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South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
02-20-2013, 04:30 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Bhavana first college blowjob !
Hello, I am Bhavana, aged 23 years and I want to narrate a real life incident of mine. I am a bubbly college going girl, believing in the principle of simple living and high thinking. I have always been better than rest at studies in my school and college, and perhaps this led me to get habituated to success always. I cannot just accept failure. In my college life, I have refrained from getting engrossed in love affairs and those typical boyfriend-girlfriend play, as most of my attention has always been towards studies. But this never means that I am a bookworm; I love going to movies, shopping, and most importantly, eating! I have been always been counted among the plain Janes of our college, perhaps because I never tried to look ‘hot’ in college. But I know, I am prettier than the average! As for my physical description, I am fair, 5’5”, slightly curled black hair and ‘not heavy’ with a vital statistics of 32-28-30.

The incident I am going to narrate occurred in April, 2008 when I had just appeared my BCA 2nd year examinations. I performed well in all the papers, except one practical paper. Perhaps my luck did not support me that day. Out of the 3 assignments given to me for the practical test, I could not successfully complete even one. I almost wanted to cry aloud after the examination was over. I knew it would bring a ‘backlog’ to my otherwise neat and clean BCA degree, and that’s what I hated the most. I decided to go to the internal examiner’s house. He was a professor of our college, aged about 35 years, and a divorcee. (In the rest of the story, I shall address him as ‘Sir’).

I reached Sir’s house at about 6.30 pm the next day, dressed in salwar kameez. I knocked at his door and he opened it, bit surprised to see me perhaps, and said “Bhavana, you here at this time? Come inside.”
“ Sir, are you busy doing something? “ No no, I was just idling, watching a movie.

So tell me, what brings you here? “ Actually Sir, I wanted to talk with you about yesterday’s practical exam.
“ Oh yes, you looked much tensed at the end.
Was everything alright?
“ Actually Sir, I could not complete even one of the three assignments in my question paper.
“ What? You always used to do programs so well in the class. Your class assignments have always been complete in time. What happened to you yesterday?
“ I know Sir, but I could not understand why I was unable to compile even one of the programs successfully. Then we discussed sometime about the errors I faced in the program and he told me what could have been the possible bugs and how I could have debugged them.
“ Sir, I know I have made a blunder. Can you please help me out of this? Please Sir. You know I have always performed well in practical classes and have always helped others in completing and debugging their programs. Please, Sir?

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02-20-2013, 04:31 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
“ I know that you are a good student, but I can’t do anything in this matter. You are evaluated on how you perform in your exams, not how you perform in your class.

“ Sir, please, please don’t deny me. I don’t want a backlog in my mark sheet, please Sir. He was silent for a few minutes.
Then he suddenly looked at me and asked “How desperate are you to pass in this exam?”
“ Sir, this is the first and last favour I want from you in my term of BCA. I can’t tell in words how desperate I am.
“ Well, favour expects favour in return. Why should I help you? This time I was answerless.
I did not know what to say. “ Okay Bhavana, let’s be straight forward. I can give you 80% in this practical exam if you are ready to be in my bed for 1 hour.
Do you understand what I say?
“ Sir, I am a virgin yet and I don’t want to lose my virginity now. Is there anything else that I can do? “ Ok, leave it then. Study well and appear the same exam next year. I hope you’ll pass then.
“ Sir, sir, please... I am ready to do anything you ask other than penetrative sex.
“ Ok, you have to bare your upper part and give me blowjob too. Can you? “ Yes Sir, of course. “ Come into the bedroom... And one more thing, don’t expect 80%, you have to be satisfied with 60.

I nodded my head in acknowledgement. At that time many thoughts were going in my mind. I knew what I was doing was not right, but I had no other choice. I have never given a blowjob or handjob to anyone, so I was feeling awkward at that too. Slowly I followed him to his bedroom. He then asked me to bare the upper half of my body. I removed my kameez, put it on his bed and did the same with my bra. I was standing in front of him naked from head to waist, with my hair untied.
He was sitting on the edge of the bed and pulled me towards him holding me by my hand. He then put his each hand on my each of my breasts and gripping as much as possible, squeezed these hard with his rough palms.
It was my first time I was feeling a man’s touch on my breasts and nipples. I let out a soft moan. He then squeezed like that for some time. It was a totally different feeling for me. Then he removed his hands from my breasts and started kissing these, holding me in his arms.

I felt his moustache brushing my nipples and aerola. Then he started nibbling my right nipple with his lips and teeth gently and was squeezing my left breast very hard. I was continuously moaning. He started taking my breast as much as possible in his mouth and then lick it well with his tongue and made it wet with his saliva. He did so with both my breasts. I could feel that I was already wet down in my panties.

He then relieved me after playing with my breasts for about 20 minutes and said “Now it’s your time to show your skill.”

I knew I had to try my best to give him pleasure. I asked him to stand up and he did. I knelt down before him and pulled down his shorts. In front of my face was a thick bulge in a dark blue underwear. I pulled that off too and his penis jumped out as if it had freed itself from a suffocating prison.

His penis was not big as I had seen in some porn clips. It was hardly more than 6 inches, dark skinned and shaved clean without any pubic hair and pointing to my face.

I took it in my right hand and pulled the foreskin back. I could see the tip wet and glistening. Then I held it upwards to his abdomen with my right hand and touched his testicles gently with the fingers of my left hand, and slowly moved my fingers towards the root of his testicles, near his anus lining.

I took out my tongue and held it in a pointed position and touched his testicles with my tongue tip. I saw up and found that he was looking at me and smiling. I continued tickling his testicles with my tongue tip. Holding his penis upwards, I was licking all over the testicles with my tongue tip, making it wet with my saliva. Then I took his testicles in my lips and started flicking my tongue over it, in my mouth. He was moaning softly.

Then I started moving my tongue tip over his penis, from the testicles up to the penis head. I was holding his penis by its tip and drawing lines all over the penis with my tongue tip. After wetting his penis, I released my grip and let it fall. It was pointing straight to my face and I touched its tip with my tongue tip, without touching it with any finger or hand. I was circling my tongue tip on his penis tip. He was moaning continuously. I took his penis tip in my lips and started sucking it gently. My lips had encircled his penis head and my tongue was swirling all around it. Then I slowly took some more of it inside and moved my tongue around it.

My hair was coming to my lips, which he tugged back with his fingers and held my hair with his hands behind my head. I started to take whole of it inside and moved my head to and for slowly. His moaning got a bit louder and he was also moving his penis in my mouth and out of it slowly. I tried to engulf it all in my mouth and kiss the testicles with my lips.

He started literally fucking my mouth and moaning aloud. I was looking at his face and he seemed to be in immense pleasure. I knew I was succeeding. He kept on increasing the speed bit by bit. His thigh muscles were getting tight and he was almost on his toes. Suddenly, I felt some warm liquid at the last part of my tongue. Before I could react, I felt another similar thrust and I removed his penis from my mouth immediately. Some of his semen fell on my lips, cheeks and shoulder. I ran towards the bathroom and spit out his semen immediately from my mouth. It had such an awful taste and smell. I felt like vomiting and was coughing to get it out of my throat if some of the semen had gone down to my throat. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and cleaned the semen from my face, shoulder and hair. The most difficult part was the removing from semen from my dry hair.

I thought I would get back and ask him why he did not warn me before releasing. But then I thought he might have done this purposely and so I did not ask him anything when I returned to his room. He was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking his penis slowly.

I took my clothes for dressing up, but he snatched those away from me and said “Darling, it’s not over yet.” Saying so, he pulled me closer to him and started kissing my lips and put my hand on his penis and asked me to rub it.

I rubbed it as he was kissing my lips deep and hard, biting my lower lip occasionally. Soon he was hard again and asked me to suck his penis once more. This time he was sitting on the edge of the bed and I took his penis in my mouth. I started swirling my tongue all over it and moving my head to and fro. My fingers were busy playing with his testicles.

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02-20-2013, 04:31 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
He was moaning and saying “You bitch, suck it like you will never get it again”.
I sucked it for quite some time and was expecting him to release his semen again.

But actually he took much more time than I was expecting.
This time I was careful and alert. After sometime, when I saw him twisting his ankles and his calf muscles getting tight, I knew he may release any moment.
I took out his penis from my mouth and started sucking and licking the tip only. He was moaning loud again.

Soon he released his semen, and I turned away my face immediately. I was able to time it correctly. I got some of his semen on my lips, hair and breasts and hand. It was not thick as that of the first time.
I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself. When I came back, I found him standing and he had put on his clothes.
He caught me again and started fondling my breasts. I liked it too. He squeezed my breasts very hard and twitched my nipples with his fingers and thumb. It started aching actually. It was already dark by then and I told him my parents would be worried.
I put on my bra and he helped me fix the hook behind me, and kissed my back and neck again. I gently got out of his grip and put on my kameez.
“ Sir, I think I should leave now. My parents would start calling me up in sometime. “ Darling, I had such a good time.
I wish it could happen again and again.
“ Sir, I did as we agreed to do. Moreover, it was a compulsion for me. Could I satisfy you? “ I enjoyed it a lot, but I won’t say you satisfied me. “ Why so, Sir? I did the best I could.
“ I know, but I would have been fully satisfied if I could have penetrative sex with you. Got it now?
“ Sir, that is not possible for me, please try to understand. “ It’s okay. You did well anyways. I thought you are good at studies only, but you proved me wrong! And regarding your marks, you need not worry anymore. You will get the 60% as promised. “ Thank you, Sir. Thanks a lot. Good night.

Thus I left his home and started walking towards my home. Different thoughts were going in my mind. I knew I had not done the right thing. But I had no other way out. I also started worrying if he would really give me the marks as promised. If he didn’t it was my loss both ways.
I could not forget the sensation of his semen in my mouth the whole night. I hardly spoke to anyone at home that night and skipped my dinner too. The sight of dinner reminded me about his semen in my mouth again and again.
I slept quite early that night. After about three months, our marks were declared from the university. I was too much impatient to see my marks in that practical paper. It was 78%.

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02-20-2013, 04:31 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
[color=Navy][b]Anushka Shetty : a Seductive housewife..

It was 5 o'clock when the plane landed at the airport. I was a couple of hours early as the seminar scheduled for the afternoon had been cancelled. I longed for a good bath and I therefore took a taxi and proceeded straight away to the hotel. A few moments later I was clean and refreshed, and came down to the lobby to wait for my friend Shiva with whom I was going to spend the week- end. Shiva and I had grown up together until I left for my studies a couple of years back and now he had invited me to his place to spend the week-end and catch up on the past.

I was still some thirty minutes early and decided to order something from the bar. A few couples were dancing closely on the floor. As I looked for an empty table I noticed a particularly attractive woman sitting alone. She looked divine in her red silk saree and I could not help thinking this must be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my whole life.

I must have been staring at her because she glanced over at me quickly and then looked away. Moving closer to her table, I asked her whether the seat next to her was vacant. She smiled uncomfortably and removed her bag from my side of the table.
"Can I buy you a cup of coffee? " I said as I lowered myself to the seat facing her.
She shook her head politely. "How about a glass of coke? Glass of milk? ...Water?"

"No " she smiled, daring to talk directly to me at last.

"I guess it's also, no you don't come here often, no we haven't met before, no you don't often watch movies. What else do I say to break the ice?" I asked.

"Thanks but better not, I am a married woman." she said and immediately avoided my eyes by looking out to the lobby. "Well, that's disappointing. I was just getting to know you," I said, following the direction of her eyes. "You could dance with me, though. It's an invitation. I hate dancing alone."

"My husband will be here anytime now," she quickly said.

"Well, I give him till the next song to show up, else you are mine for the dance." I replied.

A faint blush appeared on her face and I saw that she was now looking directly at me. She was quiet, just studying my face until the silence between us became a conversation. Still looking into her eyes, I stood up and took her hand in mind and lead her to the floor. As we started dancing she deliberately left a distance between us. I imagined her fingers trembling as she held to my back.

I couldn't help but notice how incredible she smelled. I realized I wanted to hear her talk." Now you must tell me about you. What is your name? "I said.

"You'll have to settle for the dance," she replied.

"If I ask you something will you answer me honestly?" I asked.

She raised her face and stared straight at me. "I was just wondering why anyone would leave his beautiful wife alone in a foreign place?" I said.

"Did you ask me to dance to talk about my husband?" she answered.

"No, I can think of a hundred more flattering things. You have a very lovely voice." I said.

She smiled, appreciative of the compliment, but a little uneasy. "Thank you very much," she said.

"Of course, I would expect such a lovely voice from such a lovely woman." I added.

She didn't smile this time. "Well, " she brought her hand to her neck, subtly displaying her wedding ring, "I certainly am flattered by such praise."

With the music playing in the background and the romantic lighting of the lobby I was completely drawn to this woman. I couldn't help but think how incredibly sexy she was, and found myself wondering what kind of lover she was. "Are you married?" she asked after some time.

"No." I answered.

"Well, some of these women are single. Who knows?" she said encouragingly.

"Oh, it is my intent to get to know one of them." I said assuredly. My candour caught her a little off guard. Most men didn't make such bold statements to people they just met, especially not to a woman.

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02-20-2013, 04:31 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
"Oh really?' she replied with a smile. "Do you know which one?"

"Oh yes. The most beautiful one." Our eyes locked. "You."

She turned away from me. "I'm sorry. I wish you weren't married "

I didn't mean anything- a turn of phrase with nothing implied, but I was pleased that she let it stand uncorrected. It was only a moment but I took in it the furtive pleasure of conspiracy.

I was realizing that this woman was very different. I had to admit to myself that I found the idea of coveting what belonged to someone else turned me on. "Why don't you hold me closer?" I said as we kept dancing.

"I...just don't want to attract attention us" she said shyly.

"You won't. Everybody else is doing that," I told her.

"I don't want you to think..."she started.

"Shh." I placed my finger to her delicate lips.

Finally she allowed herself to brought closer, close enough to keep eye contact. I could now travel my hand caressingly over her tender waist. I could feel her every breath. I could smell her skin. "Are you scared I make a pass at you?" I said looking her in the eyes.

She looked into my eyes, "When did I say that?"

"You don't have to say it, it shows. A man senses these things," I told her.

She did not move. I could feel her warmth in front of me, our faces almost touching. We danced quietly for some time. "You don't like the music, do you?" I asked her.

"I love the music. I just don't like your stare. They are so intense. I can't bear it. You watch me all the time" she replied.

"I am afraid you are to blame. Do you realize just how truly beautiful you are? How inspiring you are? I thought you were the most exquisite woman from the moment I saw you. I didn't think you could be any more beautiful. When I see you in that dress, I realize there's no capturing your beauty in a moment. I could stand here all my life to see you in this dress." I whispered in her ears.

"Do you say that about every woman you see?" she smiled, her eyes sparkling like stars.

"Only when she makes me want to." I took her hand softly.

"I believe in recognizing beauty. In appreciating it." I lightly rubbed my thumb across her hand. Now she was uncomfortable. She could sense I desired her, but she didn't want to be rude. She seemed to struggle for something, a reply, but couldn't think straight.

My arms around her waist, pulling her gorgeous body tight to me was sensual and I loved how I felt. As we danced together I realized I wanted this woman. Slowly I tightened my arms around her waist as I pulled her closer to me. Her breasts were now gently pressing into my chest, and her thighs were pressing hard against me. I felt her nipples harden. To her that would not be acceptable, but for some reason tonight I didn't care. It seemed to me that I had no control at all at this point.

"Looks like a nice group of people," she finally said in between her breaths.

My fingers were sliding over his soft skin as I said "A friendly group of men and women and one very lovely woman." I said looking straight at her. She seemed embarrassed.

"Why should I pretend I'm thinking of anything else? All I am really trying to figure out is how I can go about to steal a kiss from you." I heard myself say.

She did not turn to look at me, as if nothing had been said, but the longer she was silent, the more real the words seemed to hang in the air between us. For an instant I thought I had frightened her, but I kept staring at face without apology, determined to play my way through. I stared at her, unable to read any expression on her face, not sure what I had done. I realized we had stopped breathing. There seemed to be no movement around, no music in the room.

" We must get back to our seats now" she at last said.

"Are you trying to change the subject?" I immediately told her.

"It isn't that." She managed to answer.

"Then why don't you allow me to kiss you?" I said.

"We can't. ...Let us have something at the bar " she said in a breathless voice, before she started walking away.

As we passed in front of the elevators I pulled her to me, unconsciously pinning her back against the door, and stared at her for a moment, my face close to hers, as if the distance would lower the sound of our voices. "You are lovely," I said, moving my eyes over her face.

Finally she leaned back against the building and let me come closer. I leaned forward and moved her arms down to her side, and when she stood there, unresisting, I kissed her, gently pressing her against the wall, tasting her. "Don't," she said, but not moving away, letting me kiss her again.

"Why not?" I said, my words like kisses of breath now as I moved against the hollow of her neck.

"No good will come of it," she said, a catchphrase to ward off a spell.

"Yes it will," I said, still kissing her neck.

"No." Then she opened her mouth to me, kissing me back, moving her tongue with mine, her arms now behind me, pulling me closer.

But I wasn't listening; the words were a kind of chant, just a rhythm. Instead I kissed her harder, pulling her body next to me so that she could feel me. I could feel her own excitement as she twisted against me. I touched her hair as I stroked her, and shivering, she moved her face into my hand, bending her neck, calmer.

"Let us go to my room." I said in her ears.

She hesitated. " I'll let you leave if you want to." I told her.

We entered the elevators and headed straight to my room. Closing the door behind us, I stood behind her and kissed her hair running my palm on her naked arm. She turned around and placed her hand along my cheek. "You are not fair," she said, drawing me closer. "There is nothing fair about you," she kissed me. "You are dangerous," she said, kissing me again, lightly, as if she was drawing a breath between words, "and you are tempting"

"Tell me your name, " I said, kissing her back. I kissed her hard then,pinning her against the door, my hands behind her, drawing her closer. I could feel the heat of her skin though the silk, as my hand moved down her back, pulling her toward me so that our bodies ground together. Then her dress opened and I moved my hands inside, feeling the skin itself hot, alive to my touch. She held the back of my head, her mouth everywhere on my face.

"Come to bed" I whispered.

"No," she was gulping air "Not there"

My hand rounded her, moving toward the back of her thigh, she brought her leg up behind me, as if I was taking her right there, standing up. I rubbed my hand under her thigh until I felt her hair graze my fingertips, already moist, and the wetness made me pulse again, my erection almost painful now in my pants. My fingers moved up along the moist lips, back and forth, so that she began to ride them, her mouth making stifled noises behind the kiss.

Then I turned my hand so that my open palm held her, the heel of it grounded against the front of her as the wet fingers still slid back and forth, and she pulled her mouth to gasp for air, her lower body still moving against me. But I couldn't stop now, the fierceness of it, the hurry within us.

I could feel her breath, ragged in my ear. I covered her mouth again,our tongues slippery, as I moved my hand away to unzip my pants, fast, so that when my **** sprang out it moved toward her at once to replace the hand. Sliding along the wet part of her until it slipped inside, I thrust up my **** to fill her, and she gasped, dropping her head on my shoulder. I thought for an instant I would come then. Still, her heat wrapped around me. There was nothing but feeling now, so complete I was afraid to disturb it. But then I felt the walls of her vagina grip me, making gentle spasms, and we were moving again.

"Oh," she said, a low sound from her throat, her head back against the door, and the sound of it excited me, and I put my mouth back on hers, kissing her as I gripped her below, pounding into her with her thigh still drawn up beside me. I could hear us thudding against the door, oblivious as animals, then a sharp sound from her as I felt her grip me inside, and I knew she had come, so that I was released now too. After a few jabbing thrusts it spurted out of me, everything in me shooting out, taking my breath with it.

We stood there for a few minutes, still locked together, gulping air, and I knew we must look absurd, our mouths smeared with saliva, standing against the walls like dogs, my pants down below my knees. But her face glowed, and when I looked at her I felt an immense gratitude. I had been so quick, but she had let me, not protesting, giving herself to me. I had wanted to make love; not it had been too intense to take our time.

Now I kissed her gently and lifted her up, still hard inside her, and brought her down to the floor, my pants wadded foolishly round my calves. But the point was not to leave her. It didn't matter how we looked, messy and awkward, so long as I remained inside her. When I laid her on the floor, still inside, she smiled at me, and this time we kept a different rhythm, moving slowly in and out, and the sensation in me spread outward so that my whole body was making love, every piece of skin sensitive.

My face was level with her breasts and I began kissing them, barely touching them at first, then as I felt the nipples harden, moving over them in a steady rhythm, pressing, so that she anticipated each stroke of my mouth. She closed her eyes. My mouth opened to lick the nipple, tasting her, still salty with sweat. This time my hands felt all of her, drawing along her breasts, kissing the side of her neck, until we both began racing and she wrapped her legs around me, urging me, waiting for me to come so that we could finish together, shuddering in the same jolt of pleasure.

We lay quietly for a while until, calm now, I sensed my weight on her and slipped out, my **** finally soft, and moved to the side, still holding her. She turned on her side to face me. She held the side of my head, looking at me. "Thank you" she said, her fingers tracing the shape of my ear.

We would have gone on like this, comfortable, idly touching each other, but we were distracted by the voices in the corridor. I held her arm as she prepared to leave. "I don't even know your name. You keep not telling it to me, remember?"

"Anushka" she whispered just before she was gone.

"oh.. Anushka" I whispered to myself as I closed my eyes, still lying on the floor, basked in a wonderful feeling. Suddenly I thought of Shiva waiting for me at the bar. Hurriedly I rose and got myself ready. A moment later I was in the lobby and spotted him just as he too noticed me.

"I hope I did not keep you waiting too long, " I said as I greeted him.

"Actually I was early," he said. "I left my wife here and went looking for you at the airport."

"Your wife?" I asked.

"Yes, here she is. Let me introduce you to her," he said.

I turned around to stare into the eyes of a lovely woman dressed in red.

"Meet my wife...Anushka"

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02-20-2013, 04:32 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Kajal Agarwal fucked by Swami jii !!! (Kajal's aajal kujal with swamijii)

Kajal Agarwal is one of famous actress of the time being. She acted with all the major heroes of both the industry. Now let us go to begining of the story.
Kajal Agarwal was on cloud nine and at her high pride and so started to ignore many movies but as the time went by she didn't get any offers of any new movie or even the movie she signed went well as all flopped. And she wasn't a kind of actress who would sleep with her director earn roles. Even top actors whom she liked a lot had left her. So she was very depressed.
So one day she went to a pub with her friend. And while on drinks she said to her friend all about the problems she was facing in her life. Her friend after listening to all her problems thought for some time and came up with an idea.
Her friend advised her to go to chennai and go meet an swamiji. Who could help her with her problems. First Kajal Agarwal didn't believe it as she didn't like those concepts of swamiji and more over she was not very religious person so it didn't seemed right. But with insistence from her friend and hearing more success stories about the swami she accepted to go der.
Kajal Agarwal as per the advice of her friend made all arrangements to go chennai and booked her flight tickets and went to chennai and spent her night in hotel with a satisfying session with her dildo and took an nap.
The next day she took her car and started to the swamiji's ashram located in ecr in an lonely location without any presence of humans and entered the ashram.
The ashram was filled with swarms of men and so Kajal Agarwal became little conscious. Kajal Agarwal was wearing a beautiful red designer saree and matching sleeve less blouse as her friends asked her to. But due to blouse being sleeve less and her bra being a designer one most of her cleavage was one feast for all those man and all their eyes fixed on her. So Kajal Agarwal was becoming horny.
Now Kajal Agarwal started to enter the swamiji's room. The swamiji was a guy with an average age of 55 to 60. The swamiji as soon as seeing Kajal Agarwal and saree became awestruck as though she was the most beautiful lady in the world but controlled and called her near him and tell problems. So Kajal Agarwal came near him and touched his feet and during tthat time the swami got to look her breast and even nipples and even his old partner gained a growth and the swamiji was now with all LUST.
Now Kajal Agarwal started to tell her problems to him but the swami gave little concentration to her but more to her body and Kajal Agarwal looked it but ignored it. Soon after hearing her story the swami started to devise her prob and use her. So he said her that her position is not go and the swami had to do some precaution to control and more over she had to stay in ashram for an month for this purpose. After thinking she too accepted.

Soon the swami smiled and thought if gonna enjoy her raw beauty.

So now Kajal Agarwal returned back to her feeling very horny due to those looks of men in ashram and so Kajal Agarwal took her dildo and started to masterbute and got ready to leave for ashram and during that time only she remembered about the speech of swamiji saying her not to bring anY dress along with her as he would provide her with everything she needs. So left all belongings der and started to ashram and reached with 40 mins and the time was 6 in evening and Kajal Agarwal directly went to swamiji room with the same dress and seeing her again the swamiji lust increased and wanted to fuck her in any cost but he controlled himself and asked Kajal Agarwal to go cottage allotted for her were she have been provided with dresses and asked her get up early in morning and get bath and bring water from riverside and wear the dress which was provided to her.
So Kajal Agarwal took the blessing of him showing him her cleavage and returned to room..

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02-20-2013, 04:32 PM
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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Kajal Agarwal aajalKujal with Swamijii!!

As soon as she entered the room she liked the room it had all basic amenities and also air conditioner but no bed. Which Kajal Agarwal understood she had to adjust. Now she turned her attention to the wardrobe. And there was the first shock available for her. The wardrobe consisted of all saffron silk saree which were all very transparant and more over there was no blouse petticoats or even any panties. Seeing this Kajal Agarwal ran back to the Swamiji as asked. For it he answered that her is time is really her astrology predicts severe danger and i order to solve it she has become an nomadic woman and satisfy the god with her body. Kajal Agarwal was shocked but she wanted to come out of this problem and wanted to become and good actress and so accepted it. So she returned back to her cottage and took and nap.

As soon as she entered the room she liked the room it had all basic amenities and also air conditioner but no bed. Which Kajal Agarwal understood she had to adjust. Now she turned her attention to the wardrobe. And there was the first shock available for her. The wardrobe consisted of all saffron silk saree which were all very transparant and more over there was no blouse petticoats or even any panties. Seeing this Kajal Agarwal ran back to the Swamiji as asked. For it he answered that her is time is really her astrology predicts severe danger and i order to solve it she has become an nomadic woman and satisfy the god with her body. Kajal Agarwal was shocked but she wanted to come out of this problem and wanted to become and good actress and so accepted it. So she returned back to her cottage and took and nap.
Next morning:
So next morning Kajal Agarwal woke us early in the morning and removed all cloths and went to riverside to take bath as the swamiji ordered. Though it was early in the morning the riverside was filled with men and Kajal Agarwal was full nude first Kajal Agarwal tried to close her parts with silk cloths but den remembered that swamiji said to bath naked so she didn't do it. So Kajal Agarwal had to continue naked. But the guyz had hit a bumper prize seeing Kajal Agarwal naked with all asset and they all gazed at her and seeing all this Kajal Agarwal became horny again but control her and took bath with all eyes fixed on her.
After finishing bath Kajal Agarwal started to year that silk cloth only fully wearing the cloth Kajal Agarwal understood all difficulties firstly it didn't have measurement to cover all parts and also the cloth was very transparant showing everything clearing and her beautiful navel was fully naked. Thinking that swamiji had got an treat within herself. She took the water and went to the ashram.

Kajal Agarwal now started to reach the swamiji room with that dress which was very transparant with all looks to her breasts. As soon as she reached the room the swamiji looks falled on Kajal Agarwal and her body. The silk cloth given by swami didn't cover her whole body and her breasts were on full view to her and even well shaved pussy was on full view. Now swami started to think his naughty ways.

So now swami asked Kajal Agarwal to sit in front of him. And asked her to fall down to his feet and while doing so he got all view of her body. And den asked her to tell many god slogans and to get herself purified. Next the swamiji took the water of the bucket and poured them on Kajal Agarwal. Now Kajal Agarwal got dumb struck now that silk cloth got full clung on to her body. And next the swami took another bowl which consisted of sandal mix and he poured it on her and next poured honey in her body and at last he took a bowl of saffron and kum kum mix on her body. Now Kajal Agarwal had mix of all fragrance.

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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Now the swamiji said to Kajal Agarwal that now god has came inside her and now he must purify and clean the god in order to purify u. Kajal Agarwal couldn't come out with an word. But Kajal Agarwal keeping the belief of her friends and keeping her situation in mind accepted to it.

Now the swami asked her to renoun her cloths and Kajal Agarwal did it. So now the swami went near Kajal Agarwal body and started to lick her body in order to remove the mix of the bodY and started put his hand inside her breast. KAJAL AGARWAL got rejected by that touch but the swamiji quickly said that its necessary for him to give massage to her in order to happy the god and make him cleanse her bad ora. And keeping her position in mind she accepted and swamiji started to massage her body and breast and continue to do still it became rock heart and started to lick and kiss breasts and Kajal Agarwal due to these actions became more horny and responded to the swamiji actions and also put the swamiji face in to her breasts. Now the swamiji got more action and more active and sucked her breasts more hard which made Kajal Agarwal pussy to flow. After licking her breasts the swamiji came to her stomach and started to kiss her stomach.

He licked her stomach clean and then started to insert his fingers into her navel and licked it and Kajal Agarwal was now out of control and so the lips of the old swamiji and kissed him hard in his hard lips and played with his tongue and continued for ten minutes.

Now the swamiji broke the kiss and took his attention to the flowing pussy and licked them hard. Now Kajal Agarwal's pace increased and buried the swamiji face in to deep pussy. And now swami took his tongue and went deep to her pussy and licked them hard. Kajal Agarwal started to shout Fuck me! Fuck me nu but the swamiji didn't care because his penis were not on a position to fuck. So he the left the pussy went to her beautiful ass. As he started to again lick her ass crack and went deep into her ass and he even tasted some of her pee too.

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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Kajal Agarwal aajalKujal with Swamijii!!
Now after doing all this he lifted Kajal Agarwal in his hands and took her to an posh bathroom and started to clean her body with his own hands and touched all her private parts giving more attention to her breasts by giving more pressure to it. Kajal Agarwal now went uncontrollable and took the swamiji's feeble penis in her mouth and sucked them hard and licking them and giving massage to his balls till he leaked some cum. Now all got over and Kajal Agarwal got back to her senses wore back her silk cloth and started go back feeling shy about the thing as she tried to get out. The swamiji called her back saying that one part of her pooja and asked her to come back in night. Kajal Agarwal got shy but even now feeling horny so have her an naughty smile and sexy look went to her cottage

Now Kajal Agarwal went to her room thinking about the things happened and felt very bad about it but at same time she was very aroused by actions of the swamiji and started to wait for night and took an quick nap.

And soon night arrived and asked by swamiji she went to his room at around eleven in night and that to naked.

The swamiji was ready for the next level pooja. He asked Kajal Agarwal to lay down on the bed made on grass. And this made Kajal Agarwal more naughty as the grass gave her tickling feelings. So now the swamiji came near her straightly went to breasts now Kajal Agarwal tried to stop him but the swamiji said that he was not planning any naughty and just to milk her as to pour that milk on god. So, now the swamiji started to put his mouth in he breast and started to lick them and suck it. And as the pressure increased the swamiji started to press her boobs real hard and massaged them and within some mins the milk started to flow out of her breasts and the swamiji collected that milk in a bowl and drank it as though he was the god but he could not control himself and so asked Kajal Agarwal whether he could fuck her ah nu. Kajal Agarwal being totally being enjoyed by him she said no worries and more the penis of him was very small.

So the swamiji fucked her with his small penis to his heart content but Kajal Agarwal couldn't enjoy it and to convince herself she gave them an blow job and then went back to her room.
And for the next month she was enjoyed by most of all persons in der even the small swamiji enjoyed to his heart content. She actually became an whore.

Whether the real power of the swamiji or luck. But Kajal Agarwal was back to her form and again got many movies. And to thank this swamiji she started to visit him often and gave him wat he needed..

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RE: South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories
Ramya Krishnan Aunty fucked in apartment!

Ramya aunty and uncle lived in the same apartment complex as I did. Their flat being opposite to mine (our front doors faced each others), I had a regular feast of Ramya aunty's voluptuous body every day and of course I had to relieve mself each time I saw her. Ramya aunty too knew about m y constant peeps and glances at her, and made it a point to show her assets by bending often while doing her daily chores.

I truly enjoyed the glimpses of the boobs and the huge and mountainous gaand. More often than not Ramya aunty would not wear any undergarments. These were the days I relished most, since without any inner wear her dress used to get caught in between her moutainous gaand giving me a great sight of her huge globes of pleasure. God!! How I desired to make love to those huge pieces of flesh..firm, soft and huggge!!!!

We were good friends too, and uncle used to invite me to lunch/dinner at their home. I made most of my visit and tried to catch a glimpse of Ramya aunty's huge assets from close range as much as possible. Surely my actions were noticed by uncle, but he looked like he didn't mind it but rather liked it since he was proud of his wife.

Our meetings and sneaky glimpses etc. etc. went on for quite a few months and during this period my desire was really high make love to this woman. The sight of Ramya aunty used to induce a terrible pain of lust in my cock. Perseverance pays they say..and the fruits of patience are all the more sweeter. It was probably that god was happy with me for something I did, since the day I was longing for finally came!!!!

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