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Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
11-28-2012, 08:11 AM
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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Mom and I were both stunned when we finally heard Sophie was pregnant. After just one year at the University of Illinois she was coming home to have her first baby, a husband or boyfriend nowhere in sight.

She had left our modest home on the South Side of Chicago in September 2003, a full 4 year scholarship to their School of Applied Science in hand. She had always been a success, straight A's in high school, valedictorian of her class, All-State softball player, volunteer with the United Way, President of the Student Council etc., etc. The kind of person you'd love to hate, jealous of her successes. But she was popular. And beautiful! All through high school the boys had chased her and somehow she had dated many of them without becoming very serious with any of them and without angering or hurting anyone. There were probably ten or fifteen guys who graduated from Daley Senior High with their date or dates with Sis being among their happiest memories.

I was only eleven months younger than her, one year behind in school, smart but a nerd, uncomfortable socially and Sis was my hero. She had always been kind to me, and just the reflections of her popularity had allowed me to enjoy myself at school. Dad had left when I was five, Sis six; just walked out one day and never had been heard from since. He had been in his final year of Dentistry when he had met the beautiful, eighteen year old Eva Warinski, seducing, marrying and impregnating her, all within three months. Seven years later he left, going to California with his Dental Assistant and all the cash he could amass quickly.

Mom struggled. At the time Sophie and I had no idea how badly off we were, how Mom had to fight to get through the tough times. What saved her was two things; one, she had studied at night school over the six years of her marriage and had got her teaching certificate just three months before Dad left; and two, Grandpa Brown, Dad's father had supported us and helped us financially after Dad fled. With Dad gone and Mom working, Sis and I had become best friends, unquestionably supporting each other always.

While Sophie had waltzed through high school socially, I had struggled, almost totally unaware of sexual desire until I was struck late in my junior year, my previously repressed testosterone levels now suddenly surging wildly through my young body. Having ignored women outside Mom and Sis until then, I was completely unprepared to compete for their affections, both gawky and shy in any approaches I tried. It was only a couple of days before she was to leave for Champagne that Sophie sat me down one day for a man-to-man talk, as she laughingly called it.

"Ritchie, what's up with you and girls anyway," she started one afternoon.

"What do you mean?" I asked, the blush already spreading across my cheeks.

"Christ, you're eighteen, good looking, smart and have a good body. Even some of my friends got the hots for you. You never go out on dates; you're not gay are you?"

"Are you nuts? Of course not," I protested angrily. "I never was interested in it; I mean sex, until the last few months. Christ, now I'm going crazy. I want to jump on every girl at school I see. It's all I've thought about for weeks. I'm useless though, every time I go to talk to a girl I totally lose it, I act like an idiot. I may have to become a priest," I finished.

"Yeah, Ritchie the priest! Get real. But I don't understand, you talk to Mom and I with no problem, and when my friends come over you talk to them, they all really like you. Cripes, the other day Gina and Jill both told me they thought you were really sexy."

"They did?" I asked dumfounded.

"Yeah. And Gina just broke up with her boyfriend. Why don't you ask her out before she leaves for school?"

"She's older than me. She'd never want to go out with me. Besides, I get nervous, I don't know what to say and I'd end up sounding like a total loser."

"I can't believe it! Sophie Warinski, Miss Personality, has a dork brother. I don't think so! Have you looked in the mirror lately? Everyone's saying it 'Richard Warinski, he's so hot'. I could get you ten dates in five minutes," she finished laughing.

"Have you ever done it?" I asked suddenly.

"Yes," she said grinning, immediately understanding my question, "with three different guys."

"God, I've never even kissed a girl. Did you like it?"

"Yes, don't ever tell anyone, but I loved it! It's the best thing in the world. Geeze, why didn't you tell me your problem before, now I've only got two days to fix you up before I leave for school?"

She all of a sudden sat down in my lap and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Ugh, what are you doing?" I screeched.

"I just wanted to give you your first real kiss," she giggled.

"You're my sister, that doesn't count. In fact, I think it's illegal," I ended.

"Shut up and pay attention! Somebody's got to teach you; I don't want you going out totally unprepared, you'll make an ass of yourself and embarrass the whole Warinski family. I can just see the headline in the school paper, 'Sophie didn't teach her loser brother to kiss properly, he bites three girls by mistake'."

"Ha, ha, ha," I started, but she cut me off by planting her mouth forcefully on mine, and then restlessly moved her moist lips over mine. "Christ," I yelled, pulling back from the first touching of our tongues.

"So, you do like it! A little practice and all those junior ladies are going to be wetting their panties for you Bro."

"They're seniors now sis," I mumbled, almost too stunned to speak, my body reacting wildly to her kiss. Our mouths quickly joined again, long passionate kisses followed in turn by light pecks, Sophie all the while making comments, encouraging and leading. Minutes later we pushed apart, both of us excited by our actions, knowing we had slipped perilously close to forbidden territory.

"I think you can handle the kissing now," she finally panted, "What else don't you know about girls, about sex?"

"Theoretically I know it all, but practically I don't know fuck-all," I answered laughing. "Can I see your breasts, your nipples," I asked mischievously, suddenly brave, not expecting anything but to be told to screw off.

As she sat on my lap facing me, she quickly lifted her tank top over her head, her perfect, ruby-tipped tits unexpectedly exposed, jiggling slowly inches from my chest, from my suddenly nervous hands. "Touch them Ritchie," she insisted excitedly, then taking my hand she guided it slowly over the velvet hills, topped by their excited little buds. "No, Ritchie, not like that, don't hurt me; yes, yes, that's better, oh yes, just like that, again Ritchie, oh please, yes kiss them, more, uh ummmm, oh fuck, I love the feel of your lips sucking me. God, yesssss, I wish I was full of milk and you were drinking from my body, oh baby, it feels so good. Oh suck me Ritchie, suck me hard baby brother," she moaned.

Finally pulling away, I gasped, "I love your breasts Sophie, God, you're so beautiful, so fucking hot. I've always wanted to touch you, always; I dream of you at night, shit, I get hard thinking of you."

Lightly moving one hand across the front of my shorts, she whispered, "Do you masturbate?"

"C'mon Sophie, that's private."

"Not to your sister, it isn't. Lets have it, I want all the details," she insisted, softly caressing. "Let me see it anyway, I want to make sure you're not deformed or something."

"No fucking way," I protested, but at the same time was secretly pleased and excited. I knew immediately that I wanted her to see my penis, to touch it, to hold it. Pretending to argue, I finally undid the top button and lowered my zipper slowly, allowing my hardness to jump into view.

"He's not bad for an eighteen year old," Soph said grinning, but I had seen in her eyes when he first popped out both surprise and desire, and I easily sensed her hunger for him. "Can I touch him?" she asked casually, "I'll be the first women to hold him."

I almost fainted when her fingers first touched me, softly moving from my pubic hair to his now scarlet head, her nails trailing lightly over the surface. "Jesus, Sophie," I wailed, the inevitable pressure building fast in my balls. Her grip tightened and she milked my straining shaft, her hands moving in long hard strokes until at last I exploded, my cum leaping outwards from my body, most landing on her arms and shirt. For seconds we both sat stunned, both understanding our relationship was forever changed, knowing this moment would always be in our minds.

"Well," she eventually sputtered, "I think you're going to be OK with girls next year. Everything seems to work just perfect." And then we both broke out laughing, relieved that we were still able to communicate, that we both saw some humor in the situation.

Two days later Mom and Sophie packed the car and were ready to set out for the drive to Champagne. Before hopping into the car, Soph hugged me, gave me a sisterly kiss and then whispered in my ear that she had left me a present and hoped I liked it. Going back into the house I didn't see anything for me in either my room or Sophie's and wondered if she had been making fun of me. Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang, and when I opened it I found Sophie's best friend Gina smiling on the porch. "Present for Mr. Ritchie Warinski," she sang, opening her overcoat to reveal her naked, nubile, young body.

For the two and a half days Mom was away, Gina taught me everything she knew and then we both taught each other some new things we didn't know we knew. I was now a man, and even though very sad to see Gina leave for school a week later, I knew she and Sophie had prepared me for my senior year, at last I was ready for my sweet little classmates.

During the fall term everyone noticed; I was no longer the shy, nerdy, thin but relatively attractive guy; I had morphed into a friendly and confident man, suddenly chased by various girls. Mom became aware of my new popularity and being worried, sat me down one day in mid November, wanting to make sure I knew which end was up. "I probably should have talked to you before," she started, "but you didn't seem too interested in sex and I've put it off. I just want to let you know what's right and wrong, and what's safe etc.," she continued, clearly not relishing have to explain the facts of life to her son.

"I pretty much know all about it Mom," I responded, as embarrassed as her, "Sophie sort of gave me a talk, a little course, before she left."

"Good, I hoped that would work."

"You two set me up?" I asked.

"No, no. We were just both a little worried about you, your not dating, you know."

"It's okay Mom. She actually really helped me."

"Do you understand about Aids, about diseases, about getting a girl pregnant? One of these days you're going to sleep with a woman, do you want to know anything?" As she asked these questions, she noticed my sudden blushing, so demanded quickly, "Are you still a virgin? Have you slept with a girl already?"

After much cajoling she finally got the story of Sophie's present, about my days in the arms of Gina.

"That little slut," she began, but then laughingly added, "Sophie, I never should have trusted her with my worries. I should have known she'd set up something like that. And so how did you like it?"

"I'm definitely not gay Mom! But now Gina's gone. I'm dating lots, but it's not that easy sleeping with a girl these days," I complained.

"You'll manage," she said grinning, while mussing my hair. "But don't get a girl pregnant or I'll kill you," she warned, while slapping a twelve pack of condoms into my palm.

"Mum! Geeze!" I blurted, more than a little surprised by her actions. "What are these anyway?" I asked slyly, clearly ready to embarrass her a little more.

"I think that's enough for tonight son," she ended firmly, not prepared to take any more sass from me.

Christmas came and luckily Gina came home and was still interested in her high school senior. She benefited from my almost four months of sexual abstinence; we seemed to fuck non-stop for the ten days she was home. Sophie, of course, was also home and although she seemed somewhat withdrawn, Mom and I missed the signals she was sending us. It was not until the second week of March, when Sophie was home for Spring Break, that the shit hit the proverbial fan.

I woke up about three in the morning of Sophie's second night home, loud yelling voices rousing me from a deep sleep. Worried, I hurried to pull a pair of white boxers over my naked form, and then rushed toward the sound, which seemed to be coming from Mom's room. Just as I arrived at the door I recognized the voices as Mom's and Sophia's, clearly the two were arguing fiercely. My hand on the doorknob, I hesitated, surprised the two were arguing, they had never raised their voices to each other in my memory. And then I heard Mom wail, "You stupid cow, what the hell were you thinking, are thinking now? Do you want to ruin your Goddamn life? You can't have a baby now!"

As I heard the last line, I tumbled through the door, staggered by her words. Standing open mouthed, looking from one to the other, Mom lashed out, saying to me, "God what the hell do you want?" before sinking back on her bed sobbing.

"Mom, what's wrong? Don't cry Mom," I begged, helpless before her tears, the first I had ever seen her shed.

"Your idiot sister has decided to ruin her life, that's all," Mom gasped, "She's decided to drop out of school and have a fatherless baby."

Sitting next to her on the bed and drawing her head to my chest, I whispered in her ear, "Mom, mom it's okay, don't worry, we'll fix it, everything's going to work out." While I stroked her hair I extended my other arm to Sis, and after gently pulling her down next to me, I asked, "Is it true? You're going to have a baby? When? How? I'm going to be an uncle? Excellent!"

Nodding, Soph curled up in my arm facing her Mother, and soon the three of us were hugging each other ferociously, the angry words forgotten in our love for each other. Finally I stood and gently escorted Sophie to her room, telling her as we walked that I'd go back and talk to Mom but that I expected the full story the next morning.

"Thanks Ritchie, for everything, you're a great brother." Smiling, she leaned over and gave me a long, tongue filled, unsisterly kiss and added, "And you look pretty sexy in your white boxers, very, very sexy. Gina wrote me a long letter about you two, you know." As her door shut, I stood bemused in the hall, the memories of her body, her lush breasts echoing in my brain.

I found Mom lying on her side on her bed, crying silently, her body shaking convulsively. Lying next her and wrapping my arms around her, I softly talked, trying to convince her that all would turn out well.

"Oh Ritchie, I just want her to do well, better than I did. I love you two so much. She's so smart, she just can't quit school, there are so many things she can do with her life."

"She's not quitting school Mom, I promise you that. And what are you talking about, you've done incredibly well. We'll talk tomorrow." I held her in my arms until her sobs subsided, and after ten more minutes, I felt her breathing drift into the slow cadence of sleep. As she slept, her thin, short nightgown the only separation between her back and my bare chest, her rear end fitting against my groin, I felt a sexual stirring, a feeling I had never felt before for my mother was suddenly aroused.

Unable to fall asleep, I moved my hands, softly exploring and caressing her breasts, breasts larger and heavier than her daughter's. Slipping my fingers under the soft cloth, I teased her nipples lightly, nipples which quickly rose to my touch. Slipping my penis through the hole in my shorts, I rubbed the firm shaft up the crack in her ass, a finger exploring her already damp pussy, an unbelievable hunger driving me forward. Only a loud groan from Mom as she shifted her body in sleep brought me back to an awareness of where I was and who I was with. Moving rapidly away from her I realized suddenly how close I had come to driving my big shaft deep into the channel that had borne me.

Until I finally fell asleep, I lay next to her, one of my arms and legs just lightly touching her, my hand gently stroking my meat. When I woke up the next morning, alone in her bed, I wondered what she had thought waking next to her son, his large cock flapping outside his shorts, evidence of my ejaculation on the front of my shorts and my bare stomach.

The three of us spent the next two days talking, discussing various possible plans for Sophie's pregnancy and schooling. She was adamant that she was going to have her daughter (tests at school in Champagne had confirmed the baby's sex), and that she was going to raise her. She apparently had gotten pregnant in early October and was now five months gone, her child due about mid-July. She wouldn't tell us who the father was, just saying he was a good looking, smart junior, a one night stand, a man she had no interest in seeing again. Her line to the two of us that, "He was a great fuck but that's all," stopped any further discussion, both Mom and I recognizing that the father wasn't going to be a part of the solution.

We finally agreed that Sophie would finish her year at the U of Illinois (something she said she'd have no trouble doing – her last exams were early May), and then come home for the birth. After a couple of phone calls we found that her State Scholarship was transferable within state, and so it was decided she'd transfer to the University of Chicago for next year and live at home with Mom. I insisted I'd stay home too; while I had planned to go East for school and already had acceptances to Penn and Dartmouth, I had also applied to and been early accepted to Northwestern.

"I don't want you staying home because of me," Sophie had stated. "I know you want to go East; you shouldn't live at home when you're at University." Mom had agreed with Sophie, insisting that the two of them could handle it by themselves.

"I'm staying!" I told them, and they understood instantly from my tone and manner that the issue was decided. It was great fun the rest of the week Sophie was home, the big decision had been made and now we had a million small things to discuss and plan. I felt an incredible joy putting my hand or cheek against her stomach, knowing a new family member would be soon here. The last night of her stay, as the three of us sat around the den, laughing and talking, enjoying our closeness, our love, Sophie, grinning, blurted out, "Mom, it certainly took an extreme measure to finally get my breasts as big as yours."

And in a way it was true. Sis had had perfect tits, medium size, upraised and pointed, but they had been a good cup size smaller than Mom's rounder, fuller but still firm orbs. Now, with her pregnancy, Soph was overflowing from the top bought for her pre pregnancy size. "I can't wait to feel her sucking my milk, growing from the food I provide her," she gushed. "How long did you suckle me Mom?" she asked.

"Seven months," Mom answered, smiling happily as she relieved the memory.

"What about me?" I asked innocently.

Blushing, clearly embarrassed by the question, Mom said, "Only three weeks," and as she continued, explaining the reason why she wasn't able to suckle me long, I tuned out, crushed by her response.

Finally I sputtered, "But Christ Mom, I needed that milk... I might have gotten sick or not grown right, that's probably why I developed sexually late...., maybe I'm not as smart as I could have been..."

As I continued to mutter, the two women started to laugh, thinking I was joking, not comprehending how strangely Mom's confession had affected me. "You look like you did all right honey," Mom started, mussing my hair as she talked. "Eighteen years old, 6' 2", one-eighty, scholarship student, the girls love you, what else could you want?" After not being able to lighten my mood for some minutes they eventually realized I was somehow inexplicably hurt by the admission. Grinning, Sophie said, "Alright little brother, if you're so upset by not getting your mommies milk, I promise you I'll give you some of mine. When does my milk start flowing anyway Mom?"

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
"You can and should start feeding in the first hours after birth. Initially you produce colostrums, thinner than milk and yellowish, but full of good antibiotics for your baby. Within a week you are producing milk that is rich enough to sustain your baby."

"OK, Ritchie, about July 17th you can have a drink of your sweet sisters milk. Will I produce enough for two, Mom?"

"Don't give your brother any more stupid ideas Sophie! But for your info, your breasts do produce more as the demand grows; it's sorta of like 'the more taken the more available'. You'll have lots for your daughter."

Although Mom had pooh-pawed the idea, as soon as Sis had suggested my drinking her milk, the idea had taken hold, and somehow I knew, and I think Sophie also knew, that soon I would be sucking milk from her beautiful breasts. Knowing this I let the subject drop and the three of us spent the rest of the night happily together.

Around two a.m. in the morning I rose naked from my bed, and moved silently to Sophie's bedside. Lifting aside the thin sheet covering her, I gazed hungrily at her body, and then slipped onto the bed beside her. After softly caressing her growing mounds for minutes, I then lowered my lips over her now erect nipple. As I sucked I felt her stiffen, slowly roused, "Ritchie, is that you? Oh God, yes, oh suck me hard," she urged. "Oh fuck Ritchie, I can't wait to feed you my milk," she added, panting now as my lips insistently sucked on first one, then her other nipple.

Later, as we lay panting, side by side on our backs, lightly touching, she tentatively moved her fingers to my groin. Grasping my shaft firmly she moved her head downwards, and just before she lowered her lips over its large top, she said, "I think its time I repaid the favor."

Of course, I had already been sucked by Gina, and another of my dates had given me a blow job in the back of her daddy's car, but this was altogether different. As soon as I felt her teeth lightly moving over my shaft as she took me in, her tongue lapping eagerly as he passed, my now impossibly big penis exploded, filling her mouth with a flood of my semen. As strands of white fluid leaked from her lips she quickly rose and kissing me deeply shared her meal, the taste of my cum being delivered by Sophie's tongue, doubly exciting.

"Well Ritchie, as long as you feed me I'll feed you," she said smiling, "And now I want to feel your beautiful fat cock in my cunt. I hope you're capable bro, my pussy is dripping for him."

Instantly hard, my boner straining upward, I whispered, "But is it possible for you to have sex Sophie? You're five months pregnant. Is it OK for you?" Her only answer was to swing her legs over me, and then drop her liquid center onto my hardness. Minute after minute she rode me, moving urgently, demanding with every downward stroke a total penetration, a complete filling of her depths. Finally, as shudders started to radiate outward from her centre, and as pressure in my balls produced the inevitable explosion of ejaculate, she leaned over and our lips met.

After the tremors of our mutual orgasms had passed, she lay quietly on my chest, my now semi-erect penis still partly in her. As we stared lovingly deep into each others eyes, I started to tell her how much I loved her, how much I needed her.

"Shhhh, you don't have to say anything Ritchie, I understand."

"I got to say it Soph. Listen, you know I've been with Gina, a couple of others, I liked it, but shit, it wasn't the same, not even close. I love you, always will. I don't know, maybe you feel different, but you are all I ever wanted, all I'll ever want. Last year, fuck, I dreamt of you every night, I hated the thought of you with another man, I always wanted it to be me, God I was..."

"You! What about me. Fuck. After I left you last fall I cried, I cried almost the whole way to Champagne. Mom was trying to reassure me that I'd like University; she thought I was upset about leaving home. I was crying because I sent Gina to you, I kept seeing you two in my mind, kissing, sucking, touching, fucking...Christ, I wanted Mom to turn around, I wanted to come home and make love with you.... I thought I had lost you for ever. At Christmas, shit, I was pregnant and you were screwing Gina, I almost died. If you want me, I'm yours for ever," she finished, sobbing in joy as we embraced.

I slipped out of her bed at five in the morning, and later that morning, as her ride to school picked her up, we both smiled, happier than we had ever been, knowing we would always be together.

As the weeks passed, Mom and I had a great time, making lists of all the things we had to get done before the birth and slowly working through the items. Mom, although originally distraught at Sophie's news, was now looking forward to the new family member with great eagerness. The one thorn in the ointment was my continual revisiting of my lack of my Mother's milk and finally I realized she was getting a little pissed off at my questions. I stopped mentioning it to her to keep peace in the house, but I was still interested in the subject and spent hours on the internet researching lactation, breast feeding and future health, and anything else I could find on the subject.

My sex life was also pitiable, as although girls were approaching me all the time, I got home from every date frustrated. Once you've had sexual intercourse its difficult to play all the little games teenage girls demand, 'yes that's okay', 'no not tonight', touch her breast but don't kiss them, she'll stroke your cock through your pants one night, the next no, etc., etc.

Finally, on a Friday night in mid April, I blew up at my latest date. Laura had the hottest body in the class but was the master of yes-no, go-stop, oh I love it-you pig school of teen cockteasing. After a movie, and a couple of drinks and some dancing at the local bar, we ended up at one a.m. in her living room necking. We were both hot, her body's reactions showing her hunger for me. And yet, as my hand moved to her breast, a breast she had been pushing into my body all night, she protested, 'Oh Ritchie no, not tonight'. Pissed I just walked out on her and downed two beers in my car before driving home.

Arriving home, high but not drunk, I stripped down and grabbed a shower, wanting to clear my head before sleep. Walking back to my room, covered with just a small towel around my waist, I heard Mom call out, "Ritchie, is that you? How was your date?"

I entered Mom's room to find her sitting up in bed, reading by a bed lamp, her body covered with an almost transparent silk slip. "Hi Mom," I said as I sat down on the edge of her bed, "If you must ask, it was shitty, that bitch is a real cocktease."

"Ritchie!!! Don't ever talk like that to me. Are you drunk Ritchie?"

"No, Mom. I just had a couple of beers, I'm sorry about the language. I'm just tired of the bullshit, that's all," I finished, putting one arm around her and laying my head on her shoulder. I then told her about my frustration with teen girls and dating. "And Mom, you've got nicer tits than any girl I've been out with this year," I said, as my free hand went to her breasts and quickly moved over their surfaces.

"Ritchie, no, stop it, stop it right now," she insisted shrilly.

"Oh Mommy, please, let me see them, touch them, suck them," I pled, still caressing, and finding her nipples erect, moved both hands quickly to the hem of her short slip, which I rapidly raised over her head. Naked except for matching white panties, Mom blushed, momentarily too shocked to protest. Immediately I had one of her breasts in my left hand and the other between my lips as my right hand gently moved caressingly through her hair. At first she struggled against my hands, mouth, but slowly lay back, letting me suckle, her enjoyment of my touches only indicated by a soft purring like noise that rose from deep inside her.

After spending more than ten minutes sucking each breast I fell back, strangely satisfied, almost ecstatic. Lying beside her, I finally told her, "Thanks Mom, I love you, you know. Christ, and to think I could have done that for six months."

"Don't start Ritchie, just don't," she warned.

"Can I ask you something Mom? And you won't get mad?" Seeing her nod, I continued, "What do you do for sex? I mean you're a really beautiful woman but you don't seem to go out with anyone. I never really noticed until the last six months but you're so beautiful, so sexy. You must like it? Even all my friends think you're hot."

"They do! Who?"

"Christ they all do. You know, Jimmy and Bill were over the other day when you were dressed in shorts and t-shirt. The whole way over to the field afterwards they were talking about how sexy you were, how hard they got whenever you were around. I had to threaten to thump them before I got them to shut up about you. You even make me hard, look," I finished, pointing at my rampant penis, proudly standing.

"It's been hard Ritchie," she began, tears in her eyes, "I loved sex with your Dad. He was my first lover, you know, I never would have cheated on him. Then he left, with that slut, bimbo Dental Assistant; I could have killed them both. Then I didn't have many chances, I was working and I had you two. I didn't have a lot of opportunities to go partying on a Friday or Saturday night."

"Geez, I'm really sorry Mom. You should have told us."

"Ya, right, I'm going to tell my teenage kids, 'Oh, Mommy's off to get laid, go to bed early children'. Actually, it wasn't that bad. I did get have a few flings over the years."

"Who with?" I demanded.

"One thing I can teach you Ritchie. Don't talk to others about who you've slept with. It's your business and your lovers, no ones else. Understand?"

"Yeah, I got it Mom." And then as Mom watched spellbound, I moved my hand down to my shaft and slowly started to stroke him.


Taking her hand gently in mine, I moved it so that she was touching him, not helping but not fighting the contact. "Mom, I'm so Goddamn horny I'm going to come with your help or without. Pleassse..."

Saying nothing, she finally bent to the task, one hand manipulating my balls as her other caressed my shaft, concentrating as she worked. Again and again she brought me to just short of climax, each time bringing me down before that incredible rush up my shaft could start. Finally, after what seemed like an hour of non stop ecstasy, I exploded, with strings of hot cum spouting upward before falling back onto my chest and stomach. As she milked the last drops from him, she exhaled, simply saying, "He's so beautiful," and then kissed his tip once lightly.

As I lay on my back, pools of cum forming on my body, Mom moved to clean me with a corner of the sheet. "No, its okay Mom, let me," I said and then dipped a finger and brought it to my lips. As a second finger full slowly slipped into my mouth, I felt her tongue flickering across my nipple, drawing my seed into her mouth. As I lay still, her tongue moved all over my body, cleaning, swallowing, until she finally took my semi-hard shaft into her mouth and licked him clean.

Later, as we lay comfortably in each others arms I asked her, "Can I do something for you now Mom? I want to please you like you pleased me."

"No, no, I'm fine," she said reddening, "I think its time for sleep now. But thank you Ritchie, I loved what we did tonight, no regret at all. I love you son but you know we can't do this again."

We slept in each others arms that night, and notwithstanding Mom's last words, we both knew there would be more nights like this one; our sexual delight in the other was too strong to deny.

Three Fridays later, in early May, just days before Sophie's return from school, I again had another frustrating date with Laura. Arriving home late, about 2:30 p.m., and pissed off, I showered quickly and then went looking for Mom, my penis already three-quarters hard. There was no sound from her room or light under her door, but I entered her bedroom anyway, naked, ready to overcome any protests she might have. The hall light behind me combined with lights from the street gave me enough illumination to see Mom, who was lying naked on top of her sheets, her skin gleaming under the warmth of an early Chicago heat wave.

Swiftly crossing the distance to her bed, I joined her, and suspending myself on knees and elbows just inches above body, I ran my hands gently over her, quickly finding and then entering her pussy with first one and then a second finger. I found her already moist, and knew she had been dreaming of sex before my arrival. Not willing to wait a second longer, I spread her thighs wide with my hands and then brought my penis to her gateway, its big head throbbing in anticipation. I plunging deeply, and even asleep it seemed Mom's cunt was welcoming me eagerly, wanting my hardness to fill her.

As I pulled almost completely out and then stroked deeply into her for the second time she awoke, instantly aware of the violation of her body. I could see the emotions rapidly flash across her eyes, first surprise, then fear and then recognition. As we stared at each other I finally saw in them her acceptance and happiness seconds before she said, "Oh, Ritchie, oh yes Ritchie, make love to your Mommy, yes baby, fuck mommy." It was over almost too soon, our mutual excitement driving us quickly to orgasm as Mom's loud cries of delight echoed through the house.

Still hard and deeply embedded in her still vibrating pussy, I started to move again, this time slowly working her, hoping to prolong our pleasure. There was no question if I was satisfying her as soon Mom's grunts and moans and cries and screams rocked the room, her noises the deep, guttural sounds of animal pleasure. A third and then fourth time we came together, and each time our lovemaking lasted a little longer, almost impossibly our orgasms seemed more earth shattering.

Lying side-by-side I finally said, "Jesus Mom, I definitely think you've been going way, way too long between fucks. Christ, I can't believe how hot you are. We better hope the walls are soundproof or the police will be here any minute. Have you always been so hot? So noisy? So sexy? Christ, I forgive you for not suckling me."

"Oh Baby, I didn't know. I never guessed. I liked it with your Dad but shit, it wasn't even close to this. Hell, thirty-eight years old and I finally get properly fucked. Oh, let me see your beautiful prick. I want to touch him, and kiss him, and lick him," she finished, now laughing happily. She sucked me eagerly, not willing to stop until I had come in her mouth, grinning as she swallowed my seed.

In the days that followed we spent all our free time making love. We made love in the morning before I left for school and she for work; we fucked before, sometimes during and then after dinner; and then we retired to bed for the rest of the night, exploring each other's body endlessly. The day before Sophie's return I told Mom how Soph and I had had sex at Easter and how much we loved each other, and that she would have to share me with her daughter. "Good," she said, surprising me, "we all belong together. I was worried about what Sophie would think, whether she'd want to stay with us when she found out."

Two nights later, naked, I entered Sophie's room as she lay reading in bed. "Ritchie, oh goody, get in," she said, pulling down the sheet to welcome me.

Bending down, I lifted her off the bed, and as her arms went around my head, she looked at me quizzically, obviously surprised by my action. "We're going to Mom's bed tonight Sis," I started, smiling as I carried her down the hall.

"But Ritchie, what's going on, please, not in Mom's room," she protested, "She'll kill us, she can't know about us..."

"Shhhh, don't worry," I said, opening Mom's door and carrying my naked sister to the bed, where I deposited her next to Mom, also naked. After giving Sophie a long, passionate, tongue filled kiss, I turned to Mom, and knelt between her legs. After quickly lifting her butt up and off the bed, I entered her as I pulled her toward me. Mom's gasp of pleasure was echoed by Sophie's cry of protest as I pumped my piston impatiently into Mom's delicious cunt.

"Mmmmooootherrr, what are you doing?" finally escaped from Sophie's lips, an expression of pure astonishment on her face. She watched as we fucked, our noises ringing through the room, and finally I could see her touch herself, her breasts and her clit, as Mom and I climaxed noisily.

Smiling, Mom reached over and slowly caressed Sophie's cheek, whispering softly to her, "I seduced your baby brother honey. I hope you don't mind but I just love his big hard cock in me. Feel how nice he is," she continued, taking Sophie's hand and placing it around my again hard shaft.

"But Mom!" she started to protest, a protest that was immediately stopped by first my lips and then Mom's. As Sophie involuntarily began to respond to Mom's kisses, to her tongue, I lowered my lips to her breasts, drawing each of her now large nipples in turn into my mouth. Soon the two of us had Sophie panting and groaning, her body thrashing in joy from our ministrations. "Oh fuck, yesssss," she screamed as her climax shook her.

We slept together that night; Sophie nestled softly between her Mother and I. Waking the next morning there was no uneasiness between us, it was as if we had always known subconsciously that we were made for each other, that somehow our threesome was natural and had finally made us complete. For the next two months we slept together, our sexual couplings only held somewhat in check by Sophie's pregnancy. The excitement of the coming birth also captivated us and as the big day approached our nervousness increased.

Sophie, after much discussion, had finally convinced her doctor to allow Mom and I attend the birth and at 5:25 a.m. on July 11th Katrina Eva Warinski was born, all 8 pounds, three ounces of her. Watching her head emerge from Sophie's loins was the most awesome thing I had ever seen, and I knew that I would always protect this beautiful child with my life. I had immediately become her Big Brother, Uncle, Father and Protector all rolled into one, and ultimate misery awaited the person who hurt her.

An hour later while sitting in Sis's hospital room, watching Sophie with Katie sucking eagerly at her breast, I had to restrain myself from joining my little niece. My cock throbbed almost painfully as Katie fed, her tiny lips feeding hungrily. That night at home, I made love to Mom like a man possessed, images of Sophie's milky breasts driving me to sexual heights I had never approached before. Two days later Sophie and Katie came home and I hovered around the two, anticipating their feedings, rapt as I watched.

Her sixth night home, Sophie joined Mom and I in bed, and fed her daughter while sitting between us. After finishing and slipping Katie back into her crib at the foot of the bed, she crawled back between us and whispered to me, "I have lots left Ritchie, suck me, suck your big sisters milk," while offering one of her fat nipples to me. I instantly drew it between my lips, so eager to finally taste her. As the first stream of Sophie's sweet milk splashed onto my tongue, and down my throat, my penis rose into a huge erection, so powerful that I could feel the blood flooding into it.

While shifting to the other nipple, I asked Sis if I had been doing it OK, and seeing her nod I moved to it, while begging Mom, "Suck me Mom, oh please suck my big cock while I drink from Sophie." While Sophie caressed my balls and Mom took me deeply into her throat I fed, swallowing her golden elixir. After spurting copiously between Mom's vacuum like lips, I fell back from Sophie, her hot milk dripping down my chin. Mom kissed Sis deeply, clearly sharing my big load of cum with her smiling daughter.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
This was just the first night of our sexual unions that included Sophie's milk. Soon I was fucking Mom, her cries echoing throughout the house, as I suckled at Sis's breast. Then, later Mom joined me at her daughter's breasts, both of us sucking, drinking as my penis pounded deeply into Mom. Sophie also insisted that she swallow me every night, laughingly arguing it was good for her health, that my sperm was full of essential vitamins, proteins, etc. Soon Sophie was ready for the feel of a hard cock and loved feeling me in her as Mom and I suckled.

We lived this way for eleven months, right into June of this year. Both Sophie and I did well at our respective schools this past year, but both look forward to a break this summer. Katie is perfect, healthy and loving, perhaps the best baby ever born, although her proud uncle may be slightly prejudiced when it comes to her. Mom wanted Sophie to wean her child (and us also) and finally convinced her in mid-June when she came up with a strange proposal.

"I've read all the stuff on the web about lactation that Ritchie found," she began, "And I've decided to try 'induced lactation', I want my little baby boy to finally taste his Mommy."

Both Sophie and I argued with Mom, telling her she was too old, it was too hard, she'd never be able to do it, etc., etc., but our arguments only made her more convinced of her plan. With advice from her doctor (yes, it was OK to try, but don't expect complete success), she started a regime, using a breast pump and certain drugs to induce lactation. As Sophie weaned us all the last couple of weeks, I wondered if Mom could ever produce even a little drink for her son, and was surprised and delighted to see her breasts grow ever larger, her nipples thicken, knowing that I would be fed again. Last night as I pumped furiously into her furiously gripping cunt, I tasted my Mom's delicious milk for the first time in nineteen years.

Making love to a woman as you suckle at her breast is an indescribable pleasure, and to do it with your sister, your mother, is doubly so. I know I won't have long to enjoy this new delight with Mom, and that it may be a couple of years before I drink again from Sophie's luscious orbs, but it has become a part of our sexual history and our love. I wrote this tale so that hopefully some of my readers will enjoy this almost ultimate gratification in the future. Good luck, there's nothing better than your Mother's and Sister's milk.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
I was sitting on the high lifeguard chair, looking through my wraparound sunglasses at the collection of half-naked female bodies displayed around the pool, trying to pay attention to what was going on in the water and also trying to keep my boner from poking out of my suit. Both tasks were extremely hard, as was my penis. There was a bevy of teenaged cuties, all wearing tiny little bikinis in a variety of colors, tittering on the grass opposite my stand. Since the pool was only 10 by 25 meters, they weren't that far away. Most of them were 17 or 18. A few were as young as 14. Jail bait. But still decidedly female.

I had just finished my first year of graduate school and I was 22 years old. I was in great physical shape and I had a tan beyond compare. I had moved out of my parents' home and had an apartment with three other guys, so my social live was my own. Life was good.

My high school years had been a social disaster. I was uncoordinated and I was so thin I looked like a scarecrow. Then during my freshman year of college I had begun to fill out, and throughout college I worked out on a regular basis. Today my body captured the obvious interest of the girls, and they found reasons to come over and talk to me. In the process they gave me great looks at their breasts, and occasionally their nipples. Then they would giggle when they saw the predictable reaction in my crotch.

They would also sit across from me holding their knees up and apart, causing their pussy slits to be clearly defined as the thin fabric of their suits pulled tight, squeezing their labia apart. Teasing the lifeguard had become a daily game. Life was indeed good.

I had joined a fraternity when I went to college, and when the brothers found out that I was a virgin, they determined that the reputation of the house was at stake, so they got me sex lessons. Her nickname was Bubbles, and it was postulated that she could seduce the Pope. One Friday night at a party, the brothers got me drunk, then left me alone in a motel room with Bubbles. When I came staggering back to the fraternity on Sunday evening, there was pussy juice on my face, cum stains on my clothes, and a self-satisfied grin on my face. The brothers cheered and applauded, then threw me in the shower.

Besides learning about sex that year, I also took a course to become certified as a lifeguard, and I was hired by the local country club, a place frequented by the local high and mighty. My family wasn't even close to qualifying for membership, but I had the run of the pool and other facilities, and I got to ogle the prime pussy sired by the local rich. I had fun passing the time by imagining that various of the girls who were teasing me were in a motel room with me and I was applying the lessons that Bubbles had so enthusiastically imparted.

Throughout college I had worked every summer as a lifeguard at this pool. Now I was back guarding again, probably for the last time. The club's main building had burned down during the winter, and construction people were clearing the site to build another. There was a temporary building used as a pro shop for golf, and there were several portable toilets. And of course there was the pool. It sat atop a hill, with the temporary pro shop about a hundred yards away, lower and to the north. To the west was the mess of the clubhouse, about 100 feet away. The absence of a real clubhouse kept attendance at the pool down, so I had lots of time to ogle the women around the pool. And they paid me to do it! Life was, well, really good!

My reverie was interrupted by Mike, the pool manager, who took my place on the high stand and motioned to me to get down. I moved to a low chair near the baby's end of the pool, displacing Ken, our third guard, who went on break. I watched the ten or so really small children who were splashing in the relatively shallow water. Behind me was a cluster of young, rich, married "trophy wives," most in their 20's, whose kids I was supposedly protecting.

I could hear snippets of conversations about things that didn't interest me at all. Every so often something spicy was said, and I payed more attention. I learned that several of the husbands were less than faithful, and that many of the wives, in spite of having small children, really weren't getting enough attention in the bedroom. At least those topics kept me awake! But I wasn't getting any action, either.

Suddenly a little boy lost his balance and fell face-down in the water and couldn't right himself. I immediately jumped into the pool, picked him up and plopped him on the side, then comforted him and told him that everything was fine. He began to bawl. His mother, a new member named Mrs. Johnson, came funning up, terror on her face, then she saw that everything was OK. Mrs. Johnson looked really good in a white bikini, particularly since she was the mother of a boy barely a year old.

She stood over us but let me calm and comfort her son, which I managed to do. When the tears stopped, he finally saw his mother. He reached up calling "Mommy!" as only little kids can do, and she bent down and picked him up in her arms. I caught a quick flash of a bare tit on a pair wonderful breasts as Mrs. Johnson bent at the waist, and then I had no choice but to shift my gaze to the dark pubic hairs sneaking out from the sides of her bikini bottoms.

Ogling Mrs. Johnson had given me an immediate and raging erection, and I stayed in the water to hide it. She squatted on the side of the pool, giving me a wonderfully clear view of her labia through the fabric covering her crotch. I could have hammered nails with my penis. She thanked me for saving her son and for being so gentle with him. My voice failed me, so I just nodded to her.

Then she wrinkled her forehead and stared at me for a moment as if she knew me from somewhere. After a few seconds she smiled, thanked me again, stood up, and carried her toddler back to her blanket. My balls were throbbing and my suit was tented. I stayed in the pool. I heard a few whispers from the mothers, and my name was mentioned.

When I was sufficiently relaxed, I climbed out the pool and returned to my chair and began watching the little children again. I had completely forgotten the Johnson kid when Mrs. Johnson pulled up a chair and sat down beside me. She put her hand on my biceps. "I just want to thank you again for being so wonderful with Richard Junior." She said. "He's not afraid of the water at all, thanks to you, and the only reason he's not back in the pool is because he's napping under our umbrella." She looked at me as if I were supposed to say something.

"No trouble, Mrs. Johnson. That's what we're her for." As I turned from her to watch the pool again, she gently rubbed the muscles on my arm and said, "I'll bet you don't remember me, Don. I'm married now, but I was Miss Lewis, your tenth-grade English teacher! I remember you as a shy, skinny kid, but now you've turned into a young hunk! And please call me Connie, not Mrs. Johnson! I think your saving Junior entitles you to at least that much!"

I turned and took a good look at her, and I had to grin. Yes, it really was Miss Lewis, the frequent object of my lust in high school! But I had never seen her body like it was now presented on display!

One thing the guys in the fraternity had taught me was that being bold and confident usually works better with women than does being shy. Even if she was a half- dozen or more years older than I was, I thought it would be fun to try to arouse something besides her maternal instincts. Besides she had already gotten me turned on, and fair is fair, right?

"Thanks for taking pity on a horny 16-year-old and only calling on me when I had my hand up. It was embarrassing when you made me stand up and the whole class could see that I had an erection pushing my pants out. It made the girls giggle and the guys made fun of me." She gave me a pretty smile.

I continued, "I know you saw it too, because you blushed a couple of times when I stood up." I could see the color on her face darken, even under her tan.

Her eyes sparkled and she asked, "Who got you so excited? Was it Karen, that hot little number who wore the tight sweaters?" she teased.

"No, Connie, it was you, and your tight blouses and skirts." I answered truthfully.

She blushed again then squeezed my arm and said, "Don, you are just kidding, right?" She had turned toward me and I had a great view down the soft valley between her ample breasts. I felt my cock beginning to rise and push against my trunks.

"Excuse me, Connie, but I have the same problem I had in your class." I said and nodded my head toward my groin. She turned her head and stared at my crotch and saw my suit tenting higher and higher.

She laughed, deep in her throat. "OK, which of those cute teen sexpots lying across from us are you ogling now? Is it the blond in the tiny black bikini that has you so turned on?"

"No, Connie, I was looking at your breasts, just like I did in class in tenth grade, and that's what happened then, too."

She jerked her hand away from my arm and looked into my face. "Don, take off your sunglasses!" she ordered in her teacher's voice, and I immediately complied. Some reactions are purely automatic.

She stared into my eyes. "Are you telling me you were sexually aroused by me when I was teaching class?" she whispered?

"Yes." I answered, staring into the depths of her dark brown, beautiful eyes. "I would start to hear a roaring in my ears as I watched your breasts move under your blouse, and when you would turn to write on the board and your tight skit would ride up on your behind, I would get hard."

"And right now?" she gasped out.

"Connie, you have the best woman's body at the pool." I said. Her mouth gaped open. "If I look at it for more than a few seconds, my penis starts to get hard."

"But I just had a baby a little over a year ago!" she exclaimed. "And I'm married!"

"Yes, I know about both, but you have obviously worked out and you are now much more voluptuous that you were in high school." I gestured toward her breasts. "I don't remember you being so big!"

That was certainly bold and confident. Would she slap me?

As she glanced down at her bikini top, wet spots instantly appeared and began to spread out around each nipple. Now that was something I hadn't seen before! I could see her blush again. "I'm breast-feeding, and that keeps them much larger than normal. Now, as you plainly see, I'm leaking."

As I stared at her breasts the wet spots spread until most of her bikini top was soaked. Connie was breathing in short, little breaths.

Abruptly she let out a deep sigh, pulled on a heavy white cotton beach jacket which covered her breasts, and went back to her blanket. She started packing her things. I put my sunglasses back on. One of the girls across the pool spotted my erection, and the group of them whispered and giggled as they glanced my way. I was aware of Connie coming back toward me.

"It was nice to see you again, Don, but I think it's time for me to go home." Connie said in a husky voice. "See you tomorrow."

I thought - or imagined - that her crotch was also getting wet, but that was probably just wishful thinking. Besides I still had a hard-on, and guys imagine things when they're in that condition.

I said goodbye to her, and watched as she hitched up her bikini bottoms, picked up her little boy, and carried everything out to her Mercedes convertible. Just before she drove away, I could see her staring back at me. Was I too forward? Did I turn her on or off? Not that it mattered, but heck, it's fun to try, right?

The rest of the day was uneventful, if you can call being teased by nearly naked girls uneventful. It was certainly fun to watch, and my penis went up and down all afternoon, much to the merriment of the pool bunnies.

The next day was clear, hot, and sunny. I cleaned and opened the pool and had the first shift in the high stand. Connie and her little boy arrived almost immediately, and she said "Hi!" to me as she signed them in on the clipboard under my chair.

"Unless you have two suits that are identical, it would appear that you got the milk washed out of that one!" I commented, obviously in poor taste.

"Pay attention to the pool, not my boobs!" She responded. But she grinned, too.

Then she set up her blanket and umbrella directly across the pool from me. As I watched her rubbing lotion all over her body, I imagined that my hands were doing it, and she suddenly looked over at me and grinned as if she had read my thoughts. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the left leg of my trunks rising. Odd, I mused. It's usually dressed to the right. Well, too late to do anything about it now!

While Junior played under the umbrella, Connie lay in the sun on her back. Her feet were fairly wide apart and she was giving me a direct crotch-shot. As she lay there, sweat began to roll off her, and her bikini bottom gradually got wet. It also clung closer to her, and I began to see the outline of her labia through the now nearly transparent material.

I got a harder erection, and I had trouble watching the pool. Every time I looked over at her, I could see her slit more clearly, even though she was about 35 feet away. Her entire public thatch and her pink lips hiding within were clearly exposed as she sweat.

After about twenty minutes she rolled over onto her stomach, and untied her top so that there wouldn't be any tan lines. Her crotch continued to get wet from her dripping sweat, and with her legs wide apart and with her sweaty bikini bottom clinging tightly to the crack in her ass, she looked naked.

I was so hard that getting out of the stand to save someone would have been difficult. The head of my penis had lifted one leg of my suit, and even though I was wearing a jock, anyone across the pool who looked at my crotch would see that I was really aroused.

That someone was Connie. She changed her sun angle and moved around on her towel so that her head was facing directly at me. She didn't retie her top, but just clutched it to her breasts as she moved. I watched her move, hoping her tits would show.

As she settled down, something caused her to look up and over at me, and I got a great view of her breasts. She saw my erection, grinned, and giggled. I could clearly see her nipples as her breasts shook. I thought I was going to explode into my suit. My "old" English teacher was giving me a Sex Education tease! Surely it was accidental!

Fortunately some 13-year-old boys began to act up, and I spent the next half hour or so controlling them with my whistle and stern words. When I looked over at Connie again, she was on her back with her head toward me, with her suit still untied. As I watched, she rubbed suntan lotion all over the tops of her breasts. My erection came raging back. When my shift in the high stand was over, I had a hell of a time getting down without exposing myself.

This routine went on for nearly two weeks. Other than when she was playing with her son in the shallow end, Connie seemed to be teasing me - not that I minded - and looking at my crotch. Well, I was looking at hers, too, and I could visualize every inch of it, not that much was left to the imagination.

Each day when I moved to the chair next to the baby end, Connie always managed to sit down and talk for a few minutes. I certainly enjoyed looking at her up close. Her face and body elicited an incredible, primitive reaction in me, not unlike the ones I had felt toward her in high school, but now more mature. I wanted her. Badly. Even if she was married with a child. Me male. She female. Mate!

A fringe benefit of Connie's company was the attention the other young mothers began giving me, too. Apparently the young, rich women at the Country Club liked checking out the lifeguard. I certainly didn't mind. They all had reasonable sexy bodies, and they were obviously sexually sophisticated, unlike the pool bunnies lying on the grass on the other side. Several of the wives showed me lots of cleavage, and they pretended not to notice me looking at their exposed nipples.

Every evening after we closed the pool I worked out with weights, ran two miles cross-country, and then swam a mile in the pool. I was in great shape, something the pool mothers' husbands obviously weren't. I was a mesomorph, and all of my muscles were well-defined, solid, and firm. I even had a washboard stomach, long before they were called that. I met all of the husbands when they stopped by in their golf outfits to speak to their wives. I could see why they didn't want to wear swimming trunks in public!

Richard, Connie's husband, was about average for the group. He was getting flabby and he had a big belly. But all of these husbands also had lots of money and extremely decorative wives. I mused that there was a lesson in that somewhere.

Two weeks after finding out that Mrs. Johnson was really my "old" English teacher, she came up to me while I was on the high stand and asked, "Don, do you ever do any yard work?"

As I gazed down upon her full breasts and quickly got hard, I asked, "Why? And what kind? Didn't I hear that you say you have a regular gardener?"

"Richard's out of town for a week on business, and there's a lot of work to be done around the outside of the house. Our regular yard man hurt his back, and I wondered if you would like to make some extra money."

When she told me how much - equal to two weeks pay guarding at the pool - I quickly accepted, and we agreed that I would take care of everything later in the week on my day off from pool duty.

Two days later at 8:30 in the morning, following Connie's directions I arrived at the Johnson mansion. It had a 1/4 mile twisting, tree-lined driveway which completely hid the house from the road, and it was situated on at least 10 acres of mostly wooded land. My VW Bug seemed very much out of place as I parked in front next to a new Mercedes and a classic Porsche. At least the cars were all German.

Connie had heard my Bug coming, and she came out of the house carrying Junior on her hip. God she was lovely! She walked me around to the back where there were several garages, one of which contained a riding lawnmower, a push mower, and assorted yard tools. Connie pointed out all the area I was to cut and noted the places where I would have to cut with the push mower. I gassed up the big mower and started in.

The riding mower made quick work of the huge lawn, and I got out the push mower for the more careful work. I was quickly drenched in sweat, but the cutting was easy, and it felt good to work outdoors doing something besides life-guarding. It paid better, too!

Just as I was finishing the grass, Connie called me around back for something to drink. She had made iced tea, and we sat on a terraced patio in the shade of some huge old oak trees while I drank most of a pitcher of the stuff. Some distance from us there was a pool about half the size of the one at the Club. Connie looked wonderful in red, tight, stretchy shorts and a loose white top with snaps down the front. I could see the motion of her breasts as she moved, so she was obviously braless. She gave me her teacher's disapproving look when she saw where I was staring.

Junior never strayed far from his mother. Abruptly he climbed into Connie's lap, began to pull at her top, and said, "Yummies!"

Connie blushed. "That's his word for nursing. I'll take him inside." She started to get up.

"Connie, just nurse him here. It's no big deal!" Well, that was a lie and she knew it, but I thought I'd see if I could get her to bare her breasts in front of me.

She blushed. "I couldn't! Not in front of one of my students!"

"I haven't been one of your students for several years." I reminded her. "Besides, I've seen lots of women's breasts, but I've never seen one used as nature intended!" "Lots" was probably a slight exaggeration, but Connie didn't know that! Connie was still standing, but she hadn't moved toward the house. As she hesitated, Junior began pulling insistently on her top and getting cranky. "Oh, all right. But please don't take this the wrong way!" she said. Yeah, sure. What's the "wrong way" I wondered. I just wanted to see her tits!

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Connie unsnapped the entire front of her top, exposing most of her torso from her neck to her shorts. The valley between her breasts was completely exposed, and I could see the edges of both areolae. Only friction between her top and her nipples kept her breasts covered.

She pulled her left breast out and Junior latched on. I felt an incredible desire to suck it, too, and a roaring sound in my ears accompanied a quick erection, painful in my tight shorts. Junior immediately began playing with her top, and her right breast popped into view.

I tried to talk, and it took me a couple of tries before anything came out. After I cleared my throat, I said, "I thought most nursing women wore some kind of special bra!" Dumb, but at least I was talking!

Connie blushed again. "My breasts weren't all that large before I had him, and I find nursing easier without having to fumble with a lot of extra snaps. Besides the nursing bras were uncomfortable."

"Works for me!" I said and she scowled at me, then chuckled. She muttered something I didn't catch about testosterone. .

I asked, "May I?" and when she didn't object, I leaned in for a closer look. There was Junior, sucking on one magnificent breast while he slapped his hand against the other, fully exposed one.

Biology got the better of me and my stiff penis began to throb. We were sitting at a glass-topped table, and Connie looked at my crotch as I sat down again. The pulsing bulge down my right leg was unmistakable. She continued to glance at it while Junior nursed. I could feel my balls aching and it felt as if my penis was going to split my pants leg.

After a few minutes of loud sucking, Junior switched nipples, and I got to see Connie's left breast fully exposed with her giant, wet nipple sticking out. "I would have creamed my jeans in high school if I'd seen that in class!" I said.

Connie giggled. "It looks as you're getting ready to do that right now!"

It suddenly felt very hot, and not just from the sun. Was she trying to seduce me? Was my flirting getting her excited? I was too inexperienced with older women to know, so I said nothing and just sat there. I was feeling a lot hotter.

Junior finished, climbed down from her lap, and Connie closed her top. I sighed loudly, and Connie waggled her finger at me, but she was grinning, too. Junior began to play in a sandbox in the shade. Milk seeped onto her top, and as the fabric got wet, her nipples became visible. Connie pretended not to notice me staring at them.

I drank some more iced tea. "Connie, where can I go to the bathroom?".

She gave me directions "I have to stay outside with Junior to be certain that he didn't wander off or fall into the pool."

I went into her home through the patio door and headed down a hallway toward the back of the house. The air in the house was crisp and cool. The bathroom was at the end of the hall where Connie had said, and I took a leak. After I flushed I looked around, and her home was huge! I opened doors and counted five different bedrooms. Since I didn't see any other bathrooms, I assumed they were private or semi-private, attached to the bedrooms. The tiny bathroom I had used was obviously not for the mistress of the house!

My erection had subsided a bit, so I took off my shorts, removed my jock, and stuffed it into a back pocket of my shorts. I figured this would make my next erection more comfortable. At least that's what I told myself. Sure.

Carrying my shorts I walked bare-assed through Connie's house until I reached the patio doors, and then put my shorts back on while staring at Connie's back and thinking lustful thoughts about her beautiful body. I had flashbacks of staring at her backside as she wrote words on the blackboard while my penis got harder and harder.

I got a glass of water, and I spotted a little blue plastic case on a shelf above the sink. I took it down and saw that Connie was taking birth-control pills. I found that to be intimate and sexy as hell! I'd heard that nursing mothers didn't have periods, but apparently Connie's had returned, but she wasn't ready just yet to make her family larger.

With my penis safely and almost comfortably tucked away, I went back out to Connie. I checked my watch. "I could still trim some shrubs before the lunch you promised me."

Connie carried Junior around the outside of the house, and pointed out what had to be done. She went back into the house with Junior - probably to change him judging from the smell - and I checked out the hedge clippers in the garage.

Richard had electric ones, but I decided to use the hand clippers since I thought they generally did a better job and I wanted the extra workout for my arms. I sharpened the blades, took off my shirt, and started in. After a few minutes I had worked around to the windows outside the master bedroom. The windows were closed because of the central air conditioning, and my clippers didn't make much noise.

I glanced in and I had a side view of a topless Connie, sitting on her bed, with her head back and her eyes closed, rubbing some kind of lotion onto her nipples. Then I realized she had a towel wrapped around her nips, not her shorts, and that she had just taken a shower. My penis was suddenly rock-hard. I stopped cutting and stared. I'm sure my mouth was hanging open.

After a couple of minutes she stopped rubbing her nipples and stood up. She dropped the towel on the bed. She turned and took a step toward me, and I was looking through the window at a full frontal view of a nude goddess. I held my breath.

Connie walked toward me, and about six feet from the window she suddenly saw me staring. Her eyes got wide, one hand flew to her crotch and the other to her breasts, and she ran out of my sight. I had serious thoughts about beating off I was so uncomfortable. I had masturbated many times to the imagined image of her nude body, but what I had just seen went way beyond anything I had ever dreamed.

But I sucked it in and continued cutting the hedges. My heart rate was much higher than before, and I could feel every beat in my erect penis as it pulsed against my shorts. As I got around to the back of the house, Connie called to me from the patio door and told me that lunch was ready. I was still very much aroused.

I put my shirt back on and went inside. She had changed her shirt but was dressed as she had been before. She was clearly nervous and jumpy. I was so sweaty from the hard work outside that I dripped onto her kitchen floor in spite of the air conditioning. It was nearly a hundred degrees outside and slightly humid.

"You can take a long lunch break." Connie said. "Why don't you take a shower before lunch? I think you'll be more comfortable!"

"Thanks, but I don't like getting back into sweaty clothes once I got clean."

"I'll give you one of Richard's robes to wear after your shower. I can wash and dry your clothes while we eat."

What are the odds that I would turn down a chance to have lunch with her while I was naked under a robe? I took off my shoes and socks. "Where's the shower?"

Connie left Junior in a playpen, and led me back to one of the bedrooms, and as I had surmised, there was a bath between it and the next bedroom. She left for a moment, then came back with a robe. "Call me when you're undressed and I'll start washing your clothes."

As she turned to leave, I quickly peeled my shorts and shirt off. "Connie!"

She turned around with an audible intake of breath. I bent down, picked up my sweaty shirt and shorts, pulled the jock out of the pocket, and handed everything to her. She looked me up and down with her mouth open and her face crimson. My erection was pointing right at her and she stared at it for several seconds as it wiggled with the beat of my pulse. I said, "Well I saw you naked, so this makes us even."

I turned and climbed into the shower. I didn't look at her, but I didn't hear her close the bathroom door for nearly a minute. I knew she was still looking at me, but I was afraid to look at her for fear of spooking her.

Connie didn't join me in the shower as I had hoped, but what the heck, nothing ventured, right? I scrubbed the grime off of myself and got cooled off under a cold shower. My penis stayed erect, but at least I finally stopped sweating.

I put on the robe. Whatever it was made of it felt like velvet against my skin. It wasn't the right size, but the belt held it closed. I walked barefoot back to the kitchen area. Connie was just putting out the lunch. She carefully avoided looking at my face.

Connie was clearly nervous. "I didn't mean for you to see me undressed!" She said. "I'm sorry! I'm not playing with your feelings! And I certainly didn't need for you to expose yourself to me to make us even!"

"I'm not sorry! You look great! Besides, I should apologize to you. I meant for you to see me in the buff back there!" Connie blushed deeply. She still kept her eyes averted. This was not the way she had behaved as my teacher!

I continued, "I used to imagine what you looked like naked when I was beating off. I never dreamed you looked as good as you really do!"

Connie turned away from me and began shaking her head from side to side. Without looking at me she said, "That's enough talk about that. Let's not turn an accident into a problem." She sighed deeply, then faced me. She looked into my eyes for the first time since I had finished my shower.

She pointed toward their bar. "Would you please make me a Jack on the rocks? You can have whatever you like."

"I really prefer beer when I work!" I answered. She smiled and got one from the refrigerator - imported, naturally - and handed it to me after opening it and pouring it into a mug.

Lunch was lobster salad sandwiches, something new to me. I ate several. Connie ate one. Then she surprised me. "Would you make me another drink, please?"

I poured a generous amount of the Tennessee liquor over fresh ice. As I handed it to her, Junior asked for more yummies, and she nursed him there at the table. I drank another beer and stared at her breasts while she slowly finished her drink. Connie made no effort to cover herself. Was the alcohol breaking down her inhibitions? Or was it something else?

She asked for another drink, and I made it and gave it to her. I wondered what the alcohol would do to Junior. I could now clearly see that it was affecting Connie.

Whether it was nap time or the alcohol, Junior fell asleep on her second breast. She carried him, still attached to her nipple, back toward the bedrooms, and a minute or so later I heard a click, then Connie saying gently, "Sleep tight, Richard Junior."

I located the sound which came from some kind of intercom in the wall I was still looking at it when she returned. "It's set for one-way listening so that I can monitor him while he naps and get him when he wakes up. There are speakers all around the house, and I can even go out to the pool and still hear him."

She began to sip at her third drink, now half consumed. "The kitchen chairs are a little uncomfortable. Why don't we sit on the couch?" She suggested.

"I guess so. Why not?"

I sat beside her and sipped my beer. I was still in the robe with my erection fairly well concealed by its various folds. I heard the dryer signal it was done, but I didn't mention it to Connie. Why get dressed and go out and work, anyway?

Connie began to flex and rub her shoulders, and she groaned when she pressed herself in a few places. "What's the problem? You act like you're in real pain." I asked.

"It's kind of intimate!" She replied and blushed. "The extra breast weight put some stress on my back and gives me high backaches, and carrying Junior around has really given me stiff muscles down low. My back hurts nearly all the time."

I jumped at the chance! "How about I give you a back rub?"

"Right, you're just an oversexed student who wants to get into the teacher's pants! I saw the way you were staring at my breasts!"

"No, Connie. I'm not your student. You called me a young hunk, remember? But I can do a good back rub. And you really do have beautiful breasts."

Connie blushed, then giggled. "A back rub would feel really feel good. Richard doesn't have time for that sort of thing anymore . . . "

Judging from the pensive look on her face I thought she was going to say something else, but she quickly perked up and asked, "Where would be a good place?"

I was thinking of the master bedroom, but that seemed a little too bold, so I suggested, "Let's go back outside by the pool. You can lie on one of the chair cushions."

She nodded agreement, then picked up a really soft baby towel. "I'll have to lie on this because my nipples are so sensitive." I felt my penis swelling and throbbing.

Then she gave me her laugh from deep in her throat, picked up her drink, and we went outside. Was she really ignoring the fact that all I had on was a thin robe? Of her husband's?

As we reached the edge of the pool, Connie turned on a speaker and we could hear little Junior's rhythmic breathing. She turned the sound down so that it was barely audible. Then I spread a cushion next to the pool in the shade, and Connie spread the little blanket on it.

"Oops! I forgot the oil!" she exclaimed, and she walked quickly back into the house, returning a minute later with a jar of body lotion. Then she removed her top and lay face-down on the pad. The sight of her naked except for her tiny shorts caused my erection to poke out of the robe. But it was wasted on Connie since she was already facing away from me.

Before I began, Connie took a huge swig of her whiskey, and I got another view of her magnificent breasts. She was clearly losing her inhibitions around me. As she lay down again, unable to see me, I thought, "What the hell!" and tossed the robe onto her discarded top. Then I straddled her hips and knelt down on top of her, naked.

My very erect penis pressed against the back of her pants and her panties, the last pieces of clothing either of us had on. I could see my penis jumping with my heartbeat.

I squirted body lotion onto her back, and she laughed. "That's cold!" She wiggled her body and I almost lost it. I had an incredible desire to pull her shorts down, roll her over, and mate with her. For a moment colors drained out of everything, and everywhere I looked was like a black-and-white photograph. I could smell the sweat from both of our bodies, and my nostrils flared.

I began to rub her bare back, and I quickly found a cluster of tight, hard knots near her neck. I rubbed them most of the way out, and moved around her back. Her back was a mess. I found dozens of places that needed rubbing.

I let my hands caress the sides of her breasts and she told me, "Stop that, Donny! What would the principal say?!" And then she giggled. From the sound I could tell she was a little drunk.

I stood up and reversed myself on her, and began to rub her legs. My erect penis pointed up and my balls were pressing against her shorts. Her legs also had knots, and I worked them out. Gradually I moved closer and closer to her crotch.

Connie's breathing had changed, and she was now clearly both drunk and aroused. I reversed again and began to work on the small of her back. She had knots that extended down her hips, so I began to pull her shorts down. "Stop that! You have to stop!" Connie said, but when I pressed my fingers against the muscles under her shorts, she felt the pain.

She quickly changed her mind. "Go ahead, but let's be careful, OK?" Of course I was going to be careful. I just wanted them off!

Within five minutes I had her shorts and panties halfway down her thighs. I could smell the perfume of her aroused and obviously wet pussy. I was careful to avoid touching her with my penis which was waving in the wind, drops of pre-cum falling from it onto her back. She didn't notice and I rubbed them into her skin. I looked down and I could see her little rosebud and the hairy beginning of her slit.

Connie stretched up for her drink, drank a big mouthful, then lay down again without directly looking at me. At that moment I knew she was fully aware that I was naked, but she didn't want to admit to me - or herself - that she knew. I realized that I was very nearly to the point of realizing a childhood fantasy. .

I continued working her pants down her legs to her knees until she said, "Ah heck! Just take the damned things off!" So I slipped her shorts and panties down her legs and threw them on top of my discarded robe. Both were wet in the crotch. Sweat? Pussy juice? I didn't care. We were both now completely naked!

I took a moment to stare at her. Her breasts made flattened mounds beside her chest. Her beautiful behind flared from her waist and jutted up like twin, rounded hills. There was a faint while bikini-top line across her back, and a completely white area emphasizing the gap between her buttocks. I could see pubic hair between her legs. I had to fight the incredibly powerful desire to ram my penis into her.

I continued rubbing her legs with one hand and with the other I coated my penis with lotion. Then I said, "Let me finish your back!" My voice sounded strange, almost like it was in an echo chamber. I felt slightly dizzy. The aroma of her pussy mixed with the scent of her sweat and the sweetness of the body lotion, producing something so powerful that I thought my penis would burst.

Once again I squatted over her hips, but this time I sat down on her with my slippery penis between her cheeks. Connie let out a surprised "Hey!" But she let me begin rubbing her back again. She was beginning to breathe really loudly. I realized that I was too.

As a wise senior in my fraternity had said, "Go slow and drive them nuts. Once you get them past a certain point, they'll fuck you every time!" I followed his advice, although the urge to just fuck Connie almost overpowered me.

As I rocked forward and back, my penis moved between her cheeks, its head sliding up and over her tail bone. Connie grunted. I moved myself a little lower, and rubbed her back some more. My penis was now sliding as low as her anus as I rocked forward and back, rubbing her back. Connie gasped and moaned. As I worked out her knots, I moved lower again.

Now my hands were rubbing her lower back and upper hips, and my penis was sliding up and down her slit. As my penis hit the mat beneath Connie, it pressed against her, and she began to make "Unh!" sounds each time. I established a slow, steady rhythm, and I could feel heat and wetness against my penis. Connie began to spread her legs further apart as I rubbed and rocked.

My penis was soon sliding easily along Connie's wet pussy, with its tip bumping her pubic bone and clitoris as I rocked forward. She began to tremble, and I could feel the head of my penis beginning to enter her. Suddenly she said, "No! This isn't right! I'm a married woman and I can't have sex with one of my students!"

She rose onto her knees, probably trying to get up, and my penis easily slid halfway into her. Connie shrieked, "OHMYGOD!" and she immediately began to tremble with a violent orgasm. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" She shrieked for perhaps thirty seconds. Her head was back, and I could see her entire body shaking. Milk was splattering off her breasts, going all over the cushion and pool deck.

As her orgasm subsided, I said to her, "Too late, Connie. And I'm not your student. I'm your young hunk, remember?" I reached around her hips with both hands and pulled myself completely into her. As my balls struck her pussy, Connie threw her had back and yelled "OHMYGOD Yessss! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" and had another orgasm.

Connie was now on her hands and knees, trembling and covered with sweat, with me completely inside her. The smell of her milk added to the erotic aroma exuding from her body. I could feel her vagina clamping rhythmically on my penis. Her breathing sounded as if she had been running wind sprints. I let her catch her breath, then I began to really fuck her.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
All the way in, most of the way out, wiggle around, then all the way in again. Twist back and forth, then pull out again, sometimes completely, with a wet pop. Then back in again. Thank you, Bubbles, for the lessons! Connie began to move her hips to meet my movements, and I no longer had to hold her hips, so I reached forward and began to rub her huge, soft, milk-covered breasts.

I remembered that her nipples were very sensitive, and I slapped some lotion on my fingers and began to caress het tits. I could see droplets of sweat coming out of Connie's skin everywhere, and she began to grunt, "Unnh my God! Unnh! Yessss. Unnh! Don't stop! Unnh!"

I gradually began to fuck her faster, and she began to twist and thrust herself against me. Her nipples became rigid, and her areolae began to pucker out, covered with little bumps. I rubbed and fucked faster. I was pushing down toward the front of her vagina, trying to slide the head of my penis over her G-spot.

Connie began to climax again. She was yelling, "OOOH! OOOOH! OOOH!" in time with my thrusts.

As I increased both the tempo and the pressure on her nipples, contractions began to ripple through her vagina, and I felt myself building to my own climax. I slid one hand from her breast and began to rub her clitoris which I found easily both by her gasp when I touched it and because it was completely rigid and hard. Connie screamed as I ejaculated into her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

I could feel her pussy pulling and pumping on my cock, and I kept coming. Connie held her breath and began to tremble. Then she let out a deep moan, and I thought her pussy was going to crush my penis with its squeezing pressure.

Connie suddenly collapsed under me, her knees spread wide apart, and I barely managed to stay inside her. I lay on top of her feeling the contractions gradually winding down. I rubbed her. "You're a beautiful, sexy lady, Connie!" I whispered into her ear and kissed her neck.

My penis finally lost its starch and slipped out of her with a little wet plop. I rolled her over onto her back, moved her onto the center of the mat, and lay atop her between her legs. I began to kiss and cuddle her and call her "My lovely Connie lover." She wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged me hard. Our first-ever real kisses were incredibly passionate.

As our breathing returned to normal, I began to move my kisses slowly down her body, The taste of the lotion mixed with her sweat was sensational! When I reached her nipples, I saw that she was covered in her own milk, and I nursed for a moment on each breast. This caused her to arch her back and moan. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMH!"

The milk tasted like nothing I had ever known, not really like milk at all with the sweat and lotion mixed in. I moved my kissing lower.

When I reached her pubic hair and began to suck on the juices clinging to her thick pelt, she cried out, "No! That's dirty! Not there, Don! STOP!"

She made a half-hearted effort to twist away, but when I found her clitoris and began to suck on it, she arched her back and pressed herself against me. I moved first my tongue and then two fingers inside her and I began to lap up the juices flowing out of her. Then I returned my attention to her clitoris and I began to rhythmically lick and suck it.

I slid two fingers inside her and began to search for her G-sport. As I found it and began to rub it, the combination of pressures on her sensitive areas sent her over the top, and she began to shake and tremble with another series of orgasms. "GOD! YESS! OOOH! DONNN! OOOH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

As I looked up the length of her body, I could see two geysers of milk spraying more than a foot into the air, one from each nipple. The height of the spray was perfectly synchronized with the pulsing of her vagina. Incredible!

"Open your eyes, Connie!"I told her, and when she saw what her breasts were doing, she started to laugh - and had another impressive climax. Milk sprayed everywhere as her breasts shook. I gently lapped up as much liquid as I could from her pussy, then I held it in my mouth and moved slowly up her body.

Connie saw what I was doing and again told me, "NO! You can't! That's so dirty!"

But she was still trembling and too tired to fight, and I held her face in my hands, and kissed her. Gravity allowed the contents of my mouth to move into hers. She tried to get away, but I held my mouth against her, and she swallowed twice.

Then I raised myself off her and asked, "So, Miss Lewis, how did I do on my oral exam?"

Connie broke into nearly hysterical laughter. "I think you just taught the teacher some things!" She said. "I would never believe that something so gross could feel so good and taste so wonderful! Where did you learn all this?"

"College. I had a great tutor for sex ed!" I said and we both laughed. Then we held each other and talked, relishing the post-coital warmth that radiated from each of us.

"I was a virgin when I got married," Connie said. "Richard's was the only 'live' penis I had ever seen before yours!"

She held up her fingers and said, "His is only about this long."

I said, "Maybe four inches? Erect?"

She nodded. "Yes, and only about as big around as a hot dog."

I started to laugh. "Why are you laughing? What's so funny?"

She kept asking me why, but I couldn't get it out. Finally I caught my breath and said, "Remember when you taught us about irony? What do you call it when a man has a four-inch, skinny prick and his name is 'penis-penis'?"

She didn't get it. "Richard Johnson. Dick Johnson. 'Johnson' as in 'Penis!'" Maybe he should be called Dicky-Dick, Dick Junior, or better, Junior Dick!" I said, and then she laughed so hard I fell off her. I stood up. Then I leaned down, picked Connie up, carried her to the side, and jumped into the water with her. I kissed her, and began to rub her pussy. Connie started to moan and push herself against my hand, and I pointed to her breasts. Little clouds of white milk were forming around her breasts.

I swished water between her legs, and she giggled. Then she rubbed and stroked my penis, making it rock-hard but no longer covered with her juices. We kissed again, then climbed out of the pool and began to kiss each other as we clung wetly together. My penis was pressing between her thighs, and I knew we would soon be fucking again. I could feel her arousal rising. .

Suddenly she pulled away, leaned toward the speaker, and said, "Shit! He's awake and wants yummies!"

"So do I!", I said, and I began to suck on one of her nipples and was rewarded with a mouthful of milk. Connie laughed and pulled me off, and laughed again when milk ran down my chin.

She kissed me and said, "I really have to go get him!" She quickly got dressed and headed back into the house.

I got a hose and cleaned our mixed gunk off of the cushion, and left it in the sun to dry. There was cum and pussy juice and milk on the deck, so I washed that into the pool. Then I put on the robe and went quietly back into the house.

I found Connie sitting in a recliner in the family room nursing Junior. He appeared to be asleep and was making little sucking sounds as he had before. I went back to one of the bedrooms and pulled a sheet off the bed. Then I carried it back to Connie, and to her silent protests pulled her shorts and panties off. Then I tucked the sheet around her waist, making a big tent over the bottom half of her body. Junior sucked on. Connie gave me a puzzled expression. I took off the robe.

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, "He's too young to see his mother get eaten!"

Connie shook her head and mouthed "No!" But I slipped under the sheet, forced her knees apart, and began to do my own licking and sucking.

Connie was still turned on and it didn't take long. Within a few minutes she had an orgasm. I heard her stifle her scream. I peeked out and a stream of milk was running down Junior and another streamed from her other breast. "Are you trying to drown him?" Connie whispered.

I crawled back under the sheet and kept muff diving, and she climaxed twice more. I couldn't get her shorts back on, but I put her panties on and watched as her juices soaked them and they became transparent, sticking to her wide-open pussy. I took the sheet back where I had found it.

Junior was beginning to start making noises, so I quickly got my clothes out of the dryer, got dressed, and went outside. When Connie came out with Junior about 15 minutes later, I was working my way through some more trimming.

She put him in his sandbox, then walked me far enough away that he couldn't hear, even if he could understand what she was saying. "You've got to get out of here! I'm hosting a meeting of the nursing mothers from the club here, tonight, at eight!" she said.

"I intend to spend the night making love to you, Connie!"

"Damnit! You've really got to go! Suppose somebody sees you?"

"If you insist that I leave, I'll stand naked on your front porch and greet the ladies as they arrive!"

Connie giggled. "Now THAT would give them something to talk about! I really want you to stay, but I don't want anyone else to find out that you and I are having an affair!".

"Do I hide in your house and make love to you after they leave? Or do I greet your lady friends and show them my special equipment?" I gestured toward the tent in my shorts.

Connie laughed. "Stay, if that's what you want! Just hide your car and yourself!"

"Yes, I want! And so do you!" Connie turned a deep shade of maroon, then hurried back to her child.

So I drove the Bug around the house and put it in the garage with the mowers. I finished the clipping and cleaned up the stuff I had cut, and went back into the house. Junior was in his playpen. Connie was washing the sheet we had used earlier as a tent. "It's covered with milk and stuff from me and I don't know if it'll ever come clean!" She said.

I remarked, "It doesn't have to come clean. You came cleanly three times on it!"

Connie turned a deep shade of red and giggled. "I did, didn't I?"

Connie fixed us a quick supper. "I've got to put some refreshments together for the meeting and get cleaned up and dressed."

"Where do you meet?" I asked.

Connie pointed to the living room and looked puzzled.

I checked out her intercom system, and I found that I could set it so that Junior's room broadcast into the livingroom speaker, but the livingroom was broadcasting into the master bedroom. I had to dismantle another unit and do some quick wiring, but I made it work. By that time Connie was already taking her shower. I joined her. Literally. As she kissed me, I lifted her up and told her, "Wrap your legs around my waist!"

Then with one hand under her bottom I used the other hand to guide my penis into her. I lowered her onto me, and the look of surprise on her face when she dropped down on me was beyond compare. Obviously Dicky-Dick wasn't all that amorous! Or athletic!

I brought her to orgasm almost immediately, and when the milk spraying stopped, I popped her off me. "When the other ladies see that expression on your face they'll know you just had an orgasm!"

Connie blushed, then said, "They'll just think I used a vibrator!" She kissed me passionately and got out of the shower. I heard her getting dressed, then a few minutes later, leaving the bedroom.

I finished cleaning up, and walked naked around their master bedroom. I felt like the young lion taking over the lair of the old lion. The sheets were satin, and I pulled them down so that they would be ready for us. I found a sexy red and black negligee in her dresser, and I laid it out on the bed. About that time I heard women's voices through the speaker, so I knew her guests were arriving.

I heard Connie say that Junior was almost asleep, and she turned up the volume - causing a shriek of feedback! Connie quickly turned the volume back down, and said they'd been having trouble with the intercom, and that she was going to have to call somebody to fix it. I heard sympathetic words from the other women.

One of them said, "Connie, call me if the repairman is a hunk!" And there was a peal of female laughter.

They began to talk about everything except breast feeding. Obviously that was the "excuse" they used to leave home and socialize. They complained about their unfaithful husbands who were, according to them, screwing most of the women in their offices. At first Connie tried to defend mini-Dick, but the others began naming women he had fucked. One woman whom I had met, Linda, announced, "Hell, Connie! The day before you were married I was coming out of my love nest at the Colorado Hotel and saw Richard going into a room with his big-busted blonde secretary." Connie retorted, "I'm sure you were mistaken, Linda!"

Linda then proclaimed, "Connie, before the door was closed he had her dress up around her waist, and I can attest that she's a natural blond!" There were hoots and hollers. These were society women?

Another woman piped up, "My Paul, bless his secretary-bopping soul, told me that Richard has been working late at the office nearly every night. Well, so has the blonde, sweetie. And they're together on that trip right now, if you didn't already know." Connie admitted that she knew Richard fooled around with the blonde, but she hadn't realized that everyone else knew. Then every woman in the group began complaining about all the women their husbands were screwing. It quickly became clear that these women loved their positions in life, not their husbands, and tolerated their husbands' behavior in order to maintain their lifestyles. It was also clear that most of them had cheated o their husbands.

The discussion turned to ways they could have good sex, and I found that really interesting. The biggest complaint was their "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!" husbands. "Aren't there any men out there who know how to really please a woman?" I heard one woman lament.

Then three women described a guy from an escort service that they had used, noting that he was "hung like a horse!" There was a lot of really crude discussion of the size of his penis, his balls, and the huge volume of his cum. This was immediately followed by a discussion of their own husbands sizes, and when Connie refused to discuss Richard, another woman said, "Hell, Connie! Linda and I screwed Richard in high school. He's got the smallest and skinniest dick we've ever seen!" This was greeted with hoots of laughter.

The women next began to discuss sex toys - by brand, size and motion. They discussed vibrators, dildos, and motorized sex machines - giving testimonials! While I listened to this fascinating information, I went prowling around the bedroom. I found Connie's pre-Junior bras, and they were size 34B - much too small for her now, but still a nice size! I remember how perky they had appeared when she taught English.

Then I found a hidden box in Richard's closet behind his many suits. I picked the silly little lock, opened it, and spread out what I found on the floor. I was so intrigued that I didn't hear the meeting break up. Suddenly Connie was there looking over my shoulder at the several dozen photographs I had found. I heard her gasp.

Most of the pictures were of Richard and the blonde. All but a few were obviously posed. We could see that Richard and the bimbo had known that their pictures were being taken since they were often smiling at the camera. Richard's diminutive prick was never shown (smart photographer!), but there were closeups of the Blond's wet crotch with Richard firmly seated in her ass while she held a huge dildo in her vagina.

In some of the pictures there were other people having sex in the same room. Connie recognized three of the women from the group she had just had in her home. "God, my whole married life is a lie!" she cried.

I began to gently remove her clothes as tears streamed down her face. When she was naked, I picked her up and laid her on the satin sheets. Then I turned out all the lights and held her. As I gently rubbed her back, she stopped crying. Then she started talking about her sex life.

"We've only been married for three years, and I don't think we've had sex two dozen times, including our honeymoon. I know exactly when I got pregnant with Junior since it was the only time within two months that we had intercourse."

"I'm a married woman with a kid and I was practically a virgin until today!" She announced. Then she laughed and began to fondle my penis and balls.

"I thought sex was OK before today, but now, I know it's fucking fabulous!" Then she laughed again at her little joke.

"The only time I ever had a climax was when I rubbed myself, and that was not all that great. Richard can go fuck his big-titted blonde if he wants, but there's no way he can give her what you've given me today!" She kissed me hard and long, then suddenly stopped.

She announced, "You know what? Before he left town, we'd worked out that my fertile days this month would begin the day after tomorrow, so I stopped taking the pill. He's coming back then, and he told me he wants me ready so that we can make another baby! I'll bet Blondie has him so drained that he won't be able to get it up, let alone get me pregnant again with his little dork and nuts!"

Then she said, "I want you to stay and be the teacher and fuck me tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Let's have as much sex as we can when Junior is asleep. As long as you're out of here by Noon the day after tomorrow, nobody should find out. And just think: not only are you getting paid for yard work, you're getting FRINGE benefits!" She pulled on her pubic hair and we both laughed.

I turned on a bedside lamp, and after Connie washed her face, she put on the sexy red and black outfit. We played sexy games until I finally pulled it off her and we did it in the good old missionary position, right there in the middle of the satin sheets. I rolled her over on top of me and we fell asleep with me still inside her.

As dawn broke, I taught her how to do sixty-nine, and Connie quickly developed a taste for fellatio and my cum. When Junior took his afternoon nap, we had sex in the pool. I called in sick that day, saying (quite honestly) I was too tired to work. They scheduled me for the afternoon shift the following day, which was perfect.

While Junior was awake, I did more yard work, and Connie gave me great rubdowns and an occasional blowjob when I finished. She paid me a huge cash bonus. "Didn't you already pay me with sexual favors?" I asked, and she hit me in the arm and then we both laughed.

Connie got a funny look on her face, and dropped to her knees. She began to lick and suck on my penis. Her hands were all over me. I exploded into her mouth in just a couple of minutes. She laughed, then said, "Maybe if I had done that years ago it would have solved your problem standing up in class!"

"Talk about your fantasy teacher!" I said. "Class, everyone stay in your seats. Don, step into the hall so that I can straighten out your problem!"

"Don't you mean UN-straighten it?" Connie corrected.

We both laughed and she continued licking and sucking my penis until I was clean. She looked up and gave me a wonderful smile. I pulled her up and kissed her, tasting my cum on her mouth as she rubbed herself against me, making me hard again.

Connie began to go completely topless around the house and yard, which Junior liked since there was always a nipple readily available. I liked it too. She also stopped wearing panties and shorts, and just tied a short towel around her waist. As she nursed, she spread her legs and gave me pussy shots. She was obviously amused by being able to make my penis get stiff just by showing me her body.

We were so in tune that I could look at her pussy and smile and her labia would get dark red and spread apart. If Junior dozed while nursing, I licked and played with her pussy until she came, usually more than once. Junior got put down for naps with milk all over him.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
The second night we tried to have sex in every room of her house, but I ran out of steam around 4:00 a.m. as we finished the fifth bedroom. We cuddled on the satin sheets in the master bedroom and slept until about 9:00, and were awakened by Junior's call for yummies. While she nursed, I collected sheets from all five rooms and started them washing. Each had huge, sticky wet spots. But they smelled wonderful!

I left about 11:30 and headed to the pool. The guys said I looked really tired, and I said it was just a touch of something and I'd get over it. That was the only day that the pool bunnies didn't give me any erections. I think they were disappointed, but I was back to normal the next day, and their teasing game continued. My penis went up and down all day long, just like an elevator.

Connie and Junior didn't make it to the pool that first day, but they did the next. As we were talking she suddenly whispered, "Richard screwed me but came up dry! I faked a climax, and told him I could feel his juices filling me up." (She had told me the same thing a couple of days before, and it was obviously true given the amount of my cum that dripped out of her.)

Richard apparently bought it, and she said he was really strutting around the house before he headed off to work. She giggled and said that he had so little idea of what it took to satisfy a woman that he deserved to be cuckold.

I continued to do their yard work once a week on my day off from the pool, and throughout the summer Connie and I managed to discretely have fantastic sex several more times. Richard obligingly went out of town on two more trips, and I spend several additional nights in their bed.

I was tempted to try to seduce several of the other women, but she warned me that I was sure to get caught, and the husbands were too powerful and dangerous to fool with. "You only get away with our affair because you have a reason to be at my home - the yard work - and our home is completely isolated and away from prying eyes. Besides, I want you for myself whenever I can get you!"

Connie also told me to avoid the members' daughters, but that advice I ignored. The stories about those sexual encounters will have to wait. Suffice it to say that being a lifeguard has its distinct sexual advantages, particularly when competing with younger males for eager young pussy!

Our affair ended when I had to go back to school. By the end of the summer, Connie's tummy was getting noticeably rounder.

The next season I went back to town to visit, and I stopped by the pool to talk to the guards. Connie arrived at the pool with a two-month-old baby girl who looked an awful lot like me. "I named her Donna after you!" Connie whispered when we had a moment to talk.

My wife, also named Donna, and I happened to be visiting my parents when Connie's Donna graduated from high school, and we left our kids with my parents and went to the ceremony at my old high school. Connie's Donna looked exactly like pictures of my mother at the same age. I could tell she had her mother's figure, even with her wearing her graduation robe.

Connie still looked terrific, but Richard had lost his hair and gotten disgustingly fat. Connie introduced me to her Donna, and I said, "I haven't seen you since you were only about two months old! You've changed!" She grinned, just like her mother did.

I took her hand and congratulated her, and it made me feel dizzy to touch her. I stared at her as she moved off to talk with her friends. It was hard to breathe.

Connie found a moment to talk to me alone and she whispered, "It's good to see you again, Don! Thanks for coming! And thank you for that summer of love!" She glanced at her daughter standing twenty feet away and winked at me.

"I can see on your face that you've just gotten laid - and well, Connie! I'm glad."

She grimaced. "This afternoon! But not with Richard!" And she smiled. Then she kissed me chastely on the lips and said, "I like your wife! Does she know about us? And does she know you have a daughter with her name?"

"Of course not, Miss Lewis!" I said very sternly. "What would the principal say?" And Connie let out a deep, throaty laugh and hugged me. Our lives never intersected again, and that's the last time I saw Connie or her Donna.

I'll never forget Miss Lewis, the lessons she taught me, and the ones I taught her. If her Donna is really my daughter, we can never reveal it, but at least I know she has a loving mother who raised her well. And it truly was a summer of love.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Chapter One

Riley Baxter sat in the rocking chair in one corner of the bedroom she'd lived in for twenty years of her life, breastfeeding her infant daughter. She was not married; the young man who was the father of Emily had left town two days after learning he was going to be a father, and now Riley had the task of raising her daughter on her own. Yet, it wasn't all that hopeless since her parents had offered to help in any way they could, which is why she was still at home instead of college where she had originally intended to be at this stage of her life.

Still, there was always the local community college and Riley meant to take advantage of it as soon as Emily was old enough for daycare. There were so many things she wanted to do and she realized that she still had plenty of time to pursue a college degree. Having a baby at the age of twenty might be a minor setback, but she still had a lifetime ahead of her. And looking at her baby girl as she suckled her mother's right nipple, Riley knew in her heart that her little girl was not a mistake or a setback. Emily was certainly no inconvenience.

When she thought about it, which Riley had done a number of times, she had to admit that getting pregnant was just as much her fault as it had been Rick's. First, she had not made her boyfriend wear a condom that last time and she hadn't been on birth control. Had she taken the necessary precautions she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. But that was the conundrum: had she insisted on precaution, she and Rick would not have had sex that night and she would not have Emily in her life now. That was sort of the Catch Twenty-two – damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Secondly - and this goes a long way toward defining why she didn't insist on Rick wearing a rubber - Riley was oversexed. She was addicted to sex. Since the night she lost her virginity to an old boyfriend when she was sixteen, the young woman had been nearly overwhelmed with sexual urges that were oftentimes very powerful.

Riley's daughter finally had enough and the young mother rocked the little girl to sleep. As she laid Emily in her crib, Riley heard a small sound at the bedroom door. She smiled as she stepped away from the crib and sat down on the foot of her bed. She knew the source of the noise: her eighteen-year-old brother had made a habit of peeking into her bedroom while she breastfed her daughter, hoping to sneak a glance at her milk-filled tits. It hadn't taken a rocket scientist to discern the reason for Alex's appearance outside her door every time she fed Emily.

It was because her younger brother was eighteen and filled with the normal sexual urges of a boy his age that Riley had not objected to Alex stealing a look at her breasts when she fed her daughter. After all, she had the same trouble; there had been many nights, especially while she was pregnant and craving a cock in her dripping wet pussy, that she had felt the same mind-gnawing urges. And that was why Riley had started opening her shirt wide when she breastfed Emily, so that both of her breasts were exposed to Alex.

Riley wasn't aroused or sexually interested in her younger brother, even though he was considered a hunk by girls his age, and it didn't mean that she was unsympathetic to his problem. She was aware that boys Alex's age liked to steal the occasional peek at a mother or sister's nude body – it was just the way of young guys, and as much a part of the growing experience as getting enough calcium for their bones. Riley also didn't think it fair that (she couldn't really define why she thought this) her brother should skulk around. Maybe because of her own sexual habits, or the absence of inhibitions, that she didn't mind letting her brother see her breasts.

Alex was still standing in the hall, peering through the door, which was open about eight, maybe ten inches. Riley had known that as long as her breasts were exposed, her brother would stay in the hall looking in through the door. In a way, she was flattered by his attention. She pushed a long strand of raven hair from her face and shrugged from the blouse. It was the first time she'd totally exposed her breasts this way in front of Alex and she thought she heard a long groan coming from the hall.

"Alex, come here, please," she called out suddenly. She listened and waited, then after a couple of minutes, she said, "I know you're out there, Alex."

The door swung open slowly and she turned her head to watch her younger brother slip into her bedroom. She smiled to herself when she saw how hard he tried to keep his eyes from her milk-filled breasts. As he walked further into the room she pretended not to see the bulge in his boxers that he was nonchalantly trying to cover with one hand.

"Have a seat, little brother," she said indicating the desk chair a few feet from where she sat on the edge of the bed. "I want to talk to you."

"Um, do you think you might ought to cover up?" he chuckled. His voice betrayed his nervousness.

"Why? You were out in the hall for thirty minutes watching me feed Emily." Riley grinned when she saw Alex's cheeks turn a bright red. "You've been copping looks at my tits for at least two weeks."

"I-I'm so s-sorry," he stammered. "I won't do it anymore. I promise."

Riley grinned. "Don't worry, Alex, I'm not mad but you should be careful or mom and dad will catch you."

"I know, and I am."

Alex looked relieved that he wasn't in trouble. Still, even when she leaned back on the bed a little, thrusting her breasts out, his eyes still wavered and sought other objects to look at. In a way she could understand her brother's obsession with looking at her tits and she simply didn't see anything wrong with it as some women her age might.

"I don't mind if you look at my tits, Alex," she smiled. "I mean it doesn't mean anything bad and it isn't like we're having sex. Besides, it's flattering that my little brother likes looking at my tits."


"Really," she smiled warmly.

At first he wasn't comfortable looking at his sister so boldly but finally Alex inhaled deeply and dropped his eyes to his sister's breasts. They weren't big, even with milk in them, but they were a nice shape with nice fat nipples that she knew drove men crazy. And Riley saw the familiar look of desire in her brother's eyes as he stared at them.

"Why do you like looking at my tits?" she asked after a few minutes of watching Alex ogle the milk-filled globes. "You're so good looking and you must know a hundred girls who have bigger and nicer tits than me."

"I...well, I think you are so beautiful," he said in a soft, halting voice.

"Really?" Riley was stunned. Her brother's sudden confession was a little surprising. "I'm your sister, Alex. Doesn't that bother you?"

He hesitated for a moment, obviously uncomfortable. "Yeah, I know you're my sister and you probably think I'm a pervert, now."

"No, I don't," she smiled. Then she shrugged. "You're not the only guy who...I don't know...has ever had a crush on his sister. Do you have a crush on me?"

Alex dipped his chin for a moment, and then sighed. "Sort of, I guess."

Riley stared at Alex for a moment. He was obviously embarrassed and awkward after revealing his feelings. In a way, knowing that Alex was attracted to her was even more pleasing than she could have imagined. And she hated seeing him so ill at ease.

"Hey. Have you ever tasted a woman's milk?" she asked brightly.

Alex shook his head as he looked at his sister.

She shrugged and grinned. "I still have plenty left if you would like a taste."

"I-I don't k-know..." he stammered.

"C'mon, little brother," Rile coaxed.

"Does it, you know, taste bad?"

"I've tasted it and I think it's ok."

"Sure ok," Alex grinned.

Riley had her brother sit on the bed to her right facing the wall behind her, then pulled his face to her right breast. When Alex took the fat nub of nipple into his mouth, the raven-haired girl gasped softly. Aside from her daughter, and Emily didn't count, it had been a while since she had felt lips enfold one of her nipples. It felt good. She tilted her head back for a moment and closed her eyes as Alex sucked milk from her.

Riley's breathing became irregular, her pulse raced and her temples throbbed with the unexpected wonderful feeling her brother's mouth caused her. As he sucked her right nipple, her brother cupped both silky-smooth globes in his hands. She held his head with one hand and rested the other on his side. The young woman recognized the signs immediately; she was becoming aroused by Alex's attention to her breasts. A brief thought that she should put a stop to what they were doing before everything got out of hand came to mind but she made no move to stop her brother from suckling at her breasts.

Riley couldn't. It just felt so good; besides, it wasn't like they were having sex. All Alex was doing was sucking milk from her breasts, tasting it, and there was no harm in that. Was there? It had been so long since a male had taken her nipples into his mouth and there was no harm in having a little fun. And the way Alex's hands kneaded her soft breasts, the way his lips and mouth worked her nipples as he drank her milk, just felt much too wonderful to stop.

"Oh..." she whimpered softly.

Riley hadn't meant to make a sound, hadn't even known she was going to until it was out of her mouth. She looked at Alex's face but he showed no signs of hearing her. He seemed so blissfully unaware of anything but her breasts and drinking Riley's milk. But she knew that her brother wasn't sucking her fat nipples for the sake of the milk in them. Seeing the ecstasy on his face, she immediately realized that Alex was devouring her nipples, satisfying a fantasy he'd probably had for years, and she could feel her pussy become moist with that knowledge.

Subconsciously, the young woman began to squeeze her slender thighs together, and she could feel her juices soaking the crotch of her panties underneath the plaid skirt she wore. She was vaguely aware that the hand she had rested on Alex's side just above his boxers was moving slowly, caressing the soft, young skin of her brother's narrow waist. She studied her hand in an abstract sort of way as she caressed him, her mind a blur to everything except the sweet way her brother made her feel.

Riley didn't want to feel this way. It was wrong to harbor sexual thoughts of her own brother, thoughts that any responsible person would judge as indecent and immoral. Incest was wrong. She knew that it had started innocent enough but her feelings were beginning to spin out of control. Alex was sucking her nipples and enjoying it because her body aroused him; the eighteen-year-old boy wanted his older sister in a carnal way that had nothing to do with sampling her breast milk. And the way he sucked her nipples, the tiny, barely audible sounds of lust that came from his mouth, belied the innocence of his actions.

Riley's resolve was melting, as she had known it would. She had never been good at terminating anything sexual once it began. Once the fire of lust began to burn within her loins, Riley's resolve began to evaporate as well. Having her nipples sucked for so long and with so much eagerness was something the young woman enjoyed immensely, and it was having a big affect on her.

She looked at the front of Alex's boxers and saw the bulge of his erection. The fingertips of her right hand continued to lightly caress his soft belly as she stared at the bulge in her brother's underwear. She bit her bottom lip, her mind abuzz with the war that raged within as she grappled with the urge to touch Alex's cock. Taking his hard manhood in her hand and stroking it would certainly invalidate the impression of moral virtue that her mind had already constructed, to soften the reality of what was happening. In truth, Riley and Alex would be committing incest.

Riley found, as she stared at the tempting bulge, that she didn't care. After all, touching his cock, holding its hardness in her hand and stroking it until he came, wasn't all that bad. It was a little harmless fun that didn't really mean that much. It wasn't as though she would be taking her brother's cock in her wasn't the same thing. And the more she thought about it, the more Riley convinced herself that the act of stroking her brother's manhood was no more than simple innocent fun between a sister and her brother.

Without another thought, Riley sucked in a deep breath and slipped her hand through the long slit in Alex's boxers and quickly wrapped her long, soft fingers around the thick shaft. He gasped softly with a fat nipple in his mouth and Riley smiled as she brought his cock into view. It was beautiful, but then she loved all cocks. It wasn't all that long – probably about six inches, she saw, but it was very fat. The massive purple head glistened with pre cum and she lightly ran a thumb across the slippery tip. Alex groaned and arched his back, pushing his hard cock closer to his sister.

"You like that, little brother?" she asked softly, her voice thick with lust. "You like having your sister stroke your big man-cock?"

"Oh, yes!" he exclaimed breathlessly.

"It's so big!" she cooed as she pulled on Alex's cock. "I bet you've fucked a lot of girls with it."


"Suck my titties, little brother!" Riley gasped as Alex lightly bit her left nipple. "Oh, that feels so good! Drink my milk!"

Riley couldn't believe that she was talking this way to her brother; urging him to suck her nipples while she jacked his cock off. The incredible imagery, the wonderful sensations that coursed powerfully through her slender body, the way Alex suckled her breasts and the feeling in her pussy as she squeezed her legs, was more than she could endure. The raven-haired beauty realized as she stroked her younger brother's cock that she would orgasm soon.

She held her breath for a moment, wanting to hold off until Alex erupted and shot his cum. At that moment, the one overpowering urge that consumed her brain, was watching cum explode from the beautiful head she was staring at. She began to pump Alex harder and faster, her hand becoming a blur as she jacked him off with hard, fast strokes. She watched with eager desire as Alex began rocking his hips and fucking her hand.

"I want you to cum! Cum for me, Alex! Shoot your seed all over me!"

Alex groaned and she could feel the slight vibration from his mouth on her left breast. Riley didn't have to work hard for the orgasm she knew was just around the corner. She just hoped that Alex would cum very soon so she could give in and release herself to the powerful force that threatened to overwhelm her.

Suddenly, Alex stiffened, then cried out as a thick, white rope of his seed exploded from his cock. Riley began to tremble as she watched each spurt of her brother's cum burst from the massive head and land on her side, arm and hand. Without even touching herself, the young woman slipped over the edge into the chasm of her own orgasm and bit her lips to keep from screaming. Wave after delicious wave of the most delightful orgasm of her life ripped through Riley as she held her brother's cock in her hand.

Finally, mercifully, the explosive orgasm began to abate and Riley let go of Alex's cock. She gasped for breath as she gently moved away from her brother. It was then, after the act that the enormity of what she and her brother had done, took hold and guilt settled in. She had just had sex with her younger brother, no matter how she had rationalized it moments ago while she pulled on Alex's cock, and the impact was disturbing.

"I-I need to take a shower, Alex," she said, standing from the bed and quickly pulling her blouse back on.

"Ok. I'll talk to you later," he said. Alex touched his sister's arm and left the room.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a little after four in the afternoon when Alex closed his bedroom door and walked to the desk that sat in one corner. He sat in the chair staring at the dark face of the computer monitor as his mind replayed what had just happened in his sister's room. The taste of her milk in his mouth, the feel of her fat nipples as he drank her sweet milk, and the feel of her soft hand on his cock as she jerked him to a mind-numbing orgasm still lingered heavily in his consciousness. It was the most awesome and stimulating event in his life.

Over the years, once he went through puberty, Alex had developed a powerful lust for his older sister. To him - and every man who could see - Riley was a very beautiful woman who exuded more sensuality and sex than most women he'd seen in his young life. She had become the object of his desires and, while he'd dated and made love to several girls his own age, Alex was still captivated by his older sister's beauty.

Was it wrong to want Riley the way he wanted her? That was the question he'd asked himself countless times before. Everyone knew the definition of incest, was aware that it was wrong and he had long ago realized that a sister and brother were not meant to be together in a sexual way. To Alex, that was the conclusion of society's rather narrow-minded point of view.

When she'd asked him if he wanted to taste her breast milk, Alex's heart had sped up. In order to taste her milk he would have to suckle from her breasts and that was a dream come true. Though it might not be the same as making love to her, joining with Riley in the biblical sense that he had lain in bed imaging over the years, it was more than he could ever have hoped for. He had enjoyed the taste of his sister's breast milk, yet the act of sucking her fat lovely nipples was what he had wanted.

Hearing her groan as he suckled, hearing Riley's harsh, excited breathing, had sent a signal that she enjoyed the feel of his lips on her delicious nipples. The feel of her soft skin as he fondled the milk-heavy globes of her breasts had been intoxicating. When she slipped a hand inside his boxers and wrapped long, soft, slender fingers around the shaft of his hard cock, Alex had thought nothing else in life would compare to that feeling. To hear his sister talk dirty to him, encourage him to cum as she jacked him off, was more than he could have envisioned in his wildest fantasies concerning his lovely sister. And, she had actually had an orgasm while he sucked her nipples and she jacked him off! He had not touched her, nor had she touched herself. It was incredible!

Then, suddenly, once they both climaxed, Riley changed and became somewhat remorseful. He'd seen the guilt on her face. He'd heard the disgust and shame in her voice and knew that his sister felt bad for letting herself fall into the pitfall of her own lust. Oh, yes, Alex was aware that his sister had long been an addict to the powerful craving of sex. She could not escape the urges that boiled deep within her loins and controlled her with their manipulative impulses that were just too formidable. It was really too bad because for a moment, as she stroked his cock with so much desire, talked to him with a voice filled with lust, he had allowed himself to believe he might actually have a chance to fulfill the strongest fantasy of his life.

Alex crawled onto his bed, stripped out of his boxers and grasped his cock in one hand. He was hard again as the images of what he'd shared with Riley flooded his mind. In his mind's eye he saw her breasts, felt her nipples between his lips and recalled the sweet taste of her breast milk on his tongue, and felt the wonderful soft touch of her hand on his cock as she jacked him to orgasm. And it wasn't long before he came again, sending ropes of hot white cum streaming from his cock to land on his belly and chest. As he lay gasping for breath, the eighteen-year-old wondered if he would ever enjoy his sister again.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
Chapter Two

The next few days were hell for Riley as she tried to come to terms with what had happened between her and Alex. Maybe others would see it as something less than wicked, an event that was just a part of life, but she couldn't help feeling that she was somehow dirty. No one – not her parents, teachers or friends had ever taught her that having sex with a family member, regardless if it was consensual and did not include intercourse, was wrong. That was just something one knew instinctively. And no one really wanted to have sex with a family member, did they?

Alex was driving her crazy. It wasn't anything he did or said over those next few days, but it was just his presence that did things to her she would never have thought possible. When she saw her brother – at meals, in the family room watching television or walking down the hall to the bathroom – she felt the disturbing little tremors in her tummy that she recognized as nearing an obsession with him. She saw him – really saw him as something more than just her younger brother. Riley saw Alex as a handsome, beautiful young man. She saw his lean male body, felt the oozing of his strong, virile maleness every time they were in the same room.

In bed at night, Riley lay awake remembering the strong feelings that had coursed through her slender body as she and Alex sat together on her bed sharing an act that no brother and sister should do together. And, in spite of her strong feelings, the young woman would invariably slip a hand inside her panties that had become soaking wet and masturbate while she allowed the images to replay so vividly inside her head. Each time she had rubbed her clit to a satisfying, mind-numbing climax as she recalled how Alex's cock had felt in her hand and the feel of his seed on her as he came.

On Friday evening Riley left Emily with her mother who was only too glad to watch her granddaughter while the young woman went to the mall with a couple of old high school friends. She wanted to look at some baby clothes for her daughter and it was a perfect time to get away for a few hours with friends. Having a baby prevented Riley from getting away as much as she had done once and it was an opportunity to blow off a little steam.

Twenty minutes after arriving at the mall Riley saw Alex sitting alone at a table in the food court. Abruptly, without warning, she felt butterflies in her stomach. Riley's legs immediately became weak and felt like rubber as she walked along with her friends. Inside her dark colored tee shirt – she wasn't wearing a bra – she felt her nipples begin to stiffen. Her pussy was becoming wet and threatening to soak the crotch of the black panty thong she wore under the tight jean shorts.

He was beautiful and sexy as he sat at the table drinking a soda. His dark hair, the same shade as her long, raven locks, was slightly mussed, giving him a wild, dangerous look. He was oblivious of Riley's existence at the mall and she stood staring at him for a long moment as her friends went through a display of perfume outside of a fashionable shop designed for young women.

What was this sudden control her brother had on her? Why was she acting like a schoolgirl, creaming her jeans for the young stud football player? This was her brother for goodness sake! No matter how Riley rationalized her feelings, her younger brother did something inexplicable to her and it set the young woman on fire with lust for him.

One of her friends, Pam Dawson, called to her that she and Susan Ames were going by the new music store on the second level of the mall. Riley told them she'd be along in a few minutes and, once the women were on the escalator, Riley turned her attention back to Alex, who had finished eating. She watched as he pushed the end of a drink straw between his lips and Riley groaned softly. For some reason the innocent movement reminded her of the way his lips had looked with her nipples in his mouth.

Without a thought, Riley took the few steps down into the food court and walked briskly to the table where her brother sat. Her pulse raced and her legs felt weak as she approached the table. She knew what she wanted to do – knew exactly what she was going to do – even though she realized it was terribly wrong. She had tried over the past couple of days to get him out of her mind, to forget what had happened in her room, but she was unable to forget one second of how his lips had felt on her nipples. She couldn't stop remembering how her brother's hard cock had felt in her hand as she jacked him off and the incredibly hot, sticky semen that had exploded from it.

"C'mon, Alex," she said, taking him by one arm.

"Riley – "

"Shut up, Alex."

The startled look on his face when the young woman grabbed his arm and led him from the food court to an exit door went unnoticed by his older sister. For Riley, all that occupied her mind was the single thought of having her brother. Her mind was focused on him and quieting the burning itch between her legs that had begun the moment she saw him inside the mall.

Riley had Alex lead her to his old van, which thankfully was parked near the back of the lot. Since there were no other cars parked near the van and the windows were heavily tinted she knew it was perfect for what she wanted. Actually, the thought had crossed her mind that maybe they should go home where they would have a little more privacy but Riley couldn't wait. She was quickly going wild with an all-consuming desire for her brother. And, she realized, her mother was at home watching Emily.

"Get undressed," she told him once they were inside the back of the van.

The rear of the van was carpeted – walls and floor – and Riley quickly stripped off her clothes. She smiled inwardly when Alex groaned softly as he stared at her naked body, and it didn't take him long to undress. The realization that he and his sister could very well get caught flashed briefly through his mind, but the young man didn't care. This might be the last time he had this opportunity and he could care less at that moment what the cops, his parents or his friends would think if he did get caught fucking his sister.

Riley pushed a strand of dark hair from her face and straddled her brother's legs, then reached down and took his hard cock in one hand and rubbed the massive head between her slippery wet pussy lips. She positioned the head at her fuck hole that hadn't had a cock in it for over three months and groaned loudly as she slowly sat down and impaled her cunt on Alex's cock.

"Oh, fuck!" she hissed. "This is so good!"

"I can't believe I'm actually fucking you, Riley," Alex groaned.

"This is wrong," she said with a small shake of her head. "But, I can't help it. I need a cock. I need your cock, little brother."

"What's...wrong with it?" he gasped. Alex cupped his sister's milk-heavy tits and lightly squeezed them. "I mean, if it feels good..."

"We're brother and sister," she said softly. "That's incest and you know that's wrong."

"I don't care," he said petulantly. "I've wanted you for so long and I don't care what anyone else thinks. Since that night when you let me suck milk from your tits, I haven't been able to get you out of my mind."

Riley smiled at her brother. "Did you like my milk?"

"I loved it!" Alex's eyes dropped briefly to his sister's tits and he grinned. "In fact, I'm a little hungry right now."

"Then, what are you waiting for?" Riley slowed her rocking hips and raised her right breast and arched her back. In a husky voice, she said, "Suck, little brother. Drink my milk."

A small yelp of pleasure came from Riley's mouth as Alex began feasting on her hard, sensitive nipple. She held his head in her hands as he suckled milk from her heavy breasts. She couldn't believe the unexpected feelings that ripped through her lean body as she rode her brother's hard cock while his mouth alternately sucked her hard nipples. She was going mad with desire.

With Alex leaning against one wall of the cargo bay of the van and Riley astride his legs and slowly riding his hard cock, the brother and sister consumed each other's lusts and needs. Even though the knowledge that she was committing incest was rife in her head, the bad feelings began to subside. All she felt was the incredible feeling of her brother's cock as she pumped it with her slippery wet pussy.

"You like my pussy, baby?" she asked with a lust filled voice. "Is fucking me everything you had hoped it would be?"

"Oh, yeah!" Alex gasped.

"I came so hard the other night when you sucked my tits and I jacked you off," she confessed. "And now having you inside of me is so good."

Alex raised his face from his sister's nipples and smiled. "You can't believe how much I love you."

Riley stared at Alex for a moment, the surprise of his statement clearly etched on her pretty face. For a moment, as she continued to slowly rock her hips, the young woman was speechless. She didn't know how to respond.

"But, I'm your sister, Alex."

"Yes, but you are also the most beautiful woman I know," he said. "I don't know anyone else who is as good as you are and I...well, I don't want anyone else but you."

Maybe it was Alex's confession that he loved her, which abruptly turned Riley's world upside down. The feelings of guilt and shame, of knowing that incest was wrong and that making love to her brother was taboo, suddenly began to evaporate. Making love to Alex no longer seemed wrong; after all, how could something that felt so right and so good be wrong?

Without thinking about it, she took his face in her soft hands and pressed her lips to his. Alex's tongue pushed between Riley's lips and she groaned loudly as they began to kiss with a wild, relentless abandon. His hands fondled her tits, pulled and pinched her fat, hard nipples while she ground her wet pussy on his cock with quick, circular motions. She was now beyond the point where she could care less about anything other than milking his balls of every drop of his seed.

"Suck my titties again, little brother!" she gasped with heated excitement. "Drink my milk!"

"Oh, yeah! So fucking sweet!"

"You like this, Alex? You like sucking your big sister's tits and drinking her milk while she fucks your big cock?"

Alex nodded his head vigorously as he feasted on her tits.

"I love fucking you, Alex! Oh, fuck, I love your cock! Don't stop fucking me!"

Riley began to fuck her brother harder and faster, her hips rocking out of control as the fires of her desire began to rage uncontrollably. His lips and teeth on her sensitive nipples felt so good and the fat shaft that filled her pussy was incredibly wonderful! Tiny mewling sounds of lust spilled from her mouth as she watched Alex consume the sweet milk in her tits.

"That's it!" she purred. "Drink my milk, baby!"


"Oh, you feel so good, baby!"

"I don't think I can last much longer, Riley," Alex groaned suddenly. "I have to cum!"

"Cum in me, little brother!" A small whimper escaped her lips as she realized that her own orgasm was quickly approaching. "Fill my pussy with your hot cum!"

That was all it took. Riley saw the way Alex's face twisted suddenly into a mask of pure desire as his body tensed. She felt his hot seed explode inside of her, filling her pussy as she slipped irrevocably into the most explosive orgasm of her life. Together, brother and sister clung to each other as they rode their orgasms, their bodies unmoving as they came hard. Alex groaned and pushed his cock deeper into Riley's cunt; the sweet feel of her pussy clenching and unclenching, gripping his cock fiercely, was breathtaking.

Riley and Alex did not move for several long minutes after their orgasms finally abated. They held onto each other in a gentle embrace, their bodies still joined together in a pose as old as mankind. Riley wasn't sure how this new relationship would work out, or if it would endure, but she was suddenly looking forward to it as Alex's hands softly caressed her back. And, as Alex suddenly brought her face to his and she felt his tongue slip smoothly into her mouth, Riley realized that she wanted more of him. Right or wrong, she wanted Alex as much as he wanted her, and to hell with what everyone else thought.

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RE: Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
They say "it's the quiet ones who will always fool you." Maricel was a quiet one. She was a petite 5'3" tall with beautiful thick, dark hair and eyes, full sensual lips, and the delicate but unmistakable womanly curves of a 27 year old Latina. Her hips were full and round and her breast still high and firm even though they were full of milk for her 2 month old baby boy Carlito. She had blossomed into a full DD cup from a neat but seductive C, since she had become pregnant and then a nursing mother. She leaked constantly. The baby had a healthy appetite but so did her husband Carlos. The effect of having the two insatiable men in her life made nature produce more and more milk for her to accommodate them.

Carlos was fascinated by her new tits. He sucked them fucked them and fondled them at any opportunity. But most of all he loved to milk them. Just days after the baby came; he would sneak up behind her and press his ever ready cock firmly into the crack of her behind, to hump her slow and deep. Then he would reach under her shirt, through her sleeves, or down her neckline and begin to hungrily massage her heavily laden breast. Maricel always cried out and begged him to stop because they were so tender, but he knew all he had to do was to move one of his thick hands down into her panties, then massage her fat clit to quiet her. Unlike many new mothers Maricel was usually wet and willing in spite of being tired.

After he had thoroughly massaged each breast he would hold the plump, mocha colored nipples between his fingers then pinch and pull just to see them squirt and get even longer. Then he would turn her around and wrap his hot tongue around each, and suck until his mouth was full of his son's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It was selfish he knew but he thought that this was the one sacrifice his son could make for him, to make up for his years of sacrifice to come. As he sucked Maricel felt a pulling deep in her belly that seemed directly linked to her clit. Her pussy would get warm and start to contract.

"Fuck me Papi". She would hiss.

It was like clock work, her tits were his magic wands. Whenever he needed to get her in the mood fast, all he had to do was suck them. He loved the fact that he could make her come just from sucking the luscious tits. They'd had sex almost until the bitter end of her pregnancy. It was in her 7 month that he first felt her pussy clench on his cock and saw her tits spray at the same time. He was hooked. After that it became a game for him he didn't win all the time, but damn! He loved trying.

Maricel adored Carlos and loved being loved by him. He was her first lover and even she had been surprised to learn how much she enjoyed sex. Though she was devoted to him and even submissive by a modern woman's standards, it was actually Carlos who was the "Bitch" in bed. Luckily He had a skilled tongue and hands because he was somewhat lacking in the meat department. Left to his own devices his stroke was boyish and haphazard. So it was she who took control. She fucked him often, long and hard. She would grab his ass at the base of both cheeks and guide his direction, rhythm and speed just the way she wanted it. All the while she made him believe that it was he who was in control. As she squeezed his ass and gently moved him from side to side she wound her hips and thrust her clit against him.

"Right there Papi, right there. Papi you fuck me so good, toma Papi toma, take it Papi, fuck me hard!" She would scream.

When she felt that her pussy had been cleaned and polished to her satisfaction she would then take him to paradise. She wound her hips fast and then wrapped her thighs around his back. As she bore down hard on his dick, her pussy would then take off on its own clench and start to spasm. Deliriously, Carlos would start to beg

"Please mami, please Mariceeeeel!"

It was her devotion and violently convulsing pussy that had made him fall in love with his wife. He was convinced that she had been custom made for him. He had never experienced the tightness and intensity like that with any other woman, and he'd had more than a few.

The weeks following the birth of their son were challenging for the young couple. They were not supposed to have "intercourse so it was during this period they both mastered the art of oral pleasure. Carlos of course was obsessed with her tits, and at first it had been only he who ate her. But she was a dutiful wife and believed in keeping her man happy, so she learned how to properly clean his cock. Once again she was surprised at how much she liked it. Carlos gladly introduced some of his porn collection as "instructional video." She blushed and gagged a little at first but soon became as skilled at sucking his dick as she was at fucking him.

Finally the six weeks were up. Carlos was looking forward to his custom pussy again, but there was something different. Before it would violently suck and milk him to climax, but the perfect fit was gone. It wasn't quite as tight or as clenching as before. He suddenly started to resent his first born son. The loose fit made him painfully aware of his smallish dick. Maricel was satisfied just to have him inside her. She knew how to make herself come, but Carlos' embarrassment soon caused him to lose interest, even in the lovely huge tits. He spent more and more time at his job or in front of the TV. Maricel was quickly becoming a bored and lonely, horny desperate housewife.

Carlos Paternal grandfather had recently become a widower. He was in good health but lately depressed and anti-social. He wasn't at all the Abuelo the family was used to. Carlos had recently built a spacious new home in anticipation of his growing family, so at the suggestion of his brothers, they invited Abuelo to stay with them. It was their pleasure. He and Carlos were very close and Maricel loved him as much as Carlos did. Whenever she had disagreements with Carlos she could d always count on his grandfather to correct him or be on her side. He was patient, loving, strong and honorable. All the things a grandfather should be. It was amazing but at 72 he still looked remarkably like Carlos so Maricel was able to see what her handsome husband would look like in 40 years. He had a thicker body but it was still firm and strong. Carlos' skin was dark and his hair wavy. Abuelo had the same swarthy complexion with Salt and pepper colored waves and a bushy mustache.

Before the death of his wife, Abuelo was the life of most any party. He was loving and lovable, proud and respected by all who knew him. He was reluctant to move in with the young couple at first, but the new baby sealed the deal. Little Carlito seemed to give him a new lease on life. It was a pleasure to watch the tenderness in which he held his great grandson son. Most men hated to hold an infant that small but it was no problem for Abuelo.

Maricel nursed the baby wherever and whenever. She nursed him while watching TV, in the nursery in their bedroom on the patio etc., wherever she happened to be. Like many nursing mothers she would unceremoniously take out her breast and just feed her son on demand, not even the slightest bit aware that a glimpse of her tit would cause anyone embarrassment or discomfort. She and Carlos had been married for three years and she had even grown comfortable walking around nude. She understood that she had to make changes for Abuelo, but she felt it was quite natural and in fact her right to be relaxed in her own home.

Shortly after Abuelo arrived she and Carlos got into a loud "discussion" about her nursing everywhere. He decided that she should nurse the baby in the bedroom or nursery only. Normally she deferred to, and even obeyed her husband but just the thought of climbing the stairs with her now ten pound bundle of joy each time he was hungry, made her weary. So she resisted and offered a compromise. She would use a towel or scarf when she nursed the baby anywhere else in the house. Apparently Abuelo had seen her nursing and had discussed his discomfort with Carlos.

One morning when Abuelo had been out of the house at a doctor's appointment she decided to enjoy a few precious moments of privacy in her favorite nightgown. She wasn't yet ready to give it up, but her new tits had long outgrown it .Her nipples protruded in protest as the bra practically burst at the seems. She pulled one side of it down and started to nurse the baby while sitting in the recliner. In a minute she dozed off and woke up to find Abuelo entering the room as the baby contentedly sucked her swollen nipple .Both of them were embarrassed and Abuelo turned quickly to leave the room; but, he wasn't quick enough. Maricel caught a glimpse of a familiar bulge behind his fly.

She could often see the tube shaped outline of Carlos' hard on, but what she observed in Abuelo's pants was more of a mound, a very large mound. Maricel's pussy suddenly contracted and she felt heat. She was ashamed at the thought of being turned on by the man she called grandfather, but Maricel decided then that she wanted to know more about the large mound. She was curious, just curious. The truth was, that the sight of his hard on had served to remind her that her pussy had not been properly serviced in months, and Carlos' growing disinterest and frequent absences had helped to fuel the fire of her "curiosity."

Maricel knew that Abuelo routinely got up in the middle of the night to pee. She had bumped into him a few times when checking on the baby. For some reason maybe it was his sleepiness, he never closed the bathroom door all the way. Normally Maricel looked away in embarrassment as she heard the trickle of his urine. But that night she did not,and there it was; the source of the mound. Abuelo's meat was thick and heavy. His dick was a brownish, pinkish, purple with a huge plum shaped head surrounded by a deep ridge that separated it from a thick heavily veined shaft. Compared to Carlos' it looked slightly freakish. Finally Abuelo shook his friend, flushed the toilet, put him back into his old man pajamas then staggered back to his bedroom.

Maricel also went back to bed but her pussy was heated. Carlos lay snoring next to her. She reached into his shorts then bent over to put both his dick and his balls in her mouth. She loved sucking his dick to life. In a minute he was awake and erect. Carlos loved to have his dick sucked. As usual Maricel took charge and pushed him over on his back. Her pussy was dripping and already pulsing in anticipation. Still a little fuzzy, Carlos reached for her breast and started to squeeze her nipples. She positioned his dick at the entrance to her wet pussy and slowly slid down on his rock hard cock. She rode him fast and furious and then tried with all her might to get the familiar grip on his cock with no success. Damn motherhood! She thought. She desperately wanted her sex life back. Then she started to fantasize about the big cock she had just seen. She dismounted Carlos and sucked his dick hard, as if she would swallow him. Carlos shook and shivered came in buckets, then rolled over and went back to sleep. Maricel then masturbated herself to ecstasy while thinking about the nice fat cock on the sad old man down the hall.

Soon she was obsessed. She knew now about the source of the mound but, now she wanted to see it all, every inch. Just see it.

Abuelo regularly sat on the patio and had a cup of strong coffee with milk each morning after his walk. Maricel normally left an assortment of magazines on the patio table that she read while sunning or feeding the baby. Carlos was typical of most men in that he had a large collection of porn magazines that he thought he kept well hidden from her. She went through his stash and selected one with a cover that wasn't too raunchy but graphic enough to get an old man's juices flowing. She put it in the pile, but near the top. She watched from the window that overlooked the patio. He sat down in his usual chair wearing his usual distant expression then suddenly he put down the coffee and reached for the magazine. He looked slightly guilty but mesmerized. He slowly sipped his coffee then started to turn page after page. Soon he got up with the magazine in hand and left the patio. Maricel caught a glimpse of the mound in his trousers again. She went downstairs to the guest bathroom near the patio and stood outside. She could hear light rustling and then a low moan. Abuelo was "self pleasuring" The thought of him jerking his heavy thick meat made her ravenous and her pussy began to throb. Finally she admit to herself, that it was her intention to have the big dick inside of her.

She realized that Abuelo had been more that just embarrassed by seeing her breast, they had aroused him. So after Carlos left for work one morning she "accidentally" forgot her nursing towel. When Abuelo came down for breakfast the baby was peacefully sucking an artfully exposed tit, and the other was only partially covered. She pretended not to see him, then pulled her top down and moved the baby to the other nipple so that both were in full view. Then very slowly and sensuously she rubbed and lightly pulled the long, still dripping spent nipple as if to soothe it. Abuelo cleared his throat. Maricel then feigned embarrassment and pulled up her shirt. She checked for the mound. There it was again, even a little larger than usual. For a few days she continued to leave a dirty magazine or two in the pile on the patio table.

On a day that Abuelo went to the doctor, shortly before he was due back; Maricel showered and put on just her usual short terry cotton robe. It had no tie. She went downstairs, closed the blinds then put one of Carlos' Porn movies in the player and wound it to the nastiest part. She lay on the sofa and waited. Shortly she could hear Abuelo's car pull up outside. She heard him step inside the house. When she heard him walk toward the family room, she pressed play, then closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep as the porn stars vigorously fucked and sucked on the 32 inch screen. When he got closer her eyes were still closed as she opened her creamy thighs wide and shifted her body so that he would get a glimpse of her silky wet pussy and bulging clit.

"Maricel!" He shouted in surprise

She opened her eyes wide in pretend embarrassment, and then sprung to her feet off the couch and up the stairs while holding her robe together. She left it to him to turn off the movie, which she knew he would not know how to do.

This was the time of day he sat on the patio again and had a shot or two of Rum. She could hear him go to the bar, but he did not go out to the patio. Instead he stayed to watch the movie. He poured himself a little rum and then a little more. Soon he had the bottle on the table beside him. Maricel watched him from the shadows of the stairs as he started to relax and then began rub his mound. He looked hypnotized by the movie. Suddenly he raised his hips, unzipped his fly and took out his beautiful cock. Finally, there it was; in all its glory. She had always heard that old men had mashed potato dicks and flabby nuts. Abuelo was living proof that it was not always true.

Fully erect his cock was spectacular. True his sack was a little loose, but the purple head was tight and shiny and it looked hard and determined. The veins on the shaft were long and thick. She watched in awe as he jerked off. Her pussy was getting wetter and it tightened with every stroke he made. Before she knew it, her hand was rubbing her slippery pussy to match his rhythm. Just as he was nearing the finish, Carlos pulled into the driveway. Maricel had not realized it was so late. Abuelo not knowing how to turn of the tape just turned off the TV and shoved "El Negro" back into his pants. By now he was more than a little high and the rush for him to regain his composure was comical. Maricel almost laughed out loud.

She yelled down to Carlos that she hadn't made dinner yet because of a headache. He quickly made a sandwich then went upstairs to clean up and nap. Maricel went down to the family room where Abuelo was finishing his drink. The movie was still running in the player. Maricel removed it and asked if he had finished watching it he looked embarrassed but shook his head no. she put it in the case, gave it to him, she took advantage of his drunkenness and let him see her look down at his crotch which was still ridiculously distorted.

She winked and said, "Mañana"

He laughed good naturedly and took the tape. After seeing Abuelo, Maricel was restless and her pussy throbbed all evening. She knew that a little dick sucking would get her at least a token fuck by Carlos, but she wanted more than a token fuck. She wanted to be fucked hard and fucked very well. She decided that was the night.

She got up to check on the baby at about the time she knew Abuelo went to the bathroom. As usual he staggered toward the toilet and then back to bed. But this time Maricel was there in bed waiting for him. She lay very still under the covers on the side where he never slept. He got in bed again and got comfortable on his back. Maricel reached over and first put a hand over his mouth, and the other on his crotch. Quickly she reached inside his pajamas and dug out the fat limp cock. Very rapidly she began to squeeze and jerk, squeeze and jerk until it started to grow hot, long, and firm. His eyes were wide in surprise, and Maricel could hear the heavy thump of his heartbeat.

"Maricel, no, no Maricel, Maricel no." He begged in a hoarse whisper as he removed her hand from his mouth.

He attempted to remove her hand from his crotch, but his heart wasn't really in it and Maricel was persistent. Her persistence paid off. Soon her pumping had the fat cock as hard as she had seen it earlier that day.

"No Maricel No," he said again, as she climbed up to straddle him.

She positioned the thick dickhead right where she needed it and lowered herself onto him. She was crazed with lust and could barely stop. For a full minute her hips drove her silky wet pussy round and round and back and forth on his fat plum.

"Please Maricel please no" He still begged.

"Please Papi I need you." She leaned to whisper in his ear.

He started to push a little harder than before. She braced herself by holding on to the headboard and squeezing him between her thighs. Then in order to gag him, she squeezed her left breast and forced the fat leaking nipple between his lips. Then she held his face to make him take it, as she continued to rub her soaking wet pussy on his dick. That did the trick. He was even greedier than Carlito. Soon he was licking and sucking, squeezing and pulling her nipples like a hungry mad man. They were the perfect distraction. Now she could get down to business.

Abuelo would be only the second man she had ever been with. And truthfully she was foolish to believe that she would enjoy a dick that size after having only Carlos all these years. But her horniness made her greedy. Maricel watched closely as he continued to indulge himself in her milky tits. She reached behind her, grabbed his dick again and placed the fat plum at the door to her pussy. She was as slippery as hell, so she missed once or twice, but then finally she got it right.

Abuelo was still enjoying her tits; but when she started to slide her velvety pussy down onto his meat, he instinctively stopped sucking and reached down to grab and guide her hips. At first it felt as if his fat dick would rip her apart then soon she felt full and satisfied as she just let him soak for a minute. She clenched her pussy just to try him on for size. He let out a moan the same way that Carlos used to moan. She knew then that his dick had found a new home. She fed him the other tit. He sucked as well as Carlos and when she began to feel the familiar sensation deep in her belly and clit, she closed her eyes, sighed ecstatically then proceeded to rock gently on the monster cock. Soon she was moving faster and in spite of his girth, she was fucking him as furiously as she had always fucked Carlos. She rocked and clenched, rocked and clenched. Her pussy was handling the big dick just fine. She leaned forward and rested on her palms so that he could suck her breast in comfort. The combination of his tenderness, passionate tongue, and total surrender, were incredible. He treated her breast with the love and admiration they deserved. This in turn made her feel womanly for the first time in a very long while. She leaned over and gently kissed his forehead in gratitude, as she continued to rock and clench.

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