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Fucked on the Lonely Island
07-04-2012, 02:07 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2012 12:07 AM by thelostsoul14.)
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Fucked on the Lonely Island
Hello all! This story is a wild fantasy, purely imaginary and stretched to impossible and unimaginable limits.... Darwin's theory of Evolution. I hope you'll enjoy it. Even if you don't like it, please give a feedback.

John, the Chairman of a leading cosmetics company in Canterbury, United Kingdom was to attend an important meeting in New York. He was a dashing young and handsome blonde man in late twenties.
He had a discussion with directors and had left for boarding his private plane. Omkar Singh, an Indian pilot was to fly him to his destination. As he reached there his plane was ready, he got in it. Omkar Singh was tall, dark, robust and handsome just about his age. They shook hands and greeted each other. The plane took off. John was busy in reading some reports that he had to discuss in the meeting. After some time, John put the papers aside and closed his eyes and laid back to relax.

He felt a violent jerk and was alarmed. He panicked and shouted ‘What happened?’

‘Don’t know sir! Suddenly a cloud appeared and something happened that shook up the carrier. We are still into that cloud, I have lost my connection to the ground. The controls are not working. I’ve never experienced something like this ever.’

‘To hell with your experience, just concentrate on the controls.’ John yelled.

The plane started falling down. John was afraid, Omkar kept his calm and tried his best to control the plane. Suddenly, the controls started working and the pilot managed to land the plane but with a loud thud. It was sandy so the shock was not much terrible. But the plane was damaged.

Both of them had suffered some bruises, but that was all. Nothing major happened to them. They lay there subconscious. Omkar got up and got out of the plane and examined it.

‘This is beyond repairs, Sir.’ He came upto John and told him.

John opened his eyes and looked around.

‘Where the hell are we?’

‘I don’t know!’

‘What do you know, you scoundrel. You ruined the plane, you ruined my schedule. What am I gonna do now? You are gonna pay for this. Do you have any idea, what is the magnitude of the loss that your recklessness has caused?’ John yelled at him.

Omkar was furious at this as John was blaming him for no reason.

‘Listen I am calling you sir, and being very respectful. Better mind your tongue. It wasn’t my carelessness, something extra ordinary happened.’ Omkar roared.

‘Don’t you give lame excuses, you bloody son of a bitch.’ John shouted.

‘Oye’ Omkar roared. ‘I told you I wont tolerate any more abuses. If I start abusing, then you’ll find no words. And it won’t be good for you and your health.’

John shuddered and realized that it was not good for him to fight this man. Omkar had moved to the other side of the plane. John slammed the door and kicked it. He turned and freezed with eyes wide open in fear.

A lion was standing in front of him about 200 metres away. It was ready to leap up at him. John held the cross dangling on his chest and closed his eyes to pray. He knew that today was his last day. Suddenly he heard a loud roar, he opened his eyes and saw something that he couldn’t believe. The Indian man, Omkar was fighting the lion. He was looking like a small kid in front of the giant lion. His muscles were flexing as he was braving that unimaginable task.

The man had tremendous strength and courage to fight the lion. He was holding his giant paws and it seemed that a wrestling match was going on. Om had enormous biceps and every muscle in his body was working to get the lion down. Gradually Omkar seemed to be exhausting, but as the lion was about to leap at him he held his jaws and tried to open it wide. He gathered all his courage and with one hand holding the lion’s jaw he poked his finger into one of the lion’s eyes. The lion roared with pain and then the man got hold of the jaw again and tried to pull it hard.

The lion was attacking him with his paws, but he managed to save himself from them. His clothes were all torn and he was even bleeding. He gave a final pull as the lion was getting weak, and pulled apart the jaw and the lion painfully shrieked. It had given in.

When he was sure that the lion wont get up soon, he rushed towards the plane searched his bag and took out a dagger. He rushed back attacked the lion with the dagger. The lion was still. The man stood there all stained with blood.

John rushed to him. He was shaking badly. He fell on his knees and clung to Omkar’s legs.

‘I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much for saving my life.’

Omkar looked down at John. His manly and hairy chest bulges expanding and contracting as he was panting. He didn’t say anything. John was weeping. He held John’s and hands and asked him to get up.

‘I am sorry for my rudeness. And ….’ John said trembling.

‘Its all over.’ Omkar said panting, ‘forget the past.’ His hairy chest with shining drops of sweat was rising and falling due to extreme exhaustion. He sat down on the ground.

Just then a pair of Lion and Lioness emerged. They sniffed the dead lion.

John saw them and panicked. He clung onto Omkar and sought refuge behind the mighty shoulders. The Indian man sprang up, but was exhausted. John was holding onto Om’s muscular thighs with terror. They came upto them and licked Omkar’s feet.

‘They mean no harm.’ Omkar said, still panting. He patted them and kissed them and they also expressed their affection. Both the men were surprised at the mysterious behavior of the lion and the lioness.

‘I will call you Shankar,’ the man said to the lion, ‘and you Gauri’, he said this to the lioness.

‘Oh you’ve christened them.’ John exclaimed, still trembling. ‘And what’s your name?’

He had forgotten that he had been told the name of the pilot. He was all shaken up.

‘Om… Omkar Singh. But you can call me Om’

‘That’s better, I think. What are we supposed to do?’ John said.

‘Take some rest.’ Saying this Om started removing the clothes that had turned to mere rags.
Doing this he unveiled his enormously robust physique. Om was muscular, with wide and round shoulders and wide, well developed and muscular chest bulges covered with attractively patterned chest hair that ran down his muscular and perfectly V-shaped torso. He had removed all his tattered clothes. Now he was only in underwear, revealing his enormously bulky and muscular and hairy thighs.

John was awestruck. Om was machismo personified. He was a perfect example of manliness, strength and courage and John was thankful that they didn’t have a fight.

John took out the first aid box and cleaned his wounds.

‘Let’s move further and find a better place to rest.’ Om said. John agreed without a single word.

They walked on for about an hour.

‘I think there’s a river, I can hear the sound of water.’ Om exclaimed.

John looked at him. But Om advanced without waiting for John’s response. The pair of lions was following them.

After walking for a few moments they saw a waterfall surrounded by thick foliage. It was a heavenly place.

‘Aah! What a relief!’ Om said in a relaxed tone and removing his shoes he dived into the water. He emerged out of the water after a while and swam to the bank where John was standing.

‘Come on Mr. John, have a bath and you will be relaxed and energized.’

‘N.N…N…No! I have always been into the swimming pools, never in such natural ones. I am afraid.’

‘Don’t worry, I am here with you, I won’t let you drown. Be a sport Mr. john. Get in.’

John hesitated and kept resisting, but Om pursued him and John finally decided to get into the water. John removed his clothes. He was a nicely built man too, very fair, smooth and clean skin without any trace of hair. He was fairly muscular.

John slowly descended into the water and didn’t get too far off the bank. He dipped and enjoyed the soothing feel of the water. Suddenly Om pulled him and dragged him into the deeper water.

‘Oh no Om. I am not comfortable with this…. Don’t….’

But Om got over John and asked him to hold on tightly. John clung on, his face on Om’s hairy chest. He felt awkward and shy. He felt some heat around his stomach, it was Om’s stretched out hard penis. John was restless as he couldn’t get off that feeling. Om swam for sometime and then got to the bank. John was trembling. He went on to take his clothes, but they were not there. John and Om searched for the clothes but could not find them anywhere. Maybe they had flown away in the strong winds. Now John was feeling uncomfortable with just his underwear on his body. And he was developing strange feelings about Om.

‘The sun is getting down, in about two hours it will be dark. Let’s find a place to spend the night.’

‘I don’t want to spend the night here. I want to get out of the forest.’ John said in a helpless manner.

‘Neither do I want to spend any time here Mr John, but we have no choice. Its getting dark, lets gather twigs and wood to burn.’

‘How will you make a fire?’ John questioned.

‘Just like the tribal people did.’


Om started collecting the dry branches and twigs. Seeing no other way out, John also helped him. The lion and the lioness were with them.

When they had collected enough material to last for the night, Om felt hungry.

‘Don’t you feel hungry?’ Om asked John.

‘Yes! But…’

‘But, what? We will have to survive on the wild fruits.’

‘No way, they can be poisonous.’

‘Do you have any other option?’

‘But I wont eat these.’

‘As you wish! There’s a tree over there, and the fruits look delicious. That’s why I stopped here.’

Saying this Om climbed up the tree and plucked some fruits off it and threw them down. John collected them and gave them to Om when he got down.

Om took a bite and said it was delicious. He ate it up. John looked at him for sometime and when he saw that it was edible, as it didn’t harm Om, he took one and started eating.

After the dinner Om lit up the fire. John praised him for that.

‘It feels like you are well acquainted with the forest life.’

‘Had a mountaineer’s training during graduation. That’s all!’ Om replied.

Om put some leaves to make the bed.

‘I don’t feel sleepy.’ John said.

‘At least lie down and straighten your back. I will lie on this side of the fire with Gauri on my side and you over the other side of the fire and Shankar for your safety.’

‘No, I am afraid of these lions, what if these guards eat me up?’

‘Hahaha’ Om laughed heartily. ‘Then, what’s your plan Sir?’ He asked John.

‘I will lie near the fire, you beside me and adjust the lions as you want, but nowhere near me.’

‘Okay Mr. John, as you wish!’ Om said and prepared the bed of leaves and got the lions to sit at such positions that the wild animals would remain away and lied down.

‘Mr. John be comfortable, and sleep away from the fire.’ Om instructed John.

John lied down. ‘Weren’t you afraid of the lion?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know. I just saw that it was going to attack you, and I couldn’t think of anything else.’

‘You are The Man! The Brave Man! I worship you!’ John said emotionally.

‘Hmmm! I am feeling sleepy! Good night!’ Om replied and closed his eyes.

‘good night!’ John murmured and looked at Om. He couldn’t sleep.

He kept gazing here and there. Cool breeze made him relax. The scene of Om fighting the lion kept flashing into his mind. Suddenly he heard some strange sounds of wild animals as he had heard in various programmes in the Discovery Channel. He looked at the lions. They were calm.

He was scared and dragged closer to Om. He felt secure. Om was snoring.
Another loud noise made him cling to Om. He rested his head on Om’s wide and hairy chest. As the soft chest hair brushed his smooth skin, he felt a sensation. He took a deep breath and Om’s warm body odour seemed like aroma. Om embraced him into his muscular arm and stroked his head. John raised his head and saw that Om was sleeping soundly. John relaxed and again rested against his wide chest.

The strange feeling had aroused John and he kissed Om’s hairy chest softly and ran his fingers through Om’s chest hair. As his fingers brushed Om’s nipple, he felt a sensation running through his body. He tried to rub his body against the rough body of the macho man. John was getting feminine. He thought for a moment, what was happening to him. But soon he shrugged off such wandering thoughts and again gave a soft kiss on The Man’s robust chest.

Om restlessly moved and stroked John’s head and held him tightly against his warm body. Om was heating up. Om’s penis was expanding as John was caressing his chest enjoying the sensational feeling that was adrenalising him. He saw Om’s other hand moving. John raised up a little to see what Om was doing. Om was caressing his dick that was covered under his underwear.

Om slowly lowered his underwear and took his large dick in his hand and stroked it. Then he pressed John to move down. John tried to stop him but Om was much more powerful. John was pushed down. Om’s penis was just a few inches from his face. It was majestic, very dark, very large, very stout and covered with dense pubic hair at the root. Om’s palm rubbed John’s face and Om inserted his finger into John’s mouth, it was salty due to sweat. John sucked it.

Om held his penis and thrust John’s head as if asking him to take it in his mouth. Om's hot hard and erect beast touched John's lips and transferred the liquid that was oozing out, on them. John licked it and found it very intoxicating and arousing. Om again put his fingers around John's lips and tried to pump his penis in his mouth. John tried to get back, but couldn't escape fulfilling Om's desire. It was quite thick and Om was thrusting it with power and command, so John had to open his mouth wide. Om's enormous penis drilled him. Om stroked John's head. As he loosened his grip, John got away.

Now Om turned sideways to John and dragged his head into his pubic region. John’s face was between Om’s hairy thighs and his lips touching the hot beast full of lust, again. Om, holding his penis dragged John’s head closer and shoved his enormous cock into John’s mouth, once again. John had to open his mouth wide to accommodate the lust filled beast into him.

John was feeling awkward now, he wanted to get off but the man was in action now. And he was beyond his control, he had become a slave and seemed to satisfy his master. Om was being worshipped by John.

Om had drilled his lusty rod deeper into John. John gasped for breath as the majestic dick was into his throat, discharging its saline fluids of lust into him. Om now pulled it out a little relaxing John and then again moved it in with more thrust. Gradually Om was getting wild. His pelvic thrusts were getting rhythmic and John was painful, holding Om’s hairy thighs.

Now Om was over John, in one-on-one position. John lying with his back on the ground and Om riding on John. John’s face was between Om’s thighs and Om’s pelvis moved to and fro rhythmically over John. And his huge penis moved into John’s mouth like a piston rod. Om was wild and fucked John fiercely in his mouth.

Finally, Om attained orgasm and a violent stream of thick, hot and sticky lust filled up John’s mouth. His mouth was filled to the brim and as Om’s penis was still in his mouth, the hot semen trickled down his throat. John gulped it. Om raised a little over John and pulled his penis out of John’s mouth, it again spattered a loadful of hot semen all over John’s face. John’s manliness shattered as he didn’t know what to do. As Om moved another hot stream of semen spattered over his face and chest with force.

John was seeking comfort in Om, but had to pay the price for that in the form of his shattered manhood.

Om got over and lay beside John, dragging him along into his pubic region. Om opened his eyes and looked at his bare body and lowered underwear. Then he glanced at John, whose face was into his pubic region. He was shocked and sat up.

‘John, what is this?’ Om asked him.

John sprang up. His eyes wide open and the sticky white fluid still on his face. He wiped it off quickly.

‘What happened? What is this?’ Om asked again.

‘Ah! W…W…. What? Ah….! Actually I was afraid of the noises…. And I got closer to you…’ John explained him what happened hesitatingly in a stammering voice.

‘Then? You could have resisted, at least!’

John was silent.

‘So this means, you enjoyed that?’ Om said, ‘In fact, I am feeling relaxed now, I was too stressed out. And as you might be knowing, caressing a man’s chest arouses him. I enjoyed that! Actually I enjoy sex. I never thought a man can also make another man relaxed in such a manner. Since you enjoyed it, we will have another session, whenever there need be. Because where would I get a partner in this forest, right John?’ Om had shifted from Mr. John to John.

John couldn’t even raise his eyes. He was feeling very ashamed.

Om got up and pulled up his underwear and stretched his body and arms wide. He yawned and looked here and there. He went to the lions and stroked them lovingly. John sheepishly peeked at Om and worshipped his machismo. He felt a sensation as Om’s muscles flexed as he made any move. He was unconsciously admiring his manly chest with the chest hair.

‘Its dawn, see the birds have started chirping. There seems to be a stream nearby, lets get fresh to move further.’ Om exclaimed with joy.

.....Continued down below the comments.................

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07-04-2012, 08:26 PM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Please continue....
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07-05-2012, 02:13 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Thanx Sex-Stories. This will gradually proceed every day! ....
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07-07-2012, 12:03 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2012 12:41 AM by thelostsoul14.)
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
John got up heavy heartedly. He still had Om’s penis in his mind. He marveled at the size of the kingsized beastly iron rod. His penis stood nowhere in comparison. Om’s dick was double in length and about three times in thickness.
Om looked at him.

‘Don’t feel so guilty about it. You wanted to feel protected. We both got what we wanted. It will always be between you and me. I promise.’ Om said. ‘Come let’s move.’ He gave a pat on John's shoulder and started to walk.

John looked as Om advanced into a direction. He suddenly realized that he was in a forest and rushed to follow Om.

A river was flowing a little distance away. Om was very happy to see it, he turned around and asked John to be fast and join him.

‘Come on John, let’s get freshened up.’

‘I said I am not comfortable with the natural water bodies.’ John said hesitatingly.

John was uncomfortable in confronting Om. Seeing him bare bodied gave him strange feelings, and he was trying to avoid that. But there was no way out as Om was his only support, to get out of the strange forest.

‘Let’s do it like the last time.’

‘Ah.. No… please don’t force me into this.’

But Om didn’t give in, he kept pursuing John for the swim and when John kept resisting he picked him up in his arms and carried him to the river bank.

John kept resisting. Om’s chest hair was rubbing against his body, and he was getting the strange feeling again. John pleaded Om to let him go. Om threw him into the river and let him go. Then Om dived into the river.

John was afraid of the water and tried to get to the bank. Om emerged just beside and pulled him. He again got over John and John held his body tightly. Om started swimming in the river water.

With every move Om made, John could feel Om’s muscles twitching and flexing, his face against Om’s hairy chest. Om’s burning dick rubbed his stomach. The same feelings kept churning his desires. The touch of the majestically robust body kept flashing the sensations in him. John was again a feminine in a masculine cover.

Om now turned over and was swimming in backstroke style. John’s hand rested on Om’s wet chest. He caressed his round shoulders. Om sensed the desires churning up inside John. He again turned and kept swimming for a while and then returned to the bank. Even in the shallow water John didn’t loosen his grip on Om. Om dragged John to the bank, where they lay one on the other, Om over John and John under him. Om was panting, John’s face was buried under Om’s expanding and contracting chest. Om looked at John, who was expressionless.

Om gave a soft kiss on John’s lips. John didn’t respond. Om was aroused and tried to kiss him again.

‘Please no Om!’ John turned his face and pleaded, ‘I am a very reputed man over there. Don’t shatter my manliness.’

‘I told you, don’t feel so guilty! Its our mutual need! We both want sex, and I never had imagined such a thing! And believe me, it will be between the two of us. I know you have a reputation in the society and I am just your pilot. Shed this feeling. I don’t know how long we are going to roam around here, I don’t want to go back as mad. Shed the feeling of the manhood or whatever and just enjoy! Just be my woman, till the time we spend in here.’

Saying this Om kissed his neck and advanced to his cheek and then to his lips. John moved under him, with churning desires. He rubbed his hands on Om’s mighty shoulders and wide back.
‘Ah! Umm! But…’
‘No iffs and no buts! Just enjoy!’ Saying this Om again started kissing John.
John started responding to Om’s lust. Om’s tongue entered John and adulterated him with Om’s saliva. They indulged in a passionate smooch. John’s body churning up under Om.

They stopped for a while, and panting they looked at each other.

‘You are irresistible, Om!’ John said softly, ‘I am melting!’

‘And you are my sweet heart, John!’ Om lustfully answered.

And again Om started smooching him wildly. John moved with ecstasy under him. His hands measured up the muscular bodied Om, his feet rubbed Om’s well developed calves covered with hair. The hairy hunk was getting onto his wild character again.

After smooching and squeezing John for some time, Om turned to a side and slid off his underwear. John looked at him. Om’s penis was majestically erect.

‘Your penis is so large!’ John said.



‘You tasted it!’

John just lowered his gaze as he couldn’t look Om in the eyes. He said nothing.

‘Okay turn over!’ Om told John.


‘because I am telling you!’

‘But why?’

Om turned him over. John lay facing the ground.
‘I am going to give the time of your life that you’ll never ever forget. You will want more and more. Just be calm and it won’t be so painful.’

Om lowered his underwear. John resisted.

‘You have nice and smooth butt!’ Om said rubbing John’s butt.

John smiled. Om threw off John’s underwear and rode over him.

‘what are you doing?’

‘Doing what you wish!’ Saying this Om placed his penis head on John’s ass hole.

‘Oh no Om! Your penis is too large for that!’

‘That will not be a problem for long. It will all be fine.’

‘Ah! No Om! Don’t do this to me!’

Om applied some force but his penis head didn’t move in. He widened John’s thighs with his thighs and rubbed his ass hole. He spit into it and massaged it with his finger. Then he showed in another finger. John cried with pain and urged him to let go. Om didn’t give an ear to him and resumed his job.
When it got softer, Om pushed in his large dick, and it entered.

John cried due to the enormous pain. ‘No Om! This will kill me! Please for God sake, don’t!’

‘Only for a little while! Then you will enjoy!’ Om gave another thrust and his dick drilled deeper into John.

Hapless John fumbled and cried and kept requesting Om to stop. He could feel Om’s penis stuck in him and lubricating him. It was slowly moving further and further, expanding his tight tunnel. The majestic, hot and rock hard dick of Om was making its way into John. Om kept thrusting it in. Ultimately when his pubic balls touched John’s smooth butt, he stopped and lay on John. John’s ass was burning up due to the friction.

John kept crying. Om lay in that position, so that John’s ass adapts to accommodate violent process that was going to begin. Now John was getting used to the pain.

Om moved and his penis moved along, it slid back and in the mid way Om again thrust it in. John again fumbled.

Om raised John along with him holding his waist. Now John was lying in doggy style. Om started giving powerful thrusts, shoving his penis in and pulling it out. Om’s thighs banged against John’s thighs.

John’s ass was now comfortable. And Om had got into his rhythm and moving wildly over John. John was vibrating due to Om’s movements. He was sighing and panting. Om was getting wilder and wilder. And finally with the last fierce bang Om stopped. John closed his eyes. Om’s penis discharged its heat of lust and John’s ass was filled completely with loadful of Om’s hot semen. Om lay for a while and then got off John and turned him and shoved his penis into John’s mouth. Om again discharged a violent jet of hot semen into John’s mouth. The hot, thick and sticky liquid flowed out of John’s mouth which was still accommodating Om’s lusty beast. John had to swallow it up.

John was exhausted and so he lay there. Om was delightful.

They took rest for the whole morning. And after taking another bath they moved on. Now John’s fear of swimming in the river was fading off.

‘You know Om! I know a lot of girls, they are ready to be my bed mates just because I am rich. I have had sex with many. But this was different.’

‘Hmmm! Don’t think so! Just enjoy and you’ll be fine!’

Om embraced John’s waist while walking.

‘Enjoy what Om? You are a man and you are doing what a man does. But I am a man and doing what a woman does, or rather happening to me.’

‘See John, we are all destined to be what we are! Just pray that we get out of here soon.’

They kept searching for the way out. When they were about to move in a direction, the lions guided them into another direction. They hoped to get out of the forest soon now.

They again had a stomach full of wild fruits for lunch. They kept walking as guided by the lions, but soon it was getting dark again. And they had to prepare for the night.

‘So, here we are again! We will have to light up the fire again!’

John was puzzled now, where to sleep? Beside Om or beside the lion.

‘What’s your plan today, John?’

Finally John decided, ‘Same as the last night.’

Om smiled, ‘Then come baby! Come in my arms. We will sleep hugging each other.’

John had started accepting his changed character and moved on. After eating the fruits, they lay down side by side. Om had embraced John in his strong arms. John had no inhibitions and they looked like man and woman. John ran his fingers through Om’s chest hair.

‘It was difficult to survive here without you!’ John whispered.

‘So how this all began?’ Om drew John closer by pulling him by his waist.

John cuddled and rest his head on Om’s chest and closed his eyes.

‘Hey…’ Om moved John. ‘I am asking you something.’

‘What?’ John said shyly.

‘When did you get these feelings for me?’

‘When you saved me from the lion, I was all thankful and began worshipping you. And when you removed all your clothes, your handsome and hairy body attracted me.’


‘I had a crush on you, I was feeling very feminine with you! And in the night, we were so close that I gave in. I thought this was a way to thank you!’

‘And you feel just like a lady in my arms. My lady, my darling sweet heart.’

John felt ashamed hearing these words for himself. Om indulged in a passionate kiss with John.

‘Your lips are very soft and so pink, just like those of a woman.’ Om said while kissing John.

John moved with restlessness. He was aroused.

‘My dick is longing for you. Calm it down. Lick it darling.’ Om whispered lustily.

John moved towards Om’s thighs and licked the liquid oozing out of Om’s penis.

‘Roll your tongue around it, take it in your mouth and suck it, suck my cock like a lollypop.’ Om whispered softly, stroking John’s head. Om wrapped up John under his heavy and hairy leg. Om’s lusty dick was inside John’s mouth, throbbing him up and getting his desires into motion.

Om’s lower body started getting into motion. Om fucked up John, again in the mouth.

‘Satisfy me, Jaan! I will fill you up with my love.’ Om said while moving his enormous cock in John.

After sometime, John was endowed with mouthful of the man’s hot and thick semen that he swallowed down.

Om wrapped up John in his arms. John’s face huddled against Om’s chest.

‘What did you call me, a little while ago.’ John said as he calmed down.


‘You said my name in a weird way.’

‘Your name?’

‘Yes, you called me Jaan, but my name is John.’

‘Oh that!’ Om gave a devilish smile. ‘Your name is Jaan, from now, meri jaan.’

‘No, I am John.’

‘In my language, jaan means sweet heart or darling. Meri jaan means my darling.’

‘Oh! Stop addressing me by these words. It seems awkward.’

‘No! They are not weird or awkward words. You are my jaan, and I’ll call you so.’ Saying this Om embraced John and closed his eyes .Within moments he was sleeping peacefully.

While Om slept, John had a continuous sensation in his body, feeling the warmth and aroma of his man around him.

They spent another ecstatic night.

The morning dawned and they again moved forward, not knowing where the lions were guiding them. John was feeling uneasy. He kept taking a peek sideways, to know when Om was going to fuck him. He kept looking at Om’s underwear secretly, to see if the bulge was expanding.

They had their lunch and moved further.

Four days passed by. Om had started considering John as his lady and John had started accepting himself like that.

The lion and the lioness that were guiding them stopped and they looked in a direction and growled. Om looked there and was amazed. There was a cottage built up of the logs on a rock. It had a staircase, to get into the cottage and that was also made of wood. John looked at Om surprisingly.

‘Let’s see if there is someone inside.’ Om said.

They got into the cottage. It seemed abandoned. There was a large bed in a corner, with mattress, pillows and bed sheets. There was a large couch, a dining table and an almirah. There was nothing in the almirah except for a few rags, bottles of alcohol, some were empty but a couple were sealed, some packs of cigarettes. There was a small room beside, looked like a store room that had some wood in there, probably used for making a fire. In a corner he found a cigarette lighter, some empty cans of food and empty water bottle.

‘What the hell?’ John exclaimed. ‘It looks abandoned. Whosoever lived here didn’t leave any clothes only these packs of cigarettes and scotch bottles.’

‘Maybe he didn’t use them much.’ Om said, ‘but where is he? Maybe he can help us get out of here.’

‘I think we should wait for him, its no use wandering about like a moron.’ John said, ‘He would be back. Probably he might be out for getting supplies. There seem to be no such fruit bearing trees around.’

‘Hmmm! Who must have built this cottage and the furniture.’

‘Furniture? You mean someone made it here?’ John wondered.

‘See it is all raw. I mean, the finishing.’

‘Yes you are right.’

‘Now we have a comfortable bed. It will be fun. What say, Jaan?’

John sighed. ‘No Om! Not right now!’

‘Why? What’s wrong?’ Om was getting more demanding and dominating, ‘Come baby!’

John moved and tried to run. Om ran after him.

‘Won’t leave you like this darling!’ Om shouted.

John laughed and ran to one corner of the cottage. Om leapt and stood there with his arms wide to grab John. John cuddled in a corner and gave a pleading and helpless look. Om advanced and grabbed him by his butt and pulled him closer. John was wrapped up in the mighty arms. John kissed Om’s bicep. Om pulled him and kissed him on his neck.

‘Ah! Your stubble is pricking!’ John cried.

Om didn’t listen and engaged John in his smooch. They were lip locked. Om picked John in his arms and advanced towards the bed. He threw John on the bed. John fell down on the soft bed.

‘Now I am gonna fuck you jaan!’ Saying this he removed his underwear, revealing his king sized hungry cock. He leapt at John and grabbed him up kissing him fiercely he entered his tongue into John’s mouth and began sucking him. They tossed and turned in the bed, tangled up into each other.

John had started giving an equal response to Om’s lust. John had removed his underwear and was urging Om to fuck him up. Om rubbed him very hard he squeezed John’s chest as if he was pressing the breasts of a woman. John groaned with ecstasy. Om was a wild beast and he fucked John very hard, not once but thrice that day. John had a painful ass he was moaning. It seemed that his ass had swollen and was bleeding. Om left him on the bed and asked him to sleep peacefully. John closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but the pain didn’t let him. Later, he slept due to exhaustion.

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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
John woke up the next morning. Om was getting ready to go somewhere.

‘Where are you going?’ John asked Om.

‘Now we are food gatherers, not earners. I will have to go to search for the food. And I’ll return by the evening, don’t worry.’

‘You mean, you are going alone!’

‘Yeah! You won’t be able to walk properly, because of yesterday!’

‘But alone, here? No way!’

‘Don’t panic, I am leaving Shankar behind.’

‘No! What if he eats me up!’

‘If he had to eat you up he would have done so long before! I’ll bring food for him too!’

Om left and John stayed in the cottage. He was uneasy until the evening, when Om returned with food for them and Gauri had caught a large deer. This became an everyday routine.

This went on for about a month. They were getting used to the forest life. Om had become more strong and more muscular because of his everyday struggle to gather fruits or hunt animals for food. John was getting more feminine.

One such day, Om went out for getting the food. John sat on the bed. He was feeling changes in him. His face was as smooth as that of a lady, as not a single hair had grown on it. He was noticing changes inside. He removed his underwear to go and take a refreshing bath. And he was awestruck. His penis had vanished and instead he had vagina.

His eyes were wide open. He didn’t believe this and touched it, then again and again. It was true. He was transforming into a woman.

He didn’t know whether to tell this to Om, or conceal. But how could he conceal the fact. He always returned and was ready to fuck him. John was puzzled.

He cried over his situation.

‘What should I do now? I cannot run away, because I won’t survive. Om is very clever. He kept me in the cottage so that I do not get familiar with the ways.’ John thought, ‘I had everything, I was very successful, and all of a sudden what has happened. I have been made a piece of flesh to please this man, who was nothing in my comparison. Why God? It seems like it’s going to be like this for the rest of my life! Ohhh!’ And John burst into tears, ‘Om would fuck me up for the rest of my life as if I am a slut.’

When Om returned in the evening, John was lying on the bed. Om put the bag down and went to John.

‘What happened?’

‘I am not feeling well!’

Om touched John’s forehead to check his temperature.

‘You are alright! Just fed up of being in the cottage! Both of us will go out tomorrow! Anything new today?’

‘What new? Why do you ask me this everyday? Is something going to happen?’ John asked curiously.

‘Didn’t you notice? You are becoming a lady, my woman! Your skin is smoother and your muscles vanished, you have shaped up like a woman, your moustache and beard, no trace of them! What do you call this?’

John was puzzled, how Om was noticing things.

‘Evolution, Jaan! To survive you are developing the traits that you require to be in the race.’

‘Is that so?’ John said. John felt weak whenever he was in Om’s presence. He would get enchanted and ready to be ruled by his master.

John stood up and clung to Om and kissed his wide and hairy chest.

‘Ok! Tell me why do you spatter your semen on me?’

Om encircled John in his strong arms and said, ‘I am an animal, and animals leave something to show their right or claim or property. I do this to show you that you are under my dominion, you are my property.’

The two bodies rubbed against each other and incited the passion.

‘Aaah! You are a beast Om! Wild beast! Aah! You are my master, give me the pain, fuck me! I am yours! Sss! Aaah!’

‘You slut! You’ve become a woman and were hiding this from me.’ Om kissed John and squeezed his butt. Then he moved his hand into his underwear and rubbed his pussy gently. ‘Today will be fun. Never fucked a pussy for a long time! Jaan!’

John caressed Om’s chest and got closer and closer into Om as to dissolve into him.

Om had picked John and put him on the bed. John sat on bed supporting his back at the head board of the bed. Om got on the bed and gave a naughty look. John smiled shyly.

‘I want you under me, jaan!’ Om said sensuously.

Om pulled him and grabbed him in his arms. The hairy chested Om kissed John and then passionately they sucked each other and rolled on the bed. Om pulled off John’s underwear and then bared his hungry tool that was tall and erect and demanding.

Om rolled over John and grabbed him in his mighty arms he pushed his hot and rock-hard cock into John’s pussy. John cried and clung on to Om tightly. The hungry cock slowly made its way in and John wriggled under Om. Om's rough body was causing friction.

John sighed and moaned as Om drilled his penis into him. The to and fro motion began and John cried of the pain. But Om didn’t stop. The pain turned into ecstasy and John groaned lustily. Om’s enormous body moved over John. Om kept looking at John who was groaning and fumbling. He enjoyed as John expressed pain. It seemed that a wild beast was let loose. A sudden discharge of Om’s hot semen into John calmed them down.

They panted and lay side by side on the bed. John raised his head and rested it on his man’s chest. Om wrapped him up in his arm and pulled him closer.

‘Today was much more fun. What say?’

John didn’t answer, he just dug his head deeper into Om’s hairy chest. After they were relaxed Om got up. John sat on Om’s thigh and Om had embraced him in his arms. John was running his fingers in Om’s chest hair.

‘Hey we’ve got some cigarettes and scotch. Bring them on!’

John got up and gave him the pack of cigarettes and a bottle of scotch.

‘we don’t have glasses, how would you drink it?’

‘I don’t need a glass to drink scotch.’ He opened the bottled and gulped it down straight through the bottle. He then lit up the cigarette.

‘I’ll go and wash up the fruits.’ John said and took the fruits to the spring in front of the cottage to wash. When he returned, Om had finished half of the bottle.

‘What are you doing, Om? You have drunk too much! Now stop!’

Om was intoxicated. He pulled John.

‘Come baby! Come! I am in a mood to enjoy.’

Om made John lie down and pulled off his underwear.

‘No…N…Not again Om! We had sex just minutes ago!’

‘Shhhh!’ Om put his finger on lips. ‘In my village women are not supposed to argue! You are here to satisfy my sexual needs. Just do that!’

‘What are you talking like? You never spoke like this to me! I am not gonna give in!’

Om got furious and dragged John on the bed again.

‘Aaah! Om its hurting! Please stop it!’

Om didn’t budge. John struggled to free himself. Om caught both his hands and gave him a very hard slap and rode over him.

‘You will tell me what to do and what not! I will fuck you whenever I will want to! Understand!’ Om roared.

John was shocked and frightened. Om fucked John like an animal. The pain was unbearable for John. He was bleeding. Om again discharged his semen into John and spattered the remaining on his face. Om turned and lay on the bed beside John. Om was asleep but John was not. John got up and went out of the cottage. He descended the stairs and sat beside a tree. The lions looked at him and remained calm.

After some time Om got up and when he didn’t find John beside him he got out of the cottage. He saw John sitting under the tree down the rock and went up to him.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘You were smelling too much of tobacco and alcohol!’

Om kissed John’s lips.
‘I just don’t know what happened to me. Baby, don’t resist me while I am ‘on’. I get mad.’

‘Please Om! You are stinking! Not now!’

But Om didn’t stop. He got into a passionate lip lock with John and rode him.

‘What is this underwear doing on you? Leave it now! You don’t need to hide anything from me!’

Om again bared John’s pussy and fucked John once more. John cried of the pain but Om satisfied himself nevertheless.

Om again slept with John buried under him. After about half an hour Om again fucked up John. But even this time Om wasn’t completely satisfied. So, John was again banged up after about every hour for the entire night. John was in terrible pain.
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Next morning, John was in no position to move. John writhed in pain. His pussy was swollen and red. It was burning. It took him two days to recover from his pain. Om had no regrets. He cared for John, but he was not sorry for what he had done. He let John rest completely for five days. But the life returned to normal routine after that. Om’s sexual desires were increasing, seeing John transforming into a woman. John had become normal and accepted himself as a woman. The lust object of Om, the material to warm up Om’s bed. John had fully accepted his new and reduced role in the abandoned life. Because John, too, had only sex to keep the life going. And in that, his role was that of the dominated one. There was nothing else in the forest to make their lives interesting.

Another month passed by. John’s chest bulges had started growing. Om would look at them hungrily, as he still didn’t have the complete pleasure and fulfillment in fucking John.

‘Within a few days you will become a woman completely. Though I don’t know whether a womb has developed in you or not.’ Om said ecstatically.

‘What do you mean?’ John said shockingly, ‘a womb?’

‘Yeah! I want to see you get pregnant. Give birth to my children!’

‘Oh no! If that happens, I will be ruined completely!’ John said, ‘Let me have a little dignity.’

‘Don’t you feel my dignified lady, Jaan!’

‘Ah! I am already a wildly fucked up slut, a whore, and you are keen on making me give birth to babies! Uff! That’s too much!’

Om gave a devilish smile and got up to leave for getting the supplies.

Om didn’t return that evening. John waited for him, he was getting curious.

‘Has something happened to him? Maybe he died fighting some wild animal! Or that lion, his companion, ate him up.’ John thought, ‘But what am I going to do in this forest, all alone? And even if I find my way out, I can’t face my people now! Oh God, please send Om back! I have no life without him now!’

His chest bulges had become fully grown breasts, the curvaceous with pink nipples. John went to have a look in the spring water. He saw himself and found out himself to be looking like a gorgeous and sexy blonde woman. He tore up a bed sheet and wrapped up a piece around his breasts and another around his waist. His breasts were oozing out of the cloth.

Five days passed off, Om had not returned. John was much too worried as the food was about to exhaust. The lioness was getting uneasy. Both were waiting for their mates to return.

In the morning, on the sixth day, John was sitting on a rock outside the cottage. There was nothing to eat that day!
He was waiting anxiously for Om. He waited there for two hours, and disappointed he got up. Just then he saw Om, the enormous man walking with vigour. John felt so happy to see him. He cried with joy and ran towards him. His breasts dangled as he ran.

John embraced him and sobbed, ‘Where had you been all this while? I was much too worried!’

‘All that later Jaan! First I see you fully prepared for the game. Have you had something today?’

John shook his head in negation.

Om lift John up on his shoulder and with bag on the other shoulder he ascended the stairs to the cottage. Put the bag aside and made John stand on his feet.

‘First eat something!’

John started eating.

‘you are a beautiful woman, jaan! I never expected you to be such a gorgeous lady.’

John didn’t say anything. He felt too shy to speak up.

‘You know what! We’re on a lonely island. Uninhabited, no ships pass through this island.’

John’s eyes were wide open, ‘What? We are the only humans here?’

‘It seems so! I found no sign of human habitation, except for this cottage. This is a mystery!’

‘Oh that’s scary!’

‘Don’t you worry jaan! I am with you and we’ll be together wherever we go, sweet heart!’

Om sat on the bed gazing John.

‘Eat up quickly darling! I can’t wait to see you in my arms.’
John smiled shyly.

After finishing up his food, John stood beside the dining table. His heart throbbed and he couldn’t gather courage to go near Om.

‘Come baby! Don’t make me wait so long!’ Om said impatiently.

John advanced slowly towards the bed and stood at a distance from Om. Om stretched his hand and pulled John along into his lap. John felt a sensation rush through his body as he touched the mighty and hairy thighs of the man. He could feel the hardness of his enormous dick under him. Om encircled him in his powerful arms and pulled off the cloth covering his breasts.

‘Ah! The rose buds.’ Om rubbed his finger on John’s nipples. John was sensationalized. Om made him lay on his enormous thighs. His one hand encircling the back of John and the palm rubbing his breast. His other hand pulled off the cloth covering his pussy. Then Om rubbed John’s pussy lips.

John writhed with ecstasy and moaned. He tried to hold Om’s hand caressing his boobs, then the one rubbing his clit, but in vain. The man was at his will. And when he couldn’t stop this hairy hunk when he himself was a man, what good could his resistance do now. And now, even John wanted Om to do this.
Om raised John’s face to his. John could feel the hot breath on his lips. He wriggled and Om’s lips were on John’s lips. His stubble pierced his soft skin, and this gave a kind of sweet pain to John. John caressed Om’s mighty arm and then his enormously muscular bicep. Even a stretched out palm of John couldn’t cover Om’s enormous bicep.
Om’s tongue penetrated John and created a violent storm in him. He thrashed his legs on the bed, ecstatically rubbing the bed with his heels. Om was kissing John, caressing his boobs and vagina all at the same time. It was getting unbearable for John to handle the hunky macho man, his manly master.

Om freed John and John rolled onto the bed holding his boobs and caressing them.

‘SSSs Aaaaaaah! SSSSSSsssssss! OOOOOOOOOooh!’ John could only utter this.

John’s freedom was only momentary. Om moved towards John, moved off John’s hands rubbing his boobs and planted a kiss on his rose bud like nipples. John cried in ecstasy. John was now under Om. Om started kissing John’s breasts vigorously, caressing them simultaneously. John groaned.

‘Aaah! Ooooom! Oooooom! Om! Aaah! Please! I wanna go! SSSSSSSSsss Aaah! Le’me go!’

Om continued his kissing John’s bosom. John stroked Om’s head, caressed his face. And as Om loosened him, John turned sideways, turning his back to Om. Om grabbed his boobs and pulled him closer to his body. Then he put his hairy thigh on John’s smooth thigh and again caressed his boobs. Om’s expanded cock had crouched between John’s ass crack. John had closed his eyes and was writhing vehemently. Om was kissing his neck and back. John caressed Om’s palms squeezing his breasts and cried.

‘Sssssss! Please ….OOOOOoom! OOOOOOOOOOMMMMM! Aaaaaah! Noooooooooo! Pleeez!’

Om quickly removed his underwear and turned John to lay with his back on bed and he rode over John separating John’s thighs wide apart by pushing with his bulky thighs to widen up John’s clit. John was aroused and ready to be fucked. Om drilled his rock hard brutus into John’s widened hole.

Om’s dick stormed up John and transferred its heat of lust into him. John wriggled and sighed and moaned. He cried with pain. Om was rubbing up John’s boobs wildly, in fact whole body of Om rubbed John’s body violently. Om’s pelvic movements made John vibrate on the bed. They moved in passion and joy. Om’s enormous dick tore up John and dug him deep inside.

John could feel the intoxication of Om inside him and all over and around him. He was mad and wanted more and more of his hunky macho.

Om was in rhythm and his thighs banged john’s legs. John was responding by making his pelvic moves. The ecstatic couple, the dark man contrasting his extremely fair sex object, were one on one, satisfying their hunger for sex.

Finally Om, unleashed his violent stream of thick, sticky and hot semen into John, making him groan louder. Om then got up and spattered another stream of his hot manliness all over John’s bosom and face.

John panted while he wiped off his man’s semen from his body and licked. Om was smiling with pride. He lay down on the bed with arms open wide exposing his enormous and hairy armpits and his dick erect in the air.

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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
An year passed by. Om and John lived in the cottage like man and woman. John was a woman now, dedicated to his man. Om had tried to give out signals from the sea shore by lighting up fire and emanating smoke clouds in the air. But all was in vain. They ate, slept, roamed around the forest and had sex. This had become their routine. John had developed enough stamina, to satisfy his man’s enormous hunger for sex. Om was really horny. He would start the game anytime and anywhere. John had become used to this.

Om and John were standing outside their cottage, John embracing Om, resting against Om’s powerful body. Om fondled with John’s boobs, resting his chin on John’s head, who was encircled in his muscular arms.

John sighed, and to tease him he ran freeing himself off Om’s hold. Om saw him run and gave a mischievous smile. John thought that he was teasing Om, but didn’t know that Om was playing with him.

Om ran after John, and let John ditch him, so that john is aroused. John ran here and there so that he is not caught into his man’s grip. But, in fact, Om didn’t catch him and played cat and mouse game with John. And john was getting aroused seeing his majestic man running after him.

Finally, when it was enough, Om leapt at John and got hold of him. He squeezed him against his rough body and placed his lusty lips over John’s. They had an intense smooch. John sighed and moaned.

‘It always feels like first time with you.’ John whispered and groaned.

Om kissed his neck and then his lips ran to his bosom. He lift John so that his breasts brushed his face. John ecstatically rubbed Om’s robust shoulders. Om’s face dug into John’s boobs. He kissed them sucked them and bit them, making John go flying in ecstasy.

Om again freed John. John stepped back as Om advanced towards him. He moved stumbled and fell on the ground. Om now took the charge, he undraped John and started the game. He wet up John with his kisses on John’s neck, cheeks and lips. Om’s rough and hairy chest rubbed John’s aroused boobs. His hairy torso massaged John’s smooth one. Om’s mighty legs tangled up into John’s legs. Om filled up john in his arms and gave him an extreme rush of adrenaline. John writhed under his majestic hairy master with pleasure. The black snake became a hard and hot iron rod, all expanded and erect, in its full glory. It entered John’s clit inciting a lusty storm. The man and his woman, the master and his slave moved to quench their thirst. John vibrated as Om shoved his penis to and fro into John. The piston heated up the chamber. While John writhed in an ecstatic pain, Om smiled feeling satisfied. He let loose his lust into John. The man smiled victoriously looking at John as his heat of lust had completely filled up John, who was moaning with delight and satisfaction.

They lay there in the same position for sometime and sprang up hearing human voices. A well dressed man and woman stood in front of them. Om searched for his underwear and John took his wraps. After wearing their bare necessities they walked up to them.

The man, named Joey and the lady named, Amy were onto a vacation and their plane had wrecked up just like theirs. They had suffered some bruises, their pilot was dead. Joey was a handsome blonde man, with nicely worked out body. But he was nowhere in the remote count of Om, in terms of manliness. Om was more robust and muscular. Amy was a gorgeous lady with a pleasing face and greatly shaped up body.

Om took them along to their cottage and asked them to take rest. In the night they lit up fire and sat around. John told them what had happened, concealing the fact that he was a man. Amy, who had developed a liking for Om, was surprised to hear the fight between Om and the lion and praised him for that. Joey, had read Amy’s eyes and felt uncomfortable. And knowing that there was no way out and that Om was well acquainted with the forest and the ways of forest, he was forced to stay with them. He didn’t like Om to roam around bare bodied, displaying his machismo.

The day passed off.

In the morning, Om went on his routine spree. Knowing that Om would be back only in the evening, Joey went up to John.

‘Your husband is very uncivilized, roams around in a brief. Don’t you find it disgusting?’ Joey said.

‘Keep your wife under control, I don’t mind if she warms up my man’s bed. And don’t display your attitude in Om’s presence. You will regret.’ John answered him rudely.

Joey was awestruck. As Om had not displayed any indecent behavior, he could not blame Om for anything. But he was feeling insecure.

In the evening, Om returned and John displayed his usual affection to him.

It was night, Om was sitting near the spring. Amy came up to him.

‘I adore you, Om! The way you have handled things over here!’ She sat beside Om.

‘Stay away from me! Your husband doesn’t like this! It hurts his male ego!’ Om said without any expression.

‘He is not my husband, he is just my fiancé!’

‘It’s the same thing!’

‘No! Last night, he was not behaving decently! I haven’t let him touch me! I wanted to be sure of him. We spent an year dating each other. I began trusting him. And we were going to start our relationship in Hawaii, we were going there for a vacation.’

Om smiled, ‘Go and settle up your matters with him. Relationships are not easy to maintain. Once you decide to go, then you decide not to. His reaction is natural. Any sound and rational man would behave like this.’

‘Ah! Thanx I will try to remember your wise words. You are stuffed with every quality. Your wife is very lucky!’
Om laughed at this, when Amy left. John came up to him.

‘You like Amy!’ John said.

‘Hey! No! You are my woman!’

‘We both know the truth!’ John said, ‘I won’t mind if you have sex with Amy! I know you won’t leave me! And I also know that I am alone not enough to satisfy your hunger! I will be more than happy!’

‘you are out of your senses! What about Joey?’

‘What you did to me, do that to him!’ John gleamed.

‘You slut! Hahahaha! Let them live their lives, they are companions.’

‘What if Amy wants you and not Joey?’

‘Let’s see!’

Amy went into the cottage where Joey was fuming with anger.

‘Why the hell did you go to that scoundrel!’ Joey fumbled.

‘Joey! Respect that man! You are nothing compared to him!’

‘You are filled with lust for that tribal man.’

‘He is not tribal, he is as civilized as we are and more understanding than you are! He is very sensible! Learn from him! He has a caring attitude towards you too!’

‘You want him or me!’

‘Joey! You are stretching this too far! I had never thought you’d talk to me like this!’ Amy sobbed.

‘Amy! I love you and want you with me always. Even if this means to live in this forest.’ Joey said.

‘You want me or you are just doing this to satisfy your male ego!’

‘I really love you sweet heart!’

‘Okay! Then you have to prove this!’


‘You will have to wrestle with Om, tomorrow!’

Joey looked at her questioningly.

‘If you defeat him, you win him.’ Amy continued, ‘And I know you will. Because you are my man.’

Joey was filled up with pride and didn’t see what Amy wanted. She came out and informed Om about the condition.

In the night, Om and John sat huddled together.

‘Now what are you going to do?’ John asked.

‘Obviously, get defeated!’

‘No! Never!’ John exclaimed, ‘I can’t see you get defeated. You are gonna fuck that rat!’

‘Shut up!’, Om commanded, ‘Don’t intervene!’ He hugged up John and began fondling and arousing him. Om fucked John and they slept.

In the morning, the usual routine began. Amy stood on the rock and announced, ‘Here we are going to witness the bout of the lifetime. My love Joey will wrestle with Om to prove his love for me. And I am the trophy. The winner will have me.’

She took a twig and marked a rectangular boundary.

‘There is the arena. Anyone getting out of the marks will lose.’ Amy announced.

Joey appeared from the cottage filled with pride. He approached the arena and stood with just his underwear on. He was a beefcake. If Om was not present there, he would have been considered to be the macho man. But unfortunately that was not so.

Om came walking in a robust manner. The wide chested, enormous and very muscularly sexy. Amy and john looked at Om.

Joey announced, ‘You are gonna be defeated!’

Om smiled with carefree attitude.

‘You are smiling, you bloody scoundrel, son of a bitch! I will tear you up, you are not even comparable to my penis. I will make you sit on my penis, your jaan will be mine. I’ll show you!’

Om got furious. He didn’t say anything. And John smiled, he knew Joey had talked too much and was going to suffer.

They both stood in the middle of the wrestling area.

Amy began the count down and the match began.

Om gave a strong and loud pat on his thigh and moved. They clasped hands and applied pressure. Om could have knocked him out in one go. But he didn’t because he wanted to punish Joey. Om crushed his fingers, giving Joey an unbearable pain.

The macho and hairy Om lift Joey on his shoulder, to show him who’s the boss. Joey was a little disturbed. Om started to manhandle Joey. He held Joey’s arm and leg and flung him down on his bent knee. The enormous knee hit Joey in his lower back. He shrieked with pain. But undisturbed, Om played with Joey like a toy. As Om freed him Joey tried to get out of the marks to accept defeat. But Om was quick to pull him by his arm and clamped him in a bear hug. Joey was caught in the powerful clutches of the irresistible man.

Joey tried hard to break free. But Om squeezed and squeezed him. The more Joey tried, the harder Om squeezed him.

‘You will suck my dick! You punk!’ Om whispered.

Joey cried with pain. The massive hunk freed Joey, who fell on the ground. He writhed in pain, only to find himself again at the Indian Man’s mercy. Om had let him fall down only to clamp his huge and hairy thighs around Joey’s chest. Joey’s cries didn’t stop. He was begging for mercy. But Om enjoyed inflicting more punishment on Joey. He pulled Joey’s hair and asked him to kiss his penis. Joey begged but Om didn’t budge. He then planted his enormous elbow on Joey’s lower back. Joey begged again for mercy and kissed Om’s dick.

Om stood up and thumped his foot on Joey’s chest. Joey was in agony. He held Om’s foot and tried to move it, but couldn’t. Then Om placed in his foot on his cheek and pressed him hard. The poor punk who wanted to be the hunk was under Om.

Om pulled up Joey, who was like a bag of potatoes that slumped and draped over the majestic Om. Om again pulled his hair and gave him powerful bear hug squeezes. Joey succumbed to Om’s relentless show of power.

Om lifted his hapless victim on his shoulder and then raised him over his head.

Joey pleaded and accepted his defeat. Om put Joey on the ground. Joey clung to Om’s hairy thighs and begged for forgiveness.

Om lowered his underwear and asked Joey to suck it.

Joey requested with folded hands and then put his head on Om’s feet and cried. Om picked his new toy on his shoulder and asked the ladies to get into the cottage and took him away.
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
Om carried Joey on his shoulder to a distance where he threw him on the ground. Joey sat taking support of a tree.

‘I am sorry Om’ Joey folded his hands and begged, ‘Please forgive me!’

Om looked at Joey furiously.

‘What did you say?’ Om roared, ‘You abused me, you said rubbish about my Jaan! Your punishment is not over!’

Om pulled out his underwear and was on his knees, straight, very close to Joey. His penis was erect and pointed straight at Joey’s face.

‘Take it in.’ Om commanded.

‘Please Om! No, have mercy on me, please! Please!’

Om clamped Joey’s face against the tree and moved forward, touching his penis on Joey’s lips. Joey turned his head, but Om grabbed it in place and shoved in his large dick into Joey’s mouth.’

‘Suck it!’ Om roared again.

Joey understood that he won’t be able to resist Om. He started sucking Om’s dick.

Om started his pelvic movements and fucked up Joey in his mouth and discharged his semen into Joey’s mouth and then spattered it on Joey’s face and chest.

‘Better remember this for the rest of the time.’ Om growled.

Om pulled him by his hair and dragged him to the cottage.

‘I’ll fuck up Amy in your presence today!’ Om growled, he was unable to control his anger.

‘Aaah! I am sorry for the offence but you won’t be able to do so. She never let me have sex with her in the most intimate moments even.’

‘You’ll see that, punk!’ Om said.

Om dragged him all through the stairs upward into the cottage, where the ladies were discussing. Joey lay holding

Om’s heavy legs and head bowed down at Om’s feet.

Om lowered his underwear.

‘Now kiss your master’s dick, you asshole!’

Joey was ashamed but had no choice. He raised up and kissed the beastly snake hanging out.

‘Take it in your mouth and suck it!’

Joey sucked it. Om pushed Joey's head deep into his pubic region, and then spattered another forceful stream of his thick semen on Joey’s face. Joey was shameful and felt very insulted. But he had no say because he had squared with the wrong man.

Om advanced towards Amy and embraced her in his arms and planted a wet kiss on her lips.

‘Jaan’ Om addressed John, ‘Sorry for today but have gotto to do this. An original after a very long time.’

‘More than a year! My man!’ John smilingly answered, ‘I have no problems at all. You please yourself.’

Amy rubbed Om’s hairy chest passionately. Joey wondered seeing her in Om’s arms all ready for sex. He felt it better to keep quiet.

Om rubbing Amy wrapped in his strong arms. Amy was moaning in ecstasy. Joey was tearful and felt betrayed.

Om had begun to undress Amy. He unbuttoned her top and Amy raised her hands to let Om slip it out conveniently. Then they again passionately smooched. Om caressed her and pulled the bra strap off her shoulder and slipped his palm into her bra and gently squeezed her boobs. Amy writhed ecstatically and held Om more tightly caressing his hands that were fondling with her inside her bra.

Joey was witnessing the entire lustful activity with a heavy heart. He couldn’t dare to move from his place.

Om had bared Amy’s breasts and flung her bra in air, it landed on Joey’s shoulders. Joey threw it away. Now Om pulled Amy closer and closer, his lips still locked on Amy’s, sucking the nectar out of her and dissolving his juices into her. Om caressed her curvaceously crafted smooth skinned body, pressed her boobs. His expanded dick was rubbing Amy, flashing waves into her and sensationalizing her. She had given herself into Om’s mighty arms. Om was playing with his sex toy lustily and passionately.

Om’s hands drifted into Amy’s skirt, caressed her butts and thighs. Amy kept moaning and pushed herself closer and closer into Om. They were already the closest that they could be. Their heated up bodies were brushing. Om was skilled to arouse his mate to the maddening limit. They were talking lust and sex. Amy had completely surrendered herself to her master.

Joey was crying silently.

Om pulled down her skirt and lift her up in his arms. He placed his burning lips on Amy’s tight breasts and she sighed with delight rubbing and kissing Om’s head. Om carried her to the bed and placed her on it. Amy looked at Om and moved her legs in ecstasy. Her lips hungry and eyes intoxicated. Her voice was shaking. Om pulled off her panty and again flung it away, making it hit on Joey’s face. This was to tease Joey. Joey slowly pulled it off his face and threw it away and looked towards the bed.

Om had grabbed Amy in his arms and was rubbing her wildly. He looked like a beast pouncing upon his prey. Amy was writhing. Om was on top of Amy and was making the pelvic moves slowly. The room echoed their lust filled noises. They were rolling on the bed, Amy tightly embraced into Om.
Joey stood up and started to move.

‘Asshole, rest your punky ass on the ground and sit there silently, you cock sucker.’

Joey got intimidated and sat on the floor. He didn’t dare to move.

‘Just sit there you cockhead else I’ll give you a blowjob and fuck your ass very hard.’ Om roared commandingly.

Amy, buried under him, caressed and kissed his sexy man’s chest. Om resumed to pump up Amy. Amy cried and cried with joy as Om got violently rhythmic.

Joey sat with his head bent into his knees. The sensuous conversations were intolerable, but he couldn’t move. The noise of two bodies brushing each other were piercing his ears. The sounds of kisses were shredding him. The sound of Om’s violently agitated cock that had drilled Amy was getting unbearable for him.

Om ejaculated with force and filled up Amy with his hot semen. He then took his dick out of Amy and spattered his semen all over Amy, bathing her from her lips to her naval in his semen. Amy wriggled on the bed, wiping the semen with her fingers and licking it up. Om rested on his elbow and proudly saw Amy licking his manly fluids.

Joey looked up and saw Om staring at him. Om winked and smiled proudly. Joey dropped down his gaze. Om got up and carried Amy in his arms out of the cottage and took her to the river and they bathed. John was asleep under the tree. Om went back into the cottage carrying a somewhat exhausted Amy and lay her on the bed. His dick was somewhat hard still. Amy slept instantly. It was her first sex and she was too tired. She looked satisfied.
Now Om stood up and looked at Joey. He went to the almirah and took out the scotch and gulped down a large amount of scotch in one go. He then lit up a cigarette and looked at Joey again.

‘Ready dickhead?’ Om addressed Joey.

Joey looked at Om questioningly and saw him stroking his cock. It was expanding again. Joey’s eyes were wide open.

‘I still want more. I am getting horny.’

‘Oh! Shit! No…No…!’

Joey tried to get up and run. But Om was quick. Om caught his leg and dragged him. Joey cried and begged. But Om, acting as if he could not hear him, pulled his underwear. Joey tried hard to slip it back but Om had his will. Joey was naked. Joey knew that he cannot escape, still he struggled.
Soon, Om was over Joey and started drilling his ass with his stout cock. Joey kept crying, tears rolled down his eyes.

Om finally drilled into Joey with much effort. Joey thumped his hands on the floor due to intolerable pain. He shrieked and shouted. He cried. Om had started pumping up his hot iron into Joey. Om made Joey lay in doggie style and pushed his shoulders down with his hands. His hairy thighs banged against Joey. Om got into his furious and wild rhythm moving his piston in Joey’s chamber. Joey burst into tears feeling his shredded manliness. Om fucked up Joey very hard and enjoyed inflicting pain to him. Joey kept begging Om to spare him. Finally Om let loose his sticky, powerful and hot jet of semen and filled him up. Then he turned Joey and standing over him he spattered his semen on Joey covering his face and chest. Joey lay there insulted and licked up all the semen as Om had wanted.

Om fucked up Joey four times again, giving him a swollen and bleeding ass.

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07-11-2012, 12:05 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
How's the story going? Any comments or suggestions? I seem lost somewhere now.......
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07-22-2012, 12:48 AM
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RE: Fucked on the Lonely Island
good going! Just liked the way Om fucks John again and again. And this time you have converted John into Jaan. Extreme flight of fantasy. Very sexy and lustful. Please continue further...........
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