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Indian Yoni Pooja with Mother
12-08-2012, 08:58 AM
Post: #11
RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
I woke the next morning to see the beautiful sight of my mother's warm face staring back at me. Her eyes were wide and brimming with love while a smile danced across her lips. We were a mere inches away from each other and as I began to speak she surprised me by placing a quick kiss on my lips. It was an affirmation of her love for me.

She pulled away with a satisfied smile leaving me more in love than ever with this glorious woman.

I glanced over her, eyeing her exuberant motherly figure from head to toe as she lay on the floor beside me, striking a seductive pose. She was lying on her side, head propped up on one elbow with her other hand at her hip, beaming with confidence and sexual allure.

She had that morning freshness about her, eyes twinkling and full of hope. The sublime radiance of her smile was infectious, making me grin back at her. We chuckled, beguiled by the strangeness of the situation, uninhibited and unrestrained sexual energies filling our minds with seductive thoughts as our eyes stole naughty glanced at each other.

Some time during the night she'd dressed herself in blouse and petticoat while I remained completely nude. The fact that these were still her undergarments led me to believe it wouldn't take much to liberate her sexy figure from them.

I licked my lips at the sight of her delicious full bosoms, trapped in the confines of her tight blouse. Her figure looked exquisite, delicate and feminine. My eyes traced a line down the side of her curvy frame, along her torso to the dip around her waistline and then where it flared wide at her motherly hips and then down her slender legs.

I imagined what I sight it would be, to be kneeling behind those wide child-bearing hips - bearing the signs of maternity and sexual maturity - holding her by her narrow waist while I rutted her with strong, powerful thrusts into her magnificent cunt. Having her arch her back to present her ass to me, availing her pussy to me, willing me to plough its sloppy depths as her soft doughy ass cheeks cushioned, cradled and buffeted against my deep cervix-pounding thrusts. Burying myself to the hilt while enjoying the way her experienced velvety canal clenched and tightened around my shaft, squelching nastily and it struggled to find purchase around plundering member. The intoxicating smell of her delicious sex and musty rosebud wafting up to tickle my nostrils as the sounds of sweaty hips slapping against slippery buttocks echoed round the room...

"Kya dekh rahoo ho tum? What are you looking at?" She asked sweetly, breaking my lusty reverie momentarily. The sexy smile that spread across her face let me know that she was ok about the way I was leering at her.

"Kuch nahin, sirf... ab kaprey pehn liya. Oh nothing, just that...You've got dressed." I smiled back, flirting with this seductive beauty. I let the statement hang in the air, as if it warranted an explanation. She was nude last night, how dare she be in my presence and not have her natural beauty on show for me?

I reached across and gingerly placed a palm against her boob, squeezing the soft flesh gently.

She sighed softly then titled her head forward to watch my hand as it groped and caressed her flesh.

It felt surreal. For both of us. Lying together like this, our legs entwined like lovers, while I groped her lovely boobs freely and unashamedly. We were like lovers, in casual sexual liberation with our bodies, free to indulge our senses and enjoy the pleasures of our flesh.

And yet, we still hadn't fucked. Yet.

She cocked her had back to look at me again. She raised an eyebrow as if to question what the hell I thought I was doing, yet made no motions to push my hand away. I answered with a smile and a firm squeeze of her boob, letting her know that now, her delicious mounds were mine to play with as I wished. Just to emphasise the point, I closed my thumb and forefinger around excited nipple, jutting out through the thin cotton fabric of her blouse, and pinched it.

She let out a gasp and hissed as she felt a delicious spike of pain from the tender sensitive bud. She quickly placed her hands on top of mine, pressing my palms firmly against her, halting this activity for now. I sensed it was ok to caress but her nipples were a little too sensitive just now.

She smiled at me again and opened her mouth to answer my earlier question.

"Kaprey pehnli kyuki rath mein todasa tanda lagna honey lagee. I felt a little cold last night so I got dressed." She answered, as if it was the most routine thing in the world. "Aur phir, thumhara tarha mein behsharmi nahin houn, jaisy saari raat mein nunga rahoun. And anyway, I'm not shameless like you to stay naked all night!"

She giggled as she glanced over my naked body, gesticulating with her chin at my slowly inflating cock, draped lazily over my thigh as I lay on side. It twitched as it awoke from its slumber, as if sensing the presence of an aroused female, intoxicated by her enchanting pheromones.

Casually, she reached down and took my cock in her hand, running her fingers delicately along its length as it throbbed and pulsed towards full length. With curiosity, she examined my manhood, feeling my length and heat, placing her palm underneath as if to weigh it. She peeled back the foreskin to examine the pink shiny bulbous head, smiling with innocent excitement as she handled my cock.

She wrapped her fingers around the stiffening shaft, massaging her way from tip to base, thrilling at the way it stiffened and hardened with each squeeze. She reached further down to fondle my balls, massaging them delicately in her caring motherly hands as she rolled them around their loose sack.

I watched this delightful woman, play and fondle my cock, taking her time to examine and satisfy her curiosity. She glanced at me a few times, smiling shyly as her fascination with my virile cock showed in her rosy cheeks and her shallow breathing.

I was fully erect now, my fat bell-end throbbing with urgency as my stiff cock twitched and pulsed ominously under her doting motherly touch. I gasped when her finger nails grazed the sensitive head as she drew lazy arcs over the tip and along the shaft. She giggled as she watched me grow more and more aroused, her eyes twinkling as a proud smile spread across her face.

I watched her, the unmistakable look of lusty desire on her face as she stared back at me with a mischievous grin. She continued to pump my shaft with a purpose, wrapping her small soft fingers tightly and tugging urgently.

"Acha lagtaa hain? Do you like this?" She asked sweetly, the innocence in her voice belying the apparent experience she demonstrated in teasing my cock. At the same time she raised one leg and bent it at the knee, splaying her thighs open suggestively. Petticoat or not, it was an incredibly sexy and seductive sight to see her open her legs and strike such an inviting pose.

For a moment I couldn't tell whether she'd asked if I liked her pumping my cock or the delicious wet cunt she had waiting for me under her garments. Either way, the answer was the same.

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her firmly, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as hers returned in kind. Our kisses were hungry and passionate as we gasped and sucked on each other lips, our tongues in a valiant duel against each other. She mewed and moaned as a long dormant need to feel and be loved consumed her as her hand continued to pump my shaft and her tongue danced in my mouth.

I pulled away briefly to reach down and tug at the cord on her petticoat. She understood immediately raised her hips off the floor to free up the loose strands of the fabric that were trapped beneath her, giving me better access. We kissed again, each one tweaking our arousal as powerful hormones surged through our bodies and the air filled with sexual pheromones.

Her hand released my cock to join mine, helping me untangle the knotted petticoat cord, the two of us panting with desire as we struggled to release her from her clothing.

It was hard to believe it. Even after last night, and the previous night, and the several occasions before that - My mother was frantically helping me undress her so that she could have me attend to her pussy once again!

My mind screamed at me, repeating over and over again, punching this surreal moment with a piercing shrill thought as if I needed persuading that this was actually happening.

Finally the cord untangled as the front of her waist band fell open and I reached in and slipped my hand between her legs. She pulled me to her, pressing her face against mine as she kissed me with devouring intensity, desperately seeking my reassuring passionate kisses as she availed her sex to me once again.

She broke our kiss, hissing loudly with her eyes flung open in alarm as I thrust two fat fingers into her sopping sex, pushing them in as far as they would go with brutish force. In alarm her hand reach down to grasp my wrist, fingers wrapping round tight as she moaned from the sudden intrusion and the spike of pain from being so forcefully wrenched open.

I thought she might push my hand away, to save her poor pussy from my sudden intrusion into her delicate sex. Instead she just held it there; exhaling and cooing with a gentle grimace on her delicate soft face as I felt her nails dig into my wrist and her pussy tighten around my fingers.

I couldn't believe it, she was cumming already.

I massaged the heel of my palm against her furry mons, grinding my fingers into her constricting spasming pussy as I felt her slick warm juices flood her velvety canal and slime my probing digits.

Her thighs were clamped shut as she ground her hips against my hand, drawing out her orgasm, gasping as muscles all over her body tightened and bolts of electricity centred on her pulsing vulva and spread out as shockwaves to her extremities.

I held my fingers steady in her, allowing her to ride her ecstatic waves while I continued to massage her pubic mound through her intense climax, listening to her sweet gasps and moans as her body wracked with convulsions.

Gradually, as her orgasm subsided, and her motions began to ease, she opened her eyes again and stared across at me, her gaze distant and serene. Her breathing was easing now and her beautiful face glowed with a satisfied, if slightly lazy, smile. With her dishevelled hair and glistening sheen of sweat on her forehead, I couldn't believe how in love I was with her and as I stared deep into her eyes I realised that the feeling was mutual.

I kissed her softly, a gesture of love and reassurance to ease any thoughts of guilt she may have, even as my hand continued to massage her pubis gently and my slick fingers played easily in her loosening motherly cunt.

As she kissed me back her hand reached down and stroked my forearm gently, enough for me to feel encouraged about how I was making her feel - How she was enjoying having my hand between her legs.

Slowly she moved her attention back to my cock, straining as it was to be part of the fun after having been ignored in the brief moments of her intense climax. She grinned at me with a mixture of pride and mischief as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft once again, as if to say that just as I'd claimed ownership of her pussy, she too was claiming rights over my cock.

I had to consciously remind myself that this was my supposedly prudish mother, who no more than a couple of weeks ago had been nothing more than a source of fantasy in my perverted mind and with whom sexual contact had been limited to me sneaking around her underwear drawer and leering at her body when she wasn't looking.

And yet here were, smiling playfully at each other as we fondled each other's genitals. Was this still puja? The twinkle in her eye was one of lust but I just couldn't tell. Even in the throws of orgasm the previous night, she seemed very mindful that my purpose at her pussy was to worship it.

Right now though, as she mewed and moaned and gyrated on my probing fingers, still embedded in her hot maternal twat, I couldn't help but think what the difference was. Puja or no puja, we were making love!

We stared intensely into each other's eyes as the room filled with the rhythmic fapping of her stroking my cock and the squelching of my fingers as they worked her sopping pussy. My nostrils tingled as her feminine perfume danced across them, the musty air, thick with a cocktail of incense and hot excited pussy.

I licked my lips, remembering once again the intoxicating smell and taste of my mother's sweet honeypot as images of me pinning her legs as far back as I could and burying my face in her hot fleshy snatch, flashed through my mind.

I took my fingers from her sopping pussy, eliciting a gentle gasp from her beautiful lips as she mewed at the sudden feeling of emptiness. I began spreading her juices over my cockhead. She watched me as I coated the glistening head with her slippery cunt mucus, while she continued pumping my shaft. I brought my fingers up to her lips and without hesitation she snaked her tongue out over my fingers as she sucked them into her mouth.

I watched as she licked my fingers clean, my hunger for her burning as she stared at me with an intense lust.

I was ready now. I could hold back no longer as my desire for this woman consumed my entire being. Her deft touch had kept my member stiff for long enough and it was time to satisfy my lust for her. I would no longer be denied.

As the musty hormonal smell of her wanton sex tingled in my nostrils I knew that she too was primed to receive my animal lust for her.

I kissed her, firm and forceful as I thrust my tongue passionately into her mouth tasting her sweet saliva with just the briefest hint of her pussy juice. A moan escaped her lips as she ran her fingers through my hair and pulling me closer to her, her tongue matching mine in a lovers dance.

I reached down and pushed her hand away from my cock, taking it in my hand now and pushing closer towards her. She gasped as she sensed my urgency, herself lost in furious passionate abandon.

She mewed as I pulled away form her hungry kisses. I grabbed a fistful of her cotton petticoat and yanked it down, once then twice, before she realised what I wanted and joined me in my urgency. She raised her hips off the floor and this time the fabric came away easily down her thighs as I pulled at it furiously and flung it across the room. My hand reached down to her sex and immediately I thrust two fingers into her hot cavity once again.
She gasped as they slipped in easily, her slick gash now prepared with copious love juices to welcome any intruder into her private pleasure canal. She grunted as I fingered her roughly, thrusting them in as far as they would go, twisting and gyrating them, opening her up for the hard fucking I intended on giving her.

I spread her copious fluids all over her gash keeping her sex slick and pliable, filling the room with nasty squelching sounds as her fleshy labia folded and buckled under my rough fingers. I repeated this over and over, coaxing out more of her juices to ensure she was thoroughly lubricated.

I hooked my hand under her raised knee and lifted her thigh, pushing it further back to expose her wanton sex to me. I pushed my pelvis forward, nudging closer towards her delicious cunt, inching closer to that forbidden act.

She placed a limp palm against my chest, some distant part of her senses warning her to stop this from taking place. But she was too intoxicated with her own sexual hormones to think clearly now, her mind clouded beyond any ability to express sense or judgement.

Holding the base of my cock I guided myself towards her crudely exposed gash, her bright pink labia, curly and slick with juices appearing to flair out in invitation, quivering with anticipation and expectation.

I pressed myself against her, nestling the sensitive glans against the centre of her flower. Her soft petals opened delicately as I slid my bulbous cockhead in between them, spreading them out till they stretched over my straining bell, as if placing a sweet kiss on the throbbing head before they accepted me in. I swept my cock back and forth a few times along her slick slit, seeking out the point of least resistance, finding the place that my cock head sank in naturally.

Her slick cunt enveloped the tip of my cock, her fleshy folds wrapping around my fat cock head as if to coax me further, encourage me to push further. I could feel the resistance of her tight vulva as it throbbed in fear and anticipation. I held myself there, letting her feel my urgency at the entrance to her canal, emphasising my size and sexual vigour.

We kissed again. Deep, passionate and lusty. I held her in my embrace, running my hands over her body, squeezing and caressing as my cock head pressed at her weakening vulva. She gyrated her hips, making gentle undulating motions, against me, pressing forward to end my teasing at her entrance and to finally feel my shaft force her open and invade her cunt. Her velvety opening massaged my cockhead, coating it with even more of her copious lubricants as her curly fleshy labia worked to spread it out over the entire sensitive surface.

Finally I could take no more as I reached down and firmly took hold of her hips. This was it. I was about to do it, I thought to myself. I was actually about to fuck my mother!

But just then she stopped me. It was barely a whisper but some part of me managed to register it despite every muscle in my body engaged and committed to undertaking this debauched and forbidden act.

"Nahin betah, please... No... please." She whimpered.

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12-08-2012, 08:58 AM
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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
Her brow furrowed in a pained expression as she seemed to force the words out, even as her body continued to gyrate against me, her mind and her sex clearly at tortured odds with each other.

I leaned forward to kiss her, to try and reassure her. I wanted her to *want* it too. Some still-sane part of my mind screamed that even now, as I lay with my cockhead at her sopping wet cunt, I would still pull back. I could never take something from this glorious woman that she was not ready to give.

She kissed me. Briefly. Kissed me only enough to feel reassurance from me and feel the free exchange of love and affection.

"Nahin, betah..." She repeated, barely a whisper. "Yahaan nehin. Not here."

I paused for a moment, confused. My head, a burning mess of lust and love, failed to comprehend what she was saying.

I thrust forward with my cock, it was a sudden involuntary spasming motion; my body desperate to fulfil its need after having been brought to the height of arousal. She managed to pull back just in time, moving swiftly as if understanding and pre-empting me, preventing my penetration into her. She stayed with me still, deftly holding my cockhead at her entrance with remarkable ease. She wasn't ready to have me inside her but she refused to yield this wonderful hot poker as it throbbed menacingly against her soaking cunt.

I opened my mouth to speak, though words failed to form in my clouded mind. She quickly placed a hand on my lips.

She hadn't finished. She had more to say.

"Yahaan nehin, betah... baghbaan ka saamne nahin. Not here, not in front of deity." Her expression was pleading as she spoke in barely a whisper. "Yeh bohoot paapi hey, humney bachbaan ka saamney nahin... It's sinful to do this in front of deity."

She trailed off as she gasped and pulled away from me completely, a sad moan escaping her lips as my cock slipped out and away form the warm wet kiss of her pussy lips.

She stroked my face as she stared at me. Her eyes were brimming with love and adoration yet her face belied her true feelings of sadness, fear, and concern.

I leaned forward to kiss her and she welcomed the gesture. I cupped her face as we looked deep into each other eyes and shared, in a moment, an eternity of love and devotion for each other.

"Mujhe kamrey mein lehlo. Take me to my bedroom." She squeaked after a long silence, her eyes brimming with tears.

I looked at her confusedly, my mind racing with what she could have meant by that.

She leaned forward to kiss me again as she pressed her body against mine.

"Kamrey mein lehlo aur mujko pyaar karlo. Take me to my room and love me." She whispered into my ear as she nuzzled into me, draping her thigh across mine and pressing her wet sex against my throbbing cock once again.

"Lehlo mujhe, behta. Take me." She added with urgency.

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12-08-2012, 08:58 AM
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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
"Kamrey mein lehlo aur mujko pyaar karlo. Take me to my room and love me." She whispered into my ear as she nuzzled into me, draping her thigh across mine and pressing her wet sex against my throbbing cock once again.

"Lehlo mujhe, behta. Take me." She added with urgency.

In the cool mysterious light of the puja room, my mother lay beside me, naked from the waist down. She oozed a sexual confidence as she gyrated her hips against me, in slow undulating motions, mashing her slick sex against my hot hard cock.

My cock was wedged between her thighs, the bulbous head, straining with angry urgency and working its way slowly towards her slimy gash. For now, I just enjoyed the feeling of her fleshy labia, thick and slippery, spread out over my sensitive glans, as if placing a warm sloppy kiss, as I nuzzled against her honeypot.

"Lehlo betah..." She whispered, her eyes distant, lost in a lusty dream as her body gave in to its carnal desires. "Please betah, lehlo mujhey kamrey mein. Lehlo aur pyaar karlo thera maa ka saath. Take me to my bedroom and love me. Make love to your mother."

She reached across and pulled my face to hers, placing a hungry kiss on my lips and a searching tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back, my need for this woman making me want to devour her in passionate gasps.

It was startling to see her like this, weak with desire, aching to be loved. A need had grown in her that could now no longer be satisfied with more puja at her yoni. She lay beside me, a picture of wanton lust, practically begging for me to take her to her bedroom and fuck her.

Yet, some sane part of her intoxicated mind still managed to insist we move out of the puja room. If she was to commit this forbidden act of lust, it would be away from the uncompromising stare of the Ganesha statue. All I had to do was pick her up and take her from the prayer room, allow her to feel she's commiting this act of atrocious sin in a less than sacrilegious manner, less in flagrant disobedience of her deity.

Yet, that delinquent, ever present part of me, had other ideas. Maybe it was the smell of her wanton sex, or the throbbing need in my cock, or maybe I'm just downright debauched, but I wanted to have her now.

I reached across and took a firm hold her buttock, she mewed at the sensual touch, as she continued to gyrate against me. A momentary flicker of fear and lust twinkled in her wide eyes as she caught the intensity in mine. She sensed what I was about to do but before she could pull away, I'd pushed forward with a well aimed thrust into her.

Her eyes went wide with shock as my fat cock head, ploughed easily passed her weakened vulva to invade her hot love canal. I held her tight as the first thrust was followed by a second, then a third as I entered my mother deeper and deeper.

She tried again to resist, tried to pull away but failed to pull free of my hold on her, even as she gasped and moaned in a mixture of defiance and ecstasy. Eventually her resistance weakened as I started thrusting into her, holding her steady as my probing cock searched deeper and deeper into her velvety cunt.

With all strength in her resistance waning, she placed a hand on my chest, steady and calm as she leaned into me and placed a woman motherly kiss on my lips.

"Yahaan nahin betah. Aisah nahin, Bagbaan ka saamne nahin... Not here, not like this. Not in front of Deity..." Her voice was surprisingly calm and reassuring and for a moment I was a little boy again with my caring mother whispering soothing words of love and encouragement into my ear. Appealing too her disobedient son to listen to her. "...Bagbaan ka samney mujhe aisa beztee mut kar. Don't disrespect me like this in front of Deity... Please... Lehlo mujhe kamray mein. Please take me to the bedroom."

My mind was a mush of conflicting feelings. Even as I felt her cunt tighten and massage the length of my cock, I looked into her wide twinkling eyes and felt nothing but reverence and love for my mother.

She, of course, knew me better than I knew myself. As I pulled out from her with reluctance and a dumb petulance, she smiled at me reassuringly, stroking my face with pride. No matter what happened she knew that I would always do what she asked, even in this surreal moment of intense sexual need, my cock buried in her soft warm pouch, she could find the part of me that sought her approval and affection.

She sighed sweetly as my cock slipped free of the warm embrace of her pussy and for a moment the two of us just lay there in the dim light of the prayer room. Her eyes we closed as she gathered her thoughts and calmed her emotions.

For a moment I just stared dumbly at her, I was a twitching mess of sexual desire in desperation for her approval. Like a dog in heat, hungry to violate his bitch but not until his master said so.

Eventually she opened her eyes and exhaled deeply. Her face beamed with a satisfied resolution.

"Challo. Meri kamrey mein challo. Let's go. Let's go to my room." Her anxious eyes twinkled with a vibrancy belying her deep down feeling of guilt.

I leaned into her and placed a reassuring kiss on her lips. She smiled warmly as I pulled away slowly, her face full of love and adoration for me.

As I got to get up, she surprised me by deftly leaning in to take hold of my cock and closing her delightful mouth over the head, spreading her fleshy lips over the sensitive surface. She sucked me into her mouth and flicked her tongue over the slick surface as she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft and pumped it purposefully.

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12-08-2012, 08:58 AM
Post: #14
RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
As keen as I was to get this woman into her bedroom and get starting on fucking her senseless, I wasn't about to pull away her hungry mouth from my cock.

She released me and kissed her way along the shaft, her tongue sliding along the veiny length before moving on to lap away at my sweaty balls, heavy with man-spunk. She sucked each one into her mouth, one after another, rolling them around with her tongue and licking all over my ball sack.

She retuned quickly to my cockhead, sucking on it with urgency. And just as quickly as she'd started, she released me from her lovely mouth leaving a trail of sweet saliva dripping along my thigh.

I opened my mouth, but before I could speak she placed a quick kiss on my lips.

"Ussey kada aur majboot rakhney se liya. It's to keep it strong and virile" she said with a cheeky smile as her hand continued to lazily pump my shaft.

That was as much as I could stand. I could wait no more. I climbed to my feet in a scramble, my cock bobbing comically. I took mother's hand and pulled her up.

The two of us were giddy with nervous excitement, suddenly filled with youthful naivety as we hurried out of the puja room, neither of us looking back at the splendid Ganesha statue as it's eyes held it's gaze at the centre of opposite facing wall.

Mid way towards her bedroom I grabbed her, reaching around her pudgy frame with strong hands and grasping her boobs, squeezing my fingers into her soft flesh as I groped her maternal mammaries. She giggled as she nuzzled against me, pressing her naked ass against my crotch, wedging it between her lovely round buttocks.

I ripped open her blouse, the last remaining piece of clothing that either of us wore causing her to gasp in shock and mild annoyance. She was instantly forgiving as my hands now groped her bare tit flash, massaging and kneaded them roughly. She hissed when I pinched her taut nipples, licking her lips and letting out a long cooing sigh as I pulled and yanked them up and down causing her boobs to jiggle comically.

She moaned as she gyrated her hips against mine, grinding her ass against my lap. I crouched a little, compensating for the differences in our height so that I could finally slip my cock in between her thighs. We both chuckled at the sight of my purple cockhead as it poked in front of her, nuzzling against her clitoral hood. She reached down and pressed my glans against her nub, massaging her sensitive bud using my equally sensitive cock head as her slimy gash coated my shaft with her sex juices.

"Kitna lamba hein tumh. You're so long." She sighed. A cheesy grin spread across my face which, luckily, she couldn't see.

"Meri peechey se saamne par aah gaya! You've reached from my back to my front!" She added, with surprise and pride as she peered down at the angry purple head prodding her crotch.

She chuckled girlishly as my hands roamed confidently over her body, squeezing, caressing and groping her soft flesh as she oozed with sensual delight.

"Mujhe lagta hai ki ussney mujhe bohot dukh milwaogey. I have a feeling it's going to hurt me." She purred as a naughty smile spread across her face as she gestured towards my cock. "Milwaoge nah? Will it hurt me?"

It took a moment before her question, drenched in hopeful and lusty undertones, broke through my frazzled brain and registered itself in my consciousness. I was too busy, sucking and nibbling along her shoulders while my hands continued to roam over her sexy figure and my cock shaft sawed the length of her wet sex.

"Milwaogey nah, betah?" She repeated, her voice barely a whisper.

"Todhasa chot lagogi. Lekhin uskey saath saath bohot sukh bhi pawogey. It will hurt you a little. But, you'll receive a lot of pleasure as well." I whispered in husky tones as I kissed my way across her shoulder blades.

She hissed delightfully, enjoying the playful naughty talk.

"Agar ithna sara sukh paana hongey, tho us ki saath thodasa dukh paana tho koi baat nehin. If it's to pleasure me that much then I guess a little pain is nothing." She mewed.

We both panted lustily as we stood there, completely nude, in the corrider, groping each others bodies. Her hands joined mine, the two of us caressing and groping her flesh, equally satisfied by the sensual touch from either of us.

"Mukje kamrey mein nehin lehjaogi? Won't you take me to the room?" She moaned softly, her body aching to finally be loved like a woman after so much teasing.

"Kamrey mein jaane se bohot time hai ma. Pehle me thumko choomloo... There's plenty of time to go to the bedroom mother. First let me kiss you..." I whispered into her ear as I ran a trail of kisses along the back of her neck.

"Yahaan... aur yahaan... aur yahaan... Here... and here... and here..." I repeated as I kissed my way further down, placing my lips softly and delicately along her spine.

I felt her tremble as I approached her hips, my soft gentle touch teasing her flesh as she waited anxiously for where I'd place my lips next.

"... Aur yahaan... aur..."

I was kneeling on the floor now, hands reaching up to her hips while I faced her delightfully full ass. I kissed her buttocks all over, letting the kisses nearer her inner thigh linger sensually and teasingly.

Gradually, that was the area I focussed more of my kisses as they grew firmer and more searching. She gasped as I began kissing my way closer to her sex, reaching up and spreading her buttocks open to expose her to me.

Her delicious musk wafted into my face as I inhaled deeply on the musty smell of her ass and pussy. I could feel her trembling as I held her like that, shamelessly exposed to my lusty eyes, tingling with excitement and apprehension at my next move.

I smiled to myself as I watched her rosebud twitch nervously, as if it sensed the sordid thoughts in my head as I licked my lips. Her pussy lips, thick and curly, quivered as they hung low and heavy. The slightest of pink, peeked out from between them, enticing me into her waiting sex.

I leaned in and buried my face in her ass, nuzzling my nose against her butthole as I reached my tongue up into her cunt. She let out a deep moan as my stiff tongue pried her lips open and pushed into her slick twat. She bent her knees slightly, arching her back to push her cunt against my face, enjoying the sensational feel of my tongue play against her vulva.

"Ooooh, betah..." She moaned. "Choosley unhey. Maalish kardey unhey. Bohot intezaar ki hey unhey. Suck her. Lick her. She's waited so long..."

I buried my face even further into her ass, reaching my tongue as far forward as I could, pushing it under her clitoral hood and flicking the sensitive nub. She reached back with one hand to press me against her, smothering my face with her ass, grinding back firmly, and gyrating her hips against me.

I pulled my head back, gasping for air, chuckling a little under my breath as I wiped away the copious cunt slime she'd smothered over my nose and mouth. She chortled a little too, as she turned back towards me to see the mess she'd made on my face.

Damn, she was so sexy!

I buried my face into her ass again but this time my target was in much easier reach. It started as a tentative flick, then a gentle swipe, then a gentle massage, then a lapping, then an explorative probe... She made no great protest as my tongue began exploring her delicious rosebud.

"Ooof, phir wahaan? There, again?" She exhorted, in playful annoyance. She made no motions to move away, so I took my chance to work her crinkled brown eye a little more.

I pressed my tongue more purposefully, pushing into her gently, only enough to feel her yield slowly.

I couldn't believe I was doing this, she'd protested to me paying any attention to her asshole before yet here she was, patiently letting me eat her ass.

She hissed and gasped as my tongued continued to tease her sphincter, weakening her resolve, feeling her yield slowly, tasting the curious earthy tastes of her asshole.

"Ussko bhi maalish kardogi? You'll massage me there too?" She moaned, as gradually she began gyrating her hips against my probing tongue.

"Kithna besharmi ladka payda ki hain meine... What a disgusting son I've raised..." She hissed as I pushed my tongue further into her salty butt.

"Mazaa aata hain nah? Tho choosley ussey, ussko bhi maalish kardo. You like it don't you? So suck it too. Lick it like you liked the other place."

She was panting now, gasping as she ground her hips back, dancing a slow sensual dance against my stiffened tongue, enjoying the curious feel of it pressing and penetrating her anal sphincter.

"Ussko khol rahaan hey, nah? Khol rahaan hai? Uski undar bhi dhookna chahiyey naa? Undar aaney ki liya khol rahaan hai na? You're trying to open me aren't you? Aren't you? You want to come inside there as well don't you? You're opening me there so that you can some inside. Aren't you?"

I was surprised to hear her naughty sex talk but it was obvious she enjoyed saying those things as much as I liked hearing them. It was clear she enjoyed verbalising the nasty act we were performing together.

She groaned as I stiffened my tongue and probed her gingerly. "Haan... haan....khol dey ussey. Maalish kardey. Aisa kholdey. Uski undar anaa hai to ussey aur bhi kholna padega... Yes... it... lick it... like that... lick it like that... if you want to come inside then you have to open it more..."

She was gasping now as I held her buttocks open and attacked her sphincter. My tongue slipped in easily as I prised the yielding muscle further and further.

"HMMMnnnn... agar tera lambe, lambe linga ko us ki under dookhna hai to bohot kholna baakhi hai ussey. If you want to stick your long cock in there it needs to be opened much wider..."

I was amazed at how nasty my mother was getting. Where had this side of her been? It struck me that there's so much you don't know about your own mother till you're kneeling on the floor and cleaning out her butthole.

Aside from the aching in my tongue, it was obvious that it could only get so far into her asshole. I pulled away and reached up to her shiny crinkled rosebud. Visibly it showed no signs of the lengthy teasing my tongue had given it. it was only when my thumb slipped in to the first knuckle with only the slightest of pressure was it clear that she'd been loosened up, even if ever so slightly. I looked down momentarily at my straining cock and wondered how long it would be before I'd actually have the chance to fuck her asshole without hurting her too much!

She hissed as I probed her butt with one thumb. She hissed again when I pushed the other thumb into her slimy cunt. I gradually began fucking both of them into her, driving her wild with this new intense sensation.

"Kyah kar rahaan hain mujhe? What are you doing to me?" She growled through clenched teeth, her hips beginning to push back against my thrusting digits.

Eventually, as my thumb slipped in and out easily of her loosened asshole, I began probing with one finger then two. I was surprised at how quickly she managed to accommodate them, goading me on to work them deeper into her asshole.

It was when I added a third finger that she suddenly shrieked and reached back to grip my hand, holding it in place as I felt her sphincter tighten and her whole body began to tremble. She growled as shockwaves jolted through her body in an intense orgasm, experiencing for the first time an anal climax.

I pulled my fingers out and buried my face in her ass, slipping my tongue easily into her asshole, probing it as it flexed and clenched desperately to hold onto of my slippery tongue. I continued licking her like that, cleaning up the disgusting yellow smears, tasting the salty earthy taste of her asshole.

She ran her fingers through my hair, grinding her ass against my face as gradually her orgasm subsided leaving her panting and wasted.

I stood up and reached behind her head to turn her face towards mine. I kissed her firmly, mouths open wide to taste each other once again. As we kissed, exchanging hungry gasps and moans, I deftly moved to align my cock against her. It was time for my enjoyment now.

As I pulled away she stared at me with a lusty intensity, as if she new that playtime was over and it was time to get rough.

She quickly turned and kneeled on the floor before me, sucking me into her mouth, bringing me back up to full length. I reached down to grasp a generous bunch of her hair and pushed her down on my cock, forcing more of my length into her mouth. She responded eagerly, working her lips down my shaft and gobbling up more and more of my cock, moaning as she worked me to the back of her throat.

She wretched and gagged a few times, water welling up her eyes as she hungrily gobbled up my cock. She finally released it, her hand still pumping the slippery shaft as she gasped and eyed the full length of my cock. She looked up at me, a mixture of fear and excitement flickering in her eyes as she wondered how she was going to accommodate me inside her.

I hooked my hand under her arm and lifted her to her feet, kissing her passionately. I turned her away from me again and pressed her up against the wall roughly. She sighed as I grabbed her hips and pulled her back a little, kicking her feet apart until they were spread by about half a meter. I pressed against into the small of her back, forcing her to push her ass out in a nice 'fuck-me' pose.

She looked a delightfully slutty picture. Legs splayed and ass sticking out, waiting to be fucked. She craned her neck back and smiled at me invitingly, willing me to finally ravish her body.

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12-08-2012, 08:59 AM
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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
I nudged up close to her, taking my cock in my hand, inching towards her twat. She mewed expectantly as I pressed my massive cock head at her cunt, massaging it up and down, smearing it with her copious cunt slime.

She cooed and moaned, her body writhing as it trembled in anticipation. My fat cock, pressing menacingly against her vulva, threatening to force it open and plough into her soft maternal pouch once again.

I looked down and watched the delicious sight of my purple bell disappear and be consumed by her fleshy labia as they parted and kissed my head. I noticed again her pretty little brown eye, staring back at me innocently and a naughty thought crossed my mind. I grinned devilishly to myself.

I pulled away from her slick sex and aligned myself with that dirty place. She let at a gasp and shivered as she felt my presence there, hot and needy. I ran my hand up and down her back, stroking her as if to console her and sooth her trembling fearful body.

I took hold of her hips and pressed forward gently, watching my fat cock head press into her sphincter. I felt her body tense, unable to fight the physical urge to repel this challenge I placed at her rear exit.

I pushed forward again, pressing harder into her, her loosened anal sphincter still refusing to yield to my enormous angry cock.

She was panting now, her pretty face a tortured grimace as she struggled to accommodate me. I leaned forward and took an ample amount of hair in my hand, pulling her head back.

"Khol dey maa... Open up..." I growled huskily into her ear as I pressed forward again. "Undar aana hain mujhe. Dookhney deyde ma. I want to come inside. Let me in."

AAAHHHNNHH she yelped as she felt the pressure mount at her asshole. I leaned back again and spread her ass cheeks to find that my cockhead was now lodged into her ass.

She let out a long sigh as I eased out of her again. I placed my cock head back at her cunt, coating it again with her slippery juices.

Placing my cock back at her asshole, this time I slipped in much easier. I stayed like that for a while, my bulbous head buried in her rectum as I ran my hands up and down her back, soothing and calming her. She was panting and groaning as her body struggled to take me inside her ass, her mind screaming at the alien object wrenching open her sphincter.

Gradually I eased further and further into her. Pumping gently when I sensed she could tolerate it, holding back when she tensed and growled. Slowly I could begin to fuck her incredibly tight asshole.

Initially it was slow strokes of the first few inches of my cock, pushing in and pulling out in a gentle rhythm. As her breathing eased I began feeding her more and more of my cock, listening to the delightful guttural grunts as the occasional forceful thrust pushed a little too far into her.

Slowly I began to fuck her and soon I could really begin to enjoy are magnificently tight anal canal. I held her wide motherly hips as I began pumping into her ass, hearing her make deliciously animal grunting noises.

As I plugged away at her weakened sphincter, the corridor echoed with the sound of nasty clapping noises as her ample buttocks slapped against my thighs.

It felt surreal. I was actually fucking my mother up the ass! We were both grunting like animals as we rutted right there in the corridor.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back again. Her wide open mouth gasped as I ploughed her rectum with increasingly powerful thrusts. Her eyelids fluttered, her consciousness long ago drifting into carnal delirium as her body succumbed to this intense fucking.

"Mazaa aata hai na, ma? Acha lagta hai? Acha lagta hai jaysey mein tera gaand marta houn? You like it? You like the way I'm fucking your ass?" I growled into her ear.

My words seemed to bring her to her senses as her eyelids flew open and she stared back at me. Her face was covered in sweat and her eyes were wide with intensity.

I gave her one powerful thrust, delivering the full length of my cock into her tortured rear. I wrapped my arms around her and ground my body against hers, gyrating to let her feel the full length and girth in her bowels.

She pushed back against me, groaning as she felt my cock dominate her insides. We stayed like that for a bit, just enjoying the intense feeling of being connected in such a nasty way.

"Lagta hain tum gaand sey lehney ka bohot psand hai. It seems you like taking it in your ass very much" I grinned into her ear.

"Itni baari jaise linga jo dhook di meri undar, kaysey me na pasand karoun? With such a heavy cock you're fucking me with, how can I not enjoy it?" She panted as she reached back and ran her fingers through my hair, grinding her ass into my cock sensually.

Every time she opened her mouth she seemed to blow my mind with how nasty and sexy she could be.

"Aur tum? And you?" She purred as a smile spread across her flushed glistening face. She continued to gyrate against me, grinding my thick cock into her, feeling the intense pressure of it's presence in her bowels.

"Acha lagtaa hain tumko? Zyaada tight tho nahin houn mein? Do you like it inside me? I'm not too tight am I" She winked and then broke into a delightful girlish chuckle.

I couldn't help but smile. I was so in love with this glorious woman I couldn't help but feel nervous at just how perfectly matched she was for me.

I eased back from her withdrawing almost all the way out before thrusting deeply into her guts. She grunted loudly as a grimace spoiled her pretty flushed face, hissing at the rough way I ploughed her rectum.

"Ab mazaak band. No more playing" I sneered at her, playfully.

"Thum abi tak khel rahi hai kya? You were playing all this time" She whined at me, her brow furrowed at the insinuation of more anal fucking.

"Ab serious houn. Ab mera kaam karney ka time hai. Jo shuru karliya, ussey khatam karna hongey. It's serious now. It's time for me to finish what I started" I grunted as I began humping away again.

She reached out to place both palms against the wall to hold herself steady, panting and grunting as I started plugging away at her asshole again. I fucked her easily now. Despite the continuing tightness of her sphincter, she accepted me easily inside her shithole.

"HMMMNNN Deyde, betah. Zor sey. Give it to me. Give it to me hard." She panted, thrusting back to me almost as hard as I ploughed into her. "Maar ussey. Zor sey maar. Hit it. Hard."

I held her by her narrow waist and began rutting away at her abused asshole, my thighs slapping against her buttocks causing her flesh to jiggle comically.

"Aur zor sey,.. aur... Aur.... Maar ussey. Maar zor sey. Harder... More... More... hit it.... hit it harder..." She began chanting deliriously in between grunts and groans as my fat cock ravished her rectum. Deep down in her belly she could feel the beginnings of what she new would be another mind shattering orgasm.

I fucked her hard now, growling as I plugged my fat cock, streaked in yellow stains, into her ruined sphincter.

"Maar... maar... maar ussey... meri gaand marna hai to maar lo ussey... maar lo zor sey. Hit it... hit it... hit it... you want to fuck my ass so fuck it. Fuck it good and hard!" She growled through gritted teeth as she thrust her ass back onto my cock.

I could feel I wasn't going to last much longer. I began thrusting into her with animalistic anger, growling as I rutted my poor mother's asshole relentlessly.

"Haan... haan... eyseh, betah... maar tera maa ka gaand. .. todh dey ussey... todh kar pekhlo uss gandha gaand ko... banaa lo tera... banaa lo tera yeh gaand.... Maar uss gaaand ko aur banaaley mujhe tera randi... maar... maar iss randi ko... maar is gandhi randi ko... maar is kutti ko... tod dey iss kutti ka gaand... kuttey ka aulad, maar iss gandhi kutti randi ko... haramzaadey agar tu lundh gaand se nikaala to....maar maar maar maar maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!! Yes... yes... like that.... hit you mother's ass like that..... tear it up.... Destroy that ass... make it yours.... Conquer it and make it yours..... hit that ass and make me your whore... hit it... fuck your whore.....fuck your dirty whore... fuck this dirty bitch... tear up this bitch's asshole... son of a bitch, fuck this dirty bitch-whore... don't you dare take your cock out of my ass you bastard... fuck me... fuck... fuck... fuck... Fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk!!!!!!"

She screamed as her sphincter clamped tight around the base of my cock just as I gave her my final thrust. My balls tightened and my vision temporarily blacked out as I gushed my seed into her ruined rectum. I could barely make out her waling as she too climaxed around my cock, her entire body writhing as she squealed and growled like an animal. I began plugging away again as powerful surges pumped through my body and I continued emptying my balls into her dirty ass, filling her rectum with gallons of spunk.

She tried desperately to escape my continued assault but I help her forcefully, keeping her where I needed her till I was finished. She wretched and scratched and squealed as her climax sent her flailing but I just kept plugging away at her now ruined asshole.

The air filled with disgusting slurping noises as I ploughed her cum-filled rectum, each time pulling out completely then shoving the whole of my cock into her sloppy shitter.

Finally I pulled away and she crumpled onto the floor, twitched and spasming as she groaned and moaned her way through the last surges of her powerful climax.

With just enough sanity left, I felt the need to exert my final humiliation on this beautiful woman. I scurried over to her and kneeled by her head. Roughly I grabbed her by her hair and lifted her to my twitching cock.

She turned her face away in disgust, still reeling from her orgasm, just wanting to be left alone to recover and recuperate from the assault on her senses. I was persistent, pulling her roughly and forcing my disgusting cock into her mouth.

She wretched at the smell and taste of her ass, gagging and choking as I pulled her onto my cock.

"Saaf kar ussey. Kutti, saaf kar teri betah ka lundh!" I growled menacingly. I can't explain where this urge to dominate her came from but it felt good. Very good!

Obediently, she began sucking. Tentatively and reluctantly at first but as her climax waned she gradually grew more and more enthusiastic. She cleaned me off thoroughly, licking away the dirty yellow streaks along the shaft as well as the disgusting sticky globules that had formed at the base of my deflating cock. Even as she continued wretching she diligently attended to my cock, kissing and licking and pleasuring me till the end.

I stroked her face, flushed and glistening with sweat. Finally, when my cock had become too sensitive I pulled out from her, surprised to hear a dejected purr leave her lips as if I'd taken away her favourite toy. I leaned in and kissed her, delicately at first then slowly pushing our tongues into each others mouths and tasting a long passionate kiss.

As I pulled away she curled into a ball, resting her head on the palm of her hand as she closed her eyes. I shuffled to curl up behind her, spooning my imposing body against her delicate maternal figure, reaching round to hold her in a protective embrace despite being the one to have savaged her.

Neither of us spoke as we drifted off to sleep to the sound of each others gentle breathing, in each other arms.

THE END.............

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12-08-2012, 09:00 AM
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RE: Indian Yoni Puja with Mother
Somebody wrote to me in mail

Quote:Maa ko or sexy hona chaiya, jaise ki...light makeup, transparent saree wit very short very deep cut blouse without bra, kabhi kabhi only short pushup bra, short peticoat upto knee lenght, long ear rings, nose ring, bracelet on hands, payoro may payal, navhi may navel ring, or kamar may waist golden chain, just imagine her hot looks (very sexxxy). ghar may bete ka bina kapro ke sirf payar o may payal mamar may kamarband or hath may churi pahan ke gumna or lalchata rehna,
maja aaighya......
kabhi kabhi peticoat ko divider jada or middel may kardijiya jis se uska bur (vagina ) ka baal (hair) bhi dekhe.......
mast lagega.....PLS add THIS THINGS ON UR next STOTY !!!!!!

Kabhi kabhi SEXY maa ko nangi pungi puja path karao..........devtao bhi khus ho jayangi...........(MAA nahake nangahi puja karaga or Shivji (LING PUJA) ko prasana karna ke liya....sirf payro may payal or hath may kangan or gale may golden chain or kamar may waist chain pahanake nachaga ) ooooh maja ah jayaga..............PLS lines ko note kijiaga...PLS !!!!!

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