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Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
11-28-2012, 08:04 AM
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Mother-Son Breast Feeding Incest Stories
For as long as I could remember I had wanted a brother. Sisters were fine and I had one, but there was nothing like another boy around. I had almost given up hope when Mom announced one night she was pregnant. You can imagine my shock and surprise at the news. Mom wasn't a spring chicken anymore at thirty four. Here I was at the ripe old age of nineteen, Mom was only fifteen when I was born, and finally it looked good in my favor. A few months later an ultrasound confirmed the baby was going to be a boy.

Time seemed to fly as Dad and I fixed up the spare room making it very macho all around. The walls were blue with pictures of camping and sports all over. Our job was finished none to soon as my new brother Jack came home. Things were really looking up when tragedy struck us to the quick. Dad was killed at work barely a month after Jack was born.

Connie, my older sister, did what she could to help but she had her husband and kids to take care of so she wasn't around all that much. Still she did manage quite a bit since she lived only a few miles away.

Life was getting back to normal at last. Mom didn't have any financial worries because of Dad's insurance and money they had saved. I was working and going to collage at the same time at still lived at home. It made sense and my expenses were almost nil.

I got home late one Friday night after being out with a group of guys from work. Mom was still up and Jack was being fussy. She was wearing her satin robe slightly bent at her waist changing his diaper. With her back to me I couldn't help but notice how nice her buttocks looked as the silky material covered her backside. My eyes slid lower and noticed her legs below the hem of her robe. It stopped just above her knees leaving most of her legs exposed. As she stood up she turned and was startled.

"Oh, Ken, I didn't hear you come home."

I don't know why but I was suddenly seeing my mother differently. Maybe it was just a son's pride but I found myself thinking she was really a very good looking woman and quite arousing to boot. By now Mom was almost thirty five and still looked much younger. Her long dark brown hair glistened in the light falling straight down her back just below her shoulders. She had the deepest green eyes I'd ever seen and perfectly matched the green of her satin robe. My breath caught in my chest as I saw how well the fabric clung to her body. The top was slightly open at her neck and it was nothing to see the cleavage of her well formed and large breasts. She had quickly regained her slim figure as evident by how narrow her waist was with the tie of her robe cinched firmly. I noticed two dark spots where her breast were hidden from sight and quickly averted my eyes. I knew she was leaking and was about to nurse Jack.

"Didn't mean to scare you Mom. I thought you would be asleep by now," I quickly said.

"Well I would have but your brother has other ideas. Probably a good thing, too, because I have to feed him."

"OK, Mom. Nite and I'll see you in the morning," I said quickly making my way down the hall to my room. I lay on my bed, butterflies churning in my stomach. I really wasn't sure what was going on, but my body was telling me something. For the first time I had seen my mother not in the way I always had growing up, but in a much different way. I mean she aroused me. Yeah, I was sexually excited just seeing her wearing her robe. Well seeing her cleavage I knew had a lot to do with it. That had been the most I'd seen of her breast flesh in my life and I liked it. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me lusting after my own mother like this.

I woke in the morning still with the same painful erection I had gone to sleep with the night before. It was all I could do to get up and make my way to the bathroom without hurting myself. Once inside I shed my clothes, turned on the shower and stepped inside. Instinctively my soap filled hand began to slowly stroke my rigid organ. Visions of the night before and seeing Mom's massive cleavage and the wet spots in the front of her robe aroused me to new heights. I began to have thoughts of wanting to see them unfettered, naked before my eyes. I wanted to touch and feel them, to once again suckled from her nipples as I had at Jack's age. I began to envy him and his drinking of her breast milk. My hand fairly flew up and down my throbbing shaft as my swollen testicles tightened, the sperm deep inside boiling until it raced up and was released. I watched the thick long streams of my seed being wasted against the shower walls only to slide and mix with the water flowing down the drain.

After my brief sexual interlude alone I dressed and went to the kitchen. I knew Mom would be fixing breakfast and I was famished. Turning the corner I paused to watch her at the stove. She wasn't wearing her robe this morning, just her two piece baby doll nightgown. Again I was so taken with how she looked. It wasn't the first seeing her like this but it was the first time I stopped to take note. The bottoms of her night wear allowed her legs to be exposed well up on her thighs and they looked so very good. While I had seen her wearing this before it was the first time I noticed how her breasts pushed the front out so far the bottom didn't quite cover her stomach.

"Morning Mom," I said quickly sitting in my chair. While I had just masturbated seeing my mother like this was having an effect on me.

"Good morning Kenny," Mom said turning and coming closer with my plate. "Here, eat hearty because something tells me you're going to need it." Instead of coming around the table she leaned over and put the plate in front of me.

While the low cut bodice of her top allowed me a nice view of her cleavage when she bent over I was afforded and much better look. The top, being loose to begin with, fell open and I was looking at most of her naked breasts as they dangled before me. Contrary to what most will think or say I wasn't instantly erect, but seconds later I certainly was. It seemed Mom held herself like that for the longest time as if she was letting me look as much as I wanted. I finally realized what I was doing and forced my eyes to my plate. Without a word I feverishly downed my breakfast and went to the backyard to start my Saturday chores. Nothing was said about the incident and I was glad. It was also the last time I got even close to seeing that much of my mother for several weeks.

Jack was two months old and really becoming a problem. I was beginning to find gallons jugs of milk in the fridge and didn't understand why. I finally decided to ask Mom what was going on and she sat me down to explain.

"Jack, it seems, has decided he doesn't want to nurse all that much anymore. So I've had to start buying milk for him."

Now I'd had sex education in high school but for some reason the full implications just didn't sink into my mind. I simply excepted her explanation and let it go. It wasn't until a week later I realized that there was a real problem.

"Hey Mom," I said coming home only to find her crying. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, Kenny, I was hoping you wouldn't have to know. Jack's not nursing at all, in fact not for the last three days. I've been doing everything I can think of but my breasts are so full they hurt."

"Gee, Mom, what about that pump thing you brought home from the hospital?" I asked in all innocence.

"I don't want to sound crude but that thing sucks and not very well. I've had to use my hands and try to force the milk out, but it's not working like I was told."

My mind began spinning as strange thoughts raced around inside my brain. Dare I suggest something? Could I muster up the courage? Would Mom accept my offer or would she get mad and call me perverted.

"I don't suppose there's anything I can do to help is there?" I asked figuring that would be the least offensive.

"There is, but I can't ask it of you. No, we can't, we shouldn't, it's so wrong but tonight I'm desperate. Kenny, come with me to my bedroom and I'll let you help me. Tomorrow I'll see the doctor and find another way."

I couldn't believe what Mom was saying. She wanted me to go with her and relieve her pain, namely she wanted me to suckle from her large milk filled breasts. Nearly tripping over my own feet I followed her. Mom stood silently beside her bed as she slipped off her nightgown. My eyes went wide seeing her naked save her panties. Her large breasts had little sag even though they were obviously heavy being filled with her milk. White drops of liquid had formed on each thick nipple and her breasts jiggled as she lay on down on her side. She lifted one arm in invitation and I was eager to accept.

Mom gently pulled my lips closer to her breast and they opened without my thinking. Slowly she pressed me closer and my natural instinct caused me to suckle, drawing from her body the life giving nourishment as she had done so many years before. I was ecstatic tasting of her and feeling the warm liquid as it easily flowed into my greedy mouth. As her one breast was all but drained I shifted to the other full one, all the while Mom gently caressed my head and made soft cooing sounds. I had heard her making the same sounds when she had nursed Jack and thought it was what she had done with me as a baby.

The time taken to nurse her dry took most of half and hour, but it was just about the most enjoyable time I could remember. Having finished we said our goodnights and I raced for my room. I possessed a rather large bulge in my shorts that stood well in front of me and I could only hope Mom didn't see it. Once securely in the privacy of my own room I doffed my shorts, filled my hand with baby oil and quickly commenced to masturbate. Even I was surprised at how quickly I climaxed not to mention the about of sperm that ejaculated from my organ. Exhausted, spent and sated I easily drifted off to sleep.

Over the next few weeks Mom and I repeated our first performance and always in the evening after Jack was down for the night. She would lead me to her room, remove her nightgown while keeping on her panties and lay down. I would snuggle in close and begin nursing. After each time suckling her I would race to my room and relieve myself. I was becoming frustrated and didn't know why.

In the middle of the third week of our nightly rendezvous I decided to become more bold. This time, having noticed how Mom's breathing always seemed to increase, I lay with my lips to her breast drinking her milk. My hand moved down and began rubbing the bulge in my crotch. While it felt nice there was something lacking. As I cautiously lowered the zipper of my pants I felt Mom moving her arm. There was enough distance between us neither could feel by touch what the other was doing so I proceeded. My pants finally open I carefully extracted my throbbing organ and began to slowly stroke it.

Mom must have felt the change because now her bed was moving unlike it had before. Even though I was trying to stroke myself slowly it still caused movement. As I sensed a different motion of her bed I raised my head to shift from the empty breast and firmly clamp my lips to the fuller nipple. While doing just that I glanced down and saw my mothers hand moving rapidly inside her panties. I knew what she was doing and said nothing as I again began to suckle her. The weeks before had taught me just when one of her breasts was about to become empty and I felt the familiar feeling once again. It was about the same time as I felt her body moving and just knew she was coming very close to an orgasm. Fervently I suckled harder as my own stroking of myself increased. I was at a point where I couldn't stop. Moments later, just as Mom groaned loudly, I felt my own release and ejaculated. Because we were laying so close almost facing each other a lot of my sperm gushed out and landed on her stomach. Some managed to spurt high and hard coming very close to the bottom side of her breasts.

Without a word I quickly rose from her bed and fled to my room. I was physically relieved but emotionally my mind was in a turmoil. I had just masturbated and climaxed while nursing my mother. Just as certain I was sure she had also climaxed because of the moan she gave out. I was mortified and almost didn't come out of my room the next morning. Hunger convinced me it was foolish to deny what I needed.

The next couple of days were very quiet around our house. Mom and I didn't speak, but not because we were angry with one another. It was, I had to assume, because both were ashamed of what happened that night. Mom was obviously in great discomfort and I longed to go to her, but my shame wouldn't allow it. Finally after three days Mom came to me.

"Kenny, I'll forget the other night if you will. Please come with me to my room. I've done the best I can but it's not nearly enough. I'm so full and really hurt. Come, my son, and nurse from me."

How could any son who loves his mother refuse her plaintiff plea? Together we went to her room and, as usual, Mom removed her nightgown. By now just the sight of her large firm milk filled breasts was becoming a normal sight for me, but still I couldn't help from becoming aroused. The major difference in this night was I was wearing only my boxer shorts as we lay on her bed. After a few minutes suckling the milk from her breasts my hand moved down and removed my erection from the slit in my boxers. As usual it was hard, thick and throbbing as my fingers curled around the hot shaft. I was nursing with my eyes closed slowly moving my hand up and down when I felt fingers touching mine. They moved around my fist and moved as it moved. I felt a cool soft touch on the bulbous head coating it with the clear fluid that always oozed from the small slit centered at the tip.

I had been with a few girls that seemed to live for the time when they could wrap their fingers around my shaft and I cautiously removed my hand from myself. The fingers sliding over the tip of my erection smoothly moved down and curled themselves around my shaft. For only a moment my mouth ceased with suckling as my mind told me Mom was holding my hot hard organ. Her hand, slicked by the oozing fluid from inside, moved easily up and down my shaft feeling much better than my own. I moaned and once again began to suckle her pulling from her large firm breast her milk.

Feeling her hand stroking me was a new height in sexual arousal, one I wasn't willing to have stop anytime soon. I began to become bolder as my hand, formerly encompassing my erection, moved to her thigh. Her skin was hot to my touch and her only flinch was to shift slightly and allow her leg to move away from the other. The movement caused my hand to rest lightly on her stomach as my little finger felt the elastic of her panty. I hesitated for a moment then moved my hand lower. Easily my fingers slipped inside the waistband as the tips touched her pubic hairs. Without waiting I allowed them to move lower until I felt the warm wet heat coming from inside her body.

Mom grunted as my fingers touched the large swollen nub I knew was her clitoris. Her fingers tightened around my turgid shaft as her hips shifted closer to my hand. I was finding it very difficult to keep my lips working to suckle her nipple as she gripped my organ every tighter. My fingers moved further down slipping quite unexpectedly between the soaking wet folds of her vagina. Quite unintentionally my long middle finger entered her body as her hand began moving more rapidly along my shaft. By this time I had shifted from her right breast to the left and in doing so she was now laying almost completely on her back. Still she continued to stroke me as I began to explore the new hot depths of the inside of her.

Again and again I felt her hips raise almost thrusting onto my hand forcing my finger to move ever deeper inside. For a reason unknown to me I began to rub the hard nub of her clitoris with my thumb bringing about more thrusting and louder moans from Mom. Her breast was empty yet neither of us was willing to stop just yet. Mom's hand moved ever faster and I plowed my finger hard into her body. Suddenly she went rigid, her body nor hand moving for several moments. Finally she grunted, her body shook and I felt a tremendous hot liquid flooding covering my finger and hand. As she began to slowly relax her hand moved again only this time faster and harder. I knew just how close I was, but couldn't speak. My breathing was ragged, my erection pulsing. Moments later, my testicles sucking up tightly to my groin, I felt the sperm rushing up my shaft. Great gouts of my hot seed erupted only to land on Mom's breasts and stomach. She continued to pump me as more and more of my young hot seed covered half of her body before I finally was all but finished.

My first feeling, after the sexual release I needed, was shame at what we had done. I quickly withdrew my finger and hand from between her legs and even more quickly raced from her room. Alone in my bed I cried. What, I wondered, have I done? I just brought my mother to climax with my finger as she had done the same to me with her hand. My mind said there was not way I could face her the next morning as I drifted off into a very troubled sleep.

The next morning I was still very troubled. I showered, dressed and waiting as long as I could before knowing I had to face Mom. Sitting in my chair after quietly slipping into the kitchen I looked at her. She was fixing breakfast and, surprisingly, presented a very erotic sight. Being Saturday morning she had dispensed with her normal almost to the floor terrycloth robe and instead wore her baby doll nightgown with one major exception. Every time she had to bent over I saw only the barest hint of her naked buttocks. At first I couldn't believe she was so nearly naked, but after a couple of times seeing her naked cheeks I found myself admiring them. Both were perfectly shaped and without even the slightest hint of fat so common with a woman her age. Don't get me wrong ladies. I'm not trying to say most thirty five year old woman has an ugly buttocks marred by the sight of cellulous globs pock marking their skin, but seeing Mom's buttocks made me think of a woman ten or so years younger.

The skin was smooth and from what I could see very firm. I was reminded of her breasts except her buns didn't have nipples. Thought of lust suddenly leapt into my mind and took all my energy to keep from jumping up behind her filling my hands with her sexy looking backside. I began to wonder if last night had really happened or was this the beginning of a something new in our lives.

"Good morning Kenny," Mom said happily bringing my breakfast. As she had done, was it really only a few weeks ago, Mom leaned over the table to set the plate before me. Automatically my eyes went to her chest as her top fell open allowing me an unobstructed view of her bare breasts. "I hope you slept well."

I'm sure I must have muttered something but was finding it very difficult to make my tongue work. Still my eyes remained glued to the sight of her unfettered breasts bobbing inside her baby doll top. We ate in silence neither having much to say. All the time I kept sneaking peeks at how her breasts moved with her every movement. It seemed to me that most of the time her nipples were hard as I often saw them poking at the front of her top. Finally breakfast was over and I was about to leave just to be away from her and my self induced shame.

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