.

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:26 PM

part 6

They arrived at the station and Judy parked way in the back of the lot. sue
started to ask why she parked back here instead of in her normal parking spot
up close, but before she could say anything, Judy said, "OK, cunt, get out and
let's walk. You are going to show off a little for everyone today, so might as
well get started early."

sue knew better than to argue with her, so she got out. Judy met her in front
of the car and began to readjust sue's clothes. she unbuttoned the top three
buttons of her uniform blouse, causing her little tits to show more. Then, she
reached down and pulled her tiny skirt up and rolled the top. This caused the
hemline to come just below her cunt.

"That's better," said Judy, "now walk and be sure to wiggle that little ass
for everyone."

sue began to cry, but started walking, shaking her ass like a common street
walking whore. she knew all the other officers could see her and knew they
stopped to stare.

They entered the station and sue went to her desk while Judy went in to see
the Captain.

There was a pile of paperwork on her desk and she started going through it.
But, her mind was not on the work at hand. Instead, it was on her juicy cunt,
and she needed to cum so bad. she almost reached down to play with herself,
but stopped because she was at work.

One female officer stopped by her desk to say "Hi" and commented about sue's
new hairstyle. sue couldn't even look her fellow officer in the eye as she
quietly said, "New position, new style," and gave a weak smile. The officer
walked away.

Just then sue jumped! Her pussy phone was vibrating in her cunt and she had to
get to it and answer it. Just before the third ring, she pulled it out of its
wet hole and said, "Hello!"

The voice on the other end said, "Get your little asian ass in here and show
me!" Then the phone went dead.

sgt. lee jumped up and almost forgot to put her phone back. But at the last
minute, while standing at her desk, she realized she needed to put it in, so
just reached down and shoved it up her pussy. Then she made her way to the
Captain's office. As soon as she entered, Judy left and shut the door. sue
stripped naked and leaned on the desk.

The Captain made it a point to be loud, and said, "Spread 'em, cunt!"

sue had forgotten how she was supposed to be, but quickly remembered when she
heard his rough order. she spread her legs really wide, exposing her tight
little asian ass and dripping cunt. The Captain walked up behind her and put
his hand between her legs. He felt her pussy, sticking his finger inside her.
Then, without warning drove his wet finger up her ass.


The Captain just laughed as he probed her tight little hole and said, "MMMM,
I'll bet there hasn't been anything up here before, but that will change
soon." Then he pulled his finger out and once again began to play with her
cunt. He ran his fingers around her swollen lips and then up to her clit. He
pinched the little bud between his fingers and rubbed it hard.

sue was about to cum, but suddenly he stopped when he sensed she was ready. He
walked away and said, "Get dressed cunt, in these clothes I brought for you.
We need to visit the jail today."

sue wanted to cum so much, she begged, "PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE sir, fuck
me and make me cum."

He just laughed harder and said, "No, bitch, not yet. I want you hot enough to
fuck whatever I say, so just get dressed."

Shaking from frustration, she dressed in the clothes he handed to her. A
conservative skirt, which came to mid-thigh and a not so sheer blouse that had
buttons from top too bottom. she didn't mind these clothes, since they covered
her nicely. As she was dressing, the Captain explained some new rules to her.

He said, "From now on slut, I am the only one that will fuck you, unless I
give someone else permission. My cock will be the only one to go into your hot
little cunt. And since you are dressed so nicely now, you better not fuck up.
For every time you disobey, hesitate, or fail to complete what I say, you will
lose something. It will either be a button or part of your skirt. I'll decide
what you will cut off your nice clothes. Understand cunt!"

"YYEEEESSS, sir," she stammered, wanting to just run off and fuck the world.

They got to the jail and the Captain told the guard that he was going to
inspect the prisoners, but the guard had to stay outside. He didn't want any
interruptions while he was inside and said to the guard, "You just keep this
door closed and don't allow anyone in until we come out. You just turn your
back to the door and I'll make sure you get a good reward when I'm finished."

The guard said, "Yes, sir, I'll keep everyone away. How long will you be"

The Captain said, "I don't really know. I guess it depends on my sgt."

With that, he opened the door and pushed sue inside. They walked between the
cells and the Captain finally stopped at one of the cells. He asked the
prisoner what he was doing in jail and if this was the officer who put him
there. sue knew it was her and remembered back at the time she arrested him.
He was caught peeping into a lady's bedroom window while she was undressing.

"Yes, sir," replied the man behind the bars.

"Then pull your cock out and stick it through the bars. she's going to suck
you off." said the Captain. Then to sue he said, "Bend over at the waist,
don't use your hands, and suck him off. And be sure to spread 'em."

Totally embarrassed and humiliated already, she thought, "Maybe he'll let them
fuck me next. Then, I can cum!" After the Captain had played with her in his
office, she was so horny, she would have fucked anything, just to cum.

Spreading her legs wide apart, bending from the waist, she found the prisoner's
cock and went down on it. she sucked him off, and when he shot his load down
her throat, she gagged and choked. This guy must have been saving it for a
year. He had so much cum, her little mouth couldn't hold it all and some
dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin. As soon as he finished cumming,
sue stood up and started to wipe the cum from her face. But the Captain
slapped her hand away and said, "Just leave it right there. It will be good
for your complexion and will show everyone what a little slut you really are."

sue cried, knowing the cum on her face would dry and everyone would see it.
she was so embarrassed, but found out that she would get even more humiliation

The Captain said to her, "Now sgt. lee, thank the man and apologize for putting
him away."

sue stuttered, "Bbbbbuuuuttttt sssiiiirrrr, i was doing my job."

"Shut up, and do what you are told!" shouted the Captain.

"Thhhhaannkk you and i'm sorry!" she cried.

"Not good enough bitch," stated the Captain. "Now, you will call him "Sir" and
do it right. And, from now on, you will call every man you come in contact with
"Sir" and every woman, "Ma'am". Is that clear?"

Crying more now, sue said, "Thank you, Sir, for letting me suck you. And, i am
sorry i locked you up."

The Captain laughed and said, "Much better. Now we need to go. But tell
everyone else in here that you'll be back someday soon to take care of them."

"Yes, Sir," she cried, "i'll be back soon to suck all of you."

Then the Captain said, "Let's go now. We have lots of work to do today. you
need to thank the guard on the way out for not disturbing us.

They exited the cellblock and got to the guard. The Captain said, "Well, thank
him and you better tell him what you did, too."

she didn't want this guard knowing she sucked off an inmate, but what choice
did she have. So she said, "Thank you, Sir, for not disturbing us while i
sucked off one of the prisoners." Then she broke down into tears. How
humiliating this is, she thought.

The guard looked shocked at what he just heard and saw the Captain lean over
and whisper into the sgt.'s ear. Then, she said, in a very quiet voice. "Sir,
may i suck your cock, too?"

The Captain laughed and was shaking his head yes to the guard. Knowing he
couldn't get in trouble, the guard said, "Sure, why not!" as he pulled his
cock out. sue bent over and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him. It
took a little longer to get him to cum, but finally, he shot his load into her
mouth, but just as he started cumming, the Captain pulled her head back and
most of his cum landed on her face and blouse.

As soon as she recovered, she said, "Sir, may i get cleaned up before we go

"Of course you can, little one," said the Captain, "use your skirt to wipe
your face and hurry up."

Standing before the guard, she reached down to her skirt and brought it to her
face to wipe away all the cum. When she did, the guard could see her hairless
little cunt and said, "Oh, how cute."

The Captain just laughed and sue turned redder. The Captain said, "OK, cunt,
back up stairs. Lots of work to do today. Stop by my office and get your
scissors before going to your desk."

After getting her scissors, she started walking out the door, but he stopped
her. "Cut off two buttons bitch. You took too long to respond twice in the

sue just looked at him, staring blankly. she didn't want to do it. He said,
"OK, then three buttons, all from the top."

sue snapped out of her daze and quickly cut off three top buttons, not wanting
to be ordered to cut off any more. Once they were off, he told her to go to
work. her blouse was opening more now and glimpses of her little tits could be
seen when she walked.

she got to her desk and tried to cover her tits as best she could. Judy came
by and said hello to her. sue replied, "Hello Ma'am." knowing that Judy would
tell the Captain if she didn't respond correctly. Judy laughed and went into
the Captain's office and closed the door.

sue wasn't sure what they were doing, but could guess she was getting fucked
by him and wished she could do the same. But she knew he wasn't going to fuck
her, so she set her mind on her work.

As she worked, others came by to say hello and thinking clearly, she always
answered them correctly. That is until one of her officers brought in an
unruly prisoner. This guy was really causing problems and she jumped up to

she got to the other cop and grabbed the prisoner and pushed him against the
wall. For a little girl, sue was quite strong and easily handled the prisoner.
she said, in a rather loud voice. "Sit down and shut up!"

Of course the Captain heard the commotion and stepped to his door. Watching
the scene, he made note that she did not once say "Sir" to him. she would pay
for that. But he would wait until the two cops had him booked and in a holding

Finally they got the prisoner into the cell and sue got back to her desk to
continue with the paper work. As she was starting to work, her pussy phone
vibrated in her cunt. "bbbbbbzzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbzzzzzzzz"

It made her jump, since it hadn't gone off for awhile. she grabbed her skirt
and raised it up, then got her hand in her pussy to get the phone out. Before
it rang the third time, she said, "Hheelloo."

It was the Captain and he said, "You didn't say "Sir" to that prisoner, so cut
one inch from the bottom of your skirt."

"Bbbbbbbbuuuuuuttttttttt, sir," stuttered sue.

"TWO INCHES!" ordered the Captain and hung up.

sue didn't have any choice now, but to do as she was told. she took the
scissors from her desk and reached below it and began to cut. she hoped it was
at least even all the way around. she worked carefully and finally got the two
inches off.

Once done, the phone buzzed again, but she had forgot to put it back into her
pussy. she picked it up and before she could even say hello, the Captain said,
"In my office cunt! And bring the scissors!"

sue quickly got up and went to his office. she started to strip in front of
him, but he stopped her. "No, I want to look at the job you did and add
something extra."

sue just stood still as he walked around and noticed she did pretty well at
cutting. Then he took the scissors and made a slit up one side of her shortened
skirt. He said, "That's for not putting your phone back in its proper place.
Now back to work."

sgt. lee looked at her clothes and could see that her ass would show when she
walked because of the slit. God how she hated this man and someday she would
get even with him and that fucking bitch Judy. she quickly walked back to her
desk and sat down, trying to cover up her exposed skin.

she was working on the paper work again and everything was quiet. she
remembered to call everyone sir and ma'am, just as she had been told to do.
sue was doing her best to do everything the Captain said, even if she hated

But the quiet would not last too much longer. her phone rang again.
"bbbbbbbzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbzzzzz" as it vibrated her cunt. she grabbed it from her
pussy and said, "Hello."

This time it was Judy. she told sue that she had to go out and wanted her to
report to her desk to take over for her. sue said, "i'm busy right now Judy,
can't you get someone else?"

A big mistake! The phone went dead and Judy was standing in front of her desk,
with a strange glare in her eyes. "Stand up, cunt!" was all she said to sue.
sgt. lee knew she was in trouble once again and tried to apologize.
"MMMMmiiiissssttttrressss, i'm sorry, i wasn't thinking."

"Too late bitch, now give me your scissors and stand still. sue reluctantly
handed her the scissors. Judy took her skirt and cut a big slit up the other
side. Now, it looked like she only had a loincloth on. Both sides were split
from the bottom all the way to the waistband and she only had a front and back
flap to cover her body.

"Now, get to my desk and take over for me," ordered Judy.

"Yes, Ma'am," cried sue, as she started toward the dispatcher's desk. she saw
Judy going into the Captain's office again. sue tried her best to keep the two
flaps from separating, but was not very successful doing it. As she walked,
her skirt opened up on both sides and anyone looking could see her bare
thighs, some of her ass and once in awhile her pussy was even visible.

How she wished her six months of torture would be over, but, this was only the
beginning and she knew it would only get worse for her.

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:26 PM

part 7

While Judy was gone, sue thought about everything that had happened so far.
she had taken a Master and also a Mistress, (or they took her) who could and
would do anything they desired with her. she didn't want to be returned to
China, so she had to obey. But, was it worse to be used this way, or spend
time in prison and eventually be deported back to China. she had heard about
the things that went on in prison and she would end up being a whore for some
female, without being free. So, she thought that six months of this had to be
better than being sent to prison.

As she was thinking about everything, Judy returned and told her to go back to
her own desk, but not to make any plans for tonight. They would all be going
out later. sue returned to her own desk, very aware that she was showing a lot
to all the other people in the station.

she was sitting at her desk, when her phone vibrated once again inside her
pussy. she quickly pulled it out of her pussy and said, "Hello". This time the
Captain said, "sgt. lee, we have to interrogate the prisoner that was just
brought in. Meet me in my office in five minutes, and bring the scissors with

He hung up before she could answer him. she looked at her watch and waited
until it was time. Slowly she got up and walked to his office, hoping no one
saw her or her nakedness underneath her cut skirt.

As she entered his office, he got up and said, "Let's go to the room."

They walked together to the opposite end of the hall and entered the
interrogation room. The prisoner was seated at the table, waiting for them. He
stared at sgt. lee with hatred in his eyes. He really hated that this little
cunt had pushed him into a chair with no effort whatsoever. He wanted to get
back at her, but couldn't figure out how he would do it. After all, she was a
fucking cop.

The Captain asked him his name and some other questions. Then he asked, "Would
you like to get back at this little asian cop for being mean to you?"

"I sure would," said the man.

"OK, then, I think you should get to whip her little ass with my belt. Would
you enjoy that?" questioned the Captain.

"SSIIRRR, please not that!" cried sue.

"Another button sgt.!" was all the Captain said.

sue knew that she was once again in trouble and quickly reached up with the
scissors and snipped off another button from her blouse. Her tits now were
very visible to both the men in the room.

Once she had complied with the order, the Captain said, "Hands on the table,
bitch, and spread em!"

sue had no choice except to obey his commands. she bent over, put her hands on
the table and spread her legs wide. Now she was almost ready for what the
Captain wanted. He reached over to her and flipped the back of her skirt up
over her waist, which exposed her naked ass and showed her bald pussy quite

Then the Captain took off his belt and told the prisoner that he deserved
respect from this sgt. and since he didn't get it, she would take a whipping
from him.

He told sue, "You will receive fifteen swats with the belt for your
discrepancies. Five for each one. That's for not calling him "Sir", pushing
him into a chair and telling him to shut up. Are you ready?"

"NNNNNooooooo, Sir," was her reply.

"That's too bad," said the Captain, "because you are going to get it anyway.
Now, I want you to count each time he strikes you and also thank him for it.
Then, you will ask for another, until you reach fifteen. Then, you will be
nice to him and apologize for being rude to him and tell him thank you for
making you suffer."

"Yyyyyeeeessssss, Sir," sue cried, and waited for her torture to begin.

"Tell him you are ready, slut!" shouted the Captain.

"i i i i i'mmmmm rrrrreeeeaaaddddyyy, Sir," she stuttered.

With that, she felt the first slap to her naked ass. she jumped and screamed.
He was not easy on her and hit her with full force. she heard the Captain in
the back, laughing at her predicament. However, she didn't say anything at

The Captain said, "That one doesn't count, since you didn't. Start again!"

The prisoner smacked her ass again, making her jump, but this time she said,
"One, thank you Sir, may this slut have another."

Both men laughed and the prisoner swung again, catching her squarely across
both ass cheeks. "Two, thank you Sir, may this slut have another?"

This went on until she had received fourteen and was ready for the last one.
But this time, it didn't hit her on her ass. Instead, he swung up between her
legs, catching the belt on her exposed cunt. she yelled in pain and almost
passed out. But she knew if she didn't count, she would get more, so crying,
she said, "Fifteen, thank you, Sir, this slut thanks you for her punishment,
and for making her suffer."

Then, she dropped to her knees and grabbed her sore cunt. That last one hurt
more than any of them on her ass. she had never been abused this way before,
but she did notice that her pussy was extremely wet and aroused and as she
grabbed her twat, she also fingered herself. But the Captain noticed this and
made her stop.

As soon as she had calmed down, he made her stand up and he took the scissors
and cut another slit up her skirt. This time straight up the back. she knew
when she walked, her ass would be showing and anyone looking would be able to
see how red it was.

The Captain said, "OK, back to work, cunt. I'll take the prisoner out of here
and put him in his cell. But I am sure you'll see more of him later."

sue walked back to her desk and tried to sit down. her little ass was on fire
and she couldn't sit. So, she stood at her desk and tried to work. But she had
to bend over and when she did, her skirt opened up, exposing her naked red
ass. So once again she tried to sit. Oh, it hurt so much. But it was the
lesser of two evils. she could either sit on her sore ass or expose it to
everyone. she tried not to move around and finally was more comfortable
sitting. she got into her work, but couldn't do much because the pain kept her

Finally, the day was almost over for her and she couldn't wait to get out of
there and go home. The Captain and Judy had left her alone for awhile now and
she hoped they wouldn't bother her again today. she just wanted to get a nice
warm bath and some sleep.

But right as the shift was over, Judy came by and said, "sue, darling, we are
going to grab something to eat on the way home. Then the Captain will meet
with us later. I need his cock again so much. You don't mind if we use your
bed again, do you?"

"Nnnnoo, Ma'am," replied sue, but her thoughts were not the same as her answer.
she was thinking, she didn't want this cute little bitch anywhere near her,
especially in her bed, fucking. But what else could she say. If she told Judy
she minded, she would be in trouble. So, she agreed to let them fuck in her

The Captain came out and said, "sue, go with Judy, get us something to eat and
then take her home with you. I'll be over as soon as I finish here. And don't
give her any trouble."

"Yes, Sir," was all she could say, but so much wanted to tell him to fuck off

Judy came back after using the bathroom and as sue stood up to leave, the
Captain said, "I think something is missing, don't you Judy?"

Judy actually looked puzzled this time, and the Captain told her that sue's
skirt didn't look right. Judy looked at sue and said, "You are right. Let me
fix it for her." And with that, she took the scissors and cut a slit right up
the front, from the bottom all the way to the waistband. Now, she was open in
the front and back.

"That's better," the Captain said, "now run along and I'll be there soon."

The two females left the station, with sue doing her best to cover her
nakedness. Judy noticed her doing this and said, "Keep your hands away from
your clothes, cunt. Just put them behind your back, palm to palm and then walk
with that cute little wiggle."

sue did as she was told, but hated it. Someday, when this six months are done,
she would pay this cunt back. she didn't know how, but she would do it.

They walked to sue's car and Judy put her in the passenger seat and then got
in the driver's side. Making sue spread her legs in an obscene way, she drove
out of the parking lot. "What would you like to eat, my little susie slut?"

"i don't care!" snapped sue.

"Is that anyway to talk to your Mistress, susie slut?" said Judy as she reached
across and slapped her face. "Now, cunt, what do you want to eat?"

"Whatever would please you Mistress," cried sue.

"Much better," said Judy. "How about some chicken tonight? There's a KFC just
up the road."

Judy pulled the car into the parking lot and parked a good distance from the
entrance. "OK, susie slut, go in and get us three meals. Here's some money,
and if you don't have enough, you'll have to find some other way to pay for
it. Now move!"

sue just stared at her and then questioned, "Please, Mistress, please don't
make me go in like this."

"OK, I won't," said Judy and got the scissors out. She cut off the rest of the
buttons from her blouse, then tied the ends just below the little asian's tits.
"Now, you can go. Any more delays and you'll go naked."

Crying, sue got out and started to readjust her blouse, but Judy stopped her.
She said, "Leave it alone. I fixed it the way I want it, now move."

Slowly, sue headed for the entrance, knowing her cunt, ass, and now her tits
were exposed. Shyly she walked into the store and up to the counter. she was
placing her order when suddenly she felt her phone going off. Now what could
she do? Standing in the store, with others watching, her phone buzzing. If it
was the Captain, and she didn't answer she would be in trouble. So she reached
down in front of everyone and dug her phone out of her wet pussy. "Hello!" she
answered, frustrated.

"I forgot to tell you that the Captain wants dessert too. Get him one of those
pies." said Judy and then hung up.

Turning a bright red, she ordered everything, put her phone back and waited.
she was afraid to look at anyone and just kept her head focused on the floor.
The order came back and she was told how much it came to. As luck would have
it, Judy had given her just enough to pay for everything. she gathered up the
dinner and carried it all back to the car. As she walked, unable to hold her
skirt down, the flaps kept sliding back and forth, exposing her. Then just as
she was getting close to the car, a gust of wind blew her skirt straight up.
she was totally naked for a moment, and couldn't pull it down with her hands

Finally, she arrived back at the car, and got in. Judy said, "Very good, susie
slut, now let's get home to wait for the Captain. I want and need his cock so
much. God, I'm horny."

The rest of the ride home was without incident and soon, sue found herself in
the safe confines of her house. Well, at least safe from the outside world. she
would never be safe from Judy and the Captain.

The Captain arrived shortly after that and they all ate. They even let sue eat
with them like a normal person, but would not allow her to talk. As they ate,
the two of them talked about how much they wanted to fuck and in what
positions they would like to try. Judy said, "I've always wanted to be fucked
and eaten at the same time. I hear it is quite a turn on and can make a girl
cum so much. Think we can do that Captain?"

"I do believe we can Judy, that is if you don't mind our little asian cunt
eating you while I fuck you," the Captain replied.

sue just sat quietly, not wanting to anger either of them, but definitely
didn't want to eat that bitch's cunt while he fucked her.

They finished their meal and both of them escorted sue to her bedroom. They
made her lay on the bed, then tied her hands to the headboard, bringing them
up tight and over her head. They didn't spread her legs this time, since they
wanted her to be able to wiggle around some.

Judy and the Captain stripped naked while sue watched and Judy climbed over
her bound body, resting her hot snatch right on sue's mouth. "Lick me, bitch,"
said Judy, "make me wet for my lover."

sue had no choice, except to stick her tongue out and lick along Judy's cunt
lips and up to her clit. Judy was getting wet and juicy and sue hated the
taste of her. Then Judy bent forward, holding on to the headboard, but leaving
her pussy on sue's mouth. sue felt the Captain getting on the bed and then
felt him getting his cock up close to the cunt she had to lick. Next, she felt
Judy's cunt open up and his cock enter her. He shoved it all the way in and
his balls rested on sue's chin.

Judy gasped, "Keep licking, susie slut, while this big man fucks me. i want to
feel both of you at the same time."

sue continued licking her pussy and the Captain started fucking her. In and
out, in and out, went his hard cock, and each time he rammed it into Judy's
cunt, sue felt his balls slap her chin. He lasted quite a long time and Judy
was cumming almost non-stop. "AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH,

The Captain was really enjoying this and soon, he was tensing up. sue could
tell he was about to cum and wished she had his cock up her cunt instead of
this other bitch's. Then suddenly, he shot his load deep into Judy's hot
pussy. "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled as he did.

They lay still for a moment and then the Captain pulled out and Judy sat up.
Her cunt was still twitching as his cum started running back out of her into
sue's mouth. "Suck it all out, my little susie slut, and don't you dare miss
any." said the Captain.

Judy added, "Make sure you suck hard, bitch, because I want to fuck him again
when you are done."

Judy was still cumming from sue's mouth when the Captain said, "OK, my love,
turn over so I can fuck you again."

Judy did as she was told and just lay down on top of sue, her ass right on
sue's cunt and the rest of her body covering the little asian. She spread her
legs and said, "Come on, Captain, let's fuck on the whore."

The Captain climbed on and their combined weight almost crushed little sue.
They fucked like animals on top of her and when they came together, sue almost
lost it, but there just wasn't enough friction to get her off.

Once they had finished this time, they decided that was enough and Judy
squatted over sue's pubic area and squeezed her pussy muscles to make his cum
flow from her. Then, they tied sue's feet to the bottom bedpost. As they were
ready to leave, Judy reached into sue's hole and pulled her phone out. She
plugged in the charging unit and shoved it hard back into sue's pussy.

As they left sue's bedroom, Judy said, "Good night, little slut, see you in
the morning."

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:26 PM

part 8

sue lee didn't sleep to well again. she couldn't get comfortable the way she
was bound, and the cum and pussy juice was drying on her body. It made her
itch and she couldn't scratch. Besides, her little cunt was throbbing, wanting
relief. And, she couldn't even play with it. How bad she needed to get fucked!

But, she did finally drift off and was sleeping fairly well when suddenly. her
cunt began to vibrate from within.
"bbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzz,bbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Her phone
was ringing and she couldn't get to it. Opening her eyes, she was looking
straight at Judy.

"Rise and shine, susie slut, busy day today, you know." said Judy, as she
began to untie the captured slut.

Once she had untied sue, she allowed her to stretch her arms and legs before
she told her to get the phone unplugged from the charger and into the bathroom.
"You need to get cleaned up. You smell like old sex," said Judy.

sue quickly pulled her phone out, unplugged it and tried to lay it on her
dresser. But, just as she let it go, Judy slapped her ass and gave her a
strange glaring look of disapproval. Reluctantly, sue picked it back up and
stuffed it inside her wet hole.

Judy took her to the bathroom and allowed her to pee, but then as soon as she
was done, told her to get into the shower. sue stepped in and Judy turned the
water on.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, cold!" yelled sue.

Judy just laughed and said, "I know that, now wash that nasty little ass and
make it quick. We have to get to work!"

sue was shocked by the cold water and turned the hot water on as Judy left the
room. That was better and she was washing her body, with her back to the door.
she had gotten down to her legs and was bending slightly at the waist when
suddenly, "SMACK", as Judy whipped her ass with a wet towel.

sue jumped and screamed. Judy said, "I told you to clean up, not to turn the
hot water on. You will pay for that later!" And she reached in to turn off the
hot water.

sue hurried through the rest of her shower and got out. But there were no
towels. Judy handed her the clothes she had to wear and said, "Get dressed,

sue dressed quickly, allowing the clothes to dry her body. she had been given
her uniform skirt and blouse, all pressed with her badge and everything on it.
This was strange thought sue, but she wasn't going to argue. At least she was

They drove to the station in silence and when they arrived, Judy parked right
up next to the building, got out and walked away. sue followed her and went to
her desk to find the problems from the night before. Nothing big going on and
then she accompanied the Captain into the briefing room. Her assignment for
the day was going on patrol and checking on the junior officers. she could
handle that, and it got her away from the station and those two evil people.
At least she could have some form of dignity today.

But, before she was allowed to leave, the captain took her into his office and
said, "Show Me!" she knew it was to good to be true about them leaving her
alone. she quickly stripped naked and got in the normal position, with her
hands on his desk, ass out and legs spread. The captain played with her pussy a
little and rubbed her ass. Then, he went back to her pussy and stuck his finger
in, saying, "My cunt and only mine, right, sergeant!"

"Yes Sir," she replied.

He then told her to get dressed and get out.

sue lee left the station quickly and got into her car. But she had to return
to get the keys from Judy, since she was not allowed to have them any longer.
she walked to Judy's desk and said, "Ma'am, may I please get my keys so I can
go on patrol today?"

Judy got her keys out and handed them to her and said, "No problem sgt. lee. I
hope you get lots of arrests today. Have a good time."

sue walked away, unsure about the niceness of Judy, but was grateful that she
was not going to be near her today.

Getting back to her car, she got in, did the normal checks and pulled out of
the lot. she didn't get very far when she pulled into a quiet lot and stopped.
Reaching under her uniform skirt she pulled the phone out of her pussy. she
could still hear it if it rang and they wouldn't know she had taken it out.
she was always so humiliated from having it there, never knowing when it would

Then she headed out to the highway and to her favorite spot to catch speeders.
she was going to have some fun today. she always enjoyed stopping people for
speeding and missed it since she had become a sergeant. But things would be
different today. she would get lots of them and prove to the Captain that she
could still do her job. Maybe he would end this silly game of his.

sue set up and adjusted the radar unit to catch the on coming traffic. And it
wasn't long before she locked onto a speeder. she turned her lights on and
went after the car. Once it had pulled over, she pulled in behind it and got
out. she walked to the car and said, "Drivers license and registration

The young girl in the car looked scared as she handed the documents to the
officer. "Kind of in a hurry aren't you?" said sue to the speeder.

"I'm sorry," said the girl, "but I was running late and didn't realize how
fast I was going. Am I getting a ticket?"

"Yes, you are," sue told her, "Just sit right there while I write it and don't

she went back to write the ticket. When she was done, she handed the girl all
her documents and ticket and explained about appearing in court. Then she let
the young girl go.

sue was enjoying this, being out alone again, catching speeders and slowing
them down. she really hated people who went faster than the posted speed.

Setting back up to catch others, she thought back on her career and the things
that happened to her just recently. Thinking of these things, for some unknown
reason, made her pussy tingle. she wanted to get fucked so much now. she even
rubbed her cunt a little while she was waiting to catch another speeder. It
wasn't long and she locked another one in. Taking care of her duties, she
stopped the car and issued the ticket.

There were at least five more she stopped, writing tickets on all of them. But
it was the very next one that caused some problems. The car came flying past
her and she took off after it. The car didn't pull over right away, but made a
turn into a deserted street, before stopping.

sue pulled up behind it and got out, using caution as she approached the car.
Inside was a very good looking middle-aged gentleman. sue noticed his looks
right away, and for that same unknown reason, her cunt began to get juicy. she
would have a hard time writing this ticket.

As she reached the driver's door, she said, "Drivers license and registration."

The man inside fumbled around and finally produced his documents and handed
them to her. He said, "OK, I was speeding, so hurry up and write the ticket so
I can get out of here."

sue didn't care for his tone nor arrogance, so she said, "Get out of the car!"

He laughed and got out. Once he was out, she said, "To the back of your car
and hands on the trunk." she wasn't going to take this guy's shit, and would
show him who was the boss.

Laughing, the man walked around the car and leaned over saying, "OK, I'll
humor the little cop, but you better hurry. I'm late."

Once she got up behind him, she held him down with a hand in the middle of his
back and said, "Spread em!" Then, she took her feet and assisted in getting his
legs spread.

she began a search of his body to make sure he didn't have any concealed
weapons. she ran her hands around his back and under his arms, then down to
his hips. But once she reached the man's crotch, she hesitated as she felt his
manhood in his pants. she actually grabbed hold of it, just to make sure it
wasn't a weapon.

He noticed she held her hand on his cock longer than he thought she should and
he said, "Find something interesting in there, officer?"

"No, I didn't," she shot back and continued her search. But her cunt was
wanting her hand back on his cock. And instead of letting her mind think for
her, she allowed her cunt to do the leading. she gradually went back to his
crotch and held his cock in her hand. she actually started playing with it
through his pants. He felt her hand rubbing his cock, and said, "Look lady, if
you want to play with it, I'll pull it out for you. If not, let me go."

"Just be quiet," said sue. "i'm checking for weapons."

He replied back saying, "Do you want that thing in my pants. I'll be glad to
let you have it."

"NO!" she shouted, but then in a quieter voice, said, "yes, please."

"That's what I thought!" said the man, "So why don't you just turn around and
put your hands on the hood of your car while I get it out."

sue did what he said and just leaned over her car. He got up, turned around,
and said, "OK, now you spread em!"

sue obeyed and spread her legs wide. He reached out and grabbed her loose
skirt, pulling it up and over her back. He noticed right away she didn't have
panties on and said, "Oh, must have been expecting something like this,
already naked and ready."

He ran his fingers up her pussy lips and flicked the little nub. she moaned
and said, "Please, please fuck me now. I need your hard cock in me, please."

He laughed at the thought of getting stopped for speeding and winding up
getting fucked by the cop, who is begging for it. But he would oblige the
little whore and fuck her good.

Releasing his hard cock from his pants, he stepped up behind her and drove it
home all at once. He didn't even hesitate to let her get the feel of it. But,
that's what sue needed. To be taken forcefully. she wanted it rough.

As soon as he was deeply imbedded inside her pussy, sue had her first orgasm.
fucking her, sliding almost all the way out and then back to his balls in her
hot juicy cunt.

The first one was small compared to the many orgasms that followed. she was
continually cumming. He was such a good fuck that she could ride his cock all
day long. sue started to assist his fucking action by pushing back into him.
Their thrusts met each other and soon they were in rhythm together, fucking in
and out, pushing back and forth. her cunt was gripping him like it never
wanted him to leave the warm tight hole.

Luckily he had pulled down this deserted street, because if they had been out
on the main road, everyone driving by would have had quite a show to watch as
the man stopped for speeding was fucking a female cop. Wouldn't everyone at
the station get a laugh if they could see the sergeant now.

They continued fucking for the next fifteen minutes, both of them enjoying the
ride. sue could tell he was getting close to cumming in her hot cunt and she
wanted it. she was almost to the point of no return herself, and this was
going to be a big one. she felt his cock begin to expand and knew it was time.
Then, suddenly, one big final thrust and,


as both of them came together.

They rested for just a short time, and when he pulled out, sue said, "You
can't put that back in your pants yet. Let sgt. lee clean it for you." And she
dropped to her knees in front of him, took his cock in her mouth and sucked
all the juice and cum from his softening cock. Once she had it shiny clean,
she helped him put it back and then stood before him.

"May I go now?" asked the man. He picked up his documents that she had let
fall on the hood of her car while he fucked her.

"Yes, but don't speed any more. If I catch you again, i'll have to give you a
ticket or maybe just lock you up and rape you," she said. They both laughed and
he got into his car and drove away, leaving sue standing there alone, with his
cum running down her legs. she needed to get cleaned up and get back to the
station, so she could do her reports.

sue got back to her car on wobbly legs and drove to the nearest service station
to use the rest room to clean up. she washed her face and cleaned up her pussy
as best she could. she didn't know if the Captain or Judy would be playing
with her or not, but didn't want to take any chances.

Once she was clean, she drove around some more, dreaming of what she just did.
Before the Captain had made her his slave, she never would have dreamed of
doing that. she never would have just fucked a perfect stranger, especially one
that she had stopped for speeding. she began to feel guilty about it now. A
good cop doesn't do those things. But the Captain had denied her for too long
and she needed just what she had got. A good fuck.

Finally she drove back to the station. she got out with confidence and walked
into the building, heading straight for her desk. Just as she sat down, Judy
walked up to her and said, "Captain wants you in his office right now and he
said show him!"

sue got up, walked to his office and when she went in, he wasn't there. she
knew he would be back soon and she had better be naked and waiting for him.
So, she began to take her clothes off and neatly fold them in the chair beside
his desk. she thought back to her last stop as she leaned over the desk,
resting her hands at the corners and spreading her legs wide. That's how the
Captain wanted to see her when he walked in.

she was there, bent over and fully exposed when the door opened. she could
tell he wasn't alone. Judy was with him and they just ignored her for a short
time. Then, finally the Captain came around to face her. He sat down behind
his desk and looked at her face to face. Judy stayed behind her and sue didn't
know what they were up to.

The Captain asked, "So, sgt. lee, did you enjoy yourself on the road today?
Did you get lots of stops? I do hope you were polite to all of them!"

sue answered his questions and she hoped she had remembered to say sir and
ma'am to everyone.

Then the Captain said, "But, we will find out soon enough when I replay the
video from your car!"

sue looked pale and started turning white. she had forgot about the video
cameras in the cars. It would show everything, since she had not turned it off
when she was fucking that guy. she knew she was in trouble.

As she was thinking about that, he said, "And, where is your phone? I know
it's not where it should be and you didn't answer it either. So, cunt, where
did you put it?"

sue knew she would be in big trouble now!

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:26 PM

part 9

"SSSiiiiirrrr, it was bothering me and i took it out, but forgot to put it back,
i'm sorry, please forgive me." cried sue, knowing that it may not work.

"That's bullshit," said Judy, "I think she just ignored what you told her to do.
And I'll bet she wasn't good on the road either. How many people did you say Sir
and Ma'am to, susie slut?"

"i i i i i i i i ddddooonnn't know, Ma'am. Maybe i forgot." sue cried some more.

"Well, guess we'll just have to see, since I have already got the tape with me.
And your phone. Judy, put it back in its holder for me," said the Captain.

With that, Judy took the phone and shoved it very hard into sue's cunt. She
shoved it up as far as she could get it. When she finished getting the phone in,
she grabbed sue's clit with her fingernails and pinched.

"OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW, it hurts," cried sue.

"Good," said Judy, "maybe next time you'll leave it where it belongs." and then
she let her go.

sue almost pissed all over herself when she did that, but managed to hold it in.
she hoped they would let her go soon and not watch that tape. she didn't want
them to see her fucking that guy. And she also knew that if they watched it,
they would see she wasn't that nice to people either.

The Captain said, "Judy, put the tape in the VCR and let's see what this stupid
little cunt did today."

Judy put the tape in and turned it on along with the TV that the Captain had on
the wall. sue couldn't see it from the position she was in, but knew that once
they saw it, she would be hurt.

The screen filled up and the sound came on. The first traffic stop was being
watched by the two and sue heard Judy say, "See, she didn't even say Ma'am to
that young girl. How does she expect us to make the public feel safe."

The Captain said, "Judy, write down all the infractions we see, then later on,
we will decide what punishment she deserves."

They continued watching the video, making notes of when she didn't say Sir or
Ma'am, and when she was rude to the people she stopped. The list was adding up
and sue took mental notes of everything they mentioned. she just knew that later
on, she was going to be in trouble.

Then they came to the last traffic stop. Suddenly the Captain put the video on
pause and said, "What the fuck are you doing to that guy? Since when do we make
someone get out of their car and frisk them on a traffic stop?"

sue couldn't talk. All she did was cry, knowing that once they saw the rest of
it, she was going to get it bad.

He restarted the tape and Judy said, "Look at the little whore. she's jerking
that guy off through his pants. Such poor manners for a fucking sergeant."

Just then, she heard the man ask if she wanted something and knew they would
soon see her bent over the hood taking his cock up her cunt. she cried even more

"What the fuck is this!" yelled the Captain. "You are fucking this guy, even
after I said that the cunt belonged to me and only me! No one fucks that cunt
without my permission, but you are just giving it to him."

"i i i i i i i i i, wwwaaasss hhhhoooorrrrnnnyyy and ccoouullldnn'tt resist
Sir," she cried out, "please forgive me. i i i i i 'mmmmmm just a slut, and
don't know any better."

They finished watching the tape of her fucking the guy and then of her sucking
his cock clean. The machine was shut off and then there was silence. But only
for a short time.

"Well, I guess we will have to fix it so no one gets into that cunt again
without my knowledge!" stated the Captain.

Now sue began to shake. What would he do to fix it so no one else fucked her?
she wanted to get up and run. she wanted to go back to china and live a poor
miserable life. she wanted to just crawl inside herself and hide.

"I think you need to learn that your cunt is mine. Not even you can say it is
yours any longer. It is my cunt and noone else's." said the Captain. Then to
Judy he said, "Take this clamp and close up that fuck hole."

He handed her one of those large black clamps used to hold papers. He knew it
would hurt her, but she had to learn.

Judy took the clamp and reached between sue's legs, pushing the little asian's
cunt lips together and then put the clamp on them. This held her pussy lips
together and nothing could get in or out.

little asian slut as soon as it was in place.

"Now, we have about another hour to work, so get your ass back to your desk and
get busy. And don't even think about taking that off your pussy," the Captain
told her.

sue stood up and reached for her clothes, but they were gone. she frantically
looked around, but didn't see them any place. "Sir, where are my clothes? I need
to get dressed, please."
"Judy put them away for you. I don't see where you need clothes. After all, you
are giving my cunt away to strangers, so what difference does it make who sees
you naked," said the Captain.

"Pppppllllleeeeaaasseeee Sir, let me dress so the others don't see me, please,"
she begged.

Judy said, "Maybe we should allow her something to wear, Sir. After all, we are
in the station and you never know who might walk in."

"OK, give her something to put on, but not much," he said as he walked out of
the room, disgusted with the little bitch.

Judy laughed and handed sue a blouse to put on. It was thin, but long enough to
just cover her little ass and cunt. She said, "Put this on and get out. And
don't complain about it, or you will go out naked."

sue was grateful for the little bit she could put on and quickly got her body
covered. Even though it wasn't much, she was happy to have it. Then she shyly
walked out the door and almost ran to her desk. she sat down and pulled her
chair up as far as she could get it and since she didn't want any more trouble,
she spread her legs, just as she had been instructed.

The Captain returned to his office, and left the door open. He looked out at his
slut and saw she did what she was supposed to, but all he could see was that big
clamp holding her cunt lips together.

sue could feel his stares and blushed. The clamp on her pussy was hurting her,
but she knew it had to stay. So she just put up with the pain and got her work
done. Lucky for her, there wasn't much to do.

The last hour seemed to go by rather quickly for sue and when Judy stopped by
her desk, she said, "OK, susie slut, time to quit for the day. I think the
Captain wants to take us to dinner tonight, so we have to go home and get

"Yyyyeesssss, Ma'am," answered sue, and got up, trying her best to keep the
blouse down around her ass. They walked together out of the building and started
to go to her car. But it had been moved. sue was going to have to walk across
the large parking lot again, knowing that with the wind blowing her blouse would
raise it above her waist and show everything.

About half way through the parking lot, Judy said, "Stop right there, slut!"

sue stopped and Judy reached to her blouse and unbuttoned the bottom buttons.
This allowed her cunt to be out in the open with the clamp still hanging from
her lips.

sue begged, "Please, don't do this to me. i am showing everything, please."

Judy just laughed and returned to sue's blouse and unbuttoned the rest of them,
and said, "Well, since you want to show everything, I guess you will now. And
for not calling my name properly, we'll just take the blouse off. Now, do it!"

sue looked at her in shock, with wide glassy eyes, tears forming in them and
starting to run down her cheeks. But she didn't move.

"I said take it off cunt, or I'll rip it off!" yelled Judy. It was loud enough
for anyone around to hear, which would have brought attention to them. And it
looked like it did as a couple other cops stopped to watch.

sue, being scared, reached up and pulled the blouse from her body. she stood
naked in the parking lot, showing everything she had. she was turning a bright
red and she tried to cover up with her hands.

Noticing this, Judy said, "Put your hands on top of your head and walk to the
car. Be sure to wiggle that cute little asian ass, too."

Totally embarrassed, sue put her hands on her head and walked as fast as she
could to her car. Judy was following her, watching her ass wiggle and also
noticed sue had quite an audience now. She loved this and would really fuck the
Captain good tonight.

Getting to the car, Judy unlocked the doors and allowed sue to get in. But once
she was in, Judy said, "Up on your hands and knees bitch, and stick your ass
toward the window."

sue did as she was told, knowing her ass and cunt would be seen in the window,
but at least her face wouldn't be seen. Judy had sue put her face in Judy's lap
and said, "OK, cunt face, lick me all the way home."

Crying, sue began her hated task, licking Judy's cunt as Judy drove away,
circling the parking lot three times before heading onto the highway. She drove
around for awhile, allowing sue's ass to be seen by as many people as she could.
Then she pulled into sue's driveway, and told sue to get out.

Once she was out, standing by the car, Judy said, "Now, get down on your hands
and knees and crawl to the door, like a nice little pet."

sue knew better than to argue with this bitch, so she got down like a puppy dog
and crawled naked to her front door. she couldn't let herself in, since Judy was
now the keeper of all her keys. she got to the front door and Judy unlocked it,
letting herself in. She told sue, "Now, sit up pretty and beg to come in. When I
think you have begged enough, I'll allow you into my house. But, puppies don't
talk, so you better bark and whine!"

Embarrassed at the situation, sue did what she had to do in order to escape any
more public humiliation in front of her own house. she just hoped that none of
her neighbors saw her.

"Woof, woof, whine, whine" was what Judy heard as she shut the door in sue's
face. She stood on the other side for a moment listening to this pitiful little
cunt, and then went in to get a drink. She also went to find something nice for
the little cunt to wear out to dinner.

Finally, she returned to the door and sue was still yipping and whining like she
was told to do. Judy opened the door and told sue to crawl in. Once inside, Judy
took her into the bathroom and put her in the shower. She turned on the cold
water and told sue to clean up, since she didn't want the smell of sex on her
any longer.

sue took the cold shower, afraid to turn on the hot water, after what happened
that morning. she was shivering from the cold, but knew she couldn't get out
until Judy said she could. Judy came back into the room and watched her little
slut wash her body. Then she handed sue a douche bottle filled with cold water
and vinegar and told her to wash out her dirty cunt.

sue tried to get the nozzle in her hole, but the clamp and phone stopped it from
going in. Judy reached in between sue's legs and pulled the clamp off, but
didn't loosen it. She just pulled, making sue's pussy lips stretch until finally
it came off. Then she told sue to take her phone out. sue reached down to her
sore cunt and pulled the phone from its carrying case and handed it to Judy.
Then, she put the douche bottle up to her pussy, inserted the nozzle and
squeezed the bulb. she was shocked from the coldness entering her hot cunt, but
squeezed until it was empty.

"OK, now let it out, and fill the bottle up again." said Judy. "Then rinse the
Captain's dirty little cunt."

sue did as she was told and once again felt the cold water fill her hot pussy.
Once she was done, Judy told her to get out and get dressed. Her clothes were
lying across the toilet seat.

sue looked at the clothes Judy had laid out for her. A very sheer blouse with
only two buttons in the middle, and a skirt short enough that her ass cheeks
would be visible if she wasn't careful. And on top of the two articles of
clothing were the six-inch high heels. sue started getting dressed and had such
a hard time getting the clothes on, since she had found out they were one size
smaller than she would normally wear. But she did get into them and looked in
the mirror. God, she looked like a fucking whore.

sue went back to the bedroom where Judy sat putting on make-up. She was just
finishing up and said, "susie slut, you need some make up, too. Sit down here
and I'll fix it for you."

Judy got out a tube of bright red lipstick and began to paint sue's lips. She
put it on thick and made sure it covered all of her lips. Then, she rubbed some
red rouge into her cheeks. sue looked in the mirror when Judy finished and said,
"i can't go out like this! i look like a cheap whore!"

Judy said, "Exactly, because that's what you are. Now, let's get going."

They went to the living room where the Captain was waiting for them. He laughed
when he saw sue and said, "You look just wonderful, sue. Judy, you did a great
job. Now, let me explain some rules for tonight."

Judy said, "Thank you, Sir, I think she will fit in just right, don't you."

Again the Captain laughed and continued with the rules. "Tonight, while we are
out, you are not to speak. If asked a question by anyone, I will answer for you.
You will do everything we say, and will not hesitate doing it. We will order
your dinner for you, and you will eat whatever we get you and do it the way we
say. Understand so far?"

"Yyyeess, Sir," replied sue.

"You will sit where and how we say," continued the Captain, "and I expect your
to show off that little bald cunt that belongs to me."

Then Judy added, "And, susie slut, if you don't behave, you will be stripped
naked and spanked right in public."

"Now, let's go have some dinner," said the Captain, "I have reservations at the
Oasis, and we can't be late."

The Oasis is a nice restaurant that caters to a lot of high-up officials and
police officers. And, it is usually crowded, so it is sometimes hard to find a
good seat. But the Captain had a lot of influence there and could get any seat
he wanted, as long as he called ahead. And he did, getting one of the best seats
in the restaurant, a table up on a platform, which would give them the intended
results with sue.

They went out the door, got into the Captain's car, putting sue between them,
with her legs apart so her pussy was open for them to play with during the
drive. After driving for awhile, they finally got to the restaurant and parked
the car.

"Just to remind you," said Judy, "no talking, and do as we say!"

RE: Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop - Rocky X - 02-25-2013 03:27 PM

part 10

Entering the restaurant, sue had to walk behind the two, but also had to stay
close to them. The captain spoke with the headwaiter. Then the three of them
were taken to the table. sue noticed that it was on a platform above the rest of
the tables. And there was only one table that high up. Once they arrived at the
table, the Captain told her where to sit, which was facing the main dinning
area. Then he adjusted the tablecloth, so that there was nothing hanging over
the front of the table, and he folded the back side of the tablecloth so that
the view under the table was unobstructed from those below.

sue sat where she was told, and knew that if she wasn't careful, her pussy would
be quite visible to those on the main floor. she tried to keep her legs closed,
but it was hard to hide anything with such a short skirt.

Judy noticed that sue was trying not to show anything as she sat down beside
her. she told sue, "Open those legs up susie slut, and let everyone see your
little bald cunt."

Not wanting to piss her off, knowing that as mean as the bitch was, she would
strip her naked right there, she opened her legs slightly. sue knew that her
pussy was now on display, but was afraid to close her legs up.

The other two just laughed and began to talk to each other. They were sitting on
either side of sue, and as they talked, it was aggravating, since they talked
across her. They didn't talk about anything in particular. It was about the job,
the weather, and some other people they knew.

Then both reached down under the table and took one of sue's legs each and
pulled. her legs were now obscenely spread wide, with her gaping hole wide open
for everyone to see. The Captain said, "Leave them just like that bitch, or I'll
make sure you walk out of here without your clothes."

sue sat there, face turning red with shame, tears running down her cheeks, but
also she felt that strange tingling sensation in her pussy. she knew it was
getting wet and she would have a wet spot on her skirt before they were
finished. she couldn't figure out why her pussy got so wet, when she was made to
do these horrible things.

The waiter got to their table and asked if they would care for a drink before
dinner. sue sure would have loved to have a nice Mai Tai, but knew she couldn't
ask for it. The Captain ordered for Judy and himself, then said, "And bring a
beer for this one."

sue hated beer and the Captain knew it. she started to say something, but
thought better, since they had both warned her about talking. So she just sat
there in silence.

Judy leaned over and whispered into her ear, saying, "Put your hands behind your
back, slut. I want them palm to palm in the middle of your back. And don't move
them unless we say to. Just pretend they are handcuffed there."

sue obeyed and sat there, hands behind her, knowing in this position her little
tits pushed out even more through the tight blouse she had on. The Captain then
excused himself to go talk to the waiter, and returned with a bowl in his hands.
He set it in front of sue, then sat back down and continued talking with Judy.
This time they talked about sex and how horny both of them were. They both said
that as soon as dinner was done, they would head straight to sue's house and

The waiter came back with the drinks, and sat them down in front of everyone.
The Captain and Judy both started drinking, but sue didn't know what to do with
her beer. Of course, she didn't really want it anyway, so it was OK with her to
just let it sit there.

Then the Captain picked the beer up and poured it into the bowl he had placed in
front of her. Once the bottle was empty he said, "OK, sue, drink up."

sue just sat there looking at him, wondering how she was supposed to drink it
since she couldn't use her hands and it was in a bowl.

The Captain leaned over to her ear and said, "I said drink up, cunt. Now put
your fucking head down and lap it up like a good little puppy."

sue was shocked and horrified at the thought of being made to do such a
humiliating thing in front of all the people in the restaurant. she just sat
there and stared at the Captain. That is until Judy reached over and undid a
button from her blouse. This one was right at her tits. Then, Judy opened her
blouse a little more and sue knew most of her little tits were out in the open.

Then Judy said, "Unless you want me to open it all the way, I suggest you do as
the Captain said."

sue began to cry, as she lowered her head to take a drink from the bowl. she
lapped up a little beer and then sat back up, with the liquid running down her
chin and onto her sheer blouse. she didn't want to do this, but between these
two horrible people, she knew they would do something worse if she didn't obey.
So once again, she leaned over and lapped up some more beer.

After drinking about half of the beer, she had to pee. Since Judy had not
allowed her to use the bathroom before they left, she really needed piss now.
sue didn't know what to do about it, since she was not allowed to talk, but she
started cramping from the need to relieve her self.

she took a chance and spoke to the Captain. "Sir, may your slut go to the
bathroom. she really needs to pee."

"Sure you can," said the Captain, "follow me." He got up from his chair and took
sue by the hand to drag her along. As he was leaving, he said, "We'll be right
back Judy, please order another round of drinks for us."

The Captain led sue around the restaurant and past the bar to the bathrooms.
Once they arrived there, he opened the door to the men's room and took her
inside. Then he said, "OK, susie slut, if you have to pee, you'll do it here, in
the urinal!"

"BBBUUTTT, sir," sue complained, "I can't pee in a urinal. Only men do that!"

He told her, "You either piss in the urinal, or you'll be stripped naked right
here and then you'll have to walk back to the table without pissing."

sue didn't know what or how to pee like a man, so the Captain helped her. He
pushed her up to the urinal and said, "Now, lift your skirt and piss!"

she reluctantly raised her skirt up and stepped over the urinal. As she started
pissing, someone opened the door and walked in. sue needed to pee so bad, she
couldn't stop the flow. The man stepped right up next to her and pulled his cock
out to piss. Then he realized that there was a female next to him. He said,
"What the fuck is this? Don't you know the difference between the men's and
women's room?"

sue was turning bright red, and unable to answer the man standing next to her.
The Captain was chuckling at this scene, and said, "No, she doesn't know any
better, but I am sure she'll be glad to assist you when she is finished."

Finally, sue finished and started to back away, but the Captain stopped her. He
said to her, "Leave your skirt up, and get on your knees."

she obeyed his command, but didn't want to. she was now on her knees in the
men's room, with a complete stranger beside her, his cock out and pissing in the
urinal. she was really afraid of what would happen next.

The man finished pissing and turned toward her and the Captain said, "OK, now
suck his cock for him, cunt."

"Pppppplllleeeaaaassseee sir," cried sue, "i don't know him."

"So what? you didn't know that guy you fucked either, did you! Now suck it!"
ordered the Captain, "unless you want to walk out of here naked!"

Afraid that he would strip her of everything, sue took the man's cock in her
hands and then in her mouth. He was quite large and she had a difficult time
getting it in. But, the Captain helped her by pushing the back of her head,
forcing more of his cock down her throat. she sucked as best she could, having a
big mouthful. sucking on this cock in a public restroom made her feel so cheap
and used, but she continued until he shot a huge load of cum down her throat.
The Captain saw him start to cum and grabbed her by the hair, jerking her head
back. The last few shots landed on her face and dripped down onto her half-open

sue was crying when the man laughed, put his softening cock away and zipped up.
He said, "Thank you!" and walked out of the bathroom.

sue was allowed to get up and pull her skirt down to cover her nakedness and the
Captain led her back out of the bathroom to the table, the man's cum still
dripping from her face. she was crying and so ashamed of what she was made to
do. she walked with her head down and followed the Captain.

Getting back to the table, they sat down. sue was shaking, afraid of what might
happen next. she didn't put her hands behind her back like she had been
instructed to do earlier. she was so embarrassed and shook up from what just
happened to her, she just forgot.

Judy said, "Stand back up, susie!" she did as she was told and stood in front
of Judy. Then to her surprise, Judy reached over and pulled the top of her skirt
up, which made the bottom of it raise up to just below her pussy. If she was to
walk, her pussy would show from under it.

"Now, sit back down and put your fucking hands behind your back. Forget one more
time and the skirt comes off," ordered Judy.

As sue sat down, she put her hands behind her and as she looked down, she saw
that the skirt hid nothing. It had gone up even more now and her little bald
cunt was in plain view. she sat there in silence and cried.

The Captain said to her, "Since we are having you out for dinner, I expect you
to drink up. We got you a fresh beer. Now, start drinking, cunt."

Crying, sue lowered her head to the bowl on the table and started licking up the
nasty tasting beer. she was like this when the waiter came back, and said, "Are
you ready to order?"

sue pulled her head back up, embarrassed because he saw her drinking like some
animal. her face was so red, dripping with beer, and she cried.

The Captain said, "Yes we are. Sue, finish your beer while I order."

she started to refuse, but a stern look from Judy made her lower her face back
to the bowl and drink. she must have looked quite stupid doing this, but what
could she do. Refuse and they would take her clothes away and then she would be
showing everything. Not that she wasn't already, but at least she did have
something on.

The Captain order for all of them. Steaks, baked potatoes, and insisted they
have bread sticks with their meals. Once the waiter took the orders, he left.
sue finished up her bowl of beer and was feeling a little tipsy now. she wasn't
a drinker and didn't drink beer at all. The way she had to drink it was also
making her head spin. she thought she was getting drunk and hoped that with
food, that uneasy feeling in her stomach would go away.

she sat in silence, hoping they wouldn't make her drink another one. she
listened to them talk again until the waiter returned with their meals. After
placing them on the table, he left again.

That's when Judy told sue what she had to do. She said, "OK, you may use your
hands to eat with, and we'll be nice enough to let you use the silverware. But I
want you to take one of those bread sticks, reach down and put it in your pussy.
After every third mouthful of food you take, you will reach down into your hot
little cunt, break off a piece of bread and eat it."

sue was in total shock now. Everyone would see her doing this and the bread
would be so wet and soggy from her wetness in her pussy. she was really juicy
now. Every time they gave her something new to do, she got that much wetter.
Maybe she was a real slut and always had been. But until now, it never came out
in her.

Reluctantly, she took the bread stick and put her hands under the table. she
rubbed it up and down her wet slit to start with, trying to prolong the dirty
deed she had to do. The Captain noticed she was taking a long time and said,
"Put it in, susie, or I will!"

Gulping, she began to feed her pussy the bread stick, slowly, since it was rough
on her lips and as it got in farther, it was feeling even rougher. she was so
humiliated doing this, knowing that from under the table, others were watching
her do it. she got most of it in and stopped. Hoping that it was far enough, she
put her hands back on the table and was going to eat. she was quite hungry.

However, Judy looked over to see if it was all the way in and said, "Look cunt,
that stick better be all the way in your cunt by the time I count to five, or
you'll have to put the next one up your ass!"

sue jumped and brought her hands back to her cunt and began pushing some more as
Judy said, "One!" she didn't want to have to put anything up her ass, especially
a bread stick in a public restaurant.

"Two!" said Judy and sue pushed it all the way in her pussy. her lips closed
over the end of it and it was totally out of sight now. she felt so full, but
was also sore. she had never had anything that long in her cunt before and it
felt like it had hit bottom. Then she put her hands back on the table, wanting
to eat and get this over with quickly. she was shaking and crying when she was
told to begin eating.

sue took a mouthful of potato while she cut her steak. Then it was a piece of
the steak and some veggies. she was hoping they weren't counting how many time
she put something in her mouth and started to take another bite of steak, but
when she looked at Judy, she was glaring at her, hoping that she would forget to
get her bread.

sue put her fork and knife down, then reached under the table to her cunt. she
reached into her pussy and found the soggy bread. she pulled it out a little and
broke off a small piece. Then she ate it, before continuing with the rest of her

Once she took three more bites of food, she reached down and took another small
piece of the bread from her cunt and ate it. she was going to take small bites
all through the meal, until the Captain said, "You better start taking bigger
bites than that and also hurry up with your meal. Because when Judy and I have
finished, whatever is left on your plate will also go in your pussy with the
bread. Then, you can eat it for breakfast tomorrow morning."

Noticing that they were both about half way done and she was just barely
starting, she began to eat faster. she didn't want to have to stuff her pussy
full of food and if he meant what he said, she would have to leave it in her all

she took three mouthfuls of food and then took bigger chunks of bread from her
pussy. It was getting really soggy now and she hoped she would be able to get it
all by the time she finished her meal. The bread was crumbling in her pussy and
it became more difficult to get it out, but she worked at it until finally, she
had gotten every bit out of herself and ate it. Just as she finished her last
bite of food, she saw that the other two had also just finished. she was
grateful for that, since she didn't think she would have to put anything else in
her cunt tonight.

The waiter came back to the table to see if they wanted some dessert and the
Captain said that he would like a bowl of ice cram. Judy said she wanted some
too, and then said that sue also wanted a bowl. Then the Captain stood up and
whispered into the waiter's ear. The waiter grinned and said he would be right

He returned with three bowls of ice cream and set them down, but he didn't
leave. The Captain said, "sue, take the bowl of ice cream and sit it in your
lap. Then, using your hands, put all of it in your pussy. And make sure that the
waiter will be able to watch you doing it."

"Bbbbbuuuuutttttt, Sssiiiiirr," she cried, "It will be cold and sticky.

Judy heard this and said, "Stand up bitch!"

sue was startled and then realized that she had spoken when she was told not to.
she knew she would pay for it. Slowly she stood up and Judy pulled her close to
her. Then, she unbuttoned the skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving sue
naked from the waist down. she tried to cover herself from all the looks she was
getting, but her hands were slapped away.

"Now, sit down and do what you were told," Judy ordered.

Crying more now, sue took the ice cream bowl, sat it in her lap and started to
push it inside her hot hole. It was cold and sticky, making her pussy pucker.
Finally she got it all in and then just sat there as it melted and ran out of

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